Silently Sleeping

Liz pointed out in a comment that I tend to post at 11:59pm. She asked if it was coincidental or if I timed it. It’s usually a bit of both. I usually blog very late at night, and the clock has struck eleven by the time I start writing. Is it something about the eleventh hour, perhaps? Perhaps the fact that I feel like it’s those moments just before the end of the day, or perhaps I like the quietness of blogging at this particular time, or perhaps the eleventh hour just so happens to be a reference to Doctor Who.

Either way, I find myself writing blog posts this late, just out of habit, and I am in such a rush to post it before midnight so the date will not change. Usually I have a few distractions around this time too, having to pack up the kitchen and lock up the house and pretty much get ready for bed and all that fun stuff. What has also become a habit is blogging every second day, though I’ve been known to kick that a few times due to personal problems or time constraints – just being busy overall.

What ties in with all of this is sleep, which I’ve been trying to get more of lately. Before I did my winter class for photography, I had a one-week break. I honestly slept as much as I could throughout this entire week. I don’t normally nap unless I just doze off on the train on the way to or from university, but that week, I napped every single day. I napped for two hours in the evening and when I went to bed, I didn’t use an alarm and slept right until I woke up. I didn’t give a care in the world about going on the internet. Normally, I want to use the internet and sit on my computer for long hours (as I do! /um) but that entire week, I just relaxed.

Naturally, this morning I was irritated when I woke up before my alarm and instead of getting up and starting my day, I just lay there staring at the ceiling and checking my phone from time to time because I was too lazy to get up. I could have watched a movie and had breakfast in the time I was lying there between waking up and actually getting the fuck up. /hmph

They say that lack of sleep stunts your growth, and I don’t know how long I’ve been having shit sleeping patterns, but I’ve been pretty short most of my life. When I was a lot younger I actually got a lot of sleep. I wouldn’t sleep past 10:00pm – that time was considered very late up until I was 14, really – and I would wake up at 8:00am because I didn’t have to catch a bus and I lived somewhat close to the school.

In high school, I was actually crazy enough to wake up at 6:00am (which was early for me!) and check my email and use the internet before breakfast. After some time, I couldn’t depend on my parents all the time to drive me to school, so I caught a bus halfway and then walked. It took about an hour to travel altogether, and I actually enjoyed it, but that meant getting up early and getting ready early. I’m not sure how much sleep I lived on, but my sleeping patterns have just become increasingly worse. Since university started, out of convenience I’ve had to leave home very early with my brother as he goes to school and it takes him a while. On days when he didn’t have school I would just snatch the opportunity to leave at a later time and I’d sleep in for that extra half hour or so. I value sleep a lot more now, and I attempt to sleep more, but I don’t ever attempt to sleep earlier. I suck. I actually like my mornings, and I should just go back to all of that early morning stuff, and try not to be so addicted to the internet.

I like the internet, but I sort of miss how it used to be, like back in 2001. It used to be more close-knit, less idiots were around, it seemed quieter, no one ever judged anybody, there weren’t trolls, it wasn’t cynical – and I could just be exaggerating but it was different. It’s beside the point, but what I’m trying to say is that I am really not going to let it eat up my life, particularly with all my websites! :P So, having dumped five domains in the past few months, I’m ready to ditch another two. I can’t keep everything constantly updated, and I want to have a greater focus on less projects (instead of scattered focus over so many).

I really embrace change these days. It’s just that routine sucks – I hate routine, and I like to believe that variety is the spice of life.

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’95 the internet was real polite :P
hmm, I’ve always been a bad sleeper and I’m real short too. Not so much my going to bed/wake up times, I’ve just always had terrible insomnia.

What the hell… I published my latest post at 11:59 pm too.

Why do we have so many of these little things in common?! D:

Sometimes when I peruse Youtube comments I come to the realization that the internet has become a mirror of the world we live in. The idiots you meet in the real world are the same ones on the internet, which is quite sad. Now I am sitting in a pool of memory remembering getting on the internet via telephone modem which sounded like R2D2 was having a heart-attack and having a livejournal/xanga.

My sleeping habits were royally screwed in university when I even went on 4 hours of sleep. It really took a toll on my body (I have gray hair for Pete’s sake /wah )

I totally agree with you. It’s YouTube that I find to be so nasty these days. The hate comments and the spam, and the really immature discussions that go on there. The sense of community is gone. Everything else seems alright, but there is always going to be an idiot somewhere.

I remember that modem too. I used to hum or sing to it as it connected to the internet. I’d give anything to be amused by that sound again. Well, not really… :P

Speaking of sleep, I haven’t had much as of late. I keep sleeping late to keep up with my boyfriend’s time zone but I can’t say its good. I keeping sleeping on him. Lol. I don’t have work for a few days, so I guess it’s time to catch up on some zzzs’. ;D Ahh, lazy mornings. Where art thou?

I’ve been thinking of the same thing. I liked the internet when it was fun to go online. Not that it’s not fun anymore, but it’s getting too crowded. And it’s not like everyone’s pleasing. ;/

Haha! I’ve been wondering how you handle all your websites. xD Which one’s are you gonna say bye to? ;o I love your current theme btw. This yellow soothes my eyes. /eee

Having been on very strange sleep schedules with not-enough-sleep before, I would recommend getting enough sleep. You will feel awesome! However, there are always so many things to do, and getting enough sleep is difficult. But your performance in life will be much better on a regular sleep schedule with enough sleep.

I feel like every time a niche opens up, it starts out as a really nice place, and then a ton of idiots join in and make it not-so-nice anymore. Since I am seeing more and more bad celebrity layouts on the Internet, I guess that that has happened to the personal-blogosphere too. At least with the Internet, you only see something when you go to it yourself for the most part, so I can mostly pretend that these idiots don’t exist.

O hai Georgie,
I really like this layout, it’s just so cute and the colors go well together ♥

Ahh, I’m the type of person that really love sleep but ends up not getting any lol. It’s just that I hate going to bed then have those thoughts that keep hunting me, so I rather get so tired then go to bed and not have those thoughts and just sleep at once. I’m really glad you’re getting your sleep though, it’s a good thing! /bounce Besides, sleeping at trains, back when you didn’t have much naps, is pretty uncomfortable. It might even make you more tired! I used to sleep at school bus and when I woke up it just made me feel extra tired D:

Haha, there is nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes. So it’s alright if you just stayed in your bed instead of getting up!;) I think you woke up earlier because you had more sleep in a week than in any others, so I guess your body had a good rest.

I didn’t use the internet till I was bout 10, I think? I’m not sure. But I think it was in 2003. You’re so right, it was so much more fun. I guess because of the fact we were kids back then discovering something new and it was just so exciting. But for me, the internet it just boring. It sucking enjoyment out of my life, or maybe that’s what I’m telling myself. But it’s really not what it was. I miss the people that used to webdesign as well and it was so fun. Those were the day! I’m saying that like im 70 years old or something lol /ehh

I always admired how you managed to keep updating many domains. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do that! And I agree, I hate routines, I like it when things are more exciting.

I meant for me, right now not back then the internet is boring. I have many spelling mistakes lol, I was typing so fast. Hope you understand what I was saying though lol

Haha I think napping just makes anyone more tired once they wake up. But after you get over feeling groggy you usually feel refreshed (at least I do :D).

I was ten years old too, but that was in 2000. Which makes sense since I’m older. :P But the internet has really changed since then. It seems to have become more bitchy now, and there isn’t really that sense of “community” for me anymore. I think the internet is just as fun now, but there are also a lot of risks, and I think that being involved with web communities for a while can get boring. The internet is changing, but so are we. :)

Haha, thanks for the mention. :3 I’ve been having a lot of trouble with sleeping, personally. Blah. I stayed up until four this morning – not intentionally or anything, just writing and doing other related things.

I’ve decided that with school starting back up I’ll be able to find a job and start saving up money and such, and with that I’ll save up for an apartment. I’ve figured out that when I am away from them I am at my happiest. I know this probably sounds horrible, but I’m happier when I’m away, and this is what I have to do in order to be happy. Plus, I think it’s the food? The icky, greasy, fast food. It makes me want to go back and live with my dad so much because at least then I’ll be able to eat healthy like I love to do. Here I’m frowned upon for wanting to go to the store just to get an apple. I’m just like, ” /um It’s a lot better than chips, I think.”

Wow, five domains? That’s impressive for you! When I merely had one domain name, I didn’t understand exactly how hard it is to not renew __ domain, or to be so attached to more than one domain name. Now that I’ve had at least 5 in the past year or two, I really like them, and I really don’t want to let them go (but I’m fearing I may have to – even if it’s for the better). I don’t think that people who own merely own one domain name at one time quite understand the “I-don’t-wanna-give-this-domain-up” concept until they’ve been in that situation. Recently I’ve came across quite a lot of people who are very judgmental about people who own more than one domain (i.e. they frown upon them, think they’re snobby/selfish, etc.) – or even own a domain name with a particular extension that they find to be too expensive for said person to own, or if they find the extension (.biz, .info, .us, etc.) to be ugly or “cheap”.

This little, big world currently here today on the Internet really has changed from what it once was. Maybe that’s why I enjoy staying in my own little world half the time? Sometimes, though, I wish I could take all of my online friends and just stuff them in one place, because the Internet is so big now, and you’re right: there are creeps, but they’re everywhere. :(

(I’m hitting submit now, because my computer is being horribly SLOW.)

Lately I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to – or even as less, but I’ve still been blogging. It’s so weird because blogging is something that once kept me happy, but now doesn’t really as much as it once did. But I think BEDA will help me to be more creative – or something like that. I just want to have my go at a blog challenge thing like that that I think I can/could actually do. XD

I don’t know; I don’t know what’s happening with my body right now. However, I do know that my mom wanted me to cancel my appointment for Tuesday because I’m apparently okay? No. I told her I can’t cancel it, and that I’m still feeling really bad, and that I’m still in pain. It’s Tony who brought it up. :( Ugh. Car/Job. Apartment. Car/Job. Apartment. Car/Job. Apartment. That’s my motto for the next while until it happens.

I thought that Glassfields was/is like a Tumblog. I think that’s how you introduced it in a blog once? I’m not sure, but yeah. I think so. :P I’m most likely going to just let run out – unless I can find someone who wants it. I may just give it away for free or something? I’m not sure yet. But I do love the site name, and I had plans for it when I purchased it, but now I don’t. /um 😰 😳 /bash /angry /argh 🤬

Haha, I tend to take a while writing my blogs. Often times I have so much thought to put into it that I have to sit and think about it for a while. /hehe /heart

I suppose developing it the traditional way is cool. It’s definitely unique, so in my book, it’s cool. :P ;)

Thanks for being there for me yesterday/last night. <3

P.S. My lappy is being much faster, now! ;)

I also blog late at night and I usually post my blog at 00:01 so it’s like fresh on the next day lol. Btw I love the new look in your blog! Awesome!


You mentioned in my blog that you’re afraid that someone might steal your idea if you post some parts of your book online. The solution is slap it with a tight copyright like I did with my first three chapters. I see some people posting some chapters of their book on sites like Goodreads or Miss Literati and they’re also protected with copyrights.

I used to post super late at night too because I always had cases of insomnia. Lately though, I post when I have the craving too because I know if I leave it until later then I’m just going to get lazy and I’ll end up not blogging at all.

My problem with blogging sometimes is that I want to talk about everything but I don’t know how to condense it so that it won’t be so damn long and running borderline on just random yammering. I’m really bad at that. That’s why sometimes I will just pick one thing to blog about then I’ll regret it because once I got started, then I realized I didn’t want to talk about that anymore. I’m so indescisive like that.

I know what you mean about the internet. I remember when I used to blog long long long time ago. I feel like things seemed so much easier and for some reason, (it could be just me) I felt like people were a lot nicer. And I agree it was so much more close-knit. I remember making very close relationships with some of the fellow internet bloggers out there but sadly we all went our own ways and lost touch. I miss those days.

I usually design, write, etc at night (or when I have the house to myself) like you as well–for me it’s the quiet and no people looking over my shoulders or anything like that. I honestly can’t do anything unless I’m in silence (except my music) and no one is even CLOSE to looking at me or the computer screen. If you can’t tell, I’m rather picky about when and when I can’t do things on the computer.

I know what you say when you talk about multiple projects–although you can handle a LOT more than me. When I take on four or five projects at a time, I get stressed and end up bailing out of one or two of them. I just can’t handle all the work that has to be done and all the updating that needs to be done constantly on each different project.

I know exactly what you mean. When I was younger, and we only had two desktop computers for my entire family, I used to always get up at 6am to work on websites and what not. And it was nice to be up that early, just because then you still have the entire day. But I LOVE my sleeping in now, and when I go to bed shortly (it’s almost 1am) I don’t plan on setting any alarms because I figure my sister will just wake me up, or I’ll wake up on my own when I’ve gotten enough sleep and I don’t have to work tomorrow, so it’s fine.

The internet was DEFINITELY different, and dare I say better, before. Now there are just TOO many people who rely on it SO MUCH with all of the social networking and what not. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it so much because of how easy it is to keep in touch with people but sometimes the older ways are more fun. Like sending letters! More people should do that. I sent a card last month for a birthday, and there’s just something about waiting to know if they got it and wondering when they will. I’m currently waiting for a package (that I bought online, but still) and the anticipation is just fun!

The concert was FREAKING AMAZING. I posted about it, but not really too indepth because it’s still just all so.. amazing to me. Once I resize/upload some pictures, I might go a bit more indepth about it all, hopefully :) IT WAS SUCH A GOOD SHOW THOUGH.

i usually blog at the end of the day. Mostly because then, at least i can blog about my day! haha. I wake up at 6am for school too! Sigh. It’s usually quite a hard task for to to get up as well. I love the internet, it’s like this magic tool that connects the whole world :) x

i go to bed too late and my mom wakes me too early. i know sleep has a lot more value to me than i give it credit for, as i’m no superhero and i don’t have any superpowers to help me through the day, haha (: i need sleep, but i always end up sitting in front of the computer a long time past midnight. it seems like my ability to make something suddenly kicks in then, and i can’t leave when i’ve finally has started to get productive. but you’re right!! sleep is important, and i will start to take back my routines. vacations are good at ruining sleeping patterns.

back in 2001 i had no idea how dependent i would be of the internet in the future. i was still just a little girl, and the only thing i did on my family’s only computer in the house was to play games. i don’t know which year i was for the first time introduced to the internet and started surfing it, but probably 2003 or maybe 2004? haha i had to play more games.

thank you!! <3 yes i have lots of memories from my trip (and photos), and now i know for sure i want to go back one day :D it's definitely a city i would recommend to visit, it's so much life and so many things to see!

We’re the same. I blog very late at night since it’s the time I get use the computer.

Whenever we’re given breaks, I take the chance to sleep. How cool is that? XD I’m really a sleepyhead.

I liked your story of you getting up before the alarm. Same thing happened with me this morning. I tried going back to sleep but the smell of food kept me awake until the alarm went off. :p

That’s what my mom says to me too. She also says that naps in the afternoon help you grow taller. And, I follow that, ‘coz I desperately want to grow taller. :p

My life’s pretty weird. When I was in pre-school, I hated taking naps! But starting 5th grade and until now, I love sleep! XD Whenever I have nothing to do in the weekends, I just eat a slice of cake my mom usually bakes me, a square meal then go to sleep or if not, lie down and listen to music!

LOL. I don’t know about the internet a long time ago so I have nothing to say with the internet in 2001. I was still 2! XD

That sleeping pattern sounds DISGUSTING. That’s one thing about me: I can always get a good night sleep. It’s very rare that I wake up more than once a night. Sometimes Sunday night’s I find I have trouble sleeping, and I think it’s mostly due to me being nuts all weekend, not really settled down, so when Sunday night comes, I’m not staying up late, almost FORCING myself to go to bed at 10:00pm, and it’s so tough because I woke up that morning at like 9:00am. Frig. Yes the internet has changed… But sometimes I think I was just too naive when I was younger. In 2001 I was 12 years old, so a little bit before my first blogging/internet phase began, but let’s say when I was 14 or 15, and I really started getting into blogging/etc. I think all these creepers and weirdos that are around now were also around then, but they hadn’t forged themselves into the little space on the internet I called home, like a little subdomain somewhere like that… Now, well I’m only just getting back into blogging! Why, well, because I’ve never really cared to pay much attention to haters/ etc. I just got out of blogging because they pissed me off too much. Haha.

I didn’t mention what time I normally go to sleep. I often have to wake up early because I have minimal transport available and I have to commute for an hour to university. I don’t see anything “disgusting” about it. I’ve got a friend with non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome and another who experiences sleep paralysis and I’m pretty sure they’d give anything to have a good night’s sleep like you do, but don’t have that luxury because of their condition.

I didn’t mean it like that at all!! I totally understand there are people with conditions/syndrome’s that can’t get a good night sleep. Obviously I shouldn’t have wrote it like that at all, I didn’t think when read out loud it sounded the way it must, because when I speak I use terms like that, but I mean it differently. I’m sorry.

Ooh I’m liking the milk carton and colour palette of this new theme btw! And gah, this post just makes me think of… how i SHOULD BE SLEEPING RIGHT NOW!!! I never ever woke up early except when forced to out of absolute need. And even though when I was a child I would “be in bed by 9” as per my parents’ rules, I’d always had trouble sleeping until much later, like 10, 11… and so on, this is when I was like 7, even! So those times are late! Okay, must sleep now. I hope you’re getting some zzzz’s as I type, since its midnight in Australia around now, I believe. Well, depending where… is it 2 or 3 hrs different from the east to here? I never remember.

Hehe, me too! High 5! I usually blog late at night too. I too, have really bad sleeping patterns, despite the fact that I have nothing to do until October (My University intake). Owh, and I usually have trouble sleeping early at night. I always sleep after 2am. I don’t know why, but maybe I’m just used to it. And I get up too late in the morning.
Yes, lack of sleep stunts your growth. But I wonder in my case, too much sleep, WHAT HAPPENS? hehe. I really hope you can find a solution about your sleeping pattern. Why not try listening to music? I used that technique during exams last year, and I get real good night sleep.

I too love the internet how it used to be before. Life was easier I guess. I wasn’t as addicted as I am now. I sit too long in front of the computer nowadays. I have to find out a way to decrease my obsession. Oh, yes. Life has been better after I had the guitar in my hand. At least I can play the guitar, rather than wasting my time on the net.

Anyway, your new layout looks totally good!

I have weird sleep patterns to but it seems that they’re better when I have a job, I worked at a ranch and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but last night I couldn’t get to sleep till 3am! So frustrating!

(PS: I’m using one of your layouts for my site, I’m working out how to put credit into the sidebar so it should be on there sometime this week :) )

Haha that’s interesting. I guess it makes sense because even I tend to post on certain days or timings since the probability of me being free during that particular time is high. Looks like you like blogging at the eleventh hour :)

Kudos to you for blogging almost every other day! I am trying to blog more often but sometimes it just doesn’t happen with other stuff going on. 😰

Getting more sleep is a MUST for good health. I have realized that unless I get decent sleep, I might fall sick or get really cranky :X . I usually do that on weekends, the not using an alarm to wake up…but then I tend to over sleep so sometimes I will set a limitation alarm XD . Relaxing is good!

Yeah…sleeping is crucial for metabolism so not getting enough of it can be harmful. I have also heard that getting decent sleep helps in weight loss routines (diet or workout) but I am not sure how true this is /huh .

I have the same issue…I want to get more sleep but I don’t sleep earlier /argh I wish it was easy to change my biological cycle so that I would fall asleep soon.

I guess the internet was different back in the day. I remember having so much fun with message boards too. I was addicted ^_^; But now there’s more stress involved. I feel as if people have started using the internet to vent their frustration on others using the wrong medium. It makes for a easy method since there aren’t proper cyber rules or cyber police to enforce them everywhere.

Routines can be dumb, I like change myself. It can be difficult at times to accept changes but it is the spice of life so if it necessary to bring some freshness in your life :3

I love your train of thoughts in these blogs. How they go from blogging at late, to sleeping patterns to how the internet is changing. I only blog late when I have something to say. I like to check my site at night because I feel like I am “wastsing/using” less time when its at night and I like listening to music and relaxing at night. haha I am more of an night owl I guess. I usually go to bed before 11-12 on school nights but during summer I stay up to like 2 haha. When I have school I get up at 6, i have no idea how I do it haha. How were you able to go on the internet before too? I usually get up and get ready and then go. haha If sleeping less stunts your growth, maybe that is why I am so short. I am 5’2 haha All of my friends are taller than me, but I guess I rather be smaller than taller :) And I never had internet in 2001, I got it in like 2003 haha

Yea I am looking for part time (junior work). Nothing very serious. The economy is making it hard for students to get jobs these days. I just want some extra cash, but my life does not depend on getting a job. Thank you for the advice. I have a resume, probably not very good compared to others though lol

My nikon takes pretty good pictures. Im going to a concert soon, so I think I am going to bring it lol The smaller digital cameras, I always break. Well the first time my friend dropped it and the second time the on/off button malfunctioned. i was so upset. It was when I was in Mexico too :(

I don’t blog at a specified time. I went and looked at my previous posts though and it seems like I post mostly in the afternoon.

My sleeping pattern is pretty normal. It does tend to get a little screwed up whenever I’m on break though. Last year, during my December break, I usually went to sleep at 8 am in the morning and woke up around 6 pm in the evening. When school started again, it was such a bitch trying to get my sleeping pattern back in order. I was so tired during the first few days of school. :P I went to sleep that late because everyone else in my house did.

I live like 5 minutes from school and I have to wake up at 5.50 am. D: It’s crazy, but I’ll be late otherwise. School starts quite early here.

In 2001 I was still 5 years old. /faw My only form of interaction with the computer was playing those educational games my mum got me. This is the internet as I’ve always known it.

To be honest, I barely remember the Fox and the hound! It’s one of the movies I never owned, so I didn’t watch it often, and don’t remember it.

The photoblog is going great :) Because I’m not forcing myself to do it everyday, I feel like doing it more, and am having fun with it :)

I actually have similar blogging patterns, but I don’t think I post at 11:59, more like sometime after midnight for me. The last few blogs I’ve written though, have been posted during the day as I’ve had more time. I’ve started valuing my sleep a lot more too these days – I find that before, I used to operate on 3/4 hours of sleep half my nights.. Once I get to college, I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that I get enough sleep! Sleep is EXTREMELY important!