If You’re Too Afraid To Fight

I’m sorry for my recent outbursts on Twitter. My mum is annoying me and won’t even let me go to the museum on my own – I have to go for a research assignment. I was going to meet Lee, but she ruined my plan, saying that my dad had a week off for holiday and that he can come with me (along with coming with her to get a haircut). No. 😑

So, I was kind of infuriated. Still am. I tried persisting but that didn’t work. I feel really shit because I’m letting Lee down here, and I was also looking forward to meeting her too. Parents and their ways of stuffing up things, honestly. I don’t know what the plan is now, though. I wanted to go on my own. 😐

I’m sorry if I yell at anyone and it’s uncalled for. I kind of miss people right now… oh what the hell, I’m rambling.

I’ll pop over to website updates. I did two reviews, two tutorials – please take a look in the sidebar. The two tutorials are for BellaBuzz and dynamic PHP includes. And I have guitar pick smilies in seven colours. If you use the smilies, please let me know; I would be completely honoured.

I also updated my fanlisting collective at EyeThief.com. And I added a new fanlisting for the song The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script! So if you’re a fan please join. All it requires is a link back on one of the pages on your website. πŸ™‚

Speaking of fanlistings, my lovely friend Vivien got approved to create and run the fanlisting for me. Yes, for myself. 😧 So when that’s ready, I suppose I will show you the link and you can join – if you’re a fan of me. ☺️

Another random note. I was interviewed by Sophia, and you can view the interview on her website.

I’m sorry I haven’t returned all comments. There are a few I have to return. I promise I will return them all when I’m in a better mood.

I did a lot of house chores today. It pissed me off because I spent about a good three to four hours all up, doing them, and no one seems to notice or acknowledge the work I’ve done. I thought that going back into semester would be promising for some better time, but it seems that I just have to do more chores. 😞

Yes, new layout. The other one was up for quite a while, and I really liked it. But it was time for a change. I tried to use brown and blue in this layout. I don’t think it was terribly effective, but it’s done. I had to interrupt my friend Vi while she was doing my review… I’m sorry Vi! I was so impatient. πŸ™

The tagline in the layout is one of my favourite quotes from the song Godspeed by Anberlin. I don’t know if you can spot it but the background is a snowy scene that I captured on my camera in 2007. The layout still needs tweaks so if you have suggestions let me know. β™₯️

There are no affiliates in the sidebar at the moment. They are being cleaned out. I will be deleting many people, especially those I don’t feel close to. I apologise, but it’s just so hard to keep up with around 80 affiliates; I need to cut it down. Some affiliates don’t contact me at all; that’s why they need to be removed. Others don’t read my blogs or anything and I feel offended.

I’ll provide an update on my blog when I have completed the cleanup. I don’t want to inform people they have been deleted. I would feel quite bad.

Enough of me rambling.

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