Music in Shadows

I finally collected my photography assignment and as I promised, I’m posting them here on my blog. One of these days I really should install a photo viewer or something. I just kind of slap my images here with no thought of how they are viewed, heh.

Music in Shadows 01
Music in Shadows 02
Music in Shadows 03

Music in Shadows 04
Music in Shadows 05
Music in Shadows 06

Basically my piece is titled Music in Shadows. We had to print out six photos conveying an experience we like, and I chose music. I was going to be really specific and take photos of people playing instruments or music instruments themselves, but it was my tutor who suggested I do something abstract, and I came out with the photos above. They’re in that order and the series is supposed to be in the structure of a song. The only obvious musical thing is the guitar, and that establishes the song… and further in, the swing represents some kind of familiarity as a song usually goes into its chorus, and more dramatic into the bridge, and then fades out. I could have used more photos but six did it just alright, and I didn’t want to put too much out there. Pictures start talking to each other when you put them next to each other, after all.

It’s actually pretty funny that people tried to guess what some of the shadows were, particularly the fourth one. I tried to make people guess and my friend Edmond got to a point of giving up and said, “uh I don’t know! A bra?” Hahhaha. It’s actually the shadow of a screendoor on vertical blinds. Of course, Tommy thought it was all really amazing and unique (as shadows are) and we decided that I probably shouldn’t tell people what these simple things are because it ruins the mystery. Well, of course, I don’t think these photos are amazing because I know what they’re of. Everyone else can make what they will. :P

I went back to university yesterday and it was a bit weird, to be honest. I have actually caught a cold and my voice sounds like total shit. I had it before the Avenged Sevenfold concert and obviously screaming the words to all the songs and singing along made it worse. This morning I woke up and I felt better than yesterday, but I couldn’t speak loudly without it straining my throat. Over the course of the day I think I felt much better, maybe from drinking a lot of water and vitamin C.

I’ve been trying to eat five or six small meals a day instead of three big ones. I used to try only eating when I was hungry, but that screwed up my “eating schedule”. Not that I have one, but I ended up eating lunch at 4:00pm or something undeniably ridiculous. It is much healthier to eat at regular intervals and keep the body going. Apparently having small meals also prevents overeating. Which I tend to do when I’m trying to get more protein and eat more food containing iron. I seem to be prone to iron deficiencies. Every time it goes away, I have another blood test and it comes back. Humph.

Anyway, going back to university was odd. I walked into the lecture theatre and everyone was bloody talking. To be honest it drove me insane. I didn’t feel like talking. Even though I couldn’t. I also started getting irritated. I read, thanks to a little book/document James sent me, that if you’re irritable, you should drink water. Unfortunately at this point I already needed to go to the toilet from all the water I’d drunk, so I figured my irritability must have been fuelled by something rather extreme.

Yes. People should quit going on Facebook in the middle of lectures. Far fucking out. I understand you want to go and see how people are doing. I understand the lecture gets boring. I also understand that people can multi-task, and that said – if you aren’t going to fucking listen to the lecture, just don’t attend. If you are going to browse Tumblr or tweet (be it in relation to the lecture or not), at least pay attention because you might miss something important? Yes, I’m human and a hypocrite and I’ve just browsed the internet in lectures sometimes, but that’s because attendance was marked and if I had a choice I wouldn’t have gone.

Funny. Well, I’m thankful that James and Mike accompanied me on the train to work. I would have been bored otherwise. 0:)

OH AND ARGH. I have a 5:00pm to 8:00pm class. Wait until I tell you how fun that is… or not.

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I love the one with the swing, that photo is definitely my favorite. :) Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us! I think Music In The Shadows is a lovely and clever idea, and obviously the idea translated very well. Great work! In other news, has your friend Edmond ever seen a bra before?! Ahaha.

I love how you used the photos to represent the different parts of a song. That’s really creative and thoughtful.

A bra??? LOL

Drinking warm water helps with a sore throat, it seems to sooth it, but water in general helps.

I’m trying to eat 5 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones as well, but that will mean eating three times during work which will make me look like I’m busy eating instead of working. I normally have breakfast, then a healthy small snack during break time, then lunch, then another small snack a little while after lunch and finally dinner at home. I don’t really have time to eat any more than a banana or some fruit for the snack.

When I was at uni, I didn’t have a smart phone or a laptop. I didn’t do anything during lectures but listen. It was really boring. Many people with laptops just browse the internet or even play games or watching some show. Seriously, what’s the point. They might as well just go home instead of attending.

5pm class? That is crazy!!

I adored the first photo, the guitar strings and pick. Always loves a good guitarist myself. Haha.

Thanks for that idea. I will try from now on to have smaller meals instead of big ones though I do eat a lot and tend to be hungry easily. I take Centrum multivitamins daily to prevent me from being deprived of vitamins. I also find it really hard to stay healthy especially living away from home.

I own a blackberry so facebook, twitter and tumblr are just thumbs away during a lecture, hence providing great distractions from important lessons. I should really stop doing so and pay more attention in class – I’m about to enrol into my final year!

lovely photographes!! :D i like the sharp shadows, it really makes the photos seem more mysterious. i haven’t taken any serie of photos with a special theme before, but now i might want to try. it looked pretty cool with all of those put together as “one big picture”.

i’ve also heard you should eat often, but just small portions. irregular eating is not good for the body at all, haha i’ll sign on that!

oh you definitely should make a blog with a topic about music, i would love to read/listen!! :D
i’m glad you enjoyed yourself at the concert!! i know my voice also would’ve felt it after singing along and screaming, woohooo it’s going to be so much fun the day i’m on my way to my first concert!!

i was origiannly going to post everyone on one page, but then my footer became kind of emtpy, so i kept a few which had me linked on their frontpage. and no, i wouldn’t have forgotten your link!! <3

thanks, take care you too!! <3

Hi Georgina! Nice to meet you! :)
That’s a beautiful name. Music in shadows. I love the first photo of the guitar, it has a nice angle shot. ;)
The fourth picture honestly looked like a curtain without me reading your post of what it is…lol at your friend…a bra. /hehe

Ooh! You’re photos are absolutely wonderful. It is the mystery of it all that makes them so artistic. How can you come up with such creative names? Haha, I suppose it just hits you. My mom has a Canon EOS Rebel, but she only know how to turn it on and make the shutter go off. /hehe Oh well…

I live in the US, and we haven’t started school yet. I’ll be going into high school. This will definitely be a bit odd for me. D: However, we won’t have smart phones with Facebook pages on them. Well, I take that back. We probably will. Under the desks of course. (But, not me. I don’t have a smart phone.)

I’m a competitive swimmer, and we are required to eat at least seven to nine small-ish meals a day, with at least five different colors, excluding white or brown. I burn so much calories that I need to eat more… and drink more for that matter. But, all those vegetables make me tired sometimes. /bash

Well, I hope you feel better yourself and about your university and classes! /eee

Thank you! :) It took time for me to get used to my own camera. If you can get the hang of the camera you’re pretty much covered. :D

I didn’t have a smartphone until last year. When I think about it, everyone in high school (Australia: high school is years 7-12) had a crummy phone and I’m imagining that now everyone will have smartphones, or most people will. I didn’t really need mine, but it’s handy when I do need one of the more advanced features. :P

Your photographs turned out really nice! :P

Sorry about your cold. Dx

I know what you mean by eating just when you’re hungry… I used to eat six small meals as well. But since all of the crap happened, I got off of that routine/schedule thing. Heh. Whoops…

Well, I’m guessing your next blog will be on the two evening classes? Ha. Just a guess… :P

I think it will be too. :P Some people say that you and your college roommate will be your “best friend” throughout that time that you spend together, and if this is true, then I’m really looking forward to it. Even if not best friends, it would still be pretty cool. You apparently get to fill out a survey/quiz/thing, and from there, the housing people try their best to match you with someone you will get along with the most. They also do background checks – something that made me a little more excited about this, because it means it’ll have to be safe! :P

Yes, it’ll be on-campus versus a third-party location. My FAFSA will cover this if I get in! :) /eee I’ll only be an hour away from my mom and Tony. I know it’s still not that big of a change in the distance, but still… I’m pretty excited!! :3

I love your photos, especially the first one. You have beautiful talent. I wasn’t sure at first what the rest of your photos were about until I read “Music in Shadows.” Photos always go better with a story behind them. I thought they were for textures at first.

I’ve been eating nothing but fruit, carrots and chicken for the past few days, partly because I am on a diet but mostly because I just haven’t done the shopping in awhile.

I have been skipping TAFE for the last week because it is mind numbing, I only like the medical terminology on Thursdays. I’ve seen people on Facebook while we were having a lecture, I guess Facebook is just that addictive to some people that they can barely last an hour without updating or knowing what their friends are up to.

Uni, BLAH, I am so glad I have that over with as far as having to go to Uni all the time, I just go for lectures that are important, but otherwise everything is online (exams are not) … I am glad you tweet when you blog so then I come directly here :-D I don’t get why people need to be on facebook 24/7. I don’t understand that logic at all. I check it in the morning, and at night. Otherwise I just don’t care to be honest.
That is a REALLY odd time for Uni. I hate those times. I am glad the latest I had towards the end was 6pm. Especially in winter.

They are pretty big lol but really nice shots! That’s a really good idea to relate abstract shots with the musical theme…the pictures do really seem inter-related :D

Haha I thought the fourth one was some kind of window railings XD. Aww I hope your throat gets better eventually!
I hate that aspect during lectures too. I did most of my studying when I was in school so that I could utilize more of my after hours for things other than revising what we learnt…however some colleagues make it impossible by chatting throughout the lectures >_>

I think the mandatory attendance does make it difficult and sometimes people just attend for that while distracting the rest of the class…however if they are browsing the internet or anything else that doesn’t distract others then I couldn’t care less…then again that’s my personal opinion.

I have had evening classes before…they can be tiring if you have a long day-schedule as well but if not then they can be quite nice since I remember one of the days that I had evening classes, I was able to sleep in hehe. I hated 8:00am classes >_<

wow, amazing photos! ♥ My favorite is the swing! The shadows are beautiful, it makes the photos more abstract and strange. I LOVE it! :D Great work! XD You shouldn’t tell people what the simplest things are on the photos because they dop ruin the mysterious aura if you like surrounding them? HEHE.

I used to eat whenever I felt hungry and that ended up like more than 9 meals/snacks in a day. Parents told me to control myself before I regret it so yeah I have … what you could say an eating “schedule” . /wave

Aww, Glad your better now though!

I know what you mean. It’s annoying sometimes even at my school, when I’m actually trying to listen to the teacher, everybody starts talking and get their phones out to check Facebook etc. Ugh, it gets on my nerves since the teacher then goes ahead and shouts at them for taking their phones out and wastes valuable education time. ><

Wow, those pictures are quite amazing and I think your tutor was right – abstract is quite awesome and it lets people interpret it for themselves. Makes them think :D

Ah, I really hated it when people did that in class, if the lecture is boring just don’t go damnit!

“I could have used more photos but six did it just alright, and I didn’t want to put too much out there.” – People say: “Quality over quantity.” Your mind was on the right track. :) The photos are very good. I especially like the swing one, it’s got a nice old feel to it that I like.
I don’t even like it when people start texting or even calling people during class, haha. It’s a good thing I don’t have internet on my phone then or else I’d be like those people. I see it with my siblings every day or when they come over – they’re always glued to their phones whether it’s browsing the internet, watching videos, or going on blogs – they’re always doing something on their phones. In today’s world, too many people are too focused on what’s going online then what’s going on offline. They don’t notice their surroundings and what the world has to offer because they have a digital screen in front of their face almost 24/7! It’s quite a sad thought… :(
Also, pertaining to the comment you left me about college – I’m attending a junior/community college for about two years to get all my credits so I can transfer to a state college. You need about 60 credits to transfer, so basically you can take any class you want, but I’m just trying to focus on general education classes and classes that’s eligible for transfer.

I really like those pictures :) I didn’t even bother trying to figure out what most of them were, haha. I especially love the one of the guitar, and the one of the swing!

I never have regular meals :/ I usually just eat when I’m hungry, or snack A LOT, haha. The only time I eat full meals is when I’m on my lunch break at work and I take pasta or something, because otherwise I’ll feel like I’m going to pass out at work and that is never fun :/

I’ll be going back to school in a few weeks, and I know it’s going to be SUPER weird. I haven’t had class since January, and even then I had co-op and barely attented art so it didn’t really feel like I was in school. So really, it’s been over a year since I’ve had ACTUAL classes. So it’s going to be really weird, but at the same time, i’m excited.

My weekend was really awesome! And jam packed, but it was in a nice way. I worked yesterday and that was of course terrible, haha, but then I somehow managed to have wed+thursday off, so it’s alright :)

Wow, such amazing photos. ♥ I especially love the 3rd one on the top row; it’s just love. I think I would marry it if I could, just saying. Doing abstract was a great suggestion; I definitely love it, and the fact they tell a story (well a song, but you know). I think 6 photos is perfect too, any more would have been confusing, well, to me anyway because I’m a noob.

LOL, a bra?! How could he think that was a bra hahaha. I would have said people dancing haha, because that’s what it looks like to me. I would never have guessed a shadow of a screendoor on vertical blinds though, pah. Your photos are amazing though, you have a talent for it, for sure! I could never take photos like that. :(

I’m not surprised you had a sore throat! :P Sorry you had a cold though, that sucks. :( I always drink TONS of pure orange juice when I have a cold coming on, always helps. Vitamin C FTW!

My eating habits are awful tbh. I usually have 3 big meals, then I’ll have 2 or 3 small meals in between, and then snacks paha. I tend to eat when I’m hungry, which is 90% of the time but because I’m prone to low blood sugar (and I HATE it when it happens) I try to eat regularly to prevent it. I’m prone to iron deficiencies too; but I rarely eat red meat so that probably explains it. :X

Water stops you feeling irritable?! I should try drinking it more then since I’m always irritated by something. I hate when people are talking and you just want peace and quiet; my sister talks 24/7 (yeah, she talks in her sleep too) which drives me insane. Sorry you were feeling like that though. :( It’s pointless turning up to a lecture if you’re not even going to pay attention, what even.

Going to skim your comment, since I’m lazy and it’s SO hot atm and my laptop is burning me. Besides, I’ve already written a load of nonsense.

I’d never been to a museum before (well apart from art museums with the school) so it was a new experience. We’re planning on going to the Science museum next, which I’m really looking forward to. :D Aw, that would be nice, I’m sure your family would love to go and visit some places. :D I wish I had relatives that lived overseas..

“Old Sydney town” sounds really interesting, it’s a shame it got closed down though. :( I think I went to something like that when I went to Barcelona (or somewhere, I can’t remember) with the school. I love those sort of places. XD

My mum took that picture of the squirrel haha, I was surprised since she sucks with a camera. :P You don’t have squirrel’s in Australia?! Omg, I never knew that, that’s so weird. Maybe I’ll kidnap one and send it over to you. XD

I did read your post about the A7X concert, but I was too lazy to comment. :X Sounds like you had a blast though! I would die to be that close to one of my favourite bands. *drools* Haha yes, I probably would get squished but hey, I guess that’s all part of the experience and I wouldn’t care too much at the time, it would probably hurt the next day mind.

I wish would let you change your username too. I had “xvickybaby” ages ago but got sick of it so I had to make a new one. I just imported my plays from iTunes to though, so I didn’t lose them. :B I think I’d die if I lost the 30,000+ Breaking Benjamin plays. XD /sad

The nursery rhyme makes me giggle, but yeah, I could see why you hated Georgie because of it. I mean, kids are mean and irritating. I love Georgie though. :B I used to hate my name but now I realise that it suits me, so I suppose I’ll learn to live with it. I hate my last name though, I want to change it. :(

Oh wow. I don’t remember you telling me about your hand but dude, that sounds painful! My left hand cramps and I get a lot of pains in it (from where I fractured it years ago), but I guess it’s because I use it a lot.

(Sorry for any typos, I’m tired and too lazy to read over my comment. :X)

I’ll reply to this here. :P Talk about skimming my comment, your comment is so long!

Someone else actually said it looked like people waving their arms… yeah, I remember James said that. I showed someone one with the actual door looking normal with some shadows, and that weird one, and they didn’t realise it was from the same part of my house. XD

I drink a lot of water because we don’t always have orange juice at hand. Funnily enough, I was better within three days of catching a cold. It must have been all the water and vitamin C I had. :D

I am always irritated at night but I don’t like drinking too much when it’s too late. I get so annoyed at people at night because I usually just want to get stuff done. Totally not a night person.

Hahaha your mum rocks because that picture was really quite good.

I would actually recommend going to a rock concert, I know you’d die like me, but I know you’re also a feisty one and if someone squashes you, you’d be the kind to bite their arm off. 😏 It’s not bad being small because it’s easy to squish in people. I would recommend taking a tall friend so that they can sort of look after you, and carry you if they don’t mind. XD

I don’t mind your last name! Then again, that’s me. Most people dislike their own names at some point in their lives. I used to hate my name altogether but I realise it’s not so bad now.

Whee~ ♥

I absolutely adore these photos. Your photography is amazing. Was it manual photography? I don’t think I could ever take photos that brilliant. I especially love the one with the guitar. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Guitars are so cool to photograph ;3

Ooh, did you enjoy the concert? I’m so jealous of you. You’re so lucky!

Urgh. I can’t speak for lectures, but it pisses me off when people play tetris in class. It’s really distracting… almost hypnotic. Especially when they’re in their elective subject.s. I’m just all “why are you even here?!” I can’t talk though, because I’m commenting on blogs during class. Australian History is boring.

I’d say you’re probably a Hufflepuff. They tend to be loyal and hardworking and brilliant friends, in a nutshell ;D

Nice photography! I really like the textures on them, it adds something extra. :) I usuaully upload all my photography to Flickr. Ah, and I haven’t uploaded in a while. This makes me wanna start updating that again. I used to all the time earlier in the summer. >_<

lmao @ your friend thinking the shadow was a bra, that's a pretty weird looking bra. xD

I eat pretty much all day and when I eat it depends on how hungry I am the size of the portion. It's normally alot though, especially when I'm on break at work. We only get one 30 minutes – 1 hour break and usually by then I'm pretty hungry haha! Today I hate a whole pizza, left only one slice, hehe.

I start college on the 15th, I'm excited!! :D

Those pictures are wonderful, especially after hearing the story behind them. I love the fourth one the most, followed closely by the last one. I thought the fourth one was the shadow of the chain-link fence on the siding of a house. I still think that’s exactly what it looks like even though it’s not.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling irritable about people talking lately as well. Just ten minutes ago, my mom and my brother were hovering around the kitchen where I am, talking at full volume about a whole lot of nothing. For some reason, that was really getting on my nerves. I know walking into an entire theater full of talking people is different. Probably much more annoying. Perhaps your irritation was coming from the fact that you had to use the bathroom? I get VERY cranky when I have a full bladder. I can’t think, I can’t talk. All I could think about is when and where I’ll be able to use the restroom.

Brilliant photos! It’s nicely conceptual, that’s the main thing I’m looking for these days when I look at art/design; I need to get in the mood for university in 25 days … I especially love the first one, it reminds me I need a guitar pick. I’m really into photography at the moment too but I have a digital camera -/____- and reminds me of camwhoregirls.

I’m not sure what to listen to when it comes to eating well. Some say eating smaller meals, some say eating small lunch and huge dinner, and I’ve grown up knowing the vice versa. Personally I don’t think one can overeat unless it’s binging on purpose. Self-control anyone?

Urgh I had a class from 6.30PM-7.50PM 2x a week for the entire 1st year of university … it was torture. That was after 6 hours of studio during the day too. I only have one lecture – history- and I go on my blog during it while everyone else is on Facebook. I don’t think any of us want to be there since there’s nothing to listen to, everything is memorization. But our attendance is taken so we have no choice.

I haven’t gone on Youtube for ages because my laptop would heat up too fast in this summer weather … but now I can’t get off. I’ll be blaming you if that’s okay. :P In case you don’t get my comment reply, that song is utterly breathtaking. Skin by SixxAM In case you forget … haha.

The photos are beautiful ♥ I would never have guessed window blinds on the 4th one, but bra? Haha XD

I’m hopeless with food when I don’t have a schedule. When you’re free from work/school during the summer all routine goes out the window… But now that I’m back at the office I will try to eat regularly again. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between every day *pokes self*

They look very mysterious indeed, good shadow play, haha /pow
When you say iron deficiency, d’you mean you have anaemia? Hope you don’t mind me asking, just curious :)
Take care of yourself bb!

Love love the photos. ESPECIALLY the guitar one. That’s my favourite one. I love the angle of the fret bar with the pick tucked in. Really nice! It’s one of those pictures that I would love to hang up in my apartment. My boyfriend would probably love that picture too!!

I am guilty of being one of those people that browse the internet during class and browse around facebook as well hahaha. I only start to do it if the class ended up being one of those classes that I really DIDN’T NEED to go to but came anyway because there was nothing better to do or if I didn’t know that’s what the lecture was going to be like OR if it is just SUPER SUPER SUPER boring enough that I will fall asleep (and I think making it look like you are following along on your computer at least looks better than sleeping face down on your desk hahahah).

Awesome job on your meals! I have been TRYING to ATTEMPT that but it’s not working for me because I always forget t pack food for work and I just end up binging on lunch and dinner. I just can’t find that extra time to get up early enough to pack myself lots of snack and food so that I can do that whole 5-6 meals a day thing. I have been really wanting to do that. I might start doing that when I start university again in a month and hope that I can lose some weight that way because I’ll have more time to work out again come school time.

Keep at it though!! Good to know that someone is keeping up with it!! I’ll live vicariously through you at the moment while I wait around hhahahaha.

I’ve always loved black and white pictures. I don’t see them often and they are my favorite. :) I know when I’m making something like a layout or hair style, after awhile I can’t tell whether it is good or not. I’m looking at every imperfection it is quite annoying.
I don’t know that I have ever lost my voice but now I know to take vitamin C if I do.
I eat when I’m hungry. So I have lunch at like 4:00 but I also might only eat two meals a day. If I have a good breakfast I usually don’t need lunch.
I totally know what you mean, when I’m ready to be quiet and listen and people want to make noise it is so irritating,

I think the picture of the swing is lovely! I really like pictures in black and white, they seem to have a lot more…depth I think. I hope you feel better soon. I heard somewhere that zinc is really good in helping get rids of colds and things, wereas vitamin c helps prevent them. I think. I might have just made it up…
I agree. LOADS of my friends spend lectures on Facebook, but they don’t even try to hide it. I’d hate to be a lecturer knowing all my students were not even listening to me,

A 3 hour class? I’d go mad! I have a terrible attention span…hope it went well!

It’s funny, when I look at the picture of the swing, I feels weird that it’s not moving. I dunno, maybe I just need sleep :D
I’m like the least artsy person ever, but I think your pictures look cool and I appreciate you explaining your artistic vision.

I had to surf the internet in class or I would fall asleep. Often I would surf the internet and still fall asleep. I still absorbed some of the material. They went too slow.