Found Again

28th January 2011

I’ll keep on going on and hunting for what is lost,
Much like the ghosts that imprint the parts of your memories that you have long forgot –
          I’ll keep dreaming but then you will remember
          the days you were together and you had places to go, oh now
          places you still have,
          yet they won’t be the same places they were all those years ago.

You will keep going on in the directions you merely do not fear,
There’s a shard of hope in every person who believed in you here –
          We’ll keep hoping but there will be times we just give up
          on everything that there was hope for in that time, oh now
          there is a new time,
          this one won’t be the same but it’s still you.

And I daresay I think,
I think all that matters is all that is you,
          that you are who we believe no matter how many pieces of sound we
          may really ever find,
          no matter how many smiles we see in all the pictures we see you keep going on now,
          oh now,
          you’re still going.

You were the heart of every little part of what was there,
There was you and there were the others
          only the ones we loved so much! –
          with you they were,
          with you
          oh there they were.

The pieces of all that was left behind are hidden in the deepest corners hiding,
The secrets were never there and we’ll just keep on driving
          and driving until there is nearly nothing left
          to grasp onto except the pieces,
As we remember all the times that we pulled through with the beauty of what was created,
We take deep breaths only to savour what is left,
          though what we’ve now discovered becomes a small fraction of
          what we might have never known,
          its prior significance now smaller than ever before,
          smaller than that star in the sky.

If every star were to hang up on us and hold us back in the same way,
If we all just held onto the faintest glimmer of hope then
          perhaps you can’t complain that we took all we could
          that we can’t feel something…

There are few who will,
Few think they will keep hanging and keep holding yet
          are they hoping?
          are they hoping for the same thing?
Are they with hope for the future,
          are they with you.