Stranger Things Have Happened

Today, I woke up with cramps. Ouch. ๐Ÿ˜

On the train, a man took up two seats, which I found very selfish. Considering he was laughing to himself as he was browsing Facebook on his cracked-screened iTouch, and kept looking at me funny.

Lately, if you have been reading my past few blogs, there is a place I like to sit at university. It’s near a balcony, and there are a series of glass doors with comfy and colourful couches in front of them. I particularly like sitting at the one on the far left of the glass doors, because there is a power socket there where I can plug my laptop in. And when the sun comes in through the doors, it’s so nice.

Today after class I walked to this area, and realised that some guy was on the couch in my favourite spot. He took my favourite spot. And not only that, he was lying down too.

Not only that, but he was sleeping too. Maniac.

So I chose to sit somewhere else, about five metres away on the next set of couches. I had nowhere to plug my laptop in so I just used the battery.

I was waiting most anxiously and checking my battery constantly. After seeing it go down to twenty percent, I was really close to storming over and telling the guy to go away from my darned favourite spot. Then, I saw him stir and sit up, reading a piece of paper.

Hurry up! My mind urged. Get the hell away already! Give me my power socket!

It took a while, but eventually he got up and walked away, so I sat in my favourite spot and got the power running through my laptop again. ๐Ÿ™‚

I went to work, which went fairly well. Nothing majorly annoying has happened for a while but I thought I’d mention an incident that happened today.

There is this girl who attends the education centre, and I really dislike her. Let us call her Anne. She’s probably about eleven years old. She is one of the laziest, sloppiest and strangest eleven-year-olds I have met. And I hate to say this, but she is incredibly stupid.

She’s lazy because she barely does her homework. That’s alright, right? So at least I don’t have to mark her work.

But when she does do it, she does it in the sloppiest way. She doesn’t even try. It’s obvious. The answers are rubbish; full of phrases and words that do not even resemble a proper sentence. She’s on a level where most of the work is based on close passages – the type where you fill in the blanks with words, or the type where there are a few boxes to make a word, and only some letters are given.

She is hopeless.

I picked up her maths work to make sure she had corrected her mistakes, and she didn’t. She touched the first three (she had about thirty mistakes), and didn’t even correct the rest. I went through the entire booklet. What a waste of time. She hadn’t corrected anything else, and the time I spent pointlessly checking her mistakes, I could have marked someone else’s work.

After that, I couldn’t stand it. I told her off. She was sitting there doing nothing while I marked her work and as soon as I put it in the box for collection, she scraped her chair back like a sloppy nut, and as she was about to grab her work, I walked in front of her.

“Do your corrections. You’re wasting my time looking through them when you don’t even bother correcting them.”

It felt good to say that.

Of course it helped that when I marked her homework and she had to use the word “stupid” from a word bank to fill in the blanks, she spelled it as “stupied”.

Stupid much?

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