Theory of Relativity

Oh, I’m not going to compose this.
Can you agree it won’t make sense?

There’s this and that,
pi and Pythagoras.
Nothing but sine and cosine
tangents and what.

Learning dumb rules, laws, formulae.
Jumping in a fit a circle two metres radius.

Moral ambiguity,
waking up early on Mondays
Each day drags along
To its very horizon.

This equals that, whatever physics.
Quantum and improbability.

Don’t panic, they say
But every day it’s all that.
But worry all the time
Takes over the brain.

Momentum and impulse,
biological processes,
photosynthesis and respiration
and things like xylem and phloem.

Too much I learn, too much of a waste
Walking through a cloud.
Most likely the most useful thing I’ll learn
would be 42.