The Flush and Random Confessions

The title of this post already makes me squirm. But it starts with my illness. Coryl pointed out in my previous post that she could never talk about her digestive system or menstruation the way I did. Well, I didn’t think I was being too open with that, haha. Anyway, after taking Fleet (I think its name graciously speaks for itself), it completely flushed out my system indeed. I will try not to be too TMI here and try not to gross you guys out, but Fleet did its job just like I expected.

I did wake up at 2:00am and 4:30am needing to go to the toilet. That was Fleet doing its job. I was relieved though, no longer feeling horrid and constipated, but pretty much the opposite. This is what I expected to be done ever since I had seen that x-ray of my ridiculously loaded colon. If I have fecal matter caught up in my system, of course I want it out. D:

I feel a lot better now – a lot. So with Fleet, I had to take a whole bottle, a third at a time, in the space of twenty minutes. It was actually so difficult to chug down because I was so full from eating a large dinner to make sure I wasn’t completely drained of energy. After sitting on the toilet for a while I was able to drink some electrolyte water. The worst Fleet did was make me excrete water. I guess that’s what it meant by cleansing, eh? Anyway, I’ll spare the rest, I’m sure that sounded yucky enough. :P After repeatedly waking up in the middle of the night – in the morning I finally felt that my stomach had shrunk. I was no longer bloated, I felt a little hungry, and I didn’t feel horridly constipated. I had to take it easy with eating. As you know, eating on an empty stomach isn’t so fantastic, and this time my entire system was empty so I started with a bit of jelly before having a little bit of muesli and fruit. I felt pretty tired the next day but I soon regained energy.

So since that night I’ve been alright. I haven’t felt very bloated, and I’m taking it easy with what I’m eating as well, making sure I’m eating more fruit now that I can focus on lowering my cholesterol.

During this illness I’ll admit that I did look up embarrassing things on Google. Yes, I constantly looked up my symptoms and “how to empty your colon” and looked at endless vitamins and medications. I guess that doesn’t sound too bad, but it did get to the point where I started Googling how often you should poop and what colours of poop/stool were considered “normal”. /poo

I suppose there are more embarrassing things I’ve Googled, even though you shouldn’t believe absolutely everything you see on the internet. It just gives anyone some kind of relief, I guess, reading something on the internet and knowing that you aren’t the only one who has asked that question, or that people actually do so-and-so on the internet. Dun dun dun. I suppose that’s why we all laugh at some very ridiculous questions asked on Yahoo Answers, because they’re a little too ridiculous to even comprehend that someone asked such questions. When I read them, I guess I feel normal for wondering what stool colour is normal. /hehe I mean, pooping is a natural thing for people to do. I don’t think people should feel embarrassed to talk about bowel movements.

Again on the embarrassing side, which, back in 2008, I would never have wanted to admit, is that I searched WikiHow on “how to kiss”. Mind you, James and I already knew how, and did, but I suppose we got curious and wondered if there was supposed to be a real way to do so. Well, no, to anyone who has ever been too afraid to look up “how to kiss”… there isn’t. In all honesty you have to find out yourself, and no one can teach you how to kiss. I’ll tell you though, it’s not always as wonderful as fairytales and romance novels make them out to be. (Hey, I’m not saying James is bad… I’m talking about ~other people~.)

But yeah, if you want to make out in an empty classroom like James and I did, do that. You’ll like the thrill of doing it while maybe thinking you might get caught or maybe won’t but could possibly will but kissing is really fun anyway. /bounce

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I’m so glad you are feeling much better, Georgina. I’m sorry you had to spend the night sitting on the toilet to get there, but I suppose it was worth it for the final result.. Hehe @ Googling weird things to get there. I’ve Googled a lot of strange things in my day, too. OMG I love that Yahoo! Answer blog you linked to. I’ll follow that Tumblr for the lulz. Once again, I’m glad you are feeling so much better. It shines through your blog entry. xox.

OH! I know how relieving those fleets are. I had to perform so many fleets on patients when I was in nursing and you could just see the relief on their faces because a couple of them were going through what you were going through. That’s why I am not too grossed out when reading about that kind of stuff. I’ve pretty much seen it all and had to handle through all of it. Like you said, it’s a very natural thing,

I am so glad you are feeling a lot better now though. It was sad to read some of your tweets and things and my heart went out to you. I have faith though that you will get through and you will be feeling brand spankin’ new in no time!!! It’s just a temporary set-back. NO WORRIES!!! /eee

Spontaneous and rebel-like moments are always fun /hehe My boyfriend and I went through moments like that too and it’s a rush to wonder if we are going to get caught or whatever else could happen hahahah. Sigh …. love …. it’s a splendid, gleeful thing sometimes.

Hey Georgina!

How have you been? I’m doing good,

I’m getting my website back together, just thought you might want to know.

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Electrolyte water, or Gatorade in America, really helps.



Even as odd and partially gross I found this post of yours, I’m really glad you’re feeling better and that your illness wasn’t like, life-lasting :)
I don’t think I’ll ever …ever enter that Yahoo-answer site again @_@ It was quite interesting…
/eee The layout you have now is so cute! Which code do you use to have different quotes in your footer?

It is true that I would not be able to talk about my digestive system like you did as well XD. I am glad Fleet did it’s job and hope that I will never have to use something like it in my lifetime.

Ah I didn’t realize that cleansers get rid of the water in your system as well. Were you able to figure out what exactly might have caused your system to collapse in the first place?

LOL…I have never googled stuff like that but I can imagine doing that if I were in the same situation as you XD. I find people who have to test with other people’s stool samples to be more embarrassing ^_^; but yeah medical related professions have to deal with all kinds of absurd situations. Thanks for sharing that link…I am going to have a good time LMAO! Ok before I get too absorbed into that site I will finish the rest of my comment…

I haven’t had my first kiss yet (which seems to be more embarrassing) but I will wait for the right guy XD. It seems like fiction makes it sounds like some awesome thing but I guess you find out for yourself…stupid hormones lol

I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I’ve had two bowel obstructions, so I know what a relief it is. I practically lived on Fleet as a teenager, and lskjdlkajsd, that taste! 🤮 I always mixed it with Sprite or 7-Up and it still made me gag.

“I don’t think people should feel embarrassed to talk about bowel movements.”

They shouldn’t, but oh!, they are. I’ve long since lost any hint of embarrassment talking about bodily functions and/or anatomy (I’ve had quizzes on the different colours and consistencies of stool and what they can mean!), but it’s still amusing to be talking to someone about their stool during clinicals and have them turn four different shades of red. (If I have to talk to them about anything intimate, most of them damn near implode with embarrassment. It’s kind of adorable.) /hehe

I’m so glad you are feeling better. That is really good news to my ears, :)

I personally don’t think menstruation is too bad of a topic when you are having a problem. But some of those questions on Yahoo Answers…You just can’t un-see some things.
I think if I weren’t to have a glasses case I would get a bunch of scratches on my glasses. And I need my glasses.

Aww I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better, and that the stuff you’ve taken has flushed out your system :) A year or so ago I was quite constipated and had to take laxatives, and they worked amazingly well. I think you were in worse pain than me but I know what a relief it is.

I’m not too bothered talking about menstruation, or bowel movements XD They’re normal, everyday stuff to me lol. In fact, I dunno if I’m the only one, but whenever it’s my period, I seem to have twice as much bowel movement as normal o_O It’s like it’s not enough to have your period (and the cramps, and annoyance, and sore breasts), but to need to go to the loo all the time, as well! Far out, we put up with a lot being a woman haha. Oh, and I remember they had a clip on A Current Affair and it was about bowel movements – how often should you go? What colour should it be? etc lol. And I found out that it’s different for everyone. Some people go twice a day, some people twice a week, and that’s fine. I felt a bit reassured after watching it, though! :D

And omg I’m guilty of looking up stuff like “how to kiss” as well. I didn’t get kissed until I was 21 (my first and current boyfriend, Shaun). So I used to read Dolly, and Girlfriend when I was a teen, and look at tips on how to kiss lol. And you’re right. Reading about it is COMPLETELY different to the real thing. You cannot learn how to kiss from reading those magazines XD When Shaun first kissed me and stuck his tongue in lol my brain went crazy because it was unlike anything I’d read about lol :P I was thinking, “what? Is this it D:” lmao. But you get used to it and learn on your own. I love kissing now /love :P

I think now I’ve been paying more attention to my bowel movements, haha. Since that full colon thing I’ve just been really watching what I eat, making sure I get enough fibre for good digestion. /poo I read on the internet too that some people go really often and some people less often. I’m not so worried anymore about how often I do it, as long as I’m feeling healthy and no longer constipated. :3

Hahaa okay, good, I’m not the only one. I had my first kiss when I was fifteen, on my birthday. It was just really quick and I thought, woah, is that it? It’s nothing special and even though I haven’t kissed every guy on the block (hahahaha), I think a few people was enough to know that everyone is different when they kiss. My first tongue one was with my ex-boyfriend and I was thinking what the eff… not even joking, it was sloppy, haha. I’ve been with James for a while now and we’ve gotten used to each other by now, it is really fun indeed. XD

I used to read Girlfriend and Dolly but now to me they’re just trash… not just because you can’t learn from that stuff, but because everything else in it is pretty ridiculous. /um Like all the advice columns and “how to” things (not to mention the endless celebrity gossip which I no longer care about). As they say, experience is the best teacher. :)

I’m glad you’re feeling so much better. I think you should take it slow with the eating thing.

Well, everybody look up on Google embarrassing things, it’s good that nobody browse that. Hehe I searched on Google “how to kiss” like 2-3 years ago. It’s embarrassing, but the only answer I could get back then was “it comes naturally”. Yeah of course. When I kissed the first guy I was shaking like hell. With the second one was the same. I was scared that I won’t know how to do it. I was a very stupid kid. Now I think it’s something normal and easy to do:D. Hey I was 13-14 years old back then, and I was going to have my first kiss soo…:D

Those yahoo questions are lame. How can people ask something like “How I teach my cat to speak English?” and think there’s something wrong with the cat because she doesn’t say anything else than “Miaw” or “Grrr”. What’s wring with those people?

Its good to hear that your system is finally sorting itself out somewhat although it certainly sounds like a very difficult process! I have never heard of Fleet… is it over the counter or whatever? I hope that you wont have to go through it all again, although at least it didnt last all that long.

I have been googling a lot of embarassing things lately. I am always terrified that someone will go to google and it’ll come up someone how what I have been searching! Its always awkward health issues or body questions or that sort of thing! I like the way you have the confidence to discuss whatever you need on your website with a frankness and honesty that really is refreshing! :)

Wow. When I visited my aunts family one aunt was doing that drinking of whatever to cleanse to prepare her for her colonoscopy. Phew. The look on her face was it hit her taste buds. Yikes. Anyways, I’m glad you feel better. I google random stuff too weird things but idk what my level of weird is yet.

Yeah basics I’ve been meaning to comment for the last week but just ehh, never got round to it. But lo! Angels sing, all that crap… oh dear that wasn’t even meant to be a post ref.

Let’s move on, shall we?

I’m so glad you’re much better, Georgie – I’m up-to-date with all your blogs and most of your Twitter so I know how ill/upset/angry/insert more adjectives here were. It sounds like the shit (bahhh I keep saying these things and then I’m like “hey this could be a ref to the post or a bad joke!” which was not the original plan). Fleet sounds like a mircale :3 And, ah, well I guess if it really is flushing out your entire system a few wakeup calls in the early morning hours is a reasonable price to pay.

Some of the questions/things on are just ridiculous… but I agree, most of Yahoo answers seem to be so unrealistic and so stupid that you can’t help but wonder if anyone would really ask that kind of thing. I mean we all have stupid questions but some are just… pretty insane. O_O

Good luck lowering your cholesterol m’love! ♥ And with your new healthy eating habits :D I keep trying to eat well but it’s easier when it’s school time; in the holidays there’s just too many biscuits and stuff. /um


Curiosity knows no bounds, really :) And who can blame you? Kissing is pretty daunting when you’ve never done it *properly* before or just aren’t used to it.
Well kissing is different for everyone and their style is different too. Then again… how am I to know? O_o I don’t even know.

Wahh so this comment is pretty much all over the place buttt… whatever. I finally commented :D I hope you continue to feel better /love /eee

Take care! xx


I’m glad your colon is clearer now. :3
That’s very good news 8D
But there could be still some pu to go. /poo just keep up eating the Mash. :B it is quite tasty indeed 🤤

Omg, remember that Masturbulation question? Eek! 😰 Sometimes I think people on there are retarded. But I’ve heard some rather …dense questions. D:

Hahah. Vacuum kiss. /um


Ohh I see. Maybe that’s what I should do as well because I often have trouble with my bowels as well. My doctor recommended me using a fiber based product called metamusil or something like that, but it just made it worse. Iguess if i used it regularly it would work but I got scared of it cause I had the opposite result.

I had to do x-rays before as well and had to drink some kind of substance as yours. It worked the exact same way as yours lol. In sections and lots of water. Its gross yes, but its only natural LOL. Its funny how after a while its only literally water coming out LOL. I’m glad you’re feeling a whole lot better though :D
you shouldn’t be embarrased about google-ing how your stool should look, what colours mean, and how often. you can actually find out whats going on with you based on colour. I learned about this in a educational thing a while ago and my mom went to one as well for work. It really is interesting and its true.
LOL its funny that you bring up the kissing thing. I don’t know where I came across this website, and i dont remember what its called, but it was something along the lines of “how to make out” and it went step by step explaining LOL. I think it was from someone who posted on twitter as a question that someone asked on google looking for answers. it was ammusing ;p

I don’t know if this blog post was supposed to make me laugh, but I giggled quite a lot when I was reading it. xD I suppose it was just the wording that I found amusing. But in all honesty, I’m glad you feel better! :) I hope you’re able to lower your cholesterol and keep up with your healthy eating so that you don’t run into any more problems like that in the future. :)

Haha, but I have a tendency of looking up all kinds of weird questions on the internet, just the be sure that what I’m experiencing is normal and/or to satisfy my curiosity of strange things. It’s nothing to be ashamed of I suppose, because that’s what the internet is best for: giving you information. It’s definitely not wise to believe everything you read. Especially if you’re like me, because when looking up medical conditions, I automatically assume that I have the worst thing possible. (At one moment, because of my stomach pains, I was convinced that I had pancreatic cancer or something similar.) Anyways, I still google dumb questions. xD

I’m so sorry for taking this long to reply to your comment! I’ve been spending a lot of time offline, and really I’ve just been lacking the motivation to do anything on my site. :P I’m trying to get better though.

Aww, giving up your animals can be tough. We’ve had to do that several times in the past. Mostly because they were strays we had found and couldn’t keep, but once you make a bond (no matter how small) with an animal, it can be difficult to say goodbye and put them into someone else’s care.

Well when we got Dixee she was just a puppy as well. Puppy’s are quite fun, but it’s nice when they grow up, because they’re so low key and relaxed. If I had to adopt a dog from the shelter, I would definitely go for an older dog because everybody wants the puppies, and the older ones are usually left. I hope you’ll get the chance to be a dog-owner again! :)

Cats are nice, but they’re so different than dogs. They’re definitely not as people-friendly all the time. But there are moments when they are feeling compassionate and will curl up in my lap and pur as I scratch their ears. That is, until I see something on their fur and go to pull it off, only to upset them and get scrathed. (True story.)

Really? That’s interesting to know! I think in America, the town names and such are extremely diverse and probably similar to a lot of countries. :)

You make me laugh ahha. i’m glad Fleet did it’s job well. (Y) Good thing your stomach and you feel better! Good too hear.

I never searched up how to kiss but I definitely searched “ways to kiss” cuz you know… gotta keep things interesting! Making out in an empty classroom sounds like a definite thrill! Glad you had fun with James.

I really enjoy reading your posts! It makes my lips curve up into a smile time to time /eee And I think it’s nice how open you seem to be (although I’m sure not about everything though!).

LMFAO at those Yahoo Answers!! But some of those were just plain stupid.

Anyway, glad you’re feeling better. And you might want to watch how much fruit you eat, that can also make you….stopped up. believe me, I know…. O_O

Haha yeah, for me it’s the bananas. Apples seem to do nicely for me though, probably because they are higher in fibre content. :3

Oh wow, you start with your issue and end with kissing. I had to laugh. :)

I really am glad you are doing better however. I don’t know the whole issue or anything, but judging by your tweets on Twitter, I am guessing it was pretty bad. I hope you stay well and improve. ♥

I honestly have never had a major illness or anything of a sort thankfully. I just don’t get sick. I mean besides being a little overweight, I don’t have a lot wrong with me. Well sometimes I have my blonde moments, but don’t we all?

Oh, I Google everything underneath the sun. If I have a question, I ask it. LOL. I once got a hair product and I Googled how to use it properly and stuff. I just figure that since I know and have Google, why not use it? Isn’t that way Google is there for?

Haha, now about the kissing thing, that made me laugh. I have often googled “signs a guy likes you” TROLOLOL. But never anything about kissing. Making out in an empty classroom, Georgina, how could you? D: Did you get caught?

So I’ve been told (by people who wonder how I can go from one topic to another)!

I guess that’s what Google is there for, but I hate the idea that I’m depending on a computer or electronic system to help me. It’s a tad embarrassing. “I found out on the internet…” It sounds really odd, I’d rather say, “I read a book that told me about the digestive system”. It does sound more intelligent. :P

And no, we did not get caught. Ha! :3

I love reading the funny questions and such on yahoo, and can openly admit to asking some silly ones like involving poop haha. I’ve read your past posts and I hope your stomach is doing better! It’s funny because I was dealing with the exact same symptoms this past year. I went to the doctor and apparently I have an over acidic stomach or something. So, I take these pills and all is good now! My parents get the same thing, except instead of terrible digestive problems, they get heartburn. Gee, thanks mom and dad! :P