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On Monday at the education centre we had a presentation ceremony and a little party for all the children who had done really well throughout the year. A couple of years ago I had to help with the trophies on the stage and I totally messed up and knocked down a whole row of trophies. At least there was no damage to anything except my ego. Well, I’ll be honest; I was really quite embarrassed. Thankfully last year I took photos instead, and this year, I did the same. It was quite fun walking around the hall trying to get the best shots. I used my boss’s camera though, and I guess it was pretty good for a point-and-shoot.

It was rather tempting to eat the candy and other food that was put out on the table, and I couldn’t resist the temptation so I had a bit of candy. I really have been trying to eat less junk food lately, but I seem to have some ridiculous cravings. It could just be a phase, though, because I’ve gone for months with little junk food.

After all it’s the end of the year, and celebrations are quite popular so it should be okay to have a bit of a treat. I have to admit that I’ve had a lot lately, though. While my medication resulted in a loss of appetite in the first week, my appetite returned, but it’s still decreased compared to how my appetite was before taking the medication. It’s been three weeks and I’m feeling rather good though. I hope it keeps working for me.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my jobs and I think that I need to let go of my job at the education centre. It was the first job I ever got, and I’ve been there for nearly four years now. I’ve done well there and I believe my boss is very happy with my work, but next year I don’t think I can fit the shifts into my schedule, and I can’t change it because I work on every day they are open, from opening time until closing time. I don’t mind working there and I like that it’s close to home, but seeing as my classes next year will most likely be in the evening, I don’t think it’ll work out. It will be too inconvenient to travel from work all the way to university, and I may even be late.

That said, I’m going to spend a lot of time cleaning up my websites during my break this Christmas/New Year and merging some websites together… that kind of thing. I realise that I might have been pushing myself a little too much. I can definitely deal with everything, and I like having many projects, but I’ve decided that I want to step away from the internet and find time to do more practical things and get into the outdoors during my spare time. I’ll still be blogging, I’ll still be around, but I just want to make room for other things, that’s all. :)

Earlier this week I did manage to return that book to my other workplace. My feet hurt from walking a lot and I have blisters from my shoes. My supervisor was not actually there when I returned the book, but my boss was, and I was a bit relieved. James thinks that perhaps I have been informally fired. :P They haven’t called me since October, and they just wanted their book back. Ah well, my boss did say he’d keep in touch and let me know if any work came up that I could do.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year at my newest web designing job. We’re having a work Christmas lunch at a restaurant I’ve never been to. There’s sushi. That should be good. :D After work I’m going with James to see Bob Evans and Adalita live – and it’s in a music restaurant/bar so it’s a bit fancy. I’m going to dress up a bit. I found a black dress that looks lovely; if I wear my blazer over it, it’s suitable for work. I’m going to wear it to work so I don’t have to change later on, since I’m going to meet James straight afterwards.

Looks like a lovely Friday. /love

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Ho u, stop eating those candies. f33333
I guess it’s time we stopped our kid jobs; I mean, we’ve both worked them for ~4 years and I think it’s about time we moved on. Seriously, I just hate mine. jajaja

Ahh, you’ve been fired. Just hold on though; who knows what you might find if you stay on generally good terms..:)

Ob Vans! I’ll see you round 6. /love


I’m curious, James, what is/was your kid job?

I work in a supermarket; it’s my last shift come Sunday. Hohoho. /bounce

Hello Georgina /eee It seems like you really had fun last year and this year doing the job with the little kiddies ♥ & thats good that you decided to just take pictures this year so you don’t end up wrecking anything XD and its okay to eat a little bit of junk food around this time of year because it is christmas and everything lol your allowed to cheat a little /hehe I’ll be checking for pics if your going to upload them or i’ll check your photoblog ! Take care /eee .

“Celebrations are quite popular” is the understatement of the year.

I agree that you’ve been informally fired. Pretty sure I said that or meant to say it last time we talked about it. xD Although I feel like they at least could have TOLD you though back in October that they weren’t planning to call you in anymore. What if you had been holding out for a call.

It will be good to stay on good terms with your boss (at both jobs) as either connection might be helpful when you’re looking for another job in the future.

I seriously miss my education centre job. It’s too bad we can’t just work at those forever without actually training to be TEACHERS. D:

HAVE FUN AT BOB EVANS, DUDE. There’s a band here called Adelitas Way, so for a minute, I was confused. I’ve never listened to them, but.

i wish you a lovely friday tomorrow, or is it maybe today in australia!?? :D anyway, enjoy yourself! ohh i wish i could eat delicious food too, haha! i guess i’ll have to wait a few more days though.

the internet steals so much of my time!! sometimes i wish it didn’t, as there is so many other things out there i can do instead. all the possibilities laying there, but then it’s not enough room to do both. i will try to spend less time with the computer next year though. now when i have to stare at the scrren eight hours at school in additional to all those hours at home, it becomes pretty tiring in the end.

thank you!! i’m finished with all of my tests and presentation now. i’m only waiting for the results now! :D

we got a macbook because of classes at school. i chose to learn more about media production and communication, and all who choose that direction, gets a macbook. so it’s not like everybody gets one, haha that would’ve been too expensive!!
but if you’re thinking about buying one, i would recommend to buy a pro. one of the girls in my class, have had her macbook pro for two years now, and it still runs fine, but some of the macbooks we got this year, aren’t running soooo smoothly.

ohh i also hope your medication keeps working for you <3

I wonder what it’d be like to work a job for such a long time. I’m sure that you’ve accomplished quite a bit, and that the little kids all love you. I’m glad that the food and the medication seems to all be working out for you.

To me, you’re not actually fired until they formally tell you that you are. If they actually didn’t want you ever again, they’d tell you to your face so that you’d never go back. But I would feel that I had been informally fired if I were in your position. Maybe there just actually isn’t any work for you to do. Who knows? But you’ve got another web design job in addition to the occasional freelance work, so you’re good to go!

Enjoy the concerts! You are one lucky girl.

The ceremony sounds cute – well, I feel anything positive involving children is cute or happy or fun or something else. :P

Ah, junk food. I went a long time without eating junk food once or twice, but a few days ago, I had breakfast at McDonald’s. xD It was tempting and I caved in. But I have noticed that I’ve lost my appetite for junk food, somewhat. I mean, I get hungry when I see images of burgers and milkshakes and all that, but because I’m such a cheapo, I don’t buy myself any of them and just eat whatever is in the house, haha.

Nice to know the medication is going swell for you. :)

Sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy with school and work, and of course all these parties. Isn’t Christmas a wonderful time =)

You should never stress over your websites! They’re supposed to be a hobby and something you enjoy to do. So don’t worry if they sit there unattended for awhile, you’re visitors will be here waiting =)

Lol, I’m glad you had enough ego left to return. I don’t know if mine could take that hahahaha. Eh, photographer sounds like a cooler job anyway :D

Wow, that happened with McDonald’s a couple months ago. I had gone for at least 6 months without it and then suddenly when I felt like wanting to eat complete crap I started craving McDonald’s hahaha :)

Change is good sometimes. It’s definitely scary. I know I’m so not good with change, especially sudden change. But since you’re thinking about your future in the long term at your job which it sounds like a month before this change would happen, I think I would be okay with that hahaha. But I’d be freaked out quitting a job after 4 years. Just the routine, the people, they’d all change. It would just be weird for me.

Haha, you’re chilling out with your blogging and I’m starting it up again :D But it’s good you’re taking a step back. I always find that definitely helps with keeping something fun.

Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize you worked in so many places haha. You are so busy! You do school on top of all of that?!

Hey Georgie! Thank you for stopping early when my domain was fairly new (still is). I just wanted to stop by and say that it is finally up with a new layout, and some content. I still need to work on the visitor content but at a loss as to what to do for it.

Man I remember that incident when you tripped and knocked over the trophies. That was just last year. Time sure does fly. Does it not? I’m glad you’re having fun, as well; as being in college or University, and still doing the things you love doing. I’m starting my first year as a Freshman on January 9th as a FULL-TIME college student. I am super excited and I will be majoring in Web and InterActive Media Graphic Design/Photography. I cannot wait. I have my orientation on January 5th, and I will also be doing the housing there as well.

It honestly feels great to have my own domain again. The other one I DID love, but it was time to move on. I’ve had it for nearly two years, but it was just to much and the hosting company, was just blah even though they were really nice, it just had to many complications as to what was going on with it ya know? So I moved and I’m hosted by Nancy now. I feel great about it. And I was wondering if you could update your link from dearjamie.net to decayed-thoughts.net ? Thank you so much!!!

Wow, Christmas is in one-two weeks away!! I can’t believe it! I do hope you have fun at the concert tonight. I won’t be doing anything tonight but cooking dinner and maybe cleaning up some at the home front. And maybe watching Ghost Adventures (though I am kinda getting sick of that show a little bit). I went out on a date (you already know the story as to what happened. Your prayers and thoughts have made me stronger as well; as myself. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve said to me and for what you’ve done for me! I love you girl!). That was just a lesson well; learned and will not repeat it. I have literally banned myself from those dating sites and will not ever go back on them. I refuse to let the little girl know what happened as she is only 10 years old. She never did ask how the date went, and I’m kinda glad she hasn’t. But since I’ll be entering college for the first time, and will be moving into my new room/apartment I will be super busy. But it’s all good. :).

Bob Evans… down on the farm. :P

When I first saw that name, I thought of the restaurant. But, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Haha. http://bobevans.com

I can’t even think of jobs at the moment. I’ve had the worst luck with them. /angry /pow /poo

Haha wow, I totally cringed when I read the part where you once accidently knocked down a row of trophies. It’s like in the comedies!

Now that a lot of companies and even friends and family members are throwing their own little holiday parties, it’s really hard NOT to avoid sweets and junk food. It’s December. For me, at least, I’m letting my food-temptations take over me for this month of celebration. Haha.

I’m on the computer so much. I should really do something more productive and really anything that doesn’t involve using a computer. I’m glad you’re planning to do that. As for me, I need a little push. :-X

Yes! Candy is a weakness for me as well. I’m still finding ones I’ve hidden all over my room to prevent me from eating so much in one sitting. LOL.

I can only imagine how embarrassing it was to knock down all the trophies! I bet you recovered quite quickly, though! /mwah

Looks like you’ve had a fun, positive experience at all the jobs you’ve done. I hope I can say the same about mine. Though, I’m glad that I’ve learned at least one thing from each of them. I’m still searching for that one good job that I can honestly say I can see myself working in for 20 years. Is that a rarity nowadays?