If You’re Too Afraid To Fight

I’m sorry for my recent outbursts on Twitter. My mum is annoying me and won’t even let me go to the museum on my own – I have to go for a research assignment. I was going to meet Lee, but she ruined my plan, saying that my dad had a week off for holiday and that he can come with me (along with coming with her to get a haircut). No. /angry

So, I was kind of infuriated. Still am. I tried persisting but that didn’t work. I feel really shit because I’m letting Lee down here, and I was also looking forward to meeting her too. Parents and their ways of stuffing up things, honestly. I don’t know what the plan is now, though. I wanted to go on my own. /hmph

I’m sorry if I yell at anyone and it’s uncalled for. I kind of miss people right now… oh what the hell, I’m rambling.

I’ll pop over to website updates. I did two reviews, two tutorials – please take a look in the sidebar. The two tutorials are for BellaBuzz and dynamic PHP includes. And I have guitar pick smilies in seven colours. If you use the smilies, please let me know; I would be completely honoured.

I also updated my fanlisting collective at EyeThief.com. And I added a new fanlisting for the song The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script! So if you’re a fan please join. All it requires is a link back on one of the pages on your website. :)

Speaking of fanlistings, my lovely friend Vivien got approved to create and run the fanlisting for me. Yes, for myself. :O So when that’s ready, I suppose I will show you the link and you can join – if you’re a fan of me. /eee

Another random note. I was interviewed by Sophia, and you can view the interview on her website.

I’m sorry I haven’t returned all comments. There are a few I have to return. I promise I will return them all when I’m in a better mood.

I did a lot of house chores today. It pissed me off because I spent about a good three to four hours all up, doing them, and no one seems to notice or acknowledge the work I’ve done. I thought that going back into semester would be promising for some better time, but it seems that I just have to do more chores. :(

Yes, new layout. The other one was up for quite a while, and I really liked it. But it was time for a change. I tried to use brown and blue in this layout. I don’t think it was terribly effective, but it’s done. I had to interrupt my friend Vi while she was doing my review… I’m sorry Vi! I was so impatient. /bash

The tagline in the layout is one of my favourite quotes from the song Godspeed by Anberlin. I don’t know if you can spot it but the background is a snowy scene that I captured on my camera in 2007. The layout still needs tweaks so if you have suggestions let me know. ♥️

There are no affiliates in the sidebar at the moment. They are being cleaned out. I will be deleting many people, especially those I don’t feel close to. I apologise, but it’s just so hard to keep up with around 80 affiliates; I need to cut it down. Some affiliates don’t contact me at all; that’s why they need to be removed. Others don’t read my blogs or anything and I feel offended.

I’ll provide an update on my blog when I have completed the cleanup. I don’t want to inform people they have been deleted. I would feel quite bad.

Enough of me rambling.

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Loving the layout! Nice quote. /hehe
Oh yay, a plug! Thanks. :) We’re going to meet on the 16th, then. Plenty of planning time! What I have so far:
[ ] Ferris wheel
Plz UTS. /faw
Aw, I love those smilies! I want to use the one’s you’re using… so I’ll force my brother when he gets a site. /bounce
Don’t remove the affiliate you will soon be “biffles” with. /faw

Hehe! I got distracted in the middle of your blog because I stopped to join your fanlisting xD Haha…But I joined =)

Awwww =( It’s gay that your Mum won’t let you go to the museum by yourself =( I would have come with you….

Oh right…if MY parents let me [which they probably would have]. And it sucks that you don’t get to meet Lee now too *hugs*. How annoying! Don’t worry, we shall be un-overprotected one day!

God, you MUST be so freaking frustrated! =(


Oooh! I looked at your guitar pick smilies! They’re SO CUTE! =D =D When I need to procrastinate from uni work, I’ll download them and use the

I love this layout too. I’m obsessed with brownish colour schemes xD Haha…I love the hearts on the top. I’m also obsessed with broken hearts xD. This layout is so simple too…^^…I like it LOTS =)

Snow! I miss snow =)

And I will totally join any fanlisting for you =)

/faw How annoying /poo
and it’d be so awkward /argh

Heehee, I like the simplicity of this one. Brown with some blue is /bounce ! /love But i can’t make out any snowy features /um

I miss you too /wah *cuddle*


I know… it’s so weird. And it’s my assignment too. Why do I need to be accompanied? I just want to get it over and done with. 🤬

It’s annoyed me so much that I haven’t gotten around to choosing my article question and planned the notes I need to take. :(

Yeah, notice how I kind of took inspiration from your layout? Hahaha. ;) Well, I was talking to Vivien on MSN and I had my blue font; she had her dark brown. I thought it was a good combination, and you mentioned that jeans-in-mud look. /heart

Probably because of the brown overlay. The colours were inverted. ;) I had the blue and brown opposite. But I figured it would look better like this. It looks so much like the dog layout though. 💀


Ugh, your mom should really learn that you’re no longer a 13-year-old and that you are capable of going out on your own with a friend.

I love your new layout and the guitar picks smilies! :D The smilies are so cute! :)

Did I mention I love Godspeed by Anberlin? I think I tweeted that to you… XD But I just wanted to say, I love the idea of this layout! :D

Oh, thi layout’s stunning! I love the image in the middle. But I don’t really like the blank space around it, but it’s great that you kept it simple.

I hate how parents cancel appointments that “aren’t important to them”. My didn’t let me go to my one of best friend’s birthdayshcelebrations because of a crabby apointment of hers. And god, it had to be in ENGLAND. >:O

I’ll certainly join the fanlisting, and read the intreview when I’m done with this.

Oh, and I might use the smilies; they sound cool! I’ll tell you if I do. :D

woot! love the new layout Georgie! :) First time commenting here, but i read your blog regularly! :D love this smiley! –> 👏

ohh new layout!!! i love it :D
haha i’ve heard that saying. “Why does the good die young” So i thought that if only the good die young, does that mean you’re bad if you lived a long life? lol
Computer facinate me, its just something i really love.
yah i love puzzles but i suck at sodoku, i never get those completed right lol

Yah parents do have a way of twisting thing around and runing it, my mom always caves at the end. After all the no, no, no. She caves lol. Ohh i love the new smilies :D i think i’ll use them /bounce

I never really understood dynamis sidebars. I’ve seen it on audiorush and it looks really nice :)

Damn you have a lot of affies!!! I try every month to cut mine down. Some really annoying by not even replying comments at all. Some just say “hey affie” and thats it. I mean are you serious??

Thank you! :)

Haha well they’re wrong when they said the good die young, so the good must live to be older.

I usually manage to stuff up a Sudoku every time I try one. Or I end up giving up.

Aww, thank you. My mum let me go without my dad today; thank goodness.

I’ve seen a few people with dynamic sidebars. I first saw it on a website last year, and I actually got confused. I wouldn’t want to use dynamic sidebars. I’d still get confused. :P

Yeah, a lot of my affiliates do that. There are nice ones, like you, obviously. But others just don’t really contact me at all. I’ll get them cleaned out soon. I get really annoyed when some of them just drop by and say “hi how are you going”, and ask me questions they actually have already asked (like “Are you on break?”). /bash

Hurry up with that revamp. :P

I feel so sorry for you for not being able to complete your research by going to the museum with your friend. :( I would have got very annoyed and frustrated if I were you.

I like reading your reviews. It can help me too, you know, in case I have the same mistake as the person you are reviewing. /eee
Oh me, me, me!!!! :D I’m using your purple guitar pick smilies because they’re cute and the color suits my current layout. ✌️ Yay! They’re awesome!

Oh, I read that interview and I thought it was kind of interesting. :)

I like the new layout. ;) Though I can’t see any snowy background. :/ Good job, Georgina! I like the color combination, too. :)

I have to idea how to turn those messages off. :/ They are seriously annoying. There’s this time I went for a vacation and when I came home and checked my email, the inbox was full with 200+ Facebook notices and updates. *irritated*

Haha! My family don’t read the Sports section either. :P My mom recycle the newspapers. Lol!

Aww, you fell down the escalator!? That must have hurt a lot! :/

Trains over here are kinda weird. At several stations, they wait for a very long time while at some stations, they stop for a few seconds only. Geeez.

Whaaaaaaat!? It feel from the door?? I would have freaked out too. :X
There’s this time while I was unlocking the door, a lizard jumped from the left side to the right side of the door. I had no idea how. I got so freaked out and gave out a loud “AHHHHHH” Lmao. My neighbours would have thought that I was crazy or something?

You aren’t? Wow :P Why don’t you like harry potter?

Yep, no worries about dentists for about.. 6 months :D

That’s good, don’t submit to peer pressure :) Facebook is kind of stupid, but I’m addicted to wasting my time there :/

I love the new layout! I never really thought of putting brown and blue together, but it looks great :) I love anberlin too :D

That stinks that your mum wouldn’t let you go :( My mum and dad do that all the time, and it’s only going to get worse because of the security problems in Indo :/


Feel FREE to rant! You have a right to it. I get so pissed when people don’t notice I did all the chores and then I have to hint, voice just bathed in sarcasm “I know, I didn’t have to”. Ugh. People these days. /bash

I love the new layout! The color scheme is actually quite nice–Mocha Brown, Creme Brown, and Light Blue! ✌️

The guitar pick smilies are VERY cute. When I get my new site up and running, I’ll use em. ♥

Ahahahaha that’s funny that your brother caught you on tape dancing. You should’ve seen me on christmas one year. I think I was like 10 years and or younger and I received this beauty and the beast game, and my dad asks me was that the one you wanted and I did the most ridiculous retarded dance ever and it’s caught on tape. -_- so whenever my dad and sis watches it they laugh their heads off and I’m all shy and pretend I’m not in the room lol. And as for your affiliate thing would you like to be affiliates? I’m sorry about your mom not letting you go to the museum a lone. That really bites the big one. Parents.

Lmao yeah we definitely didn’t get up to anything, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon. xD

LOLS BALLS, yeah just make sure you stay on normal terms and it doesn’t matter what your mom thinks. xD

Yeah they probably were looking for something more professional, although it would have been nice to have some variety in the speech competition instead of a whole bunch of “really good speeches” on global warming and the environment and all the ORDINARY BORING UN-ORIGINAL stuff. :) That hot guy probs did put some voodoo on me.. the bitch.

Aww sorry to hear that you’re pissed, my mom infuriates me a lot haha. Those are quite a few site updates, I love them all! :D And I love this new layout as well, the colors and CSS are awesome as uge. xD

Gah best of luck getting all those chores done, I hate doing them but I have several to complete for today as well. :(

Hey girl :)

Awwww :) You are just waaaay to nice Georgina :D Yeah I enjoy every second I have that I can be on Twitter and talk to you and all my other awesome friends; I am wondering when I have to give the screen back though..

Haha.. you don’t have to comment; like I told you: Give yourself the time to brighten up your mood, then comment :) And, hey we’re girls – we do have our moments here and there xD And annoying parents are the worst thing ever! I hope you get the chance to meet Lee on another day – when your parents aren’t around you!

Do you know Lee offline too? Your soo lucky to at least have some friends that understand all that website stuff, lucky girl! :)

Hehe, yeah it really is :) And I even wrote new blog posts xD See how much I missed blogging and stuff?? When I get that stupid lil bitch back I’m gonna post them slowly :) No worries on what I could blog about – feels good xD

I usually don’t watch movies like Transformers – too much action and stuff xD But maybe when I have the time and the other stupid thing – I will watch it too :)

“A lot of funny things happen on Twitter, and with you there, there will be funnier moments.” That is like sooo sweet, thanks :) I seriously hope.. nah, you know what I hope xD

If they won’t have it done by then and expect me to pay for it, my dad is gonna tell them something – and it won’t be something nice xD So they better hurry the f*ck up!

Oh wow.. mum says I have to live without too, but I do what I want – what a rebel I am xD And my aunts kids never really use theirs that much – so why shouldn’t I use it instead xD

You have to force me to learn more and then as a reward go on my site and have a great time with you and my other visitors xD Like really, force me to turn off the computer and learn xD

Hey, don’t do those angry faces.. maybe it’ll things worse and I have to wait even longer ;) I would suggest you use just cute and nice smilies and the nicest words you can find to make it come back – maybe that will help :D

This is an awesome layout Georgie :) Great job! And yeah, your previous one was up pretty long – but it was really cute and so it deserved all the time it was up :)

LOL xD Georgina gets a fanlisting for her xD That’s awesome! I will definitely join – someday! I still think that’s hilarious xD

Did you ever recognize that parents are weird when it comes to house chores? If they do them and we don’t pay attention and aren’t careful with our stuff – they’ll go crazy on us; but if we do them, they don’t really care?? So fucking mean! My parents are like that and it annoys the hell out of me! *Gives Georgina a big cake as a reward for all the hard work she did*

I think it’s really time for an affiliates clean out, you have tons of them and I really can’t imagine how you keep up with all of them! And if they don’t even read your blogs and stuff, why should you keep them? If they want hits – they can buy/apply for advertising, because that’s what advertising for! Don’t feel bad – you are doing the right thing girl :) ♥

Bye ♥

I like the new layout. Anberlin is a very decent band.
anndd I hope things go better with your mom letting you go out more by yourself instead of with her and/or your father.

Hi Georgie! I love the new layout. The header really caught my eye. The quote is also very nice. I took a look at your guitar picks, they are the cutest! 👏 I don’t play the guitar, I play piano, but they may be cute enough to use either way!

I know how you feel about doing a lot of work and no one really taking notice. People expect so much from us and then do not even care if we do these things. /poo Well, good luck with your site, I will be coming back on to see new updates!! :D

Thank you! :)

I play the piano and guitar; it would be a bit hard to make some piano emoticons though. Perhaps some music ones, who knows?

Thanks for using my background! And I voted for you at OhGasp. Love the Pacman. ;)

!! I don’t know why but I always get excited when seeing a new layout on a site o-o” But when I comes to my site, I get bored of it as soon as I active it :c.

ughsdf. My parents are ALWAYS doing that to me. They don’t trust me and anyone else. I couldn’t even go to a school drama production without them going with me. LIKE WTEFFF MANN. So I’ve never been anywhere alone except when I go with my coolio cousin ): She’s my getaway :B ARGSD. I’m getting mad just thinking about it /argh I know how you feel. I usually just pick up my iPhone and looking through random FML things. Makes me feel better about mine. HAHA NO. That’s mean :c.

As for your layout, you should lighten or use some effect on the orange-ish brown brushes because they are quite eye-catching. Or you could add more of that color under your text. It just looks like two randomly splatted brushes :X You should add a tiny ITTY BITTY blue from your CSS to your layout. Maybe a really light layer under everything. (Cause it’s a light blue and the only blue on there is the dark text). For the text, I don’t know why but I don’t like the yellow glow o-o” Maybe you should use a different color glow or find another way to make it pop :). Or just overlay the glow /ehh uhhh. And the “They lied when they said the good die young,” you should make them closer together. Just a tad bit, it looks too far apart. “heartdrops” I don’t think you should drop shadow it because it’s like a brush based font. geh. I don’t know, that’s all I got really /bash If you need help with typography, this site is good for inspiration: http://ilovetypography.com/ :D.

I hope that wasn’t petty and annoying o3o.. Good luck with your affiliates :). I remember the other layout and it looked like a mess on the sidebar 😒

Aww, your mom treats you like a kid :( Especially for homework? They do generally have excellent security in museums… It’s kind of a given…

My parents used to be like that, and I’d just take the crap that got handed, you know? But after a while, they do eventually loosen up… It doesn’t help that you’re the oldest (I think?) so you have to ‘pave the way’, so to speak. My sisters did that more for me, but I push the limits more than my sisters ever did. But you just need to be patient… Unless your parents are like ‘roar, STAY HOME’… there’s still hope :)

This layout is lovely! I like the textures and the brushes, and you don’t see brown and blue around often- it looks great!

I think it’s unreasonable how you can’t go to the museum alone, you’re 18 now, right? Maybe talk to your mum calmy about it, and explain your reasons and let her explain hers, and meet someone in the middle.

I haven’t seen your outbursts on Twitter recently, but that may be because I have 7 weeks to do nothing and I’m spending it sleeping. Also, may be because of the time difference, but heh.

I love the song The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, but I’m not really one for joining fanlistings aha. My friend and I are pretty much in love with the Script, well, she is, I just like them :3 We were going to go to their tour because the tickets were £18 which is really cheap for a concert, although they were playing theatres instead of arenas, but it sold out so quickly so maybe they should have played an arena ¬.¬

Woah, 80 affiliates! Gah, I did a huge clear out, and to begin with I only had about 25 and now I have 11. My sites been down for almost a month though so I can understand why people deleted me.

I know how it feels to have your parents tag along for everything, it really feels like they take away your independance as an adult, and I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet your friend. I suppose parents can be a pain in more ways that one just by going to the library with you @_@
Wow, your very own fanlisting, you must be a popular person and very well loved, although I’m not too surprised by that :P
80 affiliates :O I’m really astounded as to how you could keep up with so many for so long. I think you have every right to delete affiliates because if they no longer contact you then whats the point really. Affliliates are for friend after all.
The new layout looks lovely, I think the brown works well with the blue, almost calming. Not sure if thats the effect you were going for but thats the effect it gives me :)

I’m so sorry to hear about the Museum. So you were going to meet Lee? Have you met her before? Or is it like a first time thing. ^^ That would have been fun. I’m surprised, this is the first time I’ve heard you complain about your mom. She sounds like mine. Won’t let me go do things like that. /bash

I love the header by the way! It kind of bugs me though that the blog is the same as the background color but the sidebar is not. It’s weird. I don’t know. i like it though. ^^

I hope we still stay affiliates! I comment your blog almost everyday.

I know, I hate knowing things last. Things are looking up though, I wasn’t the last to know that schedules were on the web. My friend, the one who failed to mention she had a boyfriend took some time to tell me. I felt special for a moment. That is until I found out something. My current blog is the reason I felt so unspecial. /bash I’d love to do that to me. I mean the hammer thing. Haha

I hope that the museum thing works out! And that you write a good journal article! I don’t think I’ve written a journal article. But it seems interesting ^^

I know, it does suck! And you feel so self-conscious about it. Because you know your the only very loud splasher!

Man that does sound very time consuming…Maybe I’ll try a pack after my camp is over..

Your guitar pick smiles look awesome! What do you use to make them?

That seems very annoying of your affiliates. Like, do you know the meaning of that word? Friendship, not a fancy link!

I like the new layout especially the colour scheme and the guitar pick smilies are awesome, I love guitar picks xD
Yeah parents have a way of screwing up plans with friends; my mom wanted to come with me and my friend so she can shop for curtains o.O
3 to 4 hours of cleaning? seriously you deserve an award for doing that much work. Its really suckish you’re not being acknowledged for it so you have a right to rant about it.
ooh and having your own fanlisting, it’ll probably get a lot of members :p
:o 80 affiliates…holy crap how did you manage with so many?! I understand the feeling when they don’t keep in contact or read blogs; only like 4 of my affiliates did that with me. *feels a bit sad*
But you shouldn’t feel bad, affiliates are supposed to be ya friends.

Wow, Georgina. This got me really surprised when I visited your site. I love the color combination. ♥

I know how parents mess up with your own plans especially if it’s something you really looked forward. It gets on my nerves but they want their plans to be done so there’s nothing more to say about it. 🤬 Don’t you just hate it that after you’ve done some chores or you’re in the middle of finishing this specific one and then someone will burst in asking for an errand or just comment at how not-so-well you didn’t do it. Damn, it makes me wanna quit getting it done.

WOAH! 80? I’ll be getting a headache in managing those. :O

I love your tutorials; they are really helpful. Keep it up. /wave

I’m sorry about you’re plans being interrupted, it’s a shame you can not go to the movies. The new layout it’s fantastic by far one of you’re best. I will defiantly join the fan listing for that song I absolutely love the script and “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” is my favorite song of theirs. Wow you sure do have many affiliates, keeping up with 80 must be a huge task; it’s terrible when they make no attempt to become friends it feels like they are only in it for the hits.

I’m sorry that your Mom is being annoying. My parents are annoying me too at the moment. I feel like staying away from them, but it’s weekend and I can’t go anywhere without them. They don’t even let me to watch a movie with my friends :( Sucks eh.

Hope you can meet Lee soon! It’d be awesome. The most possible online friend that I can meet is Chylla, but I don’t even know how is she now? -,- Oh well! Hope no one will ruin your plan again.

I’m going to use your smilies. I’ve downloaded it, the only thing that I need to do is uploading it to the images folder. I’ll do it after I’m done returning comments, ay~

I’ll join your fanlisting of The Man Who Can’t Be Moved too. It’s such an awesome song.

Good luck on cleaning out affiliates! And lovely new layout. I’ve never seen you using this color scheme, it’s good to try something new :D

Wow, Georgina, I love your new layout. It’s very calming and beautiful. I like how you have used fine colour schemes too.

Aww.. I understand how it feels when your mum/dad/both parents don’t let you go out by yourself. It’s like being trapped in a cage or something similar to it. That sucks. O_O

Anyway, you have about 80 affiliates?!? @_@ You have some tons of friends on your list there.. But too bad they didn’t stay in contact with you nor did they ever read your blogs… I think I might have done the same too- clean out all those affiliates. So don’t feel bad or guilty.

Thank you! I was opting for a few light shades but colours that aren’t used often together. Blue and brown are just that. :D

Yeah. I don’t like it when someone ruins my plan, especially my parents! :O But in the end, actually, my mum let me go. :) After all, I needed to for my assignment.

Haha okay; thank you. :D I guess I shouldn’t feel bad because they’re the ones who aren’t contacting me, so it’s their loss.

O_O Waiting for header image to load
Why is the internet so slow ?! LOL

I can see the lovely blues and browns at the moment though, but I’ll have to wait until I get home to see the header!

You’re freaking eighteen now. You can go by yourself, I’m sure, without doing anything stupid. /pow My mum can be like that
sometimes. Oh well.

OMG new emoticons :D Cute. Guitar picks :D Use them on your fanlisting or something :P
I intend to join some fanlistings later !
YAY! Stephen Christian (just read your EyeThief blog)! I want to join that. Make a Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen one 👏
LOL. Just joking

Ngaww. I know what it feels like – spending heaps of time working and nobody says a simple thankyou.

I can’t see the image at the moment (like I said before) but is the line ‘They lied when they said the good die young’? LOL.

80?!? WHAT! How do you keep in contact with all of them. It sucks that some didn’t even check your blog out. Bad affiliates XD Jokes, but seriously…

Anyhoos, Have a nice day!

Yeah :D
I get lazier by the minute too ==”
Its like one day, I’m walking to school with my friend and there’s these people walking wayyy behind us, and then, suddenly they’re wayyy in front of us ==”
I love the new layout, argh, about time for a layout change on my site, but I always say I’ll do it, but then I don’t end up doing it.
Yes, I agree, I do all this cleaning and my hands and feet have blisters and everyone comes home and doesn’t notice a single thing. Its so annoying.

The new layout’s beautiful! :) I love the colors, and your CSS, Georgie! :D
Oh, new emoticons! I love them, I might be using them soon. :D
That interview was nice! /bounce

Um, see you, Georgina. Sorry for the short comment, I’ll try to post more later. xD


Gosh, that’s really lame of your mom. You’re 18, I think you can handle the museum by yourself.

It’s not like anyone’s going to try to kidnap/abduct/kill/assault you in broad daylight, right?

Oooh, the layout! It is quite wonderful, although you MUST EMAIL ME THE BRUSH PART so I can try putting the text on. I wanna try, I wanna I wanna I wanna wanna wanna D:


Besides, who would you rant about *COUGHBOY* with? /pow

Ahh, I was wondering why you didn’t return my comment, now I know why XD
I love this layout, I made my own the other day well, yesterday and it sucks so I really need to change it XD Haha, your really good at making wordpress themes though, I suck at making them from scratch ;)

Yeah I get what you mean.

Oooh Peter Pan? That sounds awesome! The Royal NZ ballet are doing that for their next season and I’m begging mum to let me go! They do wires and stuff in it, apparently. Were you in Peter Pan at your dance school?
Last year my school did the Nutcracker and the year before is was Copelia but this year they’re going for a more abstract style. Could prove interesting!

lol! Evil sucking noises!? Man you’re funny Georgina, in a good way of course! :) I’ll have to beware of the loos next time I set foot on a plane!

P.S. Love the layout! It’s so cool! You’re header is so well done.
And 80 affiliates? Sheesh it’s not wonder you need a cleanout. I couldn’t keep up with that many.
And also, your guitar pick smilies are awesome! I might use them sometime :)

But seriously, that was CLOSE!! I’m as tall as you, little fun-sized girl. :)
Name? Bum
What school do you go to? Hairy Pubic School
Note: I really don’t like you, wizard! (Or something like that.)
Just in case you forgot and wanted to add it to your new blog. /bounce
I’m still laughing right now! My mom talks too much. /hehe
My brother said that maybe they moved the chocolate machine to the members area or something, then he said that they had an electric chair. :O
Even his friends saw it. Hallucinations!
You got the cherry stock image from your wallet! Cuuuuuuuuuuute~ /faw
Meet again at the sixteeeeeeeeeenth~ :3
They probably hit ‘send’ already. /sweat
:) (Y)

Aww, I’m sorry about your parents being so strict. Or – not open for the fact that you sort of have your own life too :)

My parents always change my plans too. :(

You always make soo many website updates in one go in a short period of time!

Yes when the fan listing for you is up & running, I will join. I’ve got to get my fan listing collective sorted first. I’m very lazy :P

I don’t bother cleaning my room that often. It’ll be clean, then I’ll just pile everything up on my desk again. It’s pretty much a cycle.

I like this new layout! Which reminds me; I should get a move on with making my next one.

Good luck with the affiliate clean out! I think it’s best to stick to 20-25 at the most. :)

Yeah you have to :) But I guess you just proved that you can be really bitchy on Twitter :D

Yeah I guess so; they still haven’t called or anything to say that they want the screen back and as long as they don’t call I am happy xD And my cousin will have to leave for 4 days tomorrow; so even more time xD And if I have a lot of luck my screen might be back by then 👏

You really should write a blog about that :) I swear, if some of you guys would live somewhere around me; I’d love to meet you too! And I bet it would be even better if we’d all meet at the same time; we’d have a great time! For sure!

OH boy xD I tend to do that too! After I got back from Spain in May I couldn’t stop myself from typing xD It ended up being a huuuuuge blog, but without any photos, and people still read it xD

You will be my motivator through out the whole year and I’ll be your :) And if I do good or really good – I’ll give you a whole blog post xD Just to say how amazing you are :) Even though you already know that!

It was xD I tried to look at it, but it was tooo long – it didn’t suit my screen xD I was like: Holy sh*t xD

Hehe.. I didn’t know about that. But sounds like a great idea xD Smart girl, your friend!

Yeah me too :) My mum would say something most of the time though; because otherwise I go crazy on her xD I mean I won’t spend hours on cleaning the house and then don’t even get a “Thanks” for it or something :)

Yep :) Don’t feel bad; just delete them! Maybe they learn from it – some day xD

Argh! How annoying, fancy your parents not letting you go on your own. >_<

I love the new layout, I like the scribble effect you have in the header image. I think the brown and the blue work well together too! :)

I can't wait to see the fanlisting! hehe

Good with the affiliate clean out. Hopefully that will make things a bit easier for you, and you won't be as busy. :D

Keep up the good work and take care!


Love the layout :)

Could you please help me? I couldnt find an email address for you.

Im using containers for my website but sometimes my tutorials or some content starts of at the top then there is a huge gap and the rest is at the bottom on the left side under the side bar. You have probebly notist that when you made your last comment in my site.

Iv read all your tutorials but still dont know why its doing it to me. Iv added the content id to some pages but it makes it worse. Do you have an email address were i can explain my problem better? Thats if your willing to help. Sorry about the long comment. /faw

I love this layout! It’s adorable!

I would have been frustrated if I wasn’t allowed to go to the museum alone too. My parents were always overprotective like that too when I was living with them, even when I was 25 years old!

Ooh I love the new layout!

Hahaa those plectrum smilies are soo cool.

80 affies? Wow, that really is a lot. I hate it when as soon as you add someone they don’t visit your site anymore – it’s really unfair.

Anyways, how are you?

I asked my host if you had to pay to increase the bandwidth and she said you do. The thing is I just want to move hosts so bad because I think my hostees are starting to hate me because of exceeded bandwidth and downtime.

I never tan. I just get burned then peel. It so sad because all my friends tan and I don’t. I go on holiday next month and I’ll just come back looking like a tomato.

I never shut up about McFly DVDs so I probably have mentioned it, more than once xD

I think I’ve heard about 4 or 5 of the Scripts songs. If I had gone to the tour I wouldn’t have bought the album so I knew them all :’)

I understand why they deleted me, but I did gain two yesterday so that was good :3

Ikr! Seriously, it’s infuriating. It’s like “HI, I DO HAVE A LIFE BTW”.

I don’t mind helping people out either. Life for instance, I stayed up until half 10 a few nights back (you know how lazy I am haha) and I was half asleep but I still stayed up to help this girl validate her site, I didn’t even get a thank you and the next fucking day she changed her layout! Seriously, why do some people lack manners /angry

I’m sorry to hear about your plans :( parents are so annoying at times. Mine are the same, they wont let me do anything on my own from fear I might accidentally kill myself or something. 💥

ee I saw your new smilies they’re so cute! I’ve been meaning to install them on PIB but haven’t got round to it yet >.< I will eventually, like I'm now eventually replying to comments haha.

I really love this layout, it's so pretty and ee I just love it. Me and compliments don't get on haha. The only thing I'd suggest though is clearing out some of the older updates, like the ones from June cause it's making your sidebar longer.

I did the same long ago but it didn't even work. I ended up keeping people I'm not even close to. and I fucking hate it when people ask if they can be my affiliate when it says on my exits page I don't do affiliates anymore /bash

Hey no problem about the affiliate request. I understand.Anyway, I wish I could see that video. I’m glad your mom let you go in the end.

Psh, I don’t think you’re a freak at all. I’ve been in love with much weirder things believe me lmao. Plus, the hand sanitizer tends to have an addictive smell.

Yeah you’re right. Those judges must have been jealous od my mad speech skills _cough. I could probably never write a speech that good ever again lmao. How sad.

It’s definitely hilarious when someone who’s not from the country is amazed by something that’s so normal. I can imagine myself being amused by the smallest little thing when I go to Austria.

COOL BALLS. LOLS BALLS. I love balls… LMAO, that sounded wrong.

You’re welcome, and woot that’s awesome that she finally let you go. :D

Ohyeah, I totally agree to all the other commenters, the new layout looks wonderful! Thumbs up!
I really like the brown-blue stuff, it looks really elegant :P

I also just a fight with my dad. He wants to use my computer but I wanted to play gta… Hes so annying. And he also just doesnt know how to use it correctly! He sooo stupid… She just should kepp his hands of all alectronical things. He just broke my DVD player…

Kisses Kristin

Oh man I totally forgot that I was going to mention that in my blog too. I was going to say that I’m going to be deleting affiliates off my sidebar because I’m not on theirs or they never talk to me. Why should they get the free hits if they are crappy affiliates?! But I don’t have 80 affiliates like you do!

Aw parents, they can definitely ruin your plans. Sorry to hear about that Georgie!

I can’t believe you are gonna get a fanlisting of yourself ahaha. Conceited much, Georgie? :P

I love british accents too! Especially on guys haha :)

I tried reading the HP books when I was younger too and I didn’t like them. Then I had to read one for school and fell in love :D

Haha, that’s cool! Mud and Jeans.. nice :)

Oh that’s cool that you got to go out anyways! My parents never give in, they are so stubborn :l


hey gina :D I feel like that sometimes with my mom..don’t worry too much about it @_@

your new layout is soooo nice…love brown ♥ and a very insightful quote from the song! I’m sure Vi didn’t mind hehe.

I hate chores too :( I can’t believe you spend that long doing chores though! What the heck does your parents make you do? lol I just gotta setup the table, clean it, and take out the garbage!

Oooh I’m gonna check out the new stuff you added…I wanna add BellaBuzz on my site /heart

Good luck cleaning up the affies ♥ I had a fun birthday /eee me and faith went karaoke and was singing the whole night…pretty funny stuff! I hope your weekend was good. Feel better, don’t take things too seriously…you’ll feel a whole lot better :D

Sorry Georgina, I meant one thing and said another, I’m wont be typing on my Ipod anymore. sorry!

Amazing layout! Oh my gosh, I love it I love it I love it ♥ .
That sucks that you can’t meet Lee :(
I hope I don’t get deleted, I’ve just been really busy and haven’t had any time for my online life.
I’m going to go read your interview.
Toodles for now!

Aww I’m sorry about your momma drama :(

I think your guitar pick smilies are pretty awesome! I might try them out after I’ve grown bored of my poopy looking gum drop smilies lol.

And the new layout is nice, I like the colors, very neutral and calming. I’ve never heard of the song but I am guessing the song line is in response to Billy Joel’s song.

And good luck with your affie cleanout >_< I'm sure it will be a toughy!

I left a comment but was not sure if it went through?

That’s awesome you’re going to have your own fanlisting!! :) Let me know when she gets it up, I think I might have to join it. How old are you might I ask? I’m just curious as to why your mom wouldn’t let you go on your own somewhere. It doesn’t seem that harmful of a place!

Wow. I see that when it comes to your affies you really know what to do. I mean, I don’t get to hear from most of them at all, and then I dont know what do about them so I just let it off and ignore them. but even though you know what to do, you always loved your affies. hahaha. so cute!
anyway, wow sure! Id be a fan! wowzers. youre even interviewed. hahaha! XD it’s like being an online celeb. <3

love the new layout (: I like the quote your used in it ! Very cute ! xD

Awww thats cool how you have a fanlisting for yourself ! You have your own fans xD; you are so popular lmao

i hate it when my parents get all up on my case but nowadays, they tend to let me live my life on my own :) i hope your parents realise that soon though heh.

haha it’s cute to have your own fanlisting, all the best in it ;)