Seize The Day

Hi guys hi hi hi hi hi. I know I got all freaking mad-boo excited meeting Ben Jorgensen but I have another reason to be excited now… I am going to see Avenged Sevenfold! Well, actually, the thing that is exciting is that I’m paying zilch for it because I won a competition.

A few months ago I really wasn’t keen on paying some $80 for tickets. I know people would do that for their favourite band/s, but after paying only $20 to see Ben Jorgensen and a bunch of other bands and meet him, as well as get a picture with him and having had such an amazing time, that obviously set the bar pretty high. Only $20! Well, I could just be a ridiculous cheapskate. I won’t lie.

I entered a number of competitions thanks to the lovely Rachel. I was so ecstatic that I won one. 😁 I was called by MTV Australia and the lady on the other end of the phone said, “Georgina, you entered a competition to win Avenged Sevenfold tickets recently… well, you actually won”. I tried to contain my excitement. As soon as I got off the phone I just started jumping up and down. I had been talking to my mum earlier about jobs, and she thought I got a job interview or something. I don’t think I get that excited about a job interview…

Also, Rachel’s in a competition of her own and needs some votes. She wrote and performed a song called Band Together. If you have a free moment, please please vote for her work! She’s quite behind but every vote counts. ♥️

Along with the double pass to the show on Saturday night, I win a merchandise pack with a shirt, hoodie and beanie, and a signed copy of the album Nightmare. Holy shit. I can’t wait to go to my second show ever. It’s going to rock. I just know I’m going to love seeing them live. I don’t think cameras are allowed but I’m going to sneak my small one in anyway. I’m going with one of my awesome friends Dylan, who was the one who pretty much introduced me to the band back in 2007ish! He went to see them in 2008, as did James. James didn’t want to tag along this time seeing as he has work early the next day, and isn’t much of a concertgoer. He’s really a party pooper, but don’t tell him I said that. Tehee. 😅 He’s probably reading this, as usual. ☺️

I picked up my final photography assignment today. I got a Distinction (not sure of the actual mark though). I hope that I get a Distinction overall, for the whole subject, but I don’t find out until next week. I also went to buy some photo gear… I needed to buy my own tank and filters. I looked for the shop on Google Maps and it was 2.5 kilometres away… which is nearly two miles, I think. I walked all the way thinking I’d be alright. I was. 😛 A little part of me worried that I’d be very exhausted. The camera shop was right at the end of a sketchy street in a little warehouse. I wish it was closer. I realised I could have caught a bus instead of walking all that way.

I caught a bus back up to the station and this woman got on the bus at some point, shouting and yelling at everyone. I am pretty sure she was Aboriginal. She was shouting at the bus driver that she belonged in this country, and that she was the mother of all of us, and that she was just like us. Some people started laughing because it was such a funny situation. She shouted, “You guys have got to respect me! I have to be respected! I got Kevin Rudd [our previous Prime Minister and leader of our country] out of office! It was me! I was here before all of you!”

I kind of hate public transport because of all these itching idiots. I know she deserves respect as an Aboriginal and one of the original owners of our land. But I think I was more irritated than amused, because it just reminded me of the time I yelled “fuck you” to that stupid man on the bus a while back. Grrrgg.

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