Arguing with cereal boxes

Last week I decided to buy some cereal. I went into Woolworths, which is possibly my favourite supermarket – though I don’t discriminate between supermarkets – but I feel more comfortable in that one.

I walked into the cereal aisle, curious to see if there was any cereal on sale. For some reason good (or tasty) cereal tends to be really expensive for just a box that is supposed to last no more than two weeks. Standing in front of the shelves and scooting from left to right, I realised I was spoilt for choice.

From a young age, I have never really cared much about breakfast, and just eaten what was available in the fridge. When I was very young, my mum would make me Weet-Bix – a wholegrain wheat biscuit usually eaten with milk and perhaps some fruit on top. I hated Weet-Bix when I was little. It was tasteless, even with a bit of fruit. I hated the taste of tastelessness. Which isn’t fair to say… but let’s just say, I was a slow eater when I was a child, and by the time I ate half my breakfast, it would have turned into a soggy mess. Weet-Bix is apparently Australia’s favourite breakfast, but not when you like to savour your food. Because it ends up being flaky ass porridge. These Weet-Bix biscuits are pretty small, a little smaller than an iPhone. I used to completely struggle trying to eat two of these.

After many years I think I realised how much I hated that, and instead started eating bread for breakfast. We didn’t have a toaster – it broke after some time and to this day, we haven’t replaced it. We use a toaster oven instead now, which I used in a random video of me eating breakfast. Bread was pretty much it for many years, and in winter, I would have vegetable soup for breakfast.

I’ve never been a cereal girl. If we lived in a cereal world I would not be a cereal girl… when we had school camps and people had cereal, I actually freaked out, though. Having not had cereal for years, apart from horrendous Weet-Bix, I leaped to the cornflakes to serve myself. You would think I didn’t know cornflakes existed. At the same time, I don’t think I enjoyed cereal all that much. My mum bought a lot of mixed cereals with bran and fruit and rolled oats. I tried them, but I hated them. I tend to hate oats. Wow, I’m picky.

Anyway, I got pretty fussy with breakfast (as if that wasn’t obvious yet) and after catching the bus and walking to school, my stomach hated bread in the morning. It sat in my stomach and made me feel sick. Any movement too early in the morning made me feel very sick, and I deduced that it was the bread that did it.

That was when I started eating miso soup and rice for breakfast instead. I had it every day, even in summer. It was insane. When we ran out of miso soup I gave up on finding some for a good deal, and resorted to something old but something new, something yummy and something poo – Vegemite.

I don’t understand why people hate it. Yes, it is a bit salty (personally, I am not exaggerating when I say a bit) and it looks like tar and in popular culture it is either shit or really freaking awesome. I think I’m in the middle, but I do love it and I see no point in trying to defend my point, so if you hate it, go ahead, I’ll pretty much acknowledge the fact and subsequently ignore it and pretend I never heard it. πŸ˜‡

So when I stood in front of all the cereal boxes the other day and looked for the cheap ones with less sugar, guess what I ended up choosing.

Weet-Bix. Weet-Bix will be the death of me.

It was a variant though, with slight honey flavour, and in smaller pieces called Bites. A variant, but Weet-Bix nonetheless. Weet-Bix Bites, huh. I never knew choosing cereal was so difficult.

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