There Is Nowhere Left To Go

I’ve just put up a new layout. The previous one was up for nearly six months. Never in the history of owning websites have I had a single layout up for that long. I used to have skins, and a selection of layouts, and some of those were up for about a year, but that’s different, as visitors had an option.

This layout was inspired by Ben Jorgensen and his EP titled There Is Nowhere Left To Go. I took the photo last month when I went to see his show, and the image is jazzed up with some lovely brushes from Moargh. I used a font from Cuttyfruty. (I know there are still tiny things left to tweak!) I guess in a way this layout is not as awesome as my other one. I think that in actuality, nothing will surpass the amazing concept that the layout Love Is… was; by all means this layout has all the little details, of a dynamic sidebar on several pages, a footer with rotating quotes, a structure that brings back the sidebar I’ve missed for six months, and all the passion that goes into my admiration for Ben Jorgensen – but it does not have that insane simplicity that existed here for the past half year.

Ben Jorgensen is certainly my favourite musician. I loved him in his band Armor For Sleep, in his side project God Loves A Challenge, and his solo work. As for There Is Nowhere Left To Go, he mentions that it is by no means a reference to the end of Armor, “It’s just about facing yourself … is more about looking at yourself and where you stand”. In numerous interviews he’s said that he’s happy where he is now.

It makes me think of us in real life. We go through a journey where it’s often rough, and in life perhaps we aren’t sure of what to do or where we are going. I’ve realised that my goals in life have changed from when I was much younger, and many people experience the same kind of change when they realise their childhood dreams are far from realistic or far from their current interests.

I’m sure my mum had some idea of what she wanted to do in her future. During her life she worked many jobs, including as a secretary, in a computer company, in retail, in finance, and now, she is a beauty consultant. We may be certain of things in life, but later on we might change our minds. Some might refer to it as “finding yourself”. But life is, more precisely, like an ongoing journey of getting to know yourself as you age.

We often watch musicians in the public eye, scolding them as their style changes. But do they still love what they do? Are they still the same person?

Six years ago, never did I dream that I’d get the hell off LiveJournal. Never did I dream that I would stop making pixel graphics and write some proper tutorials for my website. I never even gave a thought to stop using iframes and get Photoshop.

Here is where I am. And perhaps this layout won’t be as awesome as Love Is… was. But they’re different. They’re incomparable. I still like it. I’m still proud of it, like many of my other layouts.

We can step anywhere, because we walk the footsteps to our own lives.

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