Whatever It Takes

I used to be freaked out at the fact that ten metres of intestine could actually fit in… in there. In my stomach. I suppose as I got more bloated over the past few days with my full colon problem, it became more believable.

To be honest, the past few days I have been feeling really miserable. Up until this afternoon I had periods where I just cried really hard and wouldn’t stop for a good while, feeling damn sorry for myself and how ill I felt, feeling endlessly constipated after every meal, and having not-so-fun cramps from my indigestion. I hated it. A lot.

Yesterday I had a rough time at university; I was fine throughout class but much too tired to really stay awake. Walking into the photo studios ready to set up studio lights and work on our projects, I just wanted to sneak out and lie down on a couch and drift off to sleep. I actually felt relatively fine. I continued taking the fibre laxative my doctor suggested, but that time of the month decided to be a real bitch to me and provide me with some nasty cramps yesterday. Needless to say, I tolerated them and went on eating my banana and carrots for lunch. James’s noodles smelled so good (dude I mean like so good, I hadn’t had noodles in six weeks or something), and he let me have some.

After having a drink and taking my fibre laxative thing I started not to feel so good. I actually couldn’t tell what my cramps were from. It really hurt to walk and it hurt so much that I had trouble breathing and I couldn’t talk loudly without my stomach screaming back at me in pain. On top of that my legs were insanely sore. I pretty much had to cling onto James to walk. It was uncool.

On the train I tried to nap but Mike kept being a little idiot and playing with my hands and trying to steal my scarf before James snapped, “do you mind?” Bwahaha. That was the least of my worries – not just because I love and hate Mike at the same time, kind of the way I am with my brother – because the side train door was being stupid and wouldn’t close properly, meaning that you could hear the squeaking of the train on the tracks and the un-oiled hinges between the carriages. Fuck Cityrail. And, not only that, but later on an Indonesian woman (o yeah, I could tell, because I understood what she was saying) started talking to her friend very loudly and laughing so loudly, then proceeded to change her child’s nappy in the middle of the train. Unhygienic, it smelled so gross that we moved, and it was a fucking rainy day and the floors of the train were dripping wet. Goddamn she should have been ashamed, and I felt so embarrassed for her, being partially Indonesian myself… horror. Horror.

I stayed at James’s for a while and he and his mum made this awesome zucchini and bacon bake thing. I took some home, which my brother ate the lot of. Well, at least he liked it. :B I had some tea and cranberries and eventually lightened up. Booooy it sucks being sick.

Today I felt pretty miserable as well, crying in the early morning. :( In the afternoon I went for a run just to clear my head. I barely ate anything, knowing I’d just get constipated as soon as I would eat. Eventually I decided to eat an apple, so I didn’t just starve myself.

This afternoon I thought it might be a good idea to take Inner Health Plus, a probiotic that contains good bacteria for the digestive system. I thought it would help. I went with my mum to talk to a pharmacist, who gave me this stuff called Fleet, which I took about an hour ago. It cleans out your entire colon. I don’t know why my doctor didn’t just give it to me in the first place if she pointed out the endless stool in my colon on my x-ray. /hmph

But well, having had to take something so strong and intense, I had to be prepared physically and mentally. I had to make sure I was energised beforehand, so I took some electrolyte drink and had a big dinner. It’s been an hour, as I said, and I haven’t felt like my insides are completely empty. I’m going to be so dehydrated once I’m cleaned out though… so I have electrolytes at hand and some sweet candy to help me for later. Wish me luck and hope I don’t collapse or something. I’m tired though, so I may be sleeping soon.

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*Huggs*! :3

Yeah, yesterday was a pretty D: day. The train ride back, the weather, the Indonesians.
But at least nothing unpleasant happened at my house /eee

I hope the Fleet works /um otherwise there’s probably something really very wrong indeed. /sweat

Hahah. ‘Do you mind?’ although I guess it’s been long overdue. /grr

Strong and Intense, eh. Sounds like…

…Me! 🤫
nah. but I’m glad you’re taking precautions. Energy drink is actually pretty good for this; it has the salt and sugars you’d need to recover from the thing you’re taking to help you recover from something else. 😝

Sleep soon! /bounce
it’s cool to get sleeps


:love: I am so sorry you feel like this. I had a big cry today too. Things are ontop of me also, but nothing health wise for once, just life. Pro-biotics are pretty good, I used to take them and they worked for me but then they found out my tummy probs so I stopped taking them … Powerade is awesome for you to drink to be hydrated, especially for this. You’ll lose a shitload of salts you will need back asap. I drink Powerade in summer when I sweat a whole lot from the gym. I lose more salt then I consume. Also, with your cholestrol it’s a wiser decision then eating something with salt :-) Athletes swear by them … ♥

Seems like you felt pretty bad these days. I hope everything will be good. You know here we someone gets constipated it has to eat an apple shaved on a grated mixed with sugar. I hope that you color problem will disappear.

When I have my period, my body is shaking and I have some painful cramps. I can barely stay on my foots. I feel so bad for three days. Sometimes I skip school and stay in bed all the day. It awful to be a women:(.

oooh . I hope you’ll feel better now somehow 😝 ooh. bacon. I miss eating bacon >.<' the last thing i ate bacon when i was in home, xD

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well lately. I hope you’re feeling better now. Anyway, I’ll check if they have what you called Fleet here or something similar. I really need to cleanse my colon and even thought of going through this colon cleansing, but the procedure somehow freaked me out lol!

Oh my, that sounds really painful. I hope you get better soon!

That sounds really horrible to have to deal with! I hope that it starts to improve soon! Or that all that stuff you are taking stops causing you such pain! It must be so hard to see all that yummy food and not get to enjoy it! Have you tried prunes in port? My father in law has similar problems and he swears by it!

You are so awesome! You’re sick and still you carry on with everything as well as you can :D You are a strong person. I know thinks will get better soon. I hope you don’t collapse either. I don’t know how you can have eaten so little (it seems) for so long. You must be mentally exhausted…. I hope you will get past all the pain very soon and everything goes well. ♥

Good gracious, I love how fearless you are with your blogs. I couldn’t start posting about my digestive track or my menstruation, but you do! I haven’t had much to say reading them for the past little while, but I’ve finally come up with something.

Your life seems pretty shitty right now.

HAAAA. I hope that lightens your mood or something. :3

Honestly, I can’t feel your pain right now. It must be absolutely exhausting, as well as horrible. D: -hugs- You’re a trooper for still doing everything you do. -highfives- I truly admire you, even if you’re not a hero or a superhero. :3
Bacon is always good, by the way.

I’m sorry about all the pain you’re having to go through! It sucks. I’m just having to deal with allergies and the possibility of another cyst – I couldn’t handle everything you’re having to go through again. I was in sixth – or seventh – grade when something similar happened to me.

I hope everything gets better with you soon! :}

I have to say I get really cranky whenever I’m sick or tired. And things just gets on my nerves easily. So if that woman was on the train with me, I’d be even more miserable and I’d glare at her until she gets the point. It’s very inappropriate of her to do such things in an enclosed area! I can only imagine how bad the situation must be. *shudders*

Georgie, I really really hope you’ll feel fine after this. Being sick does suck. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water. Hopefully Fleet works for you. *hugs*

I’ve always found is fascinating that your intestines fit into your stomach. xD I mean, they’re so big, how can they even fit inside you? o___O

I’m sorry what you’re going through reduced you to tears; I definitely know how you feel though, not knowing what’s wrong, why it’s happening, why it won’t stop.. it just gets on top of you. I have the opposite problem to you though, every time I eat I go to the toilet.. yeah charming right. On a bad day, I can go up to 15 times a day which makes me really depressed. Honestly, I’d rather be constipated. o___O

That is really unhygienic, but I guess she couldn’t wait to do it elsewhere? I don’t know, but she could have moved somewhere where there wasn’t as many people to change her child’s nappy. Ew. I think I would have thrown up if I were feeling as ill as you were at the time. Lol @ Mike, you always have that one friend who annoys you but you love them at the same time. XD

Sometimes I feel like starving myself, because every time I eat, it just gives me cramps and yeah, it comes straight back out. It makes me think it’s pointless even trying to eat, y’know?

Fleet sounds scary to be honest. Maybe there was a reason why the doctor didn’t give it to you? I don’t know. I don’t think you should use it frequently though, just a gut feeling. Definitely think you should go for a second opinion though. :/

*hugs* I hope you feel better soon, I really do. :(

Oh no, this sounds absolutely horrible! The pain you’re describing just sounds too much to bear, (not to mention mother nature being a bitch on you /angry ). Did you not take some time off uni, if you could hardly walk? But I really hope this new medication works. It does seem silly that your doctor didn’t give it to you to start with. There are some products that doctors don’t prescribe though. There’s this cream that both my Dad and I use for eczema with oat oil in it (it’s really good) but the doctors couldn’t prescribe it, but my doctor highly recommended it and told me where I could buy it.

Is electrolyte drink like a sachet you dissolve in warm water? I caught a violent stomach bug once and had the whole vomiting/dihorrea fiasco. The doctor gave me these sachets to rehydrate me. All I remember was it smelled like ribena and tasted disgusting and salty.

I’m sorry for your shitty few days, but hopefully it’ll all clear up soon.

No, I don’t think you have told me about hating driving. :P

I watched the video. Haha, you have a lot of books. @_@ I know what you mean about worn books looking loved, but I only like that when I’m the person who has worn them out. When other people do, I feel like they’re defiling my beautiful books.

aww :( Nothing worse than being constipated while on your period. Hope the fleet stuff helped

Sorry about your current health. :( I’ve had days when I was constipated all the time, but I don’t think I’ve had it as bad as you. I really hope that you get better soon. Constipation isn’t fun, and whenever I get it, it makes me feel disgusting. It sucks that you were on your period, too.

It’s gross how that woman was changing her baby’s diapers on a PUBLIC train. So indecent.

im so sorry you feel like this, i cry sometimes its good to cry sometimes it just lets everything bottled up inside come out. i hope the medication works soon hun i hate being constipated or bloated i feel dreadful. nowadays i also find it hard to stay awake at work my mom says its because of the long hours im there for.

Wow, that is really messed up if you’re feeling so ill. D: I hope you’ll get better soon ♥

Gosh I am so so sorry about your health. I hope things get sorted out soon. *hugs* That thing about the lady changing her baby’s diaper in the middle of the train is just gross. In USA, Fleet is (or is a brand name that makes, I’m not sure which) disposable enemas. Ahha. Which is also quite good for cleaning out the colon. In the meantime, have fun pooping! (Sorry, really really sorry.)