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Hi guys hi hi hi hi hi. I know I got all freaking mad-boo excited meeting Ben Jorgensen but I have another reason to be excited now… I am going to see Avenged Sevenfold! Well, actually, the thing that is exciting is that I’m paying zilch for it because I won a competition.

A few months ago I really wasn’t keen on paying some $80 for tickets. I know people would do that for their favourite band/s, but after paying only $20 to see Ben Jorgensen and a bunch of other bands and meet him, as well as get a picture with him and having had such an amazing time, that obviously set the bar pretty high. Only $20! Well, I could just be a ridiculous cheapskate. I won’t lie.

I entered a number of competitions thanks to the lovely Rachel. I was so ecstatic that I won one. /bounce I was called by MTV Australia and the lady on the other end of the phone said, “Georgina, you entered a competition to win Avenged Sevenfold tickets recently… well, you actually won”. I tried to contain my excitement. As soon as I got off the phone I just started jumping up and down. I had been talking to my mum earlier about jobs, and she thought I got a job interview or something. I don’t think I get that excited about a job interview…

Also, Rachel’s in a competition of her own and needs some votes. She wrote and performed a song called Band Together. If you have a free moment, please please vote for her work! She’s quite behind but every vote counts. ♥️

Along with the double pass to the show on Saturday night, I win a merchandise pack with a shirt, hoodie and beanie, and a signed copy of the album Nightmare. Holy shit. I can’t wait to go to my second show ever. It’s going to rock. I just know I’m going to love seeing them live. I don’t think cameras are allowed but I’m going to sneak my small one in anyway. I’m going with one of my awesome friends Dylan, who was the one who pretty much introduced me to the band back in 2007ish! He went to see them in 2008, as did James. James didn’t want to tag along this time seeing as he has work early the next day, and isn’t much of a concertgoer. He’s really a party pooper, but don’t tell him I said that. Tehee. /hehe He’s probably reading this, as usual. /eee

I picked up my final photography assignment today. I got a Distinction (not sure of the actual mark though). I hope that I get a Distinction overall, for the whole subject, but I don’t find out until next week. I also went to buy some photo gear… I needed to buy my own tank and filters. I looked for the shop on Google Maps and it was 2.5 kilometres away… which is nearly two miles, I think. I walked all the way thinking I’d be alright. I was. :P A little part of me worried that I’d be very exhausted. The camera shop was right at the end of a sketchy street in a little warehouse. I wish it was closer. I realised I could have caught a bus instead of walking all that way.

I caught a bus back up to the station and this woman got on the bus at some point, shouting and yelling at everyone. I am pretty sure she was Aboriginal. She was shouting at the bus driver that she belonged in this country, and that she was the mother of all of us, and that she was just like us. Some people started laughing because it was such a funny situation. She shouted, “You guys have got to respect me! I have to be respected! I got Kevin Rudd [our previous Prime Minister and leader of our country] out of office! It was me! I was here before all of you!”

I kind of hate public transport because of all these itching idiots. I know she deserves respect as an Aboriginal and one of the original owners of our land. But I think I was more irritated than amused, because it just reminded me of the time I yelled “fuck you” to that stupid man on the bus a while back. Grrrgg.

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Congratulations ♥ Have an awesome time (we all know you will) … Oh you would love where I live then with the raving loonies on the bus. Everyday I am witnessing fights or something of that nature. I just put my music on and look like I couldn’t care less. Hopefully I will get my license back after my medication review. I cannot wait to have that sense of independence again. I just hope docman can see I am really OK without it. 💥

Georgie! 8D

I can’t believe you won. :P Statistically, that’s pretty good; or not that many people entered. Tahee
and I was like /um
and you were like Ugh /ehe /bum

I’d be careful about trying to sneak in a camera; it’s possible, maybe in a bag. ngeo but chances are you won’t be able to take a proper photo of anything 😝

To be honest I don’t like them because it’s harder to enjoy what they produce for a living. Sure, you don’t have the atmosphere or the ‘vibe’ or the ‘erection’ when listening to not-live music, but yeah. I’m sort of fond of peace and quiet /um

Crazy woman. She was probably on the way to the nearest petrol station for some quality Dreamtime. It’s a shame that 40 millenia of culture has been boiled down to this; really. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to garner any respect yelling at passengers on a bus; like the time I flashed a bunch of elderly women on the train while distributing flyers on male rights.
Remember? (or was I with Mike at the time)


You can’t possibly mistake Mike for me, he isn’t that gorgeous… well, I like his eyes. /ehe I don’t remember though. /um Maybe I actually wasn’t there. Haha.

My dad thinks that the competition was rigged or no one else entered. I’m sure there are some die-hard fans who would have searched far and wide for competitions, though. I think I’m lucky. Remember when I won that shirt from Namecheap!

We’ll go to an RAGC or POTF show one day, muahahha. I am sure you will like them live for all the vibes and boners you wish. /eee

I too, like Mike’s eyes.

Ahhh that’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you :D The concert sounds like it’s going to be a blast, along with all of the little extra things you get!! I’ve never really won anything like that… then again, I’ve never really entered contests either, so o.O hahaha! You seem to be very lucky; you should try entering more things XD

I honestly have no idea what an Aboriginal is, but even so… she shouldn’t be shouting on the bus like that! Did she even have a reason as to why she was yelling?! LOL! Gah, I’m sorry you have to put up with people like that. Seeing as I live in a pretty small town that doesn’t even have transportation, I don’t have to experience such crazy people out in public. It’s kind of bad, though, because I probably won’t know how to deal with them if I ever do! -__-

Oh, Aboriginals are just the indigenous people of Australia who originally owned the land of Australia before it was discovered by the Europeans. :3 I guess she was just trying to show us that she had as many rights as all of us. Which she does, of course (and Australia is a really multicultural country), but noooo, she had to voice it. :P

Oh my god, you don’t know how jealous I am right now haha. Congratulations! That must be amazing to actually win something, and win something so amazing too! You get a merchandise pack too?! Omg. I think I’m going to die in excitement for you. ;’) I think I’d be more excited about this than a job interview too haha.

I wouldn’t pay $80 for concert tickets either. :X I’ve never been to a concert before but I’m hoping someone like MCR, Hollywood Undead or Muse play near me soon, that would be epic.

Congratulations on the Distinction for your assignment; I hope you get a Distinction overall as well. :) I was looking at some of your photography on your other blogs and I must say, they are brilliant. Of course I’m no expert but I’d never be able to take pictures like that.

That woman sounds so damn crazy, dude. I hate people like that, why do they think they go around doing things like that and think it’s normal? :| We get a lot of crazy people like that around my area, I’ve bumped into many of them on my bus journey to and from work.

(Just going to return bits of your comment) I know right, I blogged loads in March haha! I’m hoping to start blogging more often now. :) DUDE MY PIZZA IS IN THE OVEN AND IT’S GOING TO BURN. There was me thinking I could return your comment before it cooked.. now it’s burnt, naw. :(

I saw a few people doing the online handles blog but I was really stuck for an opening blog haha. Lmao, Lucy Dyanne Brown is pretty cool. :P Ah yeah, I thought I remembered coco from somewhere. XD I love Jazzmo, I don’t know why. :P I’m jealous of your username aha, mine’s boring.

I can’t believe you didn’t like your name! I guess we all hate our own name at some point or another; I love Georgina though, it’s a really strong name, y’know? Dyeurdy made me laugh though. :P I like your name spelt as Jeorgina, like your Twitter name. :B

LOL, I’m a bit of an idiot putting my picture up with a fake name. :’) I think if I had started web-design when I was younger, maybe like 13-14, I would have told my friends but I didn’t really start until I was about 17, so. :/ I just thought my friends would find it lame, since Rob found it lame that I had a Piczo. :P

RE your newest comment :P: LOL, I’ve broken my middle finger before too and kept sticking it up at people going “HEY LOOK AT MY BROKEN FINGER” when really, I was just swearing at them. :B

That’s true actually, I never really looked at it like that before. XD I guess I’d always be cautious over my own safety, my kids and everything. Could be a good thing. :)

Oh ew, I can’t stand milk. I drink tea first thing in the morning. XD Water is gross in the mornings, IDK why, just doesn’t taste the same, right? I know milk is good for you so that’s why I eat a lot of cereal, at least I get my milk (well chocolate milk) somehow. :B I don’t like Weet-Bix. :X I puked when I ate it when I was younger haha.

YES, WE DO ROCK. *high five* I’ve never really played games like that, so haven’t been in that situation. :B Your right hand cramps up? That’s not good. :(

Hah, I hope I’ll be able to get up to one alarm in the future. :P I often shout “SHUT UP” when my alarm goes off. /bash

One word FANTARASTIC! I have always entered similar competitions but I never actually won T_T I am soo happy for you though! I agree with you…it is not being a cheapskate lol. I was able to meet and take pictures with John Nolan from Straylight Run for what I remember to be like $15-20 XD. So it does raise the bar when you are asked to pay a lot more for nothing special. I guess the pricing does vary from band to band but I like treating all my favorite bands the same (H)

I didn’t believe that those competitions are genuine but now that you have won I am actually going to participate in more XD. I can sort of imagine your excitement when you got that phone call! LOL I wouldn’t get that excited even if I got the job XD. Winning in a competition like this happens once in a blue moon :D

O_O wow that’s a lot of cool merchandise…I am jealous and happy for you at the same time XD. I hope you have a blast at your second show! Haha my sister isn’t much of a party-goer either but I am going to make her go with me to a concert at some point because I won’t go alone bahaha.

Good luck with your final photography assignment and your overall grade! Even if you don’t get what you expected I am sure you have enjoyed the experience which is what counts in the end! I used to be GPA obsessed but after graduating I have realized that there’s a lot more on your resume that counts than just the GPA :D

Wow I have seen similar incidents but none as drastic. I guess she was in a sentimental hysteria lol. I do dislike a lot of public transportation due to stuff like this as well. Love my car hehe <3

I would hate to go alone to a show/concert. I am not a social person either, but if I bring at least one person I know we can chat up and enjoy it together. I think I’m blessed to have at least a few friends with the same taste in music as me.

That’s right! I know the GPA is just a really small factor, so I’m trying not to worry too much about it. I think I’m just expecting too much because I’ve got a Credit average already, which is considered to be a good score. :)

I don’t have a car and can’t drive (I learned, but my licence expired). I’m not too bothered though, I can live without a car and most public transport isn’t all that bad. People like that often make me feel uncomfortable more than anything else.

I think I went to a concert alone once and then ran into some people I knew. This was for Switchfoot if I remember correctly. They were playing around me and the ticket was a decent price too ($25) and I was not going to let the opportunity pass only because no one else I knew was going XD. I am somewhat of a lone wolf at times but I agree that it is a LOT more fun going with someone who also enjoys the same music that you do!

I can understand that…I was soo close to a perfect 4.0 but some b****s ruined it for me >_< still in the real world despite the really good GPA I still had to undergo tough interviews so it doesn't make that much of a difference besides looking good on your resume hehe. Not worth killing yourself with stress ^__^

I see…where I live is a small town compared to where I was born so unless one has a car it is difficult to go to a lot of places…also my workplace is kind of off the bus route so I had to get a car to commute :D. I think eventually you will get one too. I kind of like public transportation sometimes because you can observe human behavior freely LOL.

Congrats on winning the contest. I don’t think I’ve ever won anything like that. I hope you have a good time!
I recently walked from the library home and it wasn’t that bad but I I prefer not to walk.
I haven’t used public transportation in a long time. But if I get a job I might start using it. The job I want is only a couple of bus stops away from my house and I live in a pretty quiet town. I don’t think I’ll have to many upstarts like that woman or that man you encountered. Well, hopefully.
Maybe it was just last year, I did the same birthday present. A lot has happened in the past year. :)

Woah! You’re so lucky to have won! xD Congrats and have fun!!
The video of the song didn’t work, probably due to Youtube, so I’ll check back later. :P
The bus incident sounds hilarious!! But I’d probably be a little frightened if I were on a bus with a seemingly crazy person. I remember one time a man boarded my bus with blood over his face and arms. I was afraid to stare at him. Luckily he got off before I reached my stop.

Hi.. first time here.. :)

Congrats on winning the contest… I never win on any contest that I have joined. :( Sucks. Oh well. But MTV Australia? wowwwwww. 👏 Just amazing. Public transpo have its share of drama.. Just saying. So yea.. I kinda get scared taking it too.. but if no choice then.. I’ll just have to braven up.

That is so exciting! I love Avenged Sevenfold so I’m all jelly. I’d never have one something like that…it’s just the way that my luck seems to always run lol.
And on sneaking in a camera, be careful. I met Rob Schneider a few weeks ago, he’s in the movie The Waterboy (the one that says “You can do itt!”) and my friend used his iPhone to take pics, but the girls there said to put it away. He didn’t, so we have extra footage of the concert xD.
Have fun at the concert. I know you’ll blog about it so I can’t wait to read your experience.
Ugh, the bus sounds like crap there. I wish there were more buses here, so I wouldn’t have to rely on rides all the time.

Wow, that’s really awesome! Especially since you get to save $80, lol. I’ve never won a contest, so…yeah. :(

I really hate people that make big deals about things. I mean, yes, we should all respect each other, but if you go around freaking out about stuff, no one will want to. It’s like a giant circle of ignorance and hate.

WOW!! I’ve heard of Avenged Sevenfold (I think they’re more popular in America – though I’m from Canada), but I’ve never listened to any of their music. It’s like alternative rock kicka thing I believe eh? That’s cool, but SO awesome that you won the tickets! I think I’m the most unlucky person ever, obviously, because I legit NEVER win anything. 😒 Just once I’d like to win, it would be sweeeet. Saving the 80$ by winning is even better, haha, because now if you wanted to buy anything at the concert you totally could, seeing as you saved so much money!!

And ew. Creepy people on busses make me cringe… This weekend when I head to Toronto with a bunch of my friends, we’ll probably be taking public transportation at some point, mainly because it moves faster than our truck would around the busy city. But there are four of us together, so it’s better than just being alone. I get really freaked out by people like that, almost like they’re all crazy and are going to hurt me in some way? Yeah. I really don’t know why I freak out so bad…. @_@

Awh, you are so lucky, congrats! ✌️
Gosh, seeing A7X must be one great experience..oh well. I’ll be watching Norwegian bands this summer 😴 Have fun^^

Oh, I am quite the cheapskate myself. I hardly buy any of my clothes new. Most come from thrift stores or are given to me. That is also why I am all the time wearing something new. It looks like I am all the time forking out money for new clothes all the time, but in reality, I am usually get them for nothing at all, so I can afford to do that.

Congratulations on winning those tickets! It must be pretty exciting to have fun. I usually shy away from contests in fear of losing. :/ Wow, a prize pack as well! That is awesome Georgina! :D Too bad for James, he is the one missing out. :( I can understand with work and all, but still. Things like that don’t happen every day you know?

Oh my word, I remember reading about one of those types of people in Geography. I was studying Australia history, I believe. That is where you live right? I can’t remember, it is somewhere over there I know. /um

I think I’m even MORE excited for you :P
I only have one request. It’s just a small one, I’m sure you can pull it off… somehow :P KIDNAP BRIAN AND ARIN FOR MEEE!!! Hahahaha. I’m such an Arin fangirl at the moment, he’s just TOO cute.

Anyways, I shall bring down the fangirlyness a few notches as I try to write a proper, understandable comment. Lol. I’ve never been to an Avenged Sevenfold show; watching their Live in the LBC DVDis, like, the closest I’ve been to watch them live, really. And I know the boys put on an AMAZING show and I’m sure you’re in for a treat! Have a fantastic time and go see them after the show if you can! And tell Brian about my Synyster Gates fansite :P

Hey there hun
OMG!!!!!!!!!! You won. I never win a competition that big i just once won a competition where i got a cd and a signed photo by one of my fav bands, i wouldve loved to see them live but ye. i dont know Avenged Sevenfold but if you like them they must be very good XD. i always sneak my camera into concerts, how can they expect us not to bring our cameras with us and what can they possibly do if we bring ours and we not allowed. they cant take everyones.
i would have been scared of that woman on the bus, did she finally calm down?

You won an amazing prize! I know there are always competitions like these but never knew anyone that’s won anything. To be honest, I always thought they were a scam and no one really wins. I guess I was wrong! I use to enter all sorts of competitions when I was young because I thought I’ll win but I never did.

Congrats on winning, hope you have a awesome time :D

2 miles is a long walk! That’s about 20mins walk?

I’m not a fan of public transports either because they’re not particularly nice over here. For starters, there’s no air con in the underground and can get really stuffy and hot in there.

congratulations georigina!!! :D i’m so happy for you! i had no idea tickets were that expensive, it’s good you don’t have to pay anything now that you’ve won them, that’s money saved! i hope you’ll have a lot of fun, and i would love to see your sneak photos in your blog one day.
i envy you so much, i want to go to a concert with one of my favourites bands as well, i’ve probably told you already, but i haven’t experienced my first concert so far (i will one beautiful day haha :D) again, have an awesome time!!

thank you <33 yeah internet explorer is such a tricky browser, my site looks best in firefox though, but i'm glad the navigation is at least working in ie.

thank you again, for all of the warm thoughts. you're right, every scar will forever stay there and remind us what happend, but it won't be an open wound there forever. it will eventually heal, and it will feel (almost) like before again.

of course i still want to do the affilate/link exchange thing, i still have you linked in my menu, under "links". when i changed theme i only had a little space for affilates, i hope that's ok, if not i'll se what i can do (:

You won an MTV competition!? LUCKY YOU. That’s huge. :D

I’ll vote for Rachel, looks like I have to create an account to do so. So, I’ll do it once I leave your site. xP

Ok, that lady sounds pretty weird. I probably would have laughed to or just ignored her. o_O I’m glad I have a car. Which, if I didn’t, there’s no public trans close enough to our house, ha. I’d have to use one of my parents extra cars, lol.

I’m one of those rare concert live-show haters, I’m sorry to say. I just can’t imagine going to see my favorite band and spending most of it listening to the screams and being pushed by the fangirls next to me and hardly hearing any music. I’ve done it before which is how I’ve developed the bad feeling. And I don’t think I’d make the mistake of going to see FT Island or Red (my favorite bands) live. Even if I were to meet them they wouldn’t really remember me and it would be one of those “I got his autograph/photo with him” -to-show-off-to-other-people situations. Of course if you can make an impression on the celebrity in question that would be different, but I’m far to lazy to consider that.

It’s pretty cool that you’re going for free though! And even better that the show itself isn’t free … because if it is you’ll have to worry about the stampedes.

That woman sounds like an idiot, seriously, like one of those African Americans who would say to my mom “I’m American, you’re Chinese, don’t be my doctor”. I’ve heard that Aborigines get a lot of benefits in society. Yet they feel like they’re looked down upon? Hmm I don’t know much.

I don’t really think that it’s about making an impression on the celebrity. Sure, I met Ben Jorgensen and he remembered our Twitter conversations as well as the fansites and tributes I made for him, but even if he didn’t, him taking the time to have a photo with me already does mean a lot to me. I would have met my idol, someone whose music I’ve loved for a very long time, and to be able to meet them at all would have been an experience in itself, never mind if they take photos with every single person or even if you just shook their hand.

I’ve been to two concerts and they were very different because of the music. Despite people singing and screaming on Saturday night I could hear the music over it all, and even though I hated being squished up against people I enjoyed seeing one of my favourite bands play live, and that’s what I was there for. I know it’s not everyone’s scene and I won’t enjoy going very often, but I would love to see other bands I like playing live even if it means being a bit annoyed and uncomfortable because of the atmosphere.

Wow, you’re so lucky! Congrats! :) I’ve never really won anything major like that before, but I can imagine the excitement you went through! Haha.
Ah, public transportation. I’m not a fan of ’em either. The MUNI buses in San Francisco are usually always crowded and when they’re REALLY crowded, the bus won’t even stop for you. As the the BART (which is like the subways in NY), it’s stuffy and gives me a headache. And even though it doesn’t look like it, the BART is really dirty and has lots of germs. Ugh.

Congrats! That’s so awesome, and so lucky that you won! I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time :D

That lady sounds really.. weird o.O Why was she going off on everyone? Like was there an actual reason, or did she just get on the bus saying those things? I don’t use public transit too much so I don’t have many experiences with crazy people, though I’ll be going on a bus for 11 hours tonight, and again on Monday so maybe I’ll come back with some stories ;) haha

Congrats on winning the contest! Also, your theme looks really great… I got my new lappy! :P …I just need to get used to typing on it with its big freaking keys. >.< Anyway, your theme looks much better… None of the text is blurry like it was on my other laptop, and so I'm guessing that it was because of my old laptop's resolution. o.o

Were you at all iffy about winning? I've always been really afraid that someone would call me and be pranking me. :( Heh.

But congratulations!! :D

I don't use public transport… It's not all that safe here. Dx

Congrats on winning the tickets and other stuff! It’s amazing that every single show you would’ve gone to would’ve been an above average experience! I only went to concert, and there was nothing special about my ticket, haha. I hope you get to meet them!

Congrats on the good mark in photography!

The bus lady sounds absolutely hilarious. I think I would’ve been more amused than irritated, just because I can imagine bus rides being pretty dull (well, they’re awesome when they’re with people you know).

Congrats! :) That’s so cool that you won the competition, I never really win competition. O_O One magazine was doing a giveaway every day of the month, I entered 80% of the days and I won nothing at all. xD

That’s great that you were able to get a distinction. :D You’ve been working really hard so hopefully you get it overall as well. :)

Lol the story about the crazy woman made me laugh, just because I spend 90% of my time on public transport (everyone used public transport over here in the UK, or at least in London), so I often find myself among weird ass people to the point where it’s quite normal for me to see a crazy person on the bus. The amount of crazyness varies though. xD

Congratulations on the win. My boyfriend is a fan of theirs; he’ll be so jealous when I tell him. Haha. Wish you a great day!

I always check your blog now and then, never commented on them though. I should start commenting. :) Hope you are doing well. I’ve been conversing with you through twitter regarding health issues. It seems like many of my followings are ill also. Odd.

Congratulations again on winning tickets to see the amazing Avenged Sevenfold :)! It never hurts to join any giveaways! Because you never know what can happen! I hope you’ll enjoy watching the concert show :)! Anything free is better than paying for anything XD! Who cares if you rather pay 20 bucks for a show rather than 80! It’s not being cheap. It’s called knowing what you want to do with your money wisely. Unless you’re filthy rich XD!

I have voted for Rachel. Went from a rank 23 to a rank 22 as of now :o! :) Yay for having a facebook XD!!

Good luck with your final stretch with your photography class! :)! I am sure all of the work you have done throughout this course is worth the experience and the skills! It seems more interesting than what the classes here offer for photography! Instead of doing worksheets, you go out and take pictures :O!!

Some people can be crazy in the world. But what. This lady seems insane or drunk to me XD! But blah. Crazy people will be crazy people and we can’t do much about it besides.. Telling them to shut up. Sometimes, I tell people to shut the -beep- up when they’re being insane and yapping their mouths away like a crazy.. Horse XD!

Take care (:

Congrats on winning the contest. :D I hope you have an amazing time at the concert.

I know I would be laughing my ass off too if I were on that bus with that crazy lady. lmao!

OMG! You are going to meet Avenged Sevenfold? Congratulations!! Hope you have a great time.Getting a chance like this would be a dream for me. I’ve never actually had the luck to win such competitions. Some competitions have this mad slogan you have to complete, and that’s where I always fail. LOL. Yeah, you are right. Such places they hardly allow cameras. But do take a few shots, cause I’m so excited to see. ;)
I will sure vote for your friend Rachel.

Have a nice day
— xoxo

Free tickets?! :O I didn’t actually think that kind of thing really happened to people. No-one I know ever seems to win. That’s pretty damn awesome, congratulations!

I’ve never actually been to a concert… That’s a bit pathetic of me. I need to get my act together.

People on public transport are ridiculous sometimes. This woman and her boyfriend got on my bus once, and she’s telling the bus driver to hurry up and “make it snappy” like she’s some kind of fucking queen. And the bus driver is working at his normal pace, and the boyfriend leans over and starts swearing at him for “disrespecting his woman” and some shit. Crazy.

Anyhow, well done again on the tickets. Enjoy the concert!