Braindead Virtually

Some time in January I said to myself, “I will never make a layout better than Love Is….” And now, I think I’ve proven myself wrong. For much of my life I have tried to prove people wrong and it is rare that I prove myself wrong. I honestly think this layout is better than Love Is… – sure, it’s totally different, but overall, I think I’ve improved and to me, improvement and progress is important. πŸ™‚

This layout shows that I totally stepped out of my comfort zone. I was never really comfortable doing a fluid layout that would adjust to the size of the screen or window, and here it is. I am still using the brown that I love, still using some pretty fonts – but I have used colour – something I didn’t really use much of at all. Dull greys and colour schemes of no more than one primary colour, and now this. I’m pretty proud of it. I started designing it on a whim, and I really wanted to use the light brown colour and come out with something brighter. My layouts seem to change from dull to bright, so now it was time for a bright one. I’m pretty proud of this layout and I hope you guys like it!

Macho love to Vivien for driving my inspiration further. She was the one who told me it looked “cafe-y”, which gave me the idea of really making the brown stand out and putting a vector image of coffee in the header. I soon changed my mind and realised that I was pretty inspired by one of my favourite Blur songs – Coffee and TV. In the music video, a little animated milk carton walks around and dances on his long journey to find Graham Coxon. It’s cute, and worth watching! I drew the little milk carton in Illustrator, without a tablet, and I’m glad it turned out alright. It looks a bit out of place but hopefully stands out in a good way. πŸ˜‰ I also know there is a problem with the navigation being funny in smaller resolutions, but just hit CTRL+minus key to zoom out once (or twice) and it should look okay. I’m looking into fixing that… /um

Edit: I believe I’ve managed to fix the problem! I rearranged a few things and everything should look okay in small resolutions now.

To be honest, the first time I saw the video, I had already heard the song so I paid more attention to the music video. I sort of forgot about the song and it seemed like it was just background music. When I think of a really good music video, it catches my attention and I don’t want to avert my gaze. The thing that sucks is that you watch a great music video and realise you haven’t been listening to the song all along. Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam is an example of a music video that really had me hooked. The song is great, but I feel like the video detracted from the music. I actually saw a music video a while ago that had a similar animated, dark style. I was watching it with my brother and we were talking about how we weren’t paying attention to the music.

I guess this is where videos with dancing and singing and most videos for love songs come in handy. You usually see the singer singing or performing and that way you actually pay attention to at least a bit of the music. I don’t have a favourite music video, but since last week, I’ve been endlessly watching Dave Days’ parody of Last Friday Night because, despite being a parody of Katy Perry, it’s amusing what he does in the video and that I actually see him singing. I also like Charmless Man by Blur because it’s a lovely combination of telling a story and seeing the band – who sing and appear everywhere the main character seems to go.

I don’t know what would define a crap music video, but Coffee and TV is one that is just ever so cute, I could watch it over and over. And I love the song, too. πŸ™‚

I only got a Credit and Distinction in my last two photography tasks. I am a little bit disappointed but hopefully I can pull up my average in the final assignment. My tutor said there were some spots on my photographs… ugh! I am annoyed because I practised getting rid of them on crappy photos, but I didn’t do it well so I didn’t want to ruin my good photos.

I think I’ll just reprint them because it’ll be so much easier… ☺️

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