It’s been really cold in Australia (at least, the eastern part). The other day it was something like four degrees Celsius, which is the coldest it’s been here in years. The wind chill is pretty bad as well. Going to university has been alright because as soon as I walk into the building it’s warm. But once you walk outside the breeze from the sea gets you. At least I have the wonderful excuse of wearing scarves and my new coat that I got last weekend. Oh, not to mention, my new jeans that actually fit really well. πŸ™‚ I sure as hell love wearing skirts and stockings but I wear my signature skirt all the time – it’s a denim skirt I got a few years ago and it’s just so comfortable – and since I haven’t bought any new skirts lately, my new peach and white jeans are sure to be worn a lot this winter. πŸ˜„

Speaking of skirts, I was going to buy one the other day but changed my mind because I didn’t like the length. I actually told my mum it was not short enough. Oh, here I am channelling Amy Pond – quite possibly my favourite female Doctor Who companion! – with her short skirts. πŸ˜‰ I don’t mind long skirts and dresses, but I tried on a skirt that made me look short because of its length. It didn’t quite hit the knees and it wasn’t a miniskirt like my signature skirt. I wasn’t a big fan of the brownish colour either.

Yesterday I went to university to process and print a roll of film. When I processed it, all was well. πŸ˜„ I always get paranoid that I don’t develop or fix it for long enough and the film will come out crap. Luckily that’s never happened. I also printed nine photos yesterday. What with spending a whole day in the lab, you’d think I would have printed more than that, but having to do test strips to make sure each photo comes out perfect – it’s really time consuming. Nine photos is quite a lot.

I also had lunch with Edmond and Tommy, and I took them to the handmade noodle restaurant that I’ve been to a few times with James. I made Edmond try the flavour noodles since they are… very flavourful. He liked it. Looks like I’m good at suggesting food to people. He was surprised when he asked me if I knew any good restaurants and I said, “there’s Pepper Lunch down the road, and Poporo in the shopping centre as well as a really good sushi train, and the Vietnamese pho place in George Street… there’s also a pizza place up that way…”

It was nearly time for the lab to be closed (5:00pm) and the teacher in charge, Jennifer, kept saying at 4:30pm that we had “ten minutes left”. I printed about three photos without even doing test strips, and I was hoping like hell that they would come out okay. They did! I haven’t received my other task back (the one with portraits of my brother) but this week I should be – I’d love to scan them in and post them.

My Music in Shadows project is pretty much done. I decided that I didn’t want to take another roll of film. I only have two, and I was able to choose nine photos, so I think that’s alright. Some people took at least four rolls. But I’m thinking, I know it’s suggested that we take as many rolls as we need prints (for this particular project we need six prints) – but if I can get many good shots from just a couple of rolls, no point in taking more, right?

I even asked my tutor, Paul, what he thought of my photos. He pointed out at least four that he definitely liked, so I think I’m doing really well. 😁 Only one of mine isn’t technically of shadows – it’s a photo of my guitar with the sun casting a shadow on the floor. But since the photos are supposed to work as a series, the guitar is my first photo, and the rest of the shadow photographs will depict tones of music, and because of their different shapes, they will represent both different kinds of music and different parts of a song. I hope I choose the best photos for this project! 😚 Fingers crossed.

I’ve been working on a new layout and hopefully I can put that up with my next blog post. β™₯️

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