Chapter Four

I have been blogging really erratically lately and it’s been five days since my last blog post (!!). I’m not sure if it’s because things are getting boring, or if I’ve really been too busy with other things. Maybe I don’t have anything to write about that people will find interesting, but I’ve had people tell me that I write about the most random things and they’re still interesting.

I haven’t returned comments for a month, and I’ve yet to catch up on how everyone is doing. Since last Friday I’ve been around, but I’m doing something that I haven’t done for five years: get enough sleep. I am not joking. For the past few days I’ve been sleeping for ten hours and napping in the afternoon, and it is so rejuvenating. They say lack of sleep stunts your growth and I think that is probably why I’ve been the same height for years. Well, fuck it, I’m 20 years old and I doubt I’m going to grow anymore. There are so many disadvantages to lack of sleep, though, like being stressed out. I found a grey hair yesterday. /bash

On the weekend I watched Interstella 5555 and Pan’s Labyrinth. I hated the latter. Well, didn’t really hate… but I didn’t enjoy it. James suggested I watch it because he believed it to be a beautiful movie. It is nicely done, but there were just bits in it that I completely cringed at. I don’t like the sight of blood, and there was a bit of it in Pan’s Labyrinth. For at least forty minutes straight my hand was covering half my face because I just didn’t know what to expect or when something might pop out of the screen. It was a good film, but I was frightened of walking around after watching it. 😰

I don’t do very well with films. I was looking at a list of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, and I counted a total of 37 that I had already seen. That isn’t all that much, and some of those movies I didn’t even like. At all. I really hate watching movies and it was while watching Pan’s Labyrinth that the full extent of my short attention span and lack of patience got the better of me. After twenty minutes I couldn’t even stand watching and though I was staring at the screen with the sound on, I couldn’t pay attention. I really dislike watching movies. I think I will try and watch some more this month, at least ones that I’ve heard are good, because I don’t like wasting time watching movies that aren’t good. :P

On Tuesday I went to the city and my mum took me shopping. I hate shoe shopping. I like what it results in – a nice new pair of shoes – but I hate it. I hate sitting down on the chair, taking off my current shoes and trying on pair after pair until I find one that fits comfortably. I am usually pretty amazed when I find something that fits, because I have the most deformed tiny feet. I also have a problem with my feet because they don’t line up with my knees. When I line up my knees, my left foot sticks out to the side and it’s not straight like it should be.

It is always very hard to find shoes for me also because my toes are large in comparison (probably from doing ballet for so many years) and nearly every shoe I try on does not like my toes. But, despite all of that, I found three pairs of shoes that day – a nice pair of ankle-high heeled boots, a pair of black shiny flats (which are beyond comfortable :D) and another pair of heeled shoes, which are more practical, and I dare say safer to walk in and more suitable for work interviews and such.

I also had to buy a 35mm SLR film camera for my photography classes. My dad didn’t have any so I had to go and look for some online. With the help of Mike (who knows a lot about cameras), James (buying) and Rachel (paying some with some money she owed me :P), I was finally able to find a good one online. ♥️ It’s a second-hand Canon EOS 300 from Ebay, but should be in good condition. James is picking it up tomorrow for me. I’m a little excited to get my hands on it. I think my parents are probably going to kill me when I want to buy a proper DSLR later on. :X

I’ve been working on a song I’m writing, titled A Star, written about my cousin after she passed away. I think that when I get it recorded I’ll sell it on iTunes for 99 cents or something. It won’t be much, just me singing and playing guitar, but I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done with it. /eee

Also, another milestone: I am letting go of, and I should only have 11 domains by the time that domain expires. :) This reminds me of when I used to have 20 or so… which was insane. Anyway, I know I have to get around to reading some blogs and cleaning out some more website things.


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I think your posts are interesting because they’re all REAL, you know, based from real experience. It’s like watching an episode of your life while reading your posts.

It’s alright if you haven’t been able to visit other blogs. At least you were able to catch up on sleep.

I haven’t seen Interstella 5555 nor Pan’s Labyrinth. I googled them and the first results were foreign stuff. I also checked the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” and only 14 of those are the ones I’ve already watched. Most of the movies listed I’ve never even heard of.

I like it when my parents take me shopping. We were supposed to but new shoes only last Sunday, but they bought me a new phone. It wasn’t what I really wanted because it’s just a local brand, but it’s good enough, and it has great features. It’s affordable too.

We don’t have a camera right now and I’ve been wanting to buy one. I’m currently just using my cellphone to take photos. Maybe I’d check out ebay too and see what I could find.

I’m really sorry to hear about your cousin. You must be heartbroken. My brother passed away last year in June. It will be his first death anniversary on the 19th. I miss him so much…

I’m sure you’re composition would be great and your cousin will love it too.

Wow, you have a lot of domains. How can you manage all 11? And you mentioned you even had 20 before? Wow!

Anyway, I hope everything turns out well for you! ^_^

you hated Pan’s Labyrinth and you hate shoe shopping???

I’m the opposite with buying shoes. Love to shop, but rarely make a purchase. I got toe issues too. They tend to stick out, maybe because I have a narrow foot? I don’t seem to have an issue with squished toes in closed toe shoes.

I’d buy your song :)

I just blogged after not blogging for about a week. xD I used to be very diligent about blogging at least once every three days or so, but now that it’s summer I’ve realized I don’t have as much to blog about. I’ll find things, though, just as you will. And it’s true that when you blog about totally random things, it’s still very interesting. Who knows why? :P

My parents have been taking my phone, computer, and iPod away from me at 8pm every night, so I’ve been getting much better sleep than I would be if I had access to my electronics. Though I’m pissed about it, I do see how much better I feel waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. So good luck, and keep getting good sleep!

I’m the opposite: I love movies. I haven’t seen a movie that I didn’t like, save maybe a small few. The only movies I refuse to watch are horror movies, though, because I won’t leave my room for days after watching one for fear of “the supernatural” (I’m very paranoid, and I have no idea why O_O ). I can deal with gore more than I can with actual horror, which is why I’d like to be an anthropologist: I can handle the blood and guts, and it fits in the crime field if I do forensics. :3 I think movies are a dying past time, especially since the new movies generally aren’t that great, and I don’t bother to see them in theaters.

🤤 I have been looking for a cute pair of high heeled boots for the longest time, but they’re all $60 and not cute enough, LOL. So congrats on the treasures you find while shoe shopping! 👏 I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I walk out of a store Congwith items I cannot wait to wear.

Congrats on the camera purchase as well. :) I own a Nikon D3000, and I love it (it’s refurbished, too), but I’ve always drooled over the Canons. They’re too expensive for me, though, so that’s great you found one on eBay. Hopefully it comes in good condition, and isn’t totally trashed. That’s the one thing you never know about eBay products… /ehh

I can’t wait to hear the song, too. I saw you were on while looking through my recommended artists the other day. ;) Hopefully I’ll have the money to purchase your song from iTunes when you finish recording it and everything.

:love: Have a good day and sleep well!

I love reading your posts, they’re very interesting, and I like reading what you have to say. None of which is dull or boring unlike mine. :/.

Hmm, I hate going shopping for clothes. I like to buy ones that I think I can wear, and go home and try them on. I don’t like trying them on at the store. I just never did (probably because of the Urban Legend). But anyway, I’ve gotten used to it now. I still fear that legend though. But don’t really pay attention to it as much. When I’m buying new clothes now. Or bra’s for that matter :P.

Congratulations on getting only 11 domains! I do remember you having 20 domains a long time ago and got rid of some! I can’t wait to hear “A Star”. I hope I get it? :). I’ll pay you .99 cents but I don’t have an Itunes account :( . I remember your post about your Cousin. You were really upset when you wrote that. Wow. And when I was writing my post about my Grandmother’s passing. The time had healed my pain, that’s why I’m able to move on and knowing that she’s in a better place, with people whom she has lost over the years, and moved on before her are back in her life as well; as her pets and mine. I know she’s still here, her physical body may not be, but her memories and spirit are. :). That’s how I’m looking at it. And you’re absolutely right! Spending time off the computer is better!

I will definitely hook you up on your offer! I’m going part-time because all the classes are online, and since I’ll be going part-time, I’ll be graduating in the winter of 2016 instead of the fall of 2014 (which would be full-time if I did that). I’m only doing part-time right now cause I’m having to pay an extra 100.00 for tuition out of my pocket. Which isn’t bad, but I was told by my financial counselor, that if the federal sees how well; I’m doing and all that stuff like maintaining a 2.0 GPA or higher, the federal will pay for it and I won’t have to. I guess that’s to see if I’m really into it or something? But yeah. My classes are all set up. No hard back books required unless they don’t offer it online but 99.99 % are all digital books. :) . Which I’m happy about! I was told when I graduated, I could walk on campus with the other Graduates, or I can have them mail me my diploma :). Seeing as to how it’s in Pennsylvania! Haha! But yeah, Media and Arts program. :). I know I’m gonna love it! I can’t wait, I start July 11th! :D. And on top of that, well; I got my neurologist appointment too! July 18th! :). I’m very happy with that.

So no pain killers or medication works on you except tea? Wow! Yeah, I’m hoping that with the neurology results they’ll eliminate some of this medication I’m taking. Which I’m taking currently 6 pills a day! Seriously! It’s insane! I did have an attack yesterday though. Which wasn’t fun, but than again none of them are ever fun! But anywho, I’m glad you got your shoes! And a new camera (well new to you, but old ya know what I mean?).

I wonder who the hell made that list of 1001 movies up because there are a lot of them that I have absolutely no desire to see, and a lot that I have seen and didn’t like. I find it hard to believe you’ve owned so many domains at once, how did you manage to keep up with them all? sounds like a domain that I’d like. Except that I shouldn’t take it because I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I guess that’s why you’re letting them go, one by one.

I hope that you complete your song soon. I’d like to hear it!

It expires in early September, so if by then you’re still interested and do find something to do with it, shoot me an email because I’d love to hand it over. I’m reluctant to sell it to just anyone because I prefer to find a good new owner. XD

PS. I love your Domo-kun wallet! /eee

Sometimes i blog about non important things or not even interesting things and i get surprised when people comment XD it makes me happy though to know that people actually do read my blogs even if they’re boring.
Sleeping! ah i love sleeping until noon when i have nothing to do the next day, like today. Last night I went to bed around 11pm and i woke up at 12pm today XD
Hmm I’ve never heard of Interstella 5555 and Pan’s Labyrinth before >.< haha i should check that "1001 movies you must see before you die" list it sounds interesting :)
I hate shopping, period. I only go shopping when i really need to buy something, i hate crowded places, long lines and i hate when i cant find anything i like D: its the worst feeling ever i think to my self "does anyone ever make something i actually like?" HAHA I'm very picky i guess.
Lately i been getting inspired by photography, i don't have a good camera though so i cant really take some shot and see my current "talent" LOL hopefully i can get a camera this summer :)

I’ve noticed I’ve been having weird posting habits as of late too. I think it’s just that time of year again when everyone starts posting weird. I have to say Pan’s Labyrinth, I’ve never had a want or need to see the film – and you know how much I enjoy watching films. Ha ha. I am the same way with shoe shopping. I completely hate it because if you don’t go to the right store, I’m shopping in the girls section for shoes, it feels odd knowing I’m going to be 24 soon and I can wear shoes in cartoons characters on them. Congrats on the 35MM SLR! The EOS 300 is an awesome camera. It’s the same one I use, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Personally I’m rather happy with just the 35MM SLR, but then again I’m working on getting an old Bull’s Eye camera and an old 616 film camera working. Ha ha.

Ah, sleep. I’ll never understand why society allows institutions that deprive people of sleep. I never experienced extreme sleep deprivation until this year, and it was absolutely horrendous. I’ve been out of school for over two weeks and I still feel like I’m catching up on lost sleep. Thankfully, I’m already tall and could care less if my growth is stunted.

I’m a total TV and movie fanatic, so I always find it strange when I hear people say they don’t like either (or both). I adore movies. I found a similar list, except it was only 100 films. My goal for awhile was to watch every one, but I lost steam quickly because life sucks and I didn’t have time. I’d still like to dig that list up and try again some time. I’d never try the list you found, though. That would take forever…although I did a quick glance through starting from the bottom, and I did see a large chunk of the movies from the last two decades…

I lawled at your last little mini-paragraph. Only 11 domains. I can’t even handle two.

you havent blogged for 5 days and I havent blogged for like 2 weeks or so? Can’t remember.. lol your blog post most often interest me because they’re so honest and blunt.. so its not boring..

Glad that you’re getting some sleep.. I remember your post before where you are not getting much sleep.. lol now im happy for you.. but just dont overdo sleeping.. :))

I havent seen Interstella 5555 and Pan’s Labyrinth but from what you said it seems nice.. I love bloody movies in a way.. Idk why.. even my friends were telling me that i always have a guy’s appetite in whatever..

Just like you I also don’t like wasting time watching movies that aren’t good. There’s this movie which I stopped watching after seeing the first 15min of it.. the title is boogie nights.,.I just find it crap and plain boring.. grrr.. Goodluck on the list though.. lol i know u could def watch the 1k+ movies..

I used to hate shoe shopping too before but right now, I’m quite loving it.. idk why.. maybe because one of my girl friends has influenced me? she’s a shoe lover and owns a lot and shes got nice pairs and i think thats the reason why im inlove with shoe shopping right now.. Someday I knew you also would georgie..

Wow an SLR.. though it’s second hand i think its <3 as long as it is still in good condition though.. you really dont have to buy a new one if you know that they keep on changing models every month.. I also heard that there will be a point camera that functions like an SLR.. but then, the price difference is not too far from SLR though.. so you may want to settle with an slr instead..

OMG thats a lot of domain.. its hella crazy

I ♥ you about feet. I too have tiny spastic feet … And tiny spastic hands … and tiny ears, hell I am just tiny. Sean said to me he was too scared he’d break me, hahaha.
I hate shoe shopping also, wasn’t keen on labryinth …

Pan’s Labyrinth is so freaky! I watched a few minutes and couldn’t watch anymore! Well, I suppose I was about 9 at the time… I used to think I had tiny feet, until I met my size 3 friend!

Yeah, it’s gonna be great! I knew about the split, but argh! I’m happy that the weekend has finally come! I’m going swimming with my friends on sunday, and it’s going to be great! :) Before I forget, thanks for the comment, Georgie! I always feel the need to thank someone after they comment! It’s like a law for me. Maybe I’m mad…. /bounce

I was really bad at blogging these last few months, too, but since I converted to wordpress I’ve been back with it, because I write longer blogs with the wordpress layout, I guess? I’m not sure, whenever I open wordpress its always motivating.
I actually haven’t returned comments from my old blog posts yet which is really bad, I feel like a horrible person. Since its the weekend and I’ve only got two more finals to take I might as well do it today! Is it weird that each night I actually calculate what time I’m supposed to go to bed to get at least eight hours of sleep? I know you’re supposed to get nine or ten, but with school I don’t like going to bed at eight and waking up at five. I normally am in bed at nine-thirty and wake up at five-thirty.
I was too lazy to look at that whole entire list of movies, but when I skimmed I saw I’d only heard of a few.
I don’t really love shoe shopping either. I’ll go if I’ve been online shopping and found a pair I thought I’d like, but I’m not one for shoe browsing. Clothes are better to browse for.
I’m actually buying a new camera as well, because my old one got nail-glue all over the screen, and because the toggle down arrow was broken. I think they’re sending me my money back soon and I am going to buy the Nikon cool pix, s100 I think it is? I’m not sure but I know where I’m buying it. I’m jealous you’re taking the photography class, there is one at my school but I’m not a fan of the reviews its been given.
That’s cool that you’re writing a song! I can’t wait to find it on iTunes (: And wow, 11 domains? I’ve only got three, and ones for a school project and the other is hosting my others and its hacked, and my server won’t let me off of it.

I’m glad to hear you are getting the rest you need. :) I surprised myself and took a two hour nap yesterday and woke up on time this morning. I was happy about that. :)
I don’t like really dramatic movies either. I’d rather skip to the end, know who lives and doesn’t and then watch the movie. :D
I’m glad you found some shoes for your feet. I like shopping but I like doing it by myself and it has to be with cash instead of plastic. :D
Have fun with your camera and I hope your poem becomes a hit! :)
The thing with mutations is that they haven’t found any to be really beneficial they are all bad.
I’ve never heard of evolving to the point of not having adaptions to live, how interesting. But I’m pretty sure natural selection is the only driving force, besides mutations, for ‘evolution.’ Natural is just another word for adaption but it also only describes a loss of information since parts of the species was lost. No gaining just loss, and to lose enough information to the point where you can’t adapt to your environment anymore, yeah I can see that. :)
I’m not really into, “You can’t believe in evolution because it is baloney.” If I was debating against evolution my theme would be, “You can’t use that to prove evolution, now go find something else.” :)

I want to buy a digital SLR too. It really seems to be a little bit of a fad lately. The one I picked out is monsterously expensive, so I’ve been saving little by little and expect to be able to buy it in about three to four years. <.<;

I actually like watching movies, but I can't stand slasher movies. Blood doesn't usually bother me, but I hate anything that makes me jump.

I can't believe you had 20 domains at some point. The most I've ever had was 2, haha. I only have 1 now, but I barely keep up. I'm amazed you can manage so many websites, really. o.o;