Time can be rewritten

Just a sort-of PSA – Two of my blogging buddies (and real-life friends) are back with a bang (okay, I exaggerated). James and Sebastian, hello hello. So yes – just what you guys were after in terms of undeniable voyeurism – male bloggers: big, bad, and in your RSS feed.

Moving on, I’m just wondering… what do people do when they want to unwind? I know I wrote about ways of dealing with stress, but I just spent most of my day watching (and finishing) the fifth series of Doctor Who. It has left me quite dazed and I wonder if people feel the same way.

Of course, there are errands I have left for – not really the last minute, but which are now delayed due to my excessive unwinding. Let me start from the beginning. I thought that this morning it would be a good idea to not really bother getting out of bed and to just watch Doctor Who. In bed. At least until my mum got to work.

My plan wasn’t really quite a ‘plan’. But let me say that I had a mental list of things to do. Sitting, in my head, waiting for things to be crossed off.

Eventually, after watching an episode, I made my way out of my room to eat breakfast, at which point in time my mum had written a shopping list for my dad.

  • bread
  • milk
  • lettuce

It bore no importance to me; all I knew was that as I reached into the fridge to find bread to make a Vegemite sandwich – only to find there was no bread left. See, now this changes everything.

As I looked at the list I knew that I had this own little list in my head, but it was ignored for most of the day.

“Oh, just one more episode…” eventually turned into about half the series. Why must I be sucked into things like this? I’m sure that once someone watches something or gets momentarily distracted, they easily get sucked in. I’m also sure that if you’re a bit like me, you will watch a movie or watch something, anything, and feel that suddenly, you’re inside the movie.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day doing chores, running back and forth sorting out university things and actually getting ahead on my readings. I’m being a good girl. I don’t want to fall behind. Yet instead of falling behind in my studies (which could be fatal), I fall behind and get a backlog of emails and comments and other little tasks (Penny, I haven’t forgotten about you!). Since yesterday was a rather tiring effort, I wanted to take advantage of the break in the middle of the week that today essentially was. Forgive me for watching Doctor Who? Unless other Whovians wish to applaud me instead.

So, not everything can be pleased. Not everything goes to plan, and I’ve learned from the monthly goals I’ve been doing so far this year that it does not matter if you fail a task or you don’t complete it. You should reward yourself for the effort. I endlessly quote Mark Tredinnick as I did in my time management article: have a plan, don’t stick to it. It’s okay to have a plan and to fall out. You’re just discovering what needs to be done by writing it.

I guess I’ll admit to falling into a trap of being sucked into something I clearly shouldn’t have been sucked into. As I look at my fresh list that was intended for the 3rd March 2011, I realise that it isn’t all done, but nothing is wrong with putting those on a new list, or erasing the date and writing that of tomorrow’s. While my eyes glaze over such a simple list, I remember the other mental list I had in my head for the 4th March 2011: buy an A3 sketchbook.

In my mind, the two lists merge into a new one, dated 4th-6th March, in order of priority.

No, time cannot be rewritten, like the Doctor said, but time can be written. I don’t know tomorrow. But I can write my tomorrow just like everyone can write theirs.

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Woot! You finished watching Series 5! I’m glad you loved it. I was a bit nervous about your thoughts on it. I knew you liked Christopher and David as the Doctor, but I didn’t know if you would like Matt and Series 5. But you do! So it’s all good. =3

Whenever I get into something new, it’s more like me diving into it than getting sucked in. I remember I watched Series 1 and 2 at least twice without stopping when I first got them, and the same goes for Sherlock (although I did stop to work on assignments between episodes of Sherlock…)

First impressions are always wrong. Should never go by them in real life or in anything virtual or fictional – for yes, I love season 5. Every Doctor’s different! I love all three I’ve seen so far. :D

I remember that when I got The Big Bang Theory I watched nearly a whole season all the way through without any breaks. This shit gets addictive, man. XD

o0o0o0o0o boy bloggers! must check out their blogs! lol

I am that way with all my seasons too! I watched 6 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in less than a month… it’s so crazy! Again, my excuse is that I have nothing else to do because I’m not working anymore and using pregnancy as an excuse lol I’ve actually never seen an episode of Doctor Who, I’m kind of interested to see if I’d like it.

The thing I absolutely love about Doctor Who is that it is a combination of everything. It’s generally science fiction, which I love – but there are elements of it that make you question humanity, that make you cry because you can really relate… it has a bit of love and close friendship in there, as well as humour and a lot of action, not to mention it gets a bit scary at times (if not suspenseful). It’s definitely the most versatile show I have ever watched. Other shows don’t really get that geeky, sweet, action-packed and funny in one go. /bounce

Hi there (:

I’m in need of some help, and some people have said to come to you :’)

I’ve had a Domain for five months now, but it still isn’t open. I’ve been trying to open it for some time, but things keep messing up and such. I changed servers a few weeks ago, and now I want to re-add my back-ups to my new server, but I don’t know how. I tried using FileZilla but the transfer time limit always runs out before all the files can be uploaded : The only other way I know that I can upload my back-ups is through cPanel, but I don’t know how to do/use that. I was wondering if you could help me out with re-adding my back-ups? (: If so, that would be much appreciated!


This is my personal blog, not a discussion forum or a place to ask for help. In future please don’t leave such comments and completely ignore my entries. That is very rude.

cPanel’s backups feature simply requires you to download a backup of your Home Directory and databases and upload them to a new cPanel.

I see James is blogging again. o.O I love the picture of the puppy in his header! xD It’s a Pomeranian, right? ♥

I’m not good at having “plans”. I’m better at going with the flow of things, because where I live something always comes up. If I had a list of plans and things to do, I would have to be constantly changing it, which would add more stress I don’t need. :(

But your last line is so true – you can write your own tomorrow. ^^

The five words did have something to do with each other. They were all things I saw inside my house that day. Maybe not the literal object, but for the most part…

It’s weird and interesting to me how prices and various things like that can change from place to place. Or maybe there is a place, somewhere in the USA, that has buffets at that price. I know the farther North you go in this country, the more expensive things are. It may just have to do with the people that live in the states and whatnot that determine the prices of things? Maybe the restaraunts base their prices on what the majority can afford, because now that I think about it, there are a few cities that have restaurants that are extremely expensive to me, but not to the people who live there. There’s a city that won’t allow fast food places because of the “majority rule” or whatever it was. It was on the news last year. /oh

I believe that trust is one of the most important things when it comes to applying for/buying hosting for your website. I mean, if you can’t trust your host/don’t know them that well, then how are you going to feel safe being hosted by them?

I’ve never watched Dr Who before, although people keep telling me it’s really good. I’m not a huge sci-fi nut though. I love being a couch potato though to unwind, I have to admit I watch really bad trashy t.v shows when I need to unwind. Stress balls don’t help but you’re right you can never find it when you need it!!

You’re so lucky your mum can do your hair/make up! :) my mother never let me do make up or dye my hair when I was young. You should definitely change your hair colour, you’re young might as well do all the crazy living now.

As a fellow Whovian, I do applaud you. I know how getting sucked in goes. I downloaded all the series for Are You Afraid of the Dark? a few months ago, and just spent one Sunday afternoon going through the entire first season. It’s a horrible 90’s show, but it’s a guilty pleasure.

I totally understand the need to just unwind. On days where I have so much homework that I spend my entire free hour just working through stuff and still have to take things home, the first thing I do when I get home is ignore homework. Bad habit, sure. But just spending an entire hour straight working on stuff makes my head go all wonky. Like my mind doesn’t know how to deal with it.

I’ve never used to-do lists before, but I’m thinking about kind of starting to implement those into my life. Especially for next year…

The problem with myself is that, I make a plan and I really do not stick with it, and then I do something else, and so I fail. Hahah. Well you have a point there. I should keep that in mind as well!
Also, welcome back to your 2 close friends! :D

D: I like male bloggers– the ones who make sense :P! Most of the stuff my cousin blog is a sentence of his life atm. :O! I guess thats cool. :P

Dang it! When you just mentioned about Dr. Who, it reminded me about the song we play, Dr. Who :P I always played the song a bit flawed because of that dang C#! D: (Some rhythm miscalculation) Dr. Who sounds like an awesome show :P!

Heyy, things happens when we get stressed and so :/. Don`t worry~ You`ll get the things down! We have our days.. When we`re just out of it. Like how I just skipped school last friday -___- Even though I had the flu, I was out of it. -__-. But I managed to get out of bed by 9 and whined to my mom, pointing at my computer. “I WANNA PLAY WARCRAFT!”

I think thats cute about how your mom left a shopping list for your dad :P! Usually my mom would call my dad to tell him what to buy. :O

You watching Dr. Who is like me watching Law and Order: SVU. D:! “JUST ONE MOAR!”

Good job on trying to stay in day with school :P! Theres nothing worse than being.. Lazy like myself P: and not productive :o. I hate it when I am behind in comments -__-. But I try to keep up with comments P: Thats the “business” in blogging :D!

Time management.. I have poor time management. The only time I`m good at it is when I have to go somewhere. I take a shower 40 minutes before, get dressed, wait a couple of minutes and bam, I`m gone. :O! When I have nothing to do, I`m like… Blanked :P

As long as you get what you want done in the future, it shouldn`t matter as much! :)!

PS. As I was filling out the name/e-mail/website, my peripheral vision caught the comment about some comment being rude :O! I love your mentality. :) Sometimes, I want to just point that out to people. -___-. But I`m hesitant D: Keep it up (:

I think I will die in doing reviews. If I`m behind in comments, I`ll be behind in reviews. D:! But I`ll try to manage it all D:!

I am usually scared about if I`m going to be accepted to fanlistings or not. :/. If I see that I`m supposed to link before joining, I`ll just do it. :O If not, procrastination ftw D:!

I like how teachers warn us about responsibility. D: But most of us don`t take it serious :O! I know.. I`ll die in college. D: Because I`m like.. Always procrastinating! I gotta stop my bad habits :P! But missing a day = bad D:! Especially in the academic classes! D:!

I love writing on mobile smartphones :)! What I hate is.. The risk of someone “borrowing” your phone and looking through your stuff. I don`t even understand why people like to snoop through your stuff. :/. I know for sure, I hate snooping through people`s phones. I do not care what they text about or take pictures. -___-

I always like to read your posts :P. Its like you have the magic… Attraction for everyone because I always read blogs and people mention about you :P And how awesome/cool you are :P

I love big monitors~ Ooh. Those oldschool brick monitors :P! I wanted to use my TV as a monitor. -___-. My mom got mad because I already have a monitor to begin with D:! (Plus having a big monitor = needs more ram? :O)

What I know is that when you blog more and comment more, you`re working on your… Skills.. That helps you improve yourself. The more you comment on others, the faster you get at it. Thats my theory. I`m not sure if its plausible. At the most, comparing 2 years ago and now, I didn`t even bother replying to comments. And now, I try. :P

Ah, stress. I’m no stranger to it; and I’ve always wanted to know what to do about it! I’ve read from some of your blog posts that you like squeezing stress balls, and I’ve always been curious as to whether that really helps. At times when I can’t handle the stress I throw myself onto my bed and sob uncontrollably until there are no more tears to be cried; I always feel relieved afterward (as a consequence, however, I start looking more Chinese than I already do). Most of the time I just go on the internet and write, post meaningful statuses on facebook, or shut myself off from the world and lose myself in music. Eating used to be of help, though lately I realized it just stresses me out more due to the ever-present worry of gaining weight.

There’s always so much to be done, eh? It’s amazing how you can manage your time so excellently using lists. Countless times I’ve tried going by the same method only to end up having wasted a huge fraction of my day on the making of the list itself.

I really hope you manage to finish all the tasks you’re up for, Georgina. :D

Well excuse me. How was I meant to know that this was just a blog site? Someone told me to come to you, so I did. Jeez, don’t even bother. I’ll ask someone nicer o.O

This is a blog. If you had read the content of the homepage you would realise that the ‘comments’ link is for commenting on a blog post which I personally wrote. The commenting guidelines clearly state “Comments related to the blog post are appreciated, rather than messages simply commenting on the website”. I asked you to, in future, to please not comment like this again. You could simply have emailed me and quickly apologised instead of trying to defend yourself when you were clearly in the wrong. Hinting that I am not nice doesn’t help the situation at all.

Hi Georgie!

What’s with the person asking for help on your blog?! “How was I supposed to know this was just a blog site?” REALLY?! What does it LOOK like?! Does it LOOK like it’s got a giant “ASK ME” dialogue box on it, anywhere? How does this place NOT look like a blog site? I don’t get it. Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?! And at least you bothered to answer her and give her a concise answer. It’s totally rude of her to comment back. Just apologise if you’re in the wrong ==. *Rolls eyes*.

Yay for Seb and James blogging again :). I’ll have to read their blogs another time. I’m struggling to keep up with YOUR blog atm :(. TOO MUCH UNI WORK!

I have the most retarded way of unwinding. I lie on my bed and stare into space. Time-wasting, but VERY relaxing :P. Hahahaha, either that or I randomly surf the internet XD.

Watching Doctor Who sounds like a perfectly fun way of unwinding :P. But hahahaha, looks like it got a little too addictive XD.

Hahahaha! You can never win, can you? You read ahead uni-work wise, yet you fall behind comment-wise and what not. But at least you had a productive day :).

EXACTLY! There is NOTHING wrong with re-doing a to-do list, or changing the date! Hahahahaha :P. I do it ALL the time. What matters is that all that’s supposed to end up finished EVENTUALLY ends up finished :).

I totally agree. The person above is really rude. And saying “ill ask someone nicer” is just showing how much of a B**** she is. Okay. Ill stop now. :))

So I dont really know the guys you mentioned in your opening paragraph but I’ll take a look at their blogs too, maybe tomorrow or on Sunday! *So many to read so lil time* ;

And what I do when I unwind is SLEEP. Haha. I usually sleep at around 4 in the morning then I wake up at 9 cause I have a class. So I lack sleep so much. If not, I also watch a lot of Korean Movies. I’m not Korean but I’m Asian so there is much of those kinds of movies here. They make me cry a lot and I also cant stop myself from watching the episodes one after the other.

Ill be graduating in college in March 26. Yey Im so excited. And like you, I have lots of things to do. And sometimes I wish I could stop and rest but I cant. So at times like this, I have some vacant time, I usually blog. Then later, I work to beat deadlines again. ;-)

was here with http://sassychiq.info/

wow.. it’s nice to know your 2 buddys are back to blogging..i’mma drop their blogs a visit after posting this comment Georgie.. :D good for you, you had to do some chores as for me.. my mom would always scold me for just sitting in front of the laptop for almost 12 hours and would only leave the seat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. hahahaha.. I haven’t done my chores since last month! gah! hahahahaha.. :))

Haha Rhea! You’re luckier than me. I’ve been doing chores for years now… at least a bit, every day. My mum scolds me for spending nearly all my days on the computer, even as soon as I get home from class. She definitely makes a point about how I only leave my room to eat and shower… Oops. :P

Hey hey, how have you been? Haha, I had a quick skim of your blog archives and I feel we have a lot to catch up on. :P Can I just say :O :O :O YOU MET BEN JORGENSEN!

I know what you mean, it’s easy to get caught up in a series/film/film series. I love having days like that but I always end up feeling really lazy from sitting around all day and I have to go for a run in the woods or something so I feel a bit better. XD

Is series five the most recent one? I never used to watch Doctor Who but I watched the new series and I love the new doctor. Matt Smith I think his name is? There’s just something really funny about him, he’s a lot less serious than David Tennant was.

Hope you’ve been good. And have I missed anything huge? I feel so out of the loop. :P

When I read the first line of your blog; I thought you were going to plug me. Damn LOL. I can’t remember anyone’s sites, and I think everyone has forgotten about me. Hardly surprising though. :P

Yay for James blogging again though. ;D

My way of unwinding it quite boring to be honest, something I’ll do on a daily basis. I’ll just lay on my bed and listen to music.

I’ve never been able to get into Doctor Who; not really sure why. :( I was really into Lost until the 4th series (it got really weird after that :(), I watched series 1-3 over one weekend. It was great!

That really is a great way for you to unwind though, just shut everything else away and just relax and do something you enjoy. Screw the emails and comments. :P

Eh, things like Doctor Who were made for us to be sucked into. You’re only human!

Awwww thank you. :B I weren’t really sure how people would react to my layout, I started to hate it a few days before I opened. I thought it would blind people. :D

I drink things like juice that you have to mix with water, I don’t know if that counts though? LOL. I’m not fond of water, never have been. I’ve been drinking 2 or 3 glasses since the 1st March though. XD

YAY. I need to be healthier though, I eat so much junk. o__O

“But I think that I’ve been rewarding myself by watching Doctor Who.” Kind of fits into the theme of your blog, heh.

I don’t think you overreact, I just think some people can tolerate things more than others. (That made no sense). Everyone is different. Example: I get annoyed and snap if I keep typing something wrong. Someone else might just laugh about it and keep trying.

Letting it all out is the best way to do it. ♥

Not sure how you’re doing your comments these days; but you don’t need to reply to this one. Unless there’s anything you want to reply to. :P

I’ll be sure to leave a comment on both of their sites after this comment. /eee

I totally know what you mean, I always get sucked in watching anime or an asian drama. I always say to myself “just one more episode…” but i end up finishing a whole 24+ episodes in a day. Yeah, strange. But I can’t help myself. XD

Aww! Good luck! I know you’ll get back on track again and make things go accurding to plan again. :) I do hate it when things dont go as I plan, it sucks and I get so fustrated about it.


I can relate to you. I know what it feels like to have a show you cannot stop watching. It’s really hard to get out of it, especially since you are anticipating what happens next. But, unfortunately work is work, and if it is left unfinished, we’re the ones who suffer. :P For my unwinding days, I take out my iPod Touch, lie in bed, watch shows/movies/youtube videos I download on there. It’s really quite sad, because I don’t feel like getting out of bed after. And it gets you really tired.

But, at least yesterday was a productive day for you, which is great and I hope tomorrow is just as productive for you! :)

Yes, I see the problem now. I didn’t tick the “now” button. That was the problem with the fanupdate timings on my site. Thanks for the help! (:

I usually eat, sleep or pull out some Batman to unwind. Intead of Doctor Who I would watch Star Trek. I definitely would get pulled in to that.
When I’m faced with, “I have a list of things to do and I don’t want to do them.” I have the thought I need to train myself. So usually I’ll pace my break times. After I do this I’ll watch one episode or even better half of one, then I’ll get the stuff done quicker just to come back and finish.
I’ve also noticed how when I’m not going as slow as I can I can still go faster. I’m like “So you mean that’s not the best I can do?”
I hope you can get everything done. Just think if I don’t do it they will invent greater forms of AI and then we will all be done in for. XD

Hey Georgie!!! Sorry, it’s taken me two days to get back to you, but I actually spent the night TWICE at Andrew’s!! Yep, I did. Him and his dad loved the dinner I made them. His dad used the leftover sauce on the chicken for breakfast. :D . Yup yup :D. They loved it a lot. And after that I made them cookies! It was gone with the wind lol. But yeah they loved it. Last night I was actually supposed to go home, but Andrew was really sweating and to me he seemed like he was running a bit of a fever, after drinking sake and than a glass of wine. But I cooled him down, and I think his dad appreciated that so he let me stay the night after that. I also made him eat ice cream after he wanted some and than I had fed it to him cause he was so hot I felt bad for him. His dad made him their recipe that prevents you from getting drunk. But yeah, he felt better after that. We kinda got yelled at this morning by his dad though, but it’s all good. He was on a time schedule and I guess we over looked it or something. But it’s okay. I just won’t spend the night on Thursday. But yeah, I stole your recipe of the strawberry-mango-banana-orange juice recipe and kinda turned it into my own. I instead put strawberry wine cooler instead of orange juice haha! But since the fruit mixed it so well; you couldn’t really taste the wine cooler. :D .

Anyway, if you were bored and had nothing to do but to watch Dr. Who, and that is your favorite series than you have every right to watch it. With out any hassle! But yeah that stinks you can’t get a corkboard! Can you try and at least buy one with your own money that you make from freelancing or is that money going to college?

Welcome back Sebastian and James! I can’t wait to read your guys’ blogs again! You have been absent for so long! :( . As far as the premiere goes we had an awesome time! I met his friend Steve, and now we’re friends on Fb, haha! My sister Olivia and Andrew are also friends on fb lol. He told me last night. I was like surprised :O x10!! lol. I didn’t know she requested for him to be her friend. Haha. Anyway, yeah, it was quite interesting. And now I’m really thinking about getting twitter back. But I dunno yet.

Heehee; well; Andrew gave me his mom’s gift to me the night before and he said he chooses me to be his girlfriend+partner. I was like awwww. Heehee. But yeah, I haven’t taken it off since Wednesday night. I was kinda out of it when I was opening it up because I hadn’t taken my medications yet, but I was so shocked and it’s really pretty. It was his mom’s and she gave it to him to give to me on a special occasion and his dad said that Wednesday night was a special occasion cause I cooked :D . So yeah; I will definitely try the baked trout recipe I will definitely write it down. But yeah. It was all good. I hope my dad will let me take Andrew with us to the Meat loaf concert on the 25th of this month! I’m sure he will. I just need to patiently and ask again when the timing is right ya know? Well; girly I gotta get going.

To unwind I just generally enjoy peace and quiet, so I may just lie in bed and think or just stop listening to music, even for just 5 minutes. Music often helps me concentrate but I feel so relaxed when I just stop listening and relax.

When I’m watching a DVD of a TV series, I have to watch the whole disc else I forget where I’m up to, when I finish the disc I know that next time I watch it I’ll know where to resume it from. But sometimes, I just need to know what happens next, even if I’ve already seen it a thousand times. Like you, I just get sucked into it.

Sometimes dwelling on what you have to do will make you less likely to want to do it. Writing lists are good so you know what you have to do, but unless it’s absolutely compulsory, like a piece of work that needs to be completed, there need not a be an official deadline. I write to do lists all the time but I tend not to date them any more, because I think about how much I HAVE to do the things on it by this date, then I feel like I don’t want to do it. I tend to just get things done in my own time now, which is probably while I’m falling behind with school work. I always get it done in the end though.

i wanna watch what you watched..Doctor Who? I gotta get some of that lol it sounds so interesting..your post was so interesting lol

Bread…it never was an importance to me..until there’s no bread in the fridge or on the counter…but when I buy bread…i don’t touch and it goes bad :(

How do I unwind? I sleep, eat…watch stuff on hulu or read.

eehh..what’s with the random comment above O_o;

Ooooo two more people that I can stalk on the Internet! Muehehehehehehehe…

Personally, I love being ahead on my work and goals. I actually feel like I’m behind if I’m not ahead. But you’re right, let the failures go, but remember them and move on.

I used to have really big problems managing my time. I would have such a good motivation to do something but then I would get sucked into something I shouldn’t be doing. The past months though, my good grades at University really motivated me more to do what I am supposed to do. I notice that studying what I should be studying is more interesting than I beforehand thought. That really helps. And thankfully I can study really well with music in the background, else it would get really boring!

I’m hoping you don’t post a new blog whilst I’m typing this haha. I wasn’t busy, I was just eating my lovely fry up haha.

Oh no, don’t be silly, I was only joking. I was trying to be funny you see and it kind of failed. :P You’re right though, there really aren’t many male bloggers. I think I only talk to one male blogger actually, lol.

I never just have music playing in the background. I just love hearing the lyrics and “getting into the song” if you know what I mean. Especially with Breaking Benjamin; even though half their lyrics make no sense, they still mean a lot to me. I usually listen to music to block my sister out, she talks to me so much. :|

I think if I sat there and watched Doctor Who all day one day, maybe I could get into it. I’ve only seen a few episodes though. Oh Lost got really stupid; my sister still watched it but omg, I couldn’t stand it. I usually feel lost when something like X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent ends, haha.

I usually just look at my dashboard anyway. I hope I don’t get bored of it, it did take me a while to get it right. I absolutely love this current layout of yours though; don’t change it yet! :P I used to change my layouts every week in like 2008/09 haha. I couldn’t do that now. :P

I can’t do sit-ups, I actually fail haha. I can’t do push-ups either because of my demented elbow, baha. You must be good to be able to do 100 sit-ups though!

I get really frustrated too. :( Sometimes I find some of the typos I make funny, but most of the time, I just scream. XD

I was going to blog yesterday but I wanted more comments on my current blog haha; only have 12 or so. I’m blogging today though, wee~

Maybe you can pick something out of the episode you watched over and over (like a quote or something) and just ramble about that? :P I’m sure everyone loves your Doctor Who related posts. XD

I can tell Seb likes writing; he blog posts are really interesting, the ones I’ve read anyway. I’m too lazy to comment though haha. I’m not sure why it’s more a girl thing to be honest, maybe we have more patience than them? :P

Ah, sometimes when I’m listening to a favourite song and I’m reading a blog or something, I end up missing my favourite part. That really annoys me, so I play the song over again haha. I always sing along, I usually sing to my sister because she hates it. I can’t sing at all, but you know, it’s fun. xD

I usually get dragged into watching something because of my friends. Like Scrubs; all of my friends watch it and quote it a lot, so I had to start watching it to be “apart” of their conversation. None of my friends watch Doctor Who though. Well, at least you’re hooked on it and not just watching it for the sake of it. :P

I sort of prefer reality television, it’s just normal people like me, doing something great. I don’t really watch a lot of TV though; my sister controls the TV so I rarely get to watch what I want.

I love that your layout is so personal to you. It’s the same with my domain; because it means something to me, I’d never get rid of it. I’ve had dearagony.org for over a year now, wee. I loved your last layout, but I think I love this one more. ♥

My next blog isn’t going to be all that long, it’s mainly just a video. I don’t know, I’ve lost the passion for writing, I think because I stayed away for so long. Oh well, I’ll probably get back into it soon enough. I noticed that too; my ramble blogs always used to get the most comments. Strange that. XD

I try not to watch TV unless I’m exercising. This way, at least I’m doing something productive. I watched the first three seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on my treadmill.
The internet is another story.