The Lost Peace

It’s early, and it has been a bit difficult to even get up with stomach cramps. I can’t tell what the weather is because my body feels numb. Knowing I’ll have to adjust to some kind of routine in a week, knowing that I’ll have to pick up the books again, commute to university hourly, daily… a part of me is scared, and another part of me is horribly relieved.

I have chills down my spine, and it’s not just from listening to Cutting Off The Blood To Ten by Right Away, Great Captain. The heat has no doubt settled overnight. The faint image of me ironing clothes in the heat has dissipated into pixels of airborne particles in my mind. The sun is barely up and it’s hidden beyond the tops of the duplexes in my street.

Fuck the duplexes. I live in a small street and in one of the oldest houses. Over the past five to ten years, new people, new neighbours, dare I say, have been moving in and demolishing the old cottages that now cease to exist.

I remember a young couple, ever so in love, moving out of the house across the road. For many years that house was rented out, and still is. New neighbours come in every couple of years. I remember the neighbours we had across the road when I was younger; I could probably name all the people who lived in that rented house since we moved in when I was three years old.

We don’t like one lot of our neighbours on one side. I’ve mentioned many times about the elderly couple next door who have been here long before us, and have been so supportive of us and kind. They’ve looked after our house when we were gone for holidays during long summers. They have always wished us a happy Easter, Christmas, and other typical celebrations.

But yes… the newer neighbours down one side are the ones we try to avoid. Their duplex blocks the view of the pretty sun at sunrise, and the clouds that I used to lie down and look at when I was younger. This morning was the second time in a month that I got up to hopefully see first light and the sun rising, only to be disappointed by corrugated rooftops.

I don’t think I need to make an effort to know all my neighbours. There’s another elderly couple down the road, who we simply wave at and smile to when they sit on the porch and recognise us driving down the road in the car.

Despite the block from a lovely phase of nature, the sun’s rays pushing through the clouds, I’ve decided to move on to something else. A Thousand Roses is my new Flickr account. I decided I would get one despite havinga photoblog, and this Flickr account is my new project. I aim to take a thousand different photos of roses. Roses, an underestimated, traditional part of nature. It’ll take a couple of years, but it’ll keep me occupied.

The feeling of feeling ill in my stomach is now gone. My head hurts less. Sometimes we need to get away from this pernickety mess of the internet, even just for a few hours. There’s always so much to catch up on when you return, but that’s life, huh?

That said, I’ll get around to comments and whatnot, soon. (I didn’t have a great day yesterday.) That said, I’m slowly preparing myself for university again with my early mornings. Slowly finding new things in the new year, still knowing it’ll bring brand new things.

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The subdivision that I live in is considered to be on the smaller side, where you can probably recognize almost everyone who lives there, even if it is just by the car they drive. That being said, we had two sets of neighbours that we were friendly with and now they have both moved to other towns. The rest of them, we never speak to, never wave as they drive or walk by. We particularly dislike our immediate neighbour to our left. In the winter, he’ll shovel his snow off his driveway and put it infront of ours. In the fall, he’ll rake his leafs and push them onto our property even though we have different types of trees and so you can clearly see that those leaves do not belong to us. My mother started feeding these chipmunks that frequented our area; one morning we woke up and there on our doorstep was a dead chipmunk, laid out on our mat. From his actions we suspect that he is guilty; he hated them.

The town I live in used to be a lot smaller and in recent years it has grown exponentially. All the farms are gone or already sold, just waiting for the lease to run out. There won’t be any more horses just a few streets over soon. And the builders aren’t caring about greenspace or landscaping, just how many homes can they fit into x amount of land. Mostly they are building extraordinarily expensive townhomes, with a non-existent backyard and no trees in sight. My parents are currently making plans to renovate our bathrooms so that we can sell this property and move somewhere that trees still exist in nature.

I can tell you having finished university that I miss it more than ever. I enjoyed parts of it while I was there, and often despised other parts; there were days where I just wished it would be over, that I wouldn’t have to wake up, drive there, work constantly on assignments. I majored in English and History and there were days where I just could not look at a book without wanting to cry. Now that I’ve finished though, I would give anything to go back and stay there… forever.

I’m excited to see A Thousand Roses. You have yet to see most of my designs, but I almost always feature flowers. Whenever I receive them as gifts I take hundreds of photos of them. For Valentine’s Day I received a dozen red roses and I probably took about 200 pictures; at different angles, different times of day with different lighting. I look forward to this project of yours :)

What a turd. I hate to say it though. :X But our neighbour is like that too; he used to park in front of our house on many occasions when his driveway was empty and clearly has enough space for two cars. He would even park on the grass strip at the front of our house. We had to call the council about it. We awkwardly wave sometimes. But get this, the other day he asked if he could park a huge-ass boat in front of our house… how about no thanks.

We used to have a lot of elderly people living in our street, large gardens everywhere and the houses were just little cottage-like ones, like ours. But since a lot of those people passed or retired, younger people moved in and decided they’d demolish the homes that were made, and build some more modern ones. They look so out of place. I dislike it.

I love university now, though I didn’t think I’d like it this much before. I am planning to do a Masters degree because I just love the atmosphere and I’m barely 20, this is my last Bachelor year. O_O I have time. :)

We grow roses in our garden; I am so thankful to my mum for that because they are absolutely beautiful and I pounce on them every time they grow new ones. It’s funny; they are never the same. /love

I cannot believe your neighbour would have the balls to park on the grass strip in front of your house! That is just ridiculous. That is definitely something he could be ticketed here for lol. My boyfriend’s parents were redoing their driveway and so they cut the curb to make it wider, so that they could fit three cards across and two down (the driveway is always full there, way too many cars and trucks). Winter came and the town hadn’t come to repair the curb (which is their responsibility) and being Canada everything was covered in snow, so when my boyfriend’s brother parked his truck it ended up going slightly over the line where the curb would end, parallel to the house. Their neighbour actually called and made a complaint with the town, who then came out and measured it at her request. They gave my brother a warning because even they thought it was ridiculous because he was barely 1cm over this invisible line. And this was entirely my boyfriend’s property as they have a corner lot and this was towards the corner side. It was the lady across the street from them who made the official complaint.

We used to have these wooden arch doorways into my backyard that the previous owners of my house had built and gotten roses to climb up. They were beautiful until one day they just stopped growing. We had a lot of flowers and trees in my backyard, landscaped around our pool but the people who designed it did not take into account the growth of any of these plants. We’ve had to do some major ‘repairs’ and even had to dig out a few trees because they were dying due to the lack of space for their roots to grow. I wish we had a garden, especially of roses. That is definitely one of the things I will be doing when I get a house of my own… one day in the distant future!

That really blows. Soon enough this whole world will have no parks, no grass… Just houses, and more houses. It’s kind of heartbreaking.

It’d be so awesome if you had any time to make me some buttons. I don’t mind what they look like, just pleasing to the eyes. I’m too lazy to find images at the moment… Got a lot on my mind (Currar and I broke up, but not sure if we’re going to get back together).

Hope you start feeling better soon.

Thanks so much honey. I just feel so guilty and upset that I’m hurting him the way I am. We broke up on Saturday morning and he has only just ate for the first time today. He’s still my best friend and I still love him but I’ve needed to have a break from our relationship for a while now.

I won’t post too much on here as I don’t really want to put all this on your blog. I will definitely e-mail you sometime soon. I value your advice, a lot.

Don’t fret too much if you don’t have them done by then. :) Whenever you can is good enough for me. :)

As a person who has moved a couple times, I wonder what it was like in the old days in which families never ever moved, and people moved only because they got married. One thing about my neighborhood that my parents live in is that when we first moved there, the neighbors all tried to meet us and welcome us to the neighborhood. I guess the countryside is a bit more traditional. In truth, I don’t think that there is any obligation to try to meet the new neighbors unless they express a desire to meet their own neighbors.

I hope that your headaches and cramps disappear soon! Both suck lots.

I’m sorry you are regretting (?) going back to uni but when that time comes, it comes.

I hope you can catch up on your comments and everything by the time uni comes back into session! (:

By the way, I reopened with the old layout and everything. :) I had to delete fanupdate to update it but other than that & deleting the old members (because most were inactive) everything is back up. :D

I hate that people do that. I like watching the sunrise whenever I have to go to work. I always get up right after it rises. Probably 30 minutes after. Or at least I leave 30 min after it rises. It’s so pretty. :D

I love your layout by the way. One day I visited it and it was changed. I was like WOAH what a difference! I do love this layout. Looks like you put tons of effort into it. How long did it take you to make, if I may ask?

Cool name for you Photoblog! It reminds me of the song “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carleton. :) I used to love that song when I was younger. I still do, just not as much.

I like the quote you have in your footer! Does it rotate like your old one did? I just now noticed it. XD

Did you use images to round the borders of this layout or did you use CSS3?

I need to update what I put in my sidebar of my layout. What I have now, seems boring. :P

OH! I just remembered, you had subnavigation in your sidebar on some pages. How did you get it there?
Thanks so much! I don’t know where I got those colors but I did and I thought it looked good as well! :D

Totally. I agree. It makes it easier when you put up the next layout and can’t remember when you first put up your layout (which happened with v1).

Hahahahahaha. I wish I could help you there. I know how long it takes because of what I did. I just dedicated all of my time to IBE until I got it done. Which was, surprisingly, only 5 days max if I remember correctly. The longest thing (which I am still working on) is the coded layouts section. I’m trying to make sure I have HTML/CSS & WP versions of ALL of my layouts and I just got a download tracker plugin and I want to see how well it works. So far, it seems to work well but I haven’t put the links back up with it so I’ll have to see after I finish returning comments! (:

Aww I hope the cramps go away, as well as the headache! Good luck with getting back to routine for uni :]

I hate how the neighborhoods are changing so much. And the duplexes, it kind of takes away from the cute little houses. You know what I mean?

The elderly couple seem like good neighbors. Those are like the people on my street. Well except for this one house that is rented to a bunch of college guys. They like dance on the cars at 1 in the morning…my neighbor called the police on them o.O XD Aww, it stinks that one of your neighbors house blocks the sunrise XD And it sounds like they need a new roof 8)

Good luck with the Thousand Roses project! I know you are really good at webby projects XD I look forward to checking them out!

Haha yeah, Anthem definitely reminds me of clones. Everyone is the same, and it’s just so hard to imagine. Yet, there wouldn’t be as many problems as today’s society…Hmmm o.O

Is A Clockwork Orange the one you were talking about in one of your past blogs? The one that required a dictionary? XD Maybe I’m mistaken. Thanks for the book suggestions! I’ll be sure to check them out :]

Haha, you’re original! You have your own style XD Did you have non-uniform days a lot? I don’t know why, but I’ve always wanted to wear uniforms to school XD Comfort is everything in clothes (:

Ahaha your mom’s a beauty consultant? That’s so cool ;] And yet ironic, but hey, you’re exposing your natural beauty (:

Ahh! Burning them? XD I’d never be able to do that. I tend to get super attached. XD I use to cry when my sister helped me clean my room because I hated getting rid of things. Even if it was a McDonalds Happy Meal toy XD LOL I was a weird child. :] Today, I was looking at my old (REALLY old, like Webs old) website files, and I was like “Oh god, I remember this! But this is horrible” XD But still nostalgic!

Haha oh my gosh! 20C is like the perfect temperature. On Thursday, it was like the highest it’s been all winter, it was about 55F (13C) and people were wearing shorts! I was like, okay, it’s warm, but not THAT warm. I feel that when you go from summer to winter, 13C would be chilly, but from winter to spring, it’d be pretty warm XD LOL, thank god it’s cooling down for you guys

I don’t have much on PayPerPost just Sponsored tweets. They don’t really spam your twitter though, they only tweet for you once your tweet is approved and that’s it. PPP just accepted my tumblr a couple days ago, I’m waiting to get some offers now. :D

I keep forgetting that February has only 28 days. March is almost here. My sister just finished school, she’s doing nursing so they go to school for like ever.
I think we all at some point had a dream to be famous when we were little. xD

I tried freewebs and to this day I don’t know to work it. D:

I don’t think knowing your neighbors is necessary. I don’t know half of mine, there is this man that lives next to me and is so mean. Another one has this huge dog that barks all day and don’t know how to stay in the house. It’s frustrating when you need to go outside and there’s a dog there.
Also when I’m from school there’s always dog /poo on some one the sidewalks and I just don’t know why people let their dog do it anywhere.

Glad the headaches and crams are gone. :) I hope you have a good time when you go back to school. :D


Aww back to uni for you next week. I’m back already and I’m already sleepy. Haha. Actually my sleepiness has more to do with my early waking time and not the excess uni work, but whatever! I’m sure uni will be more enjoyable than intimidating for you when you return though, because you generally seem to enjoy your course a lot more than I do mine XD.

Yesterday WAS really hot. Like REALLY hot. I was so tempted to eat LOTS and lots of ice-cream but I RESISTED! Though it was difficult :(. Hahaha. It’s so much cooler now. My window is FULLY OPEN to enjoy the breeeeeeze while I can :P.

Oh I hate that. High buildings that block your view :(. Evil duplex-owning neighbours! It’s sad how all the older buildings are slowly being replaced. I mean sometimes the newer buildings and duplexes and such are attractive, but not in the suburbs! I kind of like the look of cottage houses and such!

GOOD LUCK with your flickr project :). Yay! And I hope your stomach gets better soon!

Oh man you were doing readings last night, that was horrid. :( Now you’re going to be getting sleepy because of uni work and I see it happening to me too. Vicious cycle of returning after the holidays haha. I’m looking forward to this year though… last year! And then, the dreaded Masters. I wish we could be named Master Georgina and so on, from getting a Masters degree. Since getting a Doctorate lets you be Doctor Georgina. /cool

I know, what is wrong with this weather? Yesterday was the windiest we’ve had in a while, and it was even cold. It’s cold now and it’s morning; apparently it’ll rain a bit. :S

I like my house! It’s so sad how a lot of the houses in my street were like that, and you totally saw my neighbour’s house. He clearly used up every inch of land building that (yeah, he was one of the builders himself) and there had been so much nice grass and flowers that used to be there when an old woman lived there. :(

Stomach cramps are horrible, I always get them while working or watching a film. Hope your routine goes well, you seem one busy person. :D

My neighbours are just awful, I was woken up at 8am this morning because she next door was shouting at her kids, her kids are boys and they scream like girls. We always had new people on the other side of us because the person kept renting the place out but now lost the house, the new people who bought it, we try not to talk too because to be honest they are STRANGE, they start house work and fixing things are silly hours at night.

Well, a couple of years ago there was a nice elderly couple we had next door, but they had to move out and we don’t have a lot of contact with them. plus the other neighbors who have been there as long as I can remember and I don’t like them.
one of them always let’s our visitors parc in another street.

it is never fun when school starts, all the work that comes with it is not fun.

Dont get me wrong, the samsung galaxy is a good phone and is pretty much the iphone 4 but slimmer, just the battery only lasts 1-2 days. Last longer than my Blackberry I guess. How many days did your iphone last?

too soon there won’t be any green grass spots here and there, and the beautiful view from the window will be replaced by houses, and rooftops. it’s sad the nature is disappearing in the new culture we’re living in.
i have nothing against my neighbours though, one of them recetly died, and i rather regret i didn’t had the time to get to know him more before he passed. every person has a story, and when i was at the funeral, i only got to hear some of it. and he has for sure lived an amazing life! (:

your photo project sounds exciting!! (: love your photos you’ve posted so far! i could’ve made a flickr called “a thousand water droplets” haha!! ahh i miss photographing, right now i have no time.. waiting for the weekend and break from school to come soon.

good luck at universaty!! : DD

thank you for voting! (: yes maybe, but i always think it’s easier to use other people’s photos. if i use mine, i see so easily what i don’t like with that picture, and then i don’t want to use it.

oooooooooooooooh love this layout :D it’s great

aww sorry that you’re having stomach cramps hope they go away soon :( . I know how you feel about starting back but hopefully you’ll be able to get back into your routine easily.
We’ve had a lot of neighbours come and go over the last few years too, the current ones however are really nice and friendly.
It sucks that they’ve ruined those cottages though and that you can’t see the sunrise anymore, people don’t care about beauty and nature anymore, it’s sad really.

ooh can’t wait to have a look at your new flickr account and your new project it sounds really exciting and different. :)

lol i know everyone i asked about spud were like lolwut?! but I don’t know, I’m just going to let it go, he’s confusing.
ah thankyou she gets her cast off next week so hopefully she won’t be annoying me as much xD .
Yeah I’m glad I got my grades up and thankyou :)
wow you had hair down to your knees wow that’s really long I don’t think my hair’s ever been much longer than it is now, aww no i think your hair looks nice :) I’d love to try different things but I’m scared I’ll end up regretting them, although I have gone almost blonde this year and I love it now so maybe I’m just being a scaredy cat haha

Georgie,Georgie,Georgie!! *Huggsss* I remember you telling me about those duplexes blocking the sun from your viewing point. That’s really sad! I’m glad you have nice neighbors and what not in your neighborhood and then there are the mean ones. I’ve had those several times over. When we first moved into the house on Benson in my old hometown Chino, they were so downright rude. They would literally blast their music up until 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. at the least. Even their television would be that loud! We finally had a battle of wits with them, and well; it all ceased after I wrote them a calm letter explaining that they were being rude to their new neighbors by keeping us awake at the early morning hours. And what not. I also apologized for the battles that both families had with each other. And well; since I was the bigger person, they actually stopped playing their music/television so loud. Ha. Kindness never hurt anybody right?

But yeah, what was said, really pissed me and Andrew off. I mean Hell; God sent us to be with each other, and being with him just feels right. My dad is okay with me spending the night at his place on this coming Saturday night, after going on a date to his friend’s premiere of a documentary that his friend made. It’s gonna be cool. I think. During that day, my older sis Dee (not really blood related but we call each other sister anyway); and I are going lingerie shopping haha. I found the perfect one at Lane Bryant. That I believe Andrew will definitely love. Heehee. I know I love it when I first saw it I was like :O it has hearts on it!!! Heehee. But yeah. This thursday I’m going to my doctor’s to see if I can’t get on birth control. Which hopefully I can. I did tell my dad that and the matter of fact that if I did choose to have sex, I’d be protected and he said “I getcha”. So when I asked him if I could spend the night at Andrew’s I was expecting him (my dad) to say “let’s talk about this later” but he didn’t he said it sounded ok to him. I was shocked. I was like @_@x10!! lol. So yeah. heehee. And I know why my dad is being more open minded about this whole thing is because both his daughters have found someone that cares for us. And my dad likes my sister Olivia’s boyfriend and my dad also likes Andrew. So that’s all that counts. heehee.

Oh my…I bet that was embarrassing for James trying to having to explain who Wuggs is. I did ask my dad do you know what I call Andrew and he laughs and said “Pookiebear”. And I smiled bashfully, and I go yeah. I knew he’d been reading what Andrew and I have been saying and what not on fb, but its just kinda embarrassing for me to call Andrew Pookiebear in front of my dad just yet. Maybe later down the road I might, but I dunno. Andrew did tell his dad what we called each other, and his dad smiled. His mom is so thrilled and so happy that I make Andrew happy. And she doesn’t even know me (I will email you) yet. Heehee. But yeah. I’m shocked.

We were talking to each other last night about our seizure symptoms and I had some in front of him last Thursday and he kept asking me if I was okay and I couldn’t respond. He didn’t know what to do. So I told him last night when and if I ever do have another seizure attack in front of you just love me. Talk to me. Etc. Even if I can’t respond right away I will respond. And he said the same thing, but ya I’m not gonna repeat what else he said through comments (I will email you it).

But yeah. Dang, that’s a sore loser right there. Just because James has the same last name as the other guy is a disgrace? What a jackass! But seriously. I wouldn’t mind popping him a good one. Just for you two. And don’t worry about not returning my comment sooner. I know you’re busy. No biggie :). Love ya bunches and again I will email you!

hello. :3 I was about to comment yesterday on your old post, but I accidentally hit f5 and refreshed my comment. oh well. /um

I do hope that you start to feel better. It can ruin the rest of the day waking up and feeling like that. I dislike daily routines, but then again it helps keep us moving through out the day.

I used to talk to my neighbors on both sides of my house. Then one day the couple next door moved, and then the summer after the other side stopped talking to us. The new neighbors to our left had put up a fence after being there for 2 years, and then they got a dog, which cause a ton of problems with the people who lived behind them. it was quite an interesting past few years. We do know each of the backgrounds of most of our neighbors. I usually wave to the elderly couples that walk in the summer, but that is about it.

I must mention I love the new layout! It is pretty. /bounce

I will be adding you as a contact on flickr, once I remember my password, so I can see all the rose photos. I love roses, I want a tattoo of one when I am older. I don’t think my parents will like the idea though. XD

I am really lucky, back at my parents house our neighbours are the same ones we’ve had ever since we moved it. And that’s about 23 years ago! I think it would be so strange if they were suddenly to move away. Having said that we don’t really know any of the other people who live on our street as many of the come and go. We’ve thankfully never had any problems with them though – sadly can’t say the same where I currently live. Nothing as lovely as having neighbours who stomp around and do DIY in the early mornings – especially when you live in the apartments below them.

I hope you’re stomach cramps get better and good luck with Uni.

I have made a PSD on how I want to make my theme look like, but I really have no idea on putting it together now. My knowledge of wordpress themes are limited, so I’m maimly looking for a tutorial how to put it together

Ah the swimming is great. I can really feel my muscles working. It’s got to be helping me. :)

I always burn myself with straighteners and curling irons. I normally catch my ear on them and it makes it so sore. :(

I live on quite a long street and I haven’t got a clue who half the people who live down there are. Everyone keeps coming and going so often.

We have some nice neighbours as well. They always bring us gifts back from their holidays. But the people who live on the other side are horrible. They had their driveway resurfaced and they hired some dodgy people to it and it end up taking away a fraction of our drive. There has never been an apology of anything but it makes out driveway look messy. When we hired people to resurface our drive they asked our neighbours if we could get that drive way back to make it look tidy but they refused. They are horrible people.

They also park across the entrance to our drive so we can’t get in. /angry

I love the new layout by the way. It’s so beautiful. :)

that’s why i’m really happy our house has a big garden, a big green spot in the summer :D and as long as i’m living here, or my parents do, it’s going to be here.

annoying neighbours have never been a big problem to me. they’ve always been kind of nice, and we say hey when we meet (: when i were little i remember i used to get raspberries from my neighbour who just died, they had raspberry plants.

i like your new photos!! flowers are beautiful!! too bad there’s white more than half of the year where i live, so there’s no roses to take pictures of. just white, white and white.

The piece of land I live on, it’s the only place I ever remember living. We live in the back, my older brother & girlfriend (and our grandpa) live in the next house, and then my aunt. We only have two neighbors – one has lived there for years, and the other has been there for a few years. For the most part everyone gets along – I know I should be happy for that. The one people who have lived there for years, they do like to party. Which means drunks in the middle of the road and the smell of pot in the air. Thanks to the “new” people living next to them though, that has pretty much stopped. Now you can hear us sitting by the pool on hot summer nights with a large flood light highlighting the card table while we play games. I am moving in about a month and having neighbors (as you do) just scares me. Mostly because I know there’s always that one needy person no matter where you live, the person who HAS to be your friend and HAS to talk to you all the time. I’m hoping to find out all the neighbors are older people, without kids.

Your project sounds like fun! Lately I’ve been a bit busy with setting up interviews and networking with musicians to really get my cameras out and have some fun. I thought that was going to change but we’re in the middle of another snow storm, and I don’t feel like going out in the cold. lol.

Good luck with getting back into a routine. I know it’s hard to break the habit of not having one. I love your new theme as well. :)

I tried to get to know my neighbours when I first moved, as I lived in a semi-rural area in a cul-de-sac but there is only so much effort you can out in before you give up. I am friends with one person on my street and that is it, I don’t dislike the other people, I just do not really know them.

I am moving again soon and I know some of the neighbours as my Grandparents used to live there, so a lot of them know me from when I was a child.

I am surprised that the property in your blog got planning permission, since it appears to be ruining the appearance of the neighbourhood.

Hope you feel better! Being a woman is so tough, our body keeps changing.

I never talk to my neighbours, when I lived with my parents it was a lovely street mostly filled with old married couples. But then they eventually all moved out and the street got filled with younger people who were much noiser. I’ve noticed a lot of houses getting demolished too to make way for duplexes, townhouses etc it sucks!

Love your photoblog also! Always fun to see snippets of your life.

Good luck with your novel progress also. I do the same thing, always checking the word count to see how far I’ve gotten. I set myself a minimum of 90,000 words haha.

I hate when changes are made to perfectly good neighborhoods. Growing up there used to be a field behind our house, now someone decided to build houses back there. They destroyed what made living on this street bearable, the only good thing look at. Douche-bags. It sucks that changes like that have to occur over time, but I guess that’s just life. Things change and there really isn’t much we can do about it except go with it. Though, complaining helps too. =)

nice roses so far :)
we just moved here, so we don’t really know any of our neighbors that well, but we already know them better here than we ever did at the apartment or even my parents’ house. What I like here is that the kids play together, OUTSIDE. It’s amazing. I never saw that growing up. Over protective parents are the worst.

Thank you! :)

Ahhh that’s my parents, alright. I remember having a discussion in class one day about this. Parents get so paranoid about leaving kids outside to play in the evenings when in the past, that’s just what kids did. They got to know each other and play with the neighbours years and years ago; now there are parents worrying about paedophiles all the time even in the safest of neighbourhoods, even if they’re watching their kids right there.

Hey! Oh, that sucks! I hate being sick or under the weather. Usually I only feel crappy once a month. XD
Thankfully I haven’t been sick yet this year *knock on wood*. Hmm, actually I haven’t been really miserable or sick in quite some time, if you don’t count getting food poisoning from seafood last year. 🤮 NOT FUN.
Anyway, I hope you feel better! ♥ *hugs*

I love the new layout! I always find that I am like “woah” every time I come to a website where the layout has changed. I’m have to stop a second and make sure I’m on the right website. After five years of being online, I still do that! lol. The header is so simple, but beautiful!

Well I’m glad to be back online. I just returned for hiatus! 👏

A Thousand Roses reminds me of the project that my friends and I did a few years back. We called the website “Fold A Thousand”. We were all into folding origami. It started after one of my friends read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. (such a great book if you haven’t read it before!). Really sad, but excellent. A short read too. Anyway, we folded a thousand paper cranes. Six of us folding throughout the entire year. We thought it would take at least a year, but more people joined us and it was finished under six months!!! O_O
So we started on the next project of folding a thousand fish…then ninja stars… I guess you could keep going! Only running out of square paper is the limiting factor! lol.

I’ve gotten food poisoning before, it’s not pleasant and I’m sure you’d agree. I don’t get sick very often because my immune system is generally quite good. But we have our bad days.

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. :D People’s layouts usually wow me when they come out with something new as well. I did have my previous layout up for six months so I think other people had the same reaction when there was finally a new layout up.

I have read that book, and I used to study Japanese in high school. In our class we did the same thing and made a thousand paper cranes as a group. I believe the cranes are still hanging in our old classroom; I went to my high school for a visit just last year. I don’t remember how long it took us but it took us less than a year as well.

Wow, that sucks! I like waking up, greeted by sunlight! Soon enough there won’t be any grass … Only roads and pavements … -____-

That’s cool! In my opinion anyway. I only know two of my neighbours, the rest of them never greet us so I don’t know them much.

Good luck! Roses are beautiful. :)I have loads in my garden (My mum is a gardening freak)! I’m not that great with photography, I try to take photos but they always end up really ugly and wonky! :( But good luck with yours!

Aww! Best of luck! :)