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Last night I went to see Bob Evans and Adalita, two wonderful Australian musicians, live at a music restaurant/bar. Bob Evans is simply a pseudonym; he is actually Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah (one of my favourite bands). Adalita is the vocalist and guitarist of Magic Dirt, a band currently on hiatus following the death of their bassist Dean Turner.

James and I arrived at the venue slightly early. We were going to be very early, but I missed two trains from work, and James got caught in traffic. Eventually he found a parking spot near the venue (woo!) and we lined up where there was already a line outside.

We also passed a larger theatre where Opeth were playing. I haven’t any of Opeth’s music, but given my love for hard rock and metal music, something tells me I should like them and not judge the band by how long their members’ hair is (it’s longer than mine). Nevertheless I passed a line of typical metalheads, completely dressed in black and decked out in old sneakers and dozens of piercings. I’ll be honest; sometimes I am bothered by the fact that I don’t dress like a punk as much as I did before. People hardly expect me to like metal music or think I’m just some weird chick.

I don’t really know why we rushed. We did have seats reserved as we bought the tickets that came with dinner. We were seated on stage left, and had a pretty good view of the stage. :D We were entitled to a main meal. It wasn’t much but it was delicious and filling. James went for the salmon and I went for the chicken, though we planned to have half of each other’s dishes so we could have a taste of everything. It was rather nice. We decided to order dessert, but instead of getting the typical ice cream, we chose the cheese, fruit and nut platter.

Adalita played first, and I was a bit surprised to see that she was singing with just an electric guitar. I always thought that was a bit unusual but she played very well. I had only heard one song of hers prior to seeing her live. She really kicked off the show, which, I might add, was really laid-back.

There was a small intermission and our dessert came some time after Kevin came on stage. I prefer to call him Kevin as that’s his real name. I feel odd calling him Bob Evans, or Bob, as it’s just a pseudonym. The story goes that he saw the name on a shirt and decided to use it. After all, Adalita called him Kevin and most of his fans know who he really is.

Kevin was just amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting when I bought the tickets and persuaded James to come (he thinks I did more dragging than persuading :P), but I knew it would be fancy and lovely. Since I had never seen him live nor had I read reviews, little did I know that he was wonderful live. In fact, after seeing and listening to him play, I prefer his live versions so much better than his original recordings. He started out with an acoustic cover of Last Christmas and burst into song with Nowhere Without You – one of his best hits. At the end of this song one of his guitar strings broke and Adalita had to change it for him. He said that he’d never had that happen and that apparently you break strings at the best gigs. /bounce

He played a lot of songs from my favourite album of his, as well as some newer and older hits. As he drank from a bottle of wine he let us know that the gig would finish once the wine did. XD And he did take his time drinking it. He sang some Christmas songs with Adalita and their guitar playing and harmonising vocals were just incredible. They did an awesome cover of Silent Night and Kevin ended the show by taking some song requests. He even did a cover of It’s Not Fair by Lily Allen, which was hilarious but just wonderful.

I got to meet him after the show and that was great, too. I asked if he minded me having a picture with him and he didn’t, so yay. :) I told him that I had tweeted him the day before and he said, “Oh, you’re Georgina!” /faw

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Great photos, looks so professional! The concert looks amazing. I must check these artistes out, they seem really good. You’re so lucky you got to take a picture with him. And he remembers you! I like it when artistes remember their supporters.
I used to love metal music and every one get so shocked when they know I do because I don’t look like I would listen to it. But my music taste has changed rather drastically and I’ve not listened to it for a long time now.
And I love Silent Night! Such a beautiful song. :’)

Lovely photos! They really look amazing! :) I love your last picture a lot! You’re lucky that you got to take a picture with him :3 I wish I could do that with my favorite bands xD

It seems you and James had lots of fun :3 Now I miss going to a concert! xD

Your photographs are uh-mazing! Looks as if it was pretty fun, too. I love going to shows where you can sit and have dinner – I feel food just adds to the experience. Heck, food makes anything much better.
You are so pretty :) I’m glad you had a good time! Oh, and isn’t it cool when a celebrity remembers your tweets? It really shows that they do pay attention to what their fans say.

In regard to your comment on my blog:
I know, I always find it weird that there are a lot of similarities between Australia and South Africa… in terms of the retail and food stores and also some publications ie: we have Cleo magazine in SA, too.
Woolworths food is just the best – well, it is here but I’m not too sure about that side.

I love fruit chews too :D and jelly beans – those are my addictions.
Yes, the iPad is definitely worth every single cent I’m willing to pay for it… I’ll make sure it’s worth it. :D

enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

You lucky snob you! J/k about the snob part! But you are rather lucky. I have yet to meet my idol Meat Loaf, but one of these days I will! Even if I have to put away for a meet and greet I will do that. That’s one of my plans for when he returns to the USA, for his “Hell and a handbasket” tour for the U.S. It was amazing seeing him for the first time.

It was when he released Bat 3, and sung at the Jimmy Kimmel Show (Backstage Garage Theater) he was friggin awesome! So I know how you must of felt when you met Kevin (he’s a cutie btw). They must sound great. I’ve never heard of either one of them, but probably because I have never lived in Australia?

Other then that, you do great photography work. I will be attending college for the first time, and I simply cannot wait to do so!!!! It is about two weeks away!!! My goodness, Christmas being this week, and then one week after that, and then I start College! FULL TIME!! I’m majoring in Graphic design for the web. I’m quite happy also will be doing the dorm thing as well.

But I’m glad you guys had fun nonetheless; with the rushing, but glad you got good seats and the like. Sounds like fun!!!!

Awesome Photos!!! I’m so glad you had so much fun!!!
How are you??

Oh Georgina, you are far too gorgeous. /love

It looks very impressive, I must say; I am jealous. Ack. I love the lighting! And your photographs are stunning, naturally. (Y)

I think I’m dressing more punky, in a way, but overall my style is quite odd. I don’t think you could define so much about me from it, unless I wore a band shirt, of course.

Just a quick comment because I love you. /oh /heart

Take care, love! xx

Aw thank you girly. I miss reading your blog! But I totally understand, no pressure coming back and everything.

I think I’m dressing more prettily lately. I miss dressing like a punk, but I think I’ve also grown out of it in a way. It depends. *shrug* :P I still love my band shirts though, don’t get me wrong. XD

Love you too! ♥

Awww, I’m so jealous. :( I’ve been dying to see Coldplay or Ellie Goulding in concert but they’re not touring in America.

In response to your comment on my blog, I would probably die without my music. :/ If someone bothers me while I’m listening to music, I’ll be about ten times as annoyed as when someone bugs me when I’m not. Music is a part of me, for sure. I’m listening to it right now. XD

I’ve been able to whistle as long as I can remember. It’s one of those things that only some people can do like rolling their r’s. :)

Aw it sounds like you had a good time! The last sentence, ‘you’re Georgina’, made it smile. :’)

I’m glad you both enjoyed yourselves though. I barely ever watch live music, the last time I watched live music in person was at a festival in the Summer and it was so dirty and squashed and hot I really didn’t enjoy it. But your experience seems a lot more civilised than mine! I know little to nothing about metal music so naturally I don’t know much about the band, but they seems pretty funny and laid back. :)

The pictures are great. :) I can imagine them being officially press photos. :P

BTW You look really beautiful in that pic!!!! :D :D

Personally, I like going to the venue earlier. At least it’ll save me the trouble from rushing in and fighting with the crowd hahah. And like you too, I do feel a bit bothered with the fact that people don’t expect me to listen to rock music just because I don’t wear a certain style, y’know. Oh well :P

I’m glad you had fun, though! You looked so pretty!! :D

Sounds like you had a lovely time! I love evenings like this!
Awesome blog.
Jas xo

I don’t know who these people are, but it sounds like a pretty awesome night :D That’s cool that he knew your name :)

I’m glad you enjoyed your show! Sounded like a lovely night.

Haha, even if there is assigned seating someplace, I always tend to get at a place early anyway.

And you look lovely in your picture! Glad you had a great time!

Thank you. :) I think I have found the right university for me. I went to have a look around last Wednesday and I love it.

It sounds like you had a great time. I love going to concerts! I really like the sound of having a meal at the same time, especially if the music is quite relaxing. I mean I couldn’t really do that with Kasabian haha!

It’s great that you got to meet Kevin after the show. It’s a really nice picture of you two. You are really pretty. :D

I haven’t been to a concert in a while. I’m glad you had an amazing time. :D It’s awesome that Kevin remembered you; that just goes to show how nice he is.

I am happy that you got to watch some awesome Australian Musicians play live. That’s the beauty of music- they can come in all sorts of people :P Anywhere. :o. Having dinner while enjoying the show is just awesome :D! Now it’s just making me hungry for some reason XD! I’ve never heard of eating a cheese, fruit, and nut platter before :O! It sounds delicious :P!

For some reason, I think calling anyone Bob is weird. It’s just one of those “filler” names in my mind D:! We use “bob” for everything, even naming servers XD! But it is awesome that you enjoyed listening on to… Kevin XD! And all of the performances overall! Last Christmas is such an old song o__O

And it’s awesome when someone ‘famous’ remembers you :D! Even if it’s from a tweet!

Secret Santas are fun when everyone is involved :D! I think Build A Bear is just.. Too expensive in general o;! 30 bucks for a bear is too much :x.

Formation in band is important, but even when we’re not doing them, people are sometimes just too clingy. I just did a “face palm”. Unprofessional, yes but meh :c.

That’s weird, but then again- the california state universities didn’t ask for my extracurricular activities as well. So I’m just gambling on high hopes for admission based on.. Luck :P

Take care(:

No reason to dress like a metalhead to be one on the inside! It’s personally not my type of look, but to each their own, right? I like your current classy web designer look.

Concerts in restaurants and bars are always so intimate. It sounds like you have a lot of fun! I love the pictures – both of them look like awesome people. And he remembers you! That’s so awesome of him!

To me, stage names only work when nobody calls you by your real name on stage, which is the case with Vienna Teng/Cynthia Shih. But either way, he sounds awesome.

Aw thank you! I’m sure you had a great time with your boyfriend. A date accompanied with great music is totally heart warming. Although I am not familiar with the singers, by looking at the pictures, they look really professionally talented. Also, in my case, I would probably come late knowing that there’s a reserved seat for me. XD

You haven’t heard of the song Superbass by Nicki Minaj before? I used to think it was so famous around the world. Hehe. And about my thumb, I am not even sure if it’s weird.. I guess it’s because I have long fingers that’s why it’s that flexible. Thank you for watching though, I am so touched <3

I checked your videos in youtube! I am using Vimeo, mainly because I don't like my offline friends to know that I blog, or even vlog. I am shy. Haha. But I subscribed to your channel already. I will be waiting for you to make the video! Let me know, okay? Advance Merry Christmas! God Bless ~

Aww, sounds like you had a really great night!! Glad to hear it :D And that’s awesome you got to meet him afterwards. It’s a lovely photo ^_^ And eee “you’re Georgina” HOW CUTE XD haha!

Wow, reading your blog post makes me feel like I was there. TAHEE

I’m glad we had the cheese plate, that was nice. :3 . And there was so much cheese! ngeo

ob vans was goooooood 😏


Oh lovely photos! I like the lightings and backdrops. :D Looks like it’s a cool place to be.

Glad you had fun at the show. Wow, I wish we have a music restaurant here. Sadly we don’t so I miss all those awesome things we could’ve had. *sigh* But I’m happy you enjoyed your time there.

Hahaha, regarding rushing to the event, I think it’s the same with me. Whenever I travel, I always insist to arrive at the place as early as possible even though I know I have my seat reserved. I get all fidgety and impatient if I don’t get to the place early. :D

Oh that’s so cool he remembers you from your tweet! That is just so awesome. I feel envious! ;)

Those pictures look so awesome! And the one of you with him is super cute :) I’ve been going to more concerts lately but I never get to meet any of the people! So unfair, haha. Though theres usually too many line ups, and I hate to wait so I just end up leaving. It’s super awesome that you got to meet him though!

It’s been forever since I’ve talked to you though! How have you been lately?!

Very true. Never judge a band on their looks. They’re incredibly deceiving. xP

That just sounds like a very nice out. I take it it comes with the territory of living in a lively area, no? Speaking as someone who lives in a very remote place I welcome these posts. Reminds me that there’s lots of fun stuff to do out there, you just have to live near the action!

I live out in the suburbs so most of the time I have to travel to go to these shows. I still think it’s worth it though. Definitely nothing wrong with living in the suburbs. I actually even want to visit some remote places for the landscapes and views and other tourist attractions. :P

I laughed when I saw Bob Evans. :D Here, Bob Evans is a restaurant known for their breakfasts. One of my friends always has her birthday breakfasts there.

That was really great of him to remember who you are! That shows just how much fans mean to him. Good for him! I wish more celebrities were like him.

Your pictures are fantastic! It looks like you had a prime spot. Good job. Also, your dress look really nice and classy :D

Hurrah for Opeth! Swedish heavy metal :P Too bad there weren’t any finnish metal bands there. But looks like you had a great time at the live music bar. The decorations even are so christmas(y).

In reply to your comment. Ah, yes, no snow in Sydney. My friend is currently in Sydney :) Trying out the “working holiday” thing, though it seems like he has a difficult time getting a job there (construction work or something). I’m thinking about trying out the same sort of thing in about ½ year. Though I’m not sure if my “first stop” will be Sydney or maybe Melbourne. Wherever there would be some short-term IT/computer jobs available for me :P Got any advice?