Afternoons on Broadway

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This morning I was in such a rush that I forgot to brush my teeth, which was fucking embarrassing. I think that I’ve only (genuinely) forgotten to do that one other time. The other time was in high school, when I had to make a beeline for the bus stop. I realised I’d forgotten to brush my teeth and cursed myself for having no mints. I realise I had grapes in my bag and I chuffed them down as fast as I could.

I was sitting in the car this morning as my dad was driving my brother and I to the train station. I asked my brother for some mints – hoping so hard that he had some – and thankfully, he did. I took just one, it was strong enough. I didn’t have a tissue to keep some, or a plastic bag… just a slightly damp serviette from my washed apples. I put four pieces into the serviette and folded it up, putting it in my bag.

Later on in the day James asked if I wanted a mint, and I suddenly remembered the ones I’d folded up. I took them out and they were a little smudged and soft from the dampness, so I decided to eat them all straight away.

Very bad idea. I had four of these hot mints in my mouth and though they were freshening my breath, it was insane how intense the mint was. I could have put up with it until the end but I couldn’t take it anymore and spat them out. Hahahahaha.

I had a good afternoon with James. Last year, Ryan took me and Vicky to a milk bar down the road from university, called the Olympia Milk Bar. It was really run-down, apparently been there since the 40s and such. It has a complete history that is even mentioned on Wikipedia. There are a lot of forum posts about the old man who runs the place being creepy, related to Dracula, mentally insane, and so on. I’ll admit that last year it was a bit creepy but I loved the feeling of nostalgia looking at all the empty chocolate boxes and the old tables and decor. Today I walked there with James. It was a far walk but since we were walking down to the camera store, I thought it would be worth a look.

It was actually a far way to walk and I said to James that I wanted to look for the milk bar, since I knew it was somewhere close. To be honest I only knew it was on the main road, I didn’t know how much further it would be. After walking past a pole dancing studio James said, “if it isn’t after this traffic light, you have to go to have a pole dancing lesson.” He was so sure there was no milk bar. 😛

When we reached the traffic light he said, “I already bought you a pole”. HAHAHA WHAT. Anyway, I could see the milk bar from the traffic light. He was amazed when we walked in. 😄 We bought a chocolate milkshake. It was really nice, good value for money at under $3 made fresh. Gosh I love those kinds of places. We’ve found a little cafe from the 20s, closer to university, that we’ll be visiting some time. ☺️

I really, really wanted to go to the record store I’d seen on the way walking to the milk bar, so we walked back. I realised too that I had lost $5 I got as change from the camera store. I was quite irritated. I know it was $5, not a great big deal of money, but it just reminded me how shoddy I am at keeping things. So far this year I’ve lost a phone (ugh), a big black ring, $5, and a few bucks in a train ticket machine… trust me, that’s a lot to lose in a year. Whatever, silly little $5. Oh and did I pick up a record? Yes I did, because everything sounds better on vinyl. I got ELO’s On The Third Day.

On the way home we got some dried kiwi fruit. I’d never had it before and it tasted totally fantastic. 😋 We also got to taste some yoghurt… dude, I love those taste-testing things they have at supermarkets and such. Shame university is far from home, I would have bought some otherwise. It’s just that melted and out-of-fridge yoghurt isn’t the best thing ever.

I was supposed to do a handwriting tag, but next time… I’m getting insanely busy with all this photography stuff, and I’ve got an essay due on Monday… I’ve been reading all your comments and you’ve been amazing, I’m slowly catching up with those blogs I missed reading. 🙂

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