That awkward moment when…

…your “awkward moments” are really not awkward. At all.

This is what I don’t understand. Suddenly it’s the lingo to say “The awkward moment when…”, which is all well and good except when it is followed by something that is not awkward at all, otherwise known as normal. Completely normal. Take the following:

  • That awkward moment when they censor a song on radio.
  • The awkward moment when someone calls you hot.
  • The awkward moment when you wake up and you think it’s Friday but it’s Sunday.

I don’t understand why any of those would be defined as awkward. How is it awkward when a song just has no profanity because it’s been cut out? How is it awkward when someone gives you a compliment? How is it awkward just because you forgot what day it was? I’ll tell you what’s awkward. It’s awkward when you call someone an entirely different name because you thought you were so pro and remembered when you actually didn’t. It’s awkward when you accidentally call your teacher “Mum”.

It’s also awkward when you are giving a lecture and have typed “pubic space” instead of “public space” in your lecture notes (which is what happened to a lecturer of mine last year). That is what I call awkward, and perhaps even mildly funny. Now it’s like people are suddenly trying to find entirely random moments when it would be appropriate to say “that awkward moment when”. It’s not awkward when Justin Bieber has more Twitter followers than Barack Obama… you’re just stating the obvious, honey. And while that may be common now, it doesn’t make sense.

“The awkward moment when you’re upset about someone else’s break up”… look, honestly? It doesn’t have to be awkward if you don’t make it awkward. It might be awkward going on a blind date, but if you keep your cool and don’t gasp in shock at the appearance of your date, and if you are friendly and say hello without flinching, then perhaps it won’t be awkward at all.

I find certain things awkward that perhaps other people wouldn’t, but they aren’t trivial little things like songs being censored on the radio or moments that concern people other than myself. Now really, I don’t like sounding conceited, but I believe that I can only say something is awkward if I have been in that predicament. Yes, I’ve had awkward moments when I’ve turned to my left and started blabbing to someone behind me only to realise my friend is actually standing on my right. Yes, I have asked to purchase something in a shop only to realise I didn’t have enough money to pay for what I was buying, and had to announce to the shopkeeper that I could not currently afford the products with the money on hand.

(But like I said, it doesn’t have to be awkward if you don’t make it so. So in this case, I would apologise, and without announcing how poor I am, explain that I had unfortunately changed my mind and only wished to buy one roll of camera film.)

And yes, I’ve had awkward moments when I’ve typed questionable content into the wrong instant messaging conversation. I was talking to someone about sex, quite frankly, and typing something about the female anatomy to the entirely wrong person was, yes, awkward, given I was talking to this person about something completely unrelated. Like pie. And it is undeniably awkward when you are on webcam with your friend and suddenly the topic changes to, well, yes, sex.

And yes, on the topic of reproduction, it is, of course, awkward, when someone accidentally sends me a rude emoticon because they accidentally typed in its keyboard shortcut, not remembering that it was locked onto an emoticon of two yellow balls going under a blanket. Let’s not discuss this further.

Now you tell me what’s awkward. Voldemort hugging you when really, he hasn’t hugged you at all, or…?

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Calling your teacher babe, now that’s awkward ;-)
LMFAO @ two yellow balls going under a blanket …

I love this blog post, Georgina!
Real awkward moments are more humourous and mortifying than “that awkward moment when and so”


When it first started, some of the “awkward moments” people came up with were really funny. Then it blew up, got popular, and now it seems like everyone is using this sentence for every little moment in their lives when it doesn’t even fit and ugh. I think people need a dictionary. I dunno how they can get the meaning of the word so wrong.

That story about your lecturer is funny. 👏 I would have been mortified, but like you said, it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. Bonus points if a person in that situation could laugh it off and see the humour in it. :D

Just for fun, I searched for “that awkward moment when…” on Twitter because that place is full of them, probably second only to Tumblr. The results are horrifying. /argh

Yeah it’s weird that people consider awkward things “awkward” when in reality they’re just normal things or occurrences that people go through. Heh. But yeah it’s pretty weird when you accidentally call your teacher “mom” – I’ve experienced that back when I was in elementary and I suddenly felt my cheeks go warm coz it was really embarrassing haha!

You posted your new blog entry while I was looking at my new theme, and it made me smile. :) It took me a bit to come back and comment though. It’s so funny that some people think those moments you listed at the top of this entry are awkward. By definition, awkward means difficult and hard to deal with. I’m not sure why any of those moments would be considered hard to deal with for any reason at all. I mean I guess it might be slightly uncomfortable to be told you’re hot by a stranger, or to be singing along and yelling out “FUCK” when the word is bleeped. Personally I would be flattered/wouldn’t care, but I suppose it’s just me. Either way, no one should consider either of those moments “awkward”, per se. Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you said in this blog. People are silly, they make big issues out of nothing.

Yeah, I discovered Softaculous the day after I tried to install it manually. 😳 I was reading about WordPress and they were like, “Oh, if you have a cPanel, you should have Softaculous which will automatically install it.” Sure enough, it was there. I wasted three hours of my life trying to upload the files. But at least I got to watch Forrest Gump, which makes it worth it. :P

Yeah, I think the back-up feature of cPanel is my favorite. ^^ Before I had it, I made all of my back-ups manually, and it was such a PAIN. But now it’s kind of ridiculously easy. =/ I’ve kind of decided on switching to WordPress now . . . I think. I need to do some more reading and find some tutorials so I know what I’m getting myself into before I make the leap.

Simba’s been my Gravatar since a little after I registered a Gravatar account. I’m pretty attached to him, because he’s the first icon I’ve ever made that actually turned out well.

I think the word “awkward” is used too much, just like the word “legit”. It’s not used properly most of the time, judging from what I’ve heard around me.

People have told me that I make everything awkward just because I bluntly say things about toilets and sex. I don’t think it’s awkward. They’re the ones who are making it awkward.

I remember standing in line to get food, and all of a sudden the conversation between me and my two friends died. One of them said, “Well, this is awkward.” Well, it wouldn’t be awkward if you didn’t say it was awkward.

LOL I absolutely love this post! The this that people say is awkward these days aren’t really so awkward like you said. It is almost like the “sexy” trend where people just want to over-use that word or phrase irrespective of the fact whether it makes sense or not.

I have had awkward moments and some of them similar to yours lol. Instead of IM I accidentally texted the wrong person while driving and felt awkward when I realized later and apologized for it XD. I have done IM mistakes as well ^_^;

Lol at the voldemort hugging you part…I guess I will do a Twitter search just to laugh at people’s not so awkward awkward moments. :D

Oops I am posting from my stupid phone….in the first sentence I meant things not this lol.

It’s awkward when a TA of yours has added you on a social network. =P It’s also awkward when you’re walking by your RA’s apartment, and you hear lots of loud sex.

The world “awkward” doesn’t tend to be overused where I’m at. Maybe it’s just a thing where you are?

I understand where you’re coming from in this. It is annoying, yet while some of them might not actually be awkward, some of them are somewhat hilarious to read. Not all of them, just some.

Though most of my awkward moments have never been and never will be funny. Which is great for me because then I’m the only one who gets to remember them!

i really liked this blog post georgina!! :D you have right about all of this, i have to admit i had to laugh a little! the word awkward is being a little too-much used, but as far as i’ve seen, it’s just on the internet and not where i live (which is good, haha)
i’ve had some awkward moments in life, but there’s not hundreds of them, again another hilarious post!

i want to get some productivity out of the day too. if i sleep until 11am i feel i’m wasting the day, not that i don’t need sleep, but there’s so many things i can do when the sun is up and when the the house is not sleeping. i can imagine my dad getting up to order me straight to bed at 01.30am because i was trying to clean my room, oh wait, i don’t have to imagine, it actually happend.

how could anybodu know the internet and computer would get so important!! (:

This is/was quite hilarious. :P

I admit to having gotten in on the so-called “fun” with this lame fad that doesn’t even make sense, but blah. Sometimes I just think of something “good”. But you’re right. They don’t even make sense. And how it starts? “That awkward moment when…” about the awkward moment? They’re just posting fragments, and it’s so annoying. :(

Anyway, good post. Sad thing that happened to lecturer, though. I was all: ::O NO WAY”. And then… “Oh, it didn’t happen to Georgina… IT HAPPENED TO A LECTURER?? :O :P HAHAHAH.” And now I’m all ” D: /faw /ehh /bash 🤬 IT’S GONNA END UP HAPPENING TO ME!!!! /angry 💥 😳 😒 😰 /wah ” …because that’s how my life goes…

I hadn’t really noticed how popular that phrase has become until I read this! Then I realized and started remembering like all those dumb pages on Facebook that are “That awkward moment when…”. I agree with everything you wrote except one thing: I think you can say things would be awkward even if you weren’t there. I often say that something is awkward when someone is telling me a story and I can just imagine myself in that situation and just think it would be awkward.

LOL. I read this post earlier today and didn’t have time to reply, but the part where you turned around and started talking only to realize that it was another person, I did that today. I was walking into a store with my sister and we were talking. I didn’t realize she went the other way I did, so I turned and was continuing the conversation only to see this guy I didn’t know standing there. xD It WAS awkward, and made me think of this post, haha. I was just like “sorry!” and then turned around haha.

Hehe, I’m glad I was able to do something with it as well! I really liked your tutorial, it was extremely helpful and easy to follow. :) So bravo on writing an excellent tutorial! And, I didn’t realize that the font I was using wasn’t working. 0.0 I checked different browser capability, but that didn’t show up. But I fixed it, so thanks for pointing that out.

Okay, this post is a total win.

I hate it when people use the word ‘awkward’; it’s like so damn overused! Let’s see: that awkward moment when you see the guy you like and he notices, that awkward moment when you have to talk to a friend you aren’t on great terms with, that awkward moment when a teacher hands you back a 50 on your test.

I’ve begun to hate the word so much, and then people ask me “WHY????” with the ‘why are you so weird?’ tone. It’s because the word isn’t used properly. You did it though in those examples. I would give you a prize right now if I had something in mind.

Anddd I would tell you what’s awkward but I’ve just been sulking in hating the word I don’t even know anymore.

Omg, that’s so awkward! Like the time I was filling up the car with petrol and the sun goes behind a cloud! And it was like, omg 🤫

Yeah, I hate that. Although I love doing it on purpose due to the reactions of people around me; same with ‘irony’ and ‘gay’. There’s something about using these words inappropriately that just triggers some primal irritation mechanism inside people and they try to mask their intense inward hatred towards everything you stand for.



I think those “The Awkward Moment” sayings are just there for the attention created by the creator. The only reason who we’d agree with it is because we’re just thinking about it – in a split second :o! Most of those awkward moment mentions are just… Odd and running out of creativity!

Haha! XD! :O Calling your teacher mom is like.. More awkward than any of those above mentioned :X! But like I said, people are running out of creativity and originality with these sayings. This just makes you the legit one :P.

I guess it’s also a factor when people don’t even know what awkward means! Instead of awkward, it should be something like, weird or odd. I don’t know D: I don’t come up with these quotes! “It’s weird how Justin Beiber have more followers on Twitter than Barack Obama.” Actually, I’m not surprised. Music over politics!

When I’m seriously multi tasking, I end up typing in the wrong convo sometimes :X! Even when I’m like massive-texting, this happens! But life moves on :P!

Thank you :)! I am liking this new portfolio layout more (: It’s more appealing in a simple way :O!

I hope I’ll pass next time and soon D:! the next time I can take a driving test is 2 weeks after the first one :(.

Oooh! Sorry :X! Bahh. I’m a horrible wannabe-doctor. An ultrasound should be painfree :O! And the mammogram should be eep. :X.

I don’t know about pretty strong, but I am seeing small cracks outside where the stackle/whatever it is covering the walls. But it’s always getting fixed.

Take care (:

Ohh yes i agree! Especially since the whole “that awkward moment when…” thing seems to be such a trend online now. But oh, i have a REAL awkward story… a friend told me that there was this huge lecture for something in one of the biggest lecture rooms at the uni, and then halfway through the lecture, the lecturer went to the bathroom… and forgot to turn their mic off! Which was made worse by the fact that all lectures are recorded…

now this is one relevant post. I don’t get why people tend to say everything started with “that awkward moment when…” when really, not 100% of them are awkward. /snort I think it’s a trend or something… or was it?
writing “public space” with L in public is what you call awkward. I can’t imagine how the lecturer handled that D:
sometimes, people tend to exaggerate the usual cliche things by using that awkward moment when and so on so forth… everyone seems to notice it’s sort of a trend in 2011. who knows what weirdness will occur in 2012.. /hmph

Oh my, how true this is! Facebook is such a bad culprit for this as well! I really despise the groups on there because a lot of them are just COMPLETELY retarded. *Sigh*
Shows that a lot of teenagers today have a dumb sense of humour! Haha. I have to say though, I’m incredible awkward with compliments, I guess I never know how to react to it.

“That awkward moment when your boyfriend cheats on you with your ex-boyfriend” – that one made me laugh the most, I mean what are the chances of that happening? :P

lol. I have to completely agree and it seems that it’s some kind of internet trend. I would define “awkward” moments as being ones that can induce sudden embarrassment.

Is there any specific reason you never got into the Harry Potter series? Or was it just not your cup of tea?

I figure more foods etc. are usually ok after their expiry date, provided they’re not liquidy.. I mean, I don’t understand how chocolate can go “bad”. Perhaps I should keep a chocolate bar locked up for a few years and see what happens?

That awkward moment when… Haha. I’ve seen the recent twitter trends, and some of them are just lame and stupid. That’s one of the problems with twitter – they find something to “trend” and then everyone joins in, ruining it. Or completely mis-interpreting it.. like they did with the #blamethemuslims hashtag yesterday.

I get what you’re saying. Of the ones you listed above, the only situation that I would even think of being awkward is the one where someone calls you hot. If someone did that to me, it would be awkward because I would’nt really know what to say. I’d probably be like “Um, thanks.. *runs away*” Something like that.
I think people just say awkward moment because the word “weird” was too overused after like ten years of it being really popular. They actually have a website now,
re: I’m slacking off on comments too, I feel bad that I’m *just* returning yours now. I love the computer, too. I hate when I’m on vacation and all the computers in business centers are taken. In one of the hotels I was at, people left their beer and wine in the business center. That was kind of weird.
That’s cool. If I ever tried to climb on rocks I’d get yelled at, and only one beach I know of has rocks. So yeah.
Hahaha. What did your nails look like? I’d love to see. :)
I love this font by the way.

Oh god, “That awkward moment when…” thing is so annoying. I remember it starting on Facebook and then it soon went to Twitter. Some of them were pretty funny and “legit” but seriously, some of them are not even classed as awkward. Like this one “the awkward moment when you get the lyrics to a song wrong”, to me that isn’t even awkward, it’s more embarrassing then anything.

I remember when I called a teacher “mum”, gosh that is actually so awkward and embarrassing. The whole class burst out laughing and I went bright red. I think it was more awkward for the teacher than anything. LOL “pubic space” /dead

I think stating the obvious has to be one of many things that annoy me the most, my sister does it all the time.

Most people will find things awkward whereas others don’t, but seriously censoring a song isn’t awkward, or if someone calls you hot. Being called hot isn’t awkward at all, it’s a compliment.. dude. People have dragged this is on for far too long and now it’s just getting silly. A bit like the whole “LOL jk” thing.

JSYK, I’ve read every single one of your blogs since I’ve been closed, I was just too lazy to comment. :P I prefer to lurk instead. XD

Unfortunately, I am very good at awkwardifying situations. I’ve got better, of course – I have banished turning bright red and dying inside of embarrassment when I went to the post office to post a parcel and asked really nicely, “Please may I post this parcel?” just to get a glare and “no”. Okay, so she was joking, but it didn’t help that I’d never posted a parcel by myself before and spent two minutes watching her tap shit into her computer before I realised I needed to stick the label on. Wow, what a fail. Admittedly, not all that awkward… more embarrassing. Nowadays I think I just take things in my stride. In such situations I kinda think, “oh for God’s sake this is awkward” but I bluff it out.

I don’t like it when songs are censored but it’s not awkward. As for the other two, if we were given more information – e.g. the awkward moment when someone calls you hot and you have two heads, six eyeballs, a beak, three sets of boobs and have an egg in your mouth – that might be more awkward. Otherwise it’s left open to interpretation. And, seeing as I always forget what day it is, I don’t find it awkward at all. Definitely a common occurance.

I once had this teacher that, if you called him ‘dad’, used to say “yes, darling?”, haha.

Oh my god, pubic space. Talk about awkward to the fucking end of infinity. I would have gagged ’cause I’m immature… to the fucking end of infinity.

I’m not surprised Justin Bieber has more followers than Barack Obama, to be honest – the former has a seemingly endless supply of fangirls. You never see him off the trending topics on Twitter because of it. And it is totally not awkward.

Yeah, the whole idea of deawkwardifying (wow, my vocabulary today is pretty immense) a situation is just to keep your cool. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or any idea as to what to do, you are screwed. I read in the paper that two people once met on a blind date – the other guy didn’t turn up and it was lame for him because they ended up getting married and still are.

Have you ever been on a blind date, Georgie? ;)

It is pretty awkward when you’re all like, “erm, yeah… scrap that, I’ll have ___”, but it’s not really that awkward if you think about it. I’m sure lots of people say that every now and then.

It was dead awkward when I was on the London underground and effectively fell into someone’s lap… it helped, I guess, that they were some random bloke who I’ll probably never see again in my lifetime (and if I do, I hope he doesn’t go to me, “hey, aren’t you that girl who fell onto my lap when I was reading The Sun?”).

Seeing as I normally only talk to one or two people at a time on MSN, that’s never happened to me, but I’m sure you’d be most surprised if I started talking about sex in your conversation window. Lmfao. The thing is, though, I’d have to be like “sorry, wrong convo” and you’d be all like… “…okay…!”

Nice emoticon, that one! I’d use it to awkwardify situations. Like I currently use the ‘evil brow one’ (I believe the shortcut is ~~ – it is on my computer, anyway, and I got it from you).

Just to finish off, I don’t think trivial things quite add up to the awkwardness of being torsofucked or funeral raped. I mean, heck, that’s just straight out awkward. So awkward, in fact, it cannot be put into words. Even though anyone else who reads this comment will think I’m a person of a sick, twisted mind, I know you will understand.

Take care! xx

P.S. Scrap the reply plugin, girl. I have a nifty comment form awaiting your presence. ;) ♥

Hahaha well, just letting you know I’ve never been on a blind date but I did watch some random show today that had blind dates in it. They seem fun, but it would be a bit awkward. I’m not great at keeping conversations with people I’ve just met. :P

I think it’s pretty awkward when someone makes a joke, and you’re just supposed to make light of the situation but you just can’t. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood and someone cracks a joke, I can’t stand it. It goes with being sensitive, and I guess the other party just might not know you’re in a bad mood – so you can’t blame them.

I haven’t been in an awkward moment when I’ve never wanted to be alive again… but one time, I did shout “fuck you” on a bus, and I sincerely hope I never meet anyone in the future who was on that bus at that point in time. What are the odds? Not sure, but I will definitely have to keep my cool if someone says, “Hey, you’re that chick who yelled ‘fuck you’ at that random bloke on the bus…”

If anyone scans this page and sees “torsofuck” and “funeral rape”, I will actually applaud if they understand. 👏 Nah, that was just an excuse to use the clapping emoticon…

Ahahaha so true. “That awkward moment when you call your boyfriend your ex-boyfriends name. While having sex.” Yeah, it happened. I never use that phrase, and I didn’t even realize it was becoming so popular. I guess everything goes through fads like that, all different types of words. Using the word ‘legit’ at the moment has popped into my vocabulary far too often. Thankfully I think it’s only when I speak out loud and not when I type on the internet. But still, lol.

I totally agree. I guess some people need to check their dictionaries and see the meaning of “awkward”. Awkward is when I told (loudly) the bus driver goodbye after he gave me my change when I was supposedly going to say thanks. People were snickering when I was on my way to find a seat.

This has been something that’s bugged me for awhile now! XD The so called “awkward moments” that aren’t awkward at all. When somebody makes one of those up, I think it just makes them look (in nice terms) not so smart. I always find myself wondering, “Do they even know what awkward means?” In any case, I agree with everything here.
A common awkward moment for me is the usual waving to somebody who wasn’t waving to you to begin with, or saying goodbye to a friend only to keep going the same direction.

Yeah, thinking is a good thing. :D Without it, there would be no good ideas.

That’s comforting to know. I see myself in pretty much the same place after graduating college, but for me it is still pretty far in the future, and things are always changing. I guess I’ll just have to do the same and take life as it comes and then hope for the best. :)

Yeah, I definitely think it is normal to reminisce on your childhood. It was such a carefree time, and at that point in our lives, we can’t even imagine life with bigger problems. I do miss those old times. :)

Doctor Who. ♥

Really? That’s pretty cool! Haha. It’s always so interesting learning about things in countries outside of my own. Lowes the clothing store. That’s a pretty big contrast from a hardware store. xD

Well that sucks. :P But it makes sense. High cholesterol runs in my family, but I haven’t had mine checked yet. I’m kind of nervous to get it checked for that reason, but I suppose it’s better to know than not, right? Because that way, you’ll be prepared and you can treat it. Heart disease is also in my family, so I need to watch out for that as well. Nevertheless, I still hate needles. xP

Yeah, it really is an admirable trait. I know if I were a male doctor, I would probably feel really awkward asking those questions. But as a girl, I wouldn’t. I don’t know why they had to ask those questions though, since the pain was in my upper stomach, and had nothing to do with that stuff. It’s probably routine for stomach aches though.

I just had to comment because I totally agree with you about the whole “awkward moment” trend going around these days. In fact, I hate the word “awkward” now because it’s been too overly used.

I can’t really think of any awkward situations I have been in – more of them I would classify as embarrassing more than awkward… Well… I guess it was awkward when I was coming out of my homeroom class and me and this boy was doing that “side stepping” thing where you move to the right and that person does too and then you try to move to the left and then that person does too and then it keeps on going for quite awhile until you or the other person finally steps around ending the whole thing. In my case, the boy ended it (it felt like an eternity before he ended it! haha). And I only had to walk a few steps away because my next class was right next door, so I didn’t even dare to look back at him. xP

I usually see the– “the awkward moment when….” on twitter.. People retweet tweets which has it.. LOL sometimes its really awkward but more often not.. haha There’s also something which says– the awkward moment when you eat banana in public.. whats so awkward about it? It can just be awkward when you do something with the banana you’re eating right? lol its funny when you said they find it awkward when Justin Bieber has more Twitter followers than Barack Obama…hahahaha so what? who cares though? theres nothing awkward, it;s just called: REALITY.. For me, whats awkward is talking to an ex about how good sex is and stuff.. anything sex related and talking to someone who you shouldnt be talking to..

Although I probably overuse the “That awkward moment when…” expression, I do have to agree with you! It’s a bit stupid when people say it with things that are no where near awkward. But I guess I also have to say that “awkward” can be subjective and what is awkward to one may not be awkward to another. I myself am quite an awkward individual so I do have a tendency to find things awkward that others just don’t get bothered by, hahaha. But still! Some things are just blatantly NOT awkward in any way.

I feel like when most people use the phrase, they’re just doing it to bring a funny light to the situation, not actually meaning that it’s really “awkward”. Perhaps we should come up with some other saying to use, then! XD I don’t think most people even realize the true definition of the word because it’s been so overused! Yikes!

Hahahahaha! I will say that the Voldemort/Malfoy hug was indeed legitimately awkward XD

I saw this post a while back and I wanted to comment on it, but I never got around to it. This is me getting around to posting you a comment. /type :X

Anyways, I somewhat agree with you on this. I find that I do find somethings awkward. Like talking to my crush is a bit awkward for me. Just because to me it is. It may not be for you, but it is for me.

All your examples support your opinion, but I will say that sometimes are indeed awkward to some people. It maybe awkward to for someone to call another person hot maybe because they don’t ever receive a compliment like that or because it is coming from someone that is extremely younger or older than the person. That can make it awkward.

All I am trying to say is that not all things that people post as awkward can be classified as normal. It maybe normal for one person, but for another it may be awkward. But you do make some good points. People do make things awkward for themselves. I can make it so talking to my crush isn’t so awkward. I could, but it is hard for me. Do you get where I am going on this? It is somethings are just awkward for some. :)

That awkward moment when Pinocchio and Voldemort meet.. aha, even though it’s kinda stupid.. I thought it was funny.. ;) XD

Thankyou, finally somebody making sense…I don’t understsnd these phrases at all, things like ‘The awkward moment when Harry realises that the Elder wand can’t fix the riots’ it’s so dumb and theook pages dedicated to one phrase…it’s ridiculous

The awkward moment when you googled awkward moments and read this… Lol XD