Free chili vs. $300 photos

Last week I was selected for a photoshoot and I was hoping to be able to purchase some good photos out of that. Today I went to view the photos with my mum. I have to say, we were a little disappointed. There were about 50 photos, which were very good photos, I’ll admit, but I guess we didn’t totally love them. Given that they were professionally done, I guess we didn’t like certain bits like the backgrounds of some and the way I looked. Of course, I looked great, as that is what the studio attempted to do, but the photos weren’t completely fantastic. I think what ultimately turned us off was the pricing of everything.

We chose eight photos which we liked and considered getting a couple printed and coated with acrylic, but it all came round to over $2000. Now that’s pretty expensive, when you think about it. We explained to the lady that we just didn’t want to pay that much. She offered us less photos at a smaller price, but it still didn’t seem worth it. When we told her we weren’t ready to pay that much at all, we only wanted to pay half a thousand maybe, she offered us just some prints. Even then it came around to about $300 a photo, which just seemed ridiculous. I asked if we could just have digital copies, and she said that was a bonus item and came with the prints, so we would have to pay the same price if we just wanted the digital copy. 😐

In the end we just decided not to buy any. I was entitled to a free photo (worth $95) and that’s all I got. Well, we have to pick it up later on. It’s not even a large size, it’s like a freakin’ normal sized photo. My mum and I weren’t really pleased at all… just really disappointing, we were saying that we could probably do a better job ourselves what with my experience in photography and her makeup expertise. I really wouldn’t want to pay $300 for a photo. 😞 I feel bad mostly because the photographer was a nice guy and he did take nice photos. Then again I had every right to refuse, I wasn’t obligated to buy anything, so that was that. I suppose my mum was right about them being a little dodgy and just wanting us to pay as much as possible. I had a $100 voucher for photos, too, but when I showed that to the lady she did some calculations and still wanted us to pay $600 for three photos… argh. Just really not happy with the price. I mean, I thought my photography course was expensive, what with buying all this paper and shit. I’ve probably spent less than a thousand dollars on the course, the photo paper, the camera, and the film…

Heck, I could buy a new DSLR with $2000 instead of paying for those photos. I really am disappointed, I guess because I wasted a fair bit of time for that photoshoot and everything was just really expensive. Yeah, I may be a cheapskate, but I don’t think anyone would be very willing to pay $300 for one photo. πŸ˜“

After that my mum and dad wanted to buy some fruit and vegetables. Around this time it was probably about time for lunch. My mum asked me to buy her a chicken wrap from Oporto as well as some chili sachets. She loves their chili. I wasn’t sure how much it cost but my mum gave me a $50 note and told me it would come to about $10.

I was really confused reading the receipt when I was waiting for the chicken wrap. I asked for six sachets of chili but I had been charged at $0.00. I was confused and wondered if somehow the lady who served me had forgotten… I kept an eye on her, and, well, she actually put the chili in the paper bag along with the wrap.

I was still really confused. Nevertheless, I popped outside and walked up the road to find my mum and tell her I hadn’t been charged for six sachets of chili. 😁

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