There Is Nowhere Left To Go

I’ve just put up a new layout. The previous one was up for nearly six months. Never in the history of owning websites have I had a single layout up for that long. I used to have skins, and a selection of layouts, and some of those were up for about a year, but that’s different, as visitors had an option.

This layout was inspired by Ben Jorgensen and his EP titled There Is Nowhere Left To Go. I took the photo last month when I went to see his show, and the image is jazzed up with some lovely brushes from Moargh. I used a font from Cuttyfruty. (I know there are still tiny things left to tweak!) I guess in a way this layout is not as awesome as my other one. I think that in actuality, nothing will surpass the amazing concept that the layout Love Is… was; by all means this layout has all the little details, of a dynamic sidebar on several pages, a footer with rotating quotes, a structure that brings back the sidebar I’ve missed for six months, and all the passion that goes into my admiration for Ben Jorgensen – but it does not have that insane simplicity that existed here for the past half year.

Ben Jorgensen is certainly my favourite musician. I loved him in his band Armor For Sleep, in his side project God Loves A Challenge, and his solo work. As for There Is Nowhere Left To Go, he mentions that it is by no means a reference to the end of Armor, “It’s just about facing yourself … is more about looking at yourself and where you stand”. In numerous interviews he’s said that he’s happy where he is now.

It makes me think of us in real life. We go through a journey where it’s often rough, and in life perhaps we aren’t sure of what to do or where we are going. I’ve realised that my goals in life have changed from when I was much younger, and many people experience the same kind of change when they realise their childhood dreams are far from realistic or far from their current interests.

I’m sure my mum had some idea of what she wanted to do in her future. During her life she worked many jobs, including as a secretary, in a computer company, in retail, in finance, and now, she is a beauty consultant. We may be certain of things in life, but later on we might change our minds. Some might refer to it as “finding yourself”. But life is, more precisely, like an ongoing journey of getting to know yourself as you age.

We often watch musicians in the public eye, scolding them as their style changes. But do they still love what they do? Are they still the same person?

Six years ago, never did I dream that I’d get the hell off LiveJournal. Never did I dream that I would stop making pixel graphics and write some proper tutorials for my website. I never even gave a thought to stop using iframes and get Photoshop.

Here is where I am. And perhaps this layout won’t be as awesome as Love Is… was. But they’re different. They’re incomparable. I still like it. I’m still proud of it, like many of my other layouts.

We can step anywhere, because we walk the footsteps to our own lives.

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I just had to say that I think the new layout looks fantastic. :)

I wonder if you’re going to make further use of the previous one? Perhaps in a slightly altered form on a different domain, or by adding it to your WordPress pre-mades? It was just too lovely to be unused and forgotten about. /heart

Hoho! Well, I was actually planning to use a variation of it for I think it’s far too precious for the whole lot to be given off as a premade (with the quotes and all), but the colours and the basic design probably will. I’m actually planning on adding a few premades before the end of the month! ;)

Ooooooo, I REALLY hope that you add some more premades! :D I wish you would add some with some like images or graphics to them. You’re graphic designs are so pretty! :)


WOW! A new layout :P. Your other one was up for so long, even I noticed XD. But it was still awesome :). IT’S BEN JORG! I LOVE Ben Jorg too, though perhaps not as much as you :P.

I actually like this layout better than your other one :). Maybe because I just have a tendency to like darker layouts better than lighter ones :P. It’s a personal thing.

It’s true. Our dreams do change as we get older. I mean, sometimes it sucks because we have to give UP our dreams for some reason, but most times it’s probably us getting older and more mature. I mean, having an ambition to “be a pretty princess” isn’t really a good profession, huh? XD. I kind of envy those people who just KNOW what they want to do when they’re older and just GO for it and get there. It’s amazing :).

Wow, your mum seriously HAS had a very wide-ranging career. But as long as she’s happy right? And at least she had the bravery to change into something completely different when she wanted :). I’m not sure I’d be able to do that XD.

My mum wanted to be a librarian when she was younger, but shes been working different jobs in the banking sector since before I was born. Haha. Maybe that’s why I like reading and am studying finance :P.

My goals haven’t changed too much /um
Then again they aren’t very clearly defined anyway. /faw , but they’re realistic! 8D

Now, your mum is a ninja.

To be honest, I never really thought about the not so distant future say, 5-10 years ahead until now. It’s a nice surprise in some ways to look back and say ‘Well, that’s how it all turned out.’ and I’m sure it is for you too /eee


And Ben likes me more than youv Hrrng

wow nice layout. <3 I have not heared of Ben Jorgensen :X or have I? is he known international? I don't listen to much on radio only my mp3 player or phone.

My dreams most certainly changed. I wanted to be a Vet, an artist and now that I am older I want to be a graphic designer and have for many years. I watched this film called "sundays at tiffanys" and the guy said to the girl, "your working here?" what happened to so on.. (can't remember what he said lol)
and she replied "we aren't all what we wanted to be when we were little, otherwise all little boys would become dump truck drivers and all little girls would become madonna." So true, I don't think anyone is what they wanted to be when younger.

I am going through life right now confused and fed up, because I would just love to be confident with my dream graphic job. All i get is bad luck. /wah

your new layout is up, and i like it! (: the fact that you’ve made the layout with your own taken pictures is lovable, and the quotes in a rotation in the footer is original!! plus you have this fancy sidebar, i’ve never tried a dynamic sidebar before, but it seems too complicated. i like the navigation too, even it’s simple and plain, but that’s how i like it (:

some musicians are so inspiring!! (: their lyrics of their songs, and the music they make is made to be admired.

life is like a journey, i think it’s so scary how fast it goes. suddenly it’s the next day, the next week, and time flies by. suddenly it’s 2012! but yes we change, and i never though i would have my own site back in the times when i was the piczo girl…haha! and it’s funny to think how i “loved” my layouts and thought they were the best in the world, funny how that has changed now (: it never seems like i get satisfied, and there is always something that could’ve been changed.

yes i thumbnails are a pain!! why couldn’t there been a tool who automatically made those, that would’ve been easy!! you probably have right about the controll of your pictures. but i have all of them saved on my computer, so if there’s gonna be an accident, i’ll still have them (:

nice look :)

“never even gave a thought to stop using iframes and get Photoshop” he he, i frames. We use iframes for the site I work on at work, it’s sad and I hate it. The design is seriously from like ’95. I made improvements to some of the pages, but the work’s not funded, so can’t change anything yet :(

When I was a teenager and had nothing better to do with my life, I changed layouts like once a month. Then I did the skins thing. Now I just have the one layout that I’ve had for the past four years with minor tweaks here and there. Lack of time and patience for this stuff. I figure most people use RSS readers now anyway. They only see my site when they’re commenting.

I personally don’t use RSS readers, but I know some people who do. I see your site when I comment. :P When I was younger I also changed my layouts once a month, sometimes more often. It got very addictive. Now I don’t really bother, I just change it when I feel like I need to. All my creativity goes to my other websites, especially my fanlistings, which I like creating new layouts for. I don’t think there’s a need to change my blog/main website’s layout so frequently. :)

I could never update my photoblog every day! I don’t take pictures that often! lol But I update it every day, at least once or twice a week usually which is like a HUGE thing for me. lol

And yeah, I only just recently opened the photoblog. So its fairly new. Okay, its like REALLY new. Lol. I actually have you linked on it. :) You don’t have to link me back of course! Lol

And no worries, I really appreciate the donation and the tweets! It would be really cool if each person could donate $2, even a dollar! Cause it adds up quick! But with the economy, its hard. I’m actually, not letting mum touch the money that’s been donated. I mean, cause if we save it, it’ll add up and I’m hoping we’ll be able to get or put the money to getting an apartment with it or something. cause if we could get an apartment, we would be alright. Mum’s monthly retirement check is enough to pay normal bills, so it would be easier if we could just settle some place. I have big hopes, huh? Lol

I only have like 4 game consoles; Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced and PS2. My friend actually game me the Nintendo and all their games. They had some GREAT racing games! :3 I love racing and/or fighting games. They’re run. Lol

As for the gift card, I could sell it, but you gotta pay for stamps to send it. Unless you can find someone nearby to sell it to. Cause I did consider that. I’ll have to see. There’s a game stop thats’s pretty big about an hour or so from here. A lot of teens are always there. I could advertise the sale of the card there.

For the Shrek movies. The fourth movie was alright. It was good, but I didn’t like it. I mean, it was a really great movie, but I personally didn’t like it. Saying that, I do highly recommend it. I actually thought the first Shrek movie was just alright. My favorites were the 2nd and 3rd movies. :3 They were GREAT! Which surprised me because usually sequels aren’t that great, like you said. Sequels are usually bleh!

And yeah, my mum and I are really close. I don’t have very many friends, actually I have none except online. So I never go out or do anything. So I’ve kinda forced my likes onto my mum. Lol. So my mum is really into a lot of teen things, like teen clothes and some piercings and shows. So she doesn’t act her age (she’s almost 60). So we get along really well because we’re like into the same things. :)

It sounds like you and James had a nice (late) Valentine’s day and Anniversary. :) I think it would be so cool to go over seas though! :3 I love to travel!

Lol, yes, I do turn to my online friends and twitter friends when I’m bored! xD That’s a good point!

Oh! And you’re welcome! I feel like I should always reply. I mean, yeah, I can take a while sometimes, but you took the time to write a comment on my blog, the least I can do, even if its really late, is reply! You gave up your time for me, I should do the same. :) So I always reply to comments.

Thank you for the link! I would love to publish a novel! So I’m definitely going to look into the link. And actually, you can buy any type of ISBN and it’ll work in any way of book selling. You can sell a book in a store or online or self sell. The ISBN is like a way of identifying your book in the world even if another book has the same title when the author may have the same name as you. :) Its like a serial number or something like that. (I”ve done a little bit or research on the subject and I have 2 friends who know a bit.) I think the hardest part about publishing a book, is actually FINISHING the book. >.<

I love publishing stuff online, even if its just like a blog. Something I've always had as a philosophy is to always finish writing what I start. Like, with a story, even if I HATE the story I'm writing. If I've posted even one chapter online, I had to finish it. Why? Because someone, just one person might be reading it. And because of that person, I should finish the story. Because that one reader, even if I don't even know anyone is reading it, I should finish because they want to know the ending. That's always been a philosophy I've lived by. :)

Lol, I guess I'm a bad kid! My mum gives me chores and I just never end up doing them! xD My mum gets pissed but I just don't do anything. ^^"

And that's great that you got your car fixed! :D Yeah, our car is WAAAY older. We have a 1993 Chevy custom van. It's almost 18 years old; like me. xD But hey, considering is age, is works like a charm! Okay, not that good, but it works! :) So its all good. Lol

You're lucky though! We don't have a lot of buses around here. We only have metro buses which pick you up and drive you to a local metro station or to the airport depending on which metro bus you take. So bleh. :p We live outside the big city; sorta. lol

Ahh I gotcha now, Ben Jorgensen who you met, yeah I already said I never heard of him. Sorry for repeating myself. Hope you have a nice day.

AWwwww! Georgie!!! I love your new layout! It’s perfect!! It is quite different, but I love it!! Yeah, I agree that finding “ourselves” is a bit hard, and I haven’t found myself yet until after my Grandma passed away and than met Andrew aka Pookiebear. I mean he literally treats me like a princess! I told him too and he said “Baby you deserve it”. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in 6 years. So yeah. Valentines day, just feels like it’s every day whenever I’m with him. :).

Oh wow you don’t call your nicknames in front of you mom or dad? Pookiebear was getting drunk last night, but he can hold it. He does get a little loud but it makes him cuter. But yeah he said “Dad, I do call Jamie baby, and she calls me Pookiebear guess where she got it from?” He smiled (I think he liked it that he knows Andrew and I are in love), and asked how. So we told him, and Andrew asked what show did you get it from? Garfield or Married With Children? (Cause they both use Pookie), and I said both Pookiebear! haha. He asked me if there was anything I want him to tone down on when he’s drunk and I said no. Which is the truth. I mean he just loosening up you know? I just love him.

But yeah, spending time with Andrew was like being in Heaven with him. I know sounds corny but yeah, we’ve both said we’ve haven’t felt alive since so many months/years. Heehee. I’m so glad I found him and he wrote me back.

Yeah I agree with you that it was uncool of her and husband to say that about me. But eh, my dad took her off his friends list a few weeks ago (I didn’t know that until a few nights ago). But yeah, whenever this girl had a fight in the past she would always have some little excuse to make her look like the innocent victim here. I mean sure she has a disability but her parents spoiled her rotten because of that. But seriously, now that her mom has passed away as well; as her dad, she has her husband to fight for her battles because she can’t fight them herself. She was right in the background coaching him on what to say. But whatever. I’m done with her sorry arse. I should’ve been done with her a long time ago, but I just felt like giving her yet ANOTHER chance! But this time no more chances. Ya know? She’s stomped all over me for the last time, and this time I am NOT apologizing for what I said. Melissa can be pissed off at me for calling her best friend up all she wants but I don’t care.

I like this layout! Often time, I don’t like layouts featuring celebrities because the person is just too in my face. But you didn’t make it that way. And I can tell that this layout is clearly you, because nobody else makes layouts like this.

Dunno if I told you this already or not, but when I was a little kid I wanted to mix a bubbly orange potion with a bubbly green potion and have a frog spontaneously form and jump out from the mixture. And that is why most goals we have when we’re 3-5 years old don’t last. ✌️

I love this new layout. :) I don’t know about the singer (excepting what you wrote about him up here), but I love how simple and soft it is on the eyes. You have true talent, and I’ve been in love with ALL of your layouts since I first began browsing your website over a year ago.

And that’s true, dreams change with years and experience, they become more realistic; but in the end, if we were always true to ourselves, they will still be unconfondibly ours. :) As with layouts, as with jobs; our unique touch is always there.


~ Luana S.

P.S. I’m going to reply to your email now. ^-^ I wanted to comment first.

Oh my goodness. I LOVE the new layout. I really liked your old one, but I really like this one too. I think it’s still kind of simple, but it’s beautiful. You did a great job on it!

I had always wanted to see Valentine’s Day too, but never got around to it, until then. It was a pretty good movie, well I liked it. I don’t think Andrew liked it too much because it was a chick flick, but, you know. xD

I love putting Nutella on my crepes. I could eat Nutella by itself, it’s so good. :P

The new layout is nice :D I love the colours and it is very nice and readable. Have I mentioned I love grey and pink? Lol. I have to be honest, I had never heard of Ben Jorgensen before reading about him on this site. I will have to look into him!

Your mother sounds like me lol. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger, then a graphic designer, then a university professor, and now I am a law clerk. Figure that out! O_O

I love the new layout Georgie! 6 months is a very long time to keep a layout up, but when you have one that you absolutely love, it’s hard to push it away and put up a new one. I agree that you probably shouldn’t put it up for premades… or maybe tweak it a bit or make something similar for a premade. This one was just too special to you to give it away! :D

I actaully like the last one much better, but it’s so nice to see a change, and this one is still awesome. I like that you’ve added an image to your header, and your own image too 👏 It’s still simply, yet fancy. I think the navigation needs a little spicing up though, but that’s just me. ;)

I never believed my mum when she said “nothing goes as it’s planned” until I became an adult. I wanted be a forensics scientist living in a big beautiful house with two dogs, and a hunky man of course. 😳 But I’m far from that plan.

For some people, planning can go almost perfect if they are smart enough, but for others, life is improvised. An improvised life can be harder, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worse.

My mum also worked as a secretary, in a computer company, which is where she met my father, who had just moved to Australia from Holland, as a computer planning engineer or something. She wanted three boys, but ended up with three girls, and now she is doing a course in human resources.

This layout still screams out ‘Georgina’. I’m glad you’re proud of it. :)


Haha, I have trouble leaving layouts up for 1 month. Wow it didn’t seem like your layout was up for that long. :O

Ohh I never got to congratulate you on meeting Ben Jorgensen. :)

I really like the new layout, even if you don’t think it’s as good as the previous one. I think it is. (Y)

Hi gurl..

Yeah, I noticed that this is a new layout.. You always have new layouts though.. In my case, I never had any chance of really making one for myself.. haha im just lazy and stuff.. :-( so i kinda envy ya

You’ve got a nice inspiration too.. Ben Jorgensen is <3 so I agree with you in everything you saiiiddddd.. I think i should try listen to There Is Nowhere Left To Go… :)) well, its really hard to find ourselves sometimes like what we really want or what we wanted to be.. Just like in my case, I spent like 5 years in college coz of changing majors :-( but then, things in life arent certain sometimes. we aint sure if its gonna lead us somewhere or nowhere.. :-(

we've been blog friends since when? 2 years ago and I saw all your photoshop thang.. Thats why now Im tryna spend some time on it so I could be as good as you.. haha FRRREEEAAAALLL <3

love ya georgie

The EP is on iTunes if you want to check it out. :D

I guess it’s hard and sometimes we go through life and change our minds (there is a song on the EP called Changed My Mind!). Sometimes we take a different path and feel like we lose time but I’m sure that when you decided to change, you thought it was the best thing at the time. And maybe it was, even if you weren’t sure where it was going to take you. :)

Well two years ago was a long time, and you should have seen my layouts from then! They weren’t that fantastic. It just takes time. ♥

GAHHHHHHHH A CELEBRITY LAYOUT THAT DOESN’T HURT MY EYES?! Well actually I wouldn’t count this as a celebrity layout, it’s not really flashy. But does this give me the option of using Jay on Nahhhh lol. I do love the layout though! Nice and simple and clean. So much grey going around, haha. I really love the header of Ben Jorgensen, it looks really inspirational lol. His face isn’t staring at you (that’s kind of creepy no matter who it is) like those ugly Justin Bieber faces are.

I agree with ‘finding yourself’ since I think I’ve really found myself now. Maybe it’s still a bit early for me to say that, but I’m surer of myself. Like when I was younger I had absolutely ridiculous dreams, but now I just want everything to do with animation. Even just a year ago I never dreamed I’d get off Blogger haha. I never dreamed of even having my own website.

Ahhhhh life. ♥

I had plenty of time to get my license, many people by the last year of high school had theirs. Seriously people who still rode the school bus were ‘losers’ or something (I walked boooo yeah). But my mom was never comfortable with me driving, she doesn’t trust me to not get a ride home with some irresponsible driver. Bleh. Here we go again with the favoritism though, Jason got his permit when he was 16 and she let him start driving then.

Actually the person who wrote that was one of my link exchanges. And that comment was the first she ever commented on my blog. I mean, what the hell.

LOL I have never heard of being called Bee …. hahahahaha.

Haha your mom sounds like a fashion star … my mom bleh her fashion is so lame. I mean she dresses well but it’s like all one color. But really, what’s with everyone going retro? Another thing that’s coming back is flare jeans. Egh I hate those things.

Oh man, today was hot. I’ll elaborate in my blog hahaha. (It’s just that I’m horrible at describing, I’d rather do it once lolol.)

Hahahah I love how you said Ben iPhoney. iPhoney, LOLS! So cute. Just saying.

Really? That’s nice of them. From what I hear people like to steal USBs, clear the data, and use it for themselves. Selfish idiots. It’s not like USBs are that expensive.

Sorry for the crappy comment =( I’ve been SO BAD at returning them lately. Blogging too.

So I like this layout a lot better than your other one. As you said in this blog, this layout might not be as complex or interesting as your last one. However I believe this one is more personal and I like personal layouts better. Also I know your love for Ben lol, so it only make sense that you would make his photo your layout. Especially since you took it. I think music helps everyone no matter what and I am glad you found peace in his music. That is a really good thing. My favorite band is Simple Plan, and I totally love their music because it helped me through some rough times. Their lyrics talk about more than just “being in love” which I admire. haha we have had this conversation before.

and “finding yourself” mhm I haven’t found myself and I guess I never will. I am always changing, but I know what I want and what I do not want. i think I grew up. I am always changing and making mistakes. I know the degree I get in college might be or might not be what I do for a living.

So you listen to All Time Low? Anyway Alex Gaskarth is probably a dick. Personally I just think he is really entertaining to watch and listen too. lol But I like Zack and felt bad when his pictures got leaked. He is the quietest one in the group. (I really respect their group though because they have been together for like 7 years and they are only like 23). I am glad he didn’t apologize because he knew he was taking a picture, he just did not know he would send it. I would never take a nude photo because even though I am not famous, I don’t want it on the internet. But his ex girlfriend must be a horrible person, why ruin a career? I think people just want attention, and want “pay back”. Maybe he broke her heart? Maybe they had a bad breakup? Maybe she is jealous of his fame? It’s hard being famous. I think a lot of band members are assholes when they are famous, as with celebrities. I met some band members before. I could tell which ones were assholes and which ones weren’t. However I feel bad for them at times because being on tour is stressful and takes up a lot of time. Although it might be fun, it must be hardwork with long hours.

I guess I am guilty of the apology blogs, however I do not leave a whole blog for that. Some people are bad bloggers when its just not interesting. I guess I cannot say horrible either because it is opinion, not facts. I only keep in touch with 2, although it’s been hard to talk to them. I mean I’ve been talking to them since 8th grade, which was 3 years ago. That is a while online lol I tell them a lot of the shit that goes on in my life lol, so they are like my offline friends, well one of them i met, so i guess he is an offline friend now haha That is what we call each other, we don’t refer to each other as online friends anymore. However on this domain I am not as close to people, or don’t feel as close to people. I think people are just so busy and I was so young the first time i had a site. I only connected to like 2 people, maybe? Like really well.

How much older is James than you? I don’t want a boyfriend, I really don’t. I do like people here and there but I think it will lead to problems. I am happy having fun. I already (maybe) have a prom date. Which is my friend lol So I am all good and happy xD

I really like this layout, although I feel like the ‘’ and navigation in the banner should have been pink as well to balance out the colour in the header. It’s really lovely, though. I love the choice of fonts and the layout of the sidebar. Quite possibly my favourite layout of yours yet.

I think there’s way too much pink as it is, to be honest. I don’t want to take the focus off Ben himself, that was the idea. The layout is relatively busy, considering the sidebar and detail in the header image. That’s why I kept it subtle!

Oh this is a change of style. I quite like it, just make the top navigation font larger, I nearly missed it.

Changing professions is actually one of my greatest fears. My parents tried to make me study Economy, in case I’d get too old to program… didn’t really work out for me (hated the subjects), sometimes they’d still worriedly ask about what I’ll do when my mind won’t work as fast /ehh
I met this man who after 20 years of being a programmer, entered med school and now has an alternative (naturist) medicine cabinet. I don’t know if I’d have the same resolve to change my (work) life so drastically. @_@

hey hun
love the new layout XD. we always say that about our next layouts that they would never be as great as our previous ones. my facilitator last year said we as designers never like our own work until we look at it in different forms and ask friends what they think.

I told you this over at Twitter — this layout is gorgeous. And I love the colours that you have incorporated in the layout :)

What you say is totally true. We may have plans set for our future but no one knows where we will head. I mean, one minute I was dead set on becoming an English teacher but here I am, pursuing public relations instead. But you see, all these changes, be it big or small, is a learning experience. Every day is a learning experience and I think we shouldn’t regret our decisions. Like I said, I’m pursuing public relations but who knows what job I’ll end up doing in the future. The future intimidates me but I’m looking forward for it :)

i hadn’t heard about andrew allen either, but when i first heard the song, i was in love and a big smile was on my face! (:

i think you did a great job!! i also want to one day try to take the pictures for my own layout. i think i’ve tried that once, but it didn’t turn out pretty nice, i deleted it once, haha! maybe someday in the future!!

i’m glad we improve and change! you have probably right it’s the safest way to have them on a site compared to tumblr, i may move the pictures in a section to my site one day, but now i’m i have too little time to make thumbnails, haha!

Oooh, I love this layout! But I guess I’ve always been a sucker for non-simplistic designs *lol* Especially if they’re dark and gritty too :D
Never heard of the musician though, I shall see if I can find him on YouTube or Spotify so I can check him out :)

I’m doing PayPerPost also, SocialSpark took forever just to accept my blog. I didn’t actually think of using tumblr, I just now added to PPP. SocialSpark doesn’t accept tumblr. :/ They made a new SocialSpark, so far it’s good. You have to wait to get paid like PPP though.

I cannot wait for spring break or whatever vacation comes in march lol.
Facebook is an ass, they just piss me off nowadays. I go on it like once every month and then they have the nerve to tell me I’ve reached my name changing limit.
Thank you soo much, I hope I do too. So far I have $50 and I hoping to get more soon. I’m almost at $50 on Sponsored Tweets, but I have no clue when I’ll get to $50. I need like $10 more to reach 50.

Good luck on getting cash for your reseller. Mines due in march so thats cash deducted from what I’ve already saved up ughh.

I love the new layout, I did not expect to see it when I open you site lol. When I was a kid I dreamed of being a doctor and now I can’t even stand the thought of a hospital. 🤬 I love it when musicians write songs that make you think about life, it’s kind of refreshing.
Six years ago piczo was my life and now it’s all 💥 lol.

i love your new theme. it’s so clean and easy on the eye. :)

Hey! :D COngrats on the new layout! It looks amazing, I love it! I know the last one has been up for quite a long time! I remember visiting your site a while ago when I had my other website and then I kinda left blogging world, and now I’m back and it was still the same layout! Though I know making a layout is a lot of work, so I understand it has been up for long. It was really pretty though so I didn’t mind at all! It’s great to have goals in life and do what you like the most, or else you might get tired of it after a few years! I’m still in high school so I’m not quite certain yet about what I want to study, but I’ve already got a little idea and I know which college I wanna go to. I think musicians still love what they do, because that’s why they went in this field at first.

I’m not really a super duper fast eater, but I’m not slow either. Compared to my friends, I eat kinda fast cause I’m hungry at lunch, but compared to other friends of mine wow I’m slow. Sometimes I didn’t even start, and he was done and already taking some more! haha Usually we go outside after we’ve eaten, but now there’s like three feet of snow everywhere! Ugh stupid Canada. XD I really wish I was in Australia right now, weather must be good, no? :) talk soon. xx

Oh gee, I’m quite the fan of your layouts. They’re always so clean, infused with cute. :)

For me, I haven’t exactly nailed down what I want to do in the future. I’m stuck between doing what I love, doing something fascinating (although the possibilities that it will go nowhere is high), or doing something my parents (and slightly I) want to do.

BLeh. I have a couple of years still.

I love your new layout love! Very much you. I think of you as soon as I see the header image. Kudos!

That is very much true. People change as they age and I think it is inevitable. It is impossible for someone to not change at all. With age comes new outlooks on things, and time. And time changes the way certain things look to us. Change happens despite what we try to do about it. The world is always changing.

Hehe it is very much like “Finding yourself” as you said. I think that becomes more clear as you get older and you change less, but you still change none the less. Being young, we change more often than we probably even have the time to notice.

And once again, this theme is different from your last one as you mentioned, but it no less beautiful. They’re too different to be compared to one another. They’re both beautiful in their own ways. I sound like I’m talking about someone I’m in love with ahha.

She does need more contestants haha. I thought maybe if I gave her a plug it would help. But we’ll see! I thought more people would join because that is a unique idea that I’ve never actually seen before.

So true! Once you’ve reached that comfortable level with someone, it is like breathing to you. I love that once you get to the point in a relationship, you don’t even have to try anymore. Things kind of happen naturally. I’m glad you’ve also been able to find this in James. It’s a good feeling to have someone to give your everything to and completely rely on in many ways.

I can’t wait until I can sleep through a night again! Ahh! I wake up so many times. They say the second trimester is the most relaxing and I partially agree but not completely. It’s easier than the first but has it’s own new set of problems haha. Now I can actually eat all the food I crave without being nauseous but now I have heartburn after I eat even a carrot haha. Oh the joys of pregnancy lol.

It’s so funny that you said that about the iPhone 4 because I said that too when it first came out. I was like “Why is it so boxy-looking?!”. I guess I just love it because I hate my phone. My phone is supposed to be the new equivalent to the iPhone and what not but I hate it. The only interesting thing about it is that is can display flash animation and what not and the iPhone could not. That is literally all I like haha. I’m picky, though. XD

I really like this layout :) It is true that it’s nothing like your last one but it has its own amazing qualities. I love the rotating quotes in the footer :) It gives your site a TOTALLY different look because you went from such a bright theme to a dark one. I like it :D

I am glad I got my camera back <3 So happy! It was pretty warm last week for a bit, but I haven't had a chance to actually go out and take any pictures lately. I hopefully will get a chance soon though :)

Change is sometimes good. Like, I changed my hair colour the other day I like that change :P I feel like my life needs some major change, because I'm still feeling so blah all the time.

I love your new layout! :D Everything goes together perfectly! With the sidebar, the quotation footer, and especially the header image :P! When I first saw it a couple of minutes ago, I was like; “Ben Jorgensen.” It was random, yet I was right :O! I guessed :P! I love it ^__^! I like both this and the Love Is… layout (:

We can`t predict our own future. We make our future. Thats the thing. I wanted to be a pharmacist when I was little. Well, no. My mom wanted me to be a pharmacist. Now I just want to be an ER doctor or something. Something other than making drugs. I`m horrible at math and I know I will so make an erroric calculation along the way D:!

Everyone changes. It`s hard to stay the same unless you`re serious about yourself :P! Change is good at times, Its not always bad! Its like.. Changing your underwear. In a way. Because you have to change it! But thats a horrible comparison because if thats the case, then I probably change my style like 3 times a day. I can`t even find something to compare this to D:!

Receiving gifts on an unexpected day is more better! :D! Its because you don`t know when it is and its unplanned for! :D! Because things in life happen when we can`t deliver things on time and so D:!

I agree with you- its fair that when you`re eating with friends, you gotta pay your share of the bill. Unless its like at an event that a person is hosting. But at least bring something little or something. It depends on the person and so. :P

I always use Google to convert things :P! Like kilowatts to watts, etc :O! I know that 0C = 32F. Thats the freezing temperature :O! and 100C=212F or something. Around that XD!

Supposedly, my calculator is AP/SAT/etc approved so I guess I`m allowed to use it during a test. If only I can find a way to like… Hide the notes or something :P!

I hope the police won`t give up on your case. Otherwise, they`d be lame. D:! It sounds easy about what I said in a way, but it does take a lot to find the person. D: As long as the phone is deactivated then it should be shown up :O! At least anonymously D:! I remember those numpads :P! It`s like horrible to text with that phone! I wonder how my teacher texts with that phone!

I lost all of the layouts I had on 6birds. :( It is a bit depressing, but it is okay. It is also kind of refreshing. ♥

I know I said this in e-mail and on my blog, but THANK YOU!!!!!! SO much. <3

Your layout/theme is nice. It's pretty and clean and looks really neat.

Love Is… was a great one. To be honest, I didn't like it at first because it was so different from what your layouts were usually like. But I grew to love it. ^^

Cuttyfruty has some cute fonts! OMG. I wish I could download them. D: I may end up using the rest of my grant money that I got in the mail yesterday (!) to fix it. A few people do not understand why it would be necessary for me to – or to even just buy a new laptop – but I am having to type up every single homework assignment! …Except for my math ones, obviously.

Sorry, I got off topic there. D:

I love how, no matter how small the sentence/phrase, you can leave so much meaning with what you say:

We can step anywhere, because we walk the footsteps to our own lives.

The floor felt the same as the bed. D: But it’s alright. I stick to sleeping on the couch. :P

It has been quite warm here the last couple of days. I mean, it’s not too hot or too cold, so we have been able to leave the windows open all day long! I love that. ♥

Ooh! I just saw the footer! :P

I love the way my name looks. (H) (Y)

I noticed that. D: Blahh. Now I am going to make sure that I have a back up of everything in that folder – as well as the plugins!!

The last time I reallyyy blogged was February 3, I think. Something like that. It has been down that long. Dx The first week of it being down I was just … eh. I felt annoyed and mad at the whole thing. :( No one from support was replying to my ticket(s). I’d first asked why it was down, and then I asked why my ticket was closed without a reply.

I was not able to log onto my cPanel at all. D: It wouldn’t even come up.

I had won a Regular Reseller from Coryldork’s contest/giveaway that I highly doubted I would even win. I actually don’t remember entering – I think I entered without realizing? Haha. So I already had that for a year, and as we talked, she said that she would even host me freely for a year. But I had won it, and even though I went from having unlimited space and whatnot on a Master Reseller account to having 200GB disk space on a Reseller account, it’s still better than support never replying to me. Even before the hacking problem, they never replied to me. D:

I think it is ironic – Isi is hosted by RewindHost, and now I am hosted by them once again (I was hosted by them before NLH). Not a lot of people are understanding why I think it is so funny…

Honestly, if you ask me, this layout is actually pretty awesome. This has been one of the few blogs today that I’ve visited which did not give me a headache from too much pink or what.

Don’t worry, I’ve never had the time to make new layouts from blog.

We can step anywhere, because we walk the footsteps to our own lives. I love the line, I love it. Its beautiful.
And I like the layout too. <3 Even though the grey is a little similar to Love Is…but a shade darker. Love Is…was very creative, but this is neat and pretty too.

Even if we have straight written down plans for each phase of our lives and we are sure they won't go wrong, the truth is, they go wrong anyway. When I was young I wanted to be an an astronaut, an archaelogist. I have given up on them now. I am not saying they are not realistic, but they are not realistic for me.
Maybe it is finding myself, or maybe it is growing up and drifting away. Sometimes we can not make our plans come to life, or sometimes life does not let our plans come to life. The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.
I think its good you have someone to inspire you like that. Even if he is a celeb figure whom you don't really know. Sometimes its people like these who make life better. Pen is mightier than the sword? No, words and mightier than the sword. And those words can be in a book, or even in a song.

Sometimes people surprise us. Even Saurabh has done or said things that I would have never thought him capable of. And I meant that in a good way. :)
There are some movies that revolve loosely around a book and spoil both the book and the movie. :/

This layout is absolutely fabulous, I think. I was actually wondering if you would be willing to make me a WordPress theme for a fee? (I would pay USD via PayPal if you would be interested.) I understand if you can’t or just don’t plain want to, I just thought that it couldn’t hurt to ask. :)

I really really love this layout! Your other one was amazing but this one is equally awesome! I have mine for a month … Then get bored of looking at it that I MUST make a new one!

I listened to some of Ben’s work, and they are great. ;) It’s still awesome that you got to meet him! *envy*

Yeah when I was younger I never thought of even going as far as piczo — but now I have my very own domain! Amazing.

i love this layout of yours. :)
and do the quotes below change often or is it per post? :)
take care.

Oh my goodness! Six months! O_O That really is a long time! I think the longest I’ve had was maybe 3-5 months? I usually try to change my layout once a month, though I can’t say that it works out too well. I like this layout, though!

I like how you always incorporate some of yourself into your layouts. Besides making sure that I actually like my own layout (which should kinda be mandatory for all website owners), I usually don’t have any concept or idea. Just design. My last layout was based on my nostalgia, though; it had the lyrics to one of my nostalgic songs in it. And the colours were those I tend to remember most… but I think that’s the only layout. On my last site, I had a “save the seals” layout, but I guess that isn’t the same. :/

I don’t know too many celebrities, nor do I keep up with them, but I’ve seen people like Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne get criticised because they’ve changed their styles and attitudes. That’s just life, I guess. I believe that a person’s own person is within personality, not interests. :) I love the last quote of your post /faw

I try not to look, but wait. It just seems like everyone has found someone – on Valentine’s day, I found out that about 7 of my friends have boyfriends. :( I think I’m a bit more patient than I come out to be, but having a special someone is just something I’ve always wanted and really hasn’t happened yet. Right now, I guess I’m just getting nervous that nobody will come 😰

I don’t think that my family’s been helping too much recently, but I’ve somehow managed to get more food.

Photobucket hates uploading big images, as does my host 😝 But you have a good point. Tables haven’t worked out too well for me; I don’t see how others can make them work like magic /hmph

There’s just a huge blend of oversensitive people & just plain ignorant people. I think everyone in this world need a huge reality check. The hardest thing about an eating disorder is knowing you have a mental issue, it’s hard to just say that there’s something wrong with your brain, even though its true. I love your new layout (: It must feel great to make a layout out of your own photograph (:

Okay. I haven’t started reading your post yet and i just wanna say, I <3 YOUR NEW LAYOUT! :)

Now for the blogpost, *reading*

Ben Jorgensen sure is so lucky to have a fan like you! Not only did you make a tumblr fanpage for him, you featured him a lot of time on your blogposts and even made him your theme header! xD

Same here. :D I always fantasize about what would happen several years from now with my boyfriend and whatnot, haha. I have a wiiiiild imagination, mind you. 🙄 Haha.
Haha well, let’s switch places then, I’m tired of using the car everywhere, and I wouldn’t mind taking the train so often, hahaha. That’s nice you guys split the bill, it’s fair and friendly at the same time haha.
AND O-M-G. Yaaaay new layout hahahaha! It’s so pretty and looks different from your past layout. :D Haha.
I agree with what you said. We can evolve into completely different characters and live through drastic changes, but most of the time, we don’t really plan to do so. I never thought I would change from a complete down-to-earth, careless, tomboy into a a very caring, somewhat of a perfectionist over a year or two. It just happens along that journey we know as life. Haha I feel like a poet now, but it’s true. :P
I remember when I was younger, I planned on becoming an actor when I’m older because I joined a school play and I had the main role, and everyone loved me. But then some years later, I realized, even though I may be talented in that aspect, maybe that’s not what I want to base my whole life on. And then some time later, I planned on becoming an architect, only because I’m OBSESSED with bricks…seriously O.o ahahahah, and then again, that’s not what I really want. I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens. :)

Love the new layout! Well done. Nothing wrong with having the same layout for a long period of time though, I thought your last layout was awesome also.