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Over the past few days following the Bob Evans show – and honestly, I insist on calling him Kevin Mitchell because Bob Evans is just a ridiculous pseudonym that people from America tend to laugh at – I’ve been loving his music even more. Doing the old celebrity stalk is not really a part of my daily routine, but you know there are multiple spam lands scattered across the internet where you can ogle over your favourite celebrities in image and moving picture form.1 I adore his music and I’ve just been immersed in it completely lately, to the point where his band Jebediah have made it to my top artists in Last.fm. /love You know how I said my mum grounded me from going to Jebediah when I’d won the tickets?

Well, suck it up baby, because I’m going to see them next Thursday. /bounce I’ve purchased my ticket already and don’t have a friend to accompany me. I’ve asked a few, and if Seb is unable to go, there’s a good chance I’m going alone. That’ll be a new experience, but the only thing I’m worrying about is getting to the station when it’s rather late. I might have to hail a taxi/cab if I miss the latest buses.

Lilian and I hung out in the city yesterday. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too pleasant and we actually encountered a lot of rain along the way. It started raining in the morning and that wasn’t a good outlook for the rest of the day. We spent most of the day indoors anyway, browsing the shops. Mostly the cute shops that sold stationery and notebooks. Lilian bought some post-it notes, after some boys from her class thought it would be funny to waste all her post-it notes writing silly things and sticking them everywhere. I thought only fifth-graders did that…

I spent a long time trying to decide which notebooks to get, but we decided to come back in case I spotted notebooks I liked elsewhere. I am quite bad with notebooks, as I sometimes buy very cute ones I look forward to using but eventually deem too cute to use. This time I promise I’ll use the three notebooks I bought. :P I do look forward to using them and I will use them.

I also managed to buy Christmas presents for my parents. I settled on a home journal with tips and things for my mum, but changed my mind when I found a thermos designed like a paper coffee cup. Unfortunately the bookstore I bought the book from didn’t accept refunds. I might just give it to my mum anyway. I got my dad a huge sudoku puzzle book because he likes those. I just need to wrap the presents. They’re simply hidden under my bed.

We ate at a restaurant called Meeting Point. I’m happy we ate somewhere new because I like eating at new restaurants. That’s another restaurant visited out of 10 – my goal on my 101 in 1001 list is to visit ten new ones. In the past week I’ve also managed to cross off 1) not swearing for a month and 2) having a dinner date with James. Awesome stuff. Lilian and I had the same pork bento box and as usual, we took photos of our food. I know it’s rather pointless to take photos of food as you’re going to eat it anyway, and it’s “just food”, but I love documenting my days.

As per our tradition we got sticker photos in the photo booth and decorated them. The first few times we ever did this, we went crazy with the digital decorations. Now we’ve sort of lost creativity – or maybe it’s just that we think simple is best and we try not to decorate them too much. Hahaha.

Since I didn’t want my family seeing the presents I was carrying, I chose to catch the bus home. It was my only option otherwise. Unfortunately it was not the best option as it was pouring down with rain. I did have an umbrella, but it wasn’t useful. The wind was blowing all the rain in one direction and that was unfortunately towards me. I managed to keep my face from getting wet by holding my umbrella on an angle, but it was not very cool that the rain completely wet my boots and legs. I was wearing tights and my boots were made of leather, but I still got soaked through to the point I felt that horrid squelch in my toes.


  1. Everyone knows I’m just talking about Tumblr, right?

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I would probably pass on a concert if I had to go alone. I would want at least one person to come with me but then a lot of people dont have problems going places alone. I always like to take someone with me everywhere lol Im that type of person. But Georgie, thanx so much for giving me your love on my personal mini story. I know that sometimes you do learn the hard way like I did…I think I have matured so much in the past few years that I just hate it when people talk or behave immaturely in front of me. I find it to be so childish, and my past friends are like wow moni your so uptight now…And then I have nothing to say to them…
I wish I could get a notebook but then I think…hmm should I buy a MACbook or a sony notebook. I am so confused, I have saved up enough to get a new laptop now but now I am totally confused which one to buy. Definitely need one with a awesome graphics card and I do know that MAC is great for designers and artists…
I Wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS and happy new year. Anything special planned? I still have to buy some gifts…It was hectic doing all that shopping…honestly when I went to the mall it looked like a HUGE junkyard …everything was everywhere scattered all over the floors…felt like the shops were giving out things for freee…I felt the prices were the same, no real discounts …ehhh, regardless I still didnt find some of the gifts I wanted to buy so I had to order online =/ ♥

:love: The moment you described the pictures in moving form *gif I immediately thought of tumblr as pretty much it covers my whole dashboard. Alot of my friends reblogs and blogs those images. Sometimes it’s celebrities, quotes or even sponge bob. /hehe Glad you found presents! I would love to see how the thermos looked like. I have found a gift for my boyf already and he had been seeing it around the house since he knows about it already. So is his gift for me. But he still kiddingly say maybe you should wrap your gifts [since I’m good at wrapping he claims] so you can have something to unwrap on the 24th. LOL. I love picture stickers! Sadly I guess they’re nowhere around here… and boyf is not into that. I guess he already have outgrown them. I’ll blame his age. 😝 …and oh! I love the muggy weather but only by watching and enjoying the view not when getting soaked! I hope you didnt catch cold and the boots dried up nicely.

Advance Merry Christmas! It’s just around the corner now. xox

Merry Christmas!

Oh I’m such a Tumblr addict. I can’t help it. I’m really into David Bowie right now, and the Bowie fandom on Tumblr is amazing. I have so much fun there xD. I need to start limiting my time on that site though.

Ah, Christmas shopping. I finally have mine almost finished. I just need to get my dad a few more things,and I’ll be done. I know I’m late xD.

Bento Boxes are the ones with little food in them right? I used to follow a Bento Blog on Livejournal and they were so neat. I loved them. But if that’s not what I’m talking about never mind me babbling lol.

Ugh, I did that the other day. I wore my favorite shoes, the sneakers that can tone your feet while you walk. I walked in the rain while my dog had to go outside and the shoe broke and I could feel my toes slowly getting soaked.

I hope your Christmas turns out great! :)

I used to be addicted to Tumblr but now I see it as a waste of time, haha. There is so much fandom on there, but it is a terrible time-waster and I find that I’m just looking at pictures of my favourite celebrities most of the time.

Yep, those little boxes… I posted a picture on my photoblog. :P

Have a merry Christmas! ♥ Your blog appears to have been removed so I hope you still get this message. :)

I could not imagine myself attending a concert alone. hahaha. it’ll be boring i think because i have no one to shout with or chit-chat with. so yeah.. but maybe someday i can try that. /wave

i love Sudoku puzzles too. how big is that georgie? :) too bad I couldn’t buy presents to my parents and it’s also because i wouldn’t be able to give it to them since they are in another country. :(

The weather here has been so crazy!! This isn’t even summer and yet bam… bad luck being caught in it, too! I really hope the weather clears up so we can have a decent summer!

OHHH Enjoy the concert! You’ll be aight with transport too, Nightriders always save lives! haha

Would it be weird if I like notebooks and never use them? Haha. :D
Anyway, happy holidays!


I hope you do find someone to go to Jebediah with you. I’d be so scared if I had to stay out late BY MYSELF D:. Yeah, I’m a total wimp like that. And LOL, the first thing I thought of when you mentioned spam lands was Tumblr because that’s where I internet stalk Alexander Skarsgard :P.

Yeahhh! Monday was so much fun, even though the weather was so crap, it wasn’t even funny :(. Better weather next time, hopefully! YOU MUST USE THOSE NOTEBOOKS! Hahahaha. They cost SO MUCH!

And grrrrr! Post it note wastage is NOT cool. NOT COOL. I’m so glad I got more.

I got soaked too! Sucks that you had to walk home in the rain though. Hope your boots are dry now :).

Hahahahahaha! Sticker photos :D. They’re fun to take. I think we’ve just taken too many sticker photos from that machine, so we’re at a loss as to how to decorate now :P. Oops.

Mmmm…Meeting Point. That bento box was so yummy. I’m so glad that it didn’t have that deep fried crap in it D:.


why didnt you get two different meals? better to share and try something different. Blarg

I hope Jebediah is as good as bob evans was. I hear the singers have quite a lot in common. hrj

Robert carlyle is hot


Speaking of Christmas presents I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet. T_T
I should, this Friday. Your dad loves Sudoku? I used to love the puzzle, too but sometimes I get really pissed off doing it.

I used to collect SO MANY notebooks. I love notebooks and I can’t stop buying them. But because I’ve been broke these days I’ve stopped doing that. And I like to take photos of my food – my parents, my dad especially, find it lame and silly but like you I like to document such stuff. And sometimes my food looks so good I can’t bear to eat it and I have to have a “solid” memory of it before I can eat.

I have to admit, I’d be a bit nervous going to a concert alone. Not for the actual concert, but for then having to walk through Glasgow or get the subway through Glasgow at like midnight. Which I’ve done before, but I’m still sixteen and it’s still a little bit scary. Especially if I ended up stranded: I live in a village miles from Glasgow, not much in the way of late-night transport and taxis cost a fortune. But I only have one concert planned at the moment and my boyfriend and best friend are both going with me, so I’m happy. :3

I’m very used to rain like that as well, it’s awful. The perils of living in the west of Scotland, we rarely have a dry day.

I’d be so afraid to go to a concert alone. D: I’m afraid to leave the house on my own, and I’d be afraid I’d get lost or kidnapped or something. I’m really paranoid about everything, though.

I /always/ buy things I never end up using. My parents got me a recycled-paper notebook with a pretty design on the cover, but I’m afraid I’ll waste it if I write in it, so now I just use it as decoration on my bookself. :P I also have these fancy pencils made from newspaper instead of wood, but I haven’t used those either since I don’t want to waste them.

I’m horrible at buying presents for people. I never know what they’d want to get, so I usually end up buying them a giftcard. O_O

Going to a concert alone isn’t so bad. I didn’t have anyone to go with when I saw blink-182 and I just ended up being more social with people around me because I don’t like coming off as introverted. Anyway, HAVE FUN!!!! :D

My vice is headphones. I get the ear buds and they always end up tangled and after a while, that starts to have effects on the wires, which is pretty disheartening.

I unfortunately don’t have a job, so I have no money. However, I’m giving my mom my old iPod filled with all of her favorite CD’s, so I hope she likes it :).

Early Merry Christmas to you as well! I can’t believe how close it is.

Aww, we only have a low compatibility on last.fm. Although it says ‘Music you have in common includes Blur, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, The Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis.’ :D

Anyway, merry Christmas Georgina! :)

I hope that Seb can go with you! I can’t imagine having to go to a concert by myself! I guess you could use it as a chance to meet new people, but that’s very hit or miss.

For Valentine’s Day two years ago, my roommate wrote many love notes to her boyfriend on many sticky notes and stuck them all over his stuff. He was still slowly finding them a couple weeks later. But aside from that, I can’t think of a way to use the sticky notes maturely.

Going to a concert alone has never been something I’ve done, I would prefer to go with someone, however, going alone may not be so bad. If you go alone you have a chance of meeting new people and making friends. I’m not sure what notebooks you are talking about, if you mean writing notebooks then I know what you mean about buying them and not using them because they are so cute. I have so many notebooks that I hardly use them at all. I hope your parents enjoy the Christmas gifts you purchased for them.
You also take pics of food? My husband and I do that all the time, now I just need to put them up. (I tend to procrastinate a bit.) There is nothing wrong with food pics. :) Ohhh, sticker photos? We used to have sticker photo booths at the mall when I was younger. How fun! :D I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New year! I wish you the very best in everything. :)

Regarding that “late comment” thought, here’s another one since you like them so much! See here’s what I do: I set a long term goal and then in my head, set a few short term goals to get myself to my long term goal–if that makes sense.

I think I may have had a dream that you described one day on the way home from school, but I don’t remember the dream. I just remember being conscious and unconscious at the same time.

I never know what to say when people post what music they like. I always like something completely different from them, like in this case.

Are you talking about regular notebooks, like the ones you just write in on a bunch of blank pages? I just grab one off the shelf and that’s that.

Getting soaked in the rain sounds like fun, though. I mean who doesn’t love being soaking wet? (this last bit was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell).

I feel everyone’s been attending concerts lately, except me! xD I really want to attend one someday.

Ooh, I love those little stationary/notebook/art stores. I always want to buy something, but in the end, I leave those shops empty handed, haha. I’ve been eying these “altered vintage journals” on Etsy.com and hoping to purchase one soon when I make up my mind. I miss keeping a journal and documenting my days/feelings. I have a journal that I started writing in in the 3rd grade up until middle school and it’s always fun going back and reading my nonsense entries and looking at how I used to write back then.

About the boys, apparently, there are still many of them who acts like that…

Oh my goodness, my gifts are still in the boxes that they were sent it (since I did online Christmas shopping) and they’re hidden at the top of my closet! Haha. I hope they didn’t fall down while I’m away…

Hi! I love your website and the smiles are adorable! The “I love…” quotes on the sidebar are very original i love it. Also i have my celebrity obsessions as well. I don’t know if you know this artist but I love Bruno Mars ♥ . I have his CD’s and he is my cell phone screen saver :p i also named my Ukelele after him XD . I feel terrible, Christmas is almost here and I have bought nothing for my parents. I simply have no money, and no car to drive with to get anything. I would love to get them a meaningful present, I mean for years they have bought me many things for Christmas, but I just don’t know what, when or where to get them things. I love eating in restaurants as well. We don’t really eat out often, and when we do it is to McDonald and because my mom is too lazy to cook or when we have nothing in the house :P .Anyways, I hope you have fun at the concert! I have only been to one and that was when I was like 10.
-Millie :)

Lmao people would laugh at Bob Evans? I understand if people laugh at Bob but Evans is an everyday name. I think I’d rather laugh at Kevin Mitchell because Mitchell is a funny name. And the Kevin part, well these days Kevins become an Asian stereotype. XD But you’re gonna see Jebediah this time? You didn’t say that during our chat haha. That’s great!

Aww you finally got to see Lilian! Looking at cute shops that sell cute things is exactly what I would do, though maybe not with a girl friend. I tend to only look at them and never buy though, because cute things I end up storing away! I’m gonna guess the boys from her class would be in university or graduate school??? I thought only 3rd graders did that.

I love taking pictures of food so I don’t blame you, though I have no camera so I mentally do it. Especially since some Korean places I go to have such cute looking stuff. Except they don’t taste as good as they look, haha. I would never be able to visit 10 new restaurants in any amount of time since I have a bad appetite. But congratulations on not swearing for a month. From what you said that would’ve been hard, haha.

I went Christmas shopping with my mom though she doesn’t know what I got her since we shopped separately. You know at this point of the cold here I’d rather have the pouring rain like that. It sounds like it would be cool out, which is the most comfortable weather. I’ve been drenched by rain many times so I don’t think I’d be too annoyed about it. But if it helps you should wear rain boots if the rain is in the forecast.

How did all 10 of your relatives + the 4 of you share the whole house?? That is really amazing, we only have 8 people in the house right now and it’s a bit chaotic and loud. And my dad and my brother aren’t even here. I guess I’m just too used to it being only me and my mom.