I need a Doctor

… yes, I capitalised “Doctor” for a reason.

Well, I went to have an ultrasound on my chest today. Honestly, you can call it a breast, breasts, boobies (thanks Mike), I don’t really care, but girls’ breasts pretty much are their chest anyway.

Allow me to go on a tangent before I explain why I had to have a checkup… because I think the following story is amusing.

I went to Bunnings with Mike and James a couple of months ago, and they bought a large piece of (I think it was) plywood. It was probably bigger than me! Being the girl, and the girl always having to carry the shopping, or at least, most of the time, I helped them carry around this large piece of plywood that was bigger than me. They needed it for some engineering project (oh man, I love engineers /love hahaha). It was thin, but it wasn’t heavy. The size was just ridiculously immense. When they stopped to look at something on the shelves I’d stop carrying it and just lean it on my arm or something like that.

Out in the parking lot, once we had paid for all this stuff, including said piece of plywood that was bigger than me, Mike was clearing out the back of the car so we could fit the plywood in there. I didn’t realise but while I was standing there with the plywood leaning against me, just waving my arms around like I usually do, Mike said, “Are you trying to make us jealous that you’re holding that up with an asset neither of us have?”

To say I was amused was probably an understatement, and I think I stifled a fit of giggles that eventually chose to sit in the pit of my stomach. I don’t know why I’m so immature. Am I really immature, or do I just enjoy the good company of my ridiculous best male friends? :P I suppose my best friend Lilian would say the latter, because even though she believes herself to be immature, she probably would take another option if there was. O:)

Well, back to this little problem I have. I’ve had a lesion on the left side of my chest since about ten or so years ago, though it wasn’t properly diagnosed until about five years ago. It felt like a lump when I discovered it. It became noticeably bigger and I had to keep an eye on it with regular ultrasounds. At that time I had a breast specialist who was male, and normally every girl would freak out and just be disgusted that male doctors would really want to specialise in breasts, but no, I just take it with a grain of salt – and perhaps groan momentarily at the bottom of my stomach. The truth is, if there weren’t any breast doctors, perhaps I, and many other women, would be doomed.

This lesion I have isn’t cancerous, thankfully. I had to get a biopsy a couple of years ago just to make sure. The male specialist actually moved interstate so I got a new specialist, this time female. Perhaps I breathed a sigh of relief in the pit of my stomach again – my stomach might as well have a life of its own, really. As for a biopsy – getting needles stuck in your chest isn’t fun. But I’m glad the doctor was really kind and helped me keep calm. Fucking hate needles.

Today my ultrasound was conducted by a male – mhmm, ridiculously awkward, don’t even mention it. I found out that that lesion is all well and good and hasn’t grown like we expected it to. The problem is now that I have another one on the right side. One of the doctors at the medical imaging centre said that it looks just like the other one, so perhaps it is safe and not cancerous, but now it just bothers me that I have to have checkups on that one too now.

Now you see why having male doctors is quite truthfully the least of my problems. I wouldn’t say I hate being a girl, even given the monthly horror we have to go through and my fears of giving birth but let’s-just-not-go-there-because-I-don’t-want-to-even-think-about-it because I honestly think there is something totally awesome about being a girl. I can’t quite pick what it is. And I don’t think many other girls can say why, either.

Or, you know, maybe we just don’t want to tell. Because it’s our little secret. ;)

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It’s good to hear that it wasn’t cancerous. Still it’s good to have it checked earlier. I once worked as a paramedic/firefighter (yes, I did hehehe) for a year and I was transporting this woman who had stage 4 breast cancer. It was painful to see her right breast eaten by cancer.

On another note, I find it funny to know that some of the best gynaecologists or in layman’s term, the vagina whisperers around here happened to be men /hehe

oh, good grief! that lesion sounds horrible! .. i would feel really awful if i knew that there’s something on my chest! :C
but good that you’re going to check-ups! *phew*

… and to come to your comment: yeah most people judge music like it’s a box with a shiny sticker on it saying ‘Crappy metal music’ or smth like that.. when someone suggests new music to me, at least i listen once to see if i certainly don’t like it. but to judge musicians after their looks is really sad u.u … the same with books – you can not judge them by their covers! :D

That sounds like a pain having to go for regular checkups, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. /eee Glad to hear it’s nothing too serious though.
I find that whenever I have any kind of problem where you’d expect the doctor to be female, it turns out to be a man. I guess it’s their job though, so we can trust that they’re professional.

“I honestly think there is something totally awesome about being a girl”
I think you’re right. And, like you, I’m not entirely sure what it is, but sometimes it’s like we have an upperhand, or some kind of power over men. :) And – going back to being five years old again – girls are better than boys. :P

Thank God it’s not cancerous! That plywood story is cute :P Anyway take care of yourself, keep the lesion under control :O

Thanks! XD Glad you thought the story was cute, hahaha. ♥

Prevention is better than cure, I guess it is worth it to do those checkups to make sure. I am glad that they aren’t cancerous :) I guess having a male doctor is fine till a certain age where you don’t feel awkward. Also if the doctor is more elderly it makes things less embarrassing? Personally I haven’t been closely examined by a male or female doctor so I wouldn’t really know but I think I would be more comfortable with a female just because I am shy. I don’t like changing in front of other females either even though they are my close friends. Each person has their own preferences. I am just afraid to think of having to go to a male gynecologist, that would be really awkward for me >_<

The Biopsy doesn't sound like a nice procedure but you are definitely courageous to go through it at this young age! I hope eventually you won't have to do as many checkups. But I guess it is better than a surgery. There are times when I wish I was boy but then again I will be happy to be a girl. There are very many factors that make us superior XD.

Back in high school everyone was pretty self-conscious and not many people wanted to change into sporting gear because people would see them. That was always awkward for me because I’m shy, though I don’t really have problems with my body. It is weird having a stranger examine you sometimes. In future I hope I will have doctors and specialists I trust just as much as my (female) GP – unfortunately they are just GPs and don’t specialise in all that other stuff!

I’ve actually never had a female doctor as a regular doctor. (By that I mean as a doctor I see all the time.) I occasionally get them when I go into hospital – my local specalist’s current registrar is female, but all my doctors, including my paedatrician before I move to adult care, have been male. I suppose I’ve just been lucky that I was only a baby when I first started going to the docotr so I’m just used to male doctors.
I haven’t had to have too many ultrasounds, (not on my chest anyways, I get them for my liver instead) but I do have to have an awful lot of chest xrays, and I always find it somewhat amusing to be standing there in my sports bra while the xray tech (who is usually a male) take photos of my lungs. /hehe Although sometimes it’s no bra and a hospital gown instead, which I think is more awkward because at least with a sports bra the ‘girls’ don’t move when I walk.
Fingers-crossed that they will be able to so something about those lesions soon, so you don’t have to have so many check-ups for them.

Hey hun
Thanks for Sage’s url, i was so freeking out because my blog system is a bit broken :(. Thanks for the advice on going to bed, if i had my way i would go to bed straight away when i get home at 5pm lol.
I’m glad the lesion wasn’t cancerous, its always good to do checkups. i have a guy doctor for my bladder i’m use to him by now seeing as he saved my life the last time. Nearly all my doctors are male and it doesn’t matter to me except the odd embarressments.

Good to know that wasn’t cancerous! :O Biospy… That sounds bad. And another one [lesion]? That sucks. :(

Hi, Georgina!
Thank you so much for your comforting comments when I felt so “lost!” You’re right, I should never let go of something I love!!!

I’m sorry to hear about the lesions! :( I breathed a sigh of relief when you said they weren’t cancerous though! It’s REALLY good they aren’t. :)
Having male doctors IS awkward. Our family doctor is male and since I’m going through puberty and all that good stuff, he’s supposed to check my breast development… VERY AWKWARD. haha.
Aww the biopsy sounded scary… D: is it sort of like acupuncture with the needles and stuff??
Sometimes I really HATE being a girl. Especially getting that “gift” every month. -_- Seriously, why do they even call it a gift?

Good luck with your check-ups! I hope you don’t have to go through biopsy again…
Love this layout btw!!!! <3 <3 <3

I’m glad it isn’t cancerous! Don’t even get me started with male doctors – I don’t hate them but I’m not very fond of them either. I had to go for a check up once for my skin and the doctor who was male had to check my chest and back. It was so awkwrd since he asked me, ‘can you lift up your top so I can see….’ Yep, awkward. It’s so much easier with female doctors Srsly.

Lol, took me ages to understand that immature joke. XD LOLLLLL.

Well it’s good to hear that it isn’t cancerous but still the fact that you have it on the right side is scarey enough in and of itself. You should drink loads of tea, mint basil and things like that. Their chemical properties and how they metabolism in the body is good for cist and lesion and other types of lumps because they stimulate healthy cell death.

on a happier note, How do you like ultra sounds? I never had one on my chest but I use to get them on my pelvis all the time and then recently they use it as a way to work the tendons on my knee and it feels so good! Like a massage

I’m sorry you have to go for these check-ups – it’s really not fun. I dread going for my eye check-ups so I can only imagine you with this! It’s scary to hear that they’re now on both your left and right side :( but at least it is not cancerous and you can be thankful for that, right? :) Thinking of you :)

You should treat yourself this coming weekend or one of the evenings – just because you can. :)


Hey Georgie! still remember me? i miss you and your blog! :)
ohw.. that’s good at least your lump/lesion is not cancerous at all. weeew.. :)

I think that was awkward too.. i don’t feel comfortable with male doctors checking my private parts or something. o___O I had a breast examination before.. and it was a male doctor who entertained me.. but the thing is.. he grabbed my breast like literally! o___O and I was like WTF!? it was not a “professional” grab.. it was totally different. Well anyways, I’m just glad that he’s out from our school’s clinic already :)

Yikes, that’s a scary ordeal. Glad to hear everything remains okay. (The doctor who performs my annual pelvic is male… idc, really.)

I’ve been wanting to comment you for a couple of weeks now but I haven’t gotten a chance to. :( heh. But I love this layout, very cute! ;)

I have the same problem. When I was about 15 or 16, a lump grew in my left breast. I was going to get surgery to get it taken out, but it suddenly disappeared (no lies), ha. So I ended up not getting the surgery. Now, one has grown in my right breasts since a year ago. They said it’s fine, however, when I get pregnant (which won’t be anytime soon), it’ll grown bigger, so I’ll probably have to get it removed eventually. :/

I absolutely love being a girl. Lipgloss, eyeliner, fashion…and everything else. I love it. <3
Plus we can get away with a lot more!!

If it weren’t for my hospital visit for my ovarian cyst a month ago, I would have assumed you were pregnant. I saw your tweet about an ultrasound, and I was like, “Hmm…” But yeah… I doubted you were/are pregnant! :P
Firstly, I’ve never noticed this smiley of yours before: /oh
I have a huge fear of giving birth, too. >.> Heh.
I think it’s awesome to be a girl for reasons I’m not sure you want me to say aloud? Er, wait, I don’t want anyone to come across this and think I’m too hilarious, because the people I’ve mentioned it to wouldn’t quit laughing at me. D: I was being serious. Pft. 😒
I’m glad everything’s okay with you so far, and I hope that things continue to be alright! :3

Ahah, I always hear it, and it gets on my nerves. :(
I suppose .info domain names are cheap in a lot of places – it seems to be the “middle class” domain name versus its opposite, .nu, which is like the “high class society” or whatever. However, not all places offer .infos for cheap, and to renew one on NC, it’s the same cost as a .org domain name or something. Ha.
I’m not renewing kindlie.info because I’m just not that interested in it. :( I need to get rid of a few of my domains, though. :/ It’s going to be hard letting ously.me go. Blah. -.-
Lately I’ve just been staying up late working on my TCG.
…Not very smart to do until morning, either. :/


I’m so glad to hear your lump isn’t cancerous! I had an ultrasound on my chest a few years ago, too, and it was REALLY awkward, so I totally understand how you feel! I’m also nervous about getting a Pap Smear….that would be even more awkward, I think!

I saw John Mayer live, it was incredible, I’m glad you like him, too :) Ooooh I quite like Avenged Sevenfold too! I like their style but I think their songs go on a little too long, so I don’t often listen to the entire song. I still need to listen to Armor For Sleep! Thanks for reminding me!!

I’m glad that the lesion isn’t cancerous!! Hopefully it continues that way :) I’ve never had to get… ahem… *those* checked, but I can agree with you that having a male doctor do that would be a bit.. uncomfortable :x I guess you’ve just gotta be ~mature~ about it and realize that he’s just doing the job he was trained to do! XP But still….

Even though we girls do have to go through some pretty painful things, I can honestly say that I would never want to be a guy. I love being able to wear pretty things and makeup and cute clothes! XD Our lives just seem so much more interesting than guys’, hahaha. Though that probably isn’t exactly true, but you know.

i hope that will be in good condition someday and Thank God it’s not cancerous. Me too. I think every girl has its own special ways which we can’t explain but can understand by our thoughts xD

Eeep! Mammograms! I don’t even want to think about getting one of those when I’m older. It seems pretty painful :O! But it’s good that you took one for early detection (:!

Even having a lump is dangerous! But thank god it’s not cancerous! I cannot imagine what horror you went through ‘~’. It’s not even a fun situation to be in. But bah. Male doctors specializing in breasts is.. Just an “unpervy” way for ’em to check out women. I thought breast exams are supposed to be administered by females. o__O!! It’s just… Mind boggling D:!

Being a girl isn’t all that bad. I like being a girl- because.. I rather be a housewife than a working man ‘~’. But that is if I am lucky in life :P. I guess you can’t have much to say about what you are when you’re already it forever.

At least you’re not a hoarder – keeping like every single thing that you have and never throw it away. But keeping like one or two things from your childhood isn’t a bad idea.

I think I was just too anxious for horoscopes to determine where I’m going with life :P. It’s supposed to be just there to.. Entertain you for a minute or two :O

It’s the same thing here as far as the tree outside the property goes. You need the city’s permission to cut it down or whatever. But– if it falls onto your house for whatever reason, they’re the ones to blame for :o!

Dang :O! Well- the interior of the walls is made of wood, but it’s full of insulators or something. And layered with several layers of drywall ‘~’ and outside with lotsa plaster. :o! So I guess it is made of wood :o! My house is in a good condition, not the best, but not anywhere bad :}

Take care ;D

Glad it wasn’t cancerous! Truth, about the whole without those doctors, woman would be doomed haha. I still find it a bit uncomfortable when a guy doctor checks up on me. I went in for a check-up once, not expecting what the check up was for (because when you’re like a pre-teen, they just check if your spine is alright or not, the simple things!) and I was just shocked. Not horrified, just shocked I guess. I think I would rather a female doctor, but you can’t always pick your doctors I guess :( Don’t know if I rather be a girl or a guy, they both have their pros and cons of course! I love the new layout, btw!

I’m so slow. It took me ages to work out what your “asset” was. /roll

I need to watch Doctor Who! I haven’t seen it in ages. I admit the last four or so that were on – the really mega confusing ones that, in all honesty, bored me beyond death itself – didn’t appeal much to me. I prefer the storylines with David Tennant. They were a lot more simple. 😏

Bunnings! That sounds like such an awesome hardware store. 8D Not that I’m into hardware stores, but if I were going to go to one, I would totally choose ‘Brunnings’ over ‘Wickes’.

It is a bit awkward to have a male doctor for something like breasts but they’re only doing their job. I don’t find it weird… just kind of admirable. In all honesty, if I were a doctor, I wouldn’t really want anything to do with penises, or prostate examinations. Full out no. I mean, I would be the one freaking whilst this bloke was there like /bash


I’m glad the lesion wasn’t cancerous and I’m sure the other one isn’t, either. The biopsy sounds horrid, though; I hate needles. Injections are not cool. I have one friend who likes them… needless to say, I have mentally categorised her as an inhuman lifeform to be researched. She doesn’t even have CIPA (I’ll be impressed if acronyms [did I spell it right? D:] has that little baby stored away) – Conginental Insensitivity to Pain with Adhoris – or something nutty like that anyway. Excuse my spelling; I didn’t use Wikipedia to help. /ehe

Again, I hope your other lesion is okay! I’m sure it’ll be fine but it must be a pain in the ass (shit, just thought of penises again. Please don’t judge me on this) to have the check ups. Hospitals totally freak me out. O____O

I like being a girl. I think it’s because we can do girly things and boyish things; we can wear boy’s clothing and girl’s clothing whereas for guys, wearing girl’s clothing is a odd and doing girly hobbies is probably considered ‘wet’ or whatever. All the guys on my bus called people ‘pussy’ if they did that kind of stuff. Maybe it’s because boys are so strange about that kind of thing but we’re not? Who knows. And okay, so maybe we do deal with a monthly visitor sent from the devil himself and – yeah – do all the reproductive shit, but they get lumped with a penis. Who the hell wants a penis?!

Just a quick comment before I open on Monday. ♥ Lots of love! /love

Take care! xx

Ahah you’re amusing Georgia! I would find it far too awkward as well, so I guess I do admire those male doctors in a way, for keeping their cool and not being awkward in the least. It amazes me how they chose such a career path and are all in all, pretty cool with it.

I like Doctor Who a lot now, though series five flowed much better as a whole. I’m pretty sure series six will all tie in together. I didn’t really like the loose plot threads, but it keeps me watching, so I can’t complain. :P

I’m not judging you at all, hahah. I suppose it’s normal to think about parts of the anatomy when discussing problems with parts of the anatomy after all… I need a whistling emoticon, don’t I? I don’t have a problem with hospitals though – I think I actually like them. I don’t think they should be so sterile though, because apparently patients get better faster if they have a bit of fresh air or go for a walk outside, compared to lying in a hospital.

Haahahhah “who the hell wants a penis?!” – I don’t think they’re all that appealing (no really, who does want a little thing hanging outside of their body?), and I’ve had male friends say they, too, find those things ugly. /hehe

OMG! Am I too late to be saying how I love this layout?! I totally missed the premiere! HAHA.

Your friend Mike sounds hilarious … I don’t get how you can hold up a plywood with your chest though, and how guy can’t. Maybe I shall try it sometime to figure out? O_O I don’t think I’m that bored.

Good thing that lump wasn’t cancerous! Here you have to get it checked every 5 years when you turn 30 something. I think most of these doctors are male because there are a lot of perverts who want to make doctor money. I’d probably die of the awkwardness though. I don’t even like seeing myself naked why would I want someone else, a stranger male, see me naked? O_O

Being a girl and being a guy both have their pros and cons … which is why I can’t take sides.

My mom is a ridiculous white-wannabe, I think you heard that rant from me many times before, haha. I agree that caucasians don’t have same values … Asians are more about stable relationships I think while caucasians know that boyfriends/girlfriends don’t = marriage. I’ve never dated a caucasian guy but that’s what I’ve heard from stories. But my mom is all about you-live-in-America-you-should-date-an-American.

I don’t think I’m big on anniversaries. People have said that Mingyun is lucking out because guys tend to forget, LOL! I’ll just say early April, I don’t mind any of the dates.

Glad you’re doing well! /eee and don’t worry, guys are the same with having female doctors! Totally awkward aha! 😳

I just wanted to say that your layout really inspired me for my latest layout – they’re not really similar, just I never knew that pale colour schemes could look really interesting!

I’m starting to think I might switch to WordPress, but I still don’t know. I’ve been pondering it a lot lately, and I have a friend who said she’d help me install it and set it up. I know I’d probably love WordPress once it’s all set up and I got used to it, but I’ve heard a few horror stories of people trying to install it, doing it wrong, and losing their content. If I do switch to WP, it’ll be the next time I change my layout.

I put the Simba icon up because it’s my Gravatar image. -points to icon- I like how it connects my blog posts to the comments I post on other sites. I know people who change their icons every blog post, but I’m too lazy.

I get all my best ideas in the shower or bath. The majority of my ideas, actually. It’s why I take such long showers.

-lol- That plywood story was cute. I totally use mine whenever I can. I always stuff my chapstick in my bra.

Oh, I LOVE Doctor Who! :D Haha, sorry, just excited by that reference. ^^

I’ve never heard of Bunnings, but that’s probably because I’m in the US, where our hardware stores are like the Home Depot or Lowes. xD But that story was really cute. :)

I think I would be pretty nervous about those lesions if I had them! D: But I’m so glad to hear that they aren’t cancerous. I hate needles too, so I would probably hate having a biopsy. D: I once got suckered into signing up for a blood drive, even though I kept telling them how much I hated needles. Luckily, I was never called down. As much as I would love to help save a person’s life, the needle prospect is a bit much for me to handle. O_O

I agree about the doctor thing. A couple of months ago I had to go to the doctor because I was experiencing these AWFUL stomach pains. They are actually reoccurring, and in my upper stomach below my ribcage. I get them every few weeks, and usually go away after an hour or so, but this time it had lasted for hours. So I went to the doctor, and of course I got this male doctor. Luckily, he only asked me to raise my shirt to just below my chest, and he felt my stomach. He took my blood too *wince*. But the worst part was having to answer all of these embarrassing questions, that I would have preferred a guy not know. :P It can be really awkward to have a male doctor. And I’m still having the stomach pains, which I’m almost certain the doctor mis-diagnosed. I’ll be returning of course. :P Knowing my luck, I have an ulcer or something and will have to get an ultrasound too. :P

Anyways, just visiting. Your site is so pretty! I adore the layout. :D

I was just randomly reading your blog, and this is the first time I’m commenting XD But I read this post and I wanted to share my two cents :)

I’m glad to hear the lump isn’t anything to worry about. I had an ultrasound on my right breast last year I think. I found a lump in it, and I thought I’d better get it checked out by my doctor (who is a female, thank god! lol) to make sure it wasn’t anything sinister, particularly since my Aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. She’s in the clear now but it’s made me extra viligiant. We don’t even have a history of breast cancer and my Aunty’s in her early forties so it was a bit unusual.

ANYWAY, my doctor examined my breast, and she didn’t think it was anything nasty. I said that I had just finished my period when I found it, and I’d heard you can get lumpy breasts around that time and she said that was true. She said it COULD be a cyst, in which case I might have to get it drained out *shudders* (I hate needles too omg. I’ve had two blood tests before and they’re HORRIBLE haha). She sent me to have an ultrasound anyway, just in case. So I had that done. I had a woman ultrasound person (I can’t think of the word for their profession!!!) and I felt a bit awkward lol even though she would have seen a thousand breasts before XD I have really small boobs too which I sometimes feel self-conscious about. But yeah she did the ultrasound and she said it didn’t look like anything bad. She got a male doctor in for a second opinion, and he basically explained to me that it was just a lump (can’t think of the word he might have used for it) that appears during the menstrual cycle, so nothing to worry about. The lump does actually come and go; I always notice it when I’m on my period. So I trust that the doctors were right in their assessment.

So yeah that was my long-winded story!!! That kinda sucks that you have a lump in your other breast, as well :/ I’m sure it isn’t anything bad, but I suppose it’s good to get them checked out to make sure it’s ok. My mum’s been having mammograms because of my Aunty. The thought of having one of those freaks me out so bad lol. I can imagine it would be painful. And since I have small boobs I bet it would hurt even more D: GAH haha. Luckily I don’t really have to worry about that until I’m older.

On the flipside, I’m going to need to get a pap smear soon. UGGGGH. My first one as well haha. I’m not so much embarrassed at showing my bits to my doctor (she’s had to take a vaginal swab from me before, tmi maybe lol but yeah) and I figure she sees vaginas all the time LOL but I’m just worried it’s going to hurt. Although I heard you just have to relax (which sounds easy but can be difficult) and that it just feels a bit uncomfortable but it shouldn’t hurt. *sigh* Men don’t have to do any of this crap!!! Women have to put up with so much bullshit to do with their bodies. But I do agree with you – being a girl is awesome. I can’t put my finger on it either ;)