Warmness on the soul

I had my first photography class today, and already I feel overwhelmed. In a good way, though. I’m excited to take some photos and develop film and all that fun stuff. The thing is, since I’m doing this subject over the winter, the work is pretty intensive. I already have my first assignment due in a week, and I need to take a full roll of shots by Wednesday. Needless to say, I’m excited. 😁

For our first assignment we have to take photos of a person, an object, and place. The idea is that we will choose the best ones and they will be photos we’ll take to a desert island. So many times I’ve been asked questions like, “if you had to take one book to a desert island, what would it be?” Questions like that never cease to start some kind of clockwork in my head. Questions like, “if you had to choose the last song you’d ever hear, what would it be?”

It sort of puts favourites into perspective; if I had to absolutely choose one. As hard as it is to choose one thing, I love putting things into perspective like that, because it makes me realise what matters to me more (or the most).

Now I realise Nicole was right about the SLR camera and it separating me from “digital camera fans”. There is this girl in my class who was annoying me today. She didn’t have a film camera and brought a DSLR instead (which was useless, because we’re doing film photography here, and that just shows she didn’t read the email detailing what kind of camera we had to buy). As one of the few people without a camera yet, she was complaining to me that the camera was too old. Yes, you, girl with the DSLR. It irritated me a little bit because there is not a lot of difference between an SLR and a DSLR apart from the digital factor and it didn’t seem like she could even appreciate a simple camera… bleh. She wasn’t paying much attention to the class either, and kept asking me questions about my camera and questions that the tutor had already answered. πŸ™

Photography is going to be a lot of work but I am positive I will enjoy it. It didn’t even feel like an actual class because I liked it a lot. Now that is a plus, because usually I don’t like the subjects I have to study. πŸ˜† I’m annoyed that the rolls of film were $15 each. It just seems like a lot, then I have to pay for all the other stuff. It’s alright though, I love photography and this will all be a good learning experience. Some people are bothering to look elsewhere just to save a few bucks… but I can afford to spend a bit more if I have to, instead of shopping around and being disappointed when I find there may not be much difference in price. Not to mention, we’re short on time here! πŸ˜›

My tutor is really great; very funny and supportive. Seems that most tutors in the design faculty are like that… must be all the communication tutors that freak me out. Except the Dean of Communication, I love him. He played the piano in one of our first lectures and I think I fell in love. 😍 Hahahaha. I love pianos.

I wore one of my new pairs of shoes today. I just really like feeling tall (even though I’m short as hell), and I think heels sort of help me straighten my back when I walk. I wore my practical heeled shoes today, but because they were new and I wasn’t quite used to them, I got some lovely blisters on the backs of my heels. My toes also feel pretty terrible. It always takes a while to get used to a new pair of shoes.

I had to massage my feet this evening when I got home because they were hurting so much. 😒 I gave them a good wash and warmed them up since it was really cold, too.

Ahhh, I have lots of site things to fix up but I guess I’ll worry about them later… /um

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