Time can be rewritten

Just a sort-of PSA – Two of my blogging buddies (and real-life friends) are back with a bang (okay, I exaggerated). James and Sebastian, hello hello. So yes – just what you guys were after in terms of undeniable voyeurism – male bloggers: big, bad, and in your RSS feed.

Moving on, I’m just wondering… what do people do when they want to unwind? I know I wrote about ways of dealing with stress, but I just spent most of my day watching (and finishing) the fifth series of Doctor Who. It has left me quite dazed and I wonder if people feel the same way.

Of course, there are errands I have left for – not really the last minute, but which are now delayed due to my excessive unwinding. Let me start from the beginning. I thought that this morning it would be a good idea to not really bother getting out of bed and to just watch Doctor Who. In bed. At least until my mum got to work.

My plan wasn’t really quite a ‘plan’. But let me say that I had a mental list of things to do. Sitting, in my head, waiting for things to be crossed off.

Eventually, after watching an episode, I made my way out of my room to eat breakfast, at which point in time my mum had written a shopping list for my dad.

  • bread
  • milk
  • lettuce

It bore no importance to me; all I knew was that as I reached into the fridge to find bread to make a Vegemite sandwich – only to find there was no bread left. See, now this changes everything.

As I looked at the list I knew that I had this own little list in my head, but it was ignored for most of the day.

“Oh, just one more episode…” eventually turned into about half the series. Why must I be sucked into things like this? I’m sure that once someone watches something or gets momentarily distracted, they easily get sucked in. I’m also sure that if you’re a bit like me, you will watch a movie or watch something, anything, and feel that suddenly, you’re inside the movie.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day doing chores, running back and forth sorting out university things and actually getting ahead on my readings. I’m being a good girl. I don’t want to fall behind. Yet instead of falling behind in my studies (which could be fatal), I fall behind and get a backlog of emails and comments and other little tasks (Penny, I haven’t forgotten about you!). Since yesterday was a rather tiring effort, I wanted to take advantage of the break in the middle of the week that today essentially was. Forgive me for watching Doctor Who? Unless other Whovians wish to applaud me instead.

So, not everything can be pleased. Not everything goes to plan, and I’ve learned from the monthly goals I’ve been doing so far this year that it does not matter if you fail a task or you don’t complete it. You should reward yourself for the effort. I endlessly quote Mark Tredinnick as I did in my time management article: have a plan, don’t stick to it. It’s okay to have a plan and to fall out. You’re just discovering what needs to be done by writing it.

I guess I’ll admit to falling into a trap of being sucked into something I clearly shouldn’t have been sucked into. As I look at my fresh list that was intended for the 3rd March 2011, I realise that it isn’t all done, but nothing is wrong with putting those on a new list, or erasing the date and writing that of tomorrow’s. While my eyes glaze over such a simple list, I remember the other mental list I had in my head for the 4th March 2011: buy an A3 sketchbook.

In my mind, the two lists merge into a new one, dated 4th-6th March, in order of priority.

No, time cannot be rewritten, like the Doctor said, but time can be written. I don’t know tomorrow. But I can write my tomorrow just like everyone can write theirs.

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