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Some time in January I said to myself, “I will never make a layout better than Love Is….” And now, I think I’ve proven myself wrong. For much of my life I have tried to prove people wrong and it is rare that I prove myself wrong. I honestly think this layout is better than Love Is… – sure, it’s totally different, but overall, I think I’ve improved and to me, improvement and progress is important. :)

This layout shows that I totally stepped out of my comfort zone. I was never really comfortable doing a fluid layout that would adjust to the size of the screen or window, and here it is. I am still using the brown that I love, still using some pretty fonts – but I have used colour – something I didn’t really use much of at all. Dull greys and colour schemes of no more than one primary colour, and now this. I’m pretty proud of it. I started designing it on a whim, and I really wanted to use the light brown colour and come out with something brighter. My layouts seem to change from dull to bright, so now it was time for a bright one. I’m pretty proud of this layout and I hope you guys like it!

Macho love to Vivien for driving my inspiration further. She was the one who told me it looked “cafe-y”, which gave me the idea of really making the brown stand out and putting a vector image of coffee in the header. I soon changed my mind and realised that I was pretty inspired by one of my favourite Blur songs – Coffee and TV. In the music video, a little animated milk carton walks around and dances on his long journey to find Graham Coxon. It’s cute, and worth watching! I drew the little milk carton in Illustrator, without a tablet, and I’m glad it turned out alright. It looks a bit out of place but hopefully stands out in a good way. ;) I also know there is a problem with the navigation being funny in smaller resolutions, but just hit CTRL+minus key to zoom out once (or twice) and it should look okay. I’m looking into fixing that… /um

Edit: I believe I’ve managed to fix the problem! I rearranged a few things and everything should look okay in small resolutions now.

To be honest, the first time I saw the video, I had already heard the song so I paid more attention to the music video. I sort of forgot about the song and it seemed like it was just background music. When I think of a really good music video, it catches my attention and I don’t want to avert my gaze. The thing that sucks is that you watch a great music video and realise you haven’t been listening to the song all along. Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam is an example of a music video that really had me hooked. The song is great, but I feel like the video detracted from the music. I actually saw a music video a while ago that had a similar animated, dark style. I was watching it with my brother and we were talking about how we weren’t paying attention to the music.

I guess this is where videos with dancing and singing and most videos for love songs come in handy. You usually see the singer singing or performing and that way you actually pay attention to at least a bit of the music. I don’t have a favourite music video, but since last week, I’ve been endlessly watching Dave Days’ parody of Last Friday Night because, despite being a parody of Katy Perry, it’s amusing what he does in the video and that I actually see him singing. I also like Charmless Man by Blur because it’s a lovely combination of telling a story and seeing the band – who sing and appear everywhere the main character seems to go.

I don’t know what would define a crap music video, but Coffee and TV is one that is just ever so cute, I could watch it over and over. And I love the song, too. :)

I only got a Credit and Distinction in my last two photography tasks. I am a little bit disappointed but hopefully I can pull up my average in the final assignment. My tutor said there were some spots on my photographs… ugh! I am annoyed because I practised getting rid of them on crappy photos, but I didn’t do it well so I didn’t want to ruin my good photos.

I think I’ll just reprint them because it’ll be so much easier… /eee

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New layout :O. I think that the milk carton is CUTE AS! /um Don’t worry, it doesn’t look that out of place because there aren’t any other images XD. But it totally stands out (in a good way). I love this colour scheme! For some reason I’m all /love about greys and browns and stuff. It’s weird, but whatever!

Brown and blue match really well though :).

LOL, I haven’t seen ANY of those music videos that you’ve mentioned D:. Wow, I’m a terrible music…person? Yeah no term to describe myself D:. But that Last Friday Night parody IS pretty funny! Though the original song is pretty funny as well :P.

I’m sorry about your Credit :(. I know you wanted higher. But congratulations on your Distinction :D. I think you’ll be able to pull your average up! I’ll cross my fingers for you. You’d totally deserve it if you got a HD cos you’ve been working pretty hard on this assignment, I think :O. GOOD LUCK!

I’m going to go panic about my results now :).


OMGOSHHHHHHHHHH THE NEW LAYOUT IS AMAZING!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I adore it! It’s so clean and neat and just gorgeous! I do believe you’re the only web designer I know that can work browns so well. (I always end up choosing poo /poo coloured browns 😰 ) I also think it’s a big step out of your regular style. It’s nice to dab/experiment in completely foreign things, eh? Especially for someone like you who can pull off something so elegant! 8D My favourite thing would have to be the fonts you used, though! They’re super gorgeous. ^^

Ahhhh, I hate that with some video clips! Where you can’t take their eyes off the visuals so you end neglecting to listen to the music. Happened to me with Nice Guys and practically all of SHINee’s music videos (unnnnf their dancing is so uuuunnf). xD

Hey! A credit and distinction sounds great to me! Especially for your first assignment in your new course. :) As they say, you can only go up from here! And knowing you, you will. Your photography is gorgeous, and you’ve only just started to become familiar with the tricks of the trade (professionally), so you’ll definitely just grow and grow and grow your skills! :D Unlike me, I am an admirer of photography, and enjoy taking photos, but in no way do I have a creative knack for it. :P

ANYWAY~~~~~ random comment. I lurk your posts too often, thought it was about time you were due a comment. (dw about replying back at my blog ^^ /too lazy to login to dashboard there LOL)

Aw Cozza you are too amusing. :) Thank you for your kind comments! I’m hoping I’ll do better in the final project I just handed in. I have a feeling it’s not good because it’s so abstract but then again, people can make what they will of it. And I think I’ve loved brown ever since James asked me to make him a blue and brown layout – while he doesn’t like jeans, he likes that blue and brown gives a look much like that of muddy jeans. /eee ♥

Firstly, love the new layout…especially the fonts XD. The milk carton is very cute as well /heart

Yeah fluid layouts are tricky…especially if you use a lot of graphics but if you use css for most of the structure and formatting it looks really good like your current theme! I love using more colors too. Yay for bright layout /eee

That video is soo cute…love that milk carton, poor female one though :O

Aww I guess you probably just need to work on the areas that you lost points on. You can do it! I guess reprinting would help. Good luck! (Y)

Georgie, I love the layout! :D It’s so cute and simple, but in a good way! I can tell you put a lot of work into it and the milk vector is the cutest thing! :)

I can’t even tell you the last time I watched a music video… except sometimes on the country music channel cuz John likes to watch it lol

I completely agree. This is by far your best layout yet! I love the font you have used! Well done! :D

Like everybody else, I also love this layout! Reminds me of the one you made for Erica. =)

Also, I love the milk carton. Perhaps a brown heart or a flower would artistically suit the layout more, but the milk carton is a better reflection of who you are.

new layout is lovely. simple and organized. plus, the whole brown color combination is great. and that milk carton too~ it’s so cute ♥ I should try illustrator too, it seems fun experimenting around with it.
I never consider blue color to stick inside a brown colored layout, but your choice is nice. :) blue and brown does make a good combination.
aw… good luck for the next time. (Y) it’s sad really once we get our hopes up on something and then reality turns out different. /ehh

Ohhh lovely layout!! It looks great in my resolution… Mind you the screen I’m currently on is MASSIVE, so I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t look good, lol!! And the little milk carton in the corner is adoreeeable!! :) Hahaha I guess I’ve never paid as much attention to music videos as most people. In fact, I NEVER watch them, ever. Loads of my friends do, and always say ‘hey did you see that new video for ____’, or w/e, and I’m like- negative, baha, and I don’t care to? Maybe I’m weird, who knows. lol

I love the new layout! The colours are lovely, the main font is sooo pretty I’m in love and the illustration of the milk carton is so cute. :)

I’ve opened the Katy Perry parody in another tab and will watch it right after I write this comments, I imagine that it will be hilarious. I love the Katy Perry video, even though at some points it looks a bit gross. o.o My favourite video would probably have to be Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal. There are SO many music videos I love, for example Nicole Sherzinger -Right There is on on mute in the background atm and I love that video, and Beyonce’s ‘Girls’, but Smooth Criminal was the first one to pop into my mind. :P

Sorry you only got credit and distinction. Distinction is good though. :P At least you’ve only recently started so there’s so much time to improve which I’m sure you will. :)

I’m really loving the new layout! The milk carton is adorable XD I like all of the colors you’ve used as well! It’s always nice when you step out of your comfort zone and are able to create something you still really like!

I’m sorry about your photos, but at least you know what you did wrong and can improve! C: Credit and Distinction doesn’t even sound that bad!!

it’s here, it’s here: the new version of and it’s in my opinion the best layout you’ve had so far!! :D i really like the brown colours and the ligtheres colour scheme!! great work! :D really great work in fact! and i like your fonts, i don’t understand how you can use such fancy fonts without the whole theme getting messed up in different browsers and screen resolutions, again, really great work!!

we had a little about music videos at school, and it was surprising how much a music video can help the sale of the song. i don’t either have any favourite music videoes, i usually just listen to the song, but i stumble across a good video now and then, it’s hard finding them though, there’s so many videos which are promoting different ads and perfumes as well as make-up, which have nothing to do with the actual video(?)

it also surprised me when i found out signmark was deaf, but yes he’s deaf and he’s finnish. i would say his lyrics stand out from others and they’re not just about partying and more partying. have you heard his whole album?? (:

I am sooo loving your layout.. I’ve seen your past layouts like with gray and stuff, and this new one of yours is refreshing actually. And the header is soo cool.. Very cute,.. I also love the color combination..

I think I should see the video of coffee and tv so i could get the idea.. Some music videos are really crappy though.. But if the song is nice no matter how crap the video is, im gonna watch it.. There are some music videos too where the story is kinda confusing like its hard to grasp and the song lyrics is far from whats really happening.. lol

About your photograph thingy,, I know you can do it.. Take it easy Georgie.. <3

:love: ♥ Alrightee, this is nice, really nice. The milk carton makes me want to have some milk and the milk seems really happy and healthy /bounce I agree with what someone else said you can really work the brown. Impressive because brown is hard to work with. Trust me, I yell and swear at the pc at times with brown.

I’m on my way to watch that coffee and tv video now :D I’m also loving the fonts too. Ah so excited you have a new layout :D

I love your new layout! I especially love the effect of the text boxes that I am writing this in that looks like coffee paper. It was time for a new layout, for sure, though I do miss the old one. This feels more professional though, in a way. And hey, good to be creative! I miss layouts with your photography though. But I really like this big font for reading :)

Wow! I got quite a surprise when I came to read and the grey layout wasn’t here! The colours are so nice! I love the neutralness of them, even the colours in the text are muted, it’s so easy on the eyes. Great job!
This little cartoon milk carton is so cute! Coffee and TV is brilliant. I was never one for music videos, but I always enjoyed this one ( for Radiohead’s videotape.

Your grades sound great to me! Obviously though, if you feel disappointed in them that’s understandable. I think your photography is really good, and I’m sure you’ll come out with a grade you want!

Lovely layout, I love the colours of this theme! It’s so relaxing for my eyes :)
Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE Dave Days – especially after Last Friday Night :D One of my favourite song of his is “You’ve Been On My Mind”, the song’s been on my mind on repeat /wave
It always happens for me when I watch one of those k-pop music videos, the group dances so well and they’re so synchronized that I can’t take my eyes off the video.
I’m sorry you’re disappointed in the grades! it really sucks when you expected a better grade :( That’s what happened to me too, I got “pretty good” grades but they weren’t good enough for me (and my parents) >< Good luck achieving better grades in the future!
Hope you have a nice day!

Georgina, your layouts are always nice so i’m not that surprised if you ended up with an awesome layout again :) I love the fact how you were able to pull off this kind of layout, too, with the color scheme and everything. It’s awesome how you were able to draw that milk carton character just your mouse! Can’t imagine myself drawing without a pen tablet or something… actually, I don’t even know how to draw O_O Haha.

Stay awesome, Georgina! <3

Hehe. XD I had to hit CTRL+minus to view it properly on this small netbook. But it was worth it… because this layout is beautiful! Makes me think of a fresh summer-y ice-cream. ^-^ Just suiting the season, to me (I know things are different in Australia, but Italy melts for the heat on July).

Regarding music videos, I guess I tend to judge them based on feelings they convey. That’s pretty subjective though, so my feelings about it may differ from others’.

Get those photos clean and let them shine! *_*

~ Luana S.

Aw, the milk carton is ADORABLE! The layout really does look like a cafe type dealio, I like it :)

I totally know what you mean. There are some music videos that I will just play them on youtube to listen to the song & not even pay attention to the vidoes, but then some where I just watch the entire thing and forget that I’m even listening to the song… Music videos are awesome :D I don’t know if I’ve seen any BAD ones (well, Lady Gaga comes to mind but that shouldn’t even count…) but there are some that could have related to the song more or been a little more interesting.

A fresh start really was needed for me :) Both on my blog, and in life (which I am still working on – certain people don’t seem to want to let me get them out of my life) and I think it’s for the best. It is weird to think that it’s been over a year, it really doesn’t seem like that long! But it was last March that Skeleton’s opened, so it was a bit before that too… That’s what I love about blogging though. People you never would have known before, can now be up to date with what happens and you meet people and actually want to know whats going on in their life. The commenters (you being one of them) who have been reading my blog singe the beginning make me feel like they were there with me for EVERYTHING that has happened in the last year, and I appreciate that so much.

The new layout is way cute! I really like it and I also enjoy the change to a brighter layout. ??????What is a Credit and Distinction? I vaguely get the impression I should know, like I may have asked before, but I’m not familiar with those words as part of a grading system. o.o Also, reading that last paragraph makes me realize I don’t really understand much about photography, lol. Like how do spots appear on the picture… and how do you remove them if they’ve already developed onto the photo paper?

I love getting caught up in a good music video, but it’s true that they can really distract your attention. For example, I tend to stop watching the video if there are subtitles on it. My eyes just automatically gravitate to the bottom and I sort of lose focus on the rest. /eee


85% and above (High Distinction)
75–84% (Distinction)
65–74% (Credit Pass)
50–64% (Pass)
45–49% (Fail level 1)
below 45% (Fail level 2)

Usually dust or other microscopic objects can cause spots (which are white) to appear on an image because they interfere with the light. You use photographic ink to paint over them, but it’s pretty tedious and easy to get wrong. If you get it wrong usually you can toss the print back in the water and wash it out, but it won’t go away completely, which is why you have to be really careful and take your time.

I really love this layout. The milk guy is adorable and the colors work well together :)

Love the new layout. :)
I’m really not a music video watcher. The only music video I’ve watched really was the video released for Indian Summer, Indian Summer by White Wives – oh and one for a Dandelion Snow song. I’m more into watching live clips of artists. But a music video is just like a song – it has to have the perfect balance – a song has to have the perfect balance of beautiful words and beautiful music. A music video has to have a perfect balance of beautiful images and the song.
Hopefully you to can get the spot problem fixed. :)

Oh, my gosh! I’m ALWAYS amazed with your layouts, but I am more amazed with this one than any other I have ever seen in my entire life! Haha. :P …I just had to throw this on the table before we got down to business.

Agreed: This layout beats your Love Is… layout! You really have improved. I really do enjoy seeing what you’ll come up with each time. I also think this kind of looks cafe-y! :) The bottom of this layout (where I am at right now) kind of reminds me of the Neapolitan ice cream flavor/kind/whatever it really is! :D I’m really impressed. It’s extremely different from what you have come up with in the past. :P

For me, the resolution is perfect. :) My screen is 10247x### pixels. :]

For your photographs, are you doing the film yourself? Like, as in the way people used to? (Sorry, I don’t know what the proper term is…) Do you develop it yourself rather than using a machine?

…Again, lovely layout! :D

This is a really awesome layout. It’s minimalist and feels both pacifying and lively at once (… which, I think, is what makes it “zen” lolz). The color scheme is quite different. I don’t think I’ve seen these two colors combined before. On anything. Ever. Well done. =D

I’m not a huge fan of music videos … because they’re just not necessary lol. But let me get this straight, if a music video is “great”, it can violate the connection between the music and the listener, because the listener becomes the viewer — doesn’t that mean that it fails? It’s a great failure lol. (H) Subtle, undistracting videos ftw!

The layout is just divine! So cute. I just really love that milk carton! Haha.
Congrats on your Distinction! I got a Distinction in Organisational Behaviour :) Oh yeah, you’re from Australia too! What uni are you at? We may possibly be in the same place!

I’m currently saving for my family holiday on my birthday, but after that I think I’m going to set up a special bank account for travel funds :D I’ll do it so some of my pay is automatically submitted into that account, so it’s like I’m saving, but I am not consciously aware of it :D I really want to travel Europe, and go to Disneyworld in Florida and stuff :)

I’ll definately check out Armor For Sleep!
And we could be best friends. I despise horrific grammar and spelling! :P

Did you change this layout since you put it up? I could have swore the milk carton dude was on the left side, but I may be nuts so there’s really no telling. I’m amused you said you’ve never been comfortable doing a fluid layout and then when I commissioned you for my last one I wanted it fluid, and you stepped up and did it perfectly. It was nicer than I ever could have asked for. <3

The milk carton went back in time. 😏 Nah, I’m just kidding haha. I did. The navigation was getting in the way of the fluidity (especially in smaller resolutions) so I shifted some things around. I guess back then I wasn’t too sure how to make a fluid layout work with what I wanted, but I’m definitely more comfortable with them now! :D

I love, love, love this design. As a minimalist, it’s the perfect combination of form and function, and as an organisation-freak, it’s perfectly organised. You done good, m’dear. ;)