Hello Breakfast

This morning I met Krissy! I haven’t known her for all that long but she’s a vibrant person and totally awesome. She’s in Sydney now from Canada working for a design company and we got the chance to meet up for breakfast. :D It was totally fun just having a chat on a breezy winter’s day, and we went to a little cafe in a small street. The surroundings were kind of eerie and I hadn’t been there myself but we had a good morning. :) I had a bacon and egg roll and the barbecue sauce was so tasty I could feel the smell going up my nose. It was really… aromatic, to say the least. :P

I keep forgetting to scan in my black and white photos from photography. I do want to share them though. For my second task, that was due today, I photographed my brother. The focus was on environmental portraiture so I made sure to take photos of him engaged in activities that showed a lot about his personality. The ones of him studying didn’t turn out too well but I printed five in total: doing taekwondo, playing Maplestory, sitting in his room at his desk, on the train listening to music, walking down the escalator at the station. I really like how they turned out and my tutor said it was kind of interesting how he was doing taekwondo in the middle of the street… well, I chose the road because there was no better place to photograph where the light would work to my advantage.

I didn’t submit the final one of him walking down the escalator, it was a bit too dark and didn’t say much about Brandon as a person. :P He liked how the photos turned out too, and I just remembered that he wanted to scan them as well so he could show them to his friends on Facebook. Haha.

I had lunch with April and Edmond today and we sat at the top level of McDonald’s. I’ve never been to that top level and it was nice and quiet… no idea why no one goes there much.

I did my presentation for my final task today, too, and like I did the past three or so times with my media research projects – I was spontaneous. I didn’t really do it in five minutes beforehand, but all I did was print a bunch of reference images the night before, and write a few lines on a piece of paper as a guide. I felt really passionate about my idea though, and I knew what I was going to say, so I guess I didn’t really need the guide and I just talked and talked.

For my final project I’m going to convey music in shadows. I know it’ll be a challenge with photography but I’ve been inspired by an artist named Mirza Ajanovic, who did a series of photographs of “music in light”, expressing music with light. I really like what he did there and obviously I wanted to do something more unique – not just depicting music in a typical or obvious manner. That’s why I settled on shadows… one morning I woke up and the sun cast shadows of my translucent curtain on the wall. It looked stripy, patchy, and it had tone and represented pitch and an ethereal quality – all things that define music or that I like about it. I will really need to work on that this week! I mentioned the film American Beauty in my presentation, because of that contemplative scene with the plastic bag blowing in the wind… my tutor seemed impressed. I hope I get brownie points for that. /bounce

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I can’t wait for you to scan in some of your b&w photos! I especially look forward to seeing your brother do Taekwando in the middle of a street. I bet that’s an awesome picture. I’m also really interested in the “music in shadows” project you spoke of in this entry. It sounds like it will be amazing.

PS American Beauty is one of my top 5 favorite films of all time, so you get points from me for mentioning it, too! :D

That’s so cool that you got to meet someone from the blogosphere! That’s been my dream to meet someone from here for a long time. The closest person to me is Yvonne (eleventhday.org), and she’s about an 8/9 hour drive away. /faw Everyone else lives on the East coast, Canada, or Europe. But that must’ve been a ton of fun talking to someone you know online. ^_^

The photos of your brother will be interesting. :P I’ve always loved black and white photographs. In my opinion, they carry more character than photos with color. They make photos look vintage, too. I hope you get them scanned soon so everyone can see them! :)

-shivers- McDonalds. 😰

Congratulations on your presentation! :) I wish I had the ability to just talk and talk and remain on the subject at hand. Instead I ramble and ramble and use lots of “ums,” “yeahs,” and “rights.” /hmph I don’t do well in front of crowds. Oh, and good luck on your next project. That sounds really interesting, the whole “music in shadows.” I like how you described how it looks to you. Hopefully you get those extra brownie points, too. c:

it would be really cool to see your scans!I really love seeing what others are doing with there art. Good look with your shadows project. it seems like it would be a lot of fun and that Mirza is good inspiration. I took a look at the site that you posted and I love the work!

It’s always really cool I think tho have lunch and breakfast with people, seems like you had a lot of fun. even though I hate meat, I it when you can smell your food and from that you just get an amazing taste! It’s the best! ♥

Yay! I’m one of your first commenters today! ;)

I don’t know, but this post sounded rather poetic to my reading ear. I loved it.

Glad you got to meet Krissy. :) I felt the same way upon meeting Afef (strawberry-gashes.net) years ago. I really miss her now, so bad we live so far away from each other. I’d love to meet you too one day.

Congrats on your presentation, guess you did wonderfully there. That – and you’re an artist. Looking forward to see you featured someday. *hugs*

~ Luana S.

You’re making me curious xD I’d love to see all those photos you made ♥ I already loved the ones you put on flickr :)

It’s nice to meet up with people from the blogosphere ~ xD I wish I had somebody to meet up with :) Unfortunately no one from my blogroll lives near by XD Though I meet up with people from other sites XD Anyway, I’m glad you had the opportunity to meet Krissy :)

I’m jealous of you being able to be spontaneous. I’d love to be able to give a presentation “freely”. With having just written some guidelines for me and then…talking. But I always forget things, my mind goes blank. I’m not relaxed enough to be spontaneous in that situation.

Wow. That’s pretty cool. Wish I could also meet some bloggers from the blogosphere so I’d be friends with them in real life. I’ve tried meeting up with someone who also blogs, tho. But they’re from Tumblr. I don’t know if it’s just me or Tumblr isn’t / shouldn’t really be considered part of the blogosphere. Like, it belongs to a different world or something. Lol. I don’t know. Guess I didn’t make sense. :))

Congratulations on your presentation and good luck on the upcoming ones! :D

It’s always nice to meet someone new. I haven’t met any online acquaintances since college when I used to frequent this forum that got new members on a regular basis. Yes, there are several dangers with meeting people from the internet but that aside it’s usually a pleasant experience. Plus having breakfast with a great conversation is definitely one of the best ways to start the day. You make me crave for waffles and bacon. Damn.

Interesting photog ideas you got there, by the way. Music through shadows is definitely going to be tricky. I wish you all the best!

It’s so much fun seeing someone face to face that you’ve only spoken to online. I love bnw pictures :D Love them. I think they make people more appealing and photographic.

Thankyou for all your kind wishes :) The swelling is worse on one side of my face, but hopefully it will be gone by the weekend :D
Yeah, my boyfriend had a tooth removed for when he got braces. He hasn’t had his wisdom teeth come through yet, though..lucky boy!
It’s not as bad as everyone says, as long as you take pain killers regularly it’s fine!

Those black and white images and your “music in motion” ideas sound really fascinating! I can’t wait to see the results! If it’s like your other content and photography, I am sure it will be fantastic :D

Meeting a blogger in person is an exciting thing to do ^__^!

It seems like you’re having fun with your photography class :)! It gives you more pictures to post on your photoblog then (:! I think I might be getting one soon- since I am my band’s photographer. Dang. My brother plays MapleStory too XD!

Australian McDonalds sounds more better than the USA’s McDonalds XD! Having a second floor of McD’s is like.. Not what I would see here at all :/. At the most, I would just see a regular one with a small playhouse for kids. I loved playing in these playhouses- except for the time I had to cross the bridge in the high elevation. I was scared it might break and kill me -__-!

Good job on your presentation :)! Being prepared is the best thing to do because not only you don’t rely on your notes, you make it sound amazing :)

Good luck with your final project too (:! You’ll do an awesome job with your idea! I would like to see how it comes out! Music in light- that’s something that’s worth doing :D! You gotta start working sooner :P

Thank you for the votes (:! I appreciate it :D! The WHOIS of the site said it existed since 1989 :/. It’s really absurd. He probably works for the secret agency since the CIA had the internet existing since the cold war or something. It’s weird.

Thank you :)! Your reviews are awesome because you can manage to do a lot of ’em pretty well and descripted!

Well- Happy the July 8th to you :)! {When you receive this comment XD!}

Take care ;D

After reading the last few posts, I have to say that it is simply awesome that you are having such a great time in your photography class! How much you enjoy a class really makes or breaks your attitude towards school, doesn’t it?

I’d love to see more of the photographs that you have done for this class, especially the “Music in Shadows”. The music in light album is beautiful! I have no idea how such an effect is pulled off, but it’s pretty enough that I’m willing to not wonder and just call it art. =P

ELO GEORGIE. (: /wave

Is Krissy someone you met online? That’s really cool though. And that egg roll sounds delicious.

Sounds like you’ve been busy with project and such. Is this for a photography class? And I’d love to see some of the shots you took. They sound really epic specially if they’re black & white. Good luck with that final project. Portraying music with photography sounds difficult but you seem to have a great idea. ^___^

♥ AnneMarie

Hello! Agh, I’ve been so out of touch. And I’m pretty terrible at reading/responding to everyone’s comments quickly – there was a period of time when I just didn’t read comments for a month. Haha.

Yes, I met Krissy on TheFanlistings.org. I don’t get the chance to meet many people in real life who I initially meet online, what with everyone living in different countries and such.

I’ve finished my photography subject, and my project went well – just waiting on the results now! :)

Your photographs sound like they’re really awesome, would be good to see some of them if you’re inclined to share them :)

Sounds like you’ve been busy! The photos sound great, can’t wait to see them :)

I wish I’m able to meet one of my blogging friends too. it must be nice,eh~ ;) too bad the timing wasn’t right. whenever we wanted to meet, it’s always so… immediate. Like she’s on this place I just went to and then I end up regretting that I went home ahead of her. O_O
can’t wait to see your black and white photos. I always have a thing for black and white effects (oh and a lil bit of sephia too). will you upload them on indecisively.me? if so I’ll keep an eye on that photolog of yours,haha.
when you talked about McDonald, there’s only one thing that came to my mind – McFlurry. I love this so much 😝

Realy good blog! I love it!
I don’t know how you write so long posts ?.?
Looong time ago a made a blog. I can tell about me much information but in blog i can’t write it, don’t know why…
Your life is very interesting)) And i always read your posts with big interest!
PS ssory for my “english” /faw /faw /faw I’m bad at speaking english((

I mostly write about my daily life, so I really don’t know how I can help you there. I guess I might have a more interesting life than others, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for writing short posts. :) Just write freely, whatever you feel like writing, as if you’re telling a story to someone. It’s your blog so you really decide. If you don’t feel like writing something long then that’s okay.

That sounds awesome. :) I love meeting new people online and it would be even better if I met them face-to-face. Sounds like you had an awesome time there! (:

Sounds like uni is getting easier for you which is great! (:

I still don’t understand how you can balance Uni, having a life, and all of your websites. Most of my sites would get ignored if I had that busy of a life. :P

I can’t wait to see your black & white pictures. I bet they are awesome. :)