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There’s quite an interesting marathon on television of the best hundred songs or something like that. I suppose the only thing that matters is that Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was first. They are my favourite band. :P

If you know me quite well, you know that I love my music and I love to play it. I’ll start off by talking about my favourite bands. Erin mentioned that she would like to hear about the bands I like so I’ll run through my top bands.

I love mostly rock and metal music. I rarely listen to any mainstream or anything that is on the radio. I like classical and alternative rock. I also listen to some indie/underground bands.


My favourite, obviously. I have all their albums (except the Greatest Hits one because all the hits are on the other albums anyway)… but I really, really want the With The Lights Out box set. I love Nirvana a lot; I went out of my way to research on the band and everything as well, and have a few of their DVDs, as well as having a read of Kurt Cobain’s Journals.

Armor For Sleep

I love these guys. And as you know, I’m obsessed with Ben Jorgensen, the lead singer. Also nearly fainted a few times as he did reply to me on Twitter quite a few times. The most recent reply, I was telling him he probably had a “temporary” toothache from eating too any sour lollies. :P Nevertheless, Armor For Sleep has great music; most of their albums are concept albums too, which I greatly adore.
Visit my fanlistings for Armor For Sleep or Ben Jorgensen?


These guys are amazing, that’s all there is to it. Their music makes me want to dance, laugh, cry, smile, punch a pillow – I can always find a song of theirs to suit my mood. Their music is beautiful, whether it be the quiet soft rock ones, or the heavier rock types, or the more boppy types. They frequently do covers of songs, which are just as amazing. The lead singer Stephen Christian has a bachelor’s degree in psychology; I admire him for that.
I recently got approved to create Stephen’s fanlisting, which I am working on!

Smashing Pumpkins

Are revolutionary. I love them so much. Hands down they just freaking amaze me with their great variety of styles too. :)

Poets of the Fall

These funny guys are from Finland and have music that is really unique. They have a signature sound and a lot of their music is somewhat calming. Beautiful stuff.

Pink Floyd

The Wall. Enough said. :D

Rise Against

Absolute angry heavy music. Love it. I need some screaming in my life, and these guys really do it for me.

Those are my top bands. I rarely like solo artists (love James Morrison though!). You can visit my Last.fm profile for more bands or see what I’m listening to. :)

On the same topic of music, I recorded a video yesterday. It’s of me singing and playing my 5-string guitar. The high E string broke a while ago and it’s too short to put back on. I haven’t played in six months. So if you want to hear me singing and playing guitar, view the video on YouTube. I know I sound rusty and I stuff it up a few times. But as usual comments are appreciated. /eee

There was a time James and I went to an antiques store, and there was a piano. I was sad when I tried to play and I couldn’t play very well anymore. I haven’t played for about six months as well. :(

I feel like I want to start afresh. I want a new piano. The one I have is not tuned well. It sucks. I want to play a really nice piano that I haven’t played before. Yesterday I felt a bit upset knowing that I have lost the ability to play well.

Apologies about the affiliates. I’m working on cutting the full list down. I’m working on my scribble portfolio which is opening tomorrow, and I have a load of work to do for university too. Take care everyone. ♥️

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Is this the first comment? I surely hope so, because I’d look like a total idiot if it weren’t… /um

Expect a much more refined comment in about an hour, because it will take that long to refine it to it’s supreme refinessity (Yes I know that’s not a word ;D) ✌️ Asian style, yo.

SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT! Didn’t I make you a wallpaper for that? :)

I don’t really listen to the same kinds of music as you do. More like I don’t listen to the same music you don’t. I never listen to the radio anymore and thus resulting in not really listening to mainstream. But I guess you might count All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, etc. as mainstream. But not reaaaaaally.

D: Why don’t you just replace the string? You sounded really nice but it sounded like something was missing (namely, the string).

PIANO. LOL. Epic fail at me trying to record it. /bash I’ll try again some other time, but the main thing is, my camera can only record like one minute of video. Even the shortest, easiest song I know (Canon in D) isn’t that short!!! /die

The first time I tried recording though, the phone rang. /bash I’m like “You’re kidding me.” Although I guess that was to be expected with the kind of luck I have.

FLY OVER HERE TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!! You can play my piano(s). I have two and a keyboard. I don’t know why. My parents are weird 🙄

Meladoriiiiii~~ You could so write a song for it. Is it a song? I think you based the title off a song.

Speaking of songs, you should write a domain song about all your domains /pow

SCRIBBLES! I’m so glad to have been able to help you ♥ Hit me up if you need more help :D

Affiliates. I can’t believe you can deal with so many. I only have like 27 and I still don’t comment them all regularly /um

Good luck cutting it down. I think you’re too nice to get rid of all the naughty affiliates anyway… /argh /hehe

Return Comment:

WOO YOU DID RETURN MY COMMENT /bounce/bounce Baby!!~ I don’t know why you’d want to return to MORE comments though. I could have just told you in MSN… 🙄


Oh my goodness. If you could kill cramps, the world would be a much better place. Let’s make a campaign for that. Kill the Cramps.

Haha, remember the campaign against iFrames? Think outside the box. That was like, the most witty thing I’ve ever thought of. Maybe I read it somewhere? That’s much more likely than me coming up with it myself. (I’m generally not that clever, /um)

LOL. Right after I comment, you are telling me what “Anne”‘s real name is. I must know /faw

OMG. KUMON IS SUCH A BITCH. /angry It’s so stupid. My dad never signed me or my brother up for that because he says it’s “pointless”. Which I think it is. They don’t really teach you stuff, they just tell you how to do something and that’s that.

I won’t tell anyone :) Scared of stalkers stalking you through Kumon, eh?

Yeah my friend is incredibly busy. She barely sleeps enough. She gets like 6 hours of sleep a day D: I feel so bad for her.

I never packed my schedule in like that. All I have next year is homework, piano, piano theory (which doesn’t take long at all), volunteering, and maybe afternoon PAL work.

THE HEART! AMPERSAND WORKS! ? <– Can you see that? ;o

I think this was a ridiculously long comment. Oops. :O and it didn't even take an hour to refine ;)

Holy crud. Long comment, Vivii! /faw

Hi Georgina! I’m commenting now. :O No way, right? I know, you definitely couldn’t tell before I told you.

LOL I just realized I haven’t actually read your blog yet. -_- I’ll do the returning part of the comment first then. :P

Haha, Chrome is so awesome because it just is. :D I don’t even know why really. I guess one thing I love is that since the tabs sit up at the top, there is more vertical room in the browser to display the actual page. Also, I just like how it looks.

I guess I might save the money if I win. It won’t be saved forever though… just until I dig into it bit by bit until it slowly disappears. That’s what happens with all my money. =/ I’d save $50 of it for sure though, because I always save 10% of paychecks and stuff. Man, I’m going to have a write a TON for that contest though. I need to come up with some awesome insights, and something that stands out among everyone else.

Ah yeah, visual communication sounds like it would be more fun. When I think of communication I think of like, phones. :P

Nope, no server problems! What a relief.

Hahaha yes I will try to make it there for your wedding. :) Maybe I’ll be doing my year abroad in Japan at that point, so it’ll be a shorter trip. :P


Woot, I think I knew that you loved all of those bands. I’m kind of proud. xD

I’m not good with genres, but I think I’d say that right now I’m also into more rock and metal. I went through a phase at the end of this school year where I loved a lot of techno and hyper music, but deep down I’ve always loved rock and the like.

I can’t say the same about my taste in bands though. I haven’t heard too many of Nirvana’s songs, but I don’t really like that many of the ones I have heard. =/ They tend to be a bit boring for me.

With the exception of Pink Floyd, I don’t even know the other bands well enough to know if I like them or not. -_- Though I didn’t especially like Armor for Sleep when I listened to some of their songs that you recommended.

Pink Floyd on the other hand… The Wall is EPIC. But you already knew that. :D I remember listening to my dad’s record of it when I was like ten. It’s so awesome. :)

Aww, you should definitely take up piano again. I kind of wish I could play, but there is never any chance of that. xP I just want to stick to trying to learn guitar. ♥

Woot, good luck opening your scribbles portfolio and stuff!

Cheer up, although you’ve forgotten how to play the instruments, you should be proud that you learnt some instument in your lifetime..I’m 100% if you refreshed yourself with everything you would sound awesome.

Ive always wanted to play piano but my parents go its a waste of money. Haha by I secretly get my friend to teach me at school. I can only play the popeye song right now. lol

Yeh it seems I poofed again. Time just goes by so bloody quickly. For this week I’ve had a hard time with my dad being in hospital and all.

I…I’m afraid I don’t know any of those bands :O I don’t really listen to English music…I mainly listen to Korean music. Wahaha. I don’t know why, I’m just obsessed with Korean music/dramas XD XD

I’m sorry about the piano thing :( I hope you get a new piano, and practice more so you rock at it! :D

Haha XD The double post XD I use tab and enter though, I just used it at the wrong time XD

That’s good! I am just waiting for Jen to install fanupdate for me. I am still adding content though :D

Hahah, good luck. I will be starting your review soon because you are next in queue. Don’t make any drastic changes!

Wow, first you play guitar, and now piano? What don’t you do? ROFL. Anyway, I’m glad to see Nirvana is up on your top list. I like them too. I like the weird al version of smells like teen spirit. Lol. Anyway, take care and have a lovely weekend.

:O I absolutely LOVE Anberlin and Pink Floyd! ♥
My dad is obsessed with The Wall. /love

I had my piano since the year before I was born, mum calls it “antique” because it was already old when she bought it… /hehe

I suck at the piano because I don’t play much. :( I can only play 5 songs without a sheet… seriously.
You should go ahead and buy a new piano! Or maybe try a keyboard, the sound doesn’t go out and you can change it’s tone. (Y)

Flying isn’t gross!

Old people have slight brain damage. :)

Maybe you do? ;)

Same with me. I’ll NEVER have ‘my show’. /angry

I’m a virgin, not sure about you! /ehh

Is that some
My mom saw your comment…
and she was like…
She came to my site, and asked me about it…


Isn’t that called a stud? O_O

Yeah I can’t be bothered to do anything when I’m tired except sleep. :P So I leave it for the morning as well. But whenever I do that, I never end up getting the homework done.

Hopefully I can figure out something to expose. :)

I can imagine it being really awkward talking to your mom about James. It’s naturally awkward. I never bring up Brian with my parents because I’m not a good liar, xD and they think we’re just friends so it’s all good.

LMAO. I wish my parents would jump to the “it’s her time of the month” conclusion. I don’t think they would ever send me to therapy either but who knows, they just might so I don’t want to go there.

Okiedokes, I shall look forward to that email with a screenshot lmao. I’m going to make fun of Ryan so much. I’ll use it against him forever. Muahah.

I don’t really have a specific weight goal but I do have a “vision” if that’s what you call it, for what I think my body would look healthy as. I wish I was taller too! And whoa that’s weird how you put on weight while sitting at a computer all day.. I put on weight in my holidays as well .. I think it’s because of all the caesar sauce I’ve been eating. xD

YAY there’s a link in this blog?! *goes looking* AWWWWWW your so cute. LOLOL. You play guitar and sing so good. :3 I’m jealous, I struggle so much with guitar it’s not even funny. xD But yeah, you’re really talented. :)

Yeah I don’t like make-up too much either. I only wear mascara cause I seriously look dead without it.

Lmao that is pretty fail spelling your own name as Heorgina. It’s all good though, we all make mistakes. xD

I would get super pissed if someone was calling me a completely different name. The “N” in your name makes a huge difference between Georgia and Georgina.

Yeah exactly. My name is easy enough to spell so it’s so annoying when people get it wrong.

LOL, having a common last name really sucks. And whoa was the priest thing you mentioned a joke or does your priest actually have the same last name as me? :P

Who knows, maybe I am related to your priest. DUN DUN DUN.

I’ve only heard of a few of the bands you mentioned which would be Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Anberlin.
I definitely agree with your opinion on the Smashing Pumpkins they’re just awesome! :D

Omg. You played piano too? SHEESH KABOOBS. I WANT TO LEARN AN INSTRUMENT. I use to play piano, but I only knew how to play the really “newb” songs.. and then the Canadian National anthem. Ugh.

haha the weird al version rocks! Thanks for the compliment on telling me I shouldn’t let him control me like that. You’re right I haven’t been letting him control my life and they’re both idiots. Anyway, that’s cool that you play musical instruments. I wish I could learn how to play.

Awhh, well I would hate to deal with her. ]x
I just like toddlers, mainly. ;D
2-4 year olds are so adorableee ♥
ahha. :D

Ohh, but I still wouldn’t want a .me extension. :P
Sounds pretty conceited. xD


HAH, I don’t even know any of the bands that you listed. :P
Ackk, I need to cut down my affiliates too, currently I have 49 affiliates, I think and I’m gonna accept two after returning comments.
I barely talk to like 20+, which is like a total waste of space on my sidebar. -__-

Good taste in music!! I enjoyed your YouTube video, as well! You have such a sweet voice and I have always loved people who play the guitar. Great job!!

That was an interesting blog! Looks like you’re a fan of rock music! :D
Oh, LOL, I don’t even know any of the bands listed there, because I live in India and those bands aren’t popular here at all. Though, rock bands are quite popular here, they are liked by teens only. LOL. That’s why I haven’t heard of them. 😏

I always wanted to play the piano and guitar, they’re so cool! One day, I want to be a guitarist in a band, LOL!

You did a great job with the guitar!

Hi Priya! I’m unable to view your website now for some silly reason so I’m returning your comment this way.

Haha, yeah. I listen to quite unknown bands I guess. :P

You should learn guitar; it’s relatively easy! Chords are really easy to pick up and all.

I used to be in a band, but it died, I guess. Haha. High school times.

ANBERLIN FTW! xD I adore their music. The Smashing Pumpkins are amazing, too. It’s a funny story actually. I used to learn German in primary school, so I had a German penpal. She was obsessed with The Smashing Pumpkins and I was (and still am :D) obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, so we told each other about their music and stuff. She fell in love with JB and I’ve got quite a bit of Smashing Pumpkins on my iPod. :P

I think my favourite genre of music is alternative/rock. It probably sounds unlikely because I constantly talk about the Jonas Brothers, who obviously make pop music, but I love piano rock and alternative music. Lately I’ve been getting into country music as well, because I love the storytelling aspect of it, and classical music is always great to listen to.

Top bands/singers for me are the Jonas Brothers (which is pretty much a given), Coldplay, Relient K, Evermore and Taylor Swift. I love heaps of bands but they’re my favourites. :)

I love playing the piano! I like playing by ear because I can just listen to a really good song and compose it on the piano. I also play guitar, but only for fun, whereas I play the piano for fun and to get graded.
But I’m upset because I lost my beloved piano book with all my songs in it. *sniff* :(

Haha. Yes, friends can drift apart is you don’t keep in contact with them. Wow, I haven’t heard much of any of those bands you;ve mentioned which I’m going to check out their songs :D
Your very musical.
I watched the video of you singing on youtube. I couldn’t hear you much because the guitar was louder than your voice. Well, at least you were brave to post a video of you singing, I wouldn’t do that for centuries. I’m scared that once I start singing, the windows will all break. /bounce

/bounce Thankyou :P I have to do tutorials today :( Where would I add it on the resources page, under ‘Resources’ or ‘Services’ ?

lol i thought by making a new layout it would make my site work again but apparently not and then i hadn’t anticipated on my sidebar not existing as well i was quite angry because i didn’t even get a lot of time to fix it either. turns out i think i missed a div or something lmfao

lol thankyou :) i wanted to have a dark one but then i was like no its summer have something bright!

LOL urghhh least we didnt have to fill forms in, how i love the EU (!) it wasn’t that they checked them so many times it was the fact we had to queue so much and other people were getting before us in the line for boarding because we were still queuing and the seats aren’t assigned to you you just pick them so i didn’t want to end up split up and on my own
thankfully being the genius that i am, i decided to get priority tickets so that we could board first so we got good seats xD

i know! its their job! ryanair suck!!
LOL :( you cant exactly classify it as a liquid, but its not a solid either hmmm :S

haha its so good isn’t it you dont even have to type anything you can see a nice big screenshot of each most visited and just click hehehhe i like safari

no lol haha its just easier to shut the lid than turn it off when you know you’re gonna come back to it just not yet lol

awww i see a lot of people offering their seats to old people which is nice but when i catch the bus i always sit to the middle back so i dont have to give it up, its kinda mean lol but i like to sit whilst travelling

cooool list of bands btw :) i have at least one song from all of those artists on my itunes except poet of the fall, because i’ve not heard of them lololol

i used to play the piano when i was younger but i gave it up and i’m rubbish now, my uncle (not the evil one i spent a holiday with) is a piano teacher and he used to teach me, but I gave up when i was 9 so yeah I suck now.

I also played guitar but i gave that up too and i suck at that too I have no sticking power seriously, the only songs I could play (well) were american idiot and time of your life, oh and some shitty REM song as well
so yeah i fail!

cool video :) sucks about your E string as well :(

Smells Like Teen Spirit ..I love that song! Hehe.

You’re really good at singing and on guitar. Especially since it only has five strings lol. You should go get it fixed! And then play some more! Hehe.

So, what’s up?


When the light’s out, it less- IT’S less dangerous!! xD xD Yeah, that song is timeless…^^…

I love those countdown things…except when they have wayyy too many ads. That just makes me grumpy and frustrated. /angry

Damn ads!

ARMOR FOR SLEEP! ♥ They are SO awesome…^^…*love*. I love all their songs. Like literally ALL their songs =). They have cool lyrics as well…^^…”The End Of The Word” = ♥ ♥

Haha, that is SO cool…^^…Ben Jorgensen replying to you on Twitter xD LOL…Temporary toothache from too many sour lollies? Time for him to visit a dentist…xD

Anberlin! Anberlin are awesome too…^^…I’m still totally in love with Retrace xD I’m learning to play that on guitar =) It’s fun…^^…Oh god. I haven’t practiced since Wednesday…I hope I still remember how to play it =S =S

I love Poets of the Fall’s cover of “You Know My Name” xD Hehehe…it’s an awesome song xD. I remember you had a layout about Roses [with roses in it xD]

Awwww! Don’t worry! I’m sure you can still play piano well =) You’re just a little rusty ^^. You’ve been playing for a really long time, and music is not something you forget easily. Probably your muscle memory is a little off, but I’m sure you can still play really well =)

Hehehe! I play guitar most days and your playing in that youtube video still pawns mine…xD

I love that song.

And jeez! LOL, replace your e-string, silly xD

LOL at your comment, you wrote “End of the WORD” instead of “World”. :P

Sorry… XD

Retrace went on my top plays in Windows Media player. :O

Yeah, it’s so weird, that POTF cover. I was like… woah, this is really different. Anberlin also did Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”.

No. Don’t want to replace my string. LOL. I got scared last time I went to the shops. I just hate buying an entire packet when I only need one. /um

I think I will buy a new guitar sometime… Hahhah.


i can’t say much because the music we both listen to isn’t the same. XD

can’t wait to see your scribble portfolio ;D

still enjoying your wallpaper? ;)

Hahaha. That’s okay. :P

Yes, I love the wallpaper! I’m still using it. ;) Thank you so much! ♥

Grr, I can’t open your website right now… it won’t load. :O

np. i’m always here if you want another one ;)
weird, it’s happening to quite a few people o.O
i’ll ask my host when they come online, soon hopefully. (yn)

Hey Georgina :)

Wow.. you listen to rock?? I kinda didn’t think that. I actually can’t think of you as a person that listens to Rock music; I don’t know why though…

Nirvana is kinda good. I only like one song by them – Smells like teen spirit. I listened to it a lot while we were at some sort of school thing for 3 days and my friend had it on all day long.. but other than that I never really listened to any of their music – I am more the mainstream kind of girl xD All those songs on the radio and charts and stuff :)

Oh wow! That’s a freaking lot! I think I once had that much music on my computer but it was overloaded so they deleted everything.. I think I have most of it on the tons of cds that are lying around the house.. I have too many of them xD

Hehe! I guess if I would show just one blog per page I wouldn’t use the “more” thingy either.. but I kinda like having two up there xD Great trick, isn’t it?

Hehe, I guess you would just have to get used to having more then one sibling. Though I think I have too many xD My one aunt has 9 kids – all of them living at home. I would go crazy with 8 siblings! So I am stil kinda lucky xD

You were totally right for teling her off! You should do that more often if she doesn’t learn from the first one. Maybe that’ll help or something.

End of. /hehe

That’s… old.

I’m only on grade 3. /ehh My mom is DA MASTA!!
LOL at my gangster talk. /um
But still… grade 7… MIGAD~ (my god.) /hehe

NO!! They’re not old, old is like 90 or 100.
Then they forget simple things… normal. :)

STFU. D: Ramble on about that again, and I’ll kill you AND your friend next time we meet! *shakes fist* /pow
You like squeezing them and eating them, woohoohoo!! /bounce
Pervert. D:

You have your show, alright!
You have that nasty show. *shudder*

I doubt it. D: JK~
Or am I?

Y… U!! D:<

Well, don't laugh at me!
I don't play that anymore.

You player! D:<

Thankss (: It was in the top navigation page but then I remembered I am doing hosting so I put that there and I couldn’t be bothered to do tutorials yett XD

yeah plump is kinder then fat, my brother keeps saying our guinea pig is fat, but i say its pleasently plump, lol xD

I haven’t heard of many of those bands xP
But i’ve heard of nivana, smashing pumpkins

Oh haha it sounds like you havent played ANYTHING in 6 months, what happened 6 months ago? lol xD

Good luck with the uni work and your portfolio, i’m sure a lot of people would really appreciate your works :) Among the bands you mentioned, i’m only familiar with Armor for Sleep and Nirvana. I’ve heard some of their songs but not a huge fan of them, though. Good to see someone who likes a different type of genre, not the usual pop/rnb! Heehee.

To be honest I don’t know any of these bands so i shouldn’t talk about them :P Yes, i know about our crush with Ben Jorgensen and you started a fan site for him..I should too for Jensen Ackles. dude, you can play the piano, drums, guitar..what else? You’re really lucky! :P

Eek. Its scary that I haven’t heard of any of these people… oh, well, people ARE different, haha. I’m more of an R&B person, I need Beyonce, Jeremih, all of that. I need it! Aw, I hope you gain your piano skills back – hey, I don’t even know how to play ONE song!

Okay, I won’t. Oh gosh, I’m nervous :p

I do like music and I played the piano for five years, but I didn’t like it and I had to take on swimming so I quit =/ I still know basic notes though :)

Well, whatever color it is, it’s dark enough to read. It’s close to black XD

Oh thanks :D

Well I never get to get on the computer when my assignments aren’t completed because my mom makes me before I get on. I am sure I would be like that though XD

That’s okay, don’t worry about it. The screenshot showed up just fine in the e-mail. I didn’t think it was fat lmao. :) But yeah regarding the screenshot.. OMG EW WTF GROSS. That actually sickens me to my stomach since Ryan is my best friend and he’s never called me hot like EVER. That’s like my brother calling me hot.. WHAT THE FUCK? D: I’m very disturbed. Very.

Aww I feel your pain. I hate homework with a passion but I’m going to be loaded with tons of it very soon.

Omg that must be so awkward about your parents knowing who your crushes/bfs are. :O Mine have never known haha. If your brother was telling your parents well that’s just mean. xD Unless you wanted him to tell them, of course.

Thankfully, my parents do look out for me and when they’re mean to me, it’s “for my own good” bullshit. Lmao.

OOH YAH. I heard about the therapist, rapist thing before. :) Ryan told me about that one. *Surprise, surprise*

Lmao it makes more sense that you lost weight. But I gained weight. WTF. D: No fair haha.

You’re welcome, and yeah you’re a really talented guitar player and singer. :) I love the song you played as well. The whole video was the SHIZZ. (That’s a good thing.) xD

Lmao aww, yeah it’s probably better if you don’t wear any eye makeup since you’re so used to rubbing your eyes. I don’t do that often although there are these times where my eyes randomly itch like crazy and I end up getting a bit mascara below my eyes but it wipes off easily so it’s all good.

Speaking of pronouncing names wrongly, I actually feel really bad for Shruthi now. Cause I completely BUTCHERED her name on that vlog. Dayum. But she requested for me to try and pronounce it so I gave it my best shot. :) (Which seemed like the worst shot). Meh.

Whoas, see it IS a common last name since that priest of yours has it. :O

Holy shizz. You played for 7 years? DARN YOU TALENTED WOMAN. Darn you. Lmao. I really should learn one instrument before I die. I would feel like a fail not knowing how to play anything. Sigh.

So since you love Nirvana so much, are you on board with the idea that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain, or are you ok with believing that a nonhard drug user took three times the lethal dose of a drug, roll down his sleeve and button it, and then shoot himself in the head with a shotgun that was too big for him? And to then top it off have the bullet land in a place that is physically impossible for it to land?

I don’t really follow either of those to that extent. I believed that he killed himself. but the only thing that matters to me now is that he’s dead and I wish he was still alive.

He was planning on leaving Nirvana shortly before his death, so it could have been the end of Nirvana either way. Did you see the Rick Astley Youtube video with Nirvana?

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is an amazing song. It’s a song for the ages. I’ve seen/heard it at the top of many “best song” lists, and it is rightfully at that position. Nirvana was an excellent and impressive band.

Hah! I remember when I mentioned that in one of my comments, hehe. It pleases me that you acknowledged my wish! 👏

I also love the Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan’s voice is unique and sounds so cool. I love that they have a great variety in their sound.

I think I might try listening to Anberlin and Armor for Sleep at some point. I need to get up on different music. Since 2005 (when my favorite radio station got taken off the air), I think I’ve only ventured out to purchase music from one artist I didn’t know of before that very fateful day in ’05. (And it’s one of my favorite albums, too, actually.)

Screw shitting holidays, I’ve missed half your blogs and this new layout?!!!! NO FAIR. :(
And anyway… great job girl, I love the layout. As always. :) Blue and brown… looks great. I want a new layout but my layouts end up looking weird and less… professional? Mature? As yours do. *sighs* Ah well. Least your Twitter-phrase is up there. XD ‘They lied when they said the good died young’.
I’m jealous now, lmfao. XD

OMG! Nirvana FTW. And Smells Like Teen Spirit is my favourite song by them, so that is frickin’ awesome… and Nirvana are too cool, like Kurt Cobain. There’s a fanlisting for him, ya know. ;)
Haha I STILL THINK that Ben Jorg likes you. Though he is cool; I’m still freakishly obsessed with ‘Hold the Door’ and ‘Stay on the Ground’ by AFS. Lmfao.
You know, thank God for a music blog. It’s easy for me to comment. ;)

Why didn’t you tell me about that fanlisting for Stephen?! :O Lmfao… I will join ASAP. :D Yeeeeah baby, Anberlin are so cool… on the way back I listened to them for 2 hours, Nirvana for 1, MCR for 1, Rise Against for 1. I agree with what you said about RA, they just let it rip huh?
I only listen to one POTF song. XD Carnival of Rust. They are unique though.
I still need to get into Pink Floyd… they must be cool if you were talking about it in one review and then put ‘You ruined my Pink Floyd’ at the end. ;)

My shitting Flash Player is dead. I wanted to watch that video as well. :(
Awh, I betcha if I picked up my cornet I would suck. The valves would be rock-solid. XD (It’s a smaller version of a trumpet. And it’s cooler). I love piano, I just haven’t learnt properly. Teach me? :P

Good luck with the portfolio and university work. :)

I don’t think I’ve returned your comment, so…
Ignoring people is great if you have an excuse. ;) Like ‘I said so in my blog, stupid’.
Haha I’m a cheapo! It’s like when you have money and you go shopping you’re paranoid about spending it, then when you don’t have money you want to spend! XD Cheapo ain’t bad. ;)

I know. I mean, you might lure me with ‘Very Berry Snack Bar’ or something involving chocolate lmfao but they SUCK. Like Special K and those low-fat cereals have loads of sugar in them.
I gave up with Alejandra’s review. I just told her to capitilise her ‘i’s and shit and gave up. XD

I feel old already. I’ve told you that before lmfao. I’m 13 in… less than two months. DEPRESSING. For my parents, anyway. ;)
And haha, give it to someone to hypnotise my government so they’re not so shit? Lmfao, mebbe. :D

Baha I visit Vicky’s a lot. And yours. :3

Blogs that have no interest whatsoever don’t interest me at all. Obviously. :P

How have you been while I was gone? I read a few past blogs and I’m glad you finally got to meet Lee. :)

I’ve heard of some of those bands, but I’ve hardly listened to any of them. I like nearly every kind of music, but I’m not a hardcore music fan; I don’t like to take the time to sit and actually LISTEN to good music such as I’m sure those are. I only listen to music on the bus and in the car… hardly ever at home, although I am right now, which is kind of weird. o_O It’s been the same single artist (two albums) for the past two hours, though, and I haven’t really been paying attention to it, which is just the way I like it. XD

Maybe I’ll just play around with it a lot until I get it right… lol. I’m worried I’m going to be a terrible hostess because I don’t know anything that people with subdomains don’t know, so if they ask me for help, what am I supposed to do? D:

And about the girl — totally. She semi-subtly brags about it often, though… like how she wants her dad to buy her some expensive makeup (said on Facebook yesterday), or this or that… and she’s spoiled overall. And I can’t remember if I already told you this, but she’s proud of the fact that she can be a total bitch. I have a love-hate relationship with her… she’s fun and helpful in some cases, and I know that she won’t judge me for any of the occasionally bitchy comments that I make, but her overall personality is too forceful, and I can’t handle too much of her. XP

That reminds me… I’ve hardly seen my high school friends all summer, and for the past year, there were some that I only saw every few months anyway. I feel like I should be all sad about how most of them are going away for college (even though they’re all mostly going to the same college), but I’m not, really… although I might be once I’m actually hanging out with them. One of them is having a birthday party in a few hours, and another one is having a going-away party at the end of the month, which will probably be the last big party we have until next summer, and I’m not sure how to feel… I mean, I think it’s easier to just keep out level of visiting how it is now, so that I don’t get close again for a day. I already feel detached, which will make it easy for when they leave. So I guess I’m wondering, should I leave it how it is, or try to enjoy the friendship to the fullest?

…lol, I think I was just thinking out loud. If you don’t have a comment on that, you don’t need to say anything about it, of course. XD

They’re such awesome bands you listen to! My dad’s into Pink Floyd and stuff so we hear a lot of that type of music when we’re at his place.

yeah I am! I’m super-excited about filming now! :)

Yeah but you have donkey’s loads of people on your list so naturally it’s gonna take you a while! I feel bad for giving warnings though…

aaah! now I get it! Major confusion back there on my part lol!

Well, some parts of NZ are beautiful, like the mountains and stuff. :)

Lmao. Cool! I really don’t like HEAVY metal music, though I like rock music. Just not too loud. Or else I’ll scream my ass off. Lol. That’s just my opinion. XP

I would die if Ben replied to me on Twitter. D: I mean, he does seem pretty hot! x3

I saw that video! I love it! You’re some guitar-rock fan! ✌️ Aww, tell your parents to buy you a piano for your room lmfao. Most probably it’ll take the whole space? Haha.

WOOT! Good luck with the grand opening of the new portfolio! I’m so excited myself! xD Woah, too much things to do, Georgie. I definitely need INSPIRATION FROM YOU. LMAO. Time management is essential! :P /type

I hate to admit it but I’m mostly mainstream. I’m not much for screamo, but I do like alternative bands.. just have’t been into looking up music lately. I’ve just been wherever when it comes to music hahaha.

You play piano as well? I thought you only played guitar. And I saw the youtube vid yesterday, you sing beautifully. ^^ I’d record as well, but whenever I do and watch myself .. I’m like “no, not posting that.” /ehe

Yeah, speech therapy but I wouldn’t call it that if you wanted to rid of your accent.. that’s more of those who need help speaking. Eh, I don’t know.

We try to keep in touch, it’s hard considering I can’t be on the phone when I do have free time it’s just 😢 .

Hahaha, those invitations on facebook, I’m always like the last to receive them and when I do I’ like.. eh, don’t want to go. Or I don’t know. It’s like, stupid Facebook invitations shoudn’t be a way of actually inviting but saying that ther’s an event on a certaind day.

Yay for feeling better. =)

Byeeeee for now. ♥

haha thats cool you have so many different favorite bands…i dont think i really have a favorite. ive never listened to any of those bands music…not really much of a rock kind of girl. i do like alternative rock and stuff like that, any kind except for heavy metal which just annoys me! lol

aw that sucks you cant play the piano as well as you could before. i dont even know how…i always thought it would be cool to learn though. actually, i think it would be awesome to learn how to play the violin!! :D

ooh a scribble portfolio? cant wait to see it ;)

Sorry about the late comment, hehe. /type

Mmm, seems like we have different musical interests! I do like Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, though.

I wanted to listen to the video of your guitar playing, but since this is early in the morning I don’t want to wake my mum up and get her ranting. o_O

Aww, at least you can play it. You could try practicing again if you get a new piano, you might recover your talent!

My mum is very strict about the piano. She lets us play what and when we want, but she doesn’t let us put anything on it, drop anything on it, clean it (the maid is the only one who knows the right way to do it :P ), etc.

You take care, too! ;)

One sentence:
STOP RAPING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /argh

That should end all your HARASSMENTS. D:

I meant sexual harassment. D:
You should not follow “don’t stop til you get enough”!

Yeah, at least you were brave.
If I can’t even put up a video of me singing solo on the internet, how do people expect me to sing solo in public. I probably run away. I really shy in public with people I don’t know.

Yeah, I’ll definitely learn to play guitar. Heh. =)
Cool that you were part of a band! We have a school band in my school, but they have been inactive lately.

(Y) My music taste is different to yours. I mean, I used to like RnB and that but now I’m more into jazz, rock and things that people wouldn’t listen to.

I know Nirvana 😰 I never really listened to them but it’s pretty sad how Kurt Cobain is dead. :( I know a lot of people who still listen to Nirvana.

And in Religion class I just found out what Nirvana is (H)

I know you’re obsessed with Ben Jorgensen. You always talk about him – I bet you talk about him in your sleep. Do you dream of him?

😴 😴

I have heard about all the other bands and never really listened to them (except Anberlin. Damn. I want their other albums). Maybe I should because I trust you and your music taste ;)

OMG. I watched that video (along with some of your pen snapping ones) yesterday on my computer :D
Did you know that if you rip a piece of paper and wipe it across your guitar strings you will mostly likely find that the paper is dirty after? Dead skin. Eww. My brother showed me that.

I can’t wait until your scribble portfolio opens :D

LMAO. The worst thing about everyone having the same bags is having them all mixed up and not knowing which one is yours. XD

Yes. My material is so lame. Far out some of the butterflies are brown then light blue and eww. Don’t wanna talk about it XD

Thanks for doing my survey ;)
I got all the responses I need but so they don’t think I forged them all, I will get some family members to do it XD LMAO.

Have a nice day ✌️

I didn’t say that you should stop commenting altogether. ;)
Unless you meant… that’s the only thing you want to comment about. Which made me feel terribly unsafe, I forgive you.

Congratulations on the opening of your scribble portfolio!

Are you saying that telling an 11 year old that she squeezes sausages until cheese comes out… /um
NOT sexual harassment? /ho
It’s safer if you got over it!


If you think not, you’re right. I highly doubt you’re a rapist! :D

I don’t like mainstreams. :( There are some bands that I’ve listened since the first time they released their album/before they got famous, like Paramore. I’ve listened to them since their first album was out, and now it becomes a mainstream since their songs were in Twilight.

I don’t really listen to the bands that you like, but I like Anberlin. The lyrics are very meaningful, and they sing with their soul! Not just like soulless mainstream singers, you know. :D

I do love heavy-metal. I listen to Metallica :) And I used to listen to Bring Me the Horizon but gah, I don’t listen to them anymore.

Classic-crossover is nice. My favorite classic-crossover pianist is Maksim Mrvica. ✌️

I wish I could watch your video, but my internet is crappy now. People are using internet a lot to find more information about the terrorists in my country that just got caught. :( And it slows down my internet connection.

I don’t play piano :) I wish I could but it’s too late to learn I guess. People are usually learn piano from 5 years old or so. That’s what I know.

Good luck on cutting down your affiliates! Yay.




Whoa, you can totally tell that your guitar is missing a string. Haha but at least it isn’t like absolutely horrible. Would be better if you had another string, of course. haha I wish I knew how to play the guitarr. :(

I’ve seeeen Anberlin live a few times. I saw Anchor & Braille..his solo thing. I wasn’t into that though, didn’t really like it. But I love Armor For Sleep. I have definitely cried a few times listening to their music (was going through a tough time so shoot me) & Nirvana. Haha you know Anberlin is actually pretty popular! So is Rise Against though. They’ve been played on the radio a lot..& their videos used to play on MTV & MTV2. Not a fan but it’s because I’m not really into punk & that’s what they sound like to me but you’ve seen my last.fm, we have a very high compatibility rating haha ;) & I listen to..EVERYTHING .. like Marilyn Manson & Britney Spears everything. hahah. :D

I was going to e-mail youuuu, about something, but I figured you’d read my blog anyway. haha.

Lol yeah, though if it’s been a while since you last had the strings replaced you should get them all redone. it makes such a difference to the guitar sound!

Good luck with the homework!

My site is off hiatus, you can take it off hold in the reviews queue.
Thank you sooooo much for holding it :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D /bounce /bounce /bounce /bounce /bounce /bounce /bounce (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) /rose :P :P :) :) :) /wave /wave /wave /wave /type /type /type xxx

I love Nirvana too =D At the end of Smells Like Teen Spirit it sounds like he is singing “a banana, a banana, a banana…” I know that’s not the right words but I sing that anyway 😏 Oh, and I also like Pink Floyd :P Their songs amazing <3

and WOW. @_@ You are amaaaazing at guitar & singing *_* I can only play a teensy bit of guitar (But I'm learning) and I can't sing at all 😒

I left a comment just there, but I dunno if it sent or not because it didn’t show up o_O So I’ll just leave it again if that’s okay ^_^;

I love Nirvana too =D I think at the end of Smells Like Teen Spirit it sounds like he is singing “a banana… a banana.. a banana.. a banana…” I know he isn’t but I just sing it anyway .. xD I also like Pink Floyd, some of their songs = amazing <3

and WOW. just WOW. @_@ You are amazing at singing and guitar! I know some stuff on guitar (I started learning not too long ago) but I can't sing to save my life 😒

*loads up on guns* 😰

Hohoho Anberlin. /bounce

I used to be able to sing pretty decently, except after puberty, you know. /bash I was in the choir in primary school; something I would sort of keep to myself /um

And now my voice is really scratchy/gruff (like Lars in futurama) because of that sick i caught at that dumb camp. Some local doctor said something was damaged, but I doubt his experience. But it has been a while and it hasn’t gotten any better, so /ehh

But I like it when you sing. It’s



Hehee, my brother was 11 or 12 when he was in the choir. Look at him now, playing his Combat Arms game and everything. So strange!

I was never in the choir, I thought it was lame. Shame on me. Then I took singing lessons and joined the (lame) vocal ensemble. :P

It isn’t embarrassing. Let’s see what I did in primary school… I walked into the boys’ toilets once… and that’s about it.

Lars is cute. ;)

But your voice is cute. :)

It’s probably just a puberty thing. LOL. Perhaps your vocal chords or voice box changed from that. My mum has a perpetual cold because there’s something wrong with her sinuses. :O

Reminds me of when I couldn’t talk that time at school. /eee /sweat

Haha, I love the TV screens too! I was flying on BA most of the way and then we went on singapore airlines for an hour :)

I will try and say.. flaucinofil.. oh I give up :P I’ll try in my blog :)

We like the same kind of music! Anberlin and Nirvana are two of my favorite bands :) I’ll check out the other ones and see if I like them too /eee

The video is so cool! I wish I could play guitar, it sounds pretty awesome for only having five strings :P You have such a nice voice :P


Haha thanks! /eee
Yeah, I used to adore school bands, LOL.
Your scribble portfolio – it’s AWESOME! Simple awesome! Haha, but I really like your scribbles, LOL!
Thanks for applying Georgie, I’ll get it done by tomorrow. I’m actually halfway through your review, but there isn’t much time now! So yeah.

And also, you forgot to ask a question! LOL, but I really need some questions to answer in my next blog…heh. :)

Thanks a lot, Georgina! ♥

Wow, you would actually do that for me? :( OMG thanks so much!! I really appreciate it! I certainly do need space haha when I start to work on it, so yeah. I’ll notify you. Thanks!! ♥

Haha it does make me feel better. :P I’m sure you’re stressed with uni. Don’t even let me get started when I happen to be at uni sometime! D: Okay! I have a plan! *Sings* We’re all in this together! *hugs* xD

IT ISS HoRRIBBLE. Do send some of the coldness! I really want a LOTT of it! D: You’re shivering?? Hell, sweat is going down my armpits. I feel like a male ape! D: I’m going for a refreshing wash again… soon.

I know I need to finish a goal one step at a time. I’m going to make just the header though ;) For now haha. Yeah, you’re right. For some reason you always seem to make me feel better! :) I really do hope you good luck in your work! :D

HE IS! D: I want him to tweet me back! xDD I wonder what your reaction the FIRST EFFIN TIME was LMFAO.

Exactlyy! Heavy metal I listen to tends to have shitloads of screaming and screeching so I get fucking annoyed and just throw the CD or whatever it is out the window. I prefer rock like the Miley Cyrus; James Morrison type of rock lol. Like soft. A bit hard rock is ok… Like pop rock.

Lol! Yeah, it would be maddd! I mean like woo! Before we had a piano downstairs just for decorating lol. I used to play on it occasionally. Now it’s in the garage till our new home’s done! D: Well at least you still have a piano you can play and practice on! :)

I know! I already went on it! It’s radddd, like mad baby! <333 I ♥ IT!! Your drawings are all like big collages and stuff! D:

Harharharrr!! I bet you'll fall down behind if you channel your inspiration though! :P

Man why is it taken, well perhaps i shall make a fansite for Dean Winchester (his character in supernatural) or a fansite for supernatural i shell check TFL.org