Someone So Much

Last night I went to see Bob Evans and Adalita, two wonderful Australian musicians, live at a music restaurant/bar. Bob Evans is simply a pseudonym; he is actually Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah (one of my favourite bands). Adalita is the vocalist and guitarist of Magic Dirt, a band currently on hiatus following the death of their bassist Dean Turner.

James and I arrived at the venue slightly early. We were going to be very early, but I missed two trains from work, and James got caught in traffic. Eventually he found a parking spot near the venue (woo!) and we lined up where there was already a line outside.

We also passed a larger theatre where Opeth were playing. I haven’t any of Opeth’s music, but given my love for hard rock and metal music, something tells me I should like them and not judge the band by how long their members’ hair is (it’s longer than mine). Nevertheless I passed a line of typical metalheads, completely dressed in black and decked out in old sneakers and dozens of piercings. I’ll be honest; sometimes I am bothered by the fact that I don’t dress like a punk as much as I did before. People hardly expect me to like metal music or think I’m just some weird chick.

I don’t really know why we rushed. We did have seats reserved as we bought the tickets that came with dinner. We were seated on stage left, and had a pretty good view of the stage. 😄 We were entitled to a main meal. It wasn’t much but it was delicious and filling. James went for the salmon and I went for the chicken, though we planned to have half of each other’s dishes so we could have a taste of everything. It was rather nice. We decided to order dessert, but instead of getting the typical ice cream, we chose the cheese, fruit and nut platter.

Adalita played first, and I was a bit surprised to see that she was singing with just an electric guitar. I always thought that was a bit unusual but she played very well. I had only heard one song of hers prior to seeing her live. She really kicked off the show, which, I might add, was really laid-back.

There was a small intermission and our dessert came some time after Kevin came on stage. I prefer to call him Kevin as that’s his real name. I feel odd calling him Bob Evans, or Bob, as it’s just a pseudonym. The story goes that he saw the name on a shirt and decided to use it. After all, Adalita called him Kevin and most of his fans know who he really is.

Kevin was just amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting when I bought the tickets and persuaded James to come (he thinks I did more dragging than persuading 😛), but I knew it would be fancy and lovely. Since I had never seen him live nor had I read reviews, little did I know that he was wonderful live. In fact, after seeing and listening to him play, I prefer his live versions so much better than his original recordings. He started out with an acoustic cover of Last Christmas and burst into song with Nowhere Without You – one of his best hits. At the end of this song one of his guitar strings broke and Adalita had to change it for him. He said that he’d never had that happen and that apparently you break strings at the best gigs. 😁

He played a lot of songs from my favourite album of his, as well as some newer and older hits. As he drank from a bottle of wine he let us know that the gig would finish once the wine did. 😆 And he did take his time drinking it. He sang some Christmas songs with Adalita and their guitar playing and harmonising vocals were just incredible. They did an awesome cover of Silent Night and Kevin ended the show by taking some song requests. He even did a cover of It’s Not Fair by Lily Allen, which was hilarious but just wonderful.

I got to meet him after the show and that was great, too. I asked if he minded me having a picture with him and he didn’t, so yay. 🙂 I told him that I had tweeted him the day before and he said, “Oh, you’re Georgina!” 😚

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