Naming Names

Today James and I went to renew our concession cards. This is a funny thing to talk about, because Ryan and Ezio and I had a big discussion about it. You aren’t eligible for concession and cheaper transport if you have a job. All three of us have jobs and a lot of people still apply even if they work. I was ever so sure it was just people with full-time jobs that were not eligible, but Ryan says we’re wrong, and I believe Ryan because he knows everything. Not everything, but enough for me to feel a bit like a n00b sometimes. He might as well be a walking dictionary, a walking map, or a walking GPS. (Err, if that’s possible.) But it’s awesome to have a friend like him.

When university first started and I hadn’t talked to anyone much, it was obviously hard getting to know everyone. After being in high school for six years (in Australia it is grades 7 through 12) with the same people and knowing all one hundred people by name, getting out there in the big world is like high school all over again.

Some people will willfully admit that they are bad with names. If you have to think of some funny joke or private mnemonic in your head to remember my name, though, that’s cool. I still get people calling me ‘Georgia’ when, for crying out loud, that is not my name. It’s very annoying when I write my name on a piece of paper or even type it out in clear print and people just flat out get it wrong and still keep calling me something like ‘Georgia’ or spelling my name wrong like ‘Goergine’. 😤

I remember talking to my friend at university when we’d just started and we kept wondering what Ryan’s name was – at this point we didn’t really know anyone and we’d actually talked to Ryan a few times so it was going to be pretty embarrassing to ask, “So, what’s your name again?”

Sometimes I feel like I can guess people’s names or pick out what name suits them. Alas, I am almost always wrong, so I am glad I keep those pernickety thoughts to myself. This time though, as my friends and I were trying to name all the people in the class and got stuck when it came to Ryan’s name, I muttered, “I swear his name’s Ben”. Ha ha ha. Ja ja ja.

I can’t remember what happened in the end but I think we resorted to looking at the list of people in our class and by way of elimination, found out what his name was. O_O I don’t forget a lot of people’s names, but if I do, I ask someone nearby if they know the person’s name. I can’t bring myself to ask the person myself because I think I’d look a fool. The thing is, when I think about me in their position and someone asks, “Sorry, what’s your name again?”, I don’t mind at all, and I just remind them what my name is, and I appreciate them asking again, rather than addressing me with “Hey, um, Hey”. 👽

It was “o-day” at university; lots of freebies and things to join, but after walking for a long time in the Botanic Gardens, tiring us out, James and I just went for a quiet lunch in a rather homely Korean restaurant. It was nice and quiet, food was cheap but not that great (an all-you-can-eat for $10 per person, but not too many choices), and we settled on giving it a 5.5 or 6 out of 10. We knew this other boy in the restaurant, recognised him from high school as well, but a different year group/grade. So we didn’t remember his name, and spent a few minutes trying to remember.

I hate trying to remember names; often I figure that if I don’t remember someone’s name they’re probably not that important. /um

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