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I was going to put up a new layout today – that was what I planned, but due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t. I didn’t get around to finishing it because things got in the way of my plans. It’s rather annoying when things get in the way of my plans, not to mention disappointing. I know that humans make mistakes and can be hypocrites at times – I might certainly have gotten in the way of someone else’s plans at some point, I don’t deny that.

Yesterday James and I went to a cafe called City Extra for breakfast. I picked him up from the airport in the morning as he had gone to Hong Kong for a whole month and his plane landed back home at about 7:12am. It was an interesting journey to the airport as I’ve only been to the airport by car or taxi. I caught the train and didn’t get very lost. It was crazy how the gates were so close to the station, so I only had to walk a couple hundred metres.

Normally when I return home from a trip, the time I actually get out of the airport is about three hours after my plane actually lands. Thankfully for James he was out in a jiffy. XD

We had a nice breakfast at the cafe. The menus were like newspapers, and we spent some time peering at the ‘fake’ parts of the menu, which were just reproduced mini news stories. It was probably taken from an original newspaper, for there was a date that mentioned the year 1928. I have to admit, it was really quite interesting. :)

the menu + James's tea

I had a seafood mornay crepe, which is a bit odd for breakfast, but I hadn’t had anything since I had woken up and left for the airport so I just chose something that sounded appetising. James ordered a steak hamburger and the waitress was lovely enough to trade the chips for mashed potatoes. :B

Since the menu had no photos it was a pleasant surprise when our food arrived, and the food looked delicious.

Sunny side up egg & hamburger~
Seafood crepe and salad

This was called an Eton Mess. Plenty of berries and meringue and whipped cream – it was so delicious, but also light, and beautifully tasty. :3

Eton Mess. Oh it was full of berries and so sweet. <3 <3

The bill came to some $55… but I didn’t mind, I was paying and it was my idea to take James out for a treat. He pays so many other times, and I don’t think the guy always has to pay. ;)

James gave me the cutest beanie ever! :D I love it. I’ve been wanting one to replace my bright purple and not-so-inconspicuous one. It’s winter soon and I can’t wait to wear it more often. I had my purple one for years and it was getting too small for my head… or maybe it just didn’t cover my ears the way this one does. :P

me and James, with the cute beanie he gave me! :B

It was good to see James again! ♥️ He was severely jetlagged and went for over 40 hours without any sleep. He wasn’t allowed earplugs on the plane and he had trouble sleeping. I had an overnight flight years ago, coming home, and I fell asleep right away. I guess it’s different for everyone though. I fell asleep but woke up not long later. When we arrived back home in Australia it was early morning and I couldn’t sleep.

The car is still broken down, it doesn’t start up very well and can’t turn around corners well – it keeps halting. D: It is being taken for service tomorrow so I have to catch a bus to work. The other day I found out that I didn’t miss the bus but I waited at the wrong stop. I hate how bus timetables change so often. Ugh. At least I know where to go tomorrow.

I will also have to walk home again, no buses come around in the evening to take me home. At least I’ll get exercise. :P

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Zai! :B

Tehee, you’re in a very small group of people in Australia to own that beanie. Take care of it; I don’t think it can be machine washed /sweat
That steak was actually pretty darn good! Thick and juicy. Huhu
Yeah, all in all it was around 50 hours. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s the longest I’ve stayed awake /um. All in all it’s a rather bittersweet thing to be back here. :)

Thanks for the breakfast! 🤤

Damn, shame about your car. That must’ve been awkward, having the bus pass by the stop you were meant to be at. They don’t even tell you or anything /bash

Can’t sleep /um

That looks like a nice restaurant! I’ll probably want to check it out soon hehe. I like the idea of having their menu look like newspaper. Makes me wonder how many people confused them as such and took them home or something…

40 hours? that’s freeeaaaakkkiiiinnnnn’ long! I admire him for staying awake. I mean you picked him up from the airport and went straight for breakfast…. that’s YAY! D: you missed him right? your smile shows how happy you are seeing him again. one month is quite long… /love

sure thing the food looks delicioso… and their menu is cool! /eee i agree that guys do not have to pay ALL THE TIME when out. my boyfriend and i share expenses when we go out. like he’ll ask me which one would i like to share… say movie tickets or food? of course I usually choose the less expensive one. bwahahaha /wave

you look cute on that beanie thingie. /kiss

I’m so hungry right now 😢

And your hat is so precious 👏

I’m glad you had a nice breakfast out. That food looks absolutely amazing!! Wow! I don’t think the guy should always pay either. :)

It looks like you guys had a delicious breakfast. The had James gave you is very cute, it was super sweet of him to bring that back for you. So what was his business in Hong Kong for a month? Not to be nosy, I’m just curious what kept him away from you so long. :)

Woooaahh! I’m glad to hear that you had so much fun with James ♥ And really, the menu and the food look delicious! It made me hungry right away xD I hope you can spend more time with James soon again :) Love the pictures too btw! XD

Wow James went to Hong Kong for a month! I thought he was only there for two weeks. I really can’t wait for my Hong Kong holiday this May.

That crepe looks yum! A steak burger for breakfast? Guess james was hungry. Oh that just gave me an awesome idea. I can make crepe for my boyfriend as a dessert. He likes crepe :D especially with fresh fruit and cream. It should be easy to make, and hopefully there won’t be lumps of flour. I’m awful at mixing things :(

40hrs of no sleep! no way. How long is the flight from Hong Kong?

My flight to HK will be 12-13hrs. I can’t sleep on planes regardless :( I’m going to be up the whole journey. Actually, my flight is 9pm, I will land in HK around 2pm. Probably won’t get to bed till around 9-10pm. In another words I’ll be up for about 30hrs on the first day (assuming I don’t sleep on the way there).

home sweet home, it’s the best place in the world after all! (: it sounds like you had a nice time with your boyfriend, ahh delicious food!! now i suddenly became hungry : DD haha! i hope he had a great trip to hong kong, i want to visit that city one day, i had a project about it once, and there’s lots of tourist attractions that may be interesting to experience one day (:

i hate to take the bus, it’s never there in time, and since it’s so freaking cold outside, i’m ice until it finally arrives, but since you live in australia i guess the cold won’t be a problem. but after all collective traffic is great, and it’s good for the nature!! (:

sometimes you have to change your plans when unexpected things get in the way..happens to be too often, i should start planning my day better, so i won’t be caught by a surprise behind every corner. but i’m looking forward to see your new layout (:

yes people with confidence are easy to spot, and they’re easy to get to know too (:

I am so happy to hear that James and you had such a wonderful meal together upon his return from Hong Kong. Your new beanie is very cute, and you look very cute with it on. :) All of that food makes me extremely hungry – must go eat! :D

Wow those menus are pretty neat! And the food looks really really good. I can’t imagine paying that much for breakfast but I’ve done it before. Sometimes you just have to splurge!

Huh, it seems to me that the .me domains are the same price as normal ones on Namecheap. :P

And I’m so glad you and James had fun! :D

Yay! He’s back!

That food looks really tasty. You are making me hungry.

Hey :D I know what you mean, it does take a long time to actually get out of the airport itself. We usually get front-ish seats in the airplane so we get out as fast as we can, and then we run/ walk fast to the immigration counter and stuff. When I came back home from Spain it did take long because we were in a bit jet and we were last ones to get out… but I didn’t really mind waiting. But when I came back from Mexico, we went fast and we could see behind us alllllll the people. What you two ate looks SOOOOO DELICIOUS. I just came back from school now so I’m kinda hungry and waiting for supper lmfao. :) That was so sweet of you to offer him such a nice lunch when he came back! When I went to Spain, I couldn’t really sleep (and it was an overnight flight) so I was tired when we got there. I THINK I did sleep for about two hours though. XD I love walking! I walk everyday to and from school. It’s only 15ish minutes though. :P You two look very cute together on the picture. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Australia! It looks like such a awesome place to visit! But sadly it’s reaaalllyyy far and the plane ticket is sooooo expensive. It’s like 3 000$ which is way more than we pay for an actual trip to europe/mexico/Caribbean. :O But I do hope that one day, when I work I will become a doctor and be able to afford such a trip lmao or just do some really big savings! We are really lucky at our school to get such trips! We do have little trips to the theatre as well, but every year there’s trips out of the country. In grade 9 I went to Spain and this year I’m going to Washington D.C. :) I can’t wait! Byee xx

Ahh, mean when things get in the way from your site. I end up staying up all night just to add a layout because can’t always during the day. :(

Thats nice you spent time with james and wow big portions of food, here in the uk they are small, would be very lucky if you got big portions here. You can sometimes get a big portions of chips but thats about it lol. The Eton Mess looks well yummy but typical me all deserts have to be chocolate. :D

I love the beanie hat, they do huskie dog ones here, but soon we are out of winter so I can’t wear my nice new hat for long. :( I guess it’s a good thing, we need more sun than rain.

You look really pretty btw. :)

wow 40 hours with no sleep. It killed my sister traveling to australia because you practically miss a whole day and she got very sick.

Sorry about your car being a pain. Wish I could drive sometimes because I just hate the buses, well actually the people on them lol.

That’s a really neat and cool idea, putting the menu on an old newspaper. I’ve never seen that before. MMM, I love crepes. I made some homemade ones the other day, and they weren’t perfect, but they still turned out really good, yum.

That’s so bizarre it’s just now starting to become Winter. I’m sure you hear that a lot, though. Sorry. xD I’ve been so sick of winter and I’m just ready for spring.

I have a horrible time sleeping on airplanes. When we took our trip to Greece, we took one from Chicago to London, then London to Athens and I was so exhausted by the time we got there because I couldn’t sleep on the plane.

Hi Georgie! Can I call you that now? I just feel a bit too formal saying ‘Georgina’ all the time … Even though it’s only two extra letters.
I’ll shut up. :L

I look forward to the day when I can enjoy having no impending comments in my wordpress account. :P I guess it must get a bit hard for you, you get way waaayyy more visitors than I do.

Thank you :3 You’re blue prom dress sounded lovely. Why do I get the feeling I’ve seen a picture of it already? I must be imagining things.

Ugh, I hate it when other things change your plans around. That’s why I don’t try to make plans – because they are always unfulfilled. :( I usually fail this no-plan policy though.

Have you never tried Eton mess before? I couldn’t help but get that impression by your use of tenses. I agree – it’s delicious. :3 I’m hungry now. T.T

Oh my god, that beanie is adorable. :D I have a hat that my mum gave me for my birthday, it’s like a panda, it’s got little pom poms for ears. They’re very popular at the moment. :)

I hope your car gets fixed promptly. x

*your blue prom dress

I hate the iPod’s spelling correction. ><

You are are so cute!!! You are usually stuck for 3 hours after a flight?! that’s crazy! glad you didn’t have to wait around too much for james :)
the food you guys had looks really good… and makes me jealous as I can’t have anything like that right now! lol. 3 more weeks though (at most) and I SHOULD be able to eat what I want again :D

yummii ice cream ! i hope you can change your theme na if things will be okay.

sounds like an interesting place :P
you two are cute, especially with the hat :D
i have many silly hats.

Hello (:!

:O! I look forward to the new layout you`re going post up ^__^! The more time you take on a layout, the better it turns out :D! Unlike me, it takes like friggin 30 minutes to finish a layout, but it looks like crap :P!

I welcome James back to Australia :P! Hope he had a safe trip :P! Even though it seems like he did XD! :O! The cafe is like unique! I love how the menu is like a newspaper status :P! The steak looks really really delicious! P: I would eat it ^__^! There`s nothing wrong with paying for the bill :P! Either way when you`re married later on, it all adds up to the fact that either way, each other pays :P! The beanie is too cute :D! I hope you`ll enjoy it ^__^!

I hope the car will be fixed soon :D!

Smartphones are the brain of the decade :P. It reminded me about physics o__O! “What do you do if you need to convert temperatures?” Me: “Bring a smartphone.” XD!

I don`t blame you for spending money on food :P! My mom got pissed off when she recently found out I`ve spent so much money on food. I`m like, “Hey. School food taste fake and nasty. You can`t blame me for keeping myself alive!” :P

I love stationary things!! What I`m into now is like.. Scrapbook paper and ribbons! Its because I`m too lame to go out and buy a cheesy card that I have to make it on my own :P! I like my outcomes instead :D! But I`m like self conscious of myself because I may look cool as a band geek now, like in 20 years, I`d think I`m lame and I would wonder to myself why I didn`t join cheer or something :O!

Math is hard to figure out by typing on a computer :/. But all you need to figure out the world of math is a TI-89 calculator :D! I have one, which I don`t even know why I need it for. Its not like I need to differentiate anything right now :P!

iPhones are becoming cheaper and cheaper here! When it first came out… It was like, “Ok! This original iPhone 2G– is 299 dollars!” “This new iPhone 3G is 199 dollars!” “We have a new deal! The iPhone 3G will be 99 dollars and the iPhone 3Gs is 199 dollars!” “Okay AT&T/Verizon customers! The iPhone 3Gs is now 49 dollars! And the iPhone 4 is 99 dollars!” But this is all— if you have a contract. Some of these iPhone are even free if you know where to go :P! But still. Stupid contracts D:! I saw the LC Optimus chiq :P! It is cute! ^__^! I was using the touchscreen phone for a year last year, it was annoying! Especially if you text D:! But it differs for everyone :P!

I don`t even know how the police business works. :/. But all I know, is that if you find thievery, check if he/she bought something from the mall. Every cash register in the stores usually have cameras. So if the person stole so-and-so at –time–, then check back at the database to see if he/she used a credit card or something. And from there, you get a name. :P! But yeah. I watch too much law and order XD!

Oooh! The wavy hair is cute! I love the curls on the tip ^__^! Everyone has their own signature hairstyle :P! Like Justin Beiber with the “beiber” or something :P! But yeah! Lillian’s hair is just made for straightness! What I find is the best is that if I wanna curl my hair, I need time. For time, I need… Patience :P! So that I can curl my hair a little at a time! :P

I can feel why you were offended D:! Like seriously. Its like asking, “Hey! Do you have fake hair?!” I would`ve taken that in that kind of way. And I would just. Get mad D:

Your curly hair is better than what I can have! My wavy hair was messy! I hate how messy it gets D:! One of my curly hair pictures : http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/26496_112653365412489_100000034787910_271546_578947_n.jpg — I usually go overboard :P! It`s like, “NO ITS NOT CURLY ENOUGH!” but yeha, that was done with a straightener :O!

YES I AGREE WITH YOU! We need to learn more about grammar. That`s why my grammar is horrible. Like seriously, how can we write essays if our grammar sucks :P! Its the teachers. Or. Something.. :/. We need more quality teachers rather than quantity :O!

Georgie HI!!!! Lol!! AWww, thank you for your kind words!! Heehee, I did actually go back and to my surprise the person that was kinda iffy on me changing my status, they were really supportive afterwards. Which was awesome. So yeah. Andrew and I had an amazing time, and we’re going to get to see each other tomorrow (Thursday) and spend the whole morning/day/night with each other until his dad kicks me out lol. But yeah, I can’t wait. Heehee we were joking over the phone that we were going “exploring” and it was funny.

But yeah, a girl’s instinct is usually right about a guy, or their boyfriend. And well; Andrew is just right for me. If I were to have lost my virginity to anyone it would be to Andrew no doubts about it. Before Valentines Day, he sent me an E-card, and it was so romantic. I nearly teared up. He said now that we have each other, our lives will be pleasant from here on out. I was like awwww. Heehee. My dad thinks my nickname for Andrew is a lil cooky, but he said well; I guess they’re all good nicknames. Heehee. I just can’t seem to use Pookiebear as Andrew’s name in front of my dad lmao. It just seems weird. But he does know what I call him heehee.

Yeah, I got so pissed off today, cause I had phoned an old friend from elementary school to congratulate her for winning Ms. Wheelchair, and they got pissed off and basically told me off (and her and her husband were the ones who were telling me of and she was in the background coaching him what to say because she’s too chicken shit to fight her own battles. Always have been, always will be. She usually had her mom fight her own battles until her mom passed away. Now she suckered her husband into doing it for her. I mean if she doesn’t get her way, you’re an S.O.B. seriously I was explaining this to Pookiebear earlier). But yeah, I mean I did say something that was really uncalled for, but eh her husband said some stuff to me that was even more uncalled for than what I said. But enough about that.

Yeah Pookiebear does have a lovely smile and he kisses really good too. Heehee (yeah we sneaked kissing in our a lone time on Valentines night and he said it’s great to have a girlfriend). But yeah, we’re going “exploring” tomorrow haha! No really, we’re going to watch movies, make breakfast, play video games and maybe “muck” around a bit heehee. But yeah, his dad isn’t going to be there after 9:00 a.m. Heehee. I think I’m gonna make him home made donuts cause he never had them before (hopefully I remember how lmfao the last ones I made didn’t turn out so well but maybe because I didn’t remember how to make them but now I do) :). He’s gonna make me chicken and broccoli for lunch heehee. Dunno about dinner yet.

Yeah, I had a fantastic time playing Mini golf which I haven’t played in a couple of years, but it was fun nonetheless. Heehee. But yeah, he was being a goober which made the time with him even more special heehee.

It was just a fantastic night and I’m so looking forward to spending more a lone time with him tomorrow! I’ll let you know how it went!! ;). Heehee. But yeah, I’m sorry your mom was nagging at you to get off the computer. :(. I can’t wait to see the new layout!! I bet it’s gonna be amazing!! :D.

Well; I gotta get to bed early tonight so I’ll talk to you later Georgie!!

Hello! :D

Sucks that you didn’t get to put up your new layout, but don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow :). Pretend you’re procrastinating!

YAY! You saw James yesterday :P. Wow…he doesn’t look too bad for having just got off a night flight. When I landed Australia after my night flight, I looked so terrible, I refused to take any photos. LOL. I, like James, just cannot sleep on airplanes at night D:.

Lucky James WAS out quickly D:. If you’re behind someone who’s bought a TONNE of crap from overseas that needs declaring, getting through customs could be HELL 🤬. I’ve only been to the airport by train ONCE. Usually we charter a shuttle bus to take us :).

Hahaha, what creative menus :P. I like them ^^. The food looks very yummy too :). Especially that ice-cream thing. As predicted, I am now hungry. *Sigh*.

That is such a cute beanie! I want one. LOL, it makes you look even cuter :P. Hahaha, I bet it’s really warm too :). It’s funny, it’s summer here, but in those photos, it looks like you too are dressed for Winter XD.

Hope your car doesn’t stuff up anymore. Buses are SO inconvenient /angry.

Our car is fixed! I didn’t have to catch the bus because my dad picked up the car just in time. :) I hope it doesn’t stuff up again; we’ve had to take it three times in the past week and now they’ve finally replaced one of the parts that seemed to be causing the problem. :D

It was a really sweet dessert! Very weird for about 10:00am in the morning but it seemed tempting. The fact that the menu had no pictures really added to the mystery. XD

Oh, we’re one of those families who takes ages to go through customs because we always have a lot of stuff coming back. :X I think we might have pissed off the people behind us. All I remember was that there was a long line waiting to even get into the damn room.

You should have seen James afterwards. Teary-eyed and very, very tired. He fell asleep on the train and back home (well, so did I). :P

Hahah, my dad’s the one the hates the things I buy. Or he just thinks I need a different style because all I seem to buy & wear are cardigans with a simple top under it. /hehe
The thing is, I DID tell my boyfriend about how I deeply resent that friend of his, and we decided we’ll go out with different groups of people next time, but somehow we ended up going out with that same couple for Valentine’s. -,-
That was very creative and sweet of you, of what you gave your boyfriend. :) Haha, thank you. :)
Awww, that’s okay! :( At least you have a really nice boyfriend now. :) I also think I should’ve enjoyed my single life more, it’s like I jumped from elementary school to high school and all at once I wanted everything – a boyfriend, a perfect body, popularity…basically what every other teenager strives for because they think it’s everything. I’m happy as I am now but I just wish I showed more appreciation to my single life now that I’m not anymore.
I like taking the train, even though I’ve only done that probably once in my life, but it’s a very exciting experience, and i bet it was fun for you, too. :D Haha yea, sometimes we’d sit in the airport for houuurs, most of the time it’s very crowded.
Wow, those menus are very creative!! That’s the first time I ever hear of menus designed to look like newspapers, I bet they were actually fun to read. /bounce
Haha, that’s so sweet of you to pay! :) I ALWAYSSSS offer to pay but it ends up with both me and my boyfriend fighting over who’s going to pay it can get serious sometimes, hahaha. But I HAVE to pay sometime, it’s unfair he always does for me. /ho
Poor James! =( I’ve heard of 10 hour or 14 hour flights, but 40 HOURS?!?! He must be exhausted! :(
And that beanie looks so cute! <3 :D

Dang, 40 hours? Poor guy.

That’s the weirdest crêpe I’ve seen. But I LOVE crêpes. /love All of the food looks good, though, and that’s a really cool looking restaurant. I like the newspaper idea. :D

I love your beanie, too. I only have two (well, they’re more like snow caps), but I treasure them, haha. Can’t wait to see the new layout!

i’ll be visiting your site A LOT tomorrow then, so don’t worry if the hits number increases, haha (:

i just post pictures i’ve taken myself on tumblr, i like to call it the “photo section” of my site. i was supposed to have all of the pictures on my site, but then i never got time to make all of those thumbnails, and tumblr was an easy option (:

thank you! <3 i think the test went great! better than my last one at least, i totally failed then.

my parents are like that too, they don't allow me to travel to another country without them. i guess they're scared something horrible will happen to me, and they can't be there to protect me from whatever danger.

Awww you look so cute in the photos, especially with the beanie on, haha. Your meal looks amazing though – and omg ETON MESS!!! I hadn’t heard/thought of that dessert since the leaving a restaurant I used to work at that used to do them. They are soooo good!

And btw – how the hell do you take 3 hours to get out of the airport?!

I hate it when things get in the way of my plans and they don’t fall through. It always seems to be the things that you really want to happen that never does and it’s rather disappointing.

I think you and James’ relationship is just the sweetest thing!

For one, I’ve never heard of a steak hamburger. I never heard of the dish you ordered either. Never before have I ever seen an egg on the top of a steak, let alone a burger. Lol XD

hmm, cute beanie! I guess what you all call a beanie in Australia and what we call a beanie in America is two different things because that looks nothing like my beanies!

Gah, they changed the bus schedules and routes by my house. I actually haven’t rode the bus sense though. Really, I’m sort of scared.

I do believe Valentine’s Day is overrated but it holds no memories of rejection or pain for me. Nor does it remind how lonely or single I am.

I realize I complain a lot but I never really realize until someone points it out. Its not about stupid stuff though.

That is *such* a cute restaurant menu! Very creative on their part, I’d totally love going somewhere that has ‘newspapers’ for menus. I actually don’t see a lot of menus these days that include a lot of photos unless they’re fast-food restaurants, is having fully illustrated menus a norm there?

And super cute new beanie! Looks like you two had a lot of fun :)

Oh that’s a good point. I think I was just not used to seeing a complete black-and-white menu. I’m used to restaurants having at least a coloured menu and even some photos on the walls, but they didn’t have those. :P

I think we all know how it feels to be disappointed. It is good sometimes. We need motivation.
That sounds like a very sweet morning. ♥ I’m glad you had such a good reunion!
That food looked so delicious!
My family’s car wasn’t starting but we got a new starter that God seemed to place in our hands for free labor by someone in our church. I’ll pray for a speedy recovery for your car. Speedy and stable.
Thanks! I’m glad you liked the layout!

Omg you and James are sooo cute together<3 And I am waiting for that new layout, but since you were caught up it's okay :p lol nah I am kidding, you can put it up whenever you want too! But those menus look cool, 1928, that is a really long time ago. Anyway you did look like you had an enjoyable breakfast. I think those are the moments to cherish. The time you get to spend with the people you love <3

Mhm you motivated me to blog more and comment more haha Hopefully I can do it more. I know for every horrible blogger there are 2 good ones. But I find it hard to find them. i think I live in the past when I blog, I think about how it "use" to be. Like now my old friends are hardly on. Actually everyone is hardly on right now=/ We should video chat one day! It'll be pitch black in my room and you would have the gleaming sunlight. Lucky duck! lol

I always go out with people younger than me. I think it is because I feel "in control" lmfao that is a stupid answer, but I think it is right. i want a boyfriend older than me (well when i want one, I don't really want one now) I am happy single, It's much easier in high school, not much drama. My friend who has a bf is in a lot of drama. uggg high school boys and girls.

Asians do look younger, lol my grandma is 96, but she looks at leas 80. Asian people don't age haha I guess that is good but bad, but mostly good for when we are older lol My dad didn't get gray hair until like last year! I mean that says a lot haha my old art teacher even told me my dad looks young lmfao. Woohoo for being asian ! *high five* But yea I get mistaken for like 13 and I am 16 going on 17. I am like 5'2, so maybe that is why. All my friends are like 5'5 and the guys are like 5'11 haha wow, I am really short

yea your high school is different than ours, we have like 9-12th grade. My high school is kinda clique, but we we have over 700 people in each grade. Like you need to have somebody, but nobody is mean about joining groups. i like my gorup, we have been friends since kindergarten and than the guys game in like 8th grade lmfao. we even have a group name (wow we must sound annoying) and yea mhm maybe one of my future boyfriends will be a boy i don't talk to as much but still am contact with. lmfao I am on the lookout now, haha nah I am just kidding lol

whoa you are the fourth result on google? haha that is like an honor lol I hate when people say any kind of music is stupid. I mean music is different for everyone right.?

Hi Georgina, sorry for being away for so long. Well at least you know why I’m so busy nowadays. :) I miss talking and reading your blog (the last one I read was your post on Ben).

Hurray James is home! I’m sure you’re really excited about it. The whole entry tells it all. ;)

The menu is such a creative idea! Hahahaha! And the food looks so so scrumptious! I’m drooling now. Yes. 🤤
What does meringue taste like? I’ve never had one before.
It’s nice of you to pay for the meal. I agree, the guy doesn’t have to pay for everything all the time. I like taking turns when it comes to paying the bills because you learn to appreciate each other and the things your partner does for you. :)

40 hours!? By God I can barely stay awake for more than 12, and James endured over 3 times as long! Poor thing.
That’s awesome James got you a beanie just when you need a new one. And he got you a nice one too! *glomps*

Packages from the US and Europe usually take 4-6 weeks to arrive here so I always get afraid they might be lost along the way and it would take another 6 weeks or so for a replacement to be sent over. That’s 3 months of waiting!
Hehehe Leon does love the present (he would revert to child-like mode when he sees LEGO). XD
Ah yes, I did register that domain. I wanted kitty.com/net/org but they were all taken so I settled with kitty-kat. XD

I think that menu idea is cool! How different. That food also looked really yummy.
40 hours?? I get so tired when I am on board a 12 hour flight so how someone can manage is 40 hour flight is like woah!!
I also agree I don’t think it should always be the man paying for things.
Hope you manage to get your car sorted out.

Oh he was just awake for 40 hours. The flight was not that long. :P But I know it does take 30 hours to reach Australia from America.

woooow.. so sweet.. :D you two look so good together and you’re so pretty too Georgina! :D too bad the new layout was not finished.. anyways, we’ll be waiting for your new layie here.. ;)

Hey Georgina, I’m really sorry that it’s taken me so long to reply to your comment! >.< I'll try and do a better job at replying next time!

Well, in your last comment, you gave me a really good point. I love writing and I could post it online. My autobiography included. Yes, its true, people don’t always comment on your works or blog, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t read it. It doesn’t mean that your blog, etc didn’t help them. I’ll remember that. :) That’s a really good point and honestly, that actually makes me want to blog more and write more and post it up. Maybe it is helping someone. Even if they don’t say so. :)

And yeah, I haven’t been paying may attention to fanlistings lately but when I get some time, I wanna join some more. They are kinda pointless, I’ll agree to that, but they’re fun to join anyways! xD Not everything needs a point! Life would be boring if everything we did had to have a point! lol So I’m really glad that I took your advice and got more into fanlistings. :3

About people knocking on doors, I agree. Just knock louder. If they don’t get an answer, then they should just come back later if its that important. But don’t want around my house! And don’t look in windows! That’s creepy as hell!!

Also, happy late Valentine’s day! :D I hope it was alright. :) Did you do anything special?

I’m sorry you couldn’t get up your new layout up in time. I’ve had that happen before. It actually happened with my current layout. I couldn’t get the coding to work with PHP. I couldn’t figure it out for nothing! I ended up having to ask the layouts designer about it. It took me a week before I could get it up. That really pissed me off. So I can only imagine how you feel! You’ll get the layout finished and up though. :) I can’t wait to see it too, by the way! ;)

The cafe, City Extra, sounds really neat! :D All the food you guys got looks really good! Sounds like a yummy cafe! :3 I wanna go one day!

Your new beanie is the cutest thing ever!! I’m super jealous! Tell James that he has GREAT taste! xD And the beanie looks super cute on you too! ;) lol

And yikes! Good luck getting your car fixed! D: Our van has a lot of problems too, but I’ll be thankful it drives. …most of the time. Lol. Hopefully your car will get fixed quickly! Car problems are the worst! >.<

Omg that looks yummy, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! So happy to see that James is back nice and safe. And that beanie is way too cute! I like that’s it still subtle enough to wear outside also. :) And hasn’t the weather been so sucky lately in Sydney? Extremely hot, then cold and wet. Lucky you’ve got the beanie just in time.