Arguing with cereal boxes

Last week I decided to buy some cereal. I went into Woolworths, which is possibly my favourite supermarket – though I don’t discriminate between supermarkets – but I feel more comfortable in that one.

I walked into the cereal aisle, curious to see if there was any cereal on sale. For some reason good (or tasty) cereal tends to be really expensive for just a box that is supposed to last no more than two weeks. Standing in front of the shelves and scooting from left to right, I realised I was spoilt for choice.

From a young age, I have never really cared much about breakfast, and just eaten what was available in the fridge. When I was very young, my mum would make me Weet-Bix – a wholegrain wheat biscuit usually eaten with milk and perhaps some fruit on top. I hated Weet-Bix when I was little. It was tasteless, even with a bit of fruit. I hated the taste of tastelessness. Which isn’t fair to say… but let’s just say, I was a slow eater when I was a child, and by the time I ate half my breakfast, it would have turned into a soggy mess. Weet-Bix is apparently Australia’s favourite breakfast, but not when you like to savour your food. Because it ends up being flaky ass porridge. These Weet-Bix biscuits are pretty small, a little smaller than an iPhone. I used to completely struggle trying to eat two of these.

After many years I think I realised how much I hated that, and instead started eating bread for breakfast. We didn’t have a toaster – it broke after some time and to this day, we haven’t replaced it. We use a toaster oven instead now, which I used in a random video of me eating breakfast. Bread was pretty much it for many years, and in winter, I would have vegetable soup for breakfast.

I’ve never been a cereal girl. If we lived in a cereal world I would not be a cereal girl… when we had school camps and people had cereal, I actually freaked out, though. Having not had cereal for years, apart from horrendous Weet-Bix, I leaped to the cornflakes to serve myself. You would think I didn’t know cornflakes existed. At the same time, I don’t think I enjoyed cereal all that much. My mum bought a lot of mixed cereals with bran and fruit and rolled oats. I tried them, but I hated them. I tend to hate oats. Wow, I’m picky.

Anyway, I got pretty fussy with breakfast (as if that wasn’t obvious yet) and after catching the bus and walking to school, my stomach hated bread in the morning. It sat in my stomach and made me feel sick. Any movement too early in the morning made me feel very sick, and I deduced that it was the bread that did it.

That was when I started eating miso soup and rice for breakfast instead. I had it every day, even in summer. It was insane. When we ran out of miso soup I gave up on finding some for a good deal, and resorted to something old but something new, something yummy and something poo – Vegemite.

I don’t understand why people hate it. Yes, it is a bit salty (personally, I am not exaggerating when I say a bit) and it looks like tar and in popular culture it is either shit or really freaking awesome. I think I’m in the middle, but I do love it and I see no point in trying to defend my point, so if you hate it, go ahead, I’ll pretty much acknowledge the fact and subsequently ignore it and pretend I never heard it. 0:)

So when I stood in front of all the cereal boxes the other day and looked for the cheap ones with less sugar, guess what I ended up choosing.

Weet-Bix. Weet-Bix will be the death of me.

It was a variant though, with slight honey flavour, and in smaller pieces called Bites. A variant, but Weet-Bix nonetheless. Weet-Bix Bites, huh. I never knew choosing cereal was so difficult.

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since I was a little kid I used to eat cornflakes xD hihi. When I step up in college life I almost forgot eating my breakfast because of my schedule, sometimes I took my brunch. breakfast and lunch but then lately i just realize I need to take breakfast so that i can focus well in my class. that’s why i decided to eat cereal every weekdays o.O sometimes week ends too. haha! xD I wanted to try other cereal but I always ended up with cornflakes /hehe

I never thought you’d choose Weet Bix in the end. I mean come on, Half the post is about you hating the idea of it. Haha! The name kind of hit me, Wheat Biscuits = Weet Bix. Lol. And high five on oats. I hate oats.

When I was little I always looked forward to having cereals, because we didn’t have it often. Rice in the morning makes me sick (not literally speaking, but I guess you know what I mean.) And since I’ve moved to a place rich and abundant with different cereals, I happen to find myself stuck with cornflakes. I mean, I dont even know. @_@

I don’t like eating breakfast much, but it’s not because of breakfast style foods, it’s because I have trouble putting anything in my mouth within the first five or six hours I wake up. I know it’s not healthy or beneficial to my weight loss journey though, so I try really hard to eat at least a little something in the morning. If i had to eat a big American breakfast like bacon & eggs and pancakes before noon I am sure I would throw it all up. (Ew.) I’ve never heard of Weet-Bix before but it sounds like something I might like to try with Nutella and fruit on top of. I’m also interested in trying this Vegemite you speak of, I’ve never heard of it before either and had to look it up on Wikipedia, hehe. I love love love oatmeal and cereal with fruit mixed in. In the meantime, I hoep you enjoy your Weetbix. :D

Oddly enough, only two of the blogs updated since I last checked my feed reader, and they were both about breakfast food!

I actually grew up eating lots of cereal and going between cereal and bread phases for breakfast. But wheaties (which is essentially the same as the wheat cereal you were describing) is the one cereal that most American kids seem to hate, so you’re not alone! I think that they only sell because most of the time they’re sold in bite-size pieces and covered in sugar.

I also saw on TV that vegemite is an Australian thing, and that very few people who live outside of Australia likes it. =P

I grew up eating cereal every day, sometimes even only cereal a whole day XD I was a hopeless kid when it came to food(still am, but now I eat even less normal food) But I do like weet-bix(that’s what you called it,right?), we call it Weetabix I think.
The power of breakfast is powerful, so beware /sweat

I don’t eat breakfast. Growing up I would eat something like a granola bar or cereal and be sick in school all I assumed my body couldn’t eat anything before 12pm. and becasue of that, I never ate earlier. Since I started college, I realize, if I don’t eat before I go to class, I won’t eat the whole day since I’ll be in class all day..I think I’m big on oatmeal now,strawberries and cream in particular..that and special k bars..xD
I’ve never heard of the brands you named. but cereal to me has always been one of those..bleh things.I’ll eat it,when I crave it. which is usually once or twice a year..



(I really hope this time round you’re able to develop a new found love for them. XD) ♥

Ahhh oh damn. I don’t know, always got annoyed at Brett Lee having 14 every morning. :P I think they’re much better with flavour, and as bites. I think I’m a sucker for Mini-Wheats and any kind of breakfast in bite-sized pieces. /bounce

lol at the taste of tastelessness! I used to eat lots of cornflakes when I was younger. I didn’t really like it that much. Got sick to it and thankfully, my mum made me switch to eating Koko Cruch cereals which have more flavor. :D But as of the moment, I getting more carbs by having to eat rice thrice a day (Asian kid here!! ) You should go back to eating breakfast! Though it’s really understandable that everyone gets busy nowadays. :D

Yeah, I think you’re right. :P Chris keeps telling me I’m worrying too much, anyway, and he tells me that they do like me! I just need to let it go and enjoy myself, ahaha, and not take everything so seriously.
Those Weet-Bix don’t sound overly appetizing… But it’s funny that you ended up buying them again, just goes to show how much eating something when you were younger sticks in your mind to this day. ‘If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’. That quote comes into my head at this particular moment… Bahaha. Vegetable soup for breakfast, though? That’s what I’m having for lunch today at work! Hehe, though it’s only 9:21, so I shouldn’t be overly excited yet… Damn, haha.
We have a toaster-oven like thing at home too, and sometimes I swear it’s just for decoration? We rarely use it, and even if maybe my mother/brother uses it, I definitely don’t. It’s SO slow, in terms of toating things. I remember mom using it once when we were really little because she was making bacon/eggs for us all for breakfast and couldn’t cook toast fast enough… I’m pretty sure I only had one bacon slice left on my plate when the toast was FINALLY ready. >>
PS: I totally just noticed that the line of text at the bottom of every page changes?!?! Ahaha. I LOVE IT!! I was like ‘um, unless I’m missing something here, I swear that said something about heading to the country the last time I read it…’ :P

Our toaster oven is alright, but it does work pretty slowly as well. We don’t have a proper oven because our built-in one died years ago. So we technically can’t bake anything and have to think of other ways if we ever need to bake! Our old microwave could double as an oven, but that broke too. XD

Yes, it does! :P It’s a quote rotation. It’s just the lines from a song, but when you refresh the page, it changes. :P

Ho U

Try Carmen’s bircher muesli sometime; it’s fantastic 8D
I never liked Weet-bix, unless it was sort of crushed into a fine paste with honey. /um

Vegemite tastes like salty dog turds. Seriously. I’d rather lick Keeks than to eat Vegemite. Eww
Weet-bix bites are awesome; they’re everything I liked, and now easier to turn to cold sludge! They’re not bad. the hint of honey is quite pleasant too :3

..but nothing beats eggs, chocolate milk and green tea.

If I remembered correctly, I think I ever get the taste of weet-bix, and like you, I didn’t like it either… /hmph even if someone told me to try it now, I don’t think I would. First because you described it as if it’s the worst cereal one can enjoy (lol) and the other is because…I’m not interested and it looks…weird on that wikipedia. /snort
I grew up drinking milk, and then cousin used to urge me a lot into eating cereal with fresh milk for breakfast… I guess I used to love it but now, as expected, I love milk more than cereal and milk. :P
My mom just loves eating bread for breakfast (too many bread, now she isn’t allowed to eat them anymore.. high amount of sugar,lols.. diabetic enough,eh..) and I don’t get why. she tends to be all, “do you want bread for breakfast?” and she urges me to take bread and milk for breakfast… which, in the end, gives me stomachache,always.
Basically, I just dislike eating….. I’m lazy, even for breakfast but yeah, I must be forced even for breakfast. O_O
Are cereals in there really costly? Hm, in here it’s pretty cheap (depending on the size actually). Do you ever see Nestle’s HoneyStar cereal? It’s probably my second favorite cereal other than cornflakes (Y)
(re: your comment on my post)
Japanese fried rice…. you mean the one like Pepper Lunch?
I love seaweed~ (Y) I can eat sheets of them /bounce
Good thing my parents are able to eat Japanese/Western cuisine…. if only my mom who loves it then.. dangerous. /hmph

I can totally eat sheets of seaweed too! Ahhh, I thought I was the only one. Everyone thinks I’m weird. I can just eat seaweed alone. It’s great. :) And yes, I mean Pepper Lunch. /bounce I didn’t think they had it there.

I think I’ve seen HoneyStar cereal before, but never tried some. As I said, I don’t have cereal often! Cereal usually is expensive, like $5 for a box. I don’t think my mum likes buying cereal too much because of that, and because it also contains a lot of sugar. None of us in the family have diabetes, but it runs in the family, as does high cholesterol (which sadly I have :(). But I do like trying new foods, no matter from what country. If I don’t like it after I’ve tried it, that’s another matter!

I love Woolworths, too except that it is always so cold in there due to the air conditioner – not too sure if it is like that on your side. I love woolworths’ kettlecorn popcorn that they import from the US – just off-topic :p

Oh, Weet-Bix! My mom used to make it for a bit when I was younger then I stopped eating it because the taste annoyed me and then I have recently got used to it. I like it when it gets slightly cooler and the sugar seems more sweeter :D lol! I love eating cooked porridge – a brand called ‘Ace’, a South African brand. :D
I love Cheerios – it only came here about a year ago and Milo cereal. :)
I’m going to go buy the sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants DVD this weekend – probably just the first one because I liked that one the most. I may go buy two of the four books, too. :) Can’t wait!


Woolworths sounds like those average supermarkets like what we have here- Food 4 Less, Ralphs, and Albertsons :o! Every supermarket has its own goods in there :P! Like buy meat at Food 4 Less and buy cereal from Ralphs because it’s cheaper :o! Weet-Bix sounds like those oatmeal bars we have here -__-! It’s not delicious if you don’t have an empty stomach :(! I struggle regardless even eating half a bar!

So basically, you don’t like eating grains for breakfast :O! Or is it wheat. You’re not the only one who doesn’t like eating bread and cereal for breakfast! I hate eating bread regardless- in sandwiches or something. Milk- I suddenly became lactose intolerant for god knows why.

I have never heard of Vegemite before :O! It looks like an interesting bread spread/etc if you ask me. Sounds like an interesting yeast extract. I’m not much of a fan of anything related because I don’t know.. I don’t like peanut butter, jelly, chocolate or something (as a spread), and so. I don’t even like garlic spread for garlic bread!

I’ve heard of the recorder before! We were discussing about what instruments the beginning band should use XD! I hate instruments that are drowned out. D:! Overused.. It makes it seem not cool or something. Thankfully, I picked the instruments that are.. Unpopular in band :O! Clarinets- only 3 main people plays it. Trumpets- another 3 plays it. Tenor saxophone- another two plays it. Everything else has like 4 or more people stacked and it’s not cool :*(! But hey! I don’t blame you :)! Being unique in band = awesome!

I would do that. Hmmn. But I doubt my parents would like that idea -__-! It doesn’t matter anyways.

I heard that extreme sports are popular in Australia- more in Sydney. At the most these days, I just see people messing up in these extreme sports events on TV as those “wildest videos” or something.

Yup! :)! Politics is just complicated because you need to debate with the facts that are provided, you need to make some agreements with people you don’t like. And you don’t make much of an income. Except it’s higher than most of the citizens you’re “serving”. At the end, not much people like you- as a political figure. As for music, do whatever you want, express yourself. If you end up being hated, you’re just a blast from the past. If people love you, you’re suddenly rich. Or something, I don’t know :'(

Take care :)

The UK’s a bitch and closed down Woolworths. 💥 Here, though, it wasn’t really a supermarket… just more of a store that sold way too much crap for its own good, ha.

I love cereal – I eat way too much of it, and in very large quantaties with a lot of milk. And it’s always better in the afternoon, methinks. I really like a cereal called ‘Weetabix Minis’ but barely anything ever comes in the box and I’m fairly sure it has nothing to do with my very large portions.

Hey, that is so weird… you have Weet-bix but we have Weetabix. I’m amused how different yet so similar they are, namewise. I’ve ever been fond of that stuff, much. It’s okay but it gets soggy in a nanosecond and I put way too much sugar on top.

I used to really good with my breakfast when I was younger – I had toast sometimes instead of cereal – but nowadays I’m always in a rush so I take a banana or something in the car (if it’s school), and at the weekends/holidays I basically forget to have it.. my bad. 💀
I love soup but I’m not sure I could have it for breakfast. :P

I’ve heard about Vegemite… if it’s anything similar to Marmite, I’m not that fond of it. In fact, I dislike it immensely (just keep reading, you never saw that comment, aye?).

Bitesize = minis. Wow. This post is so insane ’cause we both have the same stuff but it’s called different stuff. I like the Fruit and Nuts minis – get them next time ;)

Yep, that’s right, just gotta go right on. I’m not going to forget the memories or anything because… well, that would just be lame and make the whole experience a waste, but it is time for change. “The winds of change are blowing” and all that jazz.
I’m a personal person so personal things mean a lot to me. I doubt I’ll forget a thing. It’s true that I might not miss it 100%, but I will miss it in a weird way.

I do see what you mean – sometimes I feel like Harry Potter isn’t my deal either but then I’ve read all the books and seen all the films because it was there and there was always something to catch up on.

15th of July is a good day, then. :)

Thank you, Georgie. Iloveyou. ♥

Take care! xx /oh

I love cereal. But normally just the sugary kind…which is bad, but still. I’m not much of a breakfast person to begin with. I hate breakfast, to be honest. My thing is lunch. You have way more choices for lunch. I’ve only ever heard of Weet-Bix from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; a character on there used to want to eat it mixed with blood as he was a vampire. Now that I know what it is that really doesn’t sound appetising.

What’s misou soup? That sounds kinda good. I’m a soup-ish girl sometimes, depending on the soup. I love tomato soup. I like to add shredded cheese and Parmesan in it. Yummy.

And on food, I am so picky on what I eat. Not as bad as when I was a kid, but still. If it looks disgusting no matter how it might smell I will not partake of it. xD.

Ah, miso soup is a Japanese soup. It’s a lot like seafood and comes in flavours like seaweed and tofu, and often contains a lot of seaweed as well. It’s a pretty ‘light’ soup.

I understand the picky-ness thing. I am quite a picky eater myself, which is funny since both my dad and my brother will eat almost anything in this world!
When I was younger I used to go to school on nothing but a stomach full of chocolate milk. Then after my mom started having to go into work later in the morning, I just never had breakfast unless I ate it at school. It honestly wasn’t until Freshmen year of high school that I started to eat anything in the morning. That is probably part of the reason I gained a lot of weight in middle school since statistics show not eating anything in the morning causes weight gain. /ho

Anyway, cereals can be a pain in the butt. At least you picked something though. XD

I’ve been terrible about breakfast lately, I usually just stuff whatever into my mouth. I wake up too late for work and don’t have the time to sit down and pour milk+cereal into my bowl. Few months before I would eat bread, but now I’m terribly sick of it. I don’t like the wheat cereals though, I don’t like anything wheat because of the plain taste. =(

I’ve heard of Vegemite … I think everyone’s saying that to you bwahahaha. I don’t think I’d like it much though, I’m not too good with different cuisines. For example I can’t handle kimchi. What kind of Korean am I? LOL. I guess it’s because maybe you grew up having Vegemite and the salty taste is acquired? My boyfriend doesn’t understand how I handle sour salsa … which I don’t think is sour at all. I guess everything is acquired and hard to change. =/

Thank you for agree-ing with me openly with your own description. I should’ve included mucking around, haha. That’s a funny word I’ve never heard of it used before actually. I’m the same, I judge anyone younger than me pregnant as too young. And then I remember the 21 year old pregnant women and I’m like … that’s not too far from me. I guess I have a lot of mental aging to do.

I feel like I’m missing out on a lot though. I don’t know how you manage to return all your comments on time, you probably get 3x as many as I do. And fanlistings! I’ve had to quit several because I couldn’t care for them … I still have some finished ones that are on temporary layouts and that doesn’t seem to change much. I wouldn’t mind too much if I was making more money, but I’m barely past minimum wage.

LOL I see, I never thought about that. Many guys have moobs though I wonder if they can have stuff leaned on them.

Doctors are just used to seeing naked people. So I can never be a doctor, haha. I squeal at the sight of naked people, both male and female! Going back to my points up there about needing mentally age…

I’m the completely opposite. I could eat breakfast meals all day, and there aren’t many salty things I could stomach in the morning. The most savory I’ll go is scrambled eggs with sausage links (which I cover in syrup, eliminating the savory-ness). I love cereal and fruit and pancakes and waffles and all that good stuff. Weet-bix look a lot like American Shredded Wheat. I love Shredded Wheat, but not plain. It has to have fruit or some sort of flavoring. They make a “Little Bites” branch now, and those are perfect. They have a teensy bit of sugar coating the top, and I think some generic brands have cinnamon.

I’ve never heard of Vegemite (probably because we don’t have it here). It sounds…odd…but I’d love to give it a try. I’m pretty sure I have a good handle on what it would taste like based on Wikipedia’s description, and it doesn’t seem that bad. I might not eat it for breakfast, but a nice afternoon snack, perhaps.

The free food…..and weekly specials…nom nom nom!

I’ve had Weetbix once. It was like eating something to dry up your mouth and was pretty gross (at the time, I didn’t believe in eating milk with cereal…you know…trying to be original and stuff…jokes, I was like 10 and pretty stupid). But I really like the Weetbix berry bites. YUMMY! Except when you leave them into milk and it just soaks up like a sponge and flakes just turn into poo. :( dev

But for breakfast, I just have Up&Go with fruit and toast. I used to have cereal and stuff…but I would ended REALLY late for school.

Have you ever tried organic cornflakes before? They’re so delish!

I used to eat a lot of commercial cereal made for kids like coco crunch lol. Then I turned to peanut butter sandwiches then to grown up cereal and oatmeal. Why don’t you try making a parfait? The cereal is tastier with yoghurt, which gives it more flavour I reckon? Miso and vegemite aren’t the best source for regular breakfast ‘cos they’re kinda ‘fake’?