Pain is your friend

I am a girl and I think that while pain is supposed to be my friend, I think it not. Today I was lying in a foetal position for most of the day and complaining and crying and wincing with every stretch of an arm… yeah, I hate periods.

Pain is supposed to tell us that something is wrong. I remember what I learned in biology, the second line of defence – inflammation… if we didn’t experience pain we’d never know we were bleeding or had a cut or stepped on a nail or just cut ourselves while shaving. But I really despise cramps and every time I get cramps I immediately start thinking about how I don’t want to have children because it must hurt a thousand times more.

Obviously later on, my views change, because I’m no longer in pain. I find that a lot of the time, if I am not confronted by what I don’t like, I’ll think it’s okay. It is when I’m in a situation involving something I dislike that it simply isn’t okay. I slept for quite a few hours during the day and right now I’m still feeling tired, and obviously bothered and still in a bit of pain.

I put a heated bean bag on my stomach. I hate taking painkillers because… for crying out loud, they rarely work.

I’m relieved, though, that I’m not awake as hell. Had that been the case, I would be up until 3:00am, a ridiculous time to be awake at, and would wake up tomorrow near noon and be annoyed at myself. I love my mornings. If I wake up past 10:00am I feel like I’ve completely wasted my morning. I am really beginning to love sleep.

The SLR camera I bought
The SLR camera I bought

I got my SLR camera yesterday! James and Mike were sweet enough to drop it off for me after they picked it up in the city. I gave them chocolate cookies (and hugs). ♥️ I haven’t taken a photo of the camera or anything, but it’s a Canon EOS 300/Rebel 2000. Mike asked why I was going backwards to a film camera… it’s for my photography class which starts on Monday. I would like to own a digital version but this, for now, will do. Nicole told me that it separates you from digital camera fans who just think that pressing a button makes them a photographer. Ah, well. I do love the camera already… /love And it works fine, so I guess buying it online wasn’t a bad idea at all. It’s really silly how film and developing film is more expensive. These things are becoming bloody obsolete, I don’t know why everything old has to be deemed a collectible now. Last year I spent $40 on a brand new Arcade Fire vinyl record – that’s twice as much as a CD – and even though I don’t regret the purchase, that is a lot of money for a piece of technology that was around in the 80s and can now be bought for a dollar in a charity store. Perhaps it’s because the technology to make these things isn’t all that popular anymore, and people still need money. So sad.

We have a box of polaroid cameras somewhere in the spare room (classic, right?). We don’t have film for them. :(

I’ve missed everyone’s blogs. I just realised, returning some comments today, how much I like catching up on how people are doing and interacting with them on their blog posts. I’ve noticed a lot of people haven’t been up to much or haven’t updated much. Maybe because it’s half-year and it’s the holidays for a lot of people (be it winter or summer). I wish the weather was getting warmer. I want to go fishing. I’ve never been fishing before, and ever since James and Mike mentioned it… /faw

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hi hun thx for the comment on my site and for the sweet comment about tess. i hate period pain as well. for me some months are fine, but ive heard if you have passed kidney stones right through your system its 10 times worse than giving birth, i have done that twice so i think i will be ok with the whole baby thing, but i am a bit different to you seeing as im a quadrapalegic. i love cameras as well but sometimes i cant take a picture to save my life, i love going woweeeeeeeeeee to people like you that have a passion for photography.

Hey Heyz,
Argh, period pains must be one of the top three most torturous sorts of pain next to giving birth which is probably number one. Glad you were able to soothe the pain – it’s such a bother to be feeling terrible during the weekend… or at any time to be.

Oh wow, you must be so happy to have gotten the camera! I know how I get when I buy myself new technology, like now I’m finally getting an iPod Touch in a few weeks an just cannot get over my excitement! :)
Enjoy the snapping of photos!

Yes, it’s crazy ow ‘olden’ day things are so expensive now – same here in SA… it’s very annoying and if it breaks or has a problem it really is quite rare to find any help and that too comes at a price.

Hope you have a good weekend :)

I had torturous periods before I went on the pill. I had to take pain killers, otherwise I couldn’t function at all, but you’re right, they didn’t do much. Oh besides give me ulcers, yeah, they did that. I couldn’t decide which pain was worse. Ulcers are more dangerous though for sure. Yeah, but after being on the pill for four years, I barely get a period now and I’m on seasonal, so I only get it four times a year. It’s wonderful :) Of course we’re going to want to have a baby at some point and I’ll have to go back to the torture.

Oh, gosh. Don’t even get me started on periods. I’m an absolute monster during my period…and before it. I actually had to go to the doctor a couple years ago to get checked out because my cramps were so severe. It was either painkillers or birth control. I went with the painkillers. They don’t work miracles, but at least they calm it down a bit so I could function. I remember being shown a video when I was in the fifth grade that explained girls could still play sports and run around and go swimming and all that while they’re on their periods. HELL NO. I’ll sit in my house and eat brownies, maybe cry a little to myself, thank you.

I just read a post about someone wanting a polaroid camera, but they were too expensive. That’s so ridiculous. My family had a box of old ones as well, but we just tossed them when we moved. What a waste. But who would have known that they’d be “cool” ever again? Digital was the way to go. Whatever. I’m fine with pretending to have polaroids with a little Photoshop magic. The only problem is I can only view them on the compute. Meh. I’d lose them if I had hard copies, anyway.

i prefer film cameras than dslr’s,
cause they have more soul in it and there’s the thrill and excitement when you’re waiting for it to be developed.
I process black and white films and it’s fun!

Man, periods suck. 💥 I’ve always been lucky in that I don’t get cramps often. However, my periods are usually accompanied by killer headaches (not that I don’t usually get headaches every week). Painkillers usually work for me, but I hate having to rely on them so lately I’ve resorted to acupressure, which, surprisingly, works quite well! At least you’ve found a way to help the pain a little…. :)

I wish I had an SLR camera, but my brother left his at home for the summer so I can probably get away with using it as long as I don’t break it. /pow



AHH Ive missed you <3
So sorry you were hurting so bad =( I took Birth Control pills for 7 years before I quit (4 years ago) and ever since then my periods are really weird.. and I rarely have them. When I do though, I get really really bad cramps so I understand =/

That camera is beautiful <3 Photography class sounds like so much fun. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful photos =) I still have a Polaroid at my Gms! I need to break it out some time XD

Hey Georgie! I honestly hate periods! We definitely have it around the same time period! LOL! That’s funny in a way. But also. It’s not cause I hate period pains! It feels like you’re giving birth! Though I’ve never experienced that.But I hear it’s painful especially the contractions! UGH! Us women we have to go through everything while men don’t have to do diddly squat! ><!!

LoL! But cool camera! I love it! I finally have a camera, but it's not mine. It's my dad's girlfriend's camera. Since she's moved in with us, so she's letting me use it for my beauty channel and what not. :). I'm happy with that.Speaking of make up, my 32 piece professional brush set (made by mac), came in the mail today! So the next thing I'm waiting for is my eyeshadow palette! :D YIPPIE!! It should probably be here on Monday :). If not Tuesday the latest! Oh! I can wear a size 14 pants now! :). I'm so happy and I'm also at 194.0 lbs! I'm dropping I be! I'm so happy!

But anywho, Pain killers never work on me either. I'm really surprised that this anti-itching lotion is working on me. I have this big ole rash on my stomach, and I'm breaking out on my face too in several spots, but nothing that make up can't fix :). But yeah, I hate it. It's gross and I just want it to go away! And that lotion is making it go away and the itching is going away less and less. :). YAY!!!

But yeah, I'm not a morning person at all unless I have to be. You know? Like today, I wasn't feeling good, so I stayed in my room, and covered up. Cause last night wasn't a good night. Had a little family issue going on. But it's all resolved now. And has been :). So yeah. Oh! I'm gonna be meeting Nancy from next month hopefully! Can't wait! I wish you guys lived out here! We all could meet up in one big area! :P. But anyway, it's getting late so I better get my bum off to bed!

I HATE those cramps, hate them … I don’t know if you’ve tried this but at the gym when I did pilates, I was given a stretch that helps these types of cramps … You lay flat on the floor, bed, anywhere and lift your knees to your chest and just rest your hands on your knees. You can stay there as long or as short as you like … It’s not suppose to hurt, so if you try it and it starts to hurt, stop :)

YAY for a camera ♥ I need a new one … /bounce

Ah well, everyone’s seem to be busy dealing with some sort of reality and happenings in life. Likewise, I sort of abandoned my blog for the past half a year to better cope with my job, life etc.

Congratulations on getting your SLR! :) Unless I’ve lots of spare cash on hand, I won’t think of getting one mainly because of the weight. I got a Canon S95 few months back – something more compact and convenient to be brought along to shopping trips etc. Not to mention, the photos are as good as my other semi-pro. Have fun with it! :)

Eckkk yeah the biggest thing that annoys me about film is the cost of getting them developed. If I had the space to I would totally develop my b/w photos myself, because b/w costs way more than colour to get developed. And I also use a lot of funky weird film that costs atrocious amounts to get processed too… but i guess you’ll get to use a dark room in your photography class?

As for period pains… I feel bad for you! I’m so glad i’m one of those people who has never gotten them. Whenever i get stomach cramps people always say “period pain?”, but I know it’s not and must be something else (it always has been), because i’ve NEVER had period pains before lol.

So for this camera you’ll be using film for it? Good luck! Seems like it’s a pretty nifty camera and good to know that you love it already :) I hate being in pain as well, especially menstrual cramps. I do experience that during my first day but pretty much the succeeding days don’t hurt at all (thankfully!). I’m just lucky that pain killers still work for me. Wouldn’t know how to live without them :

I miss taking photos with polaroids, too. It would be such a shame though to take lame pictures given the limited number of sheets for the polaroid camera. Haha.

I just keep thinking about that day in August last year where I was in a fetal position screaming and trying to convince my brother to call 9-1-1. Thank god I’ve had basically no menstrual pains since then. I feel guilty about it, but.

When I told my boss that I was getting my wisdom teeth out, she told me that her body doesn’t really accept anesthetic. She said that once, when she had a cavity, the dentist gave her three shots, and when she still wasn’t numb, they said they couldn’t give her any more and they just had to drill. She said it hurt worse than childbirth. ._.

Yayyy your camera! I helped. xD I can’t wait to see what kind of awesome pictures you take with it. You’ll have to scan them though because it’s not digital. :( I hope you will scan them!!

Friggin’ vinyl, dude. You know how many records I want. So expensive!! It’s because it’s become a collector’s item for audiophiles like you and me, so the people who make them can charge more. =/ Plus I imagine that since less people buy them now than used to, they kind of have to raise the price to keep covering the costs of production while still making a profit. I’m sure $40 is far more than they need to charge though, pfft.

Of course I’ll scan them! :P My first assignment is to [imagine I’m going to be on a deserted island and] take three photos: one of a person, one of an object, and one of a place. The person is supposed to have some significance in my life, and the object shouldn’t be able to fit in my pocket. I’m so excited, dude. /bounce

Hey :)

aww that sucks about period pain, I don’t tend to get it too badly now although I will take my pill back to back whenever possible so I don’t have periods very often and when I do it’s not too bad. I think you’re doing the best thing with a hot water bottle, i tend to have two one for my front and one for my back as the pain goes through to my back :(

congrats on getting an SLR i’m so jealous :P It does suck that film and development costs, and it’s not really as common commercially, i guess technology moves so fast, it was the norm a few years ago to get your pictures developed rather than uploading them on your computer.
I can agree with that I’ve been way too busy I’m hoping to get sorted though (i think i always say this :p ) if my domain transfer ever goes through, *sigh*

hope you’re keeping well though we haven’t spoke in ages :) and good luck in your new photography class!! :D

Ugh I hate THE pain. I actually used to hate it so much that I was thinking “uhm, why am I going through this every single month when I’m not even sure if I EVER want to have kids”. Might aswell remove all those parts now so I don’t have to suffer for nothing.. oh well, there are great meds out there but they won’t dull the pain enough >.<

I’ve had worse period cramps than usual the last three months. I hope it balances it out soon, because I hate being aware that I’m on my period. I never have cramps as bad as you, though. Is that how you usually are during your time of the month? If so, that’s awful. I’d never wish that pain on an enemy!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures you take with your new camera. :D

Awww poor you. I disagree about the painkillers though. They’ve always worked for me. Maybe depends on the type? Hmm it’s not good for you to take painkillers though can cause stomach ulcers. Which leads to my next point … YES PERIODS SUCK. I mean, cats and dogs and reproduce without it so why girls? Reminds me of how we talked about how guys have it so much easier and if they want it equal they should get kicked in the nuts more … that was mean haha. They say it’s childbirth times 10 in pain. Childbirth doesn’t hurt here from what I’ve heard though. I don’t get why they’re always screaming in the movies. @_@

SO LUCKY! I want a camera like that. I don’t want a digital camera even if it’s handy/small etc because most people use it for camera whoring. I want the one with a swivel because it’s more professional looking and I would like to at least attempt to act more professional yet not call myself a photographer. Being subtle is nice. Too bad I can’t afford a camera. I have plenty of money saved but I kinda like to spend them on $50 tops. /angry

Meh well I just hate having something stick out of the top of your head. I don’t mind lower buns if you get what I mean … even if they’re messy. I don’t mind messy hair on cute guys but girls can’t really do it unless they have short messy hair then it works. However I now feel kind of vain after all these comments I’ve returned, because I do get all dressed up even to go grocery shopping … not like makeup and stuff, just normal clothes not crap like sweats or anything that people think are more casual.

40 DAYS WITHOUT INTERNET?! OMG *PRE HUG* when are you going to Indonesia? Oh wait it doesn’t really matter it must be super sweaty and hot all year long. If you stay indoors I think you would have some a/c right? Not all of Indonesia is the image that got passed through the tsunami years ago. Some idiot in my class thought all Indonesians lived in huts. I hate when people assume that.

Hahahaha I have been horrible at this comment thing. Nowadays I just respond to a couple of points that I have something good to say about. :P

I always hear other girls complain about having cramps and how horrible it feels. But I hardly get cramps when I’m on mine and when I do it just feels more like I’m walking around with a midget stabbing me in the ovaries over and over again. Annoying at first, but after a while you can kind of shrug it off so long as you aren’t passing out from the experience…. maybe I just have a high pain tolerance?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I get injured a lot that I just don’t take much notice of any type of pain – large or small. So I am always quite baffled when fellow females complain about how bad cramps hurt. I just don’t understand it even though I go through that horror as well. /hmph

I’ve never really had much to talk about on my blog since starting high school. Until I decided to post “deep” posts or just thought provoking posts in general, I would normally only update once every month or so. It was horrible. I’m trying to update more than that though. Bah, this is supposed to be summer for me but I decided to take a class and start college early. What else was I going to do? XD

YES. What we feel during our period is beyond PAINFUL. I hate it. I remember a guy friend asked me “Why are girls always mad when they have their periods?” and I was like, “Imagine a bucket of blood flowing out of your ‘area’, who won’t be irritated?” LOL

Anyway, congrats about the camera and I completely agree with your friend, ” it separates you from digital camera fans who just think that pressing a button makes them a photographer.” I hate how DSLR owners think they’re photographers just beause they have DSLRs when they obviously can’t see which angle is beautiful.

Hi Georgina,
Yup, me as well. I really hate period pains. But somehow, I only got those pains at the earlier stage for a few months. After that, It’s like I don’t know when it comes and goes. No pain at all. But, I feel a lil bit week during my periods. And as well I heard from some of my friends who don’t have period pain at all, the best thing is to exercise. (Y)
And It’s so awesome. You go for photography classes. That’s fun. I love photography like hell. But, sadly no photography classes around my neighborhood. (Or maybe there is. /ho ). I wished I too had the camera you are having. My mom promised me to buy If I get 10 A’s for my exam. I got it, but not the camera. Haha, I guess she’ll buy it for me by the end of the year.

Hello! *hugs* for the period pain. I hate period pain too :(. Heat works well though :). Hahaha, and yeah I agree about the childbirth thing. If THIS is what period pain feels like what are pregnancy cramps going to be like?! D: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

It’s weird though, cos pain IS supposed to mean something is wrong, but with period pain, the only thing wrong is that you’re shedding dead uterus lining, which isn’t really something wrong :S. Thanks for stuffing up concrete biology, periods!

OHHH YAY! You got your camera! Omg, I miss those filmy cameras! We actually bother to get those developed. I haven’t EVER gotten digital photos developed. That makes me sad :( Wah!

Haha, now you have a pro camera :D. YAY!

It DOES suck that that vinyl record was so expensive :(. It’s kind of sad to see all the stuff that we grew up around suddenly turn obsolete (vcr’s anyone?), and get more expensive :(. I wonder if this is how our parents felt. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh no. I feel old now :P.

Period’s a pain to deal with. Though tempted quite a few times, I generally feel too uncomfortable to blog about it though, haha.

I wish I could take painkillers. I’m not allowed to since it might trigger an asthma attack. The most I can take is kid’s painkillers. Basically, I just deal with the pain.

I’m completely willing to sleep in since then I usually end up doing more, haha. I do a lot when I’m in a good mood.

My dad got an SLR a few months ago! It’s fun to use, haha, and using it makes me feel so professional, haha. I used it a lot when we went abroad, even though I’m not that into photography.

I wish I had a polaroid camera! Too bad you don’t have film. :(