Hello Breakfast

This morning I met Krissy! I haven’t known her for all that long but she’s a vibrant person and totally awesome. She’s in Sydney now from Canada working for a design company and we got the chance to meet up for breakfast. 😄 It was totally fun just having a chat on a breezy winter’s day, and we went to a little cafe in a small street. The surroundings were kind of eerie and I hadn’t been there myself but we had a good morning. 🙂 I had a bacon and egg roll and the barbecue sauce was so tasty I could feel the smell going up my nose. It was really… aromatic, to say the least. 😛

I keep forgetting to scan in my black and white photos from photography. I do want to share them though. For my second task, that was due today, I photographed my brother. The focus was on environmental portraiture so I made sure to take photos of him engaged in activities that showed a lot about his personality. The ones of him studying didn’t turn out too well but I printed five in total: doing taekwondo, playing Maplestory, sitting in his room at his desk, on the train listening to music, walking down the escalator at the station. I really like how they turned out and my tutor said it was kind of interesting how he was doing taekwondo in the middle of the street… well, I chose the road because there was no better place to photograph where the light would work to my advantage.

I didn’t submit the final one of him walking down the escalator, it was a bit too dark and didn’t say much about Brandon as a person. 😛 He liked how the photos turned out too, and I just remembered that he wanted to scan them as well so he could show them to his friends on Facebook. Haha.

I had lunch with April and Edmond today and we sat at the top level of McDonald’s. I’ve never been to that top level and it was nice and quiet… no idea why no one goes there much.

I did my presentation for my final task today, too, and like I did the past three or so times with my media research projects – I was spontaneous. I didn’t really do it in five minutes beforehand, but all I did was print a bunch of reference images the night before, and write a few lines on a piece of paper as a guide. I felt really passionate about my idea though, and I knew what I was going to say, so I guess I didn’t really need the guide and I just talked and talked.

For my final project I’m going to convey music in shadows. I know it’ll be a challenge with photography but I’ve been inspired by an artist named Mirza Ajanovic, who did a series of photographs of “music in light”, expressing music with light. I really like what he did there and obviously I wanted to do something more unique – not just depicting music in a typical or obvious manner. That’s why I settled on shadows… one morning I woke up and the sun cast shadows of my translucent curtain on the wall. It looked stripy, patchy, and it had tone and represented pitch and an ethereal quality – all things that define music or that I like about it. I will really need to work on that this week! I mentioned the film American Beauty in my presentation, because of that contemplative scene with the plastic bag blowing in the wind… my tutor seemed impressed. I hope I get brownie points for that. 😁

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