Naming Names

Today James and I went to renew our concession cards. This is a funny thing to talk about, because Ryan and Ezio and I had a big discussion about it. You aren’t eligible for concession and cheaper transport if you have a job. All three of us have jobs and a lot of people still apply even if they work. I was ever so sure it was just people with full-time jobs that were not eligible, but Ryan says we’re wrong, and I believe Ryan because he knows everything. Not everything, but enough for me to feel a bit like a n00b sometimes. He might as well be a walking dictionary, a walking map, or a walking GPS. (Err, if that’s possible.) But it’s awesome to have a friend like him.

When university first started and I hadn’t talked to anyone much, it was obviously hard getting to know everyone. After being in high school for six years (in Australia it is grades 7 through 12) with the same people and knowing all one hundred people by name, getting out there in the big world is like high school all over again.

Some people will willfully admit that they are bad with names. If you have to think of some funny joke or private mnemonic in your head to remember my name, though, that’s cool. I still get people calling me ‘Georgia’ when, for crying out loud, that is not my name. It’s very annoying when I write my name on a piece of paper or even type it out in clear print and people just flat out get it wrong and still keep calling me something like ‘Georgia’ or spelling my name wrong like ‘Goergine’. 🤬

I remember talking to my friend at university when we’d just started and we kept wondering what Ryan’s name was – at this point we didn’t really know anyone and we’d actually talked to Ryan a few times so it was going to be pretty embarrassing to ask, “So, what’s your name again?”

Sometimes I feel like I can guess people’s names or pick out what name suits them. Alas, I am almost always wrong, so I am glad I keep those pernickety thoughts to myself. This time though, as my friends and I were trying to name all the people in the class and got stuck when it came to Ryan’s name, I muttered, “I swear his name’s Ben”. Ha ha ha. Ja ja ja.

I can’t remember what happened in the end but I think we resorted to looking at the list of people in our class and by way of elimination, found out what his name was. O_O I don’t forget a lot of people’s names, but if I do, I ask someone nearby if they know the person’s name. I can’t bring myself to ask the person myself because I think I’d look a fool. The thing is, when I think about me in their position and someone asks, “Sorry, what’s your name again?”, I don’t mind at all, and I just remind them what my name is, and I appreciate them asking again, rather than addressing me with “Hey, um, Hey”. /ho

It was “o-day” at university; lots of freebies and things to join, but after walking for a long time in the Botanic Gardens, tiring us out, James and I just went for a quiet lunch in a rather homely Korean restaurant. It was nice and quiet, food was cheap but not that great (an all-you-can-eat for $10 per person, but not too many choices), and we settled on giving it a 5.5 or 6 out of 10. We knew this other boy in the restaurant, recognised him from high school as well, but a different year group/grade. So we didn’t remember his name, and spent a few minutes trying to remember.

I hate trying to remember names; often I figure that if I don’t remember someone’s name they’re probably not that important. /um

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Oh your new layout looks nice. ♥

When I started university I couldn’t remember everyone’s names (I still don’t) so I just used to avoid them and when people said “Oh let’s meet up with X,Y and Z” I nodded and pretended to know them. Also, I almost always get called Amalia or Camelia, because Amelia is a very unusual name apparently.


Yeah, that’s probably the homeliest restaurant I’ve ever eaten in. The food isn’t spectacular, but it sure is filling. That chilli beef and some rice, with a bunch of oranges and unlimited water..I don’t know. For some reason I can feel myself going there again any time I get the urge to eat a buttload of crappy orange pieces? /um

That Boca Luco thing was crazy. Not bad, at least the flavour was subtle. /eee but no way would I pay for that. Hrrng

Did you get the Corm out of your mouth? /sweat


It was pretty comfortable! Heck, the owner even had a snooze. :3 The food wasn’t that great but it was good for a quick meal. Nothing too fancy or horrible like buying a burger at Maccas. A bit like going to someone’s house and just having them cook up some stuff haha. My dad said his friend recently went there and said they never filled up the food. Ja ja ja.

I think it’s gone. Funny tonsil stones! /sweat

Hiya Georgie!

Love the new layout, looks great as always. hehe ^.^
I’m glad you got to meet Ben Jorgensen, must have been a brilliant experience. I don’t know if I’d be able to stay composed if I met one of my favourite musicians. haha :)

I’m terrible with remembering names so I try and think of one feature about someone and match their name to that feature (like if someone wears glasses, I think oh that’s so and so who wears glasses). That usually helps me but I know the feeling of forgetting someones name and trying to do some sneaky detective work to find out what it is.

People seem to remember my name easily or remember me because of my name. ‘Larissa’ is apparently an unusual name and people have called me ‘Melissa’ before which really annoys me! xD

Hope you’re okay ^.^

*huggles* <3

omg, remember names is like the hardest thing ever. sometimes i’ll ask someone what their name is again and 30 seconds later, I will have fogotten. It’s terrible at work because. All of the testers are Asian and have adopted American names and they all have really common last names so I have to remember like John Wu and Tina Lee and remember which person goes with which first name and last name and I can’t do it. And then I have a coworker names Hsiu-Mei Hung and another one named Mei-Hung Su. I know who’s who because I work with the two of them a lot, but I’ve accidentally sent mail to one when i meant to send it to the other.

I have a similar problem online with blogs, twitter and facebook. Sometimes I can’t remember which person goes with what blog. I very much appreciate people who use their real picture on both instead of an icon or at least use the same icon.

It bothers me on websites like Tumblr and Twitter when people change their display picture or username endlessly and I can’t tell who is who anymore. It’s nice when people use an icon that accurately represents themselves and don’t go about changing it every week. I just changed my Gravatar but it’s still a photograph of me; that way people can easily get used to a face, rather than some random picture or a picture of a celebrity that’ll only confuse them.

What is a consessions card?

When I was five there was this daycare I went to, and you know when you’re five you can’t pronounce everything quite right, but there were a few who would call me “Cindy” or “Thydney”. I remember getting so angry with them because they couldn’t pronounce my name. Usually it was a snotty comment like “It’s Sydney!” or “That’s not my name!” Although, now that I’m older (and people pronounce my name right always, despite hoping a substitue teacher would slip up) I have learned to ignore it when little kids mix up my name or politely remind (or tell) them.

Would you eat that restaurant again?

I heard of these things where you get passes for a lower price if you don`t have a job or so :O! Or have a low income. :O Especially for transportation D: my mom calls me a portable gps because I`m like the one who knows most of the roads to places around where I live :O! Wow! High school for 6 years is like.. Elementary school for us :O! We only have 4 years here :O And at my school, people take 5 years (Because they just don`t try hard enough at school)

I hate it when people spell your name wrong or even pronounce it :X My name isn`t hard to spell. But some people even write it as Nacy. Well… That happened once in a while. For sure, I can get people`s name right is if I like see how the spelling is. I forget a lot of people`s names at first. D: I just wait til I hear someone calling their name and there I go XD! Sometimes people forget my name and ask, I`m like “nancy!” But I don`t really care. Because I don`t expect people to really remember :P! Like I have a friend that I met in Prom, I still am confused bout his name. On Facebook, his name is Jay and everyone calls him Juan :O! I call him Juan because he told me to call him Juan :P.

I don`t expect much from all you can eat`s :P! 10 bucks for the food that you can eat isn`t bad. :P The last time I went to the buffet, it was Friday night and it was like 15 bucks per person. But the only good thing is that for the first time, we swept through everything :P At least you gotta try other restaurants out there to see whats its like. :P So next time a friend mentions bout it, you can share youro pinion :P

Aggh. Old videos. I looked at my old videos from band last year in 10th grade. I was such a,…. Noob at everything :P. D: But I learned to be cooler B)! I just laugh at myself :P. My mom laughed at the picture and the videos of me :P

Blogging helps with people`s communication skills and a bit in English if anything. I hate it how people are so lame because they are so lazy that they don`t even wanna read blogs. My blogs are usually around 250 words! Theres nothing wrong with that! Plus people who are crappy commenters have like 1000 worded post themselves. Sometimes, I wanna just call them out. For sure, I called out one person so far. And.. Well, I feel bad in a way, but still :/. It takes less than 2 minutes to read a blog post and 3 minutes to type a response for it. I don`t even know how to deal with these people. I`ve became… So critical…

As long as you are satisfied with your layout, post it ^__^! I compare layouts to the personality-ish of people. Well, I just compare the design of layouts to the person that owns the site. :O! Like you, according to your layout, you are a Jorgenson fan and you like to keep everything neat, simple and organized. And you’re expressive with the bottom quotations. As for me… My links on the sidebar is unorganized so that shows that I`m kinda out of place. And my header is like.. savage. :P I`m a bit of a savage myself if I`m like… Out of it. And yeah :O!

Awwh thats sweet of your boyfriend :)! I think the best thing in a relationship is when the couple are not afraid of eating. Some people are like scared to show the other that they love food and so because of judgments. I know I don`t like to eat a lot in a room of strangers. :/. But I love to eat a lot with friends around :P! And mooching is a no no! :P!

As long as you know what the degrees are around it, its cool :P! All you have to know is… 30C is very hot here, and 0C is freezing here. :P! US is weird with its metric systems. We use inches instead of cm D:!

The technology of the criminal and justice system has changed these days :)! with the proper motivation and so, they are bound to catch the person who has your phone. Even though its not like a complete thievery, they should still find the phone for you. This is not a free for all place!

I used to be so good with names, while in high-school… now I tend to not instantly remember everyone. Especially when I get introduced to multiple people in quick succession. Meh, as a rule I don’t really call people by their names anyway. :P
I don’t mind people asking my name. I prefer it to them getting it wrong. For some reason, at my previous company a lot of people called me Nora… O_O

Heh all-knowing friends are great. My best friend is like that: she is always well informed about stuff and I always just ask her instead of going and doing some research myself. Not because I can’t do it, but because I’m soooo lazy /ho

I’m usually pretty good at remembering someone’s name, but it is so awkward when I forget. D: One time I was working in a group with a kid on a project at school and I was writing all of our names on the paper. I couldn’t for the life of me remember his name, so I tried to be sly about it and asked “How do you spell your name?”. Turns out his name was Anthony, a really simple name that doesn’t really have too many varying spellings. I was embarrassed. Haha.

Ah, I’ll gladly trade you weather! I’m so sick of the cold. The weather here is very bipolar as well, one day it’s really hot, and the next it’s freezing. It’s such a pain.

Oh that’s cool. I like watching tennis on TV too. Do you have a particularly favorite player, or do you just generally like to watch it and don’t pay attention to the players that much?

I usually just pretend I know their name, and make sure that I don’t get into a situation where I need to call them by their name, and hope that someone else tells me what their name is for me later on. :P

I am absolutely terrible with names. I go to this drama class, and there’s one girl I don’t speak to much at all, who I one day spent the whole lesson speaking to since we found out we had a friend in common. I was tempted to ask her name, just so I could add her on Facebook or something to talk to her more, but I stopped myself from asking as I thought it’d be a bit awkward/rude to ask for her name after she’s been in my class for such a long time Dx In the end, I asked my friend, and her name was actually Georgia xD

Once I do learn someone’s name though, like you, I don’t tend to forget it. I always don’t tend to forget people, if I’ve seen them once, say at a party or something, even if I didn’t speak to them; I’ll recognise them.

Glad you had a good times with James. :) I’m actually looking sooo forward to university. I still have a couple of years to wait, but I’m excited, just to be freeeeee. I mean I love my parents, but I can’t wait to just be free o_O

The Ryan I know–We didn’t know his name for the longest time. My then-boyfriend said, “Can I just call you Face?” so that was his nickname. xD Unfortunately, they’re just memories. I only occasionally see him in the halls, but never talk to him.

When it comes to peoples’ names, I’ll only know them if they’re in my class. If they aren’t, heck, why should I care? Outside of class, I don’t even bother getting to know somebody’s name unless I’m interested in befriending them. If I hang out with them a few times, then I won’t really care. That sounds kind of rude, but I shouldn’t be concerning myself with someone’s name when we aren’t even friends… At least, that’s how I see it. :P

I am not great with names but I try my best. As a teacher, it’s pretty bad when I forget student’s names. I learn the names of students who hand in their work first because I see their names more and then I learn the rest of their names!

Omg, at school, this teacher of mine used to call me Misha. I mean, Farhana and Misha isn’t REMOTELY close -.- I was, like, “Sir, it’s Farhana, NOT Misha.” And he’ll be, “Oh. Oh well, it’s the same to me.” Well not to me!

I think I’m like you. I’d ask the person next to me if they know what so and so’s name was. It saves the embarassment, sorta :P There’s this girl who I bump into at a mall who went, “omg Ana, haven’t seen you in such a long time!” And I totally went, “I KNOW! What are you doing now?” But in my head, I was, like, who the hell is she? LOL.

Sometimes situations like these are really funny when you look back at it :)

I know how that feels. Once I was doing a piano theory exam in a public hall and this girl said to me, “Hey… Georgina!” I recognised her face but it took me quite a while to remember what her name was and that she had gone to the same school as me years ago. She looked very different, too. I hate bumping into people I knew ages ago… /sweat

My name is pretty hard to get wrong. Jenn (short for Jennifer) is one of the most common names for girls my age lol. The thing that people ask me most often is if it is spelt with a J or a G, or if there are two f’s in Jennifer… which I personally have never seen before but I suppose it exists! I wish my name was more interesting, like yours!

I am actually pretty good at remembering random people’s names. When I worked in customer service positions I often remembered customer’s names, most of them were quite surprised that I did remember them haha. My long term memory does not appear to be very good though, as I cannot for the life of me remember more than a handful of people from elementary school, and even high school now has become a bit of a blur (that word will forever remind me of Smallville now lol). I think I try and remember too much stuff now, in my short term memory that it fries my long term memory.

I can also always remember songs, names, artists, but especially lyrics. Even if I have only heard a song once or even parts of it I can almost always piece together the whole song. My boyfriend laughs at me that I remember such trivial things but that I forget what I ate today :X

What exactly IS a concession card? I know what it sounds like but I’m still kind of confused lol.

I have never eaten at a Korean restaurant. There are tons around I am sure but I don’t think that I have ever been to one, to be honest. I would love to see the Botanic Gardens where you live. I am sure they are beautiful! We have some here but they aren’t really close to where I live, it would take two hours to drive there from here lol.

Thank you so much about the layout. :D Yea, I don’t think much people use 800×600 screens although in my old websites, people used to complain that the layout was too big and would scroll to the right and whatnot.

Haha yea, the more I ignore those calls, the more he realizes that I don’t want to talk to him in the first place. I even told my boyfriend to tell him not to call again because I simply won’t answer. Teehee. Actually, they’re still together, they didn’t actually break up even though they were on the verge of doing so.

See, usually the case is, the guy is the one that wants to break up, but since she was thinking about it, things got overly dramatic and problems arised but thankfully they’re fine now, even though I haven’t talked to her since.

Haha yes, I was like that too! I remember I passed in a moody-depressed phase sometime in 7th and 8th grade, and people used to fear coming up and talking to me only because I frowned all the time and I wasn’t really friendly. But now, they’re actually surprised of how friendly I’ve become and they say they don’t believe I was this angry little child once upon a time, haha.

Anyways, hahaha I used to get mixed up with your name first! Even though I never misspelled it, but before I knew you, I used to visit your website and in my head I would be thinking ‘I really like this Georgia’s website’. Hahaha /hehe
I hate when people mistype my name. Since the name ‘Lubna’ isn’t very common, they assume it’s spelled with an ‘o’ like this ‘Lobna’, and it’s very aggravating when they begin to argue assuming they’re right and I’m wrong. Ugh. It’s a name, there’s no right and wrong in a name, but I just prefer it someway and sadly they’ll have to deal with it. My French teacher even began lecturing me on how it’s supposed to be spelled in French and how I’ve been writing my name wrong all these years. Pffffft. The last thing I need is a French accent on my name. :( Hahahah.
Wow, you have 6 years of high school? Then how long is elementary school? :D And I thought 4 years were long. Haha

Your name is so easy to read and they still make mistakes in reading it? Then how about my name? x.x Haha.

Haha. I tend to forget people’s name as well. Sometimes I even get ton switch my friends’ name. For me, asking someone’s name because you forgot is not a bad thing, a bit embarrassing, yes. :))


LOL, when I read this post, the first thing that came into my head was Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet: “What is in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name, would still smell as sweet.”

Don’t you think it’s sad that I can still quote Shakespeare? :P

Anyways, I totally did NOT know that if you had a job, you were ineligible for a concession sticker :O. Hahaha, but I guess they have no way of knowing that you have a job, right? It’s not like you have to give them your tax file number to apply for concession, thankfully :P. I still haven’t renewed my concession sticker D:. I’ll do it tomorrow!

I’m pretty bad with names sometimes. I’m always struggling to remember who’s called what. But I think I’ve gotten better lately :P. At least I hope I have.

I’m too embarrassed to ask the actual person whose name I’ve forgotten their name too :P. God, that is such a badly grammaticised sentence D:. Sorry! But yeah, it IS a little embarrassing. Like, I don’t mind if they’ve forgotten my name too, but if they REMEMBER my name, and I forget theirs, that makes me feel TERRIBLE! Haha. At the same time, it’s pretty amazing how long you can go without knowing someone’s name. Last year, I always talked to this girl in my tute, because I met her through a mutual friend, yet I ONLY found out her name literally HALF WAY through semester. XD

Ohhh O-week just finished for my uni, but it was very small. I still managed to score some freebies :P. I’m cheap and Asian, so yeah :P.

First of all, I apologize for taking so long to reply /um
Thanks Georgina! Me too I like those days when you do not need to spend time online for fun.

It’s good to have that kind of friends that make me smile. I have the best friends anyone can have. Yeah you’re right, it’s great to have a good moments with friends. I understand what you say, I went through a period that was not happy, but now I can say I’m happy and all thanks to those people who are with me every day. Friends will always be with you when you need them, so is friendship.

I also don’t like group work, for that matter, why is it difficult to get all agree. You’re right. We must follow allocation guidelines that we set the teacher. Thank you! I hope so too XD

Yeah you’re right. It’s good to have love, but not necessarily need one person to share love, but love can also share with your friends. I understand what you say. It is true that some people are desperate looking for love, right? Love comes with time. I understand. Being single feels good, because you can enjoy life without compromise.

That’s fine. It is a good choice :)

I understand. I also used to keep a diary, but for many years have not written anything in it. But I must say I have a notebook to write about important events that happen to me.

I must say I’m bad remembering the names of people, especially at first, when I just met. Certainly it is a rather embarrassing situation where you have to talk to someone and can not remember his name. By contrast, tend to remember very well the people’s faces, as if would make a photograph of each person, and I even happened to be walking down the street and see a person who does not know anything, and well after to see her and remember her face. It is strange, I guess it’s because I have a photographic memory, that’s what I usually say.

It is true that your name is unusual, and I guess why people do not usually mean good.

By the way, I love your new layout, it’s so awesome. Good job! 👏

I am positively terrible with names. I feel so guilty when I forget them, although I usually just apologize and ask for it again (and again and again…) Like you said, most people don’t mind, and people often get my name wrong because of how uncommon it is. (It’s Hetty, so I get Heidi? Betty? Patty? Ketty? Patsy? Eddie?) I usually get tired of repeating it and go with whatever they call me unless we talk often. I do hate it when people get my name wrong because I feel like they’re not even talking to me, but I’m pretty used to it.

What is a concession card? Is it like… a student discount card or something? o.o; Also, I’m a little surprised (I don’t know why, my cousins live in Australia) that you have six years of high school. Does that mean you do six years of elementary school and six years of high school? I vaguely remember something (somewhere, could be England) about only having to go to school for 10 years before college. I could be getting my countries mixed up. My brain can barely hold on to the material I read for class the night before, much less random cultural tidbits like this.

There’s a customer I have at work who always calls me Emily, despite what my name tag says. She’s so weird. ^.^ I just let her keep calling me Emily because it doesn’t bother me, but there are some people who are a lot less weird that it bothers me when they get my name wrong because they should know for whatever reason.

I laughed when you called your boyfriend a walking dictionary/map/GPS. My husband is sort of like that but not quite. He’s more like a walking thesaurus and encyclopedia of random facts. He’s quite interesting to talk to, and really makes me feel like a n00b too. :)

In other news, I wanted to tell you that I decided to go by a pseudonym online and delete my real name from the Internet as much as I can. So this is the same person who used to comment from this URL, with just another name. You can keep e-mailing me at the same address regarding the WP theme I am purchasing from you. (I hope that is going well!)

Ryan’s not my boyfriend, he’s just a friend. :) James is my boyfriend. I tend to go to Ryan for a lot of things, at least in general, because he knows where places are and how to get to places. It’s actually quite handy having a friend like that… /ho

I’ve thought about changing my name but my name is right out there on the internet. I don’t think I could stand going by a pseudonym because I sort of like my name too much, and anything that isn’t my name doesn’t quite suit me. I used to go by “Lucy Dyanne Brown” when I first started on the internet (because it was that funny and I got it from some Find Your Spy Name article in a book) but that just totally didn’t work.

I emailed you with a preview of the theme; not sure if you got the email because I didn’t receive a reply. I sent it to your domain email with your real name though, the one you’d been emailing me from. :P

I’m quite good with names, so I usually get people asking me what people are called, then end up with them pulling some sort of face as if to say ‘You creepy strange stalker person, as if you know their name!!’ Although other times I get it wrong and the person has the awkward situation where they’re calling someone by the wrong name repeatedly to their face.

It must be annoying for people to always get you name wrong. Mine’s pretty easy to understand since it’s only three letters, haha. Though I look a lot like my sister so often it ends up with people shouting ‘Lucy’ at me. Once I got yelled at by her form teacher for not being sat with her class in assembly, lol.

Well, at least you found out Ryan’s name in the end, haha. He must have been somewhat important, haha.

All-you can eat is no good if the food’s not nice. Though it could be an incentive for the company to make money out of people eating hardly anything!!

I personally don’t like it when people don’t follow their own rules, that they made in the first place. But free money is still cool. :D
Oh I don’t like it when I forget names. Because of like you said, when you forget their name maybe they aren’t that important. And that plays in my mind because people have forgotten my name, so I’m not important? That thought causes me to make sure I remember names because I don’t want anyone to feel they are unimportant. Not around me.
If you upgrade to the premium account for the photo gallery you have the option to allow downloads for the images.

Consession cards? Is that for transportation and stuff?

I agree that remembering names can be hard but easily fixed by calling everyone Ben. It’s a nice and trustworthy name right, Ben? ;D I do wonder how people can have such problems with the name Georgina though. Although people seem to find Melissa a true challenge too. /hmph

I’m one of those people who are horrible at remembering names. :( However, when it comes to this blogging stuff, I can usually remember people’s names pretty well. ^.^

An all-you-can-eat buffet thing for $10 seems expensive. I am used to buffets under that amount and with many choices. o.O

Remembering people’s names is often tough for me. I also have a horrendous memory, so many things are instantly forgotten. D:

Todd did eventually come back. ♥ He ended up being on the back porch the entire time. >.>

A few people I knew had NLH, and the service was great for them. That is why I decided to go with them. Blahh. I’m off of them, now, though, and I am happy, too. :3 I guess I forgot about the tickets closing on their own. But now their client area is closed. It sucks, because I feel like I lost my money to people who host people for merely the money or whatever, when I could have just gotten hosting from a friend who actually cares about his/her clients. Make sense?

Hope your weekend goes well! :)

lol i have trouble remembering names too, but if its written for me–it is actually easier for me to remember. Most times though there’s no name tag attached to a person so my mind only remembers the nicknames I end up giving them…most times its nicknames that they never knew they had lol

oops forgot, nice new layout :D

GEORGIE.. hahaha.. :D It’s funny people call you the wrong name. hahahahaha.. :DD Anyways, here’s the layout and gawd!!! it’s gorgeous!! :D

I get a hard remembering names too.. :( that’s why I take some supplements to help me remember as much as I can.. :( I have this shorter memory loss you know… :(

So, were you able to get your concession cards or not? :)

I know what you mean about getting your name wrong. My last name is horrible to pronounce to people & i have to do it ALL of the time, no lie. Which is why I want Dante’s last name which is Jackson. Lol. SO MUCH EASIER.

That is very true. If you don’t remember someone’s name obviously they didn’t play as much of a role in your life as you thought. :)
I saw the tweet and retweeted it this morning. I really appreciate your help. :) Any tweeting from anyone will do. I just know SOMEONE will get people to donate. One of my friends said that they would donate sometime next month. I’m extremely excited for that to happen. :D

Yeah, I understand. It’s basically talking about what the “cool kids” in high school do. XD STUPID STUFF. Lmfao.

I know what you mean. I’m getting into my holiday mood. I just found out that this Summer we are planning on going down to Disney with Dante’s family. My mom is going to see if she can get a timeshare for both of our families. She is planning on working out the details before asking his mom though. I can’t wait to take that time off to LOSE weight there. XD All of their food is fatty but that doesn’t matter because Disney World is HUGE so you lose weight even with the fatty foods. XD
That is probably when I’ll start exercising forreal. I want to lose at least 20lbs before College starts. Even if I am taking College online. I want to look good while I’m doing it. ;D

I know what you mean. I have one comment pending (after I click the submit button for this comment I’m posting on your site) and I can’t return that one until she opens her site. :P

Hahahaha. Yeah. You are like WOAH! You had that one up for like 5 months! XD

5 hours? wow…I don’t spend nearly that much time on my layouts. The current one on IBE took me about 2 hours total. It is still messed up in some browsers because I didn’t use FontSquirrel or whatever site you have listed in your credits. :P

Yeah! I LOVED THAT SONG. I still listen to it sometimes, just not as much anymore.

Oh, awesome! I can’t wait to read it and use it on my next layout with credit! (:

I can totally relate to this! XD There was this one time that I actually got close to my classmate. And we talk a lot. We go home together every day and we eat together too. Just when my mother asked what her full name was, I couldn’t remember. It was because we call each other “friend” and we sorta got the hang of it that we forgot to ask each other’s full name. What I did though was borrow his notebook, cause she always scribbles her name. Then I figured out what it was. After that, I asked her if she knew what mine was, and then she laughed! And I certainly know what that laugh means! :D