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Updates: Layout has been tweaked a bit – thanks to Dayna and her patience. 🙂

A few days ago, an author by the name of J. D. Salinger passed away.

He was best known for his book The Catcher in the Rye, colloquially referred to as “Catcher”. I know many of you might have heard of this book, even though you haven’t read it. The book that uses the words “phony”, “goddam” and “suave” […]

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Blasted bollocks. Swetlana told me my site navigation was “fucked” (haha, nice use of language there) in Internet Explorer. I realised it’s only in the older versions. At least upgrade, people, if that Internet Explorer hacking from last week didn’t scare you. 😐

Sigh. So. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with my sites. Twenty domains – it’s a lot, right? I’m definitely going to get rid of one within the next month. I […]

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Thank you for the lovely comments on the last blog. 🙂 I was a bit unsure about posting the blog, maybe I was overreacting. But thank you. ♥️

Today I had terrible cramps. 😐 Frigging great. It didn’t help that it was super hot either. I was sitting my chair trying to feel comfortable, but after some time I gave up, took a Nurofen tablet and curled up on my bed. The fan still […]

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I’m quite aware of the consequences of giving out personal information online. I believe I am old enough to responsibly give out information, and to keep these consequences in the back of my mind.

I understand about using a different name online, not giving away your last name, or displaying photos, but I believe there is a limit to what you should falsify.

Late last year someone online wanted to meet me – Cindy*. […]

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Bah. Yesterday my mum and dad had an argument and the car broke. 😧

Yesterday my mum had to go to work in the morning. Let’s say she was running a bit late. She and my dad both went to the car. My mum decided to drive there, and my dad would drive back.

I didn’t see the incident when it happened, but I heard it, which allowed me to see the aftermath. […]

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If you happen to be a fan of the song Tonight Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins, join my fanlisting for it! ☺️

Since I gave my brother my iPod touch, and got my iPhone, he’s been incredibly desperate to get wireless internet. At home we have ADSL2+, so, broadband internet pretty much – but our movements are restricted because we’re connected to the modem with a cable. Not that my brother needs wireless for his […]

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Well, hello world. Just then I was about to write a rage blog, but my mum calmed down. But gee… it’s tough trying to squeeze in time online. Most of the time when I actually get time online, I just want to chill because site work often feels like a chore. O_O

And worse still, I’m on holidays now, but I wish like hell that I was back at university for the year. Because whenever […]

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Image from Deviate NY

9 is an amazing movie. First of all – its length. It’s not some epic three-hour deal like The Lord of the Rings (though Elijah Wood voices one of the main characters), nor is it a simple rushed 30-minute job like those amateur “vloggers” on YouTube who ramble on and on, without even realising that they’ve gone past ten minutes without even making a valid […]

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Sigh. Lately, the days have been hard. I know people start with the bad news first, but I’ll start with the good, because I want to be different… And because the bad news is serious.

My parents bought me an iPhone yesterday. I didn’t have a very good phone before. It was a phone James gave me. An ordinary coloured screen phone with no camera or Internet. Prior to this I had been using a […]

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The amount of stealing happening online is ridiculous. I’ve seen it all. Someone stealing all my tutorials, my layouts without credit, taking bits of my coding and not changing the links so they get an ugly image telling them not to direct link or the links lead to my site instead (LOL), someone taking my photos, site name ideas, copying my ideas… not to mention copying someone else’s personal poems, photos and even blogs. I’m […]

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