The Aperture Ghost

Friday! Yes, end of the week. Fridays are always lazy as hell. I played guitar for most of my afternoon, and I actually wrote a new song in ten minutes. I’m very proud of it.

I was lazy all of tonight, seeing as most of my day was spent going to university and back, and at university processing and printing another roll of film. Wow. I can’t believe how intense doing a subject during the break is. Madness!

I have to take photos of someone for my second task and I chose my brother Brandon. I had to take a few photos at night or in artificial light so my results weren’t that great, though it was a nice challenge! I printed an intentionally motion blurred photo of him walking down the escalator at the station. It turned out a little eerie and dark but I liked the effect. It sort of conveyed a bit of mysteriousness and the fact that he was in his own world – even though, yes, he knew I was photographing him from behind. Hehe.

Photo paper is so expensive, as is film. It’s driving me mad, every time I get paid from work, all the money gets blown on photography stuff. I’m not so stingy about it as I am with other stuff though. Usually with food I might choose the cheapest thing on the menu… but hey, this goes to show much I like this subject because I’m willing to spend quite a bit of money.

Today I finished photographing Brandon at the station and I bid him farewell when he had to get off the train at his stop, on the way to school. I was so worried when I developed my film in the tank that something would go wrong, for two reasons, 1) I was using a different type of film that needed different developing times, and 2) I accidentally put too little fixing liquid into the tank. I shook the tank a bit more to make up for it, but to be honest I was worried as hell. Thankfully, my film negatives came out alright! There were definitely some useful shots there, but also a few failed ones where the shots had turned out completely black. Probably because of the crap lighting in Brandon’s room.

Once I printed a sheet with a copy of all the photos, I left it to wash in the water. I printed another one because the first copy was grainy, but I decided to keep both anyway. A classmate, Edmond, was also in the darkroom printing. He left the room and I put one of my sheets in the dryer to dry, and as soon as I put it in, I went outside to see how he was going checking out his prints in the light. When we went back inside, my print had disappeared from the dryer. We spent a while looking on the table around the dryer and on the floor around it, as well as in the bin, in case it dropped in.

It was actually freaking me out that the print was nowhere to be found. đŸ˜• Edmond thought it might have been stuck, but we realised it wasn’t possible, because the dryer is narrower than the sheets of paper. After I put my other print into the dryer, it came out okay, so it was really a mystery where my first sheet went. We decided to put our photo paper away (should it hit the light, it would be deemed useless!) before turning on the lights completely. When we did, we found my print halfway across the room, right under a workstation.

Freaky that it must have gone flying or something. Similarly, Addison had been checking for the right settings for his print, and he came outside with a full print, not having changed any settings, but his picture was so much lighter.

“Are you sure you didn’t change the aperture?” our tutor asked.
“I didn’t! I didn’t change anything,” said Addison.
“Must be the Aperture Ghost,” replied our tutor.

I’m amused.

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