A little love means everything

I haven’t blogged as per my usual schedule… but I don’t care. I’ve been enjoying my days and don’t want to feel pressure to blog. I’ve been enjoying listening to my favourite music and really pumping out the best of Bob Evans’ (aka Kevin Mitchell!) music. Let me just tell you how breezy and beautiful Your Love is… so I recommend you check it out if you get the chance. 😚

I do miss catching up on everyone’s blogs though, and I still like responding to comments but I haven’t had the time. I’ve actually been cleaning out a lot of my websites. With 2012 coming very soon and knowing I’ll be exceptionally busy working and being back in classes, I decided to cut down on my fanlistings and clean up my domains. I’m moving my writing portfolio here, to Heartdrops. I don’t update it enough anymore for it to have its own domain, but I value them enough to keep them somewhere online.

As you might have noticed I’ve also merged the “owner” and “website” sections and deleted a large amount of visitor content. There were a lot of terrible articles, severely outdated, and they weren’t written very well either. However, I know that many people like my layouts so I’m working on finishing the Pastel Collection series of layouts, and I’ll be releasing some new themes/layouts as well, in different collections. Hopefully I’ll have some new smilies as well. Getting rid of a load of domains and fanlistings this year has been rather liberating. Less is more. πŸ˜„

I’m quite excited to release the premade layouts once I’ve created a bunch. It’s felt really great taking care of my websites and cleaning them up. It’s my summer break and I’m trying to squeeze in as much as humanely possible.

This doesn’t just include cleaning up websites, psh. There are some shows I want to catch up on (Futurama, hello!), shows I want to start watching (Fringe, cough James cough), books I want to read (yes Lilian, I’ll read my books…), e-books I want to read (thanks Tiffany!), movies I need to watch, anime I should probably watch… not to mention places I want to go and stuff in my room that I have to clean. That includes my vinyl records and my horrible desk.

Speaking of vinyl records, yesterday I bought Jebediah’s album Kosciuszko on vinyl. I absolutely had to – in my opinion it was the best album of 2011. 😁 It sounds amazing on vinyl, as most music does. It also came with a poster, which I immediately put on my wall.

I received my results for last semester recently. I passed everything with Credit grades, which was better than I expected, but not as good as I’d hoped. My GPA went down by a few notches, and I don’t know why it upsets me since the GPA isn’t really looked at here, but it was still disappointing. Nonetheless, I have completed my course and am eligible to graduate. Graduation doesn’t take place until next May, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Seb said he would buy me a plushie if I don’t get Facebook once we graduate and I suppose he really owes it to me now. πŸ˜›

I need to wrap Christmas presents. Two days until Christmas and I haven’t done this. Ahhoooooo. 😰

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