When The Fire Dies

I’m typing this blog in the awesome browser, Safari. It was nice downloading it onto my laptop. I used to be a bit intimidated by it, thinking it belonged on a Mac, but looky looky. 🙄 I used it a fair bit on the Macs at university, see.

About what happened last blog, with the Twitter drama, all is fine now. My friends apologised – it was just one of those jokes that got way out of hand. So all is good. :)

Since I’ve had rather mad blogs for the past few days, we’ll move onto something less gloomy? :D

I didn’t have anything planned for this blog (oh, come on, who plans a blog?), so I’ll fire away with whatever I have to say. First of all, I tweaked the layout, as you can see. The content section now has the same background colour as the sidebar. I also added “family” to the sidebar, and networking icons (got inspired by Sar ever since I saw her use them). I understand I haven’t put my affiliates in the sidebar yet – I have cut the list down to 47 so far.

Please understand that while I am cleaning out affiliates, it doesn’t mean I won’t contact everyone. I will still return all comments as I do, and keep in contact with people. :)

A new caption competition is up and a few reviews have been done. Applications are currently closed. They will definitely be open by next week. And remember the scribble portfolio I mentioned? I have decided that, even if I am horribly lazy and busy, the website will be up and running and shown publicly this weekend. No matter how much I have done. I want to show you guys what I already have.

My laptop hasn’t been off all day. When I packed it away after university and during class, I put it on Sleep/Stand By. James had checked his timetable in the morning and left his tab open in Firefox, logged in. I didn’t close the tab until about an hour ago when I upgraded Firefox.

I don’t know why I didn’t close it right away. Perhaps it just had that odd, funny sentimental value it had.
You must be thinking, “What? James used your laptop and you keep the window open? Oh my gosh you freak!”
Yes… Thank you.

If you think I’m a freak, let me tell you that I kept all the gelato spoons from the times we ate gelato.

If you think I’m a freak, let me tell you that I write down all his messages and keep all the notes he gave me.

Sometimes you’re just attached to something. It’s a bit hard to let it go. But it’s kind of funny, in a way. I remember one time I wrote a poem, years ago. I decided I hated it, so I scribbled all over it, and I crumpled the paper up and folded it so many times that it became so flimsy, like tissue paper. Some things just hold that funny value.

Hmm, so, speaking of James, it’s our one-and-a-half-year anniversary tomorrow (the 5th). ♥️ I’m not going to university, but he is. :( I would go there, but it’s a bit of a waste of money for me to go there, and it’s a lot of time. We’re also trying to save money after all the times we ate at restaurants (about twice a week this year, wow). :P

It does cost me five dollars to get to university and back home. It might not sound like much but it accumulates. Paying that amount every day just to sit on a train full of sweaty people.

Okay, maybe not sweaty people, since it’s in the middle of winter at the moment. Sometimes the trains can be so horribly crowded. The past few days though, have been great. I managed to score a seat on the train in the mornings, when it is usually packed. And there weren’t even people standing up around the seats. So I got lucky.

I felt it too; seeing as my back and legs were completely sore from walking a lot the past few days. My boss said I was too skinny. :P

And what did I do? I opened my laptop, and I went back to writing poems – this time, ones that I won’t rip up. :)

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Eeeep…safari xD Haha. It took me FOREVER to even BOTHER to download firefox. It’ll be yet ANOTHER forever before I download Safari xD

Yay! No more Twitter drama =) Hehehe…that’s good. It would suck if it dragged on…=(

YAYYYYYY! I’m a part of your family! =) ♥ ♥ ♥

Hehehe, *dances*…That is very cool…^^

Oh! Cooool! Your scribble portfolio’s going up =) I love your scribbles. ^^

Awww…that’s so cute! You keep all of your Gelato spoons and notes and stuff xD Haha. Omg…I can’t believe it’s your anniversary again tomorrow…@_@. Time flies xD

Don’t worry, if I had a boyfriend, I’d probably be JUST like you…^^…We can be lame together. When I get a boyfriend. You may be waiting a while. Hehe

Damn! Uni IS expensive to go to…*cringe*. Even as a student =(. It costs me $5 to get to and from uni too…=(…Which sucks.

Lucky you! I had to stand all the way home on the bus yesterday. It was so painful. =(

Hopefully you don’t have to stand at ALL =) God, your laptop must be heavy to carry around all day. Mines tiny, and I avoid bringing it anywhere unless I can’t help it xD. Or unless I have to get anime off Antony…Hahahaha xD

Wowee, 47 affiliates :P Heehee, I shaved down my MSN list to 35 :3

/um, you kept the tab! 😰
/love! :)

Shame about tomorrow *hug*, but we have Thursday /bounce
I have an idea for a place to eat. It’s rather nice /faw

You save my messages? /bounce Even the ones with Bum and Floog in them. Ngawweee /eee /rose

Hoohoo, I really don’t remember the last time I had to stand on the train to university, but I had to stand on the way back. All the way and it was /poo

(Y) [finally, a substantial comment (H) ]

Psh, that’s because “dude” is an awesome word! xP

Yeah you do have much more daring layouts on Eyethief. I still love the ones you make for Heartdrops though! And woo, I see I was right when I thought a change you had made was giving the content a background color. I think that’s what made me like it a lot more. :D *high five*

Oh, what’s the coat thing like?

Haha, in the year book from… sophomore year I think, on the page about robotics, it says something about how it seems like all the members only have one shirt, but really they just have a bunch of them. :P See a lot of the seniors from last year wear their robotics shirts pretty often… or if you’re like Jimmy nearly every day. But they really do have a lot of them. :P

Thank you! LOL yeah, Jimmy ran to the bathroom after winning that match, and then came back to find that they had forgotten to announce penalties and that he had to get the robot back on the field. xD

Haha yeah I get what you mean about the sentimental value thing. I hold onto a lot of things that seem silly like that too. I have all the emails I got while I was in Israel last summer folded up in little squares on the floor somewhere behind my chair. :P And I do the same thing with leaving tabs open and stuff too. OH and like how yesterday I started writing this letter I was never planning to send to Reema about how much I hated her, right? Well then we made up, but I still couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, so I stuck it inside my extended essay folder. Even though I was like O.O I should burn this… :P

So you finally closed review applications I see. I remember one time I suggested that and you were really reluctant to do so because you hadn’t ever closed them before. :P

Aw yay, happy 1.5 year anniversary! ♥

Ok thankyou /rose i thought i would ask you but i think i have it figured out.. I know your realy busy.

I still cant belive you return all your comments when you get like over 60. Your a good web owner

I only had time to read part of your blog becuae im busy packing for a trip to Perth. Iv been thinking of changing from explorer to something els.

Thats good you have sorted every thing out with your friends. Rumers can be silly and can break friendships. Im glad this time every thing is okay.

Hehe i use firefox, im just so used to it i cant change :P

oh yayay!! you’re finally not so sad :) *hugs*

Hey i’ve been wondering, what is the “uni”? is it like university? like college? lol im clueless O_O

I haven’t tried Safari yet, but I think I will soon. ;) I’m glad all that “twitter drama” thing is sorted out. I entered the caption competition and yeah I thought about those web icons but I didn’t add them being too lazy, I like yours though. /hehe Your boss said you too skinny?! LOL Oh, and show us that poem you didn’t rip 👏
Yes she was a guest at David Letterman’s show, probably on the internet not live. I like what she said at last too :D

*jaw drops* This layout is, is, I’m speechless! Its just so unbelieveable and wow, your layouts just keep getting better and better!! I get more jealous every time :D

I apologize for not getting to comment on your last blog, I was gone for the weekend, but I did read it. *hugs*

Ooo, Safari, I did try it and it was really cool!! But then my computer crashed and I never got around to downloading it again D:

Woahh, you cut it down to 47!? How many did you have before so that it was cut down to 47.

I don’t think you’re a freak, in my world, no one’s a freak…unless they breath fire :P No, I’m kidding everyone deserves a fair chance :D

I hate when the train is all hot and humid D: Its disgusting, and I think it costs more here to take the train, but its faster than driving.

Poetry is a lifesaver, poetry FTW!

ohh ok cool :) do you and james go to the same one? :)

Wow safari? I’ve heard good things about it. I think I might upload it. Where can I get it? Yes my comment did appear. So no worries. I’m glad your friends apologized to you. :). So the fifth of August is when you guys got together? How romantic *swoons* lol. Anyway, yeah. I like the way you did the sidebar. Looks much better.

I’m so glad that your twitter fiasco worked itself out.

Safari seems like it is a good browser. I have only used it briefly but I know it’s one of the trusted browsers by most people.

Safari is an okay browser, much better than IE of course but I’m still too used to my Firefox. ;)

I’m sure some people do thinks like you as well, keeping things of sentimental values. Chewy is someone who does that as well, the little things like movie tickets etc, it meant a lot to him. I’m sure looking at those in the future would bring back lots of sweet memories for you. /love

I loved your vlog, I think the whole this is different & cool, it’s another way to interact with your visitors :) I also love your Australian accent.

I also like your network buttons, I use them too!

And I have a Mac and I use Safari all the time, I know it’s the default browser but I also have had firefox, and I have Opera, but I always use Safari.

And you should start saving! lol. Twice a week is a lot but it sounds nice :) Early congrats on tomorrow!

And Starbucks is super popular here, at least as far as I know it is in New York. Every other block in Manhattan you have a Starbucks. Also Duane Reade (a drug store/pharmacy) is just as popular in Manhattan being able to find one every other block as well!

And I can imagine the train ride fares add up fast! Luckily I can walk to my college, and in high school where mine was far from me, I was able to get a free metrocard (how we pay for bus & train rides) for school.

I know! I know! It was awful! I was going through my phone videos today and I found one of my brother playing them. They looked soo tacky!

Ooh that’s good – nice to have a day off resting (:

I like your layout tweaking – the network icons look really professional lol.

Aww that’s really nice the way you save things from your times with James. Lol, if I get texts or notes from people I like I always save them. Hehe.

Anyways, what’s up?

I would love for you to be able to host me and Lauren is doing the domain name I think XD Thankyou so much x
BTW, In that youtube video are your eyes black?? It looks like they are, with no offence because your lips look really cool bright pink (: x

Yeah, It is good she didn’t delete my website. What font did you use in the comments because I love this font hahaa XD

Yes, they are :p

I was going to get a new phone (this is the first time she promised) and then she decided she couldn’t afford it because she just paid the deposit on this cruise we are going on in September. Which is hurricane season :O
So I ended up picking out a free phone. It is nice I guess. It is hard to text because It doesn’t have a keyboard and that’s what I’m used too. Hopefully I will get faster though :D

Happy anniversary to you! :)

Heyya (: I would love your hosting, please could I have nameserves because Lauren wants to put it up x

I think I have some of those, but I didn’t really know what they were for. I guess I just thought they were random stickers that came free with nail paint, lol I fail.

I lose the back of studs all the time. I keep the plastic bits that hold earrings onto the packaging now, so I have spare backs. But then I end up having odd earring backs. Ah well.

Yeah, haha. I should charge by the hour.

This woman was on about guys having to be taller than women. Apparently, they all want girlfriends who are shorter than them. She was one of the shortest people in a modelling programme when she was saying it though. They were saying she was short on it when she’s 5ft 7. I’d be so screwed on one of them programmes, ’cause I’m a few inches smaller than that.

I don’t think I’ve used Safari before. Is it the browser with the red, green and orange dots in the corner, instead of minimise, maximise and X?? If so, I might’ve used it on the Macs at school, without realising. Macs confuse me.

I’m glad you sorted the whole Twitter thing out. Yay for a happy blog entry!!

The sidebar looks great. I like using networking icons too, though I can’t find a pack that does one for everything. I have to download like 3 different packs just to get the 5 or so I want. The ones you’ve used look really nice, by the way.

I can’t wait to see the Scribble Portfolio!! Good luck getting it finished for the weekend.

Aww, that’s sweet keeping all those James related items. I used to keep Christmas cards I got until my mum took them down to Tesco recycling. She said they’s take up too much space.

Happy Anniversary!!

I absolutely understand leaving the window open! I do that myself… or I would if Gordon ever used my laptop. XD

Glad you’re feeling better, that the drama’s cleared up, and that you liked the imaginary cookies. ;)

I do like you new layout, by the way. :) And I was thinking that the blue might be hard to read… I’ll try to remember to make it a darker color when I’m next working on sitely stuff. I’m at Gordon’s house… again XD… so I don’t really want to do it now. :P

heyyyy :) i’m finally back from the land of France hahah so first ill return your comment
you should go see Bruno it’s soooo funny we were in hysterics all the way through
yeah I hate public transport for that reason hahah but then again I get annoyed by people so easily hahhaa
awww buses here arent much better tbh they’re sort of comfy there’s an express one to Manchester that has leather seats xD but theyre okay I guess
oof good luck with your driving and yer I’ll have to start catching public transport again when I go to uni because of the traffic and that
traffics always bad in the cities though :(

ooh i didn’t think I’d like safari but i quite like it now especially that favourite sites thing it does from your most visited

I like these icons, I fail at making them hahha
woww you’ve cut down a lot then!! lol i couldnt imagine having to contact that many, then have regular commenters as well !! phew
ooh cant wait to see this portfolio then :)

it’s not weird, i can understand how people wouldn’t understand but we all value things differently :)
lol i never turn my laptop off either, except when i go to sleep I think it’d be creepy to hear it whirring away to itself
ooh good job on being able to get a seat :D i hate standing up the most about public transport lol

How do you honestly manage to sing the alphabet backwards so well?! Haha, when I was in primary school we had a competition to say it with a partner, and we had to pass a bean bag on to our partner when we got stuck and it took me and my friend about an hour! Aha, and I love your accent LOL :)

I think it’s so sweet how you keep the little stuff, like the notes, and leaving the tab open. I find things like that more sentimental than something material.

Your lucky to have gotten a seat on that train, as usually they’re the same here. When I went to a concert last november in the city centre, there were 3 of us, and we literally had to run to get our seats, and then my brother ended up sitting by a scary guy who kept sucking his thumb and had his hair down to his waist.

Yeaaah it’s from ‘Can’t Catch Tomorrow’ by Lostprophets :3 I’ve became re-obsessed with them lately since I found both of their CDs lurking in my brothers old cupboard… ¬.¬

My phone is quite old. I have the Sony Ericsson W910i, which is really popular so it’s still very expensive. I’m getting a touchscreen one tomorrow though :)

Safari! I love that, but I somehow think Firefox makes me more comfortable. I still use Safari once in a while and I love it! ♥
Aw, you’re happy! /bounce Have a nice day off, I have to go to SCHOOL soon. /ehh Also, have a happy anniversary!
You’re not a freak! You know Bellisimo? I keep all the bowls AND their spoons, and sometimes I go to Sizzler and if I can’t finish the burger… I wrap it in a serviette and take it home for later. /FAIL /um
Your boss sounds nice. :) Being skinny is good, I’ve seen a photo of a fat man in a wheelbarrow and he couldn’t even fit. /sweat
I have a size 10 torso and size 14 leggings. I’m freaking skinny, alright. Skinniest girl in my classroom. Fat people tease me! It makes me LOL anytime I think about it. /hehe
Your poems are great, I rip up things I don’t like too! A stress habit… /poo
Tell James that his recipes are AMAZING. /bounce
1997… shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! /ASHAMED
Yuss that would be nice if you can send the high quality photos, and of course I will credit! (Y)
Hehe, and you don’t need the slash on the munching emote! :3 x3

By the way, thanks for telling me how to change all the titles. It took, like, two or three hours, but as you saw, I got it done. XD I’m looking into some Cutenews “hacks” (as the site title proclaims) to get the name of the blog up in the title when viewing the full story/on the comment page. I’m having issues with the archiving again, though… yegh. XP

Oh, and (wow, I’m horrible at reading all the way through comments, apparently) I actually really want to work in retail. I’d rather not be a cashier if necessary, but I wouldn’t mind putting stuff back where it belongs and all that. I absolutely refuse to push shopping carts, though; people drive like idiots in parking lots, and I generally fear for my life.

Heck, I’d like to get one without too much work, but the way things are, I’ll be grateful to get any job (unless, of course, it’s in the fields mentioned above — or in food).

I do things like that when it comes to my boyfriend too. Mostly because I don’t get to see him that often so every little thing means a lot. Like when he visited recently, he had a couple of guitar picks for some game he had or something and I had found one under my laptop. I kept it for like an hour, then it disappeared. I believe my brother took it though thinking it was his.

I just get attached to things and people easily I guess. I don’t like change when I settle into something comfortable and I always need something to keep some of that feeling at first.

My boyfriend and I didn’t get to see eachother for our one year or his birthday (which was like a week and a half after). It sucked a lot but, we were trying to figure out some way to make up for it.

I can imagine how $5 can be a lot when you spend that money everyday or almost every day. Especially being a university student. Things are already expensive.

Oh! This layout is soooo nice! The colors are just great! :D Hmmmm. For some reason I have trouble downloading Safari on my computer, but it’s really good. It loads really fast! :) Ooo well I guess I missed all of the drama since I was on my trip XD Glad to hear it is all better now! :)

LOL. I couldn’t talk to them. I would be to scared XD Yes! I can’t wait! :)

Haha, definitely not :) Tadpoles would have grown into awesome frogs and the larva will grow into.. mosquitoes DX

Oh thanks! I’m glad you like it, I was wondering what you would think of the same background ;)

Hm, I’ve never really used safari. I should try it sometime :)

That’s so cute that you keep all his notes and stuff! :D I used to be like that, but then I just ran out of room :(


Woah! From 80 affiliates to 47…that must have taken a long time. :P But to me, 47 affiliates are too much, I only have 20. :P

Yay, congrats!! 1 and a half years :D :D :D How are you going to celebrate? :)

Yeah, I love doing reviews :D But since I’m a newbie, it takes too much time to do one :( It normally takes me like three days to do one review (I think, because I’m doing Lisa’s, starting on Sunday and I should finish today), and with yours I took like one week. Because I was trying to do two reviews at once /type and I thought it would save time, but in fact it….took more time. /um

Hey Vi, I’m getting an “internal server error” when I view your website, so I have to return your comment this way. The error only appears on the homepage, everything else is fine. I don’t know what’s wrong. 😢

I hope you can fix it though. :)

Hahaha. *shakes fist* I would love to have so little affiliates, but I would feel bad deleting people.

Thank you! We might eat out sometime this week or on the weekend. We never usually celebrate on the same day because of other commitments, but we always make up for it. :P

Aww, well, best to do one at a time, in my opinion. It takes me a few hours (in one sitting) to do one.

I hope you can fix that error! Maybe just a re-uploading of the page or something, or it could just be a temporary error with the databases… I noticed Kat’s website had errors too.

Yeah, I know about the error last night. Kat has it, and Intohost.net has it. I talked to Kat, and she said that there was a problem with her host (Intohost) and she tried contacting the owner there, but she was never online. /wah
I don’t want to move or change hosts! D:

I think so too. That’s why I tell people how many affiliates I’m “expecting” to have, then I won’t get “overloaded”. Lol.

I hope you can celebrate on that day, but if you can’t, then I hope you have a nice time on either/both days! :D :D

Thankfully, today, the problem seemed to have disappeared? We’ll have to wait and see…. /hmph

I missed you too, I missed everyone! :( Anyway, I’m back now, you can’t get rid of me that easily. 👏

I was an aunt already.. 5 times lol. I now have 4 nieces, one nephew and another on the way. Yes, I have a big family. xD

I will try and bring that layout back sometime, I liked it too but I got so annoyed with it that I just binned it, hah. (Like, literally! I put it in the recycle bin xD) So next time I will just start over but do the same style.

Sometimes I forget about timezones, like you come on Twitter and say “Morning.” and I would be like “What? It’s 10pm!” But that’s just me being silly. It is a shame that they exist because I can’t talk to some people as much as I would like to as we’re always on at different times. (Probably why my comments to you are always so long. xD)

I want to try Safari sometime, I always hear good things about it and like you, I decide that it’s just for Mac’s and put it off. xD

Good to hear there’s no more Twitter drama, all is back to normal. :D (Until some other drama starts of course.)

I love those networking icons, they’re so cute!

I know what you mean about small things being sentimental and no, I don’t think you’re a freak. I do it too! As I’m sure everyone else who is in a relationship does. Me and my boyfriend used to write notes to each other in school (before we started going out) and I still have them. Every now and then it’s nice to read them and see how young/immature we were! xD

Yes, expensive gifts are nice to look at and whatever, but they just don’t have the same sentimental value that the worthless ones have, if you know what I mean. ;)

Happy 1.5th anniversary to you and James. Have a nice day spending time together. :X:X:X

Oh okay I didn’t know so I asked.

I watched the video, I’ve actually always wanted to hear how your voice sounded [because of the accent]. I absolutely adore Australian accents. ^^ And yours was… well I don’t want to offend you by saying it’s adorable but it was. ^^ Would you say, Americans have an accent? .. I mean to you, since.. well we don’t talk with the same kind of accent… I’m rambling on, forgive me.

Happy year and a half anniversary! =)

Yay for Safari, I actually like Safari.. but like you said, I feel its for Macs so I don’t want to attempt downloading it. xP

I like NOODLES [food.. notice the capitals, huge difference. When speaking this, you are supposed to yell it and when talking about the him noodles you whisper it.. very very quietly. ^^]

That guy you were talking about, is just like noodles. He thinks he can get with me… although I’ve told him I’m not interested so many times. I once cussed him out, I was mad at him. Very.

Awww … that’s so sweet the things you keep out of sentimentality. I’m the same way. I’ve kept every single movie stub that my bf and I have watched together up until now. The very first one, you can’t even read the name of the movie anymore but the date is still readable. Just as long as I still remember what movie it was lol. I still keep around the very first and only love note he wrote to me too. I carry it everywhere with me in my wallet and HAVE to put in every wallet I change into. haha.

He knows I’m like that too that’s why whenever we go somewhere that I’ve never been too he actually makes me keep the ticket or whatever it is that he thinks will be memorable and give it to me at the end of the day lol.

So trust me … you’re not the only freak in love hahah.

Happy year and half anniversary too!! I say the most important ones are the half and the full year!

haha still trimming down your affiliate list huh?

👏 Safari is pretty nice :D currently I have 3 browser on this computer with IE being my least favorite XD

You’re so not a freak :3 I keep stuff too~ like … 😴 I can’t even name them right now. Like my old notes my friends wrote me from primary school O. o’! I keep all kinds of things that has memories in them /eee

Thanks Georgie! *HUGS* It must be ALL good! Or else… muahaha0- she dies. XD just kidding! LOL /hehe I haven’t tried Safari, but I bet it’s still better than internet explorer! I haven’t seen a browser crappier than internet explorer my whole life. ✌️ What? This is weird…47 afffiliates? O_o? I think I have 47 too, and I read some other epople’s blog, I forgot- which also had 47 affiliates. This is a weird coincidence. 😏 I remember that Twitter reply you gave me “I just realised @stolenrain had 47 affiliates”…what was that about? xD LOL gelato! No, Georgie, don’t think you are a freak. :D And I don’t think you are the only freak… *AHEM* 👏

Yay for poems! I really love reading your poems you write on your portfolio- quite enjoyable! ♥


Hehe! You’re video is awesome! :) I subscribed :)

yay! Can’t wait to see the scribble portfolio!

thanks so much! :) Your comments are awesome too.

haha! What sort of practial jokes did they do? I’m a sucker for that sort of stuff! :P

I miss writing poems. :( and ive always wanted to tweak websites but i can’t. i just can’t. :((((

wow where’d you get those networking icons? im looking for those thingies. haha, but i like the smaller ones. me likey.

Just watched your youtube video.
I can’t say that word O.O” I tried saying it like 10 times, and if i say it one more time, I’m probably going to go crazy. Haha. Cool, the alphabets backwards :D I can’t do that. I don’t have a special talent or haven’t discovered one yet ==”
Maths get harder and harder, i guess. I’ve been to tutoring before so school was kind of easy for me, but now I’m learning like new topics and I’m not use to them.
Giant fake lollies! Haha, I’m going to the meuseum and going to run away with that statue, and put it for display in my room. Although, I don’t know about the running away bit. Haha.

Yes, correct. It’s Arial, I can’t believe it because I always use that font and it never looks as cool as this :L Haaha x

I replied to your email too. Hopefully you were talking about the cPanel password haha.

Yeah, her heart does need rest. She doesn’t need his crap onto of everything else, pfft.

LOL, the same thing happened to me with an ex boyfriend!! I mean, I’m short and any guy shorter than me is just a complete short arse. My ex was shorter than me, and when we broke up I laughed him. I didn’t see him for a year, and then he randomly came over the park and he was freaking 6ft. @_@ I couldn’t believe it, I ran haha.

Oh he’s just a complete druggie. Hes on drugs, so one minute hes nice as pie then the next hes proper angry and shit. You should have heard him last night. He was shouting through the walls, all I mainly heard was ‘I’M GUNNA FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU DICKHEAD’ and he just went on and on. It was kind of scary actually.

Haha yeah, I’ve seen you reply to Lilian and James. xD I love using it lmao.

Oh poo. It might as well be winter here at the moment, it’s so sucky.

Your bullets appear in IE, but they aren’t aligned properly, same as mine. They show up in the blockquotes on my site, it’s weird. I hate IE. I looked at a few sites and their bullets aren’t aligned either. Maybe IE just sucks.

Oh don’t worry, that’s all I do; surf the net. I played The Sims 3 now and again, but I leave my laptop on my bed and it sucks up the sheet, so it overheats.

I can’t even watch your video, this laptop is so fucking shit it doesn’t even have speakers LOL.

I had FF, Safari and Opera on my laptop. I love Safari too, but I still love FF. I might get a MacBook though, trying to convince my step dad because mines beyond repair. :P

I think the layout looks better with the content area having a background. I love the little network icons too hehe. Hurry up and put your affiliates back, I’m curious. :P

Yay I can’t wait to see the scribble portfolio. :D Hehe.

I’ve done that before, Robs gone on Facebook on my laptop and just closed it without closing the tab. So when hes gone home, he’s still logged in. I don’t go looking through his messages though, I just close the tab, heh.

I think you’re a freak. :) But in a good way, :P

Awww, happy year and a half anniversary!!! That’s so cute. I swear, I always remember your blogs where you mention your anniversary, the months just seem to fly by. o_O Don’t bother wasting your money going to his uni, you might as well wait and celebrate a guy when you guys are both off. :D

I hate trains full stop. But buses are the same, I always try and get a seat, I hate standing. Baha. But then usually, I get a big huge sweaty man who sits next to me. :( Makes me want to be sick to be honest.

I hate being called skinny, don’t you?

Lol. You’re welcome.

Thanks! Hopefully they’ll be of use to people.

Yeah I really like vintage style things. This is my first proper vintage-y layout and I’m really pleased with it.

2 hours? Wow, I couldn’t do that much lol.

I haven’t been here in a while, and gosh did Heartdrops change. D: For the better of course! ;) I love your sidebar! It’s so neat and tidy and… ooh there’s my name on the family sidebar! /eee /ehe Haha.

I’m glad that that thing’s over on twitter. I really don’t like it if something of that sort were to happen to me too. =/ Sometimes though, I just feel that something tells me maybe it’s a stab of guilt, you know? I just think that way sometimes yet I don’t know what to believe sometimes, like what was good and what was not.

BTW my friend has Safari. He says it’s really good, too. :)

Sweaty people? Lmfao, yeah I was gonna say it’s Winter there haha. Yeah, it IS a lot of money coming and going… =/ It really is. I sometimes prefer to pay the big amount for once because I might see it in a different way I guess.. Gah. Got French lesson today.

TTYL, Drops! ♥ ♥ ♥

My friend thought the same thing when I suggested that she download Safari. She thought that it was “for Macs”! It is a good browser, but funnily enough, I use a Mac and not Safari. Firefox just seems to run faster, usually. Plus I like the add-ons like FireFTP and Twitterfox.

Happy 18 months to you and James! :) I hope you two have a good day, even though he will be at university.

Wow, 5 dollars a day in transportation really is a lot, especially when it adds up. You can get into the hundreds of dollars fast! But even so, commuting is still probably cheaper than living at university.

Firefox is easier to load, for me. :P
You used too many tongues in your comment! :P I shall do the same!

Bellisimo is near Brighton Le Sands, I think. I haven’t been there in a while! They have many flavours, like Ferrero Rocher and Mars Bar!
I like Sizzler’s potatoes, I eat them with the cottage cheese. 🤤

I wonder how those people get so fat without even noticing… and caring. :P
Eww, even if he does work it off…
…the leftover skin looks gross. 🤮

Most Australians are fatties and chubbies. /hehe So far, I’m considered “anorexic”. You saw me, you know that’s not true! :P

D: OKAY… but I thought he doesn’t check and reply to comments, does he?
ANUS STARS. I asked my mom about them when we went shopping and she was like “what??” :P

Take all the time you want! I’ll be on my lazy butt watching TV for a few days because I have a back AND ankle problem. That’s why I tweeted so much about the shows I watched, and commercials. :P
…Starting from, now~ :P
Nao~ 💀 <–An emote I never used before. /bounce

Hahaa I hope so! And thanks soo much, I really appreciate your comment.

Yeah it takes me a while to really get focused on studying.

Anyways, what’s up?

hehe thats cool :)

Hehe it wh00t! Awesome :D Thanks Georgie! *HUGS* Aww really?! I hated the other layout… 😏 Yes, I should have! You’re making meh feel guilty XD Thank you Georgie…. teehee. I love your network icons! Those are GOOD! I can’t make em myselves.

LMAO yeah I know right? It’s extremely pervie. Blah. I generally don’t like Akon either, his voice somewhat annoys me.. although when I don’t care and just want to party and dance to some song then I don’t mind the Akon songs. xD

Yeah it was pretty stupid that we were actually on the floor laughing. It was more than the song that made me laugh though cause Brian started making girly faces and doing girly moves and then poking me in the stomach and my stomach is the MOST TICKILISH part of my body.. so that might have been what caused it.

I think I’m shorter than you. Maybe 5 foot one or maybe I’m the same height as you. :O Anyways, short people ftw.

HAHA yeah you should blog about it for everyone to hear about. It was hilarious with the titty balls LMAO. :)

That’s great to hear that they apologized about it. It always makes a much needed difference.

HOLY SHIT LMAO at the video. Seriously that word was HOLY SHIT. I would attempt to say it.. but I’m not even going to try because I would end up choking on my own spit and dying.

I really hope Rachel uploads that video of you, cause I want to see it HEHE. :) I sound like a douche when I try to speak in an Australian accent.

I like all the tweaks you made to this layout, and ooh I might participate in that caption competition.
LOL that’s so cute that you keep all his poems and such. CUTIES. Congrats on your one and a half year anniversary as of tomorrow! :O That’s awesome. :3

You’re definitely lucky to get a seat, I always struggle to get a seat on my morning bus because it’s so packed but usually one of my friends has a seat saved for me. :D

I am glad that the twitter drama was settled. Happy anniversary! I understand what you mean by keeping stuff that has sentimental value. I went to Italy and I also kept the gelato spoons and cups. :P By the way how cold are your winters usually? I’m in New York and it’s summer it’s about 90°F are winters are usually very cold.

I emailed you because you only gave the cpanel password and not the username too XD

Yeah, I’ve always loved firefox too. I love being able to customize my browser :D

Oh my gosh that’s a long word! I tried saying it, I don’t think it was right though ;)

I’ve never been able to say the alphabet backwards.. I just can’t. I have to go through it over and over like z.. abcde.. y!

You have such a cool australian accent :D


OOOH, Safari. I love Safari, hehe. :) I like how it’s all “Mac-ey” looking. I always wanted a Mac laptop.

I’m glad everything got sorted out. (The Twitter drama)

Wow. 80 affiliates to 47? That’s A LOT. Haha, well for me it is. :P I only have 26 affiliates, and I think that’s pretty much alot already.

Yay, I can’t wait to see your scribble portfolio this weekand.

WHOOT WHOOT. Congrats on the 1 and a half year anniversary with James; hehe.

I don’t like standing on a train with sweaty people, who does? LMAO. It’s winter in AUS? I wish it was winter here. It’s summer right now, and it is so HOT & SWEATY.

Hehe, the only way you can rip a poem from the computer is to ether rip the computer apart OR delete the file. :P

Haha, you’ve got me wanting to use Safari for a bit now. It’s always fun to switch browsers every once in a while. :)

Hm, what’s this split tab thing? :P I always just go between tabs when I’m returning comments. I mean, I don’t use FF anyways, but when I did I still just went back and forth.

Oh, I think I can imagine what it looks like. :) Haha, woolly! Woolly is nice. :D OMG as much as I hate the winter, I’m excited for it to get cold enough for me to be able to wear that awesome new black jacket I showed you that I bought a couple weeks ago.

Awww, that’s really cute that you have his first “I love you” email printed out. ♥

Oo, password protected? Cool. :P When I have things on my computer that I don’t want people to find, I hide them in a complicated tree of folders. :P I really only have one thing like that though… that disgusting recording I showed you about my boobs. O.O

Haha no, you’re not a hypocrite. :P

Haha. That must have been pretty annoying. I should try to cut some stickers for myself, just to see how bad they turn out.

That explains why they have them on iTunes on there as well. Apple Macs confuse me. The one I used had a really weird mouse as well. It only had one button, and you had to do something really strange to right click. If I got one I’d probably switch the mouse and try to install windows on it, even though that might not work.

I’m like that. I guess it’s just because loads of people are called Amy, so I’m used to them shouting someone else. I don’t like turning round on buses much either, ’cause everyone stares at you.

I love celebrity heads! I usually end up looking at the name though, ’cause people always write stupid things on my head. It’s a good game when no one cheats though.

Yeah, it’s fun. Everytime my friend babysits there the kid are already in bed, so we don’t have to do anything. It’s much harder when the kids are older though, they never want to go to bed, haha.

I remember yours too. You had Out The Window this time last year didn’t you?? I remember reviewing you and being completely wowwed by your site.


Oh okay. I think they are both about the same ;) LOL. I love reading all blogs so whatever :)

Yeah her mom got really mad at her and my mom was like…”I saw it coming” XD Yeah she was confused about a lot of it. She wasn’t sure what a condo was either or how it worked. I didn’t mind explaining though :D

Well I just put up a new layout haha it’s not very good :)

LOL Georgina!!!! I thought you made em! 🤫 xD LOL Bah stop making me feel guilty, Georgie! Haha the other layout was totally diffwerent. I tried to try a different style, but it turns out i don’t like it at all. 💀

LOL looking at shoes? Really? Fail. Unless you’re in like, your history class or something, working on your website is actually arguably related to the course. xP

Yeah, you should probably be careful when going out anywhere at night. :P Man, I would love to visit Sydney. :O One day I will, and I’ll come visit you, and we can have a party. xD

Oh that’s cool that you have a name for those people who play music and stuff on the streets. There were a lot of those types of people on Ben Yehudah street in Israel… I remember this one guy who was kind of cute and really good at guitar. :P I think I gave some money to those people, but never to the plain beggars. OMG STORY. So on that same street there was this guy with a limp wandering around asking for money. So I was walking around with Liz and Jillian, and Jillian gave him money even though Liz and I told her not to. Well, then he started chasing after her. It was the funniest thing but also really scary. He did like the fastest speed walk ever, limp and all. Jillian had to run into a shop to escape. D:

Haha well I would only want to swap weathers if it meant I was in school so people would actually see my jacket. :P We should swap countries for a day instead.

Oh, that pick your own story thing sounds cool. :) I have a book like that, except there are so many endings I’ve never gotten. D: I always get like the same three.

Heey !(:
Congrats on your one-and-a-half-year anniversary with James, although it passed. XD
:O Gelato spoons are the cutest, !!

Ohh, you reminded me to download Safari. :DD

Haha thanks! It took be like 4 times to finally get it right. :) LOL yeah I wish I had those socks :D

Yeah, the whole time her mom had to play with her in the ocean so now I really see how much time you need to be with your kid and how hard it can be to be a mother :P

I only don’t like reading blogs when people’s fonts are tiny. I hate small fonts. It makes things so hard to read :|

That reminds me about how I hate when school sites are crappy. :P When we were thinking of moving to Colorado, I had so much trouble with the website of the school I might have been going to. And I was like geez… though I guess high school websites aren’t really required to look good. xD

Also, when I used to think I might want to go into computer science as my major, when I was looking at colleges if their computer science department had a crappy website, I would be like um, no way, thanks. D:

Haha I remember this lecture we had from our librarian freshman year about finding information online and how different extensions were more reliable than others. It’s funny now though because she told us that a .com could be owned by anyone, but a .org was only non-profit organizations or whatever. And now I’m like HAH. xD Silly uneducated librarian. :P Man, if I had had my site then I could have been a smart-ass and been like *raises hand* “um, I own a .org domain.”

Hahaha YES MY KAYAK. I’d better remember to get one of those if I ever want to visit you. D:

LOL that “will code HTML” guy made me laugh. xD I didn’t Google him though.

OH speaking of Googling people… that just reminded me of something from one of the last seasons of Buffy. Willow was like “did you try Googling him yet?” And Buffy freaked out about how she wasn’t some kind of pervert blah blah blah. She thought she meant oggling. It was really funny. xP Though maybe not so much in the retelling. -_-

Wow, without an arm or a leg? Shit. That reminds me of the beggars in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or like how Zaita would cripple people as his profession so they could go out and be better beggars in this book we read for school last year called Midaq Alley.

Oh yeah, much cooler if we were in the same country. It’d be less fun to be in Australia if there was no Georgina to visit with! Maybe I can come there for your weather for a day and then we can both return to my country for my weather for you for a day. :)

Haha yeah I do that too! I’ll always read where both choices lead me and decide which one I think will make the story last longer.

LOL that boa constrictor thing actually made me laugh out loud. xP

I’m having fun commenting back and forth since you’re not on MSN. :P Like if I get any other comments I’m like ehhhh, later, but if I get one from you I’m like YES MUST RETURN NOW. xD

My school’s website was pretty nice before… my first boyfriend’s brother made it for them when he was in school. :P Ms. Miner had Felix redo it this year though, and for some reason they decided to BUY a layout. I think I told you this. D: Well since I probably get to take it over next year, I plan on making adjustments… like the fact that it even side scrolls a tiny bit on a 1024 by 768 screen. O.O It’s http://www.iatoday.org/ by the way. Oh and then some pages are just weirdly messed up with the text and stuff, like this one that I discovered like yesterday: http://www.iatoday.org/ia-central/student-info Fail.

Haha, I love how James judged universities. :P I think I still kind of judge based on their websites, but less now since I’m only thinking of taking some computer science classes and not of being a computer science major.

That reminds me… recently my mom asked my what my domain was or something, and I told her. Then she was like wait… you can’t have a .org, I thought? It was pretty funny.

Speaking of funny, I’m pretty sure I showed you the website about my brother and his former partner; you mentioned how I should redesign it. :P Did you know that my mom pays $85 dollars a year for that? O.O When I told her that mine was free, she flipped out. xD She’s going to let it expire in October or whenever.

Yeah, it’s too bad I didn’t have a domain back then so I couldn’t be a smartass. :P I could only agree with the part about .com’s being available to everyone, because my mom owned the one I just talked about at the time. :P

Oh in the Hunchback of Notre Dame there’s like this place where beggars live… and they all like, shed their lies there at the end of the day. Because they’d go around begging all day pretending to be crippled and stuff. I think there’s a song at that point in the Disney movie with lines about “where blind men see” and about legless people walking and stuff.

Yeah… wah, it’s so sad how in reality there’s absolutely no way I’ll get to Sydney in like… the next ten years at least. >.> So it’s up to you to come here! ;)

What’s Opera ? XD
Yeah, honestly, I don’t really find anything political in Animal Farm. [x
But yeah, I finished it this hour and it was so fun ! (:
But the ending wasn’t that great. I really liked the beginning and middle! Just not the ending, ughh. :P

Woot, I’ll apply in October, but I doubt I’d win. XD
But I’m in two or three contests at the moment and I doubt I’m gonna win there, too. :|

Safari is actually the only thing my computer will handle nowadays. (No! No, Lish, it is NOT dead yet!) And I use an iMac, so safari seems to be best for me anyways.

I seem to keep things for a while, especially…feathers. No, I am not kidding…I keep feathers, stuff them in a book, then, two years later, I find them and say, “Wow…” lol.

Happy anniversary! (Sorry for the short comment, lol, I seem to have run out of things to say about anything now.) :)

Cool! (: But what’s your favorite browser?
Mine would have to be Safari, since I’ve been using it since 2nd grade at school. I go to a school where the kids all have to buy laptops, bring it to school, and we use it. :P
Of course, we use it at home and do whatever we want but some sites were blocked like youtube.com, myspace.com, facebook.com, ebay.com, etc. (:
But I’m moving away from that school. D:
I wish I didn’t though. > <

Yeah, I was pretty surprised too.
I also thought that classics were supposed to be boring, uninteresting and everyone talked like the olden days. :P

Yeah, of course you won't just "give away" a domain, although it would've been good if someone actually does. XD
Woot, I'll be looking forward to it !
Are you gonna give away .info domains or like .net, .org, .com?

And I'm wondering;; Does it cost more to buy a .info domain than a .net, .org, and .com?
Hmm… Ahah (:

Yeah. Switching hosts suck. D: It’s so annoying and troublesome and stuff D:

It was just a temporary problem, yay. I hope.


Yeah. Switching hosts suck. D: It’s so annoying and troublesome and stuff D:

It was just a temporary problem, yay. I hope.

OH YEAH! THE PHP STUFF! You’re right. :D Hehe, you’re so smart, I never even thought about it. I just thought, “hey, my main.php doesn’t work, but my other stuff do. How strange” XD XD

Oops. I accidentally double posted. Please read this post for more stuff, I accidentally pressed tab and enter D: Sorry Georgie!!

Yeah it really sucks when you pretty much ignore you’re family and then later on realize how much they really mean to you. :( That guilty feeling just sucks. Gah. I’m glad I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time with family lately though, and I’ve learned so much. :)

Omg. I know right? I hate it when family members of mine ask me if I know how I’m related to some distant relative and I’ll be standing there with a dumbfounded look on my face trying desperately to remember the relation. I have all kinds of thoughts going through my brain like, “Ok she’s the sister of my grand uncle.. or is it aunt? or was she the sister of my oldest nephew? Or wait.. is she actually a HE? FML.” Yeah. It’s tough.

Yeah Rita is really pretty. I was so shocked to find out that her and my grandma were besties. SMALL WORLD. Haha.

LMAO yay for his face being on the Internet. If you think about it, our faces are on the Internet too right? Like on Twitter? YAH. WE’RE COOL.

Gah Ryan’s such a bitch. I am ticklish.. what else did he expose about me?! >:O I’m going to expose him so bad one day in my blog.. muahaha.

That’s so cute that you wanted to be a model, you could probably still go there. ;) LOL.

TITTY BALLS was so random in your comment. It stood out like a sore thumb LMAO.

Psh I don’t think I’m going to go anywhere near the “hard to pronounce” names/words. Cause I totally fail at that.

I can’t wait to see this video of you HEHE. I’ll make my own decision as to if I should skip over the first 5 mins or not.. cause you may sound really funny like half english half american or something. :D

You’re welcome.

Aww, I hope someone saves a seat for me when I got to uni. Although I doubt it.. so I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. No one said life was going to be easy. xD Gawsh, I sound like my own mother.

How do you see different tabs at once on FF ?

Oh, I’m moving because of the school, so I’m not moving homes, thank God ! :D
It’s just that the school I attended last year, it’s really… Let’s say not that education but education at the same time. XD
Like, the school I’m going to, there’s more people so my parents think that I should go there to meet new people & what not. &+ The school has foreign languages for electives, unlike the school last year. But yeah, . :P
Thankfully, some friends are going to the new school with me and some of my other friends are staying at the same school ]x

Ahah, I used to like classical music, too, after/during the time I took ballet lessons, which was like 5 years ago and I did it for like 2 years, (:

Ohh, isee, (:
Yeah, cause during contests, I usually see the owners giving away .info domains a lot for like second & third prizes and .net, .org, .com for first prize. XD
& About how much does a domain cost? :|
Whoaa, cash !? :P

I’m glad you solved the problem with your friend. Twitter drama annoys me so much sometimes.

WOW 47, you must be a superwoman to keep up with so many affiliates AND reply to your large amount of comment ^^ It’s really hard for me to clean out affiliates just because there’s too many. They’re all friends and none of them did anything wrong, so I understand how hard it must be for you to clean out.

You are the total opposite of lazy, Georgina. Have you seen how often you update? I want to be half as efficient as you! :D

I totally didn’t understand the Firefox tab thing, but it didn’t seem freaky to me at all. I don’t think there’s a problem with leaving his tab open. /eee I don’t get understand a lot of things, mostly because I’m slow sometimes hahaha

Ooh! Congrats! Aww, that stinks. Well at least he’s not there for the whole day, there’s still the time after he’s done with his classes. I hope you guys have a great anniversary!

Oh believe me. As much as I respect and care for my family they aren’t all likeable haha. I guess there’s no such thing as a “perfect family”.

Haha yeah I don’t blame your brother. When I was younger.. (even last year actually) I never really cared about learning who these relatives and all were. I just kind of went with the flow and whenever I would meet someone at a party I would just treat them like a friend cause I never knew or wanted to know how I was related to them. Although as of this year, that’s changed for some reason. Idk why though. D:

Crazy teens who like to design websites will take over the world someday. You have been warned. Lmao.

PSH, of course I’m not offended by it. I’m glad that you didn’t pay attention to whatever he was exposing about me.. D: Cause I doubt that I would want everyone to know what he was telling you guys. xDD Not that I have anything to hide …. _cough. *gets sweaty and nervous*

O-M-G he said it was hot how I was sleeping on his arm?!?! I hope Ryan never sees this but : EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWE. EWWWWWWWWWW MANNNNNN.

LOL, well being smart is as awesome as being a model if not better. :) Everyone tells me I should get into modeling but they seriously have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m actually really conscious about my body and would never do something like that.

TITTY BALLS FTW. We should start some titty balls fan club.. or a titty ball spamming company. To write titty balls in every comment .. LMAO, wow I’m really tired so this is why I’m talking random shit.

BAHA thats so cute that you’re reading from your yearbook. xD I’m more excited to see that video now. :)

At least you got a seat halfway through the ride. There have been times where I asked Ryan for a seat and he’d be like “alright I’ll get up for you” and then 5 minutes before my stop comes he’ll get up and I’ll be like “You ass. I have to get off now……” and he’d start laughing. Asshole.

Ahh, I’m SO glad that the drama ended on Twitter. Jokes DO get out of hand sometimes, don’t they?

Writing poems….ah, an awesome end to unwind. I need to write more. I’ve been WAY busy! 😒

Did you get a good UAI though?
SInging the alphabet backwards is a talent, well to me it is :P
Hmm, I’m never good at writing poems, and then I suck even more in defining them and knowing what they mean.
Maths in general is okay but its just fustrating.
I did the Westpac Maths Competition today, it was so hard ==”
I guessed most of the answers. My friend thought it was easy because she’s learnt all the stuff before as her parents buy her millions of books to do.
I was just like :O . Ehh…
I guess its easier to understand maths if you review what your learning beforehand so you’ll understand in class but sometimes they give you this long equation and you just go like ==” I can’t do it.
I don’t think anyone can enjoy maths.Its so boring and you just want to burn all those hard equations and problem solving questions.

Haha, don’t worry it’s all good (H)(Y)
Haha, coool emotions :L

Ooooh they didn’t show up :(

Don’t apologise! It’s just an emote. /um
And for this comment, I will overuse the ‘um’ emote. So cute~ /um
Firefox is cuddleh! /eee

I’ve eaten Gelatissimo a fair few times. I like the Veronese chocolate, it’s sooo creamy. But I just love Tiramisu, damn I’m hungry now. D:
I went to the one near Imax a few days ago. /bounce

I’ve never seen the funny spaghetti!
EWW!! I bet he caused all the smell in that train, oh my goodness… EWW!! 🤮

We’re so lucky to be the few Australians that are skinny. I don’t know what I’d do if I was pudgy. /sweat
Fat people always get poked. /hehe

Wadoof~ Will he make more? My mom makes Asian food all crunchy… including the dumplings that are meant to be nice and squishy. 🤤
I sound like a fatty. /um

On the recipe it said “anis stars”! ANUS STARS. /um
Hahahahahaha ANUS!!
/um …
I ♥ pho! They have… like…
I think you made a fanlisting of it? OMG~

I barely watch television when I’m well. I use it for PlayStation2. :)
Kuri Kuri Mix. /faw

I’ve found the perfect polaroids!
When are you going to send the photos? /bounce
And I’ve been told that the Royal Botanic Gardens are nice, near the Sydney Opera House! Want to go there, if you’re available on the 16th?
Look on Google Maps, you can see tiny people! /faw

yeah, you’re so right.
It’s wierd ‘cos everyone who desn’t know me in person is standing up for me and telling me it’ll be alright and stuff and it just makes me feel so much better.
Things are getting better slowly at school but I’m still confused about what’s happening.

haha! Great practical jokes! :P

*hugs back* Thanks Georgie!

AHAHAHA, Randomosity. I’ll use that word more. :D I couldn’t hear the word really well because of my ancient speakers.

I use Safari quite a lot actually, but mostly because it is the only browser on my iTouch. It is also here on my computer, but I use FireFox most. Safari is pretty cool, very clean and simple. I got confused and almost started a fit when I was 8 (and had never used a Macbook before) because I couldn’t find the exit button. BONK. /bash

Aww, nice that they all apologised. ;D

Good luck on cleaning out affiliates, and don’t feel bad. The affiliates are having trouble with contacting you, not vice-versa. :D Think of the song I tweeted you to cheer you up. 😰

Yay for scribbles! I might put some of my doodle pages on tumblr. :D

You’re not alone, I collect the cocktail sticks that hold lemon and glace cherries together on cocktails. Without the fruit on, obviously. :P

My dad won’t let us go on the BTS due to Swine flu. Sad.

Can’t wait for the scribbles! (Y)

aww i use safari too! but i’m on a mac so you no! but i do like safari i think its alot better than internet explorer! /bounce

aww thaats really cute :)

i hate going on trains when they are like crammed it gets really hot and stuffy in there but when you get out you feel really cold!

what is your twitter? i want to follow you :) would you follow me?

your site is really good btw /hehe

Yes, I think most browsers beat Internet Explorer! Internet Explorer is just hell.

Yeah, that’s so true. Because of all the people it gets pretty warm. In a way that’s a good thing, but not when it starts getting too warm. :P

I’m @jeorgina on Twitter. It’s over in my sidebar. :)

Thank you! Good luck with your website too.

LMAO, don’t bribe me. :( OK OK I won’t go on Maintenance Mode, just for you. :P I’ll try not to go on it ever again, except when changing my theme but that’s about it. :P

It’s because some people are so naive and stupid, heh. I don’t usually leave questions, I thought I’d leave them to see how many silly people JUST answer them.

Oh I know, I keep my promises too… to an extent. I don’t usually keep them with tutorials etc though hahaa. But yeah, I keep them when it comes to returning comments, emails and answering questions etc. She’s right, I’m amazed how you keep up with it all. You’re just one amazing girl!

Lmao, I bet you did hug your laptop as well. I think I’m going to have to wait a while, but my mums just sold her old car for £950 so hopefully they get me a laptop out of that. :D

Yes, you should return them like that too. *pretends to know what you’re talking about*

Lmfao yesh I know what it’s like hahaha. I hate it when guys are shorter than you, then they hit puberty and are like 6ft… makes you feel so small. Luckily Robs only like 5ft 7ins haha.

Lmao I know, it’s kind of funny cause we don’t care, but it is kind of scary. o_O

IE is just lame, who cares. I wouldn’t bother fixing it, I can’t be bothered. I tried ages ago, and I fixed them in IE and then they fucked up in FF, can’t win. :(

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I WANNA WATCH THAT GOD DAMN VIDEO NOW. :( I might steal my sisters laptop a bit later and watch it.. yeah I’ll do that. :)

Opera is pretty cool, I like it. I prefer FF or Safari to it though.

I looked at prices of MacBooks yesterday, they are so expensive. :O LOL, now that would be expensive… but pretty amazing.

*stops being scared*

No, that’s not a word but that’s not the point. xD LMFAO, I was going to tell him just to annoy you, but I’m not mean. :P

Aww, that sucks. :( Me and Rob went to the same Primary school, but we don’t remember eachother. He was in the year below me and I was in his sisters year, so I knew her lol. It’s weird. xD

Yeah, no offence to them but still, they squash me. @_@

I don’t mind being called short, I just hate being called skinny. :(

Yes, that comment was an essay lmfao.