The Theory of the Power Nap

I’m a bit weird. I like taking power naps. It doesn’t really matter when or how or what or…

Well, my friend Mike said he once microslept on the road. 😦 Way uncool. Actually, I think it’s kind of funny, but I prefer to sleep in safe situations.

When I get bored I get really tired. I find train rides to be useful slots of time where I can read a book, do a Sudoku puzzle, listen to music really carefully, do my homework – anything that will sufficiently kill time. Sometimes I take a nap, and I don’t bother putting an alarm on, because I trust that I’ll wake up in time for my stop.

Yesterday I went out with James and we walked around much of the city, just seeing the sights. There is something mundane about going to university every day and commuting pretty much an hour, whether you’re on the train, on the bus, or walking. Or running, if you’re going to miss your train or bus. Yet, there is always something intriguing about the city and it has its little corners and nooks that no one is really aware of. A guy in my class did his second photography assignment in an old battered building just a few streets away from university. I had been past that area but I had never actually walked down the street. It was really intriguing. Also, when I went to have breakfast with Krissy last week, she mentioned that the street looked sketchy and I had to agree. Going to the city so often yet not going down that road and noticing how it was. 😚

James and I went to the gardens in the city and saw so many joggers. I am not even joking… there was like a whole mob of them. James was even trying to think of the collective noun for joggers. I haven’t bothered looking but there were so many of them, they might as well have been a mob. O_O He doesn’t like jogging at all, and was continually dissing them along the way. I didn’t really agree – I kind of like jogging. There was, however, a group of people doing pushups against a rock face, with an instructor telling them “do ten more! Go!”. I don’t think he was such a great trainer because I could see that some of the guys had curved backs (ouch) or their bottoms were in the air – their backs were not straight at all. James said that he couldn’t believe that people had to actually pay an instructor or a trainer to be motivated to exercise. Paying money to just do 20 pushups that you could do at home… without even travelling. If you really try you can be motivated.

I don’t see the point either.

By the time we had lunch we were pretty tired. We actually fell asleep on the train and it wasn’t until the train stopped at our station that we woke up. Luckily James alerted me before it was too late, and we made it out the door. I think I was still half asleep. πŸ˜†

This morning, I decided to shut my eyes when I was on the way to university on the train. I got a seat, and I wasn’t intending on sleeping, but I actually fell asleep while listening to music. I woke up but the train ride had only passed halfway and I was surprised. I felt like it had been so long that I had been sleeping.

Sometimes I think sleeping makes time go slower. Then again we don’t know. Sleep overcomes us but we don’t see it.

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