Ten Times Removed

I’m feeling a bit numb, bored, lonely and upset right now. I’m sitting at university. There isn’t much I feel like doing, and I wanted to get a few things off my chest, I guess, as to why I am so moody.

I decided to blog now. I’m not in class. I have finished class for the day, and soon I will be catching a train to work. The surroundings are nice. I’m on my laptop near a balcony, so the sun is pouring in and keeping me warm without the wind coming in.

I feel lonely because I need someone to talk to right now, and there isn’t anyone available that I feel close to. I need to talk to someone about something that’s been making me upset. I don’t feel like doing anything besides talking to someone; hence the fact I am bored. And I’m sitting here just blandly typing, feeling numb and ignoring my general surroundings.

Yesterday I had an okay day. I was finally allowed to the museum on my own, where I met Lee. We had fun at the museum. We had come across a computer that read what you typed, and as we were being silly, we typed “bum” and “hairy pubic school” there, before realising that we had to submit the data… so we ran away.

There was trackwork on the trains yesterday, so buses replaced many of the trains. It took me longer to get to the city and back. I nearly fell asleep on the way home; I was that tired.

When I returned home, my arms were aching from carrying my laptop, and my legs and feet were sore from walking around all day.

I became upset yesterday night after something that happened on Twitter. I don’t want to go into detail. But it wasn’t just one person that ticked me off; it was quite a few. I was very offended because as people were making jokes, a joke that I made was taken the wrong way and ended in a stupid false rumour being spread about me.

Maybe it’s my fault, but you don’t spread rumours about people’s private lives, especially when they are supposed to be your friends, whether they are true or not.

I woke up very sore this morning, and I didn’t feel like coming to university at all. Well, I’m here now, and I should be heading to work after this. I’ll pick up my newspaper then go, I guess.

The new affiliate list should be coming up soon. I don’t like affiliates who don’t comment on my blogs or don’t even read them properly. This blog is also very emotional. I will be really offended if you don’t leave a blog related comment.

I’ll just leave you with some pictures.

Huge lollies?

roadway signs

train station

The Lost thing

in a space rocket


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D: I hope you feel better now. That person who did the thing should be ashamed of themselves. It was such a bitchy thing to do. You don’t spread rumors about your friends; that’s just disloyal.

D: I was on while you were blogging. I was in the shower, but still…

Don’t worry I’ll always be here to talk to you ^_^ (In spirit, anyway.)

I’m glad you had fun at the museum. It sounds as if that was the only good thing you had recently :(

You should enjoy your life better.

I hope you have weeded out all the horrible, scum bag, coughboy-worthy affiliates. Screw them all. You don’t deserve them anyway.

The pictures look nice. Specifically, what is the first one of? o_O

I hope you feel better Georgie ♥

i know those times suck when you really need someone to talk to and there isnt.. not much to say about that.. I usually talk to God – if that helps. Im sorry about those ppl upsetting you :) I hope you feel better. i wish I knew what to say.. sorry! Anyways, i love those pics – especially the first one. Oh yea, too funny about that computer thing :P

Oh Georgina! I hope you feel better soon. *ginormous hugs*
Sometimes it’s good to have these emotional blogs and let out all your feelings.
Don’t worry about the rumours or twitter problems. The drama will stop soon enough.
*hugs again*
And hey if you ever need to talk you can always talk to me. I know we don’t know each other that well I suppose or anything, but you know…

Yup, I’ll beg her to let me go! That’s so cool you were a pirate! The costumes must’ve been neat! I did Peter Pan for my first ever production when I was 5 but I had to be a lost boy not a pirate :(

hehe! Yup, definately their loss!

ooh lucky getting taught self defence! We had a guy come in to teach us that too back in year 6 or something but none of the girls (not counting me) wanting to break any nails so it was a wasate of time!

I know we all have these moments and it sucks since you have to go to work too. I hope you’ll feel better soon. LOL at you & Lee at the museum /wave . I didn’t hear about that rumor, I don’t know what’s it even about so I can’t judge here. And are those pictures of the museum?

D: There’s no way that could have ended well :(

Hope you feel better soon; we’ll talk when you get back /bounce

Gah I have to go to stuff 😰

byebye /love


I’m really sorry about the rumors :( I hope you feel better soon! I hate it so much when fake stuff spreads about people. *hugs* ♥

I’m working on your review right now :P Your tutorials are great, but (no offense) it makes my eyes kind of tired…I have to read so much! :P I’m honoured to do your review, though. I love the new layout :) So you want me to do the review on your old layout? No problem :) *hugs back* Hopefully, I will finish by tomorrow afternoon. Sorry I took so long! :S

Ahaha, fat newspapers XD Yeah. I agree with the phone thing, usually if they get too annoying I hang up on them. But normally I go from a scale of one to ten…depending what mood I’m in. If I’m in a polite mood, I go “Sorry, no thanks” which is “one” on my scale. When I’m ticked off, I just go “NO THANKYOU” and slam down the phone. :P Sorry to those sales people :P

Yay! Me too *highfive*

Aw, I’m sorry you feel bad. :( I hate it when people spread rumors or don’t read my blog as well. I hope you start to feel better! :D

Eh, I understand where you’re coming from. Well, sort of… I’m not sure what actually happened.

Sometimes I have these moments where I feel really alone, especially at school. It’s ironic, because I’m always surrounded by heaps of people. But I know what you’re talking about… like, sometimes it’s just nice to rant or cry or shout or just talk to someone close to you. Most times I turn to my best friend, but sometimes I just listen to music or pray.
I also like to write when I’m upset or annoyed or happy etc. It’s my release. My brother read one of my rants once, and he said he was mighty damn grateful I like to write so much, because he reckons I’d be a terribly violent person otherwise. (Which isn’t comforting, at ALL, but it does make sense.)

Eck, rumours are terribly annoying and stupid. I’ve never really had many rumours spread about me (that’s how unpopular and boring i am -_-) but I’ve been insulted enough to know that people who spread rumours are just really insecure and, well, stupid. Don’t be too upset- you’ve got heaps of amazing people who are here to support you. And spam certain people. HEHEH…

Aw, we’re sorry. It wasn’t your fault! We just got carried away and retweeted the screenshot. I read your tweet about you nearly crying and I felt really guilty; sorry again! I hope you feel better soon! /um
I didn’t know you’d feel bad since you tweeted it, but I guess you felt hurt when Cozza left that silly remark.
And it’s nothing to be ashamed about, anyway. :)
I’m 100% sure that they received that dumb message that we sent. I hope they didn’t have a security camera around there. /ehh
Have a great time relaxing your leg muscles! Have a Bathox bath. /faw
FAKE CANDY SHOE! ♥ I remember you said “I don’t think they’d know that it’s FAKE!”
I understand if you are angry with me! /bash

It must be the weather or, I hate to go Evy here–but it could be the “weight of the world” lately. Nobody is feeling well. Everyone is upset, everyone is stressed. 🤮 It’s quite an emotional time.

The pictures are lovely; quite inspirational. Grunge, almost. Very artistic.

Thanks Georgina :) It means a lot because I now know that I reaaaaally want to get in ✌️ haaha

Yeah, that would be great! I do have my normal CSS and layouts on Piczo which I could convert, but I would have to add all the wordpress CSS in there that is needed and I wouldn’t know how to organize all of the comments.php, index.php, header.php etcetera. Your tutorial would really help, you can explain things well (:

Oh and don’t worry about taking a long time to reply back, now I know your reason I understand :)
Are those pictures by you? Cause they are really cool! haha x

I hope you start to feel better soon Georgina xxx

Haha, that was my first ever long comment XD

Hey, I applied for a review , but I am putting my site on hiatus, so I don’t mind if you are going to put me on the bottom of the list. Sorry that this comment is not blog related x

Oops. I read on the eighth paragraph: “maybe it was my fault…”
I know, I was just trying to comfort you! And thanks for comforting me, I’d still be a bit anxious if I ever visit that place again. 😳
I still think it’s my fault because I pointed it out, which made me feel worse about myself.
But I want you to know that I wasn’t trying to embarrass you, and I’m sure that the other girls were just shocked and didn’t have anything else to say. Hope you get over it quickly, have a little nap. :)
I drew something, it’s my new style: http://i32.tinypic.com/2poshur.jpg /hehe
Have a nice shower! /wave

Awwwww…*hugs*…Sms me next time, I’ll call you back if I’m not being put into a semi-coma by a boring lecture, or being evil-glared by seated commuters on a bus when I am standing and carrying a super-heavy accounting textbook that I want nothing more than to throw at said seated commuters for grudgingly moving their stupidly long legs to LET ME PASS SO I CAN STAND FURTHER BACK! *breathes*

Anyways, I’ll call you back if I can! I’ll talk to you =) =) I don’t want you to feel lonely =( Being lonely is no fun…=( I’ll at least sms back if I’m stuck in a lecture/otherwise occupied attempting to send evil vibes to certain commuters xD

Yay! You got to go to the museum by yourself =) Hehehehe. Too bad Cityfail, I mean rail, decided to put the most inconvenient trackwork EVER on that day…==…Seriously, FAIL!. From Parra to STRATHFIELD…@_@…Gay trackwork…

At least you had fun…^^…Hehehe, and at least you met Lee =)

How very bitchy…==…It’s mean to spread rumors about someone. People should use discretion. If it’s a little controversial, you should definately think twice about spreading that particular rumour…HMPH! =( It was very mean indeed, though I’m glad it’s all over now =)

Hehehe, I swear, I was looking at your sidebar going…”that’s odd…something’s different” for a while before I remembered that there aren’t any affiliates there atm xD Hahahahaha….My bad.

I hope the clean up is going well xD

Ahhhh! That first picture just made me crave lollies…=(…And I just ate dinner too. LOL xD

Ah don’t worry about the navigation, I can’t be bothered with it to be honest. Sarah tried to fix it but it wouldn’t work for her either. I’ll just leave it. :P

Lmao, how would you be copying you silly goose. :P

Yay, glad you like it. Someone told me to do something different because all my layouts look the same. But pfft. I don’t care. :D

I know right. The whole commenting thing just gets worse. I just use the @reply thing now.

I know, blogs are there to be read, not just to leave a pathetic shitty comment. Some people need to realise that.

OMG, I hate that too. Quite a few people do that to me but I still read their new one, I don’t know why. Lol.

Yay, I LOVE the new layout Georgie. :D It’s amazing, the colours remind me of chocolate ice cream, heh.

It sounds quite relaxing where you were when you posted this blog. It just rains here, nice.

Awwww, I’m sorry you feel like that Georgie. :( I’m always here if you do need to talk though. :) I’m a good listener. :D

Glad you were allowed to go to the museum by yourself. :) Sounds like you had fun, though.

I don’t know what happened on Twitter because I wasn’t there (stupid laptop). But I hate it when people spread rumours out of nothing, it’s quite pathetic really. It must have been pretty bad to make you that upset though. :( If you want to talk about it or whatever, I’m here! :) *hugs*

I hope I’m kept as an affiliate, hehe. :D

Cool pictures, hehe.

I’d feel bad if there were rumors spread about me, but I’d feel worse if they aren’t even true at all. The heavy part is it’s your friends who made the action. Don’t worry about it. People tend to just forget about it when they have found something else to gossip on; it’s just that some people have that incorrigible yapping and enjoy making false alram. /bash They should be ashamed of themselves. They’ve got nothing else to do but ruin some people’s lives and I don’t think that’s even a decent thing to do. I’m talking about the people who gossip here in general, not just your friends. But still, that’s an awful thing to do to a friend.

Someone in my school even attempted suicide just because of a stupid rumor that wasn’t true. You’re a strong girl; you’ll overcome it.

It’s good to hear you had a good day yesterday. Are those pictures from the museum?

Oddly, we have a cold weather here, so I wore long-sleeved shirts which I don’t usually do.

Sorry I have to return your comment like this… I am having problems accessing your website (it won’t load). Might be my university’s wireless. :P

I really don’t like people who gossip either. It was just a joke that got out of hand. I received some apologies so everything is okay now. :)

That poor person who attempted suicide! It reminds me of my friend’s friend, who was constantly bullied and pushed around on the way to school, and in the end she just jumped on the train tracks and the train ran over her.

Yep, they’re from the museum. :D

Lol. I’ve only just started playing properly and next school I’ll be getting lessons – YAY! Yeah leopard print is pretty dodgy!

Ugh soo weird. It was also really annoying that they made it into a sex shop.

At least you had fun in the museum – we used to have a program that read out what you typed in primary school in that weird computerised way. Hehe.

I hate it when people spread really personal rumours and when they take jokes the wrong way. Aww I feel really sorry for you.

Hope you feel better today (:

Ngaww, hope you’re not so upset anymore. Where’s your James when you need him. ♥

I feel like going to the museum.
The last museum (in Sydney) that I went to was the Powerhouse Museum and I already forgot what it looks like /snort

Are little bitchies annoying you on Twitter?
They just jealous O_O

LMAO. In that photo why are there so many signs in one place XD
Have you been to the park in Homebush which has a red spider climbing thing? LOL. That’s fun :)

OMG. Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen.
I am in love with that song now. Thanks for telling me about Anberlin!

Yeha :) I have a cool Geography teacher. She likes me !

Overlocker, I think, is the thing that cuts the hem of something really straight and sews on top of it. I don’t know the scientific explanation :P

The pictures are cool and colorful, are they from the museum? (Not sure what type of museum you went too).

And wow, I’m sorry about the Twitter drama, I read your interview last night (pretty cool btw!) and I read how you said that you don’t intend to start drama and that it’s people who take things the wrong way. It is really lame of people to start rumors. And even sometime if you try to explain what you meant it doesn’t matter. –People end up making their mind about you and that is really unfair. I hope it doesn’t get to you too badly, you have a lot of friends on your side.

And I’d be wiped out too if I had to carry my laptop around, it weighs 7 pounds /bash so I usually just leave it at home!

Oh no! I’m so sorry that you had a yucky misunderstanding on Twitter. Those things are always the worst. People always blow things way out of proportion on there. It’s like they have nothing better to do. I’m sorry, hun. I hope you feel better soon.

I hope your feeling better soon. It sucks to feel lonely, I know I hate it.

I can’t stand e-drama. Theres no point, I’m sure whatever you said wasn’t meant to be taken the way it did. I never saw anything on Twitter, but some people on there are really argumentative for no reason.

Thank you :)

I get nevous whenever I go to concerts, still, even when I’ve been to them four times before. Some McFly fans are really bitchy though and if you’re under 16 you’re branded as a ‘teenie’ straight away, so the older fans can come out with anything at any time.

I need a free host, I wish my host would let me move really :(

I don’t mind not having a tan it’s just when I wear skirts and shorts, I have like milk bottle legs :| I tried using Johnsons Holiday Skin which graudates your tan, but my legs stayed white and in between my fingers went orange :(

Dear Good Friend/Affiliate

You are one of the best people out there, one of the best sites in the community and I really need to notice you this so please take your time to read my final blog. Well, not final in many ways but probably like my second or third last.

Please go to my site (http://cookiedough.uni.cc) and read the blog ‘You really think so.’
If this is goodbye, then I want to say that you are really awesome and I am going to miss you so much. x

Aweh, it’s alright. *HUGG* Hope you feel better now.
The person who did that was just stupid. Spreading rumors is just plain wrong. Try not to worry about twitter dramas/problems, it will stop soon! ♥

Hehe, looks like you had some fun in that museum. :) Well, I hope that visit to it, made you feel better.

LOL. Did the ‘old’ computer… like say the words out loud? xD

Hehe.. I wish I could’ve done that.. but like you read I had to give it back again. sucks! But right now I am at my aunts computer to return commetns again – and put some new music on my mp4-player..

Hell yeah! First we’d have need to find a day where we all have time and a place and .. oh boy xD It would requier tons of planning.. maybe some day xD

Yeah.. If I’d have to read them all as one.. it would’ve taken ages xD BUt I don’Tthink that your blogs are toooo long :) Don’t worry. I think they are the perfect lenght :)

I don’t have to – but I want to xD I mean if you support me a whole year long you deserve something :)

My eyes are bad.. I am wearing my glasses for years now.. but it’S not like they got worse since I am on the computer 24/7.. they are still around the same – if not even a tiny bit better xD

I go crazy at my siblings most of the time then.. they would leave theirs shoes on or leave their dishes everywhere and stuff.. urgh! I could kill them for that xD My mum is great too <3

Oh wow.. that sucks. But yeah, delete her! She doesn't deserve to be an affiliate if she behaves like that. I do have some affiliates that comment a lot – like you – and some that don'T comment a lot – but they comment like every second day or something. I am totally cool with that, as long as they stay active. On my sub-domain I had some that never really commented and still wanted to stay affies after I moved. I deleted them really quick – they didn't keep in touch.

Awww.. Georgie.. I hope you're feeling better by now.. Wait..you're sleeping right now, still feel better soon ♥

That thing on Twitter.. was it C.? If it's what I think it is.. IDK.. I think it was just a joke – but on the other hand I don'T think people should make jokes like that.. Even if you posted that one Tweet and stuff.. I wouldn'T want to read something like that about me either.. it sucks.. *gives you a big hug*

It sucks that you couldn’t really talk to anyone close to you at that moment.. I hope this blog helped you a little bit! *gives a hug again*

Hey I tried leaving you a comment earlier, let’s see if it works now. Anywho, I hope you feel better! It sucks to be the one on the otherside of a mean joke. I hope it gets resolved soon. Yeah I think you should upload it. It’d be priceless.

Aww, everything will be OK Georgina! Sometimes friends can turn into backstabbers to fit into the “cool” group! I would advise just sitting down with one of yuor friends and gushing out all your problems! That’s what I do :p and it makes me feel great!

Yay, I’m glad you finally got the chance to go to the museum by yourself and meet your friend, Lee. 👏

I am terribly sorry to hear that you have been very upset. I know how it feels when you really want to share something that’s been bothering you with someone who cares, but then, they aren’t available for you at the time being. *Sigh*. Life is very difficult and very challenging. Some people enjoy making other people’s life ruined because their life if filled with sadness; so they tend to entertain themselves by ruining other people’s life because that makes them feel good.

Those people on Twitter (the ones that had ticked you off) can be a wreck too. They’re just trying to test your anger which I find very, very rude. Hmm.. You should try to ignore them – yes, I know it’s very hard to do so but I hope eventually they will get tired of ticking you off one day.

Oh, and I love those pictures above! I personally enjoy looking at the first picture. ♥ ✌️

Yeah, we had a heap of fun! :P

It’s awful when you’re alone and there isn’t anyone around to talk to. I found that writing this blog made me feel a lot better after getting it all out.

That’s quite true. Some people are so miserable they want other people to feel the same way. It’s a bit like the bullies in the movies, when you think about it.

They were my friends, and thankfully in the end they apologised for what they did, so all is good now. :)

The first picture was a big statue of a shoe covered in candy; it was quite hilarious to look at. I thought that by zooming in on it, it could look a bit more real. :D

Aww poor Georgie! I’mma kick those people’s butt’s who hurt your feelings! /pow I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, to be honest, your layout suddenly….let’s got me off my lazy butt and start commenting! Thanks for being my inspiration! *hugs* I hate online drama, especially about your personal life. /faw Aww I hoped you had fun at the museum! :D Oooh I love the first picture! :D COLORFUL! It looks like candy to me. /hehe Don’t worry Georgie! Those “friends” are jealous and you don’t need em! 👏 *HUGS*

Wow, they must’ve looked good. I can’t paint my tips very well. It’s probably ’cause I wasn’t doing it properly, haha.

Yeah, it was. I was really worried though. I’m so glad it was still there though. Shame about the hats and scarves. I used to do that a lot as well. Also, with earrings. But they’re harder to find.

They were nice jellybeans, but it cost a bit much to just get a bag of jellybeans in there. My mum was livid. Lol. I’ll have to give you directions to the shop if you ever come to the UK. I’ll be your tour guide, haha.

Yay! I’m glad someone else has a younger sibling who’s taller. Even if he is a guy.

That’s what I thought. Stupid buffet. I’ll have to duck down a bit next time I go in and get it cheaper.

That’s what practice rooms are for, haha.

We used to buy the newspaper for my Grandma, but don’t anymore seeing as she died. I usually read news online too, ’cause it’s free. And they always show links to stories on MSN.com, some that sound interesting.

Sounds like you had fun at the museum. Me and my friends did something similar to that with these plastic letters, then moved them back to where they were supposed to be ’cause we realised little kids would see it. Museums can be fun!

Aww, poor Georgie. I don’t know what happened on Twitter, but understand how people can be. Hope you’re okay. It must be the 140 character limit getting to everybodies heads. Just ignore the rumours.

Hope you feel better soon *HUGS* .

The pictures are nice.

Omg a hair in your chicken? I would get so pissed because chicken is one of my favorite foods haha. xD Yeah exactly.. I mean for goodness sakes that girl is getting her SALARY from US, the customers so she was incredibly rude not to give me a new batch of fries after my first request. Lmao yeah my mom is just like yours. She’ll fight for her rights like all the way through. xD And believe me, I doubt anyone would be able to stop her.

Of course I’ll blog about all the amusing things I see haha. I’ll try to capture the moment on camera when Tommy sees that I’ve brought hand sanitizer. Hehe.

Yes I do love balls and I read your story it’s the least I could do after you reading my rants about my fail telemarketing speech.

Ooh I love shopping in those discount stores as well. :) WHOA HE’S 13 AND TALLER THAN YOU? How tall are you anyways? Cause I think I’m shorter than you, and I’m 15. Your brothers 13.. and probs WAY taller than me. How sad.

LMFAOOOOOOO, they looked like breasts?! HAHAHAHAH, oh you poor souls. Your brother was probably thinking, “Dayum this is my lucky day.. bouncy balls + boobs =heaven” and you were probably scarred for life. :) LMAO, that’s so hilarious you should deff blog about it.

On a sadder note, ngaw :( so sorry to hear that you’re feeling so down. I have those moments as well where there’s no one to talk to and it can be really frustrating.

I’m glad that you got to go to the museum by yourself and had fun as well. :)

I never saw the tweets on twitter so I don’t really know or understand the seriousness of the situation but by what you said in your blog it seems incredibly rude whatever those people were saying about you. Rumors suck and I’ve always believed that people who spread them are really immature who have no lives with nothing better to do. :)

Hope you feel less sore soon. :( Aww poor Georgie. <3

Those pics are nice though, I'm guessing they're from the museum? The first one is so colorful and pretty. :3 And for some odd reason, the last one of the ponies made me laugh so hard. Ponies rule.

Haha I see were your mom is coming from. My mom is still conscious about letting me walk across the neighborhood to get to my friend’s house, and I live in the safest city in America (no joke, it said so in a magazine).

I AM MAKING YOUR FAN LISTING! Working on it. I just opened PSP, but whatever. xD I’ll try to get the layout done today. I’ll talk about agendas when you get on during your two hour break /bounce


/evil Muahaha. COUGHBOY is a loser!!!! ♥

Yay for not deleting me. You rock Georgie~ /pow

DUDE. I love your new layout! When I first saw it yesterday I loved the header image and didn’t really like the CSS very much, but now I think it has grown on me. :) The CSS seems very similar to your old layout… maybe it’s that personal style thing like Vivien said. :P

Yay, that’s great that you were able to convince your parents to let you go to the museum with Lee. What made them change their minds?

I don’t really know what to comment about the whole rumor thing, because we’ve talked about that a bunch on MSN. =/ I feel bad though, so sorry! :(

Haha I love those photos. They’re very abstract and fun to look at. :D

I hope you have a better day today!

That sounds beautiful where you were sat, I wish I had somewhere like that I could go. :( Even if I did I would probably choke on the pollution or something, haha.

Aww, you’re probably sick of hearing this but you can talk to me. :) Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone you don’t know about it? That’s what I like about the online world, it’s kind of an escape. But since your problem was online, escape to the offline for abit. :) I don’t even know if that made sense, heh.

Anyways, I don’t really know what happened but remember what we said about haters? How they’re just jealous? You should remember that in times like this missy. :)

Sounds like you had fun at the museum, I used to do that with the ‘Microsoft Sam’ thing on the computer, just type in rude and silly random words because he said them funny. You had to submit the data? o.O I would have ran away too after doing that, haha.

I love this layout by the way! It’s very beautiful and the colours go together really well. I love how your layouts are always so simple but look so good, how do you do it? :o

It sucks about the trains. I have to get the bus everyday to work, public transport sucks. Everything Sucks. They smell and are always crowded with people coughing down your neck and barging into you. We should get a private jet or something. Why don’t you do your driving test?

Just want to apologise for my absence lately. My keyboard broke on my laptop therefore it was pretty much useless. So now I have to deal with a regular keyboard on top of my laptop one. >:(

Anyway, hope you feel better soon! :X:X:X (ah, how I’ve missed doing that :P)

awww /wah dont worry everyone is lonely sometimes, ok more then sometimes for me :( trust me ;)

ohh what happened on twitter? sorry if im too nosey :X hey where has james been lately? so yaa cya

I know. She finally gave in and let me keep the new phone; which I got today 🙄 I would be upset if my mom got a new phone while the rest of our family was stuck with old ones. Who is she going to show it off too? Mom’s shouldn’t have a dazzling cell phne :D

Like I’m currently saying, since i”m talking to you anyways. I’m truly sorry to hear about this. =( I hope you are feeling better. It isn’t good when people make jokes, sometimes it can get out of hand and just turn plain rude.

I like the pictures, are they from the museum? And LOL about that computer. Sounds interesting… too bad it’s recorded.

That’s really cool that you got to meet an online buddy. =) My mom’s kind of like yours.. but she just doesn’t like me going out period.. unless its school related.

This teacher… I think he is. Hahaha, I think I’ve told you about UN before. I heard he won’t give anything higher than a B and a B is for those who do good.. to get an A you need to be like.. super genius smart unique and just like.. new. Which is hard, because he’s been a teacher for like .. forever, so he’s seen so many people do UN. It’s like, no chance.

Pepper spray, ^^ Good idea, but I might get in trouble for carrying that around on campus. Isn’t it considered… deadly? lol. And I hope that they let me switch this class, it’s not just because of HIM. It’s because I want to be able to focus… and well if I have a teacher .. who I just can’t understand at all, it’s going to be hard. Sophmore year is a tough year, and I want to make it through with flying colors. I’m beginning to lose my confidence, the last thing I need is a teacher that will play favorites. [He did that last year]. I’m going to ask about my schedule tomorrow, I happened to be one of the first to get my schedule because of workstudy, so perhaps they will let me. But I’m not going to ask face to face, the nice lady at the office was like… you might just want to call… if you’re going to talk to her now.. be really really really nice. /ehh


Read it here: but without the iFrames stuff, it looks really weird.


Yay, you feel better :D *pats on back* good for you, Georgieee! (Can I call you Georgie?)

I just skimmed through the tutorials, I didn’t go through each one. I hope you don’t mind! :O

Aw, if you were in a better mood I would leave a blog irrelevant comment. But, you aren’t. :(

I’m sorry you had Twitter dramaz. I don’t know what happened (vague description =/) but I know how frustrating that shit can be, especially when you were just joking and people can’t seem to get that stick out of their asses. If they really are your friends, they’ll get over it and at least attempt to make amends.

I’m sorry about your loneliness, too. I know how it feels to want to talk to someone about what’s bothering you, but feeling totally isolated. You’re not alone, but I know you feel that way. It’s an awful feeling. I’d offer to talk to you and quench the thirst of loneliness, but I don’t really know you that well… However, if you’d like to talk I’m always available.

Oh, dear… did you get to talk to anybody yet? :(

Feel better. <3 *hands Georgina a plate of cookies*

…Hmm… if you weren't so far away, maybe I'd actually send you cookies. :)

Wow, i though bad crap normally happened to me. Rumours are awful but you need to rise above it and you are the bigger better person.

I tend not to worry about rumours. If people are generally bothered and interested, they will ask me straight up, if not then they aren’t worth my time. At all. And they aren’t worth yours.

Who need negative people? Their energy messes with your energy and not in a good way. Hence your feeling shitty. You just need to realise people aren’t like you. People don’t have values like your or mine.

Oh, so that what was the tweet about. It’s bad enough they’re spreading rumors they don’t have to be sexual ones too T.T. Yea my sister gets 7000 for her pay check if not more and she spends it on her hair and clothes but NO she doesn’t want to pay for internet GOD! /ehh /argh

oh that’s good! I’m pleased it’s all worked out :) Didn’t take long, did it?

That’s true! I really like talking to you ‘cos it’s not fake or anything, and it’s interesting always :) Yay! We bonded!

lol! I’d love to do that! ‘Sept I’m not a violent person normally :P

Oooh, good idea on keeping the quotes! I should so do that! I’ve already got like 5 pages worth of them!
My graphics class is awesome, specially Brendan and his mates!

Hehe! :)

Aww, I hope you are feeling much better. You can always rant or rave about it to a friend or write a private post expressing your feelings without submitting it. I’ve done it in the past and I found that really helpful. Just don’t let it get to you that much and hopefully everything will work out and be gone.

Take care<3

I can’t view your website at the moment so I’m returning your comment this way; hope you don’t mind. :)

Thank you for the private post idea! I used it to plan some website work but I never thought of writing when I felt upset.

My friends did apologise eventually after realising what they did was wrong, so I’m feeling a lot better now. Thank you. :) ♥

Yay, me and Jorja were talking about coming to live in Australia haha. :D I know right. My mums heart check went…. OKish, she has a hole in her heart which was what caused her to have a stroke and she could have another one any time. :( Thanks for asking btw!

Haha I know right. But I wouldn’t go picking on people smaller than me in the first place. My mum mentioned the computer to him and he was like ‘the dog knocked it down the fucking stairs’ but later, he admited to me and my sister that he did smash it up because he couldn’t get on the internet. Wanker.

Haha yeah, like when my mate Carly comments, I like using that to reply to her. xD It’s cool. I always find some sort of excuse to use it. xD

Oh, I wanna come sit with you. I mean, it’s winter there isn’t it? It might as well be here too, it just doesn’t stop raining. :@

Oh good. I felt left out because I had no idea what was going on lmfao.

I know, I hate using IE, my bullets don’t even show up in IE, baha. Fail. I used to be like that to. You should be careful with it, you’ll miss it if you broke it. :P

Yay for being kept. :D

Thing is, I’ve never ever left my battery die. I’ve kept it plugged in since the day I got it in October 2007, so it should have been fine. I think it over heated too much when I played The Sims 3 but don’t tell my step dad that. heh.

Yay for stalking lmao.

You should have taken a picture of the unloved wizard that attempts to make friends with everyone that uses him. 👏
Can I use those photos for a layout? /faw
You should change “/ faw” into “:3”!

Yeah, me and Alice kind of had a little fall out and she isn’t talking to me anymore. /ehh
Thankyou so much :) Lauren emailed me earlier and said that she would buy me a .info and tell her dad it’s for her and give it to me XD But it might be a no so if it is I would be very grateful if you could :)
Also, your hosting – would I get cPanel to install wordpress and have subdomains, etc?
Don’t worry about being slow on them tutorials, I can wait XD

Aww, you need a huuuuuge hug! *hugs* I wasn’t there when the rumours were posted, but I was on twitter again in time for the weird “sweat bot” thingy and the screenshot. Did that have anything to do with that? I’m sure you didn’t post that twitter update, though. :O

I don’t think it is your fault, don’t sweat it, Gii! Maybe not anyone’s fault, but I can’t be sure because I am not the witness. :P Rumours are crap. It’s disgusting and dishonest, and one of the simplest ways to break friends. 💥

Aargh, it must be a hard desicion for choosing and deleting affiliates. It’s a great enough job to keep in touch with all of them! There must be many people wanting to get to know you. XD

Oh, yum. Are those liquourice allsorts? What is the little ball covered in colourful stuff? Be careful with the newspaper, this time! :D

Yeah, well, I’m actually better in maths than english.
In english, I hate shakespeare, I don’t understand a word of it ==” Though in maths, I hate how there’s so many formulas and stuff to remember.
Is the first picture of giant fake lollies O.O”
That’s what I hate about social networking sites, people can spread personal information about you.

I added you as a friend on YouTube XD

Thanks! Glad you like it (:

Yeah I’m not very keen on leopard prints, especially not on drums! At least my dad managed to remove it.

Hahaa people used to type in swearwords and it would come out with some really robotic voice. Though the teachers weren’t so impressed.

That’s good (:

So what’s up?

Hey Georgie!

Thanks for clickin’ :D Ah I see :D I can’t wait to do other reviews, haha. All the people who reviewed for a review are people I admire so much, like you, Lisa, Ferny… :D I love your/their sites!