Code until you drop

Special announcement: After finishing all themes in the Pastel Collection, I have finished another collection called the Treats Collection. To kick in the new year, I have decided that every night from tonight for the next seven days, I will release one theme from the Treats Collection. I hope that each day you’ll return and take a look at the new theme I have up. This will happen regardless of whether I write a new blog post or not, so keep an eye on the recent updates in the sidebar or on the themes page itself. Head on over and check out the first theme, Toffee, today!

I am really excited to release this series as it is one I’ve been working on consistently for the past week. I hope you will all support me and spread the word about this small way I’m celebrating the new year, and to thank my visitors for continuing to support me all this time. I’m particularly proud of this series too, so if you use a theme please let me know. I would be thrilled to see someone use it.

As the title of this blog post (quoted from Rachel!) suggests, I’ve been coding all day. Rachel and I spent seven hours voice chatting today, while we worked on our websites and coded layouts. It’s a lot like what I do at work. I sit at my computer for most of the day and code and build websites. It’s something I really enjoy. It is a bit crazy to think that I spent all day coding layouts, though.

Earlier this month I was considering buying a new monitor that I could hook up to my laptop so I could have more screen space. This was the most cost-effective option as it meant I wouldn’t have to get another system. It was also the least time-consuming option. I wouldn’t have to reinstall an operating system or programs I like to use. I brought this up with my mum and dad and last week my dad pointed out that some monitors were on sale at some electronic retailers. I wanted to buy one before the end of the year – perhaps at the Boxing Day sales or general after-Christmas sales, but my mum doesn’t like me rushing into decisions – even though I told her I had been thinking about this monitor for a while).

After explaining to my mum why I wanted the new monitor for my work and needed it for my studies, she actually brought up the possibility of buying a new computer altogether. My old computer hasn’t been used for years. It uses one of those fat CRT monitors (looks like an old television) and the system is just borked beyond affordable repair. I told my mum it wasn’t worth it to fix. It’s been damaged from viruses and it’s just very old.

I asked James if he could help me build a new computer if I were to get one, and he kindly did. :) My mum did tell me to have a good think about it though. As James can build a computer for me for under $500, I can simply buy the monitor some time soon, and see how I fare. If I feel that a computer is the best option, I can pack away my laptop and use it just at work and when I need to use it away from home. My mum doesn’t want me to rush into buying a computer and wants to make sure I choose one for my needs. However, she did bring up the fact that I use my laptop as my main computer and have been for nearly three years, and it could wear out sooner if I continue to do so. She did say that her only concern was getting a monitor that’s too large.

I’ve decided not to get a Mac. I work quite fine on Windows, and Macs are rather expensive. My course next year doesn’t allow loans, so fees have to be paid in full. I think it would be an idea to save where possible, but I won’t be sacrificing quality, of course. I hope to get a new computer in the new year, because it would make designing so much easier.

I’m starting to move my poetry and writings over to this website as part of my holiday website cleanup. I hope everyone is having a good week and scabbing some things from the end-of-year sales. I haven’t ever been to one of those sales, but at the moment I’m not in need of anything urgently. It’s a bit shocking that some people have been injured in all the rush just to get cheap items.

Thankfully the weather has been less wet in my town lately. It’s beginning to look a little more like summer.

Don’t forget to keep visiting every day this week and there’ll be a new WordPress layout up each day. Six more to go! /pow

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WOW Georgie such a productive and busy break for you and Rachel! You guys are awesome with your webdesign skillz! I am gonna promote your site and add ya to my free wordpress layouts list (yes i’ll be making a list! hahaha) because I know a few people who would want to get started on blogging but don’t know which theme to use. I love your toffee one!

It’s awesome that James can build a computer under 500! I want to upgrade mom and dad’s computer since it’s slow as hell. My brother and I use laptops already so no need for it. I use my netbook for Windows (coding, programming in java, c++ etc) and Mac for everything else coz… I just love the sleekness of it XD hahaha

Can’t wait to see the next one! :)

/sweat I hope you don’t code till you drop! It’d be cute for a few seconds, and then it’d be very sweato

I suggest looking around; there seems to be some sort of wacky surplus of LED monitors everywhere. Get a 24″ if you can! /bounce you won’t regret it, but if it’s too large due to space constraints I’d suggest look at the 21″ or so. :)

$409 ain’t bad, eh. /froggu just give it a think. /bounse
Macs are horrible. I dunno. I just can’t trust something unless I know what’s in it, is all. /um Also you can’t really take them apart to clean, which is why i like the ATX case system


I’m sure that James can help you list down all possible computers, or permutations of computer parts, that you can get. It’s definitely a good idea to check out all the options, but there are so many options that you could be thinking for a long time! If a monitor happens to be your best option, it is still definitely worth getting. I love having a big monitor to attach to my laptop at school. Makes working easier.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the themes! Toffee is prettyfuls.

Awww thanks <3 People say I look like my Mom, but really, I look more like my Dad. :D Thank you for watching my video Georgina. Haha. Red is also my favorite color, next to pink! :D Advance Happy New Year~ By the way I enjoy coding layouts too, although I barely don't know how. I'm learning. And one day, I'll be able to make a pretty decent layout that I'll be proud of. Hehe. I am actually starting now, but it's still not much. :D

Goodluck with the another theme collection! Wow, I was able to read some of your tweets awhile ago.. I like the name "Tofee". Anyway, have fun! I'll be keeping my eyes open for the next themes. I'm sure they'd be great! :D

I used to absolutely LOVE coding layouts, but I don’t like it very much anymore. D: I only code a new theme for my blog once I get tired of looking at the old one, and even then, it feels more like a chore than a hobby. I used to make nice-looking themes, but now I just make plain gray/black/white ones. It’s kind of disappointing because I know I can do so much better, but, eh. Whatever. :P

My family had a really old computer for a while. It was a Mac from… 1995? :P We got a new one five years ago, but now that one’s getting old too. New computers are always fun. :) It’s probably not a good idea to use a laptop as your main computer, but that’s what I’ve been doing for a while and it works for me.

I wish it was summer right now! It ‘s winter over here, but it barely feels like winter because it’s freezing cold with no snow at all. :( It feels a lot more like early spring.

Oh, and my stay in the psychiatric hospital was nothing too exciting– something I said to my psychiatrist got misinterpreted as something really bad, so she sent me to the hospital in an ambulance. I just sat in one of those rooms with basically nothing in it for a few hours until a doctor came to talk to me. Then I went home. Pretty boring story, but it was a scary experience. :P

Tahee you actually credited me. (How is it that Jamesspeak is rubbing off on me when we don’t even chat? It just sounded nicer than “tehe” or “hehe”, man.)

You sound so… professional in the way you’re promoting these layouts, which I was totally not expecting. Good on you though for being so serious about it. :) I was thinking I would do mine either series by series, since my series are just the same layout in different colors, or just release like HEAPS at once. I think it would probably be better to do them one series at a time because then I could mention them each time I blogged until they were all posted, instead of being like “I uploaded a ton of premades the other day” over and over and pissing people off.

It’s too bad you’re not buying a Mac, but they ARE significantly more expensive, and if you have no problems with Windows and can get an excellent machine for cheap (*cough have James build it cough*), you might as well hold off for a while. A few years in the future when you might need a new computer again and might have more of the means to buy a Mac, I’m sure they will be even BETTER anyway. Then I’ll be jealous because my current Macbook Pro will still be rockin’ but you’ll be getting much newer technology.

When are you going to set up the writings page? >.< It seems like a relatively quick thing to do, amiright?


Lol, typed PEACH YO. Thought about leaving it, didn’t, mentioned it anyway. Ho. /ho

wow nice layouts! super cool how you have different collections. all look sleek, simple and sophisticated! love the style!

wow your bf can make you a computer? that’s pretty awesome. lol i actually like large monitors! it feels like a window of sorts into my computer…hahaha! happy holidays and new years to you! :)

I got tagged to a questionnaire and so I tagged you, the info is in my blog. If you decide to do it, have fun! /mwah :)

Wow you have been busy, just burn yourself out from over coding new layouts.

I would personally hold off on getting a new computer until you really know what you need vs want. If you do decide on getting a new computer, it’s a lot cheaper to build a computer.

That’s kind of you G, releasing some nice wordpress themes for everyone :) How talented of you (I don’t really have the talents in coding thoroughly a wordpress theme).
I quite agree with you, I work fine with Windows and Macs are well expensive as we know it. But I really love their new iPhone 4S haha!

I really have to get on with my coding. I’ve left my website hanging for around two months. I used to be addicted to coding, now it’s kinda ebbing off because of a shitload of work I get from school and trying to get ahead in school. :|

If I were you, I’d just get the extra monitor. When I’m feeling too cramped on my laptop, I just plug it into our desktop’s larger screen. :)

I did use my CRT monitor with my laptop but that apparently is very bad for it, which is why I want the newer one. I just hope my laptop doesn’t die any time soon… I have faith in him, and he’s really strong, but you never know.

I remember that last year I didn’t really update my website much and I barely coded unless it was to create a new layout. I don’t think you can lose touch with it, though. I’m sure once you jump into it you will remember it quickly. I’ve just been doing a lot of it at work and it makes me want to do it in my own stuff. But good luck with school and everything. :)

Haha, I think now would be a great time to get a computer because of all the sales. I know what you mean by not wanting to rush into such a big expense, but it might be worth it in order to save some cash. My husband always “builds” his own computer and I definitely think that is the way to go :) Hope you decide to go with it :X

Oh, wow! It sounds like you have been very productive this past week. I am super duper excited to see the new themes that you have created, and I just realized that your comment box drives me crazy as I keep thinking that my screen is dirty. :P

CRT monitors are perfectly respectable – I have 2 of them myself. Although I’ll admit that I’d love to be able to get flat screen or two…I’m seriously intrigued by the idea of dual monitors. Plus, I can put one on them on the wall above my desk. :) However, I am pretty sure that I am going to get a laptop first…

As for the weather, we had snow this morning…but it was all gone by lunchtime. I was utterly convinced that it was just a dream. Sadly, I think that its suppose to rain tonight…again. :(

Georgina, I’m loving your new themes! I love the minimalist look! I’ll definitely be snagging some during my next theme change. Thanks so much for working so hard on these!

My dad is the same way when it comes to buying pretty much anything. He always does his research and holds off until it’s the “right time” to buy whatever it is. I seem to have gotten that same routine from him as it takes me ages to buy something I want. Since I’m spending my own money, I’ve stopped being an impulse buyer :P

I don’t think think getting Windows over Mac makes any difference. I’ve always bought Windows–much to the chagrin of some of my designer coworkers who think I’m a “design traitor”–because I like the many options offered. I wish I could build my own computer like James, but I’ve never tried. One day I will! :D Good on James for being able to build one for under $500!

I love the new layout collection- it’s gorgeous!
I personally have a Mac but I still prefer windows :]

Thank you! :) Ah, I’ve used a Mac before and I’ve felt tempted to get one but I think overall I have more options with Windows. Hehe.

Your layouts are really nice! Toffee is a super one!

Getting new computers are so exciting! Yay! I think it is so smart to not rush into it. Plus, the longer you wait the better computer you’ll be able to build for less.

This new themes series is bound to make me want food now… preferably something sweet! I love the new theme… your coding skills are amazing!
I always voice chat with my friend whilst I am busy online but… she gets a bit distracted so I kind have to remind her I’m on the other end. LOL!

I wanted a Mac but the price put me off of it…. it’s really pricey and I feel I can get a better computer or laptop for the same price.

It’s been a really productive week for you – always a good thing! :)

wooooow what a FANTASTIC surprise!! i love the first theme, wihiii i can’t wait to see the others in your collection! :D i thought about start offering coded layouts this year, but after i’ve seen yours, i’m definitely sure i won’t, haha! your coding skills totally rocks! :D <3

for now, i also think a normal computer works just as good as a mac! maybe one day in the future when i'm millionaire, or billionaire, i'll be nice to eyes and buy a macbook pro, 'cause they're beautiful, no doubt!

i don't either like to rush into anything, especially when it comes to money!

thank you!! i hope you had a wonderful season as well! :D <333 oh yeah i WILL get more productive! happy holidays! <3

If you celebrate it.. how was Christmas? :D
Well, I started on blogger because my website will be expiring soon :( I don’t think I will stop making designs and posting them on the site, but it’s really fun to blog! :D I never realized it was so much fun… hehe ^^
All your themes are gorgeous!! I especialy love “mint” and “sky” from your pastel collection!! The simplicity of them is so pretty < James must be soo skilled!
Can't wait to see the rest of the themes! I'll visit every day and definitely spread the word ^_~
Happy holidayss :)

aww your themes are always amazinggg i adore your wordpress layouts:D
i learnt to code wordpress themes from your tutorial a few months back:D
but then i decided to pay for one haha :D

Happy new year< not sure if i said that<3
your site is amazingg anyways its so inspiring and radiant :D
everything you do amazes me :D

so anyways yeah > laptops are better :D
but anyways i would suggest one with built in wifi :D

Thank you! :) I do commissions as well so if you know anyone who needs a theme made… I do them for a small price.

My current laptop has wireless, I am sure most laptops available these days do. Anyway I replied to this comment here as your website isn’t open at the moment. But I hope you have a good start to 2012!

I absolutely love your free layouts, your coding skills amaze me.

Once I go back to university I will be buying a new laptop. Macs are just ridiculous prices and a pain to work with some software, where as windows works with anything.

Hope you have a nice new year.

I really like those layouts. I think you have done a really good job.
I also like coding. But usually my coding till I drop means I can’t look at HTML for a couple of days. :D
My mom has a similar attitude. She really doesn’t like rushed decisions or having the price higher than anticipated, even by $15. But it has saved me a lot of money in the long run. :)
I hope you are able to get what you need soon and for a good price.

The theme I am currently using is from your previous series – the pastel collection. However, it isn’t exactly a “pastel” theme (at least, it cannot fit into said category, anyway). I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in this new series you’re posting each day this week! They look so different on my phone, though, so it kind of sucks that I won’t be able to see them ASAP. D: I’m still desperately trying to find some Internet access. It would also make my life a lot easier at home because I wouldn’t have to rely on my slow phone for some knowledge on where freaking medical facilities are located. >.>

Hurray for less horrible weather. :P

And as far as the whole new computer vs. a new computer monitor goes, that’s pretty cool how your mom mentioned that. My parents/family/etc. care mostly about only a) the money, b) what I have now and/or c) the idea/impression/whatever that I’m so clueless as far as anything related to this goes… Heh. I don’t know why I find it pretty cool or anything like that, but I do… .-.

I will have to remember to check out your new themes – I’ve always loved looking at what you’ve made. :)

I think you should start out just with a monitor – because in the end if you do want to just get a new computer that’s one less thing you’ll have to shop around for. I’m thinking about getting a new monitor as well – I’m using the one that came with my old Sony, I love this monitor but I would like one that’s a little larger – the only problem with that though is my desk isn’t that large. Before that though, I’m going to upgrade the space & such in my tower – it’s great and I have so much space left but I would rather do it sooner than later. :)

The end of 2011 – hard to believe the year is already over! Time went by so fast this year.

Hey Georgie! Sorry this comment is returned later then usual! I just wanted to come on when my eyes were okay and not stinging (aka being dry!).

Wow, you’re being a rather productive person before you have to go back to school! Seriously; that’s a good thing though! Me? I’m just staying at home, and being sick (again). It really sucks to be sick again,especially right before you have to go to orientation (January 5th), and then start school the Monday after that! It’s not any fun! So, I’m a sickie and it really bites.

I decided to take the car-pooling option instead of paying for the housing. I mean it is more efficient that way to do the housing as it does come with shuttle privileges. But, the thing is they want you to buy another set of pots/pans and decor, for yourself when there are already 6 other girls in the apartment. Why bother? I can save that money up for a car, that I really need to get myself to and from college! Ya know what I mean? I mean, it makes a lot MORE sense to buy a car that you really need, and just take your self to the school, park, etc. etc. and you can have your OWN way there, and not having to worry about the shuttle being late, or your ride being late, and having to wait for other passengers etc.etc. or worry about missing the shuttle! Etc.etc. I mean it’s all making more and more sense to me. So why NOT buy a car?

Spending time with family is a great thing/feeling! Yeah, I didn’t get a lot of gifts either, but what I did get, was just amazing. But most definitely Kya and I have made up. It’s a great feeling to know two friends online have finally made up and can overcome whatever happened in the past. Ya know? Just a great feeling.

Re : I agree, better late then never!!! Wow three whole years! Amazing how time catches up with you isn’t it? It feels like it was just yesterday you did that scene :P . J/k.

I’m actually rather excited to see your new layouts every day! That means I’ll be having to check up on you, whenever I can! :P. Except the times I’m at school of course :P. But I am again glad to see you’re being rather productive before this year ends!

Re re : No job on campus this quarter anyway. They told me you have to be there for at least a term. So I may have to apply the next term or something like that. I’m not sure how that works. But I see my Admissions Rep. this coming week, not sure when. But, sometime this coming week. So it’ll all work out in the end.

Your Themes Collection project sounds AWESOME :D! Good luck with making a new theme for the Treats Collection everyday til New Year ;D! It’s something possible to do, knowing your legit skills XD!

I spread the word around about your awesome layout ;P! I’m sure people WILL use your layouts. I always see people using your layouts in different blogs o:! It’s something that’s expected in the long run.

You seem to have fun when you’re coding all day! :P! I know how that’s like- seeing how I spent most of my day recoding the layout for my blog. Even though I did have the skeleton, I had trouble “beefin'” it up! ?_?..

With your genius brother, making a computer won’t be the problem. The only thing I think would be a problem is it’s portability. You can’t take it to school with you or anything. You know what’s best for you ;D!

Good luck and have fun with all of those website cleanups :D! Along with making them wordpress themes daily too :D!

My days are getting busier by the second! D:! It’s usually all work, and we can’t complain about it during the time. I’m surprised I even have the willpower to continue on the practices. But it’s worth it :D!!!

Our Uniform looks like:

It’s nice to wear :)! I feel like those Nutcracker Toy Soldiers or something XD! With that “Miss Los Angeles” sash around me :P!

My brother also has a LCD right now. :O! So your brother isn’t alone :P! Widescreen computers are awesome because you can just do so many things within the screen XD!

At least you gave domains away! I wanted to give domains away until I found use for the NC credits. I’m just waiting on the first person to call me out or something :(. I’m mentally prepared for that XD!

Take care (:

Oh that’s fine, this is the 3rd time I’ve been tagged also. It gets annoying after a while. Something tells me 2012 will be a good year because this year is ending on a really good note. So much things to be thankful for…hmmm I might blog about that tomorrow.

I actually did some research and apparently it stands for Kresge, which is the last name of the owner. xD If we only had 40 years to live I would travel the world because it’s something I just have to do. A world with discrimination will be paradise.

Ohh I love The Day After Tomorrow, I have no idea why end of the world movie are such a thrill to me. It’s weird. I also love movies with sharks because people are just so stupid. They don’t know what Get out of the water means. My brother told me MI3 wasn’t all that, he said they were cool stunts but that’s about it.
My mom works a lot also and she talks during movies a lot so I don’t want her to go with me lol. /hmph

I actually do remember reading you blog about that lol. I celebrate every holiday…even halloween, just without the costumes lol. LOL I feel dumb, but yeah I want to be an environmental biologist. :D Aww congrats!! Takes lots of pics of your graduation. /eee I can’t for june, no more high school. XD

My fav is the Cherry and one!! 👏 Good luck with your task, you can do it! :D Do you know any scripts that shows a checkout page type thing. I want to create themes, but I want it to be on shop. I’m going to move everything there. :D
I love your job! That would be soo cool to get paid for coding. My brother actually bought a bigger screen and hooked it to his laptop. It’s pretty cool, you can also tv with a big but not too big screen. Ohh take a pic of your new computer when it’s up. We had a computer like that, but my dad doesn’t like new things so he just kept replacing stuff. It’s a windows xp computer, imagine how that will look lol. I honest prefer Windows to Mac because Mac has special downloads and such. I cannot go without photoshop and for mac I would have to get a special version. I’ll stick to windows. (H)

Geez a lou! That’s great that you’ve been so productive and have been cleaning up your website! It makes me feel rather lazy because I’ve done absolutely nothing all break but read and make some college decisions. :P The layouts are so cute! I think it’s a great idea to release them each day, and I like the “treats” theme. Very cute. :)

I’d like to do a little revamp of my own website, just clean out some old articles and tutorials that are just crap, but at the moment I’m just trying to keep up with returning comments and just regular updates.

That’s awesome you can get James to build you a computer for so cheap! Both of my brothers have built their computers themselves, but I think it’s ended up being more expensive than buying a brand new one. But, they also added better things. I’d try and explain, but I really have no idea what they’ve done to them. :P Hurray for a new computer, though! Always exciting, especially now that coding and graphics will be easier to do. :)

Have a great rest of your break!