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I’ve been really behind with website stuff because I’ve been working on my novel. My motivation and drive for it has been coming in unpredictable bouts. I used to keep myself up to date on Charles’ blog but he’s on a break since working on his novel. I know he’s been really inspired and I don’t doubt he’s a great writer. I can tell from his blog posts. But even good writers like him need to put things into gear when needed. I love writing in many forms, including poetry and lyrics, but I have been delaying posting one of my songs online because there’s just so much going on.

I don’t quite remember when I started writing this novel but apparently I created the file in June last year. I only started working on it more in the past couple of months, though. I’m sorry but I won’t be giving away any excerpts or very much on the plot. This novel is really precious to me. I’ve attempted novels before but have usually stopped at 10,000 words. In 2006, did write what I call a ‘novel’; it was about 66,000 words but it was the worst piece of shit teen fiction ever!

Just to sum it up though, the working title of the novel I’m writing is December. I won’t give away the plot, but think 50 First Dates combined with The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, inspired by Start Again by Sam Tsui. My novel stands at just over 21,000 words now – I’m very proud of it so far and I’m aiming for 70,000 (for now) but I know the words will keep flowing as the inspiration keeps coming. I am very determined to get this piece published; if it isn’t successfully received by commercial publishers I will most likely attempt to publish it myself.

Writing isn’t for everyone, but writing, in some form, has always been a part of me. I know myself better than anyone else, which is why I love writing in the form of a blog and writing about myself. But writing in the little world of the characters I’ve created is a bit of a challenge, and a bit of fun. I used to imagine myself more as the characters when I wrote something, and I really wrote myself into some of the characters. I’m doing that this time, but remembering that I have to step back and look at the bigger picture sometimes. :D

I’ve put up two new free layouts. I got rid of the old ones because they’re quite ugly in comparison. I’m starting to think that maybe I won’t do very many free layouts in future or put much effort into them. People are just removing my credit or even editing my themes and then redistributing them. People still can’t be original these days. Ages ago I had this girl directly copy the words of my blog and put it on hers. Gosh, if you can’t even write your own words and write about your own life so much that you have to steal someone else’s, perhaps that is a sure sign you do need to get a life.

Speaking of getting a life, I like that I’m doing so, figuratively, by doing this novel writing and getting some exercise in every day so that I’m not sitting at the computer endlessly. I don’t know if I’d really take offense to someone saying ‘get a life’ to me – but hey, I have one, in my opinion. :P

It’s James’s birthday tomorrow (the 26th)! ♥️ He’s no longer going to be a teenager… which actually freaks me out. /faw

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Congratulations on getting to 21,000 words! That’s some good effort you’ve put into it. I hope you continue working on it and yeah. xD By the way, nice layouts you got there. I especially like ‘Sky’ haha. Now, you only need to make one more and you’ll complete 8 out of your 10 goals for this month. An improvement on last month’s 6 out of 10, if I remember correctly. ^_^;

Good luck with your novel! I haven’t been paying much attention to Twitter lately and I’ve taken a break from blogging, so this is the first I’ve heard about it!

I used to think 10,000 words sounded like a lot, but when it comes down to it and you’ve written that many it doesn’t seem much at all. I usually write around 2,000 on an essay or piece of coursework so when you think of it like that it doesn’t seem much at all.

I wish I had the willpower to write a lot. I once planned this epic story with an amazing plot but I just gave up, I don’t like to write fictional stuff as I am over imaginative and it often doesn’t make sense when I write a story. I like to blog or talk about things I like, but I could never write a 70,000 word novel!

Someone actually copied your blog…? I’ve heard people copying tutorials, or articles word for word, but never a blog…That kind of defeats the object of a blog post.

According to a lot of people I know I need to ‘get a life’, because I don’t go out partying every weekend. Haha, I do have a social life though, which is the funny thing, just because I enjoy different things to them I supposedly don’t have a life. Makes sense…*rolls eyes*

Happy Birthday to James for tomorrow! :D

wow, congrats on the novel! My husband tried writing one. He even quit his job to do it four years ago, but that didn’t go so well, lol. Are you going to publish it online when you’re done?

Most likely not; I’m being that secretive about it. I have posted a lot of my poems and short stories online but this one’s rather precious to me so I don’t want to just publish it online when I have dreams of it being in print and earning some money from it! :)

you’re writing a whole novel?! and you’ve already reached 21 000 words?! wow congratulation!! i think that’s all i’ve ever written together in my life so far, haha! i’m not a writer or reader, i like to blog now and then, but i never seem to manage to write any of those blogs who gives people an inspirational feeling after reading. it’s just daily ranting. i wish i could write something great one day though, when my vocabulary in english has grown better! (: good luck finishing it, if you ever publish it i’ll be the first one to the book store to buy it, or on the internet to order it! (:

yes his voice sounds a bit like james morrison and jason mraz, but he’s definitely singing beautiful!

i would love to try living in australia for a while, sun and a temperature higher than 0degrees is more than welcomed!! some people here are nice yes (: but i guess there will always be thiefs and bad guys in a community. but overall it’s a nice place

Congrats on getting so far in your novel already! I’m glad to hear you’re still enjoying writing it! :D I’ve written many “stories” over the years and I NEVER finished them! lol I’ve been wanting to write something more recently, but I just don’t have any inspiration on a topic or anything! I definitely want to get updates on your progress!! :D Good luck getting it published once you’re finished!!

and Happy bday to James! :)

Hey hun
How you doing?

I use to write a novel back in the day but I had to throw it away cause we were moving house and it was just papers stapled togethor (hand written). My title was Where Dreams Come True, it was about me getting my dream come true I wish I would have typed it and kept it.

I would love to be one of the people to read your novel, maybe wven get a signed copy.

Your free layouts you made are very simple and unique :).

Give James a extra hug for me tomorrow, hope he gets spoilt.

Happy Birthday to james! :)

Haha. I am so amazed that you write novels! But the again, your blogs are so interesting that it doesn’t make me doubt your writing potential. Your imagination is wide as well. :)

OH wow!! A Novel!! Congratulations!! I don’t think I’d be able to do that. I mean I did write a script and what not and got it looked at a director (thanks to a high school friend and his dad working at CBS) but he took forever in correcting my mistakes and thus leading the director to do another project but according to my friend and his dad she really wanted to do my script. Damn it >_<. I could've had a movie up in my name even if it didn't do so well; in the box office. Haha! But still!! Ya know? It's just great to know my script got looked at.

But yeah I know what you mean by it, I only trusted a few people to read it, and give me feedback on it before giving it to my friend. They all liked it. Which was a shocker. But eh. It was all due to urban legends heehee. I mean a SH*T load of urban legends. :D.

OMG I Know what you mean about the woman. They did do an update on that particular show and she got some psychiatric help or counceiling or something like that. She's still gonna try to get her son back but Jesus…she took her revenge out on the poor child because of the fact the guy (the baby daddy), she slept with had a girlfriend at the time of sleeping with her, and just used her. I was like UGH! So you take that out on the poor little infant who can't defend for himself? I wrote to Steve and told him seriously this woman beats my mom by a long shot. And some other stuff. But yeah.

Oh happy birthday to James!! :D. WOO He's 20 now? I take it? Anyway, yeah; Andrew calms me down when I'm having a really bad panic attack like last night. It was just so bizarre. Since I'm part Irish, I know about the Druids and The Banshee, and I saw all of them last night. It was just so wicked! Ya know?But yeah seriously…it lasted for a good half hour to an hour. And I knew that the Druids were blocking out bad memories…which is why the Banshee was there she was trying to place them there and trying to take my life even though it's not my time to go yet ya know? But eh….That's how the Irish folklore goes with the Banshee, when you see or even hear her, you know she's after your life. :/. Eep! But it's all good though. I actually did drink a half of a water bottle last night :/.

21,000 words is a lot of words! I hope that you manage to finish your novel and get it published. There’s no way that I’d ever write 70,000 words for anything. So writing books isn’t for me.

Since I’m not that great at web design, I’ve almost made looking at all the pretty layouts on the Internet a hobby, wondering if I’d ever actually use one on my own site, especially since I’m just slowly making the one that’s up better. But I’ve always like your layouts a lot – they’re clean, uncluttered, and simple. Something that the professional magazine layouts that are coming out all the time don’t have.

wow it’s amazing you can write that much. Your excellent at writing blogs so your novels would be great to read. Well done on the 21,000 words.

I saw the free layouts, very nice.

copying your blogs :X , oh dear to that.

Happy Birthday to james.

No longer a teenager is scary I agree, I wish I was one again or even just 20. I hate being 22.

Hey Georgina! /eee

I enjoy writing myself and do a lot of it on my free time. I, like you, really want to get my writing published someday. Have you ever done NanoWrimo? If you haven’t, you should definitely do it sometime! If November isn’t a good month for it, then Juinowrimo is good too! :) I’m glad you have that many words, and have the inspiration to write even more! Congrats on your goal! It will definitely take some time, but keep at it and don’t give up! I know you can do it. :)

I wish I was so inspired to write! I really love lyrics, poetry, that sort of art, but I’m only a reader! I have no talent when it comes to writing, you can easily tell by my lame blog posts. I wasn’t so great in English class either. Speaking of readers I’m one dedicated reader so I will be looking forward to the day your novel comes out! Good luck! ♥

Wow I love those free layouts! XD People are making so many WordPress themes these days I just want to switch! But I’m determined to use my own layouts … not that I’ve been able to sit down and learn how to code WordPress. I haven’t actually seen anyone steal my layouts though, but I think it would be interesting to, haha. I can sit here and laugh at them for not having a life.

I think I have a life these days. I actually go hang out with some people from work now that the days are longer. They’re all much older people I don’t really feel like I fit in but who said it’s a bad idea to have friends who are 30 years old? I’m also doing well with my sleep before midnight 14 days of this month. I’ve done 18 … and all of them were before 10PM actually. I sleep way early on work days.

Happy the big two-oh to James. Haha, I remember when my brother turned 20 I was like OMG you’re not even a teen anymore you’re OLD! But I’m 20 next year, wow I am old!

It will take you 3 years to go through Master’s? It’s about 2 years from what I’ve heard, so I think I will be 25 when I get mine … without any breaks from studying though. But I definitely agree with you, I try not to be so obsessed over ages. I’m 19 and I’m not even in university yet, it’s not that big of a deal as long as I am going.

Oh yeah, law and medicine are those tough areas of study. Like my mom was still studying when she had kids. Certainly not the path I want to take. I guess life is really full of studying though. =/ I hope that if I do want to change I at least do it after two years rather than 4. But it’s not the end of the world if I go to university twice now is it? :P

I am enjoying my single life! It was much better than those high school days of having a ‘sweetheart’ calling you in the morning and nights and stuff. And kissing randomly in the hallways. And hanging out with him every day. Eh well if you love someone maybe it will be nice, I wouldn’t know … but I can only have regrets on my relationship.

I define celebrity layout as any layout featuring a celebrity, haha. Fanlisting is okay because you’re dedicating the fanlisting to them! Your layouts are definitely not flashy though! I’ve seen too much of that Justinbiebs crap. Don’t worry I’d be the same if it was Jay who was singing and looked down right at me. ^^

America’s got too many things that are loserish. People just try to be so cool, it’s really annoying. I didn’t really feel seniors who took the bus were losers but apparently the rest of the school thought so. Same with seniors who don’t go to prom. Loser me, hooray I really don’t care.

Are they called bellbottom? I always call them flares. I just don’t like them … it’s not the Asian trend haha. I dress like a fob, people think I’m a fob and start speaking in Chinese or Korean to me randomly!

You know what iPhoney reminds me of? Holden Caulfield. Everything is Phony.

Happy Birthday to James! :D Aww I hope the two of you are going to spend a fabulous day together! <3

Don’t worry about the plot of your novel. :) Just let me know when you will publish it, because I definitely want to BUY IT! :D I love the way you write blog posts, I love the way your compositions are written on aquapheric.net (p.s. what’s going to happen to dreamingless.com now?), and I believe your novel is going to be a great read once you publish it. Seriously, Georgie, I wish you success and luck from your efforts. You deserve it. ♥

Ah people… they seem to be afraid of crediting. Or they simply want to show-off. :( Personally, I always keep credits on, even though I modified a layout heavily, and if I was inspired by someone else, I still mention that somewhere. It’s only a few minutes job, not like it’s going to make people sweat. Bah. =.=’ As for blog posts, if someone goes and re-posts others’ posts (excepting photos on Tumblr maybe, but that’s another story) then there is no point in having a blog. They’d do better and turn their site into something else.

~ Luana S.

AWwwwwww what a cute new layout. :) A celebrity layout featuring a picture you took. haah suck on that celebrity image freaks. :P I absolutely love it. I’ve been trying to stick with a black background to save energy, but I think I might have to go with an off black/gray color. haha it’s better than pure white right? :D

That song is good, but the actors totally bothered me. :X haha but yeah I totally haven’t gotten around reading that first chapter of yours. :( I want to get around to it. Actually, I shall do all of my readings for school & then read yours when I’m finished. :) YAYAYAYAYA :D Anyway, ummmmmmmmmmmmm……………..it’s getting late. But yeah, goooo you & your novel. :)

I don’t have any piece of advice for you on how to get published or anything, but if you have an English professor you’d love to work with, you should approach him/her for advice &/or the opportunity to get published or a second opinion & professional opinion on the book. Although……we all know it doesn’t require a genius to write a good novel (see Stephenie Meyer for example).

Oh whoa I noticed that you made your font size smaller haha I’m not used to it :O

I friggin love the mint layout though, mostly because the color is amazing. :)
Happpppy birthday to James though!! :) I was freaking out a little bit when I turned 20 too…but now I’m going to turn 21..yes finally, now I can actually drink legally & order a Lychee Martini with proper identification & everything. I can even tell eerryyone that I wasn’t a friggin tard who spent $200 on a fake ID either. hahahah I’m legit. :D

But anyway good luck on the book & what not. :)

I was thinking about that too! I just changed the settings on my phone so that the theme is black, not white. I rarely use dark layouts on my website so this is something different and saves that bit of energy too!

Oh don’t worry about it! Who knows, the first chapter may end up being the fifth or something. I think my introduction is really weak in comparison with everything else but at the moment I’m just making sure I empty my brain of all the ideas, then I guess I’ll get around to editing it. XD

Ugh I know right? I was thinking of finding that same person who picked up Twilight, and handing them my finished novel. I’m not boasting that I’m better than Stephenie Meyer but her book was ordinary and an easy read. I think mine is at least up a step.

I know argh! I had to fit the sidebar in without things looking weird… Ctrl and scroll if you must! :P

Psh just come here, you could have drunk back when you turned 18. :P

haha it’s nbd, I don’t think your font size will ever be too small. :P Haha just throw in a bunch of big words from the thesaurus & you’ll have one up-ed a lot of young adult novels. Oh yeah that reminds me, is your novel going to be a YA novel or an adult one?

Not too sure, haha. It’ll probably be more of an adult novel, but certainly not in the teen fiction sort of range. :P


Hey, you still manage to blog WAAAAAAY frequently while going through novel-writing periods, so I think that’s something to be admired :P.

Congrats on getting to that many words on your novel :D. That’s EPIC. Hahahaha. KEEP GOING! I’m sure you’ll make it to 70,000 words :). Let’s hope some publisher is smart enough to publish it! Although I heard that Harry Potter was rejected by a few publishers before actually being published. God, those publishers must be kicking themselves, but my point is don’t give up :D.

A cross between 50 first dates and the Memory Keeper’s Daughter? Sounds like my kind of book :P. I LOVE The Memory Keeper’s Daughter! It’s such a sad, but poignant story.

Removing your credit and taking your work as their own?! THAT’S PLAGIARISM! Hmph. And not to mention EXCEEDINGLY RUDE. And such a stupid thing to do. If it’s not your own work, how can you be legitimately proud of it? Idiots.

OMG, someone COPYING your blog post? I agree. They have NO LIFE, if they see the need to copy yours and pass it off as theirs. HOW SAD!

Congrats on not spending all your life on the computer! Hahaha :P. And you TOTALLY have a life! Moreso than me, anyways :).

And happy birthday to James :) :). It IS weird that he’s not going to be a teenager anymore! D/W we’ll forge him a birth certificate that says 1992 XD.

I had the random, unexplainable urge to comment. I’m totally out of practice, of course, so I have to think a bit. /ehe
And, okay, first mistake… I haven’t got this comment open in a seperate tab. Fuckin’ fail.

I’m so glad that your writing is going well ♥ To be honest I don’t really use words to see how far I’ve gone, I use pages. But 21,000 words is definately a good start, methinks. Or end, as we discussed yesterday, aha. My chapters are so awkward because I have a prologue (which I might re-re-rewrite), the first paragraph of chapter one and the rest isn’t even in chapter form. I just have a bunch of paragraphs in my document and I have no idea what to use/not use because my plot is in the working. I have to use drop-caps on the sections I’m keeping. /sweat

It’s weird because you don’t realise how much you write until you step back a bit. For me, I got an Office app on my phone (sadly I can’t edit documents, which sucks balls; I think I need to buy the premium version for that) and when I looked at the file I was sat there thinking “holy shit”. /ehh
I have 121,577 words and 250 pages, but as I said – most of it is total fucking bullshit and won’t be used in the real thing. So I guess that’s a fail @_@

Your book sounds so interesting though! Even more so because you’re being very secretive about it. /faw I hate not knowing things. I’m a naturally nosy person. But from the few words you told me, it sounds pretty damned cool.
Oh my, posting stuff online. I’m behind on that by a good few months. I have lots of Notepad documents sitting in My Documents that I need to write up and then put neatly into MS Word. And I can’t quite remember which ones I wrote in 2011 and which two or three are from 2010. /bash

Oh, by the way – I read your hotdog passage you linked me to and I laughed out loud. /bounce My dog was just looking at me with this seriously weird look on his face that was like, “dude, what is your problem?”

Back to yo’ blog~

I love one-word titles ♥ But I’m not fond of the month December. Over here it’s just dreary and bleak and cold and wet and sometimes snowy and it’s always dark in the evenings and asdfgh. :X Different story for you ;)
It was funny because I named my book (Transient Survivor) before I wrote the first line. And I forgot about the title and its meaning as I wrote it but, somehow, it still fits. I find that kind of cool. (Y)

I haven’t read either of those books. Embarrassment. D: I shall have to try them so I can work out more about December. And as I said yesterday, if it got published I would go around telling everyone I knew you and that you were totally awesome, ehe. Wouldn’t that be weird?
Some people know you as “my friend from Australia” but they never ask how I met you paha. That would be awkward because people don’t seem to understand that not everyone behind a computer screen is a creepyass 67-year-old greying motherfucker who wants to rape you. Especially my parents.
Let’s not go there.

But keep it up with your novel! /type It’s amazing when you finish it, trust me. It may take a long time but it’s worth every minute and the feeling you get when you’re done is indescribable, promise. Though to be honest, looking back, I’m glad Rayfire wasn’t published because it definately was a mess. I mean, yeah, I’m proud I wrote it and got it all done but I’m not comfortable with the idea of people reading it nowadays. Because, it sucks.

I have no idea when I started mine. /oh In fact, I’m curious. It’s confusing though as I have three versions of it – one is the old old old crap in-the-beginning one and others are developments on aforementioned piece of shit…
… which I started on 16th April, 2009. /oh
Well, time flies, doesn’t it? My god though, that is so scary. I never thought it was that long ago! /bash I guess I should have done due to the maturity of my first ever idea, haha.

I have two attempted novels that are about a page or so in length. Utter fail. But it’s great to write something and be proud of it and enjoy it. I’m excited for the publication of yours. I want to read it! Good luck with it. Keep me posted somehow. If you blog about it I’ll try and keep up.

Ah, writing is a huge, huge part of me too. I didn’t realise for a while, though. In Years 1 – 3 (6 – 8 years old) I detested English. Shame I didn’t realise what a fantastic release it can be. With poems and such, however, I feel like I do a Gerard Way – I write the truth but make it appear fictional so the reader never really knows what’s right and what’s not.

Hm, I don’t think I consciously write myself into characters. I used to do it a lot but then they were a bit too much like me, and I didn’t like it. I think my characters definately have some aspects of me, so if you were to make them one, they’d be a me. If that makes sense? For instance, the main character is very determined and doesn’t talk much about how they feel. But a different character is sensitive and very shy, but tries to help others despite that. I guess I like it that way, because I’m not sure I’d want someone to say a character was me.

The mint layout is incredible. /faw It’s simplistic but has a lot of detail. Me like. And the cloud background is so cute! This is random but I just noticed that you don’t use Serif fonts much. You’re very much the clean, professional-looking, simple style~
Ugh, fucking losers who steal. I think redistribution is the worst though as they steal and then give it out to others. Luckily no one ever redistributed my layouts whilst I had them up; not sure I’m going to do them anymore either because I would hate people to steal them. :/

Seriously? Someone copied your blog? Well that’s just a little bit dumb because a) your blog is really popular, and b) what kind of person has nothing to blog about so they steal someone else’s?
Sgh. Do you remember when someone took my blog, put it on Tumblr and didn’t credit? That was really awkward. Especially since you put a lot of effort into a blog. It’s a form of expression, after all~

I’ve been working on getting out more, too, and eating more healthily; it’s not actually that hard, it’s just adjusting that takes a bit of effort. Despite that, I still definately go on the computer far, far too much. A day is the most I can do without the internet. 💥 Which suggests that I don’t really have much of a life either, haha.
Wow! I’ve been a teenager for nearly two years. :L Wish James a happy birthday for me; I hope he has a great day. /eee

This comment is kind of long. Whoops. But I wanted to leave a nice long comment because I haven’t commented in fucking months and I wanted to see how much I could write, aha.
Missin’ you! ♥

Take care! xx

1,261 words. Fuck yes~

And I’m amused that my /oh emoticons are in line :’)

I started writing my first novel in the eighth grade. It was absolutely horrible. I hate it now and have stopped writing it. Personally, I don’t even think the novel I have written is all that good. Which is why I’m only sharing it with one person at the moment.

My favorite author John Green once said that he stops writing a novel he doesn’t like when he hits about 20,000 words. I think that’s a good mark to stop at. By then you know the plot well enough to know if it’s good or not.

I hope everything works out well for your novel!

Gah, you are so inspirational- you really make me want to get off my ass and write novels again. You give me itchy fingers. :P

You’ll be shocked when you see a comment from me on your dashboard. HI. ♥ Sorry I’ve taken so long to get my site up, I feel so bad but really appreciate you hosting me. *hugs*

Congratulations on reaching just over 21,000 words on your novel! :D That’s amazing, I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that (if I were good at writing, that is). I hope you manage to reach your 70,000 word target and get it published. How amazing would that be, seriously? ;)

December is also a great title for the novel. (Y)

That’s the main reason why I took my free layouts down; I was thinking of maybe putting a couple up but we’ll see. I can’t even make a layout for my own site at the moment LOL. I love the mint one, though! I kinda want to eat it…

Someone actually copied your blog word-for-word? :| How pathetic is that? LOL. My word, that person seriously does need a life. o___O I mean, getting ideas from someone’s blog post is perfectly okay, but STEALING, what the actual fuck? /bash


You hiding bugger! At least you’re opening in just a few days. :D It’s okay though, I know we all get this stupid scribble ball rolling us over at some point in life and we get stressed out. Or busy. Or, get a life.

Haha I can’t imagine. I’m not expecting anything big or for a publisher to be wowed by what I write – they’re always like that with new writers, of course. Very cautious and picky. But I think that with the technology nowadays, if I don’t get good feedback I will spend some money publishing my completed book myself, since there’s bound to be some services out there. (I’ve already found Lulu.com.)

Ahaha nom nom! Use one of my premades if you’re seriously that uninspired. No one will know. ;) Really through… my old premades were yuck.

The girl changed all my friends’ names and put her own friends’ ones in. I had to write her an email and she said she loved my writing and wished she could write like me. Well too bad, doesn’t mean you can copy it and pretend it’s yours. Not flattering to me at all.

Aww happy birthday to him!
Writing has always been a part of me, too. Although I don’t think I’m not such a good writer, I love doing. I think that’s all that matters. The rest (talent, opportunities) would follow right after you build up the passion, in my opinion :)
Hmm so 50 first dates and those other ones… I’m guessing it has to do with memories/memory loss or something? Haha. I know you won’t answer though XD I’m excited for youuuu!!! If you do publish it, I would get a copy. And I’m not just saying this XD
Good luck with that! (Y)

Good luck with that book! I tried, once, long time ago, I tried to write a book but I just don’t have enough persistance haha. Loving the new layout!
HBD to James! I turned 17 last week ahah OMG that was weird, I always though I would have accomplished more by now.

Thanks for the comment

Wow, I’m sure what you have of your novel is great! I wish I had that kind of motivation and imagination to get so far. I’ve always wanted to write a novel, but I’ll get about a third or fourth of the way done and just think what I’ve written is crap and I kinda give up… :/ Good luck with finishing it and publishing it! I have no doubt that you can do it!

I don’t understand why people steal other’s peoples work. What is there to be proud of? The layouts you just put up are quite cute! And copying word for word? That’s ridiculous! People these days…

Happy birthday James!

Yes, what she did was uncalled for and I should’ve realized and been prepared that she was going to write some nasty stuff because I noticed she received my paper. But, oh well. In a way, it’s kind of inspired me to do an amazing job on my paper just to prove her wrong. :P

I completely understand. There are just some people that tick off this little monster inside of me and I just go crazy and eat everyone! Not really, haha, but I become pretty intolerant.

My personal favorite tennis player is Rafael Nadal. <3 Ahh, he's an amazing player and, can't leave it out, incredibly cute. ;3

I could have sworn I commented on this blog post. But, apparently not, since it has been a day since I’ve done it and it hasn’t been approved. :X

Anyways, I find it awesome that you’re writing a novel! I love writing novels myself. :) Have you ever done NanoWrimo? There’s also Juinowrimo, if you haven’t. It’s the same as Nanowrimo (November Novel Writing Month) in July. /hehe If you haven’t, you should definitely check it out sometime!

Congratulations on getting over 20k. It’s a great achievement. I only managed to get to about 12k on my novel, and then I just lost all my inspiration and stopped. I might go back to it though, I really did like the storyline of it. :)

I love your new layouts, they’re really pretty! :) You have amazing layouts, there’s no doubt about that. You are very talented! ^^ Someone copied your blog word for word?! Now that is completely ridiculous! The person must have been crazy. Why would they do that? Have you ever found out? o.0 That is just very strange.

Happy Birthday to James! :)

Once again, good luck with your novel! You can do it! :D

I’ve got your comment and there is no need to comment again. If it hasn’t been approved it still needs to be approved and it has not disappeared. Just because it hasn’t been approved after a day doesn’t mean that you haven’t commented. It is obviously still there. Just a day? A lot of things happen in a day. I don’t have the kind of time to approve comments that quickly, mind you, I’m a busy person! :P

I’m not interested in NaNoWriMo; I dislike the notion of completing a novel given a specific amount of time when I would rather spend that precious time wisely, and taking my time writing.

I emailed the person and they said they had loved my writing and wanted to write as well as I did. I don’t think copying my personal blogs and changing all the names was the right way to go about telling me that.

Thank you. :D

Eeks! I’m sorry! I just freaked out when I saw February 27th comments being approved and not the one I posted a day ago. :/ I’m sorry. I just guess I kind of wondered whether I was going crazy. :P I’ll keep that in mind for next time! ^^ You have a good point about NanoWrimo. But, the fascinating thing I found about Nanowrimo was that you really couldn’t put it up until later since you had a limit. It was just write, write, write and write. December would be editing month, and I really found it useful for my writing. :) I guess it isn’t for everyone though!

Okaay, that is very strange. They won’t get anywhere near how well you write if don’t write their own words. *Shrugs* I guess some people just don’t see that, haha. :)

Wow! I admire you so much for writing a novel. That is so amazing :) I am sure that it will just be so easy for you to come up with ideas. Good for you ;) I hope that you do get published as that would be very cool.

How funny, I’m behind because of my novel too! ;D I am obsessed with writing it and it’s over 25,000 words right now. :O I also aim to publish mine, and my parents are already encouraging me to do so. :/ I don’t know how a publisher would react to a thirteen-year-old novelist…

Wow, writing definitely is not for everyone. It is a talent. I wish I had that creative mind to be able to write novels, it must be great to lose yourself in a story that you created in your mind and to be able to put it into words for other people to read!