Music in Shadows

I finally collected my photography assignment and as I promised, I’m posting them here on my blog. One of these days I really should install a photo viewer or something. I just kind of slap my images here with no thought of how they are viewed, heh.

Music in Shadows 01
Music in Shadows 02
Music in Shadows 03

Music in Shadows 04
Music in Shadows 05
Music in Shadows 06

Basically my piece is titled Music in Shadows. We had to print out six photos conveying an experience we like, and I chose music. I was going to be really specific and take photos of people playing instruments or music instruments themselves, but it was my tutor who suggested I do something abstract, and I came out with the photos above. They’re in that order and the series is supposed to be in the structure of a song. The only obvious musical thing is the guitar, and that establishes the song… and further in, the swing represents some kind of familiarity as a song usually goes into its chorus, and more dramatic into the bridge, and then fades out. I could have used more photos but six did it just alright, and I didn’t want to put too much out there. Pictures start talking to each other when you put them next to each other, after all.

It’s actually pretty funny that people tried to guess what some of the shadows were, particularly the fourth one. I tried to make people guess and my friend Edmond got to a point of giving up and said, “uh I don’t know! A bra?” Hahhaha. It’s actually the shadow of a screendoor on vertical blinds. Of course, Tommy thought it was all really amazing and unique (as shadows are) and we decided that I probably shouldn’t tell people what these simple things are because it ruins the mystery. Well, of course, I don’t think these photos are amazing because I know what they’re of. Everyone else can make what they will. 😛

I went back to university yesterday and it was a bit weird, to be honest. I have actually caught a cold and my voice sounds like total shit. I had it before the Avenged Sevenfold concert and obviously screaming the words to all the songs and singing along made it worse. This morning I woke up and I felt better than yesterday, but I couldn’t speak loudly without it straining my throat. Over the course of the day I think I felt much better, maybe from drinking a lot of water and vitamin C.

I’ve been trying to eat five or six small meals a day instead of three big ones. I used to try only eating when I was hungry, but that screwed up my “eating schedule”. Not that I have one, but I ended up eating lunch at 4:00pm or something undeniably ridiculous. It is much healthier to eat at regular intervals and keep the body going. Apparently having small meals also prevents overeating. Which I tend to do when I’m trying to get more protein and eat more food containing iron. I seem to be prone to iron deficiencies. Every time it goes away, I have another blood test and it comes back. Humph.

Anyway, going back to university was odd. I walked into the lecture theatre and everyone was bloody talking. To be honest it drove me insane. I didn’t feel like talking. Even though I couldn’t. I also started getting irritated. I read, thanks to a little book/document James sent me, that if you’re irritable, you should drink water. Unfortunately at this point I already needed to go to the toilet from all the water I’d drunk, so I figured my irritability must have been fuelled by something rather extreme.

Yes. People should quit going on Facebook in the middle of lectures. Far fucking out. I understand you want to go and see how people are doing. I understand the lecture gets boring. I also understand that people can multi-task, and that said – if you aren’t going to fucking listen to the lecture, just don’t attend. If you are going to browse Tumblr or tweet (be it in relation to the lecture or not), at least pay attention because you might miss something important? Yes, I’m human and a hypocrite and I’ve just browsed the internet in lectures sometimes, but that’s because attendance was marked and if I had a choice I wouldn’t have gone.

Funny. Well, I’m thankful that James and Mike accompanied me on the train to work. I would have been bored otherwise. 😇

OH AND ARGH. I have a 5:00pm to 8:00pm class. Wait until I tell you how fun that is… or not.

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