“Stars in your eyes”

28th January 2011

Like a foot in show your name fits you
Like your hand in hers and mine in his
When I call you by it, it slips off my tongue
          in a trance; it fits you better,
          better than another I know
You know when you’ve found the one and it makes me smile,
Across the earth and the galaxies you’ve loved
          since you were a child,
All the rocks I’ve never parted with,
          all the stones that shine and the ones duller than the rest,
You’re not all mine but I’ll keep seeing you,
          a star among the dullness of meteorites
          oh how we long to be like you,
But you become the flash in the night sky,
          forever shining living on more than we
          dare to dream and holding on,
          holding on more than we come to see;
          living on not in fear but in hope
          and inspiration,
We don’t part, we’ve found the others,
          on something platonic or,
          well as we smile dear brother.