Happy Hearts Day

Luna gave me the idea of naming this post as such. It’s definitely a nice name, an alternative for Valentine’s.

Eight years ago I liked a guy. He said I smelled like a cat.
Seven years ago I liked a guy. He liked someone else.
Five years ago I liked a guy. I got him a rose and he threw it back in my face. Jerk.
Four years ago I liked a guy. He rejected me.

I don’t know why people let these things get to them. These things are in the past, just let them go. Just because Valentine’s Day reminds you of some crap that happened in the past – do not let them get to you. The past is there for a reason, and why should the fact that you were rejected make you feel so down every time February the 14th rolls around? This is the way I see it – I deserved better than those people who hurt me with regards to love. I deserved better, and got better, and now I have James. ♥️

If I didn’t have James, I still have Lilian, and she’s my best friend. Never had a fight in all of eight years we’ve known each other. In those eight years more than just four incidents occurred in which a guy I liked did not like me back. And Lilian was there for me, and still is. 🌹

It’s a day of love, but it’s not just about a lover or a significant other. It is also about the friends you love, your family, the things you love, and the games you love (yes Dylan, CoD :D).

I haven’t spent a single Valentine’s Day doing something special with James. He comes back from Hong Kong tomorrow, and we’re going to have breakfast together. For those who do have someone, you don’t need a special day to celebrate love. It can be any day. I love the spontaneity when James and I choose a day to go out – be it a random Saturday or an afternoon after university – and just go out to a nice restaurant or to a museum or anything like that. :)

This layout is staying up for Valentine’s day but soon I am changing it; I know it’s been up for nearly six months.

My boss gave me and my friends at work chocolate in the shape of hearts. See; she was incredibly thankful for our hard work and wanted to give us a small gift.

The family car has been playing up again (I am sure Chiui is amused by my car problems all the time), so my dad took it for repairs. They still haven’t found the problem. I had to catch a bus to work. I was waiting for about 20 minutes and it was nearly time for work to start… and the bus did not come.

I started walking instead. Normally it would take 45 minutes, but I ran a little. On the way I bloodied the inside of my foot, near my toe, on some concrete. :( It stung but I went on walking. I put weight on the outside of my foot so that I wouldn’t be putting pressure near the bloody wound. My boss was nice enough to give me a cute bandaid (pictures on my photoblog!) and some antiseptic cream when I finally got to work.

It didn’t take 45 minutes. It took about 15. My friend in high school said I had good endurance. I’m a shitty runner and I’m not fast, but because my endurance is good I can do long-distance running much better.

I was about 15 minutes late to work but my boss didn’t seem to mind. My dad walked to my workplace and walked home with me. He had brought a pair of proper shoes, as I was wearing sandals. :) I got home and discovered the outside of my foot had a blister from all the weight I put on it.

Oh you can’t win. :P

Happy Hearts Day! ♥️

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happy hearts day too. :)
yes, we always cant have it all but there is one thing out there destined to be ours forever. :)

Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day ♥.

Those guys were all jerks. JERKS! RAWR! I’m glad you’re over them, and that you have James now cos he’s MUCH better. Than those JERKS. Did I mention they were JERKS!?

Of course I’m always going to be here for you :). You’re always there for me too :). That’s what best friends are for, right? ♥

I hope you have lots of fun with James tomorrow! Hahaha first time in a MONTH that you’ll see him. How exciting :D. Say hi to him for me :).

Ohhhh! A new layout! I’m so excited :D. This one’s been up for AGES XD. Not that it isn’t awesome and all :P.

Awww, that was nice of your boss, to give you chocolate…and a bandaid…and anticeptic XD. Especially such a cute bandaid. God, buses are so stupid. They’re especially stupid when they don’t turn up *angry*. Remember that time I had to walk to the train station and catch a train to central and then another one to Seven Hills cos the bus didn’t show up and NIGHT TIME? Stupid bus.

That IS ironic. You shift your weight when walking to avoid pain to one side of your foot, and you end up injuring another part. Poor you :(. I hope your foot gets better soon! And that your car gets fixed soon. Having no car is so inconvenient :(.

Happy Valentines day, hope you have a lovely time with James.
I just got Roses and presents V day lol.

I am sorry about your car, I hate the bus they never come on time for me too :@ .

Yes blister are a bitch lol, I had around 4 big ones on my foot because of flip flops. I am was scarred so much, they actually led to verrucas :( but I got rid of those thank god, took years though.

my hate for valentines day goes far beyond rejection.
Valentines day 1996: I spent the entire day in the nurse’s office because my doctor forgot to send a note saying I was allowed back at school
valentines day 1997: I had a terrible cold and I was forced to go home sick
I think it was 1999 when I was sick and had my period on valentines day.
I was miserably single in middle school and HS while everyone around me got little cute roses that people bought them as part of some fundraiser.
in 2005 I received a gift from my creepy stalker. I actually enjoyed the gift, but the stalker thing was no fun.
Finally, in 2007 I had bryan on valentines day and it snowed and I didn’t get to see him.
Last year I sprained my wrist.
This year my grandpa died, I got a flat tire and Bryan’s sick.

It’s not my favorite holiday

:love: I wrote a novel a few years ago about a girl who was cursed every Valentine’s Day; something bad would happen to her each and every year. I’m sorry that it’s a holiday you despise! I wouldn’t even call it a holiday. But not everyone celebrates it and that’s okay; if it’s riddled with some horrid memories, you and Bryan can always spend time together on other days. It never has to be Valentine’s Day. :)

Happy Hearts Day to you too Georgie!! I agree with Lillian, those guys were just jerks! They just couldn’t accept you for who you are! James did! And I’m glad you stuck with James. :).

I’ve always been so scared to be in a relationship, but now that I am in one with Andrew, it’s not so scary. I’ve always been the reject person in high school never having a date at the dances, or prom or what have you. But that’s in the past. This is the future. I’m so glad to have Pookie Bear, you and everyone else in my life, that it’s worth living for.

I actually did not have any panic attacks last night! My heart kinda hurt a bit, but not by much. I remembered why I always had a fan blowing either on me or pointed somewhere. The soothing noises it made at night, would always soothe me, to the point where I would fall asleep faster, and not have a panic attack. And sure enough it worked! Other than talking to Andrew through text messaging of course, which he wanted to do, even though I told him spend the day with his family. He still wanted to text me. He is so romantic. I couldn’t believe it. I know for a fact that God and Jesus made him to be mine and mine only. I just can feel it ya know? It does not bother me what other people think, I changed my status on fb from single to in a relationship and well; only one perosn had a negative thing to say about that. I mean yeah Andrew and I haven’t met yet, but still there’s that connection and our one week anniversary’s coming up (which he pointed out). But everyone else liked it. And his mom is even thrilled for him. I was shocked. I’m so looking forward to meeting him and his dad tonight but most importantly meeting my love. I just know there’s going to be a connection between us offline like there is online and on the phone ya know?

But yeah, like you I have a very best friend her name is Paula, and we’ve never EVER had a fight. My other best friend did have a fight but it was just a misunderstanding. She told me that she heard my grandma had passed away and she wanted to call and comfort me but she was so scared that I might yell at her, after us fighting so she never did. I thanked her, and I said I wouldn’t have yelled at her. She’s one of my closest friends, we’ve been through it all! But hearing that just made my heart stronger for our friendship and we call each other sister same with Paula and I. So yeah I understand where you’re coming from with Lillian. I’m not gonna update my blog today, maybe after I’m awake longer than I already am, but I’m not really sure. Mainly due to the fact I want to update how Pookiebear’s and my date went and everything ya know? So yeah. Pictures will come as scheduled! :) Happy Hearts Day to you and your loved ones Georgie! I <3 you!!!

Happy Valentines Day to u and James, I bet u can’t wait to see him to give him a great big hug.

With regards to your blog, I’ve never had a boyfriend during the february month and neither a gift on valentine it’s just another day for me.

U and Lilian sound like me and Louise, we have been friends for 11 years and we haven’t had one fight, I think it also has to do with the distance because she lives in the UK and I live in South Africa but no matter what I still love her too bits.

I can’t wait to see your new layout, this one was an awesome one and I never got old over it. I’m not sure when mine will be up because I only have time on weekends and the past weekends have been busy.

That’s very cute and thoughtful of your boss to give u chocolate. What type of chocolate was it? Have u eaten it XD

Hahaha. Thanks, Georgina! ;) Happy Hearts Day to you and James. :D

Rejections, haha. We have lots of them. I have lots of guys who rejected me. But they didn’t know about it, hahaha. Unrequited! /faw But I am glad you’re with James now. GeorginaxJames! (Y) I agree that he’s a lot better than those guys who rejected you.

Yay for Lilian! It’s really rare to find a best friend. In the past, I thought I found one but then something happened, and she drifted away from me and now there’s this wall between us. :|

Have fun on your bonding with James! Welcome back to him! ♥

Oh wow, Valentine’s Day surprise at work. I think it’s cute and really thoughtful that your boss gave you and your co-workers little gifts. You deserve it!!! /cheers ;p

I’m excited for the upcoming layout! CAN’T WAIT. :X

I hope your foot gets better asap! It’s really uncomfortable when you have injury on your foot as you have this necessity to move around. D: Poor little foot, get well soon~ /wah

Wow some guy actually threw a rose in your face? That’s absolutely horrible. :/ What a jerk. You can be cool and think the past is the past and I will be pissed off for you. Haha. Some people are just so rude- they don’t realize that the things they do impact other people.

Hey! :D You’re right, valentine’s day isn’t here to make you upset about your past experiences, but it’s there to help you make new and great memories, and sometimes even remember great things. Even though you love all year long, it’s a day where you can celebrate with the people you love, your parents, friends or mate. :) That’s the way I see it anyways! :D Our French teacher gave us a little chocolate in class, it was so sweet of her! :D And she’s not the nicest teacher of all, but her thought was really appreciated! My grandma went to Hong Kong a few months ago, Beijing and China overall too. :D She really enjoyed it and got to visit some awesome places, when I see her pictures it all looks so awesome! Today I almost slipped quite a few times because there was a large amount of snow covering the ice! Plus I was wearing big boots so I don’t walk really straight! haha! Happy valentine’s day! xx

There’s a fine line there. There are things that I think people are becoming extremely oversensitive & overprotective about, definitely in schools, but there are things that are really hurtful that have become to not seem to be hurtful. I know in my school we have a lot of rules because parents complain. My school has locks on the doors, you can’t leave at all unless you have a pass to say you have early dismissal, we can’t get into the library unless we have a pass, we can’t do anything. I’m really sorry to hear about your disorder. & it’s not that easy. Just with eating, people are just like “well just eat.” It doesn’t work like that. The physical part of it is that easy, but the psychological part is so much harder that some people don’t recover.

The ones that look REALLY fake are just disgusting; a wig would look better. But what ever floats there boat, I prefer not to have other people’s hair in my hair, so I just won’t cut mine d:

People we were with in the past get us to the point we are now. Obviously if they’re in the past, they don’t deserve to be in our present or future. I love having random days out where everything is just perfect (: I hope you get your car fixed. I love walking place to place in California, it’s so nice, but I like driving, just seems quicker, haha.

I agree with you. I don’t see why people are upset about this day. It’s just like a regular day. I don’t see why people should feel lonely either and complain they don’t have a boyfriend. A boyfriend isn’t everything, it’s just a part of our life. There’s much more to it like our friends and families and most important of all, ourselves.

Happy hearts day to you too ^^

Hehe those bandaids were really cute :-) And how sweet of him to give you chocolates! ;-P
I didn’t get anything this year, expect from this weekend which was full of kisses of course.
I did give something, though. Never bought anyone a rose! received roses every Valentines in high school though. Never knew from who :-D

Happy Hearts Day to you too! The title reminds me of something that just happened today. My house chooses to celebrate “Bitterness Day” as a joke. We pretend that we’re angry and have fun and eat lots of chocolate. To prank us, another house cut out lots of pink hearts and put them all over our dining hall with lots of “Don’t be Bitter! We love you!” everywhere. :P

Hope that your foot gets better soon!

Seven years ago I liked a guy. He liked someone else.

^ Story of my life. /pow

I usually buy my friends gifts on Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t do anything this year. My mom bought me stuff, though, and my great-aunt sent some chocolate. :)

Ugh, that sucks. I can’t stand blisters…I like this layout, but I’m sure your next one will be even better.

I’m actually not too sure if my new layout is ‘better’… I swear I couldn’t make anything better than this. D: This layout took up a lot of my time in terms of the concept and as simple as it is, I feel like I can’t beat it. The new one is different and it’s just something I was keen on creating and I guess that’s what matters to me most. :)

happy valentines day ♥

Happy Hearts Day! ♥

Ah, I may not have a boyfriend, but my best friend does, and he is so thoughtful, I bet she got the best valentine out of all the girls in school: a box of chocolates, a stuffed chihuahua (Holy crap, I spelled that right on the first try! :D), some headbands, and of course, a really awesome guy! :D

But his Valentine was better. She got him a brownie. One brownie, that he loves because it’s from her. I bet it tasted delicious. ♥

I think there’s just so much pressure on Valentine’s day for people in relationships and singles. I use to get envious of girls who got huge bears/flowers but I’ve realised that being in a couple isn’t about gifts but about love. I think Valentine’s is so commercial! You’re right though, you have 365 days to show love, not just the one day out of the whole year. Hope you have a good brekkie tomorrow with your lovely :)

Aw…. I like Hearts Day too!!! I hate all the hype around Valentine’s Day… I was never really into it before and still not really now that I’m married. Last year (our first v-day together) all we did was go out to dinner… and it was nice :D This year all we did was exchange cards. We were broke this year lol. Also, me having gestational diabetes during this pregnancy kinda limited where we could have gone out to eat!

I’m excited for a new layout! I’ve loved this one, but I’m sure it will be nice to get something new and fresh up, right? :)

Sorry to hear about your foot, but at least your boss wasn’t too upset with you being late. That’s always a good thing!

nice site. visit my site?? thanks, amanda

Poor you! I hope all these guys see hell in their life for you rejecting you like that. 💥 And telling you smelled like a cat?! Jeez how OLD was he! Hahaha, that was so mean though. :(
But it’s really good that you’re positive about everything and you’re not letting the past slow you down. :) Looking to the bright side and being happy with who you’re currently with is always better than dwelling about the past and regretting everything or letting it get to you.
I agree, it’s always nice when you spontaneously go out with your significant other/boyfriend etc, me and my boyfriend usually do that but sometimes it can get annoying when he wakes me up really early and decided we’re going out…NOW. Hahaha, then I have to take a few hours to get ready and whatnot.
I agree, Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be about our significant other, it can be about anyone we love! :)
– HOLY SHIT, you’ve had this layout up for 6 MONTHS?!?! =/ Hahahaa, and I thought having a layout up for a couple of weeks was a long time ahahah. But I never got bored of it though, it feels simple and I can’t really imagine your website in any other way ahaha.
Yaay for your boss being really nice & giving you heart-shaped chocolate. :) That’s so sweet, and especially that your boss was really patient about you being late to work and whatnot. And I hope your foot’s okay. =(

Happy Hearts Day to you too! I agree with you. Sometimes we don’t get what we want and we think that its the end of the world, but its not. It is only later that we figure out that there was a reason we didn’t get that thing or that person.
I am so glad you didn’t let that thing get you down. But that guy threw a rose at your face? How could you even like such a person in the first place. That is so horrible. I am so sorry, sweetie. And it takes a true best friend to stand by you at such times.
Looking forward to the new layout. =]

OMFGODZERRZZZ!!! February 5th?!!! You’re kidding!!! Haha!!! That’s amazing!! Yeah Andrew aka Pookiebear’s and my anniversary started on February 8th, and well; we had a fantastic night last night! We played a round of MIni Golf and of course PookieBear won haha! He cheated a lot more than me and I kept telling him “Show off you’re supposed to let the girl win!!” He smiles devishishly! lol. (I know I butchered that but oh well! :P ). Anyway, I blew him a kiss and he went *catchs eats it* OM nom nom nom lmfao!!! It made me bust up laughing. I ended up giving him a side kiss on the cheek for winning and he’s like “I wanna give you one too” *side cheek kiss*. Lol. At the last hole (Par 18 or whatever it’s called) my dang ball got caught between the wheel and the rug lmfao…A lady told her husband what happened to my ball, and she’s like “Good job!” I blushed and was like giggling and could barely get out a thank you (I was kinda blushing too lol). But yeah, He gave me a rose! Him and his dad met mine when they picked me up, and when he handed me the rose, my dad’s like aww how nice! I was like *blushes and looks at Pookiebear*. lol. After we played mini golf, we got Antonio’s pizza and spaghetti, and his dad and I shared a piece of garlic bread (which was awesome) than we watched the Regular show (which is one of Pookie Bear’s fave shows on Cartoon Network), and than watched Amelie. His dad watched half of it, and let us a lone for a while. Heehee. We kissed for a while, after snuggling heehee. It felt right. It didn’t feel wrong at all. Ya know? Like if I were to have lost my virginity to him, that night or whenever we decide to have sex, I know it’s gonna be right cause he’s my Prince Charming. He’s so dear and precious to me and I to him (he’s always telling me that and I always don’t know what to say after that to try and top it off). Before he calls me he always texts me and asks me if I’m free and I go yeah, and than he calls me and says Hi baby. And I hi Pookiebear (heehee which I got the name off of the Garfield show, cause you know his stuffed animal is named Pookie). But yeah, whenever I call him he always says Hi baby. He’s just so handsome! I swear!!

Haha…yeah, he is Filipino, and he’s just uber sweet, and it makes my heart melt when I was near him and hear his voice. We’re I think planning on seeing each other again sometime this weekend, and we did make it official that we’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend (after he got done kissing me he’s like whispering “it’s great to have you as a girlfriend baby”. I mean when he kisses, oh wow…makes my heart flutter! I just wanna hang on and don’t let go! Ya know? I didn’t want it to end. But I told my dad I’d be back before 3:00 a.m. so I was.

Dang,a whole week? It’s been that long already? Jeez, I hope you get it back though! I know we can get pretty possessive over things, and people, but little things like cell phones (if they’re not expensive ones!) we can always get back (maybe), and if not than we can always get a new one or something ya know? But yeah I feel your pain there.

Well; I had a fall out with my Aunt Wendy, again today and I couldn’t take it anymore and just literally told her “BYE MOTHER F*CKING LISA”, and blocked her. I told Pookiebear what happened, and he said I wouldn’t have blocked her, I would’ve just ignored her email, and cooled off and try to patch things up. It would work if these people were normal but they’re not even my cousin Kaylee said that (and Aunt Wendy’s her own MOM!) we were just talking and she goes “haha! Our moms are something aren’t they? lol” I go hell yeah! lol So she knows their crap. But yeah. It was great to hear from my Cousin again. The last time I heard or even seen her was when I was in the 5th grade and we were at Disneyland for a family reunion. When my Aunt came down here to live again, according to my mom they’ve tried to call me to tell me that cousin Kaylee, cousin Travis, and them were going to California Adventure, and wanted me to go. I never got such a phone call. I heard the phone ring a lot so I just figured it was bill collectors and let the answering machine pick it up. But even then, if they really wanted me to go, they would’ve called and left a message! It’s the only smart thing to do ya know? So anyway, my Cousin Kaylee and I have each other’s back, always have always will cause we’re basically the outcasts of the family. Besides her dad (my uncle) and a few other family members.So yeah.

I chose the best two pictures of me and Pookiebear and they’re up on my blog right now. :). I think I’m gonna use that as a gravatar heehee. Anyway, take care and I’m glad James and Lillian are back in your life!!!! Take care of them!!!