Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday is a fashion segment I started in 2013, where I share outfits or items related to fashion and beauty. It is the longest running series on my blog (measured by years). The series is dedicated to sharing one outfit per post and going into details on fit of clothing, accessorising, putting an outfit together, and reasons why I select certain items of clothing to add to my wardrobe.

There used to be a new post each month, on average, and then occurred every second Friday, and now contains a few unintentional “breaks” (often when I am travelling). Some older posts have been posted on Saturday rather than Friday, due to timezones, but are now more consistent. Rarely, some Fridays in between may be filled in.

Seb and Nick took turns to photograph the editions of Fashion Friday before Pat photographed a few outfits for a short time. Currently, Nick is the only photographer for Fashion Friday.

Each image links to a different post in this category.