The Lost Peace

It’s early, and it has been a bit difficult to even get up with stomach cramps. I can’t tell what the weather is because my body feels numb. Knowing I’ll have to adjust to some kind of routine in a week, knowing that I’ll have to pick up the books again, commute to university hourly, daily… a part of me is scared, and another part of me is horribly relieved.

I have chills down my spine, and it’s not just from listening to Cutting Off The Blood To Ten by Right Away, Great Captain. The heat has no doubt settled overnight. The faint image of me ironing clothes in the heat has dissipated into pixels of airborne particles in my mind. The sun is barely up and it’s hidden beyond the tops of the duplexes in my street.

Fuck the duplexes. I live in a small street and in one of the oldest houses. Over the past five to ten years, new people, new neighbours, dare I say, have been moving in and demolishing the old cottages that now cease to exist.

I remember a young couple, ever so in love, moving out of the house across the road. For many years that house was rented out, and still is. New neighbours come in every couple of years. I remember the neighbours we had across the road when I was younger; I could probably name all the people who lived in that rented house since we moved in when I was three years old.

We don’t like one lot of our neighbours on one side. I’ve mentioned many times about the elderly couple next door who have been here long before us, and have been so supportive of us and kind. They’ve looked after our house when we were gone for holidays during long summers. They have always wished us a happy Easter, Christmas, and other typical celebrations.

But yes… the newer neighbours down one side are the ones we try to avoid. Their duplex blocks the view of the pretty sun at sunrise, and the clouds that I used to lie down and look at when I was younger. This morning was the second time in a month that I got up to hopefully see first light and the sun rising, only to be disappointed by corrugated rooftops.

I don’t think I need to make an effort to know all my neighbours. There’s another elderly couple down the road, who we simply wave at and smile to when they sit on the porch and recognise us driving down the road in the car.

Despite the block from a lovely phase of nature, the sun’s rays pushing through the clouds, I’ve decided to move on to something else. A Thousand Roses is my new Flickr account. I decided I would get one despite havinga photoblog, and this Flickr account is my new project. I aim to take a thousand different photos of roses. Roses, an underestimated, traditional part of nature. It’ll take a couple of years, but it’ll keep me occupied.

The feeling of feeling ill in my stomach is now gone. My head hurts less. Sometimes we need to get away from this pernickety mess of the internet, even just for a few hours. There’s always so much to catch up on when you return, but that’s life, huh?

That said, I’ll get around to comments and whatnot, soon. (I didn’t have a great day yesterday.) That said, I’m slowly preparing myself for university again with my early mornings. Slowly finding new things in the new year, still knowing it’ll bring brand new things.

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