How long can I count to a thousand?

We all have different ways of dealing with stress. Before I discovered my love of stress balls (which I often ironically forget about), I’d hit things and throw pillows. Someone told me that doing that would make me a violent person. Yet I’m releasing the anger. I don’t see how that makes me all the more violent if that is my way of dealing with stress.

Some people count. I don’t know how that works. I know some people count to five, and everything is okay in their little world. For me it takes a lot. Sometimes I have to scream and shout and snap. In high school, I punched a wall and started screaming because it was just too much. Some teachers came out and stopped me. As far as I remember, anyway.

Regardless of what trouble my anger and stress has gotten into, I try to deal with instead. Just fight it. Fight the stress. Sometimes it’s hard, like now. I was scared of going back to university, and two days later I’m ready to explode. I’m exhausted. I’m glad I chose one less class this semester, because I would have just buckled and collapsed from all the stress. It’s already a hard time going to sleep early and waking up at 6:00am again.

Classes and commuting took up much of my time, and I don’t think I’ve gotten around to returning a single comment. I do want to get back to you all, and it’s not that it requires too much effort, it’s just that I’m not in the state of mind to do it. I want to sit down, write part of my novel and poems and things. That is what I feel like doing when I get home after a big day and feel like relaxing.

I realise that there are readings I have to do, or classes to prepare for, then I have to stop. I suppose it’s just like a jolt in the routine of having a break or being on holiday – going back to university and work and having it disrupt life like a crack in a wall (Doctor Who reference much?).

I’ve written my March goals out; there is much less online related stuff. I doubt I’ll be getting to much of it except for keeping off junk food and doing some exercise.

The littlest things are stressing me out; they really are. I can’t believe that after just two days I am stressing about insignificant things, and it’s not that time of the month, I swear. I know I’m known to be moody but I feel like this is huge. I’m waiting for a reply about a new job. I could work from home with that, but I’m not even sure I will get the damn job. I’m worried about money and am trying so hard not to waste it on unnecessary things. I’m angry about my lost iPhone (still). I’m frustrated that I can’t think of what new phone to get.

What little things do people worry about these days? Do people worry about the same things that I worry about? Do people stress about the same things I stress about? Sometimes I step away and look at where I’m standing, wonder if anyone else feels the same in any way. /faw

I can feel my eyes shutting on their own again. It’s so hard to adjust to this weirdness…

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Punching pillows is my preferred way of dealing with stress/anger. Swearing or maybe screaming help too, but I try not to do those. And no, punching pillows does not make me violent.

University seems like it’s going to be quite busy this year. I don’t know, but it feels like we already have a million things to do compared to last year. Not to mention we have real life to deal with. *sigh*

But hey, I’m sure many people have gone to university in worse circumstances than us, and they still managed to do well. Okay, yes, I don’t know any of these people, but things could be worse, you know? Must not lose hope! =)

And you’re not the only one worrying about the little things. I think it’s always the little things that set us off. I believe it’s because when all the big things are going wrong, we want (and expect) the little things to go right. I mean, they’re little. Not important in the scheme of things. They’re not big, not hard. “Surely”, we think, “they should be able to go right without trouble”. But they don’t. And we feel bad, because not even the insignificant stuff are on our side. And it set us off.

I sincerely don’t remember last year being this horrible. Maybe we’re just tensed up or something? Or maybe we’ve just been in the worst holiday mode ever? I have my fingers crossed it’ll settle down. Tomorrow, we are so doing readings… /ehh

That’s quite true actually. I have a friend who is studying by distance, and she also has to take care of her ill grandparents. We’re pretty lucky in comparison. And some people commute for two hours daily… such as Rachel, and this girl in my media class who was also in a few of my other classes. She lives in the Blue Mountains.

Aw, honey. *Hugs* I have my exams going on and I gave an awful paper today. I am so stressed that I can’t even concentrate. Some days are like that; I’ll talk rudely to my sister or just get pissed off at little things. Insignificant things that are not too insignificant after all. My advice would be just waiting it out. That is the best way I deal with it. It has got to go away sometime. Or you could do something that makes you laugh. Laughing is the best medicine against stress. Watch a funny movie, read a nice book – a funny sitcom, maybe?
Good luck with it.

Woah, I am sorry for replying so late. The above-mentioned exams. Let us start with your first comment:
Yeah, Australia can not get it yet. Someday soon. I hope. Ooh, good luck with your book! Can you give me some details? Self publishing is not very easy and it would be better to do that with a guide. Alone…you can get lost. However, before self-publishing, I would definitely advise you to at least try some (a lot) of publishing houses. You never know when you might get lucky. It is fun. When you actually hold something that you’ve dreamt about holding…the feeling is out of the world.
Thank you for your question. I am still at that stage that whenever I receive a question, I get all thrilled inside! It is incredible that I can advise people on something like this.

No, this is grade 11. After this, I have my final year of high school AND then college. It was mentally very challenging, but I guess thats life. If you’re going through hell….keep moving.
It would be amazing to have a book lover like you on board on . However, I see how swamped you are. But whenever you have the time. :)

I worry about absolutely everything but what actually stresses me out the most is the small things. I have an anxiety disorder//depression so I don’t know if that’s why but I have a short fuse definitely. I hate it but there’s not much I can do about it unless I want to take tranquilizers or something.

I have been known to pitch a fit too. There is a hole in my closet door because I got mad that it wouldn’t close one day so I punched it. I haven’t done anything like that in a while, I try not to because I have 2 little kids. Its good to find an escape like reading or playing a game, whatever you really enjoy.

Anywho, wanted to let you know that voting has started for the smiley contest :) I didn’t make buttons for voting for this one but if you want to let your visitors know to go vote, just don’t tell them which smiley is yours :) Thanks!

If I’m stressed I tend to stay quiet. I just sit there in silence, but as soon as someone says the slightest thing to annoy me I snap and take it all out on them, which I suppose isn’t the best way to cope.

I guess it’s not the counting that helps but more the deep breaths, I tried that today but it didn’t really work. It did for like, a few seconds but then I just started to stress out again. I’m in the same position, sort of, as you right now. I’ve had a week off school, and two days in I’m hating it. I don’t like the early mornings and I’m sick of all the coursework.

Good luck with your March goals! I’m sure things like doing exercise and concentrating on your novel will take away the stress of university, I hope your feeling less stressed about it all soon!

Thank you for the email! Turns out I installed a spamfree plugin that didn’t allow any comments at all! I just deactivated it and deleted it, and installed Akismet.

When I am super stressed out I close my eyes and take deep breaths. If I’m somewhere where I can move around I do some lunges, jumping jacks, touch my toes, stretch, any good movement that will get my heart rate up generally help me calm down. But damn, when I am really angry and stressed out, sometimes I just want to rip people’s faces off. >:[

Personally, I could not imagine commuting to school if school were more than a mile away.

This is something that I need to work on too, but you should never stress out over little things too much. Never. It’s not good for you. But perhaps once university routine gets back to you, you’ll stop stressing out so much.

You’re better than I am at managing stress. I punch something. Then I implode and cry for a bit, hoping that no one sees me. Then I power through it all.

We should just once day tell stress to fuck off.

Yeah, counting never worked for me either.
More recently, I found breathing exercises worked really well for me. And I can do my breathing subtly without people knowing. I mean… everyone has to breathe!

I stress about the future mostly which I know is stupid. Normally I either listen to music or do some meditating, but sometimes I cry everything out. It’s a rather destructive way of dealing with stress. O_O

haha i like your title of this blog!! (:

uni sounds very hard!! best wishes for you, i know you’ll do great!! i also hate it when i have to go back after a loooong and wonderful holiday.

use the inspiration while you have it!! it won’t wait forever (:

you should try to relax more maybe, i use to do nothing in the weekends, to get a break from the daily stressful life, but lately i haven’t got my weekly doze of a break, and i feel it!

instead of screaming, or throwing pillows, i like just jogging, listen to music, get my mind on something else, it helps (: plus, it feels wonderful after running a little.

you’re not the only who’s worrying and stressing about school, i do, all the time. i see there’s homework i need to catch up, tests i need to study for, and i’m soon having my mock exams and examd, i’m realdy going to have one tomorrow, and another one on thursday. plus i need to pack, i’m going on a trip with my class on thursday, or was it friday(?), and i haven’t even started packing yet. i just feel there’s so little time, and lots of things to do!! it’s just small things, but still they make me so stressed!

Talking about stress, I am currently stress out now. It is spring break but I feel like I have so much to do. It is insane. I don’t think so punching pillows or throwing them makes you a violent person. If I can have my way, I would love to punch somebody. Lol. But no, I don’t do that. To deal with stress, I usually imagine a whole new world that I am currently in. It is like a fantasy and it is pretty complicated to explain. This post actually inspires me to write about my way on dealing with stress. I am mostly stress about school work nowadays.

Oh my, I am quite like you. When I get angry, I like to hit things (or bite them, especially pencils. I’ve broken several by biting on them, then pressing really hard writing). Gee, I do suppose I could be thought as as a violent person… But I just get ticked off so easily. 😒

What I do to eventually calm down is to either solve what’s causing my stress/anger, or just take a few minutes to zone out. Do everything else. For you, go write some of your novel or poetry. :) Something fun.

At the moment, I’m kind of ticked that I always copy things wrong in math, then the problem becomes impossible to solve. Then I go crazy trying to solve it. Oh gee. I should be getting back to the problem… /hmph

My brother in law actually keeps those rubber fake grapes in his pocket at all times to deal with his stress no matter how little. Everytime I see him there he is squeezing the little grape for hours and always has more in his pocket in case he loses one. So I guess that’s a form of a stress ball.

I’ve been working out like carzy and my way of dealing with stress most of the time. A month ago I was really really really stressed out about something and I couldn’t believe that I ended up exercising for 2 hours and I didn’t even notice. I felt really good afterwards though.

I stress about school a lot too. Nursing is just too much on my plate. So much pressure to succeed and keep going. I stress a lot about money too and lately I have been irritated easily about little thing. I just think the older you get, the more neurotic you become. At least for me it seems that way.

hi georgie! sorry for not visiting here. :p

Anyways… last week i was feeling the same thing. actually i think my situation’s worst because I WAS ANGRY. and when i am angry, i tend to do stupid things. something happened between my guy and I. night before i visited our student’s wellness center, i was drinking and crying a lot because of it. so i decided to drop by our guidance counselor and talk things over. why don’t you try that if you have a counselor in your school? for me, she helped a lot. i was able to release my anger to “him” and felt better. she also taught me how to handle it… like instead of doing unnecessary things that could hurt other people (even not in physical way), i was told to write a journal and transfer all my worries, anger and sadness there. taking a deep breath and exhaling through a shout helps too! I did that the other night. ;)

well i guess people have different reasons for stress. one thing I also learned is you need not to compare yourself to others… or compare someone with others too. maybe writing poems or novels will help you feel better. who knows you might come up with a good story. /mwah


I don’t see how throwing things to release anger makes you a violent person. I mean if you threw heavy objects through windows and stuff, that would make you a violent person, but you’re throwing pillows. Really, what is a pillow going to do? It’s a giant, soft thing. I think it’s better to release your anger through an outlet that will result in no-one being harmed, rather than bottling it up, right?

I don’t get how counting works either. Because when I get angry, I get impatient, so I really don’t know how I would be able to count sloooowly when I just want to throw things out the window. But hey, each to his/her own, I guess :).

Uni seems so hard to get back into this year. I’m stressed out like you wouldn’t believe too D:. Seriously, I’ve been back two weeks and I feel like I’m drowning already. Lucky you! Having 3 subjects. I have 5 and I’m not really sure I can do this :(.

Yeah, one of the things that I really don’t enjoy about uni is that you can’t do what you want because coursework is forever getting in the way. I don’t know how you find time to blog and stuff and write stuff for your novel, because all I seem to be doing is playing piano, exercising and reading uni-related material. It sucks, huh?

Oh no, your iphone :(. I am still mentally cursing that stupid thief who stole it from you /angry. Don’t worry, you have a replacement phone, so no rush to pick a new one :). You can wait until really good ones come out? idk D:.

What little things I worry about. Let’s see… I worry about not getting up on time and not being able to fit my exercising regime in, not finishing my readings on time, being late to class, missing the bus…Hahaha, really stupid things, huh?

Don’t worry, Georgie! You’re not alone, somewhere, someone will be stressing about the same things you are. And besides, you know me :P. I stress about way too many stupid things. I think we BOTH just have to calm down and not stress so much, but it’s hard *sigh*.


Definitely better than bottling it up. We’ve seen what bottling up can do, and it’s not pretty. :( I don’t know why it’s discouraged though, when some people just need to let anger out in a certain way, and we all have different ways of doing so. I don’t see how counting works but it does work for some people when they are trying to sleep.

You’ve been in the dumps for longer than me! It hasn’t even been a week for me. But it’s crazy how the stress just explodes. I think the weekend should give us both a good break. :) Suddenly all the time is gone… the other day I did my chores and exercised and read, and it’s like everything was gone! La la la…


I do not see how punching pillows makes you more violent, pretty sure that’s not true. If that is your way of dealing with anger and stress, go right ahead.

I can totally relate to this post by the way. I don’t know if it is stress or not, but I get annoyed with people a LOT. And then they can really get my blood pressure rising. For example when I am on the train and someone is ticking away on the table or moving their leg back and forth for 20 minutes straight I get VERY, VERY annoyed and then I get angry, want to kill the person. It is hard for me at that moment to stay calm, I try to look away or think about other things. Counting to 5, 10 or 20, or a thousand does not work for me! I wish!!

Most of the time when I get angry, I try to find some distraction in things that make me happy, read a book, listen to music or do whatever else.

Oh I am a violent person too. i shout at people. I hit them, not too hard, just a punch i guess? or something like that. Most of the time I just hit the walls too. Then my hands would hurt and i would forget all about it Lol.

punching pillows sounds like a good idea to do when you stress. i bite my nails when i stress or if im really angry i hit my wall or table and then regret it afterwards when it hurts.

i know how it feels when you get home and u still have to do school work, i had to do that everyday so i didnt fall behind cause i cant do a deadline the night before its just impossible for me.
now that im working i have to go to bed at 8:00pm in order to get enough sleep to keep me awake for the next day.

i dont know my march goals to be honest besides do my job as best i can do it and make people happy with my work. maybe make more friends.

how was james’s birthday? the other day

oh gosh, I stress about everything. Bryan drives me crazy because he pays the mortgage just in time so we don’t have to pay the late fee. It’s due on the first, it should be paid on the first!

school was really bad for me. Too many things to stress about. I was constantly overwhelmed. God help me when we have a baby.

I cry. That’s how my body deals with stress, I cry. I’m sleepy, I cry, I’m hungry, I cry, I’m in pain, I cry, I’m just a big baby.

Exercise helps a lot. I scream into a pillow sometimes. I’ve been known to throw things too, lol.

I cry quite a lot… but usually it’s because I’m upset or emotional. If I’m stressed out I tend to be more “angry” without being physically violent. When I get that sensation to cry and I’m stressed, I try to fight it off. If I’m upset, or sad, then I will just let it all out. I feel like I’m weak if I cry just because things are stressing me out.

I had a stress ball, until Odie found it…then it turned into confetti. lol. I don’t understand the counting thing either. Counting would never make me feel any better about things. When I’ve stressed I turn to one of my two main loves: writing or music. Lately though writing has been the one thing I’ve been working on the most – things are just nuts and I don’t want to deal. Getting back on a “normal” schedule has always been so hard for me. It took me a week to get back into a normal sleep pattern after that concert and next Friday I’ll be back on a weird sleep pattern once again. Right night my main stress is getting these musician interviews finished then sending the Q&A to be written into an article…and the big photo shoot is creeping up which is stressing me out – making my skin totally break out. :( I think these days the number one stress issue is money and mostly lack of, and that just makes me sad. I wish everyone could be on an even playing field and have what the next person has. I know that a fairytale like that will never come true.

Awe. Yea, I know what you mean! This week has been just super busy. It’s like “we have just returned from February break, now it’s time to make up for lost time!”
Among other things, my life is just a gulf of activities and events all demanding the utmost of my attention!

I’m not the best, I think when it comes to dealing with stress. If anything, my procrastination just makes me more stressed in the end, although it helps calming me at that particular moment. Like right now, I SHOULD be finishing up Calc. But instead, I’m surfing the web and doing minor updates, just to get my mind off my schoolwork. Good thing? I guess there is always a healthy balance between relaxation and high tension. XD

I don’t understand how throwing pillows would make you a violent person? o___O I mean, releasing that anger surely would calm you down rather than making you violent? Hm.

When I was in primary school, I would get into a lot of fights. I was told I should walk away and count to 10. Personally, that never worked for me. I guess it works for some but not others. In high school, I would punch lockers or walls or I would even cut my arms. Yeah, that’s not the best way, but it helped with getting my anger out. I got caught cutting my arm and got sent to counselling, pffft.

Nowadays, I have less to get stressed about (no school work etc), well, there’s my health but I just learn to deal with that and have a good cry now and again. I find that helps, or listening to my beloved Breaking Benjamin. ♥

I don’t think it’s a good idea to fight the stress though. It will just keep bottling up until you explode. I think the best way is to let it out, bit by bit.

I stress out over stupid/simple things all the time. Some people can just handle more than others, I guess. Like Caity said, breathing exercises could work? Or maybe you could take up yoga or something like that? :P

You’re not alone, I’m sure there are tons of people out there stressing about the same things!

I hope things settle down and you become less stressed. *hugs*

(My comment is a bit all over the place and lots of typos, sorry haha.)

Stress is horrible. It likes to poke around and make fun of us for trying to handle it. Then it runs off when we actually can. I tend to stress about the most mundane things, which isn’t very good. It’s even worse when I’m already having a bad day. When I’m stressed I just kind of cry, it’s probably not the healthiest but for whatever reason it works the best for me. I also like talking it out with my mentor, but not everyone has a mentor as awesome as mine. XD But maybe you could try talking it out with your boyfriend? Just a suggestion.

How many classes are you taking this semester? I’m taking eighteen credits (six classes) and working about 15 hours a week. It’s pretty stressful. Fortunately, I haven’t had to worry about money too much lately, but I did right after the semester started. I saved $200 a paycheck every paycheck during winter break and managed to save about $1400. It was difficult because gas sucked up most of what money I had left after taking out $200. I really couldn’t buy anything I wanted, go out to eat when I felt like it, or even see a movie. I just stayed at home browsing the internet, or I went to work. $450 of what I saved went to textbooks and the rest went to tuition. The money I had saved was gone in three days, just two transactions. I was in shock after buying my textbooks. On that same day, I had to get my oil changed, $40, renew my registration, $70, and they told me my car needed a new battery, which I still have not replaced. After hearing that, I actually started crying right there in the parking lot. I knew I didn’t have enough money to cover everything and I’d have put money on my credit card that I had been working so hard to pay off.

When I was in high school, I used to get really stressed out. School wasn’t so hard, although we had a lot of homework, but my sister stressed me out. She was the kind of girl who drank and smoke, went to parties every weekend, etc, etc. Because we were so close in age, she would hang out with my classmates and then they would tell me about these parties where so and so were having unprotected sex or whatever. I wanted to protect her, so trying to do something for her, but not being able to, used to make me really angry. I would punch the wall, scream at the top of my lungs for as long as I could, until my face turned red, beat my pillow violently at my bed, whatever. Anything that would let me just completely wear myself out to the point where I didn’t feel like I had any energy left. Something about throwing things really relieves stress for me, though throwing things isn’t really something you can do just anywhere or with just anything, haha.

I’m taking three, but I know each course is different. I’m not sure about credits but my subjects are worth a large amount. I have to attend classes during the winter break – I think that because it’s my final year, the workload is just so much bigger.

Textbooks are ridiculously expensive. I’ve only ever had to buy one so far, thankfully, since a lot of the books we’re required to read are available at the library, but that textbook was $70 or so. It was just really expensive to me.

Haha yea maybe, when I was writing that blog, I felt like I’ve mentioned it before, but I thought I’ll mention our weekends again since other people all around the world find it interesting. :P

Ahh, the president in Lybia is mental, no joke. I’ve heard that’s he’s officially not so sane, that’s why they can’t sue him right away for ordering people to kill the protesters who are against him and whatnot.

Yea, sucks that I’ve found several nice shops online but they don’t ship to Egypt. :( But then there’s other websites like Forever21 or Asos, and they ship worldwide. :D But I just need the money, hehe.

Awww, I hope everything goes well for you in university. :( Actually, I didn’t go to school this whole week because it’s not so safe for us to go out like before. Everyday we hear of people, especially girls, being kidnapped. We also heard that a group of thugs attacked a school bus and forced the driver to give them his phone and money. It’s so scary. :(

Seems like you’re extremely stressed out since you went back to uni. :( Cheer up and don’t let the little things aggravate you so much. I get stressed out quiet a lot, and it doesn’t help that I have a mom who stresses things more than necessary. I usually write to ease out some of the anger inside me, I heard it’s healthier than blocking it in. Sometimes, or most of the time, I don’t like giving people too much information about my feelings, it’s hard to express my feelings to people, even my best friend, sister, or mother. But I write down in my personal journal and let out everything, or most of it.

I hope everything eases out for you, and I know it can seem stressful especially at this time while you’re waiting for a job reply & you have projects and classes and whatnot, but maybe if you set goals for yourself, like you already did, you will feel much more accomplished and the stress will be relieved soon. :)