The Flush and Random Confessions

The title of this post already makes me squirm. But it starts with my illness. Coryl pointed out in my previous post that she could never talk about her digestive system or menstruation the way I did. Well, I didn’t think I was being too open with that, haha. Anyway, after taking Fleet (I think its name graciously speaks for itself), it completely flushed out my system indeed. I will try not to be too TMI here and try not to gross you guys out, but Fleet did its job just like I expected.

I did wake up at 2:00am and 4:30am needing to go to the toilet. That was Fleet doing its job. I was relieved though, no longer feeling horrid and constipated, but pretty much the opposite. This is what I expected to be done ever since I had seen that x-ray of my ridiculously loaded colon. If I have fecal matter caught up in my system, of course I want it out. 😦

I feel a lot better now – a lot. So with Fleet, I had to take a whole bottle, a third at a time, in the space of twenty minutes. It was actually so difficult to chug down because I was so full from eating a large dinner to make sure I wasn’t completely drained of energy. After sitting on the toilet for a while I was able to drink some electrolyte water. The worst Fleet did was make me excrete water. I guess that’s what it meant by cleansing, eh? Anyway, I’ll spare the rest, I’m sure that sounded yucky enough. πŸ˜› After repeatedly waking up in the middle of the night – in the morning I finally felt that my stomach had shrunk. I was no longer bloated, I felt a little hungry, and I didn’t feel horridly constipated. I had to take it easy with eating. As you know, eating on an empty stomach isn’t so fantastic, and this time my entire system was empty so I started with a bit of jelly before having a little bit of muesli and fruit. I felt pretty tired the next day but I soon regained energy.

So since that night I’ve been alright. I haven’t felt very bloated, and I’m taking it easy with what I’m eating as well, making sure I’m eating more fruit now that I can focus on lowering my cholesterol.

During this illness I’ll admit that I did look up embarrassing things on Google. Yes, I constantly looked up my symptoms and “how to empty your colon” and looked at endless vitamins and medications. I guess that doesn’t sound too bad, but it did get to the point where I started Googling how often you should poop and what colours of poop/stool were considered “normal”. πŸ’©

I suppose there are more embarrassing things I’ve Googled, even though you shouldn’t believe absolutely everything you see on the internet. It just gives anyone some kind of relief, I guess, reading something on the internet and knowing that you aren’t the only one who has asked that question, or that people actually do so-and-so on the internet. Dun dun dun. I suppose that’s why we all laugh at some very ridiculous questions asked on Yahoo Answers, because they’re a little too ridiculous to even comprehend that someone asked such questions. When I read them, I guess I feel normal for wondering what stool colour is normal. πŸ˜… I mean, pooping is a natural thing for people to do. I don’t think people should feel embarrassed to talk about bowel movements.

Again on the embarrassing side, which, back in 2008, I would never have wanted to admit, is that I searched WikiHow on “how to kiss”. Mind you, James and I already knew how, and did, but I suppose we got curious and wondered if there was supposed to be a real way to do so. Well, no, to anyone who has ever been too afraid to look up “how to kiss”… there isn’t. In all honesty you have to find out yourself, and no one can teach you how to kiss. I’ll tell you though, it’s not always as wonderful as fairytales and romance novels make them out to be. (Hey, I’m not saying James is bad… I’m talking about ~other people~.)

But yeah, if you want to make out in an empty classroom like James and I did, do that. You’ll like the thrill of doing it while maybe thinking you might get caught or maybe won’t but could possibly will but kissing is really fun anyway. 😁

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