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Last night I went to the Avenged Sevenfold concert in Sydney (for free because I won tickets). I had a blast. It was really quite insane and intense, though. 😰 Dylan and Rachel were able to give me some tips on how to deal with the mosh and all that shit. Fuck, it was really mad.

I met Dylan before the show and he brought his friend Jessie. We went in through the glass doors a bit after everyone else because our tickets hadn’t arrived yet… oh well. We prepared ourselves before we went through the doors to the stage. I could have put my bag in the cloakroom for free, but I felt a little lost without it, so I left it on me. It was just a really small shoulder bag but I really could have gone without it, hah. O_O

This was my first time going to a rock concert at all, so I tried to prepare myself and expect the worst. I suppose it’s fair to say I got a bit nervous. Obviously I made sure I was well hydrated and went to the toilet beforehand. I sneaked in some chocolate bars (which I ended up eating before the opening act was even on stage) and a camera. I think we were allowed to take cameras, but I was trying to hide mine from the security guy at the doors.

The opening act was a local band called Dream on Dreamer. I’d never actually heard their stuff before, but I’m always keen on listening to new music. Dylan mentioned that they probably wouldn’t be the kind of genre I’d like very much. I could feel the beat in my chest because it was really loud. They were pretty hardcore and the vocals were mostly screaming. I have to admit that it was tolerable. I kind of like death metal (to a certain extent), and their music had a kind of unique edge to it. I couldn’t quite hear, but the lead singer pointed at the keyboardist and said he was Jesus. It was a bit of a running joke throughout the night, and some guy yelled “Messiah”. The crowd got pretty insane during the intermission, before Avenged Sevenfold came on. We had to stand there for an hour and I wasn’t that close to the stage at this point. I think I made a mental note that I would try to get closer to the front.

It fucking sucks being short, because you can’t see shit at a concert. This is one of those times I wish I were tall, to be honest. I used to hate being short up until a few years ago when I took it to my advantage. The only good thing about being short and thin in this case is that you can squeeze or wedge between people… but you can’t fucking see. Dylan helped me out and pointed out where to go – where all the short heads were, so I could see over them.

When Avenged Sevenfold came out everyone started going crazy and pushing everyone forward (this completely as I expected as Dylan had warned me). I didn’t like that. I guess it wasn’t a good way to begin because despite being mentally prepared, I physically wasn’t. My shoelace already came undone and after a minute getting annoyed about it, being squished up against everyone, I decided, “fuck it”. There was no way in hell I was worrying about a shoelace. If I lost my shoe (and it nearly fell off my foot), whatever. XD I had tied my hair up as well but it came undone and I lost my hair tie.

Avenged opened up with their song Nightmare. It was insane, the crowd was going mad. I realised there was probably no way I was going to be able to take photos but I was enjoying the music far too much anyway. At some point I felt like I was going to puke because some guy near me really stunk (I know, I guess no one thought of wearing deodorant because it’s winter, but with all the people in there you get pretty hot). That really wasn’t pleasant at all. /poo After some time I realised I was standing behind a girl whose hair actually smelled like she’d just washed it. Haha. Because I’m so small and skinny, I wasn’t very comfortable being squished. No one is, really, but I think I got it pretty bad because there was a point I was wedged between taller people and had to stick my head up out of the crowd to breathe normally. Ugh. :P For one moment, I legitimately thought I was going to die.

Fire was shot from the back of the stage for special effects. Or it could have been to make us hotter… nah, just kidding. After a few songs pretty much walking all over everyone’s feet and trying to get closer to the front and screaming and jumping to the music, I tried to take a few photos. Most came out blurry but I got pretty good photos of Zacky and Johnny. Oh and the thing about screaming… this was seriously the one time I could scream as fucking loudly as I could with no consequence. I don’t care if I deafened the guy behind me, that was totally my intention. Well, not really, but he was elbowing me and pushing me when I was already really squished to a guy on my left. I kind of spread my arms and elbows to the sides to push the people next to me so that no one behind me would roughly shove past. I know I was shoving forward too, but some people were really obnoxious about it.

Oh my god, Zacky was so cute. /faw I probably saw him most of the time since I was more towards the left and that’s where he usually plays. Dylan carried me at one point and I got a good view of everything, but I didn’t try to take any photos then. I probably should have, but like Dylan said as he pointed to his head, “All my concert memories are in here”.

I ended up in about the third row with Dylan behind me. This was a pretty good spot as the security guards handed out cups of water every now and then. And I could fucking see Zacky. HAHAHA. I’m glad Brian (Synyster Gates) moved to the left of the stage so I could get some eye candy too, heh.

They put on an amazing show, and played A Little Piece of Heaven. It wasn’t originally on the setlist so it was unexpected… except when Matt said “this is for those of you who have ever wanted to be married” I just freakin’ knew they were going to play it. Man, it was intense and it was insane. The entire show was just fantastic. I didn’t catch any of the stuff they threw. I wasn’t even close; I was looking all over the floor later but someone else picked up one of Brian’s guitar picks. Ah well. I didn’t get to meet them either, but that’s alright. :)

I’m all fucking sore and shit and I had a sore throat before I went, which has now gotten worse. My neck hurts and it hurts to cough and yawn. It was worth it though. :D My arm got slashed or something, and near my elbow I’ve got a long cut, but whatever. Good memories. Haha. I’m definitely not doing that again any time soon though. I think it beats being up the back. It’s the experience that counts, I guess. I was so tired and thirsty by the end of it. @_@

M Shadows :D
Zacky <3

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Yay! You’re kinda close to the stage huh? That’s sooo cool! I honestly don’t know the band but I can relate to the feeling. LOL. I’ve been to one concert where there were tons of rock bands. It was my first and did not do what you did like prepare yourself mentally on what might happen. Ya, I did expect chaos but not that chaotic when I was actually there. It’s still fun! /bounce

I think it’s normal already that when you go to a rock concert, expect that weird stinky smell everywhere. LOOOOOOOOL.


Wow, it sure sounds like one HELL of an epic concert (and also, totally not my thing XD). I thought people would be seated! Goes to show you how clueless I am :P.

I’m glad you had a good time though :). I would LOVE to hear a band play live, but I don’t think I’m cut out to see a rock concert like that after reading your blog D:. I’d be pretty cranky if I were stuck in a stinky crowd :P. Sounds a bit too claustrophobic to me. Lucky YOU’RE not claustrophobic XD. And lucky you went with Dylan who could give you advice!

Awwwww! It does suck being short sometimes, but at least you don’t hit your head everywhere :P. Sounds like you guys ended up pretty close to the stage in the end anyway, so no harm done :D.

I hope your throat and your elbow get better soooooon ♥. Get some rest tonight!

Oh yeah there were seats! Not close to the stage though. And you probably get a good view… but you don’t get the experience nor do you see hot musicians up close. :P

I didn’t think you’d like it either, to be honest! You would have liked Ben’s little gig in January, it was more comfortable and intimate. You could actually walk around and walk back to your spot. I guess I know how both worlds are, it’s such a huge difference. @_@ I think anyone claustrophobic would have died like shit in there. XD

I will totally sleep early… that ellipsis means I’m probably lying… :P

………………….AVENGED SEVENFOLD CONCERT?! WHOOOO~ /o/ lucky you~ XD I’m not so into them, but that band sure rocks. even though I’m not A.S’s fan, I wish I can go to the concert… since really, I’ve never been to ANY concert AT ALL because mom always go, “you’ll get killed by thousands of people when you go to concert”…. O_O I sure cried back when I couldn’t go to Far East Movement’s concert lmao.
I wish I’m tall too… I wanna reach over 165cm if possible, but that will be so very difficult, considering that my parents aren’t really so tall to begin with.
…erm,yeah..rock concert can get really dangerous /snort
(re: your comment on my post)
yeah,the more I see it the more I think the color’s midnight blue is gorgeous ✌️
I always wanna go for white phones but they’re never available for me. 😒
hehehehe..I don’t like samsung /snort for some reason,I don’t like Korean-made stuff… /hmph …no,don’t kill me.
lols, I used to own xperia mini pro and because its screen is small (and it’s getting stupid,really) so I decided to go for the big screen xperia lols.
yeah,Samsung Galaxy is thin :) our phones are both light like papers,eh :D

…I grew up with Harry and friends. :(

Ngaw *floog*
I’m glad you had fun! :3

Phew, good thing you didn’t get squished. ngege
cos you’re so short! :P

Yeah, if I ever go to a concert again it’d be some sort of acoustic piece. Something nice and laidback, instead of something so pointlessly hectic. Or maybe that’s just me, which is probably considered ‘gay’.


You’re not ‘gay’. ♥ ♥ Rock concerts just aren’t your scene and some people don’t realise that. :)

Sounds like you had almost the same experience I did when I saw a7x in concert! Although, I was on the right side of the mosh and I got so pissed off I pushed myself to the back of it after 2 songs… :( I had the moment where I literally thought I was going to die–because I SWEAR my back was almost broken! People pushing forward and back at the same time with me in the middle… eh. OH and right after I headed back, the people in the VERY front had broken down the barrier between the crowd and the stage so they actually stopped playing while security fixed it! It was kinda funny with them just sitting on stage staring at us…. I think it was Johnny who said something about how he’d never just stared out into a crowd like that before lol

I’m glad you had fun Georgina :D It definitely is an experience! :)

Wow! That was pretty insane alright. I’ve read your previous post on winning the tickets but I didn’t get the chance to congratulate you. :x But anyway, LUCKY YOU! ♥
Glad to hear you had a great time at the concert despite the moshing, squishing and sores all over. I think that’s just what it means to be in a rock concert. :D And that’s freaking awesome you got a seat in the third row. That’s pretty damn close. :)

I’ve never been to a rock concert before. In fact, I’ve only been to a music concert once or twice. Even then I didn’t enjoy as much because there’s always some people behind me screaming their heads off and that hurt my ears. So if I were ever to attend a rock concert, I don’t know how I will prepare myself for it. Hahaha!

Wonderful time! Ohh yes it sucks to be short. I’m not THAT short but there’s always that fear that when you’re at a concert or theather or wherever.. and you see a person approaching and sitting infront of you..you just HOPE that they’re not too tall so you can see at least something.

I’ve never been to a rock concert before either, but I’m not really sure I would ever want to. First of all, I hate that feeling when I feel music bass in my chest, especially when my heartbeat begins to pick up the beat of the music. The concerts I’ve been to I wasn’t able to see shit either, I’m only 5’2″ and it’s easy to get pushed aside behind a bunch of tall people with their hands in the air. I think you’ve pretty much helped me decide on the fact that going to a rock concert is not really something I want to do ever. (I keep agreeing with everything you say, hahahaha but look, more to come:) I ALWAYS GET SICK AFTER CONCERTS so I totally understand how you were feeling the next day. It never fails that I always have swollen sinuses and a sore throat along with body aches the day after any sort of show, so I learned to request two days off for work, one for the concert and one for the day after sickness. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, Georgina!

Well, there are those that are just not into rock and that’s not to be ashamed of. Just do what your like and don’t mind what other people are thinking.

Minus all of the lows, it sounds like you had a fun time. :) I’ve only been to three, and my first one actually seemed quite small? Heh. But it was Family Force Five, and I wasn’t on the balcony level, which supposedly was a lot worse than the mini mosh pit going on before the stage.

Haha, I’m guessing the +1 is from Google+? :P …I still don’t understand that.

Damn, you’re so lucky that you won free concert tickets. They were giving away free tickets to see Avenged Sevenfold and Seether last month on the radio, but I forgot what time I was supposed to call the station.

I’m glad that you had such a blast at the gig; I wish I was there. I’d probably have trouble with seeing the band as much as you, since I’m really short – I’m not even five feet yet. I’ve never thought about the advantages of being short, other than that I’ll most likely live longer than tall people. I’ve had so many people ask me if I needed a lift whenever I wanted to see something but was in a huge crowd.

I failed some of my goals already; I tried waking up early but it didn’t go as planned since I didn’t home from work till 7am ugh.
Your concert experience sounded amazing! So cool that you got to go. I looked up Avenged Sevenfold on Youtube, Not really my type of music, though I did enjoy the video to “A Little Piece of Heaven” haha.

Ugh, I so know what you mean about being short. I went to see Motley Crue and Sixx AM along with Buckcherry a few years ago and these assholes were in front of us. They got drunk and were even worse, and I had to stand on my chair so I could see over them. I seriously wanted to pour my drink down their heads but my friend told me that would not be a good idea. I was getting pissed enough to do so, though haha.

The mosh pit thing sounds terrifying. I’m not sure that would be something I’d be able to handle haha. But at least you had someone who knew what to expect and could guide you! I’d be all kinds of lost.

Haha, A Little Piece of Heaven is a fan favourite! ;) I love that one. :D I understand though, definitely not everyone’s kind of music as it’s more heavy metal. The show was great but I had no seats to stand on. Next time I’m taking another tall and strong friend who can carry me, haha. I think the best option for someone like me would be to come really early so I can stand at the front and see everything. If I didn’t like the band or music that much I am a hundred percent sure I would have just tried to get the hell out of the mosh. /bash

Oops, I posted that comment with the wrong URL. Sorry about that!

I can relate with you with a few points there, especially the shortness, haha.
I’ve only been to one rock concert, and I couldn’t see anything at all. The guy in front of me had huge hair. Yeah, it does suck to be short sometimes, it’s impossible to see anything whenever there’s a crowd. Although I fortunately never had to deal with the stink during the concert I’d gone to, I’ve dealt with it numerous times at crowded public events. It’s terribly unpleasant.

Since this is my first comment on here, I’d just like to say very lovely blog, and I mean it. And thanks a lot for hosting me /eee

I am so glad you had fun … I LOVE live music and rock concerts. I have been to so many concerts, it’s mad. The last band I saw was Foo Fighters and I had heard Metallica was coming out end of the year, and if this is so, I am going in honour of my cousin as they were his favourite band. If they are not, I am thinking about seeing Stevie Nicks … ♥

I actually refuse to go in mosh pits. I am also short and clumsy … When I saw Savage Garden, they had seats where the standing room usually is and where people mosh. I found that hilarious because as soon as they came out, everyone got off their seats and went nuts anyway …
I actually haven’t heard of this band, I think I need to do a bit of iTunes lurking ♥

Wow, you were very lucky to win tickets. I have applied so many times to win concert tickets but I have never been lucky enough. I’m glad you had a good time. :)

I think it’s best not to take bags so just take a little one you can slip over yourself. I made the mistake of going shopping before a concert so I took shopping bags in there with me haha. I just shoved them under my seat.

When I went to see Kasabian I had a seat (not as if I sat in it) which is good because then you have your own space to breathe. I looked at the people down stairs who were standing and they were packed in so tightly. It looked fun as they started crowd surfing.

It does suck being short. I’m not that tall myself but you can always guarantee I get someone over 6 foot in front of me. It was kind of Dylan to carry you so you could see a bit more. :D

I love your pictures! I’ve actually never heard of that band before, probably because I don’t listen to rock.
I’ve never been to a real concert, only the tours they do of the old show American Idol. Are concerts fun?
I apologize for such a late comment I was really lazy this week.
I heard that about Australia! My friend was just there for a month on a special tour and she just got back and told me the same thing. Arizona is like that, too.
Ah, I see, that sounds like a pretty color!
Sorry this comment is so short.. I’m not really good with band-stuff :)

well that sounds like my idea of hell, but I’m happy you had fun and didn’t get hurt too bad. I hear ya on the short thing. I like concerts where everyone stays seated.

Welcome back from your big adventure watching the Avenged Sevenfold show event :P! Oh mosh pits. It’s been since freshmen year that I was involved in some sort of mosh pit D:! Now, people just “skank it” these days.

I hate sneaking in cameras in any type of “concert” events! Because I never know if I am allowed to take pictures or not. It’s something that’s easily misunderstood these days :X! But people do it anyways! Events like these are bound to make you feel uncomfortable! But at the most, you just gotta join the crowd so you’d feel empowering XD!

At least the aftermath of the concert is worth the experience. The memories are forever, sore throats.. Only last a week :P!

That’s what I did XD! I always told my friends, “It’s not like they remember you or something. They have like 20 people coming in per minute!” Unless it’s some kind person with a freaky memory :O! Except that on each of my runs, I got like 5 packets per round XD.

Milk is disgusting when you’re intaking a lot of ’em at once. I learned that from the gallon challenge that I was in last thursday :X! But Dairy IS good for you when you’re consuming them a little at a time :)!

I gotta try out this vegemite :O! I wonder if they sell ’em here though D:! They probably do, but I just have to find it! Except that I just googled where I could buy vegemite and it seems like they’re sold in small-named supermarkets :O!

I was about to pay 80 dollars to watch a showing of Kà this weekend in Vegas :o! Except that I blew off most of my money at Disneyland and I complained that we can watch the show on youtube or something :P. My financial issues are just horrible :c.

I agree- the best thing to do in the public is just stay quiet and be courtesy :P! If only everyone else can follow those.. Guidelines XD!

Take care (:

Haha I have yet to attend a proper rock concert but I never got the opportunity so far. I guess it is a lot louder than other concerts from what I have heard so far. I rarely get rid of my shoulder bad as well…I guess I feel insecure without it lol. Also I tend to carry bulky items like my big wallet, cell-phone, camera, etc.

Yay chocolate bars! I tend to get thirsty a lot so I usually just carry water or some sort of liquid with me. I do the same, hide my camera even though it is allowed LOL.

It is always good to find out about more bands during different acts…sometimes you will end up liking them more (after following for a while) than the one you came to see :3

I like listening to music in higher volume but concerts like that tend to be really really loud. Sometimes I worry if my hearing will get impaired due to the loud sounds ^_^; I like some types of Metal myself but too much screaming sometimes turns me off…especially these days when I am not in my rebellious phase anymore lol. LMAO @the Jesus and Messiah references.

I agree with you on that disadvantage of being short T_T I hate not being able to see anything because of tall people. The only time I like being short is when I am on a long flight…yay for more leg space! The crowds are the worst…I can’t believe people really don’t care about others when they are trying to move forward. I have had worse experiences but most of them were in public transportation where everyone is in a rush to get to their destinations.

Haha I doubt deo would help in those situations XD. I remember when I was younger someone tried to squish me on a train where I couldn’t breathe x_x and my mom got really angry and gave that person a piece of her mind.

LOL I guess it looks cool on TV but it gets really hot due to those fire effects. I wonder if anyone does any cool water splashing effects hehe. I love shouting or singing along at concerts and ending up with a sore throat later XD.

Dylan’s a nice friend if he carried you lol! It is true…all your memories are in your head but I love having material memories so that I can share them with others :3 Those guards are nice! Usually we had to leave our good spots to get water if we wanted :(

I guess those are all the mementos you get to keep as memories XD. I hope you didn’t get too beat up by the insane crowd!

Nice pics! Most of my concert pics are blurry too…half the time I am afraid that someone will knock my camera out of my hands ^_^;

Glad to hear you had a good time & I enjoyed seeing the pictures. ^_^ As many shows as I’ve been to I am never physically prepared before a show. The push forward is always the part that kills the most, depending on the stage/rail – moshing normally isn’t the bad part – I think. Ha ha. And I know what you mean about being short! That’s why I always end up at the venue to be first in line (depending on if I have to buy tickets) so then I can be right in front of the stage – thankfully the last two shows the bands have great members I’ve kind of become friends with so they always hold a spot up front for me. And I always have at least one tall friend to push people out of the way to lead me to the stage if nothing else. Ha ha. Usually opening acts are just randomly picked it seems like. The last show I went to (White Wives record release party) the opening acts all seemed to have the same sound (genere wise) as White Wives so it was great.

wow! you won tickets *luck = FUN! greeeaaat! you really had a great time ey ? i never been into a concert xD hihi. and i will have the chance i wanted to be near at stage. haha! xD

It’s amazing that you were so close to the stage! It’s too bad you couldn’t get a guitar pick or something though!

I actually like being short, but it does come with it’s disadvantages sometimes! It must have been terrible being pushed around like that though. It really does get hard to breathe when you find yourself in a situation like that. I’d like to avoid that feeling as much as possible, so I think I’d rather just not go to any concerts without seating, haha. At least you had your friend to help you get around most of the time.

Despite the discomfort, it still must have been such an amazing experience! I guess you still had fun though, right?

I hope your body’s soreness goes away soon!

Hello Georgina! Right now I’m enjoying my summer vacation, but my life is a mess and I need to put things in order. Perhaps blogging again soon because I miss it.
It’s great that you could go to an Avenged Sevenfold concert free. Seems that show was quite an experience. Glad to hear you had a great time at the concert despite the moshing, squishing and sores all over. Rock concert can get really dangerous if you’re not used to. I’ve been to a few rock concerts, but I passed it all very well, is an more experience.

Ah, I remember my first rock concert – it was Muse. 8000 people on a rugby field it was amazing.

Anyway, your account of what happened was interesting, but then again I would expect something intense at an Avenged Sevenfold concert.