Of Events and Planned Thoughts

Over the past few days following the Bob Evans show – and honestly, I insist on calling him Kevin Mitchell because Bob Evans is just a ridiculous pseudonym that people from America tend to laugh at – I’ve been loving his music even more. Doing the old celebrity stalk is not really a part of my daily routine, but you know there are multiple spam lands scattered across the internet where you can ogle over your favourite celebrities in image and moving picture form.1 I adore his music and I’ve just been immersed in it completely lately, to the point where his band Jebediah have made it to my top artists in Last.fm. 😍 You know how I said my mum grounded me from going to Jebediah when I’d won the tickets?

Well, suck it up baby, because I’m going to see them next Thursday. 😁 I’ve purchased my ticket already and don’t have a friend to accompany me. I’ve asked a few, and if Seb is unable to go, there’s a good chance I’m going alone. That’ll be a new experience, but the only thing I’m worrying about is getting to the station when it’s rather late. I might have to hail a taxi/cab if I miss the latest buses.

Lilian and I hung out in the city yesterday. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too pleasant and we actually encountered a lot of rain along the way. It started raining in the morning and that wasn’t a good outlook for the rest of the day. We spent most of the day indoors anyway, browsing the shops. Mostly the cute shops that sold stationery and notebooks. Lilian bought some post-it notes, after some boys from her class thought it would be funny to waste all her post-it notes writing silly things and sticking them everywhere. I thought only fifth-graders did that…

I spent a long time trying to decide which notebooks to get, but we decided to come back in case I spotted notebooks I liked elsewhere. I am quite bad with notebooks, as I sometimes buy very cute ones I look forward to using but eventually deem too cute to use. This time I promise I’ll use the three notebooks I bought. 😛 I do look forward to using them and I will use them.

I also managed to buy Christmas presents for my parents. I settled on a home journal with tips and things for my mum, but changed my mind when I found a thermos designed like a paper coffee cup. Unfortunately the bookstore I bought the book from didn’t accept refunds. I might just give it to my mum anyway. I got my dad a huge sudoku puzzle book because he likes those. I just need to wrap the presents. They’re simply hidden under my bed.

We ate at a restaurant called Meeting Point. I’m happy we ate somewhere new because I like eating at new restaurants. That’s another restaurant visited out of 10 – my goal on my 101 in 1001 list is to visit ten new ones. In the past week I’ve also managed to cross off 1) not swearing for a month and 2) having a dinner date with James. Awesome stuff. Lilian and I had the same pork bento box and as usual, we took photos of our food. I know it’s rather pointless to take photos of food as you’re going to eat it anyway, and it’s “just food”, but I love documenting my days.

As per our tradition we got sticker photos in the photo booth and decorated them. The first few times we ever did this, we went crazy with the digital decorations. Now we’ve sort of lost creativity – or maybe it’s just that we think simple is best and we try not to decorate them too much. Hahaha.

Since I didn’t want my family seeing the presents I was carrying, I chose to catch the bus home. It was my only option otherwise. Unfortunately it was not the best option as it was pouring down with rain. I did have an umbrella, but it wasn’t useful. The wind was blowing all the rain in one direction and that was unfortunately towards me. I managed to keep my face from getting wet by holding my umbrella on an angle, but it was not very cool that the rain completely wet my boots and legs. I was wearing tights and my boots were made of leather, but I still got soaked through to the point I felt that horrid squelch in my toes.


  1. Everyone knows I’m just talking about Tumblr, right?

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