A little love means everything

I haven’t blogged as per my usual schedule… but I don’t care. I’ve been enjoying my days and don’t want to feel pressure to blog. I’ve been enjoying listening to my favourite music and really pumping out the best of Bob Evans’ (aka Kevin Mitchell!) music. Let me just tell you how breezy and beautiful Your Love is… so I recommend you check it out if you get the chance. /faw

I do miss catching up on everyone’s blogs though, and I still like responding to comments but I haven’t had the time. I’ve actually been cleaning out a lot of my websites. With 2012 coming very soon and knowing I’ll be exceptionally busy working and being back in classes, I decided to cut down on my fanlistings and clean up my domains. I’m moving my writing portfolio here, to Heartdrops. I don’t update it enough anymore for it to have its own domain, but I value them enough to keep them somewhere online.

As you might have noticed I’ve also merged the “owner” and “website” sections and deleted a large amount of visitor content. There were a lot of terrible articles, severely outdated, and they weren’t written very well either. However, I know that many people like my layouts so I’m working on finishing the Pastel Collection series of layouts, and I’ll be releasing some new themes/layouts as well, in different collections. Hopefully I’ll have some new smilies as well. Getting rid of a load of domains and fanlistings this year has been rather liberating. Less is more. :D

I’m quite excited to release the premade layouts once I’ve created a bunch. It’s felt really great taking care of my websites and cleaning them up. It’s my summer break and I’m trying to squeeze in as much as humanely possible.

This doesn’t just include cleaning up websites, psh. There are some shows I want to catch up on (Futurama, hello!), shows I want to start watching (Fringe, cough James cough), books I want to read (yes Lilian, I’ll read my books…), e-books I want to read (thanks Tiffany!), movies I need to watch, anime I should probably watch… not to mention places I want to go and stuff in my room that I have to clean. That includes my vinyl records and my horrible desk.

Speaking of vinyl records, yesterday I bought Jebediah’s album Kosciuszko on vinyl. I absolutely had to – in my opinion it was the best album of 2011. /bounce It sounds amazing on vinyl, as most music does. It also came with a poster, which I immediately put on my wall.

I received my results for last semester recently. I passed everything with Credit grades, which was better than I expected, but not as good as I’d hoped. My GPA went down by a few notches, and I don’t know why it upsets me since the GPA isn’t really looked at here, but it was still disappointing. Nonetheless, I have completed my course and am eligible to graduate. Graduation doesn’t take place until next May, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Seb said he would buy me a plushie if I don’t get Facebook once we graduate and I suppose he really owes it to me now. :P

I need to wrap Christmas presents. Two days until Christmas and I haven’t done this. Ahhoooooo. 😰

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You’ve certainly been productive!

And dude, blog at your own time. I’ve given up on daily blogging myself — mostly because my schedule is so random, haha.

I also understand how you are about the grades. I was not happy with some of the grades I received in uni because it brought my GPA down, but I just had to tell myself that this was the best I could have done, and as long as I pass, that’s all it matters . . . of course it takes me a while to accept that! Still congrats on passing!

I haven’t updated at all :( I have tons to write in my blog, but I can’t seem to do it while I’m working between my job and my writing. At least now I managed to write a page a day with my book.

I know how it feels when grades are dropping. It’s kind of frustrating especially if you’re working really hard.

Btw, I’m still on hiatus, but I’m just dropping by to greet you a Merry Christmas! :)


Do you have a FB profile now? Do add me by using my email or just search for Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal :) TC!

Aw Merry Christmas to you too dear! I hope you had a good one. ♥ Best of luck with your book, as well. I haven’t been working on mine much but when the time is right, I’ll work on it. I definitely don’t want to force myself.

I don’t have Facebook, no. :P Still refusing to get it, actually… also found out a lot of connections between friends’ friends and primary school friends. Just a bit of an eek-thing for me. I’m really sure that if I get a Facebook profile I won’t be on there much anyway. Blogging and designing is definitely more my thing. :)

MY GPA went down too, and I’m pretty sad about that but I know its simply because of stress/home life.

Everytime I start to clean up a site I then get the OCD urge to completely change the entire theme. So kudos to you on not having that weird urge. Haha.

I’m catching up on everyone’s blogs myself I haven’t had the time to do so as of lately. So now that for the next 4 days I won’t be doing anything I have time. XD

Lol GPA. Here, GPA means a lot, depending on what school you go to, but generally as long as it’s high enough, people don’t care what it is. It’s probably just a matter of pride for all of us, and nothing more. /oh Yay for graduating! Looks like you get a cute plushie! (I love plushies!)

Around here, I almost never see vinyl records on sale, except at a few specialized music stores. Apparently, people like you are giving them a comeback. I guess that you can’t get analog sound otherwise, but vinyl records always looked like a vintage sort of thing to me. Do they actually sound better than CDs?

Enjoy your holidays! I like what you’ve done with georgie.nu, by the way.

Of course they do! Yes, it’s analog, and uses a wider range of frequencies meaning the sound quality is better. It is a vintage/retro thing though, but people also collect vinyls without listening to them – just for the sake of buying them and owning them. I’m the listening type. They sound more “real” and authentic when played through my loudspeakers. :D

:X I would be panicking if I hadn’t wrapped my Christmas presents! I wrapped mine in November. ✌️

I have just re done my site to start blogging again, it’s really hard to keep up blogging! But you do frequently, which is really good! I don’t know how you keep on top of things.

I’ve also been enjoying listening to my favourite music too! /bounce But I’m always doing that anway! XD

I think your owner/website sections look better as ‘about’ ;)

Michael. :)

My GPA is horrible, haha D: I’m surprised if it’s even at 2.5 /sweato
but good thing it’s not such a big deal over here. ngege

Glad you like the record :3 that store seems rather friendly /bounce

Do watch season 6 of futurama; it’s probably one of the best seasons there is. /ehe


I plan to finish watching by the end of the holidays. :3 Chances are I’ll catch up within a few weeks. Tehee. Then, reruns! /bounce

Oh Christmas present wrapping is the best!! its relaxing for some reason lol. I think GPA is something something every student worries about, nobody wants to fail. Let me know if the fringe is a good show. people keep telling me to watch it but i never do lol

Have a very happy holiday!

Oh my gosh the font is this comment box is so sexy.

I need to look after my dearest site, I miss it so dearly. Maybe I should follow in your footsteps this summer and do that instead of being negligent and playing Sims.

Your summer sounds absolutely packed. Mine’s somewhat similar to yours. My cousin’s boyfriend got me all seasons of Daria so I shall be watching all that :P

I shall check out this Jebediah band. I don’t listen to much Australian rock, it’s all electronic (so bands/groups like Bag Raiders and Cut Copy).

Congratulations on your grades! Credit is still good because that’s above a pass, right? :3 I wasn’t even aware that Australia had that ‘GPA’ thing, I thought it was only American.

Merry, merry Christmas, Georgina :)
Hope you have a great summer too!

Monica, fool. Blog and stuff. I miss your blogs! Anyway, I hope you had a good Christmas. ♥

I remember watching Daria. I was watching some of it on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. She has the best moments. I hope you find some time to squeeze in and blog, really. :’)

I listen to a bit of electronic music, but not a lot, so I can’t really name any bands. I just listen to the music style occasionally and don’t mind it at all. I like Australian music though – it all tends to be much better than American music. It’s so genuine and different. I feel like Australian music is so underrated.

Haha yes, it’s just above a pass – it’s better than just a pass, so that’s a relief. GPA seems to be used in universities, but only for people who want to transfer to another university or study overseas.

Hey Georgina!! It’s great to see that you’re doing well offline! Less is indeed more and the feeling is like being free!! *does some cheesy dance here* And CONGRATULATIONS for graduating! I will soon be marching off too next March (but first have to finish thesis :O :O :O D8 /bash /wah 😰 O_O ) And wow you collect vinyl? that’s awesome!!!

Hope you enjoy the last summer though before you work! Coz after that… the real world offers no summers O_O lol! hahaha! impending doom eh? Kidding!


wow You really are trying to do a hell lot of things together!! Even I tried to do that…decided to do many things in my Diwali vacation…but at the end of the vacation I realized that I’d not finished doing even a single thing…i had spent the whole time lazying around!!! /wave btw what’s GPA?

GPA? Grade Point Average. It’s only used in some countries but it’s just an average of your scores. It’s sometimes needed if you want to study overseas or change courses.

YAY YOU PASSED. Who cares if you only got credits, dude, you get to graduaaaate. /dance


Premades premades premaaaades. They’re looking amazing, as you know!! I can’t wait to get to work on mine as well. Maybe I’ll finish up “berry” tonight. I’m dreading reworking my seafoam series. I love how for some reason they’re all called seafoam now, even though seafoam is just what the one was called. xD I think I had originally called it the “Classy” series. Eh.

It’s honestly really hard to find time to read books. When I have free time, I usually want to do something else! I wish I had all the time in the world and never had to sleep. Although last night was so bad, lol.

Sebastian owes you a plushiiiie. Plushie force!

Woo. /hump ;) :P

Hello Georgina! Advance Merry Christmas! I just wonder, if it’s Christmas there at Autralia, it’s also summer? Is that like.. hot there? I’m curious. Haha. I am looking forward for the new premades. You make amazing layouts.. I even read some of your tutorials before on how to make layouts. Really useful. :D

Anyway, I was able to watch your video yesterday! Thank you for doing the tag. I can’t get my feet up on my head.. haha can you do the splits? Also, I guess we should set our new years resolution to get enough sleep everyday. Let’s go. :”D

Have a great holidays! Godbless! <3

merry christmas!! and happy summer holidays for you as well!! :D you’ve been really productive lately, i have only been cleaning my room and wrapping christmas presents, haha it takes A LOT of time to go through all the stuff in my room even though my room is tiny tiny tiny. well it’s clean now, and it’s christmas day today!! :D (it couldn’t be any better)

congratulations with your good grades!! you passed, and that’s what counts!!!! :D i got some good grades this year as well, but we didn’t have any exams which we will have next year, so i guess my grades are heading for a downhill.

well, have fun reading, watching films and listening to music! i hope you get to see in time :D

again, merry christmas!! :D

Thank you Georgie!! :D I missed you too!! I need to get of my lazy ass and start reply comments more.
Thanks! :D I still can’t believe I’m about to be done with school, seems like just yesterday I was in the 9th grade and now it’s about to be over. (H)

The school around here have some nice reputation, my decision is between Kent State and Akron…whichever one gives me more money. xD I guess i should be happy that someone did congratulate me and besides my friends did too which I was really thankful for. :D
I think I will be doing earth science, I’ve always been interested on the earth. Are there names for the people who clean the earth? Like cleaning beaches and stuff like that. I think I’m going to volunteer to do that…seems fun. :D

Aww there goes my hollywood imagination lol. I will definitely be trying sushi.

Ooo a little winter cleaning lol. I’m going to check out the new themes soon. Every website needs a little cleaning every once in a while. I turned mine into a blog because i know I won’t be making any extra resources.

Feels good to catch up on shows, I haven’t seen futurama in ages! I usually record all my shows because i know I won’t always have time to watch it.
Congrats on your grades, I’m glad you got all your credits even though your GPA went down. (Y) My graduation is in June. What degree are you graduating with?

If I have the money, I think I am going to be a domain addict like you too, lol. For some reason, it feels nice to have a lot of domains, isn’t it? :P Just that, it’s kind of complicated to manage all of them. 😏
Weee~ books ♥ what books are you planning to read? I’ve been trying to finish all the books in my waiting list during this holiday. Hope I manage to finish most of them.. 😒
No, don’t get yourself a facebook account :P a plushie is better than having facebook. yay to us who have no facebook accounts~ XD
Congrats on passing though! (despite the GPA issue.. /hmph ) I hope I can graduate with good GPAs too so design faculty can accept me O_O

I love music. :3 I would die without it for sure, and I don’t even mean that figuratively. I probably would.

Everybody needs a break every once and a while, Georgie. :) It’s okay if you get a bit behind on blogging. It was smart to cut down your domains and fanlistings. Life can get pretty hectic and you don’t want to be burdened with too much to do online.

Wow, I cannot believe you’ll be graduating next May! How exciting! I’ll be starting college pretty soon and I’m definitely looking towards it. I agree with Tara, you have definitely been productive this year!!

As far as being late, don’t worry/stress yourself out about it! It happens. You’re busy with your domain, and commenting on others. It’s perfectly okay. Better late, than never right?

Gosh, how long have we’ve really known each other? At least 3 or more years now right? Or about that? I think that incident happened sometime either last year or in 2009. I’m not sure when it happened, but I remember you talking about it though.

Carpooling is always a nice option I agree with you on that. Though it’s a bit difficult too at times. As you would have to rely ON that person to bring to you and from school every time you go. So I’m definitely hoping to get housing if the rent doesn’t go up and stays $500.00. If it does, I get to get my own set of pots/pans, drinkware,silverware &; etc.etc. It’s going to be a fantastic year. Despite this year not being so fantastic. With what all happened between my daddy and I though we are doing fine, and we are doing better with out being underneath each other’s noses. I have a second family to call mine. Which is fantastic. I kinda/sorta have a brother (which I’ve always wanted in life, and he’s hilarious. We didn’t hit it off right away, but eh we’re cool now so that’s all that matters. Also, the best thing about this year is besides getting into college and being friends with my daddy again, is the fact that KYA and I are friends :). Yup, we apologized to each other finally and are friends. That makes this year very happy. Though next year shall be even happier.

I’m gonna try to be saving up for a meet and greet with Meat Loaf, as you and I were talking about that. In our comments. I agree that it will be a most definite and exciting thing to take part in my life. Not to mention trying to find the next event being held by Ghost Adventures, and try to go to that as well. So, I do have a LOT of goals in life to complete if not in 2012, than hopefully in 2013. But definitely doing good in school is among them, and maybe meeting Meat Loaf this coming year. Which is what I really want to do FIRST before anything as he is my first or rather second love. But we all have our loves, and Meat Loaf, Harrison Ford, and Ghost Adventures are mine besides music of course lol. I also want to try and attend a Daughtry concert. Though not very sure if that will happen. Depending on my schedule with school, and if I’m working on campus or not. Ya know? Gonna try to see about that too. :). So yeah, I’m gonna try to keep myself busy, and on the days that I don’t go to school, and what not see my family, and maybe work. Though not really sure about the working bit yet. Though. But, we’ll see.

So tomorrow for us is Christmas, I’m pretty sure it’s Christmas over there in Australia. Since you’re a day ahead of us. Merry Christmas and if you don’t get this in time, Happy New Year’s too!!

Well it’s great that you will graduate in May. You’ve put in so much time and effort and it pays off :) Congratulations.

I recently did a complete clean up of my computer’s hard drive, getting rid of random files/pics/other stuff that I have been transferring from new computer to new computer. I never looked at them and they were just taking up uneccessary space. AND I, too, have cut down on my fanlistings. I only really want to own the ones that I am very passionate about. Same goes for applying for any more! (Y)

If you are looking for more shows to watch, I definitely recommend Community. I just got into it and it is hilarious!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well.