The Small Print

I know I’ve been getting you guys to vote for me at – which I appreciate so much – but the other day I thought it would be wise to read the terms and conditions, and I am not eligible because I don’t live in the US. 😞 I did actually read the terms and conditions a few times before I realised this, but I didn’t read it in detail. 🙁 It’s a shame I can’t really win now, but thank you guys for voting for me. ♥️

It’s a bit funny how no one really reads the terms and conditions these days. I don’t think anyone wants to read a lot of small text. It’s like a cruel ploy to steal your kidney or something, the way the terms and conditions are so lengthy and made hard to read so that after skimming the first few lines you give up and deem the rest of it a waste of your time to read. If they’re that important, they should make it bigger. What kind of warning is Warning: may contain giant squid brains? If this is a warning, I think my attention should be more susceptible to it.


I just don’t read terms and conditions unless it’s for a competition or a special offer that I’m really keen on. If I’m signing up for something or downloading something, I don’t really read it. I’ve probably signed up for a lot of websites without reading the small print. On the other hand, some websites brag about having barely any terms and conditions, and actually tell you “this is all you need to know!” in large print. Well, I kind of like that. It reminds me of the infomercials for makeup or vacuum cleaners or Ab Swing Pros that say “30 days and if you’re not satisfied, your money back! It’s that easy!” Oh god. I guess it’s good when there are no hidden fees or hidden things that you don’t know about. It helps keep you from being scammed if you read the terms and conditions.

I always feel guilty when I tick that “I agree to the terms and conditions” box. I feel so guilty that I save the terms and conditions to my computer but never actually read them. Oooo.

Today in class we made paper planes. That’s not all there is to it though. 😛 We had to do an activity with project planning, and worked in our groups we were put into for our assignment. This activity was pretty fun, because our group was mentioning funny things in our risk assessment like muscular pain from throwing a plane, getting papercuts, being poked in the eye – meaning we had to wear safety goggles and lab coats. 😆

We were looking up on Google how to make a good paper plane. In the end we kind of just worked by trial and error. Everyone in the class had a similar project plan. It was a really weird activity, it’s not every day that you make and throw paper planes in class. Our group ended up winning as we were able to fly the plane for five metres in a straight line smoothly. 😁

I had an assignment due today, and the awesome thing is that I did it on The Fanlistings Network. We had to research a community and write about it. I chose an online one, knowing that I’m a part of TFL and know a lot about it, and because I just felt like I would do a much better job than researching an actual charity or an organisation that is not online. After all, you get a sense of community online with forums and such. It was weird having to write just 2000 words on that, because I kind of enjoyed it, but at the same time, I hated thinking about it in a kind of academic manner.

Gosh, university ruins your views sometimes. It’s like how you get prescribed books and movies in high school English, and you just can’t see it the same way again. 😛

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