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As promised, I’ll be showing you guys some of my photography. /eee I don’t have any from my final Music in Shadows task – well, no good ones. The ones I do have are terrible prints with lots of spots. I tried my best scanning in all these ones but my scanner needs some cleaning under the surface and I didn’t want to do that tonight. I should be picking up my prints after it’s been marked, next week.

My first task had a photo of James and instead of posting here, I posted it on my DeviantArt. I just happened to be uploading a screenshot of my desktop there, after not having uploaded anything in a while – so I thought why not? Since this is also technically photography, I might end up adding it to the collection of photos on my photoblog. Since doing my photography subject I’ve learned to appreciate photography much more (not that I didn’t before!), and I’ve been taking more time to plan out my shots and use the functions on my digital camera properly. I definitely think that if you’re a good photographer, it doesn’t matter what camera you have.

Here are the photos of my brother that I took for my second task. My scanner was being really idiotic, so I’m sorry about the quality. All printed on glossy paper though, taken with Ilford HP5 Plus film.

Brandon on the train
Brandon in his room
Brandon playing Maplestory
taekwondo in our street

Our side fence that we share with our neighbours has been replaced. Most fences seem to be pretty sturdy and around our area, made of Colorbond steel. Ours was just a battered wooden fence, and the part closer to the road was thick steel wiring. The part closer to the road is still the same, but the fencing closer to the garage has been replaced with Colorbond steel fencing. It’s a muddy kind of colour and looks a bit crap. My dad thinks we should have ordered a different colour to match our house (which is painted white with red window and door frames). We also got our back gate replaced, since it never had a proper lock, and it was also steel wiring, meaning that anyone could look through if they happened to walk towards the back. Now we have a bit more privacy, and the new gate (the same muddy colour as the fence) has a lock.

The only downside is that the gate is near my back window and tends to make a lot of rattling noises in the wind. Well, at least I can go running in the backyard without worrying about anyone seeing me, even from a distance.

My parents were worried the fence and gate would cost a lot, but it was actually pretty cheap. We have always dreamed of moving into a new house, but our house is just lovely, it’s homey. Houses are getting more expensive these days anyway. I wish they weren’t, because I would love to move into a nicer house. We’ve lived in this house since I was three. It’s also expensive to rebuild. Our house is so old, it makes me a little sad. :( I leaned on the wall a bit too hard once, and there was a little crack. It’s not the first time it’s happened. Our house is otherwise okay, though. It stands strong in wind chills and heat. It just has battle scars. :’)

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The picture of James looks good. I personally think that black and white photography usually shows a lot more character of the person/object being captured. I haven’t touched my deviantart in a while either…maybe I should poke it back to life XD.

I like the first shot…because of your scanner effects too it looks like it is from a different era lol. Almost Harry-Potterish effect 👏

Is that Taeyang on the wall??? Wedding dress /love . Now I wish this was in color lol. Good shot, I like the curtain hehe.

LOL@the last shot. Your bro looks like he is going to do an anime-style run because of his hand.

I guess it is good that you have more privacy but rattling sounds can get annoying especially if you like keeping your windows open :( Aww just recently I saw a video of my old house and I was amazed at how different it looks now after we rebuilt it (well just the interior since we live in an apartment in the city). But yeah rebuilding can be expensive but I hope your family can do it one section at a time maybe. Wow a crack from leaning? that sounds like my house before the renovation XD.

Wonderful photographs! Hmm, rattling noices from outside of your window. Yes it’s because of the fence but I’d feel “scared” because of random noises :P

Your photographic shots are amazing! (: I love how the pictures looks… Vintage like- black and white! You’re doing a good job at it and you’re getting a lot of experience from this photography class, aren’t you? :P! I agree with you- as long as you know the arts of taking pictures, the device you use to capture life wouldn’t matter. Unless the device obviously have some issues with it. :/.

Your brother seems to love playing MapleStory XD! I believe people still play MapleStory- like my brother as well. I used to play MapleStory back in the days :/. More like 6 years ago until I seriously got bored of grinding levels for nothing. Even now, leveling up there is WAY EASIER than before. It’s just ridiculous.

Your house fence sounds a bit fancy :P! At my house, we still have the steel wiring fences. I gave my parents measurements of the fences front and back of the house. Except- we might need to get a housing permit to replace these fences -__-! But privacy is what you seriously need- especially at home. I would love to have privacy- no one looking into my house and out of my house. The friggin’ house owner next door seems to like to pee outdoors in front of my mother sometimes. It’s pretty barbaric, except that by the time my mom gets her camera, it’s too late :/.

Well ,you need to make the best of what you have. Even if it’s old, you still have to do what you can (:! Hopefully, your house is not as old as mine- which was built on 1911.

The wheelchair was pretty much my cast member friend’s idea. Though it was pretty much a cheat in the Disneyland system that anyone can get through. If you do plan on going to any attractions in the US, prepare to spend a lot of money. Especially in Disneyland. You usually end up paying like 4 bucks on a small cup of lemonade.

Lucky you! Apparently, a lot of playgrounds in fastfood restaurants like Burger King and Mc Donalds are already removed :/. The Mc Donalds near my house has their playground removed. Well… Technically, if the playground is outdoors, it’s removed. I guess it’s because of some health concerns :X!

Take care (:

Beautiful photos!

That’s good the fence was cheap. A few years ago a storm pass through where I lived that ripped shingles off the roof of our house. We had to have the roof replaced and it ended up being a fortune. Our house also has a lot of battle scars, but in all honesty, if my parents wanted to sell it the only person who would buy it would be a house flipper. It really is in that bad a state of disrepair. It’s not because we don’t want to do anything about it… my parents just can’t afford too. I can’t wait to get out of here.

Beautiful new layout by the way! ^_^

Aw, your pictures are lovely. :D
It seems like you’re learning a lot about photography which is great, it definitely shows in your work!
I really like the effect of the black and white. It makes the photos look like old memories from ages ago (the kind you would see in an old album! hehe).

Rattling noises outside? I would be freaked out. Then again, I am a light sleeper so if I hear any weird noise I jump up. haha xD

I’m glad that you’re doing well in uni and enjoying your module. ^__^

Take care!

Larissa xx <3

Ps. I love your new layout. It looks lovely on my laptop. hehe :D

Georgina, have I commented about this new layout already? My memory is playing tricks on me – I can’t remember who I’ve replied to and when. /bash I think it’s because I’m pretty tired, my sleeping habits are all over the place at the moment. I’m either waking up at 5am or 12pm. >< It's 12:35am now, and I should really be asleep. If my mum finds me awake she'll murder me. /ehh

Anyway, I love love love this layout. ♥ I was quite surprised actually, because I don't normally like 'large' layouts like this, but I honestly could just eat it. 😝 The colour scheme is really lovely and I adore this font. Every time I type a new word, I'm like 'this is so damn pretty.' 👏

Your photos are so pretty (sorry about the constant use of that word) and I can't wait to start my photography a-level at college in September. :D I think that the first one of your brother is the probably my favourite – I love how the motion has been captured outside of the window. He looks as though he's going to Hogwarts! xD I'm sorry, it's the jumper and tie, and everyone is going Harry Potter crazy at the moment. I'm getting quite sick of hearing about it.

Oh and by the way – I’m really sorry about what you’ve been through with your parents. I’m sure everything will be fine in due time. *hugs* My parents are still arguing at the moment -not the same argument – but they’ll get over it. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. They really meant a lot to me.

Wow, you’ve really got a knack for photography. I especially like the first one; the lighting makes it look really cool. I’d like to save up for a film camera, but who knows. Be sure to post more photos – they’re really nice. :)

I love this new layout. It is so cute!!!!

I think the scanner gave the photos some more character. Don’t worry about it. :)
I really really like the one of Josh and the first one of your brother.
I think along the same lines too, it’s not the camera it is the photographer, but I can only say that to back you up since I’m not one myself. I kinda would like to be but photography isn’t as easy I would like it to be and I have my hands full with web design. :)

The one place I would like privacy is my room, I share mine with my sister and while she is great about keeping her stuff within her boundaries and everything else, I wouldn’t mind a fence of my own. :D

I LOVE all your photos, They’re so nice and I’m so envious of your work :) They really are good. Good job! :)

I think everyone would want a nicer house, no? But our current houses has this nostalgic element to it, I mean, you grew up in the house, there’s so many memories. But yeah, once in a while we wished we have a nicer house. Like you said, houses these days are really expensive. It’s expensive over here too. I’m just wondering how I’m gonna find the money to get myself a decent house in the future :/

You’re a jack of all trades it looks like :-) I love black and white images. I think they pretty much make just about anyone whose not been hit by an ugly tree attractive …
As for your comment, thank you. I fly to Brisbane to basically go to the funeral and come home. My Mum’s brother needs his sister and Dad may not be able to attend, so I am going with her and my cousin and my little sister. Mum needs us … ♥

Hey, nice layout. :D I especially like the font. What the name of it?

You take great pictures, but I would have made them into thumbnails. The stretch out past your blog a little onto the sidebar.

The last time I lived in a house, it was the late 80’s. Then we moved into some low income townhouses. You know where poor people live, lol. Then it was an apartment for about 4 yrs and now I live in a house again. Living in a house has it’s pluses, Like you don’t have to share your washer and dryer with a bunch of people and you don’t have to pay to wash your clothes everytime. But if something breaks, you have to fix it. I would much rather live in an apartment though. :D

Thanks Vanessa! The fonts I used are called Delicious, Nadia and Black Jack. The layout is fluid, so those images are a bit on the large side if your screen is small. I’ll keep that in mind next time I post pictures. :) That’s why I don’t like posting pictures so much because I have to adjust the width. Haha.

Hey hun, how you? havent chatted in agesssss. Love the layout, its brighter than your other one, its always nice for a change of scenery once in a while. Cool photos, You are a very good photographer, you have definitely got the eye for the camera. I would be terrified if I hear strange noises outside, lets hope its just your gate.

I understand you Georgie. You know, and I think I’ve told you.. Lebanon’s economy’s not that good.. And we’re moving to another place, a different country, which means different people, different school, different home.. Well the home I’ve been living in now, is just so wonderful, all my memories haunts there.. But at the end of the day, we’ll have to accept the changes, and spread our wings, maybe we should learn how to fly, even though it’ll be hard to say goodbye. I don’t know if it’s related to your blog or something.. I don’t think it’s related to it. But I just wanted to share a bit, with the idea of “moving homes” and living in the same house for a long while.. Believe me, it’d be so hard to move to another home.. It’ll be so hard.. And because’s Sydney’s so big, you might need to change colleges or something similar, so you’ll feel the distance between you & your friends.
And by the way, you have a wonderful new layout. :D Enjoy winter.. It’s summer here. :3 <3 And good luck revamping your home. :) ✌️

I’m not sure how much I agree with not mattering what kind of camera you have to be a good photographer. My camera is so shitty, the pictures are so grainy and low-quality. Boo. Unless you consider Photoshopping part of photography, I will have to disagree with this. Of course, this may be my own defense to being a horrible photographer, to take everything I say with a grain of salt. ;)

The photos look great! I actually like the grainy textures, especially in the first photo. The light is just perfect. You have a good eye for this :)

Btw, the new layout is really pretty! I love brown and pink combinations. And the milk carton is so cute ^^

I love the first photograph of your brother! It’s really cool and I the black and white make it looks extra cool.
I think everyone would like to move into a nicer house, regardless of how nice they’re home already is. It’s weird but I think it’s true. My house is kind of small and the floorboards creak when people walk over them but even more so when it’s windy. That’s pretty scary when you’re home alone ahahah. :D

The photographs are beautiful. I appreciate it very well since I had tried shooting with film cameras too and the experiences weren’t as easy as I thought they were going to be. So it’s nice to have your photos developed and satisfy you well! You’re doing great on it. And uhhh, loving the kpop posters!!!

I like your photos, I think the one of James is really good. I don’t know if I’m just being an idiot but I think the scanned effect actually adds to them. :)

Hmm, is it not possible to buy a special kind of paint for the fence and gate? I much prefer having privacy in our garden. Out front we have a hedge out front, small trees down the side and a big cherry blossom at the front of the driveway. Out the back we have tall fences on both sides and a strip of woods along the back. It’s great. Unless I jump on the trampoline or somebody walks along the woodland public path then we’re really enclosed. I always feel uneasy if I’m sitting around and people can see me. I like my privacy.

Your wall cracks? That doesn’t sound really healthy. Is there anything that can fix that? But I’m probably like you, I’m quite sentimental about my house. I wouldn’t want my parents to move somewhere else.

Haha, I thought I was the only one with a passionate hatred for spreadable butters! I get so mad when my bread rips and it’s clearly not my fault. I normally find myself using soft spreads instead of butter, even though I much prefer the taste of butter. When I do eat toast I go to town on the butter. :P

I think it’s easy to have a hatred of Americans too, some of the ignorance is unbelievable. Funny sometimes yet normally infuriating, But I know that’s only some, treating them all like that would be just as ignorant as the worst kind of American. Most Americans I speak to online joke about it, none of them fit the stereotype.

Mmm, my Mum buys this French stuff. It never used to be available here, we could only find it on holiday but now you get in supermarkets here. It’s delicious with the butter on toast. XP (I was eating my breakfast when I came up with those ten facts).

Ugh, I hate that. A lot of my friends are like “how did you not know about this, everyoneknows, we just assumed you did too”. I really hate how they don’t tell me things yet when it’s something they really care about they’ll text me and tweet me and hassle me constantly. I have an account and an app on my iPod so I do get notifications when I’m invited to something. Also because I’m never online it’s the only thing I get notifications for so it’s the best way I’ve found of discovering these things.

Haha, I guess the wait for developing could get a bit annoying. It’s just something I’ve never seen before so I wish I could. :)

I really love the second photo. It has a certain feel to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. Like, it should be an indie album cover or scattered on the floor in a music video. Yeah, that’s it.

My current house really needs a fence. Right now my dogs have to go outside on a leash, and our backyard is right on a very busy street. I’ve brought it up to my dad, but for whatever reason, he never wants to fork over the money for necessary home improvements. He just blows it on unnecessary things like video cameras for himself that he never even uses. We’ve been in this house for six years, and we still don’t have paint on the walls. /argh

Even though the house is old, I think that gives it more character. I’ve lived in three houses, and of all of them, the 100-year-old shack we first lived in is still my favorite house. It was falling apart and too small to fit my family, but it was special. It was home. My past two houses have been new, and they just feel sterile. They’ve become home, eventually, but still not quite the same.

Oh, you’re totally right BMI boundaries aren’t completely accurate, especially for people who have a lot of muscle. Yeah, I’ve definitely faced prejudice from people who think that “I shouldn’t talk about weight or body image just because I’m skinny”, even when I’m just trying to have a general body-positive outlook. I guess people these days are just too judgmental. I definitely know what you mean, when I was younger I didn’t even think about my body at all, I was just happy being who I was, exactly the way I was. I almost feel like society has made me a bit paranoid about my body image now, lol. I think what matters the most about a person is their personality and attitude rather than the size of their body anyway. And yes! It definitely helps to have someone encouraging when it comes to loving your body. Positive little comments from other people can do wonders for confidence. /eee

The new layout looks cute! I love how clean and simple it is. ♥ It’s also nice how it adjusts to basically any resolution! I’ve actually had the same thing happen to me, where I’ll make a layout for someone and I end up liking it more than the layouts I make for myself, lol! I don’t know how that happens maybe it’s because making it for someone else motivates us to make it extra special, ha ha.

Your photos look nice! I like the first one on the train the best. I blur from the window makes a nice background, and you’ve got a great contrast of lights and darks throughout the photo. I personally never liked shooting in-doors because lighting was so difficult for film photography. When I did indoor shots I would spend forever setting up elaborate lighting because I was so afraid that nothing would turn out, lol. Seeing your photos made me want to look back at some of my old ones from my photography class, they’ve just been sitting in my folder ever since summer started. @_@ You should definitely post more if you get the chance. It seems like you’re pretty good at portraits, that was never my favorite thing in photography because I was terrible at close-up of people, ha ha. (I totally feel like a nature photographer, lol).

It’s nice that you got a new fence. :D My house never had it’s own fence, but all three houses surrounding us have fences so we’re technically “fenced in”. My house is getting a bit old too but I definitely agree, a house that you’ve lived in for most over your life whether it’s old or not feels so homey and comfortable. XD

The houses at my place must be fenced (‘cos of how bad the community’s safety is) so it’s always weird to see an unfenced house :P But I’m glad you got an upgrade for your home :)

I really love your photos! They all look so good. :) I like the first one the most. I’ve added you to my deviantwatch, hope to see more from you ♥

Houses are really expensive these days :/ it’s hard to find something good for a nice price ; A ; My parents have an old house as well but they constantly renovating it (though these days not because my dad is in the hospital).

Those photos are just lovely! And I am still mesmerized by your layout :D

Oh I know what you mean about cheap concert tickets! Most of the bands I like only cost about 50-60 bucks, so I have to REALLY love the band to pay $100 for them :P Soundwave tickets are about $150, but they’re worth it, cos I see about 10 bands, so that works out at about $15 per band!! And, I met two of my favourite bands this year, for $2 each (which got donated to charity of the bands choice)…so worth it! I love going to see live music, it really is a wonderful experience!!

Oh, I go to RMIT in Melbourne! I got all excited then, but we live in different states :(

Beautiful photos! Is that your room? I can see a posted of SNSD or Girls Generation. I love them, but I only listen to the Japanese version of their songs since I’m more partial to J-pop hehehe.

No, that’s my brother’s room. I don’t listen to much Asian music. :)