Load Up On Guns

There’s quite an interesting marathon on television of the best hundred songs or something like that. I suppose the only thing that matters is that Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was first. They are my favourite band. πŸ˜›

If you know me quite well, you know that I love my music and I love to play it. I’ll start off by talking about my favourite bands. Erin mentioned that she would like to hear about the bands I like so I’ll run through my top bands.

I love mostly rock and metal music. I rarely listen to any mainstream or anything that is on the radio. I like classical and alternative rock. I also listen to some indie/underground bands.


My favourite, obviously. I have all their albums (except the Greatest Hits one because all the hits are on the other albums anyway)… but I really, really want the With The Lights Out box set. I love Nirvana a lot; I went out of my way to research on the band and everything as well, and have a few of their DVDs, as well as having a read of Kurt Cobain’s Journals.

Armor For Sleep

I love these guys. And as you know, I’m obsessed with Ben Jorgensen, the lead singer. Also nearly fainted a few times as he did reply to me on Twitter quite a few times. The most recent reply, I was telling him he probably had a “temporary” toothache from eating too any sour lollies. πŸ˜› Nevertheless, Armor For Sleep has great music; most of their albums are concept albums too, which I greatly adore.
Visit my fanlistings for Armor For Sleep or Ben Jorgensen?


These guys are amazing, that’s all there is to it. Their music makes me want to dance, laugh, cry, smile, punch a pillow – I can always find a song of theirs to suit my mood. Their music is beautiful, whether it be the quiet soft rock ones, or the heavier rock types, or the more boppy types. They frequently do covers of songs, which are just as amazing. The lead singer Stephen Christian has a bachelor’s degree in psychology; I admire him for that.
I recently got approved to create Stephen’s fanlisting, which I am working on!

Smashing Pumpkins

Are revolutionary. I love them so much. Hands down they just freaking amaze me with their great variety of styles too. πŸ™‚

Poets of the Fall

These funny guys are from Finland and have music that is really unique. They have a signature sound and a lot of their music is somewhat calming. Beautiful stuff.

Pink Floyd

The Wall. Enough said. πŸ˜„

Rise Against

Absolute angry heavy music. Love it. I need some screaming in my life, and these guys really do it for me.

Those are my top bands. I rarely like solo artists (love James Morrison though!). You can visit my Last.fm profile for more bands or see what I’m listening to. πŸ™‚

On the same topic of music, I recorded a video yesterday. It’s of me singing and playing my 5-string guitar. The high E string broke a while ago and it’s too short to put back on. I haven’t played in six months. So if you want to hear me singing and playing guitar, view the video on YouTube. I know I sound rusty and I stuff it up a few times. But as usual comments are appreciated. ☺️

There was a time James and I went to an antiques store, and there was a piano. I was sad when I tried to play and I couldn’t play very well anymore. I haven’t played for about six months as well. 😞

I feel like I want to start afresh. I want a new piano. The one I have is not tuned well. It sucks. I want to play a really nice piano that I haven’t played before. Yesterday I felt a bit upset knowing that I have lost the ability to play well.

Apologies about the affiliates. I’m working on cutting the full list down. I’m working on my scribble portfolio which is opening tomorrow, and I have a load of work to do for university too. Take care everyone. β™₯️

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