Dark Side of the Moon

I haven’t had such a joyous time taking photographs for my assignment… particularly the last one. Today I finished the second assignment, which wasn’t as bad as I thought. Turns out the roll of film I took last week wasn’t all that great, and all the good shots were in the roll I finished up yesterday. Everything I printed was in my most recent roll. I have a research assignment to do (which I haven’t gotten very far in) and one more assignment… no idea why it’s shaking my socks off in fear. My focus is music in general, I’m playing around with the idea a little as my tutor suggested to depict music abstractly through photography, and I’m not sure if I want to make my guitar more of a focus or just have music in general. It just occurred to me that I can photograph my vinyl records. /eee

I haven’t had the opportunity to take good shots because I haven’t been around during the day. During the day and when lighting is best to take photos, I’ve been out… like the weekend, my mum wanted to take me and my brother to the markets and shops to buy some clothes. It’s all good though, I did get some stuff. :D I got two pairs of jeans.

I generally hate jeans. A lot. I refuse to wear pants and always want to wear a skirt. Admittedly, a short one. Sometimes, with tights or leggings. I just despise jeans so much because I can never find the right size for me. Because of my thin figure but muscled legs, anything that fits my legs will most likely fall down at the waist, and anything that fits there will probably cut off circulation to my legs. Fan-fucking-tastic. Right. So anyway, I found two pairs of jeans – one white and one peach. They fit so comfortably so I was really happy about that.

I also got lots of new shoes. Having exceptionally tiny feet means great difficulty in finding shoes… but I did find some nice shoes over the weekend. I got zebra print boots, and my mum got a pair to match. I also got some red ballet flats. I used to hate those shoes thinking they were just an insult to real ballet shoes (and this coming from a ballerina…), but now that I found ones that actually fit, it’s quite nice. :) I have been loving the colour red so much lately… I even got a red handbag. :D

Well, as I said, the lighting at night is pretty shit, and I guess tomorrow I’ll find out how my shots in the dark turned out. Probably really black. :( Photography is getting very tedious. I enjoy it but having it all crammed into winter break is a bit hectic. At the same time, I wish university was structured differently so we wouldn’t have so many subjects to work on during semester. University is crazy. Perhaps I’m just over it, since it’s my final year and I’ll be finishing up soon.

Some time next semester I’ll have to apply for a Masters degree, and I hope I get in. I think I need one of those turning points, those moments in life when you just need a bit of a change of direction, not too drastic, but comfortable enough for you.

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Ho, you. Not Mentioning Me.

Put your socks back on. The trembling gives them wrinkles.
I sure like your muscly legs /faw

Of course the lighting at night is ‘particularly shit’. :P that’s so cute :)
Matching zebra print boots! Please don’t wear them out together. /cactus
that’ll be mighty /sweat.

Ah, MasterWuggs will be awesome. It’ll be a great addition to my other things; MasterLock, MasterCard, MasterChef, MasterBate.


I have such a difficult time finding jeans that fit me too. :/ I have pretty much no butt, so all the jeans I find the butt is all saggy… It’s kind of awkward and I don’t like wearing clothes that feel like that. Then, when I find jeans that fit my butt, it’s too tight in the rest of my waist. Now, when I find jeans that fit me right, I love wearing them, because you can wear practically anything with jeans. It’s just finding those that fit right.

Yay for new clothes and shoes though! I’m real picky, so bringing home things I like is always a lovely feeling. ^^ Just keep thinking about how this is your last year and your almost through. I’m sure it’s a drag now, but it’s almost over!

Haha, my friend was so scared that my mom was going to be mad at her and wouldn’t let us hang out anymore, but my mom was totally fine, just glad we were okay. :3 Geez a lou! The car accident you were in sounds terrifying too! Going a complete 360 would totally freak me out! But I guess since it all just happens so fast… but thank you. I’m glad we’re okay too. :P

It’s good to hear that you are enjoying all the photography assignments that you have. XD Sounds fun to me too. Wish I too could go for photography classes like you but too bad. I’m already going to University this October. 😢

In the contrary, I love jeans a lot. But just like you, it’s hard to find the right size. Either the waist would fit rightly, but my thighs are too big; or it could fit my thighs but too big for my waist. It’s once in a blue moon that I get jeans that can fir me rightly. LOL. D:

Zebra print boots definitely sounds nice. I have one, but it’s purely black. I’m in love with heels lately. They just make me confident while walking. Hey, I agree with you. I’ve been loving the colour red lately too. Plus, beige. Hope, everything goes on well with your photography assignments. All the best in getting the best shot. ✌️

You seem to be really inspired for your photography course. ^-^ That’s so nice, especially since it seems to be your real field of work (just my opinion, but I see you very MUCH into it!).

Aaah, jeans… sometimes they have weird shapes indeed. Not all jeans do fit our own’s sizes. Guess you could try that style that is skinny around your waist but it gets larger toward to your feet. Could get your legs comfortable. :)

Good luck with university! Hope you finish soon and get your Masters degree. ;)

~ Luana S.

I’m a short arse so I too have problems finding jeans … BUT, in Target (yes the red dot boutique), they have jeans for short, medium and tall peoples so YAY!

Red is a power colour so wear red with pride ♥

My legs are short, so I kind of hate shopping for jeans. They’re usually waaaaaay too long and I have wide hips, so either it’s a couple sizes too big and it looks both baggy and dorky, or I wear it on my hips and it slides down when I move, which I pretty much hate. I took a summer writing class on film right before I came to China (I JUST realized it’s winter in Australia. For some reason, it just didn’t click). It was only 3 weeks, and it was a lot of fun, but it definitely would have been easier if it was spread out just a little more. The work was so stressful, so I can kind of understand how you’re feeling. Still, I’m sure you’ll do fine on your assignments. ^^

Haha! For me, 100 words is a lot since I’m such a lazy writer! 😝

Angry Birds is such an enjoyable game! You should try it some time! :D


Congratz on finishing your 2nd assignment! :D Good luck with your other assignments!

I, too, hate jeans! I prefer shorts and leggings!

Zebra print boots sound good. :D I’ve always wanted to get myself a pair of boots. I was obsessed with them when I was in kindergarten! XD But right now, my obsession is heels and flats. LOL. I don’t know why but the caller red makes me hungry. XD

Vinyl records would be a good object for photography! I hope you can get some good shots with those. Ahh I sometimes have trouble finding the right size for jeans too! I usually try to go with the flexible ones although they can be hard to find since normal jeans by nature are very restrictive T_T I am glad you were able to find ones that fit you comfortably! Zebra-print boots sound interesting :D.

Yeah University can get quite crazy…I am glad I graduated. I could opt for a masters but I think the job that I am working on right now requires a different set of skills which I can’t achieve via college courses so no meaning in wasting my tuition. I hope you get into the masters program you are interested in :) Good luck!

Congrats on finishing your second assignment :) I wish you good luck with your other assignments ;)

I’m glad that you were able to find ones that fit you comfortably! Finding the right jeans can be really annoying. I must admit that I prefer skirts or short as well ! xD ♥

Sorry for the late response, but I am going to start new. I had finals, went to Meixco, am in summer. ahh its crazy haha You had all of this when I was going through winter I bet lol.

I never got into photography. I have a DSLR, that I use, but I don’t know how to use it well. My online friend Evan suggested me to get it and I did get it. he loves it, but I don’t think photography is my thing. I am a fine arts student (Painting, drawing) so i thought the camera would help me with my artistic side. It does help and take amazing photos. I hope you can get into it considering you are graded for it lol

and I hate jeans too! I can never fine ones that fit. I am 5’2 so like its hard to fine ones that fit. Also if they do fit they are too low for me. Like they sometimes fall down. I love jeggins and I love skirts. So i don’t wear jeans that much. However I gotten use to wearing belts so I guess its all better lol

I know you’ll get in somewhere. I know you’ll get your masters :) I have faith that you will get in somewhere. You work so hard that you will get something. Also next year i start applying for my BA and am going to college/university. It’s really scary lol

I see you tweeting about photography class occasionally; I think it’s a pretty neat and interesting class to take! I wanted to take it in high school but it was the type of class that was super exclusive to take; you had to know the teacher beforehand to actually get in since it was in such high demand. They mainly used DSLR’s though not film so I’m not really sure how I would have liked it; I mainly want to experiment with film. Do you develop them yourself in those dark rooms? XD I don’t know why but I think that would be really neat to do.

I personally love jeans! I agree that it can be a bit bothersome finding some. They’re never 100% perfect; you have to let something go be it the waist being too big or the cuffs too tight like you mentioned. Never the best of both worlds. I do wear a lot of skinny jeans and find I fit into those a bit better. I like to wear skirts every now and then too but I feel awkward since I don’t have the right shows to wear them in; all I have are Converse believe it or not. Sometimes I’ll borrow my step-moms heels but they never feel right. /ho Maybe you can give me some of your shoes since you have a lot, eh?

Wow! It must be exciting to finish up your final year? I still have… five more years to go. Heh.

Hmmm … You pick a subject (or get assigned one) to focus on then you photograph and research on it? I wish I had an assignment like that, it doesn’t sound bad at all! I don’t have a camera of my own but the digital camera I have touched before can’t even photograph at night. I’m sure the professional one solves that problem.

BOOOO jeans are the best! When you said you refuse to wear pants at first I was like, WTH, then I kept reading of course. HAHA. You live in a warm enough place that you probably only need jeans for 3 months of the year, while I’m in jeans from November – March and sometimes a few days in spring and fall when the temperature is colder than usual. Though with your lower-body-type (sounds weird sorry) I guess those flare jeans I think I complained to you about would work. They’re not so tight.

I love ballet flats, but I agree they should be named something better. My first pair though, totally killed the back of my heels. That’s why I wear sandals now when the weather is nice, aka every day.

I can imagine doing a course over winter break can be very tough! Good luck and good luck also with applying for your Masters. It’s amazing that you’re barely older than me and are already done with Bachelors while I’m just starting, haha.

Yeah, I haven’t actually complained much about my situation, not out loud at least but I have been quite upset with them two. What you said about priorities … it’s not exactly it though. It’s not like the thing being prioritized is absolutely necessary? Hmm … parents.

You did not tell me that you slapped your friend in the face. O_______O I’ll admit those comments about being girly or not are very annoying, and actually quite immature, but I guess I’m just not the type of girl to slap a guy.

Yeahh! My mom thinks I’m a spoiled bitch because I only clean her house and buy her groceries, and haven’t gotten to doing her laundry yet. Fucking hell is right -_- I can’t believe I cursed 3x in one paragraph.

Hmm this might be a crazy idea but maybe think of Indonesia as a photography project … find something Indonesian to focus on. I so would do that with Korea IF I HAD A CAMERA.