Warmness on the soul

I had my first photography class today, and already I feel overwhelmed. In a good way, though. I’m excited to take some photos and develop film and all that fun stuff. The thing is, since I’m doing this subject over the winter, the work is pretty intensive. I already have my first assignment due in a week, and I need to take a full roll of shots by Wednesday. Needless to say, I’m excited. /bounce

For our first assignment we have to take photos of a person, an object, and place. The idea is that we will choose the best ones and they will be photos we’ll take to a desert island. So many times I’ve been asked questions like, “if you had to take one book to a desert island, what would it be?” Questions like that never cease to start some kind of clockwork in my head. Questions like, “if you had to choose the last song you’d ever hear, what would it be?”

It sort of puts favourites into perspective; if I had to absolutely choose one. As hard as it is to choose one thing, I love putting things into perspective like that, because it makes me realise what matters to me more (or the most).

Now I realise Nicole was right about the SLR camera and it separating me from “digital camera fans”. There is this girl in my class who was annoying me today. She didn’t have a film camera and brought a DSLR instead (which was useless, because we’re doing film photography here, and that just shows she didn’t read the email detailing what kind of camera we had to buy). As one of the few people without a camera yet, she was complaining to me that the camera was too old. Yes, you, girl with the DSLR. It irritated me a little bit because there is not a lot of difference between an SLR and a DSLR apart from the digital factor and it didn’t seem like she could even appreciate a simple camera… bleh. She wasn’t paying much attention to the class either, and kept asking me questions about my camera and questions that the tutor had already answered. /bash

Photography is going to be a lot of work but I am positive I will enjoy it. It didn’t even feel like an actual class because I liked it a lot. Now that is a plus, because usually I don’t like the subjects I have to study. XD I’m annoyed that the rolls of film were $15 each. It just seems like a lot, then I have to pay for all the other stuff. It’s alright though, I love photography and this will all be a good learning experience. Some people are bothering to look elsewhere just to save a few bucks… but I can afford to spend a bit more if I have to, instead of shopping around and being disappointed when I find there may not be much difference in price. Not to mention, we’re short on time here! :P

My tutor is really great; very funny and supportive. Seems that most tutors in the design faculty are like that… must be all the communication tutors that freak me out. Except the Dean of Communication, I love him. He played the piano in one of our first lectures and I think I fell in love. /love Hahahaha. I love pianos.

I wore one of my new pairs of shoes today. I just really like feeling tall (even though I’m short as hell), and I think heels sort of help me straighten my back when I walk. I wore my practical heeled shoes today, but because they were new and I wasn’t quite used to them, I got some lovely blisters on the backs of my heels. My toes also feel pretty terrible. It always takes a while to get used to a new pair of shoes.

I had to massage my feet this evening when I got home because they were hurting so much. 😢 I gave them a good wash and warmed them up since it was really cold, too.

Ahhh, I have lots of site things to fix up but I guess I’ll worry about them later… /um

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I wish the venue we went to had air conditioning! It was a great show though and both Tyrone and I had fun. :)

I’m glad you are enjoying your photography course. I was going to take photography at college but I needed chemistry more, or so I thought.

Ugh what a stupid person! I hate people who don’t read the important details and then wonder why they are wrong. At my college we can do enrichment courses using DSLR cameras or SLR cameras where you learn how to develop your film in the dark room. It looked fun but there was no spaces left on the course by the time I signed up. :(

Photography is an expensive hobby. Tyrone got a Canon DSLR as an early 18th present and it cost so much money! The lenses themselves are over £100 each. And there’s me with my £50 digital camera haha!

First of all, congrats on getting the SLR. I read about your post on it. :D I’m glad you enjoyed your photography class, it sounds like an enjoyable one. Some people just can’t appreciate simple cameras. Sounds like this classmate of yours never had the opportunity (and hence, the fun) of using a SLR.

I get irritated too with people that don’t seem to take lectures/classes seriously and end up bugging others to no end. It’s the same with people who are too lazy to attend classes and end up borrowing other people’s notes to copy. Blergh.

Yeah films rolls are costly and expensive to develop. More expensive than the pre-SLR cameras, I believe. I have an on/off interest in photography myself, and there was one point I wanted to get a box camera (the Diana F+). LOL.

Gagaga! I love funny and supportive lecturers/tutors. And especially if they have a slight mean streak sense of humour. My History lecturer is like that and I really enjoyed his lectures and tutorial sessions (I proved it by getting A’s in both of his classes ✌️). I’m happy that you have good feelings towards yours. :) And oh, he plays the piano too? That’s awesome! I love guys who can play pianos. XD

I can never find shoes that fit me nicely. Whenever I buy shoes, they seem to fit me perfectly when I try them out, but on the next day, they seem to shrink by one size. /hmph

That class sounds like so much fun!! Aside from the really annoying girl, hahaha. Hopefully she won’t continue to be like that for the rest of the year/however long you take the class, heh :P It’s so aggravating when people don’t appreciate a class; you may be annoyed with something it, but you should always take the opportunity to learn more!

I’ve been wanting a DSLR for the longest time now, and tbh I’ve never looked much into film cameras. I’ve seen their pictures, though, and they’re so lovely! You should totally post some on here if/when you can! /eee

Glad that you’re having fun! The photography class sounds great! I don’t know much about photography but I know that in any subject, you must be willing and open to all kinds of approaches and tools. That girl sounds so annoying. You can’t be a photographer by just mastering the digital stuff. D:

Reminds me of my Photoshop-classes where most of the girls complained about why we had to learn about layers and pixels instead of the fun part. Which is to remove pimples with Heal Brush and Spot Healing :P And other stuff to make pictures look good on Facebook!

If that girl was asking me questions the tutor was answering during the lecture, I would have snapped that if she paid attention she would already know. What’s more annoying if she was talking through the lecture and YOU missed some of the lecture because of her.

georgina!! <3<3<3 i haven't been around either, just answered comments like you. the termperature has been unusal warm lately, and since the sun has been shining, i've mostly spent time outside with my friends. it's finally feeling like summer, and the fact that i have two days left at school before summer vacation, is making it only better!! :D

i would love to take a photography class, but unfortunately they don't have anything like that here where i live. the internet will be my teacher then, it's amazing how much you can learn just by searching a few words in google! where would i've been without google, haha!!
but it sounds really interesting, and since you probably is getting a grade on your photos is great! i would love to have that too! we had a photography project once at school, but i wouldn't say i learned much by looking at the others photos. my class was not exactly interested in photography, so they just used their mobile camera to take a few shots and get over with it (not that a mobile camera necessary gives bad quality, but as you know it's nothing compared to a slr or dslr).

i must admit i don't know the difference between a dslr and slr camera, but if it's not too much i think the girl could rather close her mouth than complaining, 'cause i would love to be in that class no matter which camera i had!
i'm glad you've found a class you like! i hope to see some of your photos you take in the future in your blog, it would be awesome! (:

thank you!! the exam didn't exactly go great, but ok. i lost my words and i totally failed speaking freely. well at least i learned how i'm not going to prepare to the next time i have to do an oral exam, and i'm one experience richer!

I hope you’ll have fun and pick up some new tips from photography class :D! I want to be in a photography class! But my school is too ghetto for one -___-! Good luck with the assignments :P!

I’m so annoyed by those “what would you take to a deserted island” questions D:! If you think deep about it, everything is like a contradiction D:! And the only time that happens is if you’re in a reality tv show with competition XD!

That girl– sounds like any other idiotic person there is in the world. Aggh, out of all people, why does she have to bother you? At least you have a camera and read the directions about the class. It’s too nervewrecking D’:!

Photography sounds expensive :C! I would know because I’ve dished out over 600 bucks on 2 digital cameras from my parents :X! And that’s not even the beginning. It’s just the average joes D:!

It takes time to get used to a shoe and breaking into ’em. I still have this high heel that I got last year that still kills me :(. I use it for concert band activities and it always kills me whenever I walk D:!

Don’t be sorry :P. You have nothing to be sorry about!

I like having small font, but not like.. Baby small 6px’s in blog posts. Those are only cute in icons. XD! I like the feel of this new font size too :)! It’s kinda easier on my eyes since I’m lazier now D:!

Photography shouldn’t be stressful. It’s like a hobby- unless you take it up a step into a job :P!

Thank you and take care (: ?

Oh that’s really cool that you’re taking a photography class! I’ve always wanted to but I either ended up not taking it or because my mom advised me not to. However it’s a class like this that will separate the artists from the amateurs. I’m still an amateur at photos because I have a digital camera, but since I’m not a photo major that will do for now. $15 for a roll of film is quite expensive.

Winter break I’m assuming is about 4-6 weeks, which isn’t a lot of time. I’ve taken a summer class before and it was 6 hours a day for 4 weeks. Intensive, yes.

That’s really cool! I love photography (my favourite is fashion photography) but lugging around my DSLR is kind of tedious so I resort using my iPhone lol. I also have an SLR, but I no longer used it since the advent of DSLRs.

I’m pretty much dependent with digital stuff probably because it’s more convenient.

Ah, photography…how I wish I had a hobby and artistic mind! Photography seems like it would be fun, but I’m horrible when it comes to capturing beauty; I don’t have that creative eye, I suppose.
Unfortunately, as you noted, it can be an expensive thing to take up. /oh
Have fun with it though; I’m sure you will. :D

Gah, new shoes. I never liked shoe shopping; though, I love the way I feel when I wear new attire. :)

Anyway, I wonder and hope you remember me. I find myself saying this to you every couple of months. Sorry for that. :(

Anyone can be a photographer. :) We were shown the work of someone who did no creative work and had no experience with a camera and they took beautiful shots. There is beauty in a lot of things. It just takes a bit of time to get used to a camera.


Oh my god, I think I would shoot the person who asked me to choose the last song I would ever get to hear. Just thinking of the IDEA of the question is ridiculous. There is no way in hell I could ever choose just one song. Then again, I think if I was made to choose, I might choose A Little Piece of Heaven. Or I might just go with whatever I was in the mood to listen to at the time. It’s not like it’s one song for the rest of my life, it’s one song just once and then no more.

Okay, it’s not such a big deal and I’m over it, haha. Moving on.

That girl would have driven me crazy. You should try not to sit next to her next time. :P Hopefully she’ll have the right camera next time… geez, it’s not that hard.

A lot of the time when I get new heels, I will wear them around the house for a couple hours just to start breaking them in before I actually wear them out. Then too, I know what problems I might have and I can anticipate them with a band-aid BEFORE I go out in them. Maybe you should try that with your other new heels.

Georgina, I want to go shopping. Besides VU shirts and band merch, I haven’t bought any tops in at least a year. What the hell.

The title seemed appropriate. I don’t know, there is something charming about that song that I can’t quite pick.

If I was made to choose a song (by the way, Ben Jorgensen posed that question!), I really think it would be an Armor one. They just get me by… they’re amazing. As dross as songs can get after you hear them over and over, I think Slip Like Space just does it for me. I can’t think of any reason to hate it, I don’t get sick of it like I do listening to other Armor songs… there is some endless grace and beauty and a slightly haunting quality in it. It is also the song I think of as my favourite. I love it so much, I’ve listened to it to the point where my ears should bleed but they don’t. It’s magical.

My mum told me to wear the shoes around the house a bit, but I was just too keen to wear these. Ugh.

I need new tops like fuck. I look in my rack and all I see are clothes I’ve already worn in the past week. I think that’s a sign…

LUCCCKKYY!! I wanna take photography class :( I hope you can share you knowledge for those who cant afford photography class hahaha :D

Lol there’s always that one annoying person in class… but I’m glad she didnt ruin your experience ^_^

i am…super short D: I’m still learning how to wear heels..actually, I sort of too lazy to learn LOL But I want to feel tall D: AHH such a dilemma! lol

I can’t wait to see your photos!

Thank you XD ♥

It’s nice to be doing something you enjoy. I know nothing about photography I don’t even own a camera :/ (ordered one and it never came)
Is it winter in Australia?
I love heels I would wear them to bed if I could. (it helps to keep my legs tone)

That really does sound interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by photography, although I myself am pretty bad at it, lmao.

Whenever it comes to people asking me questions like that, “if you had to save one thing in a fire…” etc, I never know what to say. My response is usually one that I haven’t thought much about, as I always just hope that I never have to find myself in any of those situations.

I’m glad you’ve been having a great time though, it seems exciting, I always love to learn about new stuff! :) Haha, sorry about that annoying girl. I wonder why she even signed up for the class? Some people truly confuse me. Dx

Oh wow! :D A photography course! That must be exciting. I’ve never had any photography classes, even though that’s not so bad for me as photography isn’t my cup of tea. However, I would love to learn some tricks on taking good shots to have some original pieces to work on for my layouts.

Ugh, new shoes! >.<” They always get our feet hurt. Good think you managed to soothe the pain. *hugs* Hope it goes away soon.

~ Luana S.

P.S. Remember that post of mine where I complained about businesses not giving a chance to young people to start working? Well, I found this article here: http://www.sem-antic.com/archives/45 Reading it moved me to tears. It’s so good that someone cares about young web designers enough to write about giving them a chance. ^_^ I wish there were more business people like that!

Hey Georgina! Haven’t visited your site in so long :) Don’t even know if you remember me :p

photography! you always had a thing for that :) photography is EXPENSIVE! my friends are really into it and boy they were really into buying lens for a while haha.

omg i hate shoes that give me blisters… thats why i hate new shoes/shopping for shoes :p but they’ll stretch out soon!

take care!

Hi Bonnie! Of courseeee I remember you haha. I hope you’re going well. :D But yeah, photography is very expensive, I just spent $40 on a packet of photo paper… and buying all the equipment costs so much money too. Slowly going broke and waiting for my next pay day aahahaa. It’s all worth it though, because it’s definitely more enjoyable than any other subject I’ve had at university thus far. XD

See? I’m not dead!

I get to take a lot of cool courses in the fall, like Japanese and Psychology. I’m so excited! A photography class would be awesome to take…I might try one next summer. ✌️

I wouldn’t have enough tolerance for that girl, most likely. I don’t get on very well with people like that. I only have two confirmed professors as of now; the rest are all TBA. Which is a bummer…

Ahh, I hate having to break in new shoes…it’s a hassle. But I guess beauty always comes at a price.

I photography class seriously sounds like a lot of fun! I really want to take one. That sounds like so much fun. I might have to seriously consider taking one too if I had the free time, lol. Are you going to be posting some of the pictures here? :)