The Lunchbox

I’m scared. I’m going back to university tomorrow and I’m actually dreading it. It’s my last Bachelor year and to be honest I don’t know what I’m scared of. At the same time I’m rather pissed off (bad day, don’t ask). I have yet to pack my bag and there are so many things to worry about. Here’s to waking up at 6:00am again. I’m actually really terrified. :O

I’m so terrified I’ve lost track of time. Again, I’ve been working on my novel and I’m almost at 25,000 words… I was going to write more today, but I had to clean the house, and I got caught up watching Doctor Who… I know right, I know! But I can’t believe that I last blogged two days ago. Things are just insane. I read 32 pages of this reading I had to read, and I have yet to read a large reading on classification.

I’m sure it won’t be that daunting once I get into the routine again, but after several months of having a break, it’s hard to get things back into gear. I have to go to work after classes tomorrow, I feel like there’s so much to worry about right now.

This is hilarious. I’m now laughing at myself because just a few days ago I was counting down and hoping like hell that the days would go by faster. I don’t know why this happens.

My mum just asked me if I wanted lunch. I just said no, I’d fix myself something later. In March I’m going to be trying to exercise more and… drum roll… I’m going to stop eating junk food for three weeks. I figured I’d just take fruit or make a sandwich myself. Guys, you have no idea how much I love Vegemite.

I really like Vegemite. I know not a lot of people do, and some Aussies dislike it, when it’s such an ‘Australian thing’. I recorded a random video whilst I was eating breakfast a few weeks ago, about Vegemite Cheesybite. I liked the original, but the Cheesybite is quite tasty. It doesn’t taste like they’ve added cheese or anything, but it tastes better than the original Vegemite as it’s less salty. Wow, the tricks they employ these days.

I accidentally ate all the white tortilla wraps. I was supposed to eat the wholegrain ones because my mum isn’t too fond of wholegrain. D: Oops.

You know what I’m going to miss about staying at home? Vegemite on toast. I can’t take toast with me to university because the warmth will leave the bread moist and eventually soggy, and eventually cold. Why is it so hard to prepare a packed lunch? /pow I used to hate taking sandwiches and fruit to school, because I didn’t carry a lunchbox. I carried a cooler bag, which didn’t do very well in regards to keeping my lunch un-squished. As a result, my lunch was usually, well, squished.

Of course that doesn’t beat my friend, who seemed to be a magnet for squished bananas. Squished bananas in the bottom of your bag have got to be the worst.

The other option is to buy food at university but I’m trying to save money. Sigh, so many tiny things to worry about. O_O

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Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine at uni tomorrow :). Hahaha, I think I’ve been scaring you with my complaining about my incessant Constitutional Law readings (btw, I’ve started week TWO readings. Oh JOOOY *sarcasm*). But I am sure you’ll be fine and you’ll be able to read the reading you haven’t read reasonably quickly :).

Whooooaaa…25,000 words?! It’s like you’re writing at a rate of 1,000 words a day :P. Hahaha, that’s quick. I think. I’m not actually sure how fast novel writers write D:.

Yeah, it’s hard to get back into the uni routine, especially since your timetable changes every semester D:. But I’m sure you’ll find a suitable routine in NO TIME :D.

Haha, I remember your squished sandwiches! :D Ahhhh, highschool memories :P. I used to buy my lunch everyday until I was in year 10 or something D:. I rarely bring a packed lunch to uni because we rarely have any fillings at home that aren’t just spreads, and if I buy lunch at uni, I at least get some kind of nutrition from the veggies in my lunch (since I eat healthy now *sigh*). But I bring fruit :D.

I LOVE vegemite on toast too! :D I haven’t tried the Cheesybite one, but I don’t think I will, because I am not a fan of cheese :P.


Last Bachelor year! That is great. Are you scared of being done and starting into the real working world? Pretty sure you will be excited about it soon! I am jealous of you, anyways!

Eeek Vegemite. I tried it once and it tastes like… well, what DOES it taste like? :P Not my thing.

No junk food for three weeks? Good luck with that!! I cut down on my portions a few months ago, and I used to eat a lot of junk in the evenings after diner, not anymore. Definitely makes me feel SO much better! Don’t work out a lot though, don’t really have the time for that. I do walk a lot to and from the train station, which is like a mile from our house.

Thanks for commenting on my blogpost. The girl I wrote about really annoys me so much. She always calls America “HOME” — and she hasn’t even BEEN there. How dumb are you? -_-

Hope uni goes fine for you. I hated going back after a 3 month break because I got out of the rountine, also never knew what they were going to make me do work wise or presentations.

wow 25,000 words, I thought 3,500 was enough, I could barely manage that lol. Well done though. Work after classes? thats way too much. :(

I took my own lunch then got into the habbit of eating at college, too much junk food so I gained weight grr.. I now eat less of it.

Is Vegemite like marmite? never heared of vegemite.

Good luck at uni tommorow.

YAY, novel!!! ♥ I hope I can get to read it once it’s done. I miss reading novels/books. Congratulations in advance. /kiss

Your post regarding uni is the story of my life when I was still in school, haha. Dreading that school starts again the next day after a long break. /ehh But I know you’ll do good, Georgina. You can do it. Good luck on going back to uni. **

I don’t know Vegemite, so I Google-d it. Wow, I would love to try it. *u*

Aww, squished sandwiches and packed lunch. D: I had squished sandwiches when I was in high school, too. Haha. They look weird, but I still ate them. Must feed the hungry stomach! And I also had to save my money then. Haha. But I’m still bringing packed lunch to work up to this day. ^^

Squished bananas?!?! O_O I feel sorry for that person. :(

Nooooo… if you’re saving money, I would suggest that you just bring packed lunch to uni.^^ Good luck on whichever decision you’ll be making with regards on your food~ /bounce

Well, I had the same nerves on my last bachelors year. I was excited & scared. I mean, it’s your last year, yes. I was hoping that studies would go smoothly and that I’d taken all the courses that were required and that I would pass enough courses etc. etc. etc.

Don’t worry. It’s just “back to school”-nerves, I think. It’ll be fine!!

I hope you`ll have fun going back to University :D! It`s always like…. Dreadful the day before school -___-. You can`t sleep, you are anxious, you are worried, you are excited. YOU ARE BIPOLAR D:! :P It happens to everyone D:! Good luck with getting back with your routine :P! Good luck with your novel :D! I wrote a “mini novel” on my blackberry, LOL! It is called. The novela series. It`s horrible. I have gotten 700 words on the first series so far and I`m already going onto my second one. I guess its because I usually type on it when I`m bored at school XD!

Good luck on your diet plan :D! I know if I give up anything that is not considered “healthy”, I would be.. Sad… Because I will find ways to eat candy, chips, soda, and everything else :O! I love vegetables but I hate fruit :/. But I like tomatoes… Hmm. :P

Squished bananas are the worst :/. And squished–anything thats like liquidy and not a solid. :O! I rather have a squished sandwich because I don`t like eating bread. :/. It tastes empty sometimes D:!

Don`t worry bout leaving the comment short :P Sorry if my comment is long -____-

I just got a better processor :P! I`ve been having the 22 inch for a couple of years ^__^! Wow :O! If there’s primary school, what is secondary school? Is it high school or is it college :O!

There was a girl who wrote Nacy on my yearbook like twice. And she usually sends me messages on myspace addressing me as nacy even though my display name is Nancy followed by music symbols D:. I`ve grown to dislike that girl -___- but I can`t blame her :P Or can I? :O

I have a couple of friends named Jesus. I am sometimes confused about what to call them because Americanized, you say it like Jee-zus. And in Spanish, you call them, Heh-soos- Because the J sounds like an h. :O. And I hear people call them both. D:

I remember Gillian! Comments does take longer than the actual blog– sometimes. Actually, no. They do!! I rather just type out the comments because I think faster than I speak ‘~’. For some reason, audio comments reminded me of some thingr. Where I talked about to my friend, like if we have audio comments, how can we customize it? “OOH! I want everyone to have monotone voices!” “I rather have everyone sound like Eminem.” “I want Justin Beiber to read my comments for me.” “ew, thats gross.” XD

Good luck and take care!

Good luck. If you believe that you’re going to be fine, then I’m sure your day won’t be that bad.

I’ve heard of Vegemite (and Marmite), but I don’t think we have those here in the U.S. I don’t know what kind of sandwich spreads are sold here besides peanut butter and jam.

I hate carrying lunchboxes. I guess it’s because I don’t want to lug around extra, bulky stuff, including purses. No one has ever seen me carry a purse, but I actually have one somewhere in my closet.

Squished bananas are gross, especially when they’re oozing out banana guts.

I would be scared too if I were you. But you’ve gotten this far, which is more than a lot of people have been; you will do fine. :) And sometimes it takes awhile to get back into a routine.

I have to wake up at 6:30, which sucks because I’ve never been a morning person.

I have two assignments due this week and lots of homework. I don’t know what to do; it’s all so overwhelming.

I love Vegemite! ♥

Are any of your friends from last year going this year? That would be good for you. :)

I’m trying the healthy eating thing as well, but its not going too well for me as I went shopping today and grabbed as many cakes as I could fit into the shopping basket! 🤤
Haha, I’ll probably ‘start next week’.
I’m really intrigued by Vegemite, have you ever tried Marmite? I don’t like marmite though so Vegemite might not be my cup of tea. Do you just spread it on toast? Or can it be used for other things.
Good luck with your last year of University! I’m sure you will get on top of things. What is it that you study? Have a good first day!

I hope that you have a good first day back at Uni. I find that if the morning starts off well then the rest of the day will follow in a positive manner.

You seem really productive with your novel writing and reading books for Uni. I tried writing a novel once for Nanowrimo, but I didn’t have any inspiration and managed about 300 words.

I don’t even remember when I took lunches to school… probably way back in elementary and I have a terrible memory! lol. I’m too much of a chicken when it comes to trying things, when I was working at a summer camp back in 2008 we had a few fellow counselors who were from Australia and they had brought some Vegemite with them… but I couldn’t get myself to try it! lol oh well, you like it and that’s all that matters! :D

congrats on getting 25,000 words! That’s quite an accomplishment and I hope you can keep up the great momentum! :D

Ah, I start school tomorrow too. D: Not happy at all…

Hm, maybe. But I don’t think it’s very good! xD Everyone I’ve showed it to likes it though.. really just my best friends.

Dont be scared of you going back to the Uni.. LOL I’ve also experienced losing track of time just like what you had.. Like instead of doing something I forget it coz I saw this TV show that somehow catches my attention or something, LOL

JUst take it easy.. work and school and yeah its gonna be spring break soon then.. summer.. Time flies so fast.. And dont worry much about things.. But its hard to do right? I dunno anything about being a vegemite since what I do now is eat fruits whenever Im hungry.. It’s gonna help you lose weight.. and bananas yes.. I heard that whenever you’re hungry just eat bananas and the next thing you’d know is you’re full.. banana wonders. LOL

tryna save money to.. so goodluck to the both of us

I hope that Uni goes really well tomorrow for you!! I always was scared every year to go back but after the first week I was back into it and things felt great again. :)

awww I get nervous too when I had to go back to school from a long break.. but i’ve never hope for the day to come sooner lol I’ve never tried Vegemite before…even though I was in Australia for the summer (winter over there)…now I’m curious what it taste like :) I’ve been addicted to eating toast with preserved jams ♥

Hey girl! Thanks for the comment! I’m sorry I didn’t reply until now! I got home around 2:30 and did some laundry which I still need to take out of the washing machine and switch over to the dryer. >_<. Anyway, I had a blast last night with Andrew! His dad drove us of course and we were a little late getting to the documentary premiere, but it was amazing. I met his friend who wrote/documented his documentary and his friend is actually nice! We shook hands and he said he heard a lot of things about me. I was actually thinking Andrew was going to introduce me as his 'friend' but he fooled me and said "Hi _____, this is my girlfriend Jamie". And it was just awesome. His friend that he did the documentary on was there as well; as his family we didn't get a chance to meet him but that was okay.

After that, we didn't go out for sushi, because his friend had other engagements to attend too afterwards, but it was alright, him, his dad and I went to this restaurant in Pasadena, and we had a blast. Heehee. Last night was also fun. Haha. Obviously you know what we did :P. Haha. Yeah, I don't want to go into full details as to what went on, but I will email you and let you know. But yeah, it was awesome, and now I fully feel connected to him more than before. I mean we were definitely connected and everything before but yeah we're EVEN MORE connected now. Haha ;).

OMG I hated packing lunches to school because of the mushyness and what not. A lot of the high school teenagers when I went to school were actually leaving their lunches in their cars and with the air conditioner on or heater on depending on the weather. But it was announced on the intercom system that it was a bad idea to do that. I never took my lunches to high school I was always bought. I never got any allowances just lunch money until I believe the 11th or 12th grade when I started getting stressed about everything i.e. taking the math profiency test to graduate, and my mom and everything like that. It was just so stressful those times. But I'm good now. Anyhow, I sometimes took my lunch to school when I was in Elementary, but I mostly just bought the food it was more convient I think. But I know what you mean, I wanna save money too, but I also wanna re-paint my bedroom put up shelves, and get a new twin bed so it'll look cool in my room. Ya know? But it's gonna be like 6 or 700 bucks! Plus I wanna get a cork board and like put the things that Andrew gave me on it, and a picture of us on there as well. And my rose which will be turned into a decoration after my dad gets me the spray I need and glitter from his gf's. Lol.

Yeah I can understand why you'd be nervous about going back to Uni! My dad was that way when he had a week off from work at Christmas last year. But he was fine once he was there. It's just nerves and what not. You'll be okay! I'm sure you will be!! Anyway, take care! And I hope all goes well! Oh wow your birthday is in May? So is Andrew's! What day is your birthday on? haha!

Yes! University food is too expensive! But then, in Southern California, sometimes the difference between university food and what you pay for at the grocery store isn’t too big. It would be good to get accustomed to preparing your own food if you’ve got the energy to do so.

Good luck on your last year! Most of the seniors around here experience a “panic”, in which they don’t know what they’re going to do after school. Maybe that’s where you scare is coming from. But since you work very hard and have awesome grades, you shouldn’t have that problem! You’ll be awesome, go cream your last year!

Good luck for uni tomorrow. But I’m sure you’ll be fine.

My uni course started today. And I’m terrified. Haven’t done any studying since I left school over 3 years ago. :( Which brings me to a question I would like to ask you… Would you mind if I used your website on my first assignment? I thought I would ask first before I started.

I love vegemite and marmite. We usually eat marmite in our house because my mates daughter doesn’t really like vegemite. Om nom nom.

Eckkk sorry, but i hate vegemite and marmite. One time at the supermarket at night, some stupid teenagers marmite-d my car door handle. I wanted to shoot them.

Just started uni today as well. Dread. Dread.

You seem really stressed out about starting University! Don’t sweat it, I’m sure everything will be fine. We over-analyze things most of the time, and usually the real things happens to be so much easier and less stressful than we thought it would be.
I hope everything goes easy for you, and that you’ll get used to waking up so early again. :)
I used to carry lunch boxes back when I was in elementary school, but as I grew older, I was afraid of being made fun of because back then I would be labeled as ‘un-cool’, hahaha. My mom used to pack my lunch everyday for me and the sandwiches would usually be squished and I would either throw them away or force myself to chew on squishy food, hahaha.
Good luck on your anti-junk food plan! I’m sure it’ll be easy. =)

I got so depressed every time I went back to school. I really hated college. It was better than HS, but I was so stressed out all the time. I put way too much pressure on myself. If I had any idea what my senior year would have been like before I started it, I would have been terrified. Here’s hoping yours isn’t as terrible!

Hey! How was your first day/week back at uni? I bet it was different and tiring. That’s usually how it is for me when I go back to school after summer break.

I am always scared about who is going to be in my lunch…which didn’t help at all. Ugh. Tyler has my lunch and has all YEAR. I don’t talk to him anymore but I still get butterflies and Idky. It’s annoying. I can’t even drive my sister home with him behind me without getting butterflies…My sister says I’m obsessive…I don’t think I am…but yet, how would I know?

I remember eating sandwiches! I don’t eat them anymore…idk but I just don’t like the texture of bread or something…XD I’m so weird!

Yup. ✌️ My coworker asked me how to say my last name just last weekend.

Thanks so much! I know at least 2 people that will donate. It’s a lot of money so I will probably have more contests for it just to advertise it. I already have one thing where if someone donates they can get free hosting for a year or more. Depending on how much they donate. :D

I am going to Disney World. Dante said he was going to trick my mom by saying something like, “Erin told me about the trip y’all are going on. etc” But I already warned my mom. /cool I’m cool like dat! :P

I did forget about eating healthy…that is going to be throwing me back because I have this TINY circle that I eat and Dante and my parents hate it but I only like a small amount of fruits/veggies and I mostly LOVE starches…very unhealthy the way I eat them….It sucks. I think I will have to get Dante to challenge me. He is the only person that I actually trust enough to try new foods for (? with? idk..). I tried Taco sauce for him…that was the last thing I tried that was new and that was a few months ago…unless you think of Mozzarella Sticks at a DIFFERENT restaurant as something new, then that was like last week. XD
It’s horrible…Ugh. I NEED HELP! O_O /argh /huh /ho /hmph

Yeah, I will probably be forced to go to online classes so that I don’t have to travel four freaking hours just to see Dante. :/ I will do it if I have to..I really don’t like long distant relationships though. It’s just so hard to trust the other person…
It’s hard for me to trust other people in general though.

18? wow. I make sure to get to my comments when they are in the single digits otherwise I wont return comments for weeks!

That is a good way to work on a layout. I’ve had a lot of problems with my layout so I am probably going to make a new layout based off of my old premade layouts…prolly my “One in a Million…” one.
I just gotta make a new header and change up the sidebar and prolly the colors too.

i hope you had a nice day at uni! (: i wish we coud get food from the school for free, that would’ve been great! lunch which is coming from the bottle of my bag isn’t really tempting. but at least i save my money for something i really want then. a lunchbox is a good option, with the exception that mine likes to hide, i can’t find it, i think i’ve lost it, haha (:

you’re writing soooo fast!! the words are just flowing. soon you’ll have your novel finished!! (: i have never tried writing a novel, but i did try writing a few short stories. they didn’t end up really good, they’re thrown a long time ago. i guess they’re just another chapter of my life, but i’m glad the stories are history now haha (:

I wish you goodluck on your university and I hope you’ll pass it! :) Don’t be scared, everything will be OK. ;) Though I can understand that you’re scared.

I’m really curious how Vegemite taste like. xD I really want to try it out. It doesn’t look bad at all, especially on toast! :) I love to eat toast but I don’t do it that often actually. 😢 Too bad that we can’t eat toast on school or work! xD It would be perfect, haha! :)

Anyway, goodluck with school! :)

Thank you! And you ought to try Vegemite. It is pretty salty and a lot of people don’t like it but it’s really worth it so you at least know whether you love it or hate it (it’s usually one of the two!). Toast is just lovely in the mornings and nice and fresh. It doesn’t keep. :( Hahaaa. :P

Thanks for the congratulations! :)

Good luck for university tomorrow! It must be tiring, knowing that you’re in school again and you’re going to lose sleep again. :( I personally don’t mind school. But, I love sleep. So that what causes me to dislike it.

Congratulations on hitting the 25k mark! :) It’s amazing! You must be very proud of yourself! ^_^ The classification document seems so boring. Sorry if you like it, but, I just wouldn’t be able to read it without falling asleep countless times.

You do seem to be having a hectic day tomorrow, but don’t worry about it. (: It’ll be alright.

You have very healthy goals for March. Keep up the great goal setting! :) Mashed bananas. Yuck. >.< I usually eat my bananas in the morning before school or after school in a shake.

Good luck with everything! :)

Good luck for the last year of uni! That’s so super exciting! I remember being nervous also for my last year because I knew that after my final exam I was going to enter the real world! That kind of scared me. But I love it now, not having to study any more :)

That’s so cute your mum makes you lunch! Hahah I’d die if I couldn’t eat junk food. I love it.

I hope as the days go by that you will be less worried. I find as I come up on my worries it is actually not as worrisome.
When I read I usually speak it in my head with a voice. Now I know how to correctly sound your blogs in my head from watching your video. I didn’t realize you would have an Australian accent. 😳

When I read the word Vegemite I was like what? Then I remembered an Olsen Twins movie and was oh yeah. I thought the long socks with shorts fashion was a myth actually. :)
I refuse to take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunches because of the same reason. Soggy.
I hope your exercise days are productive. That’s what I wish for when I workout.