Doors with blank expressions

I suppose I’ve been feeling better. I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning and I’m… I’m alright, really. Apart from the fact that my colon and bowels are completely full of shit (literally). This full colon business is driving me insane. I’ve been put on excessive fibre/laxatives to clean me out, thank goodness I don’t need a colonoscopy (at this stage, my doctor said). She did, however, say that I should fix my high cholesterol in six weeks or she’ll put me on medication. I’m not too pleased. Ten years I’ve been fighting this shit and I do constantly keep trying, but I need to have a bit of chocolate every once in a while or so cow help me. I cannot live on broccoli alone.

Well, that was all I ate for dinner and it made me nearly puke. I like the stuff, I guess, but knowing that I’m not just eating it as the supplementary part of a large meal puts a bit of a frown on my face, hence altering my mood. Ugh. I just… it makes me upset, I guess. I don’t want to be on shitty medication the rest of my life just because my arteries are full of fat. I hate my arteries. I’m just going to eat like a health freak from now on. It’s just safer. And better for my health. :(

I’m so tired now.

After going to the doctor yesterday my mum spontaneously decided that I needed a haircut. I didn’t get it cut since last October, when I had the back cut shorter than the front. It pissed me off once it grew out. /poo This time around I guess I just thought I’d even it out and get my fringe cut. I was going to grow my fringe out so that it didn’t exist… but it looked stupid as it was. I’m going to hate while it grows out too, but whatever. It grows. It’s not the end of the world, and at least I don’t feel like I desperately want a wig. I posted a picture of my new hair on Twitpic. It’s a spontaneous photo… and after I washed it, it doesn’t look as straight but that’s alright.

The reason my mum thought I should get a haircut is because I had a photoshoot today (one I got chosen for) and after choosing out some dresses I had at home, she realised that my hair was just downright awful. :P Well, it is much better now. The photoshoot went alright. My mum helped me pick out four outfits. Three of them were pretty formal dresses and one was just a rather rocking outfit with a short skirt and boots. It was pretty fun. The makeup artist was really not much of an artist at all, and she was pretty rude and said my eyebrows were really bushy. Ugh fuck. I feel cool about my eyebrows okay? I know some people pluck theirs but hell, once you do that, you have to keep plucking at them to even them out, and soon you’ll have no eyebrows, like one of my aunts. D: There is nothing wrong with my eyebrows…

The photographer was really nice. Like most people are, he was surprised when I told him my favourite music was rock and metal music (he likes Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu too). He was friendlier than the makeup artist, that’s for sure. When he was telling me how to pose, he said “I know it looks weird when a bloke does it…” Yes. Yes it does. XD

Changing out of clothes and everything really reminded me of the days I used to perform in dance concerts. It was hell changing out of clothes and thinking of how to change clothes depending on the order of acts. Sometimes girls would wear two pairs of stockings or tights so that it would save time while changing. It was a hectic process. And same deal, I hate wearing makeup so before I went to university at night, I had a shower and washed all the gunk off my face.

My legs are so sore from walking up the stairs on Monday, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it again on Friday… must push on! /hehe

I’m a bit disappointed I only got one photo printed today in class. It’s time consuming. But I’m glad I don’t need to actually dip the prints into the developer and rinse and stuff, because we’re allowed to use the machine which has your photo printed and dried in ninety seconds. /bounce My tutor liked the photo I took of a door. A door. The laundry door. I guess there’s something about it. It sparks curiosity. It’s not the front door of a house. It’s not a bedroom door. It’s a wooden door of a wooden section of house. It’s drab in colour. There are vague shadows of plants.

I am starting to get stressed out… something tells me I will mentally implode come December.

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Wahoho, I can’t wait to see you with your new hair :3
although I think the last one was perfectly fine /um

How horrible, a nasty makeup artist. 3= At least the photographer was nice, haha. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself /bounce

Just eat more veges. Tahee. I don’t know why your arteries are so full of fat; you seem like a pretty healthy eater to me /bum

Man I’m tired. Hurry up with them teeth :P


Hi Georgina! I must say I totally missed reading your blog. Was out for a few months cause I had to work but now I have decided to blog again.

Anyway, it’s sad to hear about your condition. I didn’t know you had such problems. What happened? I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but before I read your blog, I made a pledge to only eat oatmeal instead of junk food. So much for healthy living. I love broccoli though!

I love your hair. It’s my first time to see a photo of you. You’re so pretty! I once went to a salon to have my hair straightened. It looked so good. However, it only lasted for 12 hours. I was so pissed off.

Can you share any of your pictures? I would love to see the rock photo!

Till here.


Aw you missed a bunch of posts, Mary! You only missed that I was sick, I had digestive problems and an x-ray that diagnosed me with a full colon. I suffered for a few weeks and just wrote a new post about how I had myself flushed out with the right meds. :)

I’m getting sick of broccoli haha. I have moved on to peas now. :P

Thank you! I have naturally straight hair, usually when I get a haircut they straighten it too but it doesn’t stay really really straight. No straight hair is perfect hehe. I don’t see the photos until a couple of days, I will definitely show them if I buy any of them. XD

I know you were freaking out the other day on Twitter so I’m really glad to hear it’s nothing serious like cancer or whatever else was surely running through your mind. I hate Broccoli so much, it’s my least favorite veggie so I can’t imagine having to eat it often. You should have ker-powed the makeup artist bitch who was insulting your eyebrows.

I was diagnosed three years ago with high cholesterol and the doctor let me choose between medications or exercise. I chose the latter and after 6 months of only eating oatmeal and some fruits coupled with 6 days work-out, I lost 20 kilos. I used to have a swimmer’s built then I ballooned into a walrus and now finally back to my original body.

I find it weird that you’re diagnosed with high cholesterol when you’re not fat or I might missed something in some of your previous entries?

The make-up artist is just jealous of your eyebrows and tries to badmouth you :)

You didn’t really miss anything! I am very skinny and I think it’s a bit of a genetic problem (my dad and my grandparents had high cholesterol as well, and I don’t think it really showed). I’ve made an attempt to buy some good cereal and oatmeal and definitely eat more fruit, that should hopefully lower my cholesterol since I’m not concerned about losing weight at all! Hehe. ♥

I’m sorry to hear about your high cholesterol. :( I hope it clears up!

Your hair looks really good! My hair looks perfect after I get it cut and shaped then a month later it’s all ‘blahh” and I hate it.

Good luck with everything and keep us updated!

Your eyebrows are not bushy! The makeup artist must be one of those people with the strange sense of fashion. I personally think that that sense of fashion should go die in a fire.

High cholesterol is often genetic, and since you’re a small person, it’s probably not your doing that you have it. My guess is that medication will help you a lot, because (from what I know, which might be wrong) good diet/exercise can only help genetic high cholesterol so much.

I’m glad that your photo shoot went well! I hope that you feel all better soon!

Awe Georgie I hope you feel better, I read a past few entries and I saw your tweets, hopefully you will feel better soon. Maybe even as good as new. That’s horrible though about the high cholesterol. Personally I hate all pills,

Love the hair. ;) The photo shoot sounds like a ton of fun! :D I would love to do that, (maybe its my calling in life, lol nope).

On my spring break trip we were bored one night a plucked the guys eyebrows. It was funny, I will admit to doing touch ups, plucking out one or 2 but I will never get rid of the eyebrow. I think like @Charles Ravndal said I think shes just jealous. ;)

I love your hair, as you know ♥ My Mum has high cholesterol and she eats dark chocolate … Lindt 85% dark chocolate and fish oil capsules. Her cardiologist told her to do this. Give it a try you never know. Mum just said to tell you that the chocolate is very bitter at first but now she loves it and you can eat like 3 pieces a day ♥

Haha don’t worry, I love dark chocolate a lot. The darker and bitterer the better. ;)

Ew, yuck! Broccoli is grody to me… My little sisters love it, though! I’m one of the few I know that actually likes – and prefers – cauliflower! :O I’m sorry about your colon. I’m having to take fiber gummies for something similar – but without a visit to the doctor’s office because, like Stephanie said, I hate going there! P:

…Just so you DON’T freak out, I will add credit at my footer later today for your yellow heart smilies! I’m just too lazy to deal with that right now. :( Tired + FTP = problems + errors + major malfunctions.

Your haircut is actually really similar to what I’m wanting. Or…is it exactly what I’ve been wanting? I’m going to ask my mom if she can make me a hair appointment with her friend sometime soon – she always discounts us! :) Perhaps I’ll be able to get a new hairstyle before school this September! :D

Awesome!! A photoshoot! Sounds fun! Haha. :P I used to have Mimi pluck my eyebrows, but eh… That;s not ever going to happen again, I guess? I need to, though, because I’m starting to get pretty insecure about it. However, I do love my bushy eyebrows that are in the same thingy… Like, not between each other. >.>

…I’ll be back to finish this later today. Night! (For me).

Okay, so as I was saying…

Friday is actually way closer to you than it is to me, so it’ll be Friday before ya know it! :)

Your photograph of the door sounds abstract and vintage (or whatever that word I’m trying to find is).

I’m glad you’re alright and don’t need a colonoscopy!

i wanna see your pictures in your photo shoot >.<' I hope you'll be okay soon in that colon something. /pow

Cholesterol is a funny thing. I would hate to be on medication too, so I can understand how you’re feeling. I hope altering your diet works for you! Good luck.

And take no notice of that silly make-up artist – your eyebrows are fine!!! Why do they have to be like, pencil-thin? Having thicker eyebrows is actually more attractive, in my opinion! :) And I love the new hair-do, it looks great! :D


I’m glad you don’t need a colonoscopy, because to be honest with you, those things sound FREAKY D:. Haha it sucks having to take all those laxatives though. Maybe you can use this as an excuse to chew gum excessively, which apparently will result in a laxative effect? I hope your colon and your bowel empty out sooooooon. Like REALLY soon. Because feeling that full all the time must be MAJORLY uncomfortable D:. I can’t stand it when I’m bloated for like an hour. I don’t know how you’re coping feeling bloated 24/7!

IT SUCKS about your cholesterol! SUCKS! And you’re like skinny and relatively healthy! Damn your genes :(. Well eating healthy will help you in the long run. That’s what I keep telling myself (it only helps half the time. but hey, I have to motivate myself somehow :P). LOL look at the two of us. We’re too young to be turning into health freaks! This is supposed to be the time of our lives when we pig out on junkfood and don’t need to care because our bodies can supposedly digest metal if need be. This is so unfair. The universe hates us, apparently :P.

WOOT! Random haircut :D. I like it! It looks different to all your other haircuts :D :D. Haha!

Your makeup artist sounds very bitchy :(. Maybe she’s bitchy because she’s like an amateur and just doesn’t want to admit it. Hmph! Haha the photographer sounds super funny though! You better show me the pictures when/if you get them! :D.

Oh, your poor legs D:. Don’t worry, I literally feel your pain at the moment :P. Hahaha, maybe you should skip the stairs tomorrow! ♥

Haha thank you. :D I don’t think I’m changing this one for a while. :D

Sometimes i think it’s just great to sit and cry, the fact that there are songs that makes it possible is really amazing. :) It’s like there’s a song for every emotion. Right now I’m listening to Hear you me by Jimmy Eats World. If you watched A Cinderella Story it’s the song they sang at the end.

Haha they play that Westlife song at almost every charity event I’ve been too. It’s a song that makes you feel happy so it a way it has it’s purpose. I’ve heard a lot that things come when you least expect it, I guess I’m just an impatient person lol.

👏 thank you for not being in the piczo category lol. Piczo is completely lame now that the kids took over, they just ruined that community. /hmph
YAY. :D Hehe I’m think I’m going to keep the scrolly thing for good and just change the background whenever I want to change a layout. :D I’m going to do what you and secretly hide cash so I can pay because I hate debt.

WOW your hair looks amazing!! I want long hair lol. 😝
Sorry to hear about your high cholesterol, my cousin has that and she usually eats oatmeal. She really hates broccoli so that’s like a once in while kind of thing. My friends try to make broccoli good but dipping it in cheese, it heard it’s good but its gross to me (i hate cheese). You could try that or would it still considered unhealthy?

I had no idea you used to perform in dance concerts, you learn something new everyday. (H) What was the photoshoot for?

Sometimes it’s good to read previous comments. Because somehow I had the idea to start of my comment with almost the same one as Mary’s. That would be really awkward if I didn’t see it coming. O___O

The last time I was here I read about you getting that ultrasound but I didn’t think you were really sick. I really hope you get better. That sounds a little serious in my opinion. And it sucks that you have to mind what you eat because of it. It’ll pass too, In the end you’ll look back to all that brocolli and be glad you won’t be stuck with that for long. Just bear with it until you get better, I know you will. :)

I knew you were taking up photography, but wow, a photoshoot! That sounds fun! It’s weird that most make-up artists are pretty obnoxious, like they totally know everything to actually point out something wrong with what you have. Don’t think they’d like it either if we did the same thing. But I guess that’s the way it goes. Some don’t talk at all, some, too much. And only a few nice ones. At least that’s what I see. I hold no grudge, but sometimes they’re just annoying. Haha. No offense to anyone o___o Anyway, you’re really pretty. I can’t even notice anything wrong from that picture. I actually envious how your fringe sits out like that, but like you said that must be from something they put to, maybe, make you think that it’s really good. After you wash it, it’s not the same anymore. Why is that? Haha.

I like rock a whole lot too! That makes the two of us. (H)

Wow, ten years, that’s a long time! :( And only six weeks to fix your cholesterol? Is that even possible? I’m sorry you had to suffer with those horrible broccoli – I don’t like broccoli a whole lot either. Maybe you should search up creative vegan recipes or something to spice up your meals so you won’t dread them as much. I guess also eating low-fat stuff won’t hurt either.

My eyebrows are thick, they aren’t bushy, but they still seem to hold a problem with my sisters. :P I’m fine with the way they are, but they aren’t and they always used to tell me, “Krystal, you should get your eyebrows waxed.” or “Krystal, I think I should pluck your eyebrows for you.” All my sisters pluck or wax their eyebrows. I’ve had mines waxed once when my sister coaxed me into it and each hair grew back quickly so there was no point in that. I pluck stray hairs once in awhile to get a clean look. And when I did a photo shoot in Cambodia (never doing it again), my make-up artist pretty much shaved off 75% of my eyebrows without my consent. I was PISSED. After, I looked like I was angry all the time. The minute I got back home, I cut my bangs into straight bangs to hide my “angry” eyebrows. It took weeks to go back to normal.

Since then, I don’t let anyone touch my brows besides myself. And because of the way I am, having those thin, arched eyebrows would make me look like a stranger, to others and even me. Some girls who are so into make-up say eyebrows either “make or break” your face, but I don’t care what they say. I like my thick brows the way they are! xD

Oh yeah, I really like your new haircut! Planning to get straight bangs again soon.

Sorry about your colon problems. =[ Talking about eating broccoli all the time makes me cringe. I’ve always loved fresh fruit, but I’ve never been a big fan of vegetables unless they’re cooked (baking takes out some of the healthiness) or dipped in ranch (so basically coated in fat, HA!). I’m a pretty bad diabetic, I guess. But I wish you the best of luck! It may take time and effort, but I’m sure you can do it. If my fatass uncle can lower his cholesterol, I’m pretty positive you can. ;]

I need a haircut, too! Dx It’s getting too long — right now it’s at the small of my back. I can’t ever wear it down, it gets all tangly and frizzy, and I just want to lose some of the freaking weight. -sighs- Your hair looks really cute, though. I love your bangs. /love
I think that’s why I keep a blog, honestly. It’s a bit of an ego boost, haha. But it’s amazing how many people have gone through similar situations as I have, and these people are so much wiser than I am. (Even the people younger than me!) The best advice I get is from my online friends and affies.

Yeah, I purposely got it there so it wasn’t too painful. xD And I’ve always heard that the feet were the most painful, ’cause there are so many nerve endings there. But I still want cherry blossoms on my left foot. I have a friend who is super skinny (like, his forearm is fatter than his upper arm, simply because the bones are wider there) and he got one on his chest, which is all bone. He says that sucked pretty hard.

The bad thing is, heaps of plans means the summer just flies by even faster.

i’m so glad you’re ok, and that it wasn’t anything deathly serious!! i was a little worried. it doesn’t mean though you don’t have it bad enough, and even you do feel a little better now i hope you’ll feel much better soon!! (: i’m glad though you didn’t needed a colonoscopy, the word itself sounds scary! well keep fighting girl!! i believe that your strengt will win in the end (:

i think your hair looks nice!! i never do anything with mine, but right now i actually want to try to dye it. it could be fun, but i’m not sure yet if it will be fun for me or everyone around me, lol! the photoshoot sounds fun, i’ve never been to one before, with one exception of “family photographing”, but that didn’t go too well, haha!! next time i’ll find another photographer, or another day not labeled “bad hair day”.
your make-up arist didn’t sound too nice though, it’s your eyebrows and not hers, and i think you can wear them just like you want them.

That’s great to hear that you’re getting better. Being ill is terrible.

I love my eyebrows too though my mum always think that they need a bit of plucking. She would lie me down and start tidying up my eyebrows with tweezers. Ouch. One of my aunts also don’t really have eyebrows. 😒

Sorry for not commenting on your posts for a while. Been busy with exams. :( Take care. x

Nice to hear you’re doing a bit better. :)

Liking the haircut too! I think it compliments your face very well.

I know how you feel about the eyebrow thing. My eyebrows are thick but very sparse, so it doesn’t look like I have any, so I don’t see the point in plucking it. When I was in 6th grade, a girl told me I needed to pluck them. Never did. The make-up artist was very rude, I don’t see at all how your eyebrows are bushy.

Well, good luck with your colon, and hopefully you feel completely better soon!

It sounds like you are going though a lot, and I hope for the best. Being on any type of medication sucks. I remember having to take medication for my anemia and low blood sugar. I have my own health issues but I can understand the frustration. I’m sure your hair looks great! Feel better soon Georgina! Oh one more thing, I thanked you in my credits section for your inspiration. ♥

Glad that you’re OK ! I’m sorry about your arteries and bowles, lol, but how’s your diet? I eat rice every day and adding fish, veggies and chicken on the side is no stress. If you feel the crave for candy or something to chew on, why not check out exotic fruits? Or drop in at Asian shops and try Taro Fish snacks, lol! :D

Your hair is so cute and really suits you! Cool that you got chosen for the photoshoot, kinda want see the pictures, haha. I’m horrible at plucking eyebrows, seriously. As long as one pluck away any sings of monobrows, one should be fine even if it’s bushy! I don’t really think yours was bushy from what I can tell in your pics.

I really do hope that you are feeling better, I hate being ill. I saw your Tweets about going to the doctors, and it must be horrible what you’re going through, but at least you don’t need colonoscopy. It’s good that your photo classes are going well.
Hope you get back to your original self soon :D

It’s kind of unbelievable to me that you actually have high cholesterol hehe.. I think that you’re just so skinny.. /snort
and cool new hairstyle (why do you have to post the picture turning anti-clockwise? lols, I have to turn my head in front of the monitor just to see it clearly..haha,kidding) I used to have long hair with long fringe but then I really prefer short fringe covering my forehead… thus, my current fringe is straight (because having a diagonal fringe for a long time has been such a boring thing,for me) but not damn thick and narrow like how girls tend to have them today…
Is your hair naturally very straight? because on that picture, your hair looks so straight (Y)
haha that make up artist.. what’s with her fussing over eyebrows problems? hahaha…

What is it with people and eyebrows @_@ I mean, if you have like one big eyebrow I can understand how it might not be appealing, but since when is it a crime to have “normal” eyebrows? Specially when the girls who pluck them tend to pencil them in to make them look more full (at least here)… What’s the point?

And ahw, that sucks about your cholesterol! My mom got the same warning as you did a few years ago. They told her to get down or they’d put her on meds. She started taking Omega-3 supplements and it gradually went down. They didn’t put her on medication for it, so I guess it worked well enough :P Maybe something to consider?

Aw, I hope you get better! How did you get this indigestion? :( & Have you tried Flora proactive? Apparently it helps lower cholesterol…(according to the TV ads) But at least you’ll be going healthy! I hope it isn’t too hard..

Your hair looks really nice, it’s so straight and nicely trimmed ^-^ I wish my hair was more like that…instead its just like an unruly bob cut :(

Ooh, I’d really like to see your photoshoot pics! What a bitchy make-up artist! She should be focusing on doing your make up, not commenting on your eyebrows.

& Don’t get stressed! It’s not good for you! Small amounts are good, but too much can be very overwhelming.