Like too much oxygen

This morning I couldn’t sleep.

My nightlight was on and I was perspiring from having a woolen blanket over me. A bit silly – considering it’s in the middle of summer, but it was rather chilly before I jumped into bed. At 3:00am.

So it was 4:30am – or thereabouts, I couldn’t really tell because my eyelids were droopy – and I was well aware that I had not slept very much at all. I rolled over, ignoring the thick woollen blanket, and inhaled the scent of my pillow. There was not a trace of the alcohol that I’d accidentally dragged the ends of my hair through as I was leaning on the bar earlier that night.

I had remembered leaning on a bar, and I distinctly remember not drinking a drop of alcohol, unless sniffing the sticky ends of my hair in disgust got me slightly intoxicated. I just wanted water. I was leaning against the bar impatiently, dehydrated and out of breath. I’d gone to the toilet numerous times throughout the night as I’d drunk so much water, but now, as I lay in bed, cheek still on the pillow… I thought that perhaps I woke up because of the jug of water I had chugged down as soon as I got home.

Completely sober.

After visiting the toilet, I crawled back into bed, jumping over the contents of my bag that were scattered across the floor. Sunglasses, wallet, keys, notebook, jewellery I’d worn that night, camera bag… and I pulled the covers over me as I lay in the same position I had crawled out of bed in.

As I looked out of the corner of my eye at the analog clock on my dresser, something inside me ticked and I immediately flipped over on my back. On my bedroom wall across from me, I saw the Jebediah poster that had been there for a short while.

Six hours earlier…

Dylan and I were chatting over the music that came out of the loudspeakers, as he drank from a glass of Coca Cola. I had opted for iced water, so as to save the water in the bottle of water I had brought. I had a dry mouth and I was thirsty from moving around. But we had to admit it – the Seabellies sucked. They had started late, which was unprofessional of them, and the mixing was bad, so much so that the drums drowned out the vocals. You could tell, though, that they had great music (heck, even a trumpet player!), but seemed like a bunch of great vocalists still attempting to get the hang of this idea of being in a band, and the hang of playing live. Six members in a band, four of which are guitars – rather unusual, rather crowded. They sounded better on the record.

After what seemed like twenty long minutes, I saw Kevin Mitchell, Vanessa Thornton, Chris Daymond and Brett Mitchell on stage as Jebediah, and they burst into one of their 2011 hits, Control. I could barely believe that I was right up front singing along to their music and hearing this song live. I looked at each and every single one of the band members. Ness playing her bass, low-slung, with all the enthusiasm in the world. Bopping around and turning around on stage as if she was having the time of her life. Kev was wearing what appeared to be the same jeans he wore to every other gig, his hair still ridiculously long and shaggy.

Brett, well he was just Brett. Or Brett on drums, take your pick. And then… I realised how much cuter Chris Daymond is in person.

Ohai Chris :3

Singing along to every song, it was no surprise I remembered all the words – their songs sounded like their recordings… but better. I waited for what seemed like forever before they played She’s Like a Comet and some of their oldest hits came towards the end, not before Kev announced that it was Chris’s birthday. Not before several girls yelled out “Vanessa!” and she cutely responded with “That’s me!”, big grin on her face.

One of their first few songs :)
For some reason the others weren't in the frame of this photo

Certainly not before he went insane on stage playing guitar with his mouth, and leaning over into the audience at the side of the stage while some knackered chick licked his shoe and another reached for his groin. Crowd insanity aside, at one point, Jebediah also buggered up the beginning of a song and halted…

Kevin Mitchell playing guitar with his mouth

“Sorry, that was my fault,” said Kevin. “Brett always gets excited to play the new stuff.”

I lost track of time completely, every now and then taking a photo when the lighting and lasers weren’t too blinding. The fog was definitely more tolerable than the lights. I knew that after they played a handful of their earliest hits from the 90s, I wouldn’t be hearing those rare favourites like Worlds Away and La Di Da Da – but I was certainly happy to hear Jerks of Attention and Leaving Home ending the night.

But I didn’t see it as an end.

Probably thoroughly desperate to meet them, I asked Dylan if he minded us waiting around. He didn’t, so after we were ushered out by the security guards, we just lingered around the bar and courtyard. Several other people seemed keen to meet the band, including some older people who obviously were into Jebediah in their teens back when Jebediah released their first album.

A lady said to me jokingly, “If I can’t see them again, you can’t either!” She had clearly given up, but I hadn’t.

I might have been the only idiot waiting around. And yes, Dylan and I missed a few buses. We were probably screwed getting home any time before 4:00am at that rate. And maybe Brett and Kev (he looked absolutely dead!) walked straight out to catch a cab, but I called Chris and I told them how amazing they were. The first thing he said to me was, “Oh thank you! Thank you for waiting for us.”

After a few fiddles wondering how to work my camera, Ness and Chris helped me take photos of me with them. They didn’t mind at all and I wished Chris a happy birthday (and of course felt inclined to mention how good his hair looked, hah). They asked what my name was and said it was nice to meet me. I told them to tell Kevin I said hi – sure that he’d remember me from when I met him two weeks ago. :P

Dylan and I caught a cab back to the train station and made our way home, munching on the Turkish bread four times the size of my face that I had bought for only $3 earlier that night, listening to pirate metal…

Now, I still can’t believe how amazing Jebediah were live. This morning, setting my Kosciuszko vinyl on my record player, my hand shook slightly as I set the needle just where I wanted it. I was almost scared to listen to their music again, knowing it would not equate to how incredible they sounded live.

The band totally getting into it
Chris again
This is what I meant by the crazy lights and lasers.
Do you realise how hard it is to take a photo of Ness when she's so energetic?
I was too scared to move to stage right because of all the crazy girls dancing LOL
Me and Chris (yes grinning too much, soz)
Me and Ness

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My brother ruined the immersive experience of reading this post by all his FUCKING TALKING ON HIS XBOX. Pussy bollocks. ;)

Aaaaanyway WOOHOO I’M GLAD YOU HAD FUN. I love your pictures with Chris and Ness. You look especially Asian in the one with Ness. xD I think grinning too big (I know you were laughing with Ness, but I mean with Chris) is just a thing that happens when we meet our favorite artists. Think of like all my pictures ever with band members. ._.

Woot! Seems like you had fun! I’m glad hehe. I think the pictures turned out better than at Ben’s concert, lightning seems to have been better hehe. Nice write up! :3

Cool, sounds like you had an amazing night! I wish I could meet some of my favourite bands. Once my friend and I missed meeting one of our favourite bands because of school and that was such a shame because it was Muse, and strangely not many people went to see them off at the airport and we expected a crowd. I guess school really stopped people from going to see them off. If we had gone then we might have spoken to them and taken pictures!!! That was my dream for a while but I guess it doesn’t matter as much to me any more.
And I hate waking up in the middle of the night. My mother has this strange thing about waking up in the middle of the night – she says if it happens to her she never ever dares to open her eyes because she thinks she will see something that will scare her. This amuses me actually because my mother, like me, enjoys horror movies and horror stories and she isn’t scared at all apparently so I wonder if she has always pretended to be brave.

Hey Georgie, I love reading your posts…I feel like I am in a story and then I can imagine what you wrote. I see you put the concert pics. You look really nice :D Its been a while since I photoblogged but I will eventually..I used to do it a lot when I was visiting places like Paris, Venice, etc. Its New Years soon and I dont know what Im doing..oh yeah I forgot…might just go to dinner with the family hehe

Oh, wow! It sounds like you had a totally awesome time. I definitely want to go to a concert…I guess that this is something to add to my 101 in 1001, which I need to write out. Yikes! I’m definitely not looking forward to doing this…along with all of my other lists. :P

Hohu, chilly you. Yeah, last night wasn’t that warm. /sweato not that smart to drink a whole jug right before bed, eh, eh *floog*

But I’m glad you had the funs. :3
Wow the guy in the second last photo looks creepy. 8D but cheerful. :B
The last photo is zocute xD. tahee



LOL one jug of water? Lucky you didn’t wet the bed. But then again you’re not really a person with bladder control problems. But wow. 3am? I’d have been sleeping for at least 3 hours by then :O.

EW! Alcohol in your hair D:. Sounds horrid. It must have ALL evaporated. Hahaha. You took it a lot better than I did. I’d have cried and moaned ALL night if I got alcohol in my hair.

Woooow…I can’t get over how good your camera (and your photo-taking skills) are. Those photos are so clear and awesome. Especially the one where you can see the crazy lights and lasers and crap. And LOL crazy Kevin playing the guitar with his MOUTH D:. Yeah…hopefully he replaced those strings.

Sounds like they gave a really good concert. Even with a crappy opening act. And even if Kevin and his brother didn’t want to say hi to you guys. I guess they were tired? It was nice of Vanessa and Chris to interact with you guys though. And to take photos with you. LOL you have SUCH a big grin on your face. It’s cute :P.

It was nice of Dylan to stay back with you too. Lucky he has no curfew.

Anyhow I’m glad you guys had fun :D.

those guys really looks cool! especially the last pic xD you and him looks cute :3 hahah!~ I totally see your face in the picture for the first time! you look so adorable! :3 your’e a Chinese ? xD

The person in the last picture is a girl; she’s Vanessa as I mentioned in the post. I’ve posted other photos before and even have a photo on my “about” page so I’m rather surprised that you didn’t know what I looked like before. I’m only part Chinese, though.

Hiyee! Thanks for sharing about your boyf’s age. :D

Geesh, the intro of your post gave me the discomfort just imagining it. made me feel how you felt. I have a wild imagination. LOL. Plus I sometimes get like that too.

Glad you had fun afterwards. I really love your shares about concerts and stuff, it makes me feel like I am experiencing a part of it. :P

Wishing you a Prosperous New Year!

If you breathed in way too much oxygen, all of your lungs would be on fire! O_O

It sounds like you had a wonderful time, crowd insanity aside. I’m sure that the musicians love that one of their biggest fans is a bouncy girl who sits back and appreciates the music.

Wow, you really are a gifted writer ^^ Normally when people write about bands they like, I toddle off to read something more interesting. This post had me hanging on till the end, thanks to your enchanting writing style :)

You always seem to be rather productive this year. Whether it’s cleaning up your site, or going to local pubs watching your favorite musicians play! Either way, you’re an awesome friend, and I hope we can remain friends for years to come. One of these days, I will come and visit you. I dunno when that will be, as I am currently in the process of saving up for a car. So, maybe afterwards? I’m not sure. Just let it be known, we WILL see each other in person!!! I have a feeling, it maybe after getting my car.

Anyway, Wow, 3 years already? Time does certainly go by fast!! I honestly have no clue how, we can go by these many years, and not even talk in person yet! lol, Though technically spoken, we have (Skype). But, hopefully; we can talk in person, and hang out and what not! Take pictures together, hopefully by that time, I will have my new camera! Whether it already has been used or not! I still plan on getting one for the new year, as I’ve made up my mind, that this year I will do a photoblog and NOT miss one single day!!! Ha!!! Whether it be with my phone’s camera, or with whatever I hope to achieve this goal!!

Wowie, you’re sure going through a LOT with this site! Since the time period we’ve known each other in, you’ve come a LONG way. As I’ve done! Whodathunkit, that I’d seriously can code, make layouts and all that. And not to mention beat my records of changing layouts every so often!! Haha!!

But, I knew that changing my layouts every other week or two or what have you, would get old. I’m sticking with the one I have up so far. I’m not entirely why, I didn’t put the old one I have back up. I just thought of a new change!

You’re right! My mindset is different!! I honestly didn’t think about making a New Year’s resolution early, but I did!! I love me for doing it lol. But no seriously; my new Year’s resolution, is differ than anything I’ve ever done in my life! I’m starting college, and though my diabetes is completely out of whack right now, I’m still not letting it take control over MY life. No way JOSE!!! This is the ONLY life I have, and it’s NOT gonna tear me down!! One of these days, I will meet my idol (whether it be Meat Loaf or Harrison Ford), I will meet one of them, most likely Meat Loaf, but either way, still a good New Year’s resolution for saving up!! So far on my car I have saved $500.00!!! :D . I’m so proud of myself!! Troy aka ‘dad’ has still to give me $200.00 and he borrowed $385.00 to get his car out of the pound/lot. So make that $585.00!!! I’m almost there!! WOOT!! I actually drove the Freeway today. Right AFTER I had an attack. I know these are reoccuring and not understanding why, but once I have the a/c on, it controls the temp. in my body to where it ‘turns’ off the nervous system, to a point where I can tolerate it, and NOT pass out. It’s totally bizarre!! But, I drove 3 different freeways and made it home in one piece. Though a part of me, feels like I have cut a couple of people off, but I know I didn’t, at least I hope I didn’t lmao. But anyway, tomorrow is the New Year for us, as I’m sure it is already for you guys! Anyway, return this comment whenever you can. Sorry for repeating myself if I did? Take it easy!! – – P.S. the cookies I had where to calm my system down and boost my sugar back up cause the soda wasn’t doing it.

Ok I am love with this layout. I am also pleased to say i am BACK! SO VERY BACK!!!!
JEBEDIAH!!! WOO … They are awesome in concert. I saw them with Silverchair and Grinspoon. Nice little quartet of Aussie bands ♥
You looked absolutely thrilled in those images.


HAHAHA LOL I ACCIDENTALLY PRESSED ENTER LOL!! SILLY ME EH? XD hahaha! but MEETING A FAVE BAND!! I WONDER HOW IT FEELS LIKE! You showed dedication and you earned it! Haven’t heard Jebediah yet. Maybe I’ll check them out :)


Wow! That’s amazing! I would love to see my favorite band in concert again, it’s been so long…

Oh my, I’d love to meet my favourite band someday.

The first part of year post was so ♥ Readers can really feel the drama of it! XD

I really enjoyed how you wrote this post! It’s like a short story – but real! xD It makes me feel like I was almost there at the concert, haha. I’m glad you had such a great time because it sure looked like it was a fun night.

& omg at alcohol getting on your hair. It reminds me when I was waiting for the BART (kind of like a subway system) with my sisters and this lady knocks me from behind, pushing her way through me and my sister to get on the BART coming up. Little did I know she had spilled beer on my hair! >_< So I went home smelling like stinky, nasty beer!

You’re really good at description and telling stories. These pictures turned out very nicely. I rarely go to shows, perhaps once or twice a year, but I should really start doing it more often. You also seem like such a productive person–it doesn’t seem like you sit your ass on the computer all day or anything, so I really don’t know how you keep your site so updated! Haha

Happy New Years!

Your writing is amazing. While reading your blog, I felt as if I was right there with you. You have a knack for describing and narrating. ;)

I envy you for having such an awesome time at the concert. I wish I could see Lostprophets live and actually meet them. Last time they came to my city was in 2004, and that was a few years before I heard about them. They don’t tour the U.S. anymore, but I heard that they were going to come back in the future.

Georgie! Hi!! Well; If I’m not mistaken, I do believe that all Volkswagen’s, will have a defect. Mine wasn’t the only one whose transmission went out on them. But none taken :). I don’t get offended over things like that. I think no matter what kind of car you buy, be it brand new or used, it will have some sort of defect towards it.

As far as being sick goes. It will take a while before I’m back to normal. But in all seriousness, my diabetic medication needs to be taken AFTER I eat. NOT before. That was my mistake all this time. Other than running out of them. But, I’m feeling better now though. I feel like I’ve lost some weight. Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. Just feels it. My back is starting to get better (oi, I’m just falling apart! lol!). But, I should be better before college starts! lol) I have scoliosis, which I believe I inherited from my mom. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a bad person. I just don’t like the things she’s doing.

I agree, paying a little MORE for a car wouldn’t be bad. I’m still saving up. And in fact, I thought I was only going to get $300.00 out of the $400.00 I lent my ‘dad’ borrow. I’m gonna get it all back. So total, I have $600.00 saved up already!! :D . I’m so happy!! Heehee. But yeah, I’m going for the gold on this one! lmfao.

So, yes I agree with you too! One of these days we will meet, and it better not be on Skype chat again! Though I think you and I were a bit nervous to chat with each other that day? I’m not sure. lol. But, we’ll probably be more nervous in person. I dunno yet. Yeah, that would be really awesome to get all the tours from you and your bf, and on top of that I get to meet him, and your bff Lillian!!! :D Yeah!!! But you’re right, I’m gonna save my money, for whatever happens, happens. May it be Meat Loaf meet and greet first, or a trip somewhere. Though, if I do go out of the country, it can only be for a week :( . That sucks!!! I dunno why they have to be so blah on their terms with Social Security.

Oh most definitely! This year has been a great year, and not so great. Though, I’m not looking back on the bad things, just the positive things. And, the attacks did decrease after I turned on the A/C in the car I was driving. But it’s amazing what air can do for ya!!

Wow that is some awesome hair. haha :D

That’s what I love about concerts: being able to wholly experience the band that you love with other fanatics and really enjoy a great night of music. My favorite picture of yours is the one where the light looks like a starburst of light! Now that you documented the concert in your blog, you can relive it over and over again!

Happy New Year’s!

Glad you enjoyed the night. :) I think your concert was much warmer than the one I went to – ha ha.

Depending on the band I think seeing a band live just increases your love for their music. For example: everyone knows how much I LOVE Anti-Flag, seeing them live just made me love them that much more because now I have such a respect for the music they make and the 110% they put into it. Same for White Wives, I’ve seen them twice now and each show was amazing and I still can’t get enough of their recordings. I just think the band has to be great to start with.

Haha I always drink so much water too. I just love my water and I am always so thirsty.

I’m glad you had an epic night and it sounds like you had a super time meeting (and seeing) the band and hanging out with your friends.

Wow, it looked like you had an awesome night! I hope more great things will come this 2012. Happy new year!

Oh man, sounds like such an amazing night!! The photos look so good and you’re so cute with the band! I’m so glad Dylan was able to go with you, you were so excited blogging about this before. I’m so glad it lived up to your expectations!!!