Code until you drop

Special announcement: After finishing all themes in the Pastel Collection, I have finished another collection called the Treats Collection. To kick in the new year, I have decided that every night from tonight for the next seven days, I will release one theme from the Treats Collection. I hope that each day you’ll return and take a look at the new theme I have up. This will happen regardless of whether I write a new blog post or not, so keep an eye on the recent updates in the sidebar or on the themes page itself. Head on over and check out the first theme, Toffee, today!

I am really excited to release this series as it is one I’ve been working on consistently for the past week. I hope you will all support me and spread the word about this small way I’m celebrating the new year, and to thank my visitors for continuing to support me all this time. I’m particularly proud of this series too, so if you use a theme please let me know. I would be thrilled to see someone use it.

As the title of this blog post (quoted from Rachel!) suggests, I’ve been coding all day. Rachel and I spent seven hours voice chatting today, while we worked on our websites and coded layouts. It’s a lot like what I do at work. I sit at my computer for most of the day and code and build websites. It’s something I really enjoy. It is a bit crazy to think that I spent all day coding layouts, though.

Earlier this month I was considering buying a new monitor that I could hook up to my laptop so I could have more screen space. This was the most cost-effective option as it meant I wouldn’t have to get another system. It was also the least time-consuming option. I wouldn’t have to reinstall an operating system or programs I like to use. I brought this up with my mum and dad and last week my dad pointed out that some monitors were on sale at some electronic retailers. I wanted to buy one before the end of the year – perhaps at the Boxing Day sales or general after-Christmas sales, but my mum doesn’t like me rushing into decisions – even though I told her I had been thinking about this monitor for a while).

After explaining to my mum why I wanted the new monitor for my work and needed it for my studies, she actually brought up the possibility of buying a new computer altogether. My old computer hasn’t been used for years. It uses one of those fat CRT monitors (looks like an old television) and the system is just borked beyond affordable repair. I told my mum it wasn’t worth it to fix. It’s been damaged from viruses and it’s just very old.

I asked James if he could help me build a new computer if I were to get one, and he kindly did. 🙂 My mum did tell me to have a good think about it though. As James can build a computer for me for under $500, I can simply buy the monitor some time soon, and see how I fare. If I feel that a computer is the best option, I can pack away my laptop and use it just at work and when I need to use it away from home. My mum doesn’t want me to rush into buying a computer and wants to make sure I choose one for my needs. However, she did bring up the fact that I use my laptop as my main computer and have been for nearly three years, and it could wear out sooner if I continue to do so. She did say that her only concern was getting a monitor that’s too large.

I’ve decided not to get a Mac. I work quite fine on Windows, and Macs are rather expensive. My course next year doesn’t allow loans, so fees have to be paid in full. I think it would be an idea to save where possible, but I won’t be sacrificing quality, of course. I hope to get a new computer in the new year, because it would make designing so much easier.

I’m starting to move my poetry and writings over to this website as part of my holiday website cleanup. I hope everyone is having a good week and scabbing some things from the end-of-year sales. I haven’t ever been to one of those sales, but at the moment I’m not in need of anything urgently. It’s a bit shocking that some people have been injured in all the rush just to get cheap items.

Thankfully the weather has been less wet in my town lately. It’s beginning to look a little more like summer.

Don’t forget to keep visiting every day this week and there’ll be a new WordPress layout up each day. Six more to go! 👊

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