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This morning I was in such a rush that I forgot to brush my teeth, which was fucking embarrassing. I think that I’ve only (genuinely) forgotten to do that one other time. The other time was in high school, when I had to make a beeline for the bus stop. I realised I’d forgotten to brush my teeth and cursed myself for having no mints. I realise I had grapes in my bag and I chuffed them down as fast as I could.

I was sitting in the car this morning as my dad was driving my brother and I to the train station. I asked my brother for some mints – hoping so hard that he had some – and thankfully, he did. I took just one, it was strong enough. I didn’t have a tissue to keep some, or a plastic bag… just a slightly damp serviette from my washed apples. I put four pieces into the serviette and folded it up, putting it in my bag.

Later on in the day James asked if I wanted a mint, and I suddenly remembered the ones I’d folded up. I took them out and they were a little smudged and soft from the dampness, so I decided to eat them all straight away.

Very bad idea. I had four of these hot mints in my mouth and though they were freshening my breath, it was insane how intense the mint was. I could have put up with it until the end but I couldn’t take it anymore and spat them out. Hahahahaha.

I had a good afternoon with James. Last year, Ryan took me and Vicky to a milk bar down the road from university, called the Olympia Milk Bar. It was really run-down, apparently been there since the 40s and such. It has a complete history that is even mentioned on Wikipedia. There are a lot of forum posts about the old man who runs the place being creepy, related to Dracula, mentally insane, and so on. I’ll admit that last year it was a bit creepy but I loved the feeling of nostalgia looking at all the empty chocolate boxes and the old tables and decor. Today I walked there with James. It was a far walk but since we were walking down to the camera store, I thought it would be worth a look.

It was actually a far way to walk and I said to James that I wanted to look for the milk bar, since I knew it was somewhere close. To be honest I only knew it was on the main road, I didn’t know how much further it would be. After walking past a pole dancing studio James said, “if it isn’t after this traffic light, you have to go to have a pole dancing lesson.” He was so sure there was no milk bar. :P

When we reached the traffic light he said, “I already bought you a pole”. HAHAHA WHAT. Anyway, I could see the milk bar from the traffic light. He was amazed when we walked in. :D We bought a chocolate milkshake. It was really nice, good value for money at under $3 made fresh. Gosh I love those kinds of places. We’ve found a little cafe from the 20s, closer to university, that we’ll be visiting some time. /eee

I really, really wanted to go to the record store I’d seen on the way walking to the milk bar, so we walked back. I realised too that I had lost $5 I got as change from the camera store. I was quite irritated. I know it was $5, not a great big deal of money, but it just reminded me how shoddy I am at keeping things. So far this year I’ve lost a phone (ugh), a big black ring, $5, and a few bucks in a train ticket machine… trust me, that’s a lot to lose in a year. Whatever, silly little $5. Oh and did I pick up a record? Yes I did, because everything sounds better on vinyl. I got ELO’s On The Third Day.

On the way home we got some dried kiwi fruit. I’d never had it before and it tasted totally fantastic. /drool We also got to taste some yoghurt… dude, I love those taste-testing things they have at supermarkets and such. Shame university is far from home, I would have bought some otherwise. It’s just that melted and out-of-fridge yoghurt isn’t the best thing ever.

I was supposed to do a handwriting tag, but next time… I’m getting insanely busy with all this photography stuff, and I’ve got an essay due on Monday… I’ve been reading all your comments and you’ve been amazing, I’m slowly catching up with those blogs I missed reading. :)

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Hi, Georgina!
I’ve voted for you! Hope you win!! ♥

I hate intense mints. Sometimes they feel like my mouth is on fire!! 💥 I always carry gum on me though, just in case. I’ve had bad breath problems when I was little. They’re completely gone now, but it caused me to be extra cautious about my breath! 😰
Wow! The milk bar sounds interesting! I’d want to visit it sometime :) Is it really from the 40s?? :o that’s so cool!
Sounds like you had an awesome day! :D

Is summer already over for you?? I go back to school on Monday and I’m not at all excited… :( Well, take care! :)

Hmm, I’ve never heard of a milk bar; but I don’t live in AU, I’m in the UK. Not sure if they exist over here, they probably do somewhere. You can get milkshakes in a huge variety of places but I’ve never been to one that’s dedicated solely to milkshakes (and ice creams), It sounds interesting :)

I hate it when I forget to brush my teeth, it doesn’t happen often but it’s worse when I don’t have any mints 😳

AHHHHH how did you forget to brush your teeth! I’m extremely intense about being clean and organized, so it’s impossible for me to forget stuff like that, haha. I’d be so embarrassed though! Bad idea to take all four mints even one is too strong for me.

I love little cafes, I went to so many of them in Korea! There’s nothing like that here because I finally realize how much I live in the middle of nowhere despite being only an hour away from such a large city. I really crave for a chocolate milkshake right now too.

I don’t think I’ve lost anything this year, wow me! I’m still trying to figure out how to lose my phone, any pointers? HAHA JK!

Don’t worry I know what you mean. Though I fobbily dress like my cousins, I don’t look anything like them! Most of them are in school too so they have neat haircuts. I really really stand out, even without all of my relatives’ help. Some of my relatives remember me from when I was 3 years old. They can’t blame me for not remembering them then, haha.


Lol somehow I just managed to stumble onto your blog… Wow, it really is so cute ♥ And I love this font that is coming up in this comment box hahahaha… omo XDD

Anyways, it really sucks that you lost your phone D: I feel so bad for you :( But as you wrote, a phone is only a phone… it’s not like you lost a limb or anything :) My parents always said never to buy anything incredibly expensive because at the end of the day, they are the things that attract robbery and such… but I have my eye on the new BB regardless *_*

As for pole dancing, you should try it. It is honestly SO fun and I personally love it XD Don’t get me wrong, I am no slut. It’s really good exercise and defo very fun. Just take out the slutty movements and you’ll be fine~~ :D

Take care~

I voted for you! ;)

I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth many times in the morning. Usually when I was waiting for the bus and the house is like 100 yards away. I would find some gum and use that. I hate the feeling when you don’t brush your teeth! I also have put more than one of those hot mints in your mouth. It burns!!

I voted for you :D ♥

Mints are the best solution if you haven’t brushed your teeth, I would have eaten mint as well if I forgot to brush my teeth :P I don’t want to be all stinky out of my mouth xD I hate the feeling of not brushing my teeth :P

Just voted for you as well!

I think the only time I forgot to brush my teeth was when I was still a child. I had my share of tardiness both at school and at work because I had to brush my teeth even though I was running late.

We have tons of small cafes here and they’re really charming. We have two near our place (a five minute walk) and I usually meet friends or clients there. Plus, these two cafes offer soya milk to those who are lactose intolerant like moi :)

By the way, I can do pole dancing. No kidding!

Hi Geogina! Will sure vote for you.

Forgetting to brush your teeth does sound disastrous. Sometimes it effects our confidence when talking to people. So, I make it my priority everyday, no matter even if I was late for something. ;) Mints are a real life saver in this situation, that’s why I have a packet of mints in my pocket 24/7. Sometimes, bad breath still attacks even if we brush our teeth which is real annoying.

I can only imagine how bad it was to forget to brush your teeth! Do you think that now you’ll always carry gum with you? At least its not something you do often so I am sure that people didn’t even notice! I like the idea of eating grapes as a solution though! Haha! I’m sure it worked too until your brother lent you a mint! Did he even notice your breath? I am sure you were self conscious for nothing!

Please don’t think I’m weird but I totally LOVE the feeling of lots of hot mints in my mouth at once! I’m not really sure why though! I know I’m strange! *hides*

I didn’t know you could buy dried kiwi fruit! I am kind of a kiwi fruit fiend so I would probably die of happiness if I got some! Maybe if I’m nice enough to you – you will mail me some?

I lose things a lot too! But I am sorry that you lost your money… that is very heartbreaking!

I’ve been voting for you in the competition :)! Good luck and I hope you’ll win!

:X! Eep! Forgetting to brush your teeth in the morning is horrible! D:! Thank god for the invention of mints :P! I somehow made it a routine for me to brush my teeth FIRST THING whenever I get off the bed. It’s always my first priority.

I never tried a chocolate milkshake before! In fact, I never tried chocolate milk before! And still haven’t. That’s weird of me, but I only like regular milk.

I hate it when we lose things. It all adds up later on. 5 dollars here, 1 dollar there, 30 dollars left and right. Bah! D:! But that’s how life goes. At least you’re not an investor who can lose more than a hundred thousand dollars in one day. It’s just a circulation.

Good luck with your photography class and the other work that you’re doing offline :P I wonder what dried kiwi fruit tastes like! I’ve tried out dried orange skins before and dry mango. But never kiwi :O! In fact.. I never tried kiwi fruit itself besides its juices :o

For Library Service, that used to be a lunch thing. Now, the librarian made it an actual class because she wants students to do the library work for her like putting the books away and so on. It’s an easy A, but I hate doing these things. BAH! I rather do this than do some military training. D:

I’m falling behind comments, but it’s always school that has to be blamed :P

I love the rice in sushi :D! It’s so delicious! But I cannot eat plain rice D:! It taste like.. dough O:

Take care (:

OMG that has happened to me before. I was rushed to get to church, and half way through church remembered that I hadn’t brushed my teeth. D: So gross. It hasn’t happened again though, lol. :P

I’m happy you had a good afternoon. Lol about the rumours about the old guy. Crazy people on the streets just crack me up.

James sounds funny, the thing about the pole made me laugh lmao. :P I’m happy you found the milk bar in the end though!

I’ve been thinking about doing the handwriting tag, maybe tomorrow. :S

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve commented!!! I’ve been reading silently like a stalker, but I didn’t feel like commenting which is kind of rude I guess. But I am now and I’m glad you’re feeling better, even if I’m a bit belated on that!

There have been a few times throughout high school where I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth but even more embarrassingly, there were more times when I forgot to change out of my pajama shirt! On those days I was thankful I was smart enough to remember to put on jeans, bra and shoes. Ha!

That place you went to sounds awesome though. $3 for a milkshake! I don’t know of anywhere where I live that sells them so cheaply.
Losing stuff always sucks, but at the end of the day, do they really matter all that much? Unless, it’s a person that is. Then that really sucks. Small items however? Those things are always replaceable.

Haha, I hate not brushing my teeth, I’m already always paranoid that my breath smells, so the first thing I do is brush my teeth in the morning, as I cannot stand morning breath. I’ve forgotten once or twice, and thank goodness I had gum with me.

I’ve never heard of milk bars, although they sound like nice places. I live in the US, so I’m guessing they’re the equivalent of milkshake shops, or maybe Johnny Rockets? I don’t know, lol. I’d like to visit one though. I wouldn’t mind a nice chocolate milkshake every now and then.

And I voted for you! I hope you win! (Y)

When I was younger I didn’t see the point in brushing your teeth in the morning. Now, sometimes I brush my teeth twice in the morning. :O spicy mints.

The Olympia Milk Bar sounds awesome. Now I want a chocolate milkshake 🤤 So you’re going to have a pole dancing lesson :O … fun …..? The cafe from the 20s also sounds cool. I remember when you lost your phone. You where a mess (kidding). A record? COOL :D Is ELO a good band? Did you already know the band?

Dried kiwi fruit sounds kinda nasty to me 0_0 Free food is always good c: Psychology really helps you understand other people’s problems better, doesn’t it? My mom’s good at that :A Psychology seems very interesting and I think I would like to study it, too. I doubt I will thought.

I voted for you (couple a times), hope you win :D

well, I’m glad the place actually existed, but pole dancing lessons sound like fun :P

I hate losing money. It’s like, I’ll use a coupon to save 60 cents, so losing like more than a dollar seems like such a waste. I lost a $50 gas card a couple years ago. I just hope someone found it who needed it more than me ’cause that sucked a lot.

OMG! you forgot to brush your teeth :( Voted btw. i hope you win! I started liking eating kiwi when I tasted it in tutti frutti . YUMMY! like I wanna eat 1 whole kiwi xD jeeez. I also remembered when I forgot getting my change. I was so pissed about it. /um

I voted! :D

I always remember to brush my teeth..and wash my It’s the only way I’ll feel awake. I know one girl who doesn’t even bother brushing her teeth or washing up if she woke up late O_O It’s just so shocking to me because it’s not even SUPER important that she has to be promptly on time. I would understand if she’s late to something really important like work, but she was late to meet up with a friend. She could have texted or call her friend that she’ll be a little late, but I guess it’s more important to her to be on time xD

I didn’t know there were mints that intensive! I wanna try XD

oh, which reminds me there’s this portable cap thing here in the U.S. where you put on your finger to brush your teeth with if you’re on the go and it will automatically foam. I’m not sure if they have it over where you live, but I always have one or two in my bag just in case I wanna brush up after eating out ^^;;

Hmm I don’t think you should beat yourself over losing things. At least the minimal amount of money is easily replaced.

Dried fruit is really an amazing thing XD Kiwi is actually one of my favorite! <3

Voted again!
Never a good idea to put that many mints in your mouth at once XD I had to learn that the hard way, too. Some mints are just too intense.
That milk bar sounds fun! I’d love to go to a place like that, even if just to see what it’s like :) Too bad you lost that 5, though. I’m the same way, i tend to lose all sorts of stuff (mostly bobby pins, it’s insane how often i have to buy new ones!).

I voted. :) Every little helps. Good luck!

I don’t think I have ever forgotten to do my teeth but there have been many time where I have forgotten to put make up on. I then feel paranoid all day, hoping nobody will notice.

I hate mint. It’s so strange, I’ve just never like sort of hot sensation in my mouth. I always have fruit flavoured gum and I have to have strawberry toothpaste. I feel like such a child haha!

Milk bars sound interesting. We don’t have anything like that in the UK (or at least I don’t think we have) but I love milkshakes! I like to find little places like that. There is a small cafe in one of the nearby towns that is hidden away but it does the best lasagna ever!

I love record stores! I always have a look in when I find one but I never buy any because we don’t have a record player anymore. :(

I’ve been voting for you every day, I hope you win. ♥

I’m really obsessed with brushing my teeth, I couldn’t imagine ever leaving the house without forgetting to do them. I have done it once before though, on my way to work, I got to the bus stop and realised I had forgotten, so I ran home to do them. I had no mints or gum on me so yeah, just ran home. I felt disgusting though. D:

I used to do that with mints haha, I thought it was amusing but he burns your mouth so much. D:

I don’t like milkshake, so I would have preferred the pole dancing lessons hahaha. Would have been funny if the milk bar wasn’t after the traffic lights; I wonder if James would have made you do it? :P You sure have lost quite a lot of things so far this year! I always lose money; I lost £5 in KFC a little while ago and I was so depressed about it haha, it’s not a lot of money but still, I could have bought another KFC with that!

Everything does always sound better on vinyl, that’s for sure. /love

voted again because you’re one of my favorite bloggers ♥
forgot to brush your teeth~ XD must be damn awkward /snort I often chew on gums (xylitol ones, fresh mint. those weird fruit flavored ones are a no-no) even though I brushed my teeth.. well… sometimes breath gets er,you know.. after you eat.. /ho
even though it seems a little bit spooky, I’d really love to go to Olympia Milk Bar ✌️ the design is just so vintage and old and mysterious~ ( a good spot for cameras too lol) what did you ordered the first time you went there? I’ve done some googling and the drinks were served in this kind of aluminium kind of glass which I personally think it’s really cool. I’d love to meet the owner and see how he looks like (H) (mysterious stuff always ticks my interest~)
ah…the sadness of losing Ben the iPhone.. :( I think I’d cry if I lost my phone,even though it’s an android not iPhone (but I shall be so happy to ask for iPhone for a new one lol 😏 )

Every once in a while, I wake up late and forget to brush my teeth before heading to work.
It makes me feel all gross the rest of the day because of that gritty feeling on your teeth 😒

I try to keep mints in my sachel at all times but it is hard to find ones I can eat because I have an allergy to aspartame /hmph

LOL’ed at the comment about the pole, bwahaha. But it made me laugh because I had someone say that to me on the bus the other day haha. {had to take a bud because my car did not want to start 💥 }

Sadness on the loss of the iPhone. I have a crappy rumor 2 so I might not be sad to see it lost, but then again it does get my texts and calls through so I might still cry :D

Man, I can’t believe I miss your blog. I haven’t been commenting on your posts for ages! Shame on me. By the way, I voted for you! ♥

LOL! How did you forget to brush your teeth? I’d thought this is something that should already be programmed into anyone. LOL! But I suppose that’s part of being human. We can be so forgetful sometimes. :D

Haha! I’d love to check out the Milk Bar. Related to Dracula? Definitely a must-see! :D I’m glad the chocolate milkshake was worth the walk.
Wow, your place seems to have lots of those kinds of old buildings. We don’t have much of those here. The oldest building I could find in my city is a shop that was opened in the 50s. XD

I LOVE MINTS. They’re great when you’re dozing off during class. The milkbar sounds like a cool place to hang out :) Hmm, i never tried dried kiwi! haha.

Voted for you,

I made an website. Each time I finally got it to how I wanted it, it switched back to the old settings. Let’s just say I gave up. -.-

I have been voting for you, though. As much as I can remember to, that is.

I hate it when I forget to brush my teeth. 1) I get all paranoid about it and worry everyone else either already knows or notices, and 2) I’m practically cursed for the rest of the day with having bad luck because I feel so icky. >.>. I feel your pain. :|

Oh, my gosh! I’ve done that before! …It wasn’t a good thing. I did it during class, and if I had spat them out, the evil science teacher would have yelled at me. Very hot, indeed. :/ My little sister, Mary, calls it “spicy”. :P Anything sour, hot, etc. :P Haha.

Bah, it’s 2:37am. bbl

I’m trying to get on a sleeping schedule, and last night I just happened to look at the time and freak out. P:

The milk bar sounds really cool. :P This is an old town – recently I found out it’s haunted after a conversation with my mom that lead me to research that taught me how it’s haunted by Indians – but all we have are pricey antique stores and old, remodeled stores that carry up-to-date stuff. Nothing like an old milk bar – which I’m totally jealous of you for. Not because I would want chocolate, but because I’d want to take pictures of it and be able to blog about it. :P Haha. I plan on going to museums and such when I get a job and car. :3 …that was so random.

I’m sort of behind on comments, too. But I’m slowly catching up. :p That little :p looks so cute in this font… (Trying to distract myself, long story).


Thanks! My ear did get better. ;3 It’s a coming-and-going earache that happens just so randomly. I’m pretty sure it’s all a big thanks to allergies. Pft. Pure evil right there. -.-

I actually never liked them enough to use them until now. I always thought they were cute, but not cute to the point that I would use them. I liked them for Dehlu, though. Then I wanted to use them for 6birds. …and wahlah! :P

*hugs back* Thank you. :3 The hurricane won’t come to us, but if it nears Florida, TX better get ready for cover because there will be rain, rain and more rain. I do know someone who was evacuated from NY, and I haven’t heard from her since. I’m hoping it’s because her bill was due yesterday or that she forgot her phone or that it’s lost. Because that’s the best I can hope for, right? I think it is. It’s not that we were close, it’s just that we used to be really close. Blah.

I think every two days is good. …Is that the same as every other day? Because that’s kind of what I have been trying to do. I just find it so much easier to keep up with everything.

Haha, there are some really cool layouts I love editing into my own thing! :P I also love just editing one a lot of times because I’ll really like the base… If you haven’t noticed from your Sky and Lilac themes. 🙄 /hehe I made Dehlu’s with the help of Isi’s tutorial. I followed yours first, and then I followed hers. And then I followed Vicky’s tutorials for WP and the navigation, and then I followed yours. And then I followed hers again. It was actually a very long and difficult process, and it took me about a month or two to do – even though I only started talking about it when I had it public for viewing and started asking about opinions. The bad thing is that I get bored of things so quickly – like layouts. Not when they’re on other people’s websites, but when they’re on my own. I think it’s like that because I’m still trying to find my place in this world. Blah. :L …Plus, I like a variety.

But thank you! I made the background thing using my pattern template from ColourLovers (I’m too lazy to link… 😳 /faw :( /um ). I don’t think anyone’s noticed that I kind of really like the greys and reds. :P But oh well. :P Thank you – I’m glad you like it!! <3

I don’t think there are milk bars at my area, but the place you mentioned sounds nice :) I love dairy :P and dried fruits are really nice, I especially like toasted apple and banana slices :)