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Lately I have been pretty busy with university work. It’s just been piling up in my freaking face, and often, I find myself getting angry over it. One night last semester, I kept James up until two in the morning because I hadn’t finished my assignment, and I just needed him there.

Sometimes I get that feeling that I need someone there.

As I already said, things are piling in my face. I’ve already tried […]

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Yesterday I was woken by my mum to do some stuff before she left for the shops, then work. That kind of annoyed me because I stayed up late. Partially my fault but sometimes I don’t see the point in filling up her water bottle for her, putting her sandwich in a bag and pretty much packing her bag.

I know every little bit helps, but because she’s been doing it a lot, it kind […]

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I changed my Gravatar today. It used to be the same brown butterfly, and I had it for about four or five years. I even had it as my Twitter display picture. Sure, it’s a globally recognised avatar and people are supposed to recognise you from it, but I was sick of the butterfly and figured it would be nicer to have a picture of my face. I had to clear my cache to see […]

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Erin is having a domain contest so make sure you head on over there. First prize is a .info domain, and other domains are available as prizes, not to mention advertising and layouts.

Also, my dear friend Vivien has made a fanlisting for me. 😧 So if you’re a fan of me, please join Heartdorks today. 😄 ♥️

Today, James and I bumped into each other at uni when he was supposed to be […]

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Both people I mentioned in my last blog post, who had stolen large amounts of work from other people, have had their sites deleted. Goes to show, you can’t get away with stealing. This website has a message on it about violation of terms; let us hope that nothing like this happens again.

I was working on a new layout and spent quite some time on it. It still isn’t the way I like […]

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I have a new scratch on my laptop which upsets me, because it’s right in the middle of the lid. I don’t know how it got there, but James said that maybe I can fill it up or get it repaired. I just don’t want it to cost too much. The scratch is pretty deep.

I think I shall carry a towel around to wrap it in. In honour of Towel Day, every […]

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I actually plan on sleeping early tonight (woah Georgina, that’s a first). It’s 10:44pm as of starting this blog, and since I blogged early yesterday, I figured it’s time for a new one.

I opened with a snazzy new layout and more written pieces. The layout is a lot less dull and I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out.

I also added premade layouts to the site. They’re just based on […]

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Yesterday I went to university with absolutely no intentions of going. The subject (information discovery and analysis) is rather boring and I admit I know some of the subject already. Most of it is searching databases with logical operators and using aggregators.

I didn’t have a very good day yesterday. I missed my train. Partially my fault, because I sat for longer than I should have, and left later.

It annoyed me that […]

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Since I discovered that I missed out on getting tickets to see Anberlin, James noticed that I have been looking up gigs and concerts to other bands. Oh. Well I was clearly devastated (thankfully not to the point where I am crying, but yes, it sucks that I missed out!), but I did manage to find other bands/singers touring – Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper, to name a few.

Then I come to the almighty […]

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Today I wrote a new tutorial, a review (reviews are open again), made two new fanlistings at EyeThief, and added affiliates to the sidebar. I had a day off university but tomorrow and through the weekend I will be doing a lot of homework. Today I was just mucking around. 😧

Yesterday, my awesome hostee Diamond told me about Anberlin coming to Australia. I had absolutely no idea, and I was freaking devastated when […]

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