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I have opened my scribble portfolio at Meladori so please visit. There is no commenting system there but if you think I should add one, let me know!

Visit the affiliates page. I have cleaned out affiliates. And those under “pending deletion” are on hiatus or are being warned. I would like my affiliates to be friends with me and keep in touch often.

I’ve been working on that most of the day. Meladori, as promised, is open. I still have about 100 or so scribbles to scan and add, but that’s as far as I have gone, and that’s enough for you to ogle at now, I suppose. :)

That’s a bit less on my plate.

Lately, I have been feeling very stressed out. At the present moment while typing, I am feeling quite bouncy and happy – my usual self.

However, since starting university for second semester, I have felt like there is a huge weight on my shoulders. I know that no one expects me to do so much and return every single comment quickly or anything – but since that is my nature, I feel like I must do it.

What’s more, I enjoy it. I enjoy conversing with people. But now and again there is a time where you need to take a break. For me, that time is now. I’m just going to be a bit slow with things for the next few days. I won’t be leaving at all. I will still be here, but I will be taking things slowly. I will return all comments and work on my website/s as I do, but I will be taking my time with them.

I have been very tired, emotional and stressed these past few days. I haven’t been very organised. I have done a lot of website work, and I know people are amazed and think I am superwoman to balance everything on my head, but no.

I’m not superwoman. Now things are starting to stress me out. I talked to James for the first time in over a day. (I don’t count our phone conversation as proper talk, because we were both half asleep… but it was so lovely to hear his voice. ♥️ ) We have so many stupid arguments all the time; I don’t know why we bother picking at each other. /hehe I love him too much.

I did have an awful day yesterday. I was completely unproductive and it took me so long to do my homework as well. I cried. I felt lonely, and upset. Partially, it’s also because the other day when I picked up my guitar, and reminded myself of my piano lessons, I started to feel nostalgic and just very upset.

I felt like I couldn’t hold onto my talent anymore. And again, it reminds me of ballet. I did ballet for about seven years, before I stopped, because school got in the way. My ballet teacher wants me to go back, and complete my last grade, and do my teacher’s certificate.

I was not very far off at all. And now I think my feet, like my hands, won’t be able to do these things anymore. It sort of breaks my heart; I feel like I should not have quit these things in the first place.

I’m a bit scared to go back. But I have to go on, I guess.

With university work, I’m not behind, but I know that I continually procrastinate (by doing site work; how odd), and I must stop. I am planning to study another degree next year, along with what I am doing now. It is going to be very hard if I decide to, and I might even have less time for my hobbies, but I haven’t quite thought about it thoroughly.

I just had to let this out; I’m sorry for all the moody blogs lately. Right now I’m feeling a lot better though; my friends have kept me going. ♥️

Just keep in mind, these next few days, I’ll be taking things a bit slow with everything. Taking my time. :)

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Yes! Meladori is OPEN :D :D I’m glad =) “Meladori” sort of reminds me of a Japanese name :P But maybe that’s cos I’m weird xD I ♥ your scribbles though =) They’re so awesomely cool. I think I’m too neat to scribble. When I doodle, all my little…doodly-things look too ordered xD Hahaha…it’s kind of funny!

Like I said before, you totally need a break! You worked SO hard during the holidays…=| You need like an epic bear hug xD *EPIC BEAR HUG!*

I’m sure people will understand if you’re a little slower in returning comments and all than usual =) Your mental health is important too, you know xD

Hehe, stupid arguements are kind of cute *pleasedon’tshootme!* xD As long as they don’t esculate into huge fights which you can’t get over. Cos that would suck =(

Awwww! It’s okay! You can’t just LOSE your talent that easily xD It’s ingrained into your muscles! =) Maybe you’ll be a little rusty at ballet and piano first, but you’d eventually get back to your old self with a bit of practice =)

When I had my operation, I was out for like…soooo long, but after about a week of practicing piano [which was very frustrating], I was okay again. I was terrified to go back to piano lessons, but in the end, I felt really stupid cos my piano teacher said there was really no difference between my pre-operation playing and my post-operation playing.

Somethings you don’t EVER forget =)

Oh, don’t worry, if you study a combined degree, it’s about the same as a single degree, except you’re at uni for 5 years instead of 3. You still do 4 subjects a semester =). Unless you do law, where you will have about 40 A4 pages to read a week and your eyes will look like mine. i.e like this: @_@

You just need to find a balance =)

Anyways, I’m going to go read your comment on my blog xD

Ngawww /love
Poor Wuggs! /wah

Just keep practising, and you’ll be back to where you were before /bounce ♥

I ought to sleep /sweat. My mum is getting /angry


Oh yay, you didn’t delete me! /bounce

I love your scribbles! You should add a commenting system, it’ll be really useful.

Nobody’s forcing you to rush on your website work. Take aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll the time you want, this is NOT a career! (Y)

Tell James that I said hrrrng! :)

When I met you, I noticed that you’ve been doing ballet for a long time, because of your EPICALLY AWESOME STANCE LIEK WAW!!
I always try to do that with my feet but I end up hurting my ankle. @_@

At least you have benefits from ballet, like the epic feet thing and flexibility!

Moving on is a good thing.



Suppose not. :(

Suppose SO! /bounce

Take your time…
Stress makes your life SHORT.
A lifespan is something you don’t want to shorten. /bounce

‘n soz 4 callin’ u a rapist. /um

Paint, and their this good? I’m mad XD
You don’t like mints? your insane!

Man, I miss people’s voice too, like if I’m close to someone, I have to call them, because I just feel weird without it :P

I hope you go back to ballet, you probably rocked!!

University can be stressful, but try to hang in there, it will be okay. All things that are challenging bring on stress, but it’s worth it in the end!

Hmm, good thing you’re taking things little by little… just take things back as smoothly as possible. Its always a great feeling to go out and have fun, leaving your site to rest for a bit… I’ve experienced it :) I wish you the best sand I hope you feel better. (Y)

Awh, sorry that you feel stressed :( Sometimes I feel like that too. Please don’t feel that you need to return comments in a day! :) Take your time. ^_^

Oh! Your scribbles are so cute! :D I lov them!

Oh really? I love to swim. Oh I see. Piano was annoying to me XD I hated practicing =

LMAO. She was also on my friend’s basketball team and she wouls sit out games :( I feel bad for a little too but I thought it was a funny story. xD

Eww yeah, ants are gross and they bite D:

ohh your portfolio looks amazing! did you draw all of those? :D
wow you sure do still have lots of affiliates, I’d really like to be affies with you but i guess you have toooo many :S

hehe good to hear your usual self is happy and bouncy, mine is too, but i get extremely angry mood swings lol xD
Yeah you do return comments really fast, and you get soo many, but i wouldnt blame you if they were slow, you’re i uni :) I’m still in summer break, but im soo bored i want to go back to school, wow that does NOT sound like me what has gotten into me…

aww yay you and james finally got to talk :D

aww we all cry /wah once i cryed at night because i feel lonely and alone, i dont have a sister and i wasnt been out of the house in awhile, and well yeah.

aww you’re breaking my heart talking about you being sad -hug- /wah

Hey you. :) I’ll leave a proper comment later tonight (right now I need to be getting ready for the mall), but I just wanted to tell you that there’s a blank bullet on your affiliates list between Jorja and Jules. Good job cleaning them out by the way. :D

Yay Meladori is finally opened! Wh00t! I saw the scribbles there! They were quite randomly amazing and I love em! /hehe Aww it’s alright Georgie! ♥ Yay your stomach has stopped cramping! Which is great, mine too. :) I wonder, how you can handle like what? EIGHT domains. That’s seriously impressive. :P I’ve been stressed out lately too, but it’s because I haven’t gotten my schedule for school, I’m so nervous, and all my friends already got their schedule. Damn.

This was a very sincerely stressful blog, missy! Cheer up! (I don’t know what to write, I’m horrible at comenting, please don’t kill me.) /faw *HUGS FOR YOUZ AND MEH* /heart

/bash I know how u feel; i took up tae kwon do, got realy good at it then left.

Im going to take a look at your scribble page now. Im using my phone so im not sure how they’r going to look on my tiny screen! <3

There’s loads of power sockets around at my school, we’re just not allowed to use them, haha. Loads of the girls (and lads, actually) plug their straighteners in anyway. It’s strange though ’cause if you get sent to ER (emergency removal, where all the bad kids get sent) you each have a plug socket in front of your desk, where you’re allowed to charge your phone. I got told that and was thinking it was so unfair. Then again, I’d rather not have to sit in a room for a lesson with nothing to do (which is what they ‘punish’ bad kids by doing).

Aww, shame. It’s probably better for you if she does no work then, then you don’t have to mark it. Then you’d have less to do.

Everyone thinks FTW means something different. What a stupid acronym?? Lol.

I’ve been doing that for ages. I’ve looked at so many of the Gay Pride Parade videos trying to spot myself and I only found myself on one. There were loads of people filming at my side as well.

I’ve had a look at Meladori and it’s great. That’s a lot of scribbles, and you still have 100 left?? Wow, it must’ve taken you ages. Good luck completing it! I like your penguin scribble best out of the ones I’ve viewed so far.

I usually return comments when I post a new entry, but I’ve started to do it straight away now. Well, as soon as I go on the computer. Takes me a while sometimes though. I reply to one or two, then get distracted by Tumblr or something and put the rest off till later. Good luck with uni and everything, it won’t matter if you don’t reply straight away, don’t worry. When I was busy at school I just replied to comments every weekend or something, so I’m sure you’ll do much better that me. Good luck anyway!

I keep saying ‘Good luck’ all over this comment, haha.

I watched your guitar video and it’s great! I don’t now why you were saying how crap you were. Silly Georgina! And I’m sure you’ll get your piano skill back. I can’t play instruments well at all, so you’re definitely better than me.

I get what you mean about wishing you never quit something though. I use to do irish dancing, then when I saw these kids doing it on TV in a competition it made me wish that I’d stayed doing it. I think you should go for the ballet thing, I keep saying it, don’t be worried about going back!

Your scribble portfolio is cute. /eee

I’m sorry you have been feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed lately. I get that way a lot too especially when there are a lot of things in my life adding to it. University is definitely a big stress factor. I’m glad that you have people in your life that help you keep plugging along. Just hang in there and take it one step at a time and you’ll do fine!

…. How many domains do you need? lol.

Anyways, you shouldn’t feel like you’re incapable of doing some things (like playing piano, etc) because it’s not so much as it’s “you’ve lost your talent”, it’s that you’re out of practice. It’s like some super star athlete decides to stop do any sort of exercise for a year and expecting to be able to go out and play a game and come out on top without any sort of preparation. Take some baby steps. :)

Aww, you kept me. Thanks so much :)
Sorry I’ve been kind of inactive, I’ve been really busy and am leaving for vacation tomorrow.
Oooh, I have to go check out your scribble site! I love to make them! Maybe I should start again….
Take your time. Don’t rush with getting anything up on the site, or returning comments. Everyone can wait, YOU NEED A BREAK. Haha.
When I go back to school in September, I probably won’t have any time for my site. I’ll finally be a senior *sigh*.
You don’t have to reply to this comment, I don’t want to stress you out xP

I’m glad you’re agreeing to take a break, you make me feel so lazy lol. Here is one comment that you don’t have to return :) I didn’t write a new blog yet anyway.

I would see it as losing talent, it’s just getting rusty. It doesn’t mean you can never do those things ever again, it just takes a little bit longer to get back into the groove of things.

But yes, I think you should ease up a bit. And maybe a little relaxation will help tone down the mini bickerings between James and yourself. I know when I’m feeling stressed out or upset that sometimes I take it out on the people closest to me.

Meladori is also looking pretty good so far. I also think I’m getting more interested in collecting more domains as well except I wouldn’t know what to do with them! Btw, did you get the name from the Smashing Pumpkins?

The blog that you told me you’re gonna write about next. :) Sorry this is my second comment that you have to return btw! =S

Yeah I’m sure Meladori had lots of work. A bit off your plate? Haha. Go, go, GG! :P

I really do hope you get better. :( I feel like the work I’m doing sometimes all’s for nothing. Do you ever get the same feeling? Like I fall into this depression yet then again the next day when I wake up or something I feel better and stuff. I don’t know what the fuck is happening to me. Like, right now as I’m writing this I’m going over on your SSI tutorial again to MAYBE do some site updates. I really hope I can at least do one section! :S

You did ballet? Wow. I never knew. Gosh. You’re a really artistic person; you’ve done so much. Too bad you never got to practice again! :(

Comments and people have kept me going, too! I hope you’ll get better soon! And take your time, Drops! You definitely deserve it! ♥

I’ll look at all your scribbles when I use the faster internet… it would take far too long to peruse them all now; I don’t feel like sitting here for an hour, haha.

I feel the same about returning comments in a timely manner and such, but since I haven’t started school yet, I can’t say I’m sharing in your stress. I can very well imagine it, though. :/

I keep picking stupid little arguments with Gordon, usually when I’m tired. I hate it when I do it, because even if it’s something that bothers me even when I’m not in a crappy mood, I still make a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be, and when I realize that I’m being horrible (which is usually when I’m still on the phone and he gets sad/upset with me), it makes me feel like the lowest person on the planet and it makes me cry. And then sometimes HE apologizes — for what, I don’t know — which makes me wonder if it seems like I’m being manipulative on purpose. It makes me feel awful, and just thinking about it right now is making me feel crappy. I can’t even call him right now to have him make me giggle and be happy because he’s still asleep… yes, at 2:00 PM. XP

I think it’s cute that James comments your blog. ^_^ Gordon never does that to me… what a bitch. Kidding. lol.

Take as much time as you need. Get balanced out. :)

Yemaya is… weird. She has a great memory for names and places and events, but she can’t seem to remember what she’s NOT supposed to do. /snort

All right, all right, I’ll confess. XD

With my friends, they always seem to float away. No one from the group tries to keep in contact with me, really. Like on myspace, they commented each other all the time, whereas the only time I got comments was when they replied to my blog, which like four out of ten of them were subscribed to. On Facebook, only one person out of all of them ever replies to my status or whatever, and some of them haven’t talked to me at all on it since I joined. It’s annoying, because I write about worrying about college, but they respond to another friend instead of me, one who’s status is, “Text me!” WTF.

It’s turned me quite bitter. XP

Those are definitely really cool. I’ve always wanteed to do stuff like that but, I’m just not that creative. Haha.

That’s the one thing that scares me about going to college, is the stress and the work. High school wasn’t like that because a lot of the teachers and stuff would help you out to pass. I mean there were the ones who wouldn’t but, I know a lot of mine were like that.

It’s understandable that you need to take your time. With all the stress of school and balancing work and a boyfriend too, it’s a lot. I love my website and when there comes times where I can’t do much with my site or just feel too lazy, I can’t let it go and I figure, it’s my site so I can take my timeif I need it. It’s a hobby. It’s okay to just do it when you feel like it.

It’s funny how one day, something can just take you back to a certain time. Sometimes you just get a good feeling, and sometimes it makes you sad. Not because it was a sad time, just because it’s over.

Unfortuately, I’m very bad at saving up, haha. I actually have to give the money to someone else to mind for me otherwise I end up spending it, AND since I don’t have that much extra money to save up in the first place, it kind of takes me a while. /ehh

Woo! Scibble portfolio, yay! *Goes and takes a look.* They’re really good. I love that even your scribbles are sort of neat and organised. :3 You should do a contest on it someday to see who does the best one. I’ve never actually made of them. Yeah I doodle, but they never look like that, lol. I just might have to try one. I wonder what it will turn out like…

It’s nice that you’ve finally finished it. At least now you know that you have a little extra time and hopefully that all of the hard work you put into it has paid off.

Don’t worry, everyone feels like that sometimes. I know everyone including myself will understand if it takes you a while to do some stuff. We understand Georgie, don’t worry. *hug*

My boyfriend and I have been bickering alot lately too, so I know how you feel. It’s always over stupid little thing as well that don’t even matter, is it the same for you?

It’s a shame you have to give those thing up. :( Maybe you just need to ‘refresh’ your memory and it will be the same as it used to be? You’ll never know until you try, right?

If you do decide to do something else in uni, you just have to find a balance. Or a routine. Once things setlle down, you should hopefully be able to manage everything, or, if not, take a break from something to give you more time.

Hope you feel better soon. :X:X:X:X:X:X:X

I started looking at your scribbles… there’s a lot. Hahahaaha.

I have to admit I always thought you were super woman, you’ve got so many … websites,content, visitors and yet you still manage it all. I applaud you and I’m not surprised that you’re tired. I too get stressed from the site and somtimes it means just getting away from it and usually I use that time to brainstorm new ideas and such. ^^

Quitting things… is hard. I know how you feel. Last year when I told my track coach that I was exhausted from everything and that I wanted to quit, I felt myself crying I think that’s why he wanted me to tell him over e-mail. I was going to turn into a mess. I feel ashamed to quit but sometimes, pride shouldn’t get in the way of how you feel physically. Sometimes, quitting is the right thing to do. Lately, Ive been feeling like such a quitter. I’m starting to feel like my need to transfer is showing how weak I am. But I realized that I am weak, that I like the feeling of being protected and around peers and I’m willing to give up my pride to show my weakness. xP

Not sure if that all may help, hahaha. I felt that last pargraph I was completely rambling on. I’m truly sorry to hear you’re not feeling up and about. That’s how I felt all last week everytime I came home. I’m better now, because of you and everyone else who has talked me into thinking better thoughts. I hope my longg… longggg comment does the same for you. And no I return the last comment you’ve posted.

Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your grandparents. =( *hugs* My mom’s grandparents died before she was born, so she didn’t know they much either.

Hahaha, yeah and he had no idea he embarassed me. I love him, perhaps it’s just because he’s getting old but the fact that he doesn’t care what others think.. well that’s just a good trait. I truly feel sorry for my grandpa though, he seems to be suffering lately… lack of sleep from missing my grandma. It hit him the hardest I guess, even if he never actually shows it. He’s a tough guy still.

Yeah, nowadays in most countries, women are starting to make their mark. There are some countries however… that sadly do not allow this kind of freedom. All humans deserve the right to free speech. ^^

388 hits? Hahahaha, still I think I remember you tweeting about 80 comments average per blog. Wait, can I ask how long is the average that a visitor stays for you? And LOL about your ex-boyfriend. My ex doesn’t even know. Thank goodness, I’d rather have him not know anything about me anymore. Hahaha

Why did you stop piano in grade 7? At least you still play guitar. ^^

Yeah, facebook invites aren’t even pretty. And it’s like, informal and dumb and just inconsiderate. Because not everyone checks their facebook everyday *ahem* me. Hahahaa

Hahaha, I’ll be online tomorrow hopefully. I think you’re off at uni when I’m on.. or asleep. xP But I’ll be working tomorrow again, with noodles out and about. He kept coming into the office and I wanted to yell at him to GET OUT. And he needed scissors and never gave them back, I should haev just threw them at him, kidding. Hahahaha.

Things have cleared up between my mom and I. They’re still rocky because welll she’s just a moody person, but lately it’s been better. She’s happy now because she has this high tech washer. xD

Congrats on getting Meladori up! I thought you meant pixel scribbles, not pencil scribbles hahaa, but they look so cute. I do doodles like that a lot in science class, but I mostly doodle layout ideas xD hahaha.

Hey, it’ll get better. I felt pretty pressured making the transition to high school, but I have high hopes and just be positive. Life can be so stressful sometimes, it drives me crazy ^_^ I hope you’ll feel better, Georgina.

Haha, that always happened between me and my best guy friends. We had such silly arguments about where to put his squirrel doodles or why guys are so weird. People thought we were flirting LOL.

*sigh* Yeah well, sometimes in life you can’t do everything. I wanted to do so much when I was small (and now) but it seems like I never have enough time. I think we both have fears on missing out :)

Hey you, I know how it feels to feel like giving up and going on. I know you can play any instrument and make it sound good. Just keep practicing like James said. I like the scribble domain. Pretty unique.

I totally understand how you feel! I’ve been moody with the stress of trying to understand what to keep–who to keep in contact with–and how to move on with everything. I suppose that’s the stress of life. /bash

The scribbles are wonderful–very, very inspirational, actually; I didn’t see anything about it on the portfolio itself, so I wanted to ask if–with a credit, of course–these are allowed to be used in layouts or graphics?

YAY, Glad you didn’t delete me haha. :)

Meladori, very nice name for your scribbling portfolio. I’ll visit it after I post this comment. WOW. I just relized you have like 7 domains now. Your totally a domain addict, LOL.

Aweh, you should take a break from the site, if you having too much things happening in your life. Nothing wrong with having a life you know. :D

You are a superwomen, if you think about it. xD
Managing 7 domains, all the content, tutorials, really… wow. Superwomen, haha.

D: Stop blogging when I’m not here to snag first comments D:

Just Kiddin’!

YAY FOR BREAKS! ♥ You deserve that. I know everyone’s said that, but it means so much more when I say it, see. HAH. No. Sorry I think I had too much sugar today /sweat

/wah It makes me sad thinking about poor you stressing out just to run all your sites, and on top of that, work and uni.

You know where to find me if you ever need anything. I’m always here to help you!

MUAHAHA. MELADORI. /pow You should get a comment-able thing on the homepage… Just so people can rant and rave about how amazing it all is.


Aww so when are you gonna add your affiliates to your sidebarr?

interesting that you’d put up your scribbles on a website. i actually would be embarrassed to show anyone mine..i guess it’s because i’m not proud of them & because they’re kind of personal..? or really bad? whatever. good for you!

:( I know that when you don’t use your skills/talents for a while, you do lose them unless it’s just really natural to you but as we age, we aren’t as quick or good at the things we used to be. I mean, sure it has to do with the fact that you haven’t practiced the piano for a while but I mean, you can’t blame yourself for that. It’s not hard to pick up again if you just start.

My advice to you is to just do what makes you happy. School is obviously very stressful but definitely worth it. But I mean, it’ll only be worth it if you can get a degree in what you want to do for the rest of your life & be happy with it..versus say, teaching little girls how to dance & getting paid 1/4th of what you could be making. It’s all about your happiness, deary. :)

Glad you like the new layout. :D You & Melissa are probably the only two people who pointed out my sarcasm in my post. WELL i’m happy that it made you giggle. :D I’m really surprised no one has seen his website yet if he gets 1000 hits a day.

Wow, I love your scribbles. I thought they would be just those scribbles drawn on the computer but it must of taken your a lot of time to do full-paged scribbles.
PE in general is pretty easy, they have all the obvious questions that a 4th grade kid would know, but I feel like these things keep getting repeated and repeated.
Yeah, Better Homes & Gardens have really crafty people. I just look at my house and go ” Oh my, its so plain ==” ”
Yes, a layout on the wall is cool, but think of how many different colours and types of paint you need, money and blah. Yeah, I’ll probably stick to digital as well. At least it has an undo button . Sometimes I wish there was a undo button in life. Just undo all the embarrassing moments.

oh and take your time. Websites & comments aren’t a chore & is a hobby. Remember, offline life comes first, then online.
I know a lot of people who have played piano for ages, but then they suddenly quit. I think for them to quit, it is just a waste of time on all times when they were practising.

I’ve been feeling the same way these past few days. I nearly cried yesterday because I missed Royce so damn much and I was feeling so stressed out and just wanted him there to comfort me and help me relax. School is starting in about a month and apparently it’s more fast-paced at my new university than it was at my old one because they’re on different systems (I’m going from semesters to quarters, if that makes any sense to you) and I’m really scared! I’m also frustrated by the situation Royce is in with the university.

So take a break, Georgie… I do it all the time XD

I know I’ve said this on Twitter but I love your scribble portfolio. Your scribbles are very artistic in my eyes for some reasons, they’re not just “random meaningless scribbles”. I think you should add a commenting system though :) If that’s possible. (Y)

Ugh I know how do you feel. I feel like carrying some huge rocks on my shoulder. Homework, assignments, exams, etc. My second semester hasn’t started yet, I’m on my first semester but still. :| They keep me from updating my site, or doing site-wise, returning comments, writing reviews… but offline life comes first!

I was thinking about taking a long hiatus from the WWW, but I enjoy talking to people. I’m gonna miss my offline friends (no matter if they’re my affiliates or not). I’m gonna miss people who I talk to on the WWW.

It sucks when you feel that you’ve lost your talent. But you can always come back. You just need to practice your hands and feet; they just need some time… :)

Yes, I love looking at Meladori! It’s given me some inspiration of what to scribble on the back of my books in class. haha. :P

The second semester of education is always tougher than the first. I guess it’s because most of the marks come from this part of the year. :(
It’s good to try and have a change once in a while and sometimes it works out to be better. Maybe you need to make yourself a schedule for each day and try and stick with them.

I remember when I quit piano too. I enjoyed it in the beginning but then when I started doing grades I just hated it. I could never get it right and I quit piano lessons when I finished grade 2. I don’t really remember how to play much, but I know how to play a few easy songs.

If you plan to do another degree next year then your life is going to be pretty busy. I think it depends on what you plan on studying too.

Yes take your time!

It would be insane for anyone to balance university work and life along with your website perfectly – take your time, university is important. :)

As for your nostalgic break-down, I don’t see why you can’t play guitar and piano every once and a while. And maybe when the time is right you can finish your last year at ballet?

Everyone has their emotional breakdowns. I’m glad your friends are being supportive and keeping you going!

You defiantly need a little break, school is enough stress for one person but you also work and own a large number of sites, taking a little break to feel you’re self again is healthy. It’s nice to see that you cleaned out your affiliates. I hope that you are feeling better soon. ♥

Yeah, it’ll save me a lot of time! And I already know you very well so there’s no problem on that too! =D

Lol. Well the computer is useful for everything, right? I mean you need it for uni, too. I don’t think you use it for work, though right? Just a normal piece o paper, haha! :P And a biro lol.

That got you sweaty? And it’s Winter there. D: Then you must’ve run really hard lol.

You do. Like, I managed just a bit with the PHP though I’ll be seeking your work in the morning haha.

Yup. That’s right. I will make smaller goals too, now that I’m halfway with the PHP lol.

LMFAO. I could wonder why! xD Gosh… How come he did respond, is the thing! :P He must’ve been looking for some cute young ladies LOL. He found you cute! X3!

Lmfao. Which song was it? Lmfao. Yeah. Fall Out Boy; I only have one song I like from then. Most probably it’s the only one I heard lol. “I Don’t Care”. :3 I love it!

Yeah. Same. I only listen to mainstream when either I’m on the bus or in the car lol. I prefer to listen to my iPod apart from them! :3

Haha. I don’t blame you. Get your parents to buy you a new one! :3!

Lmfao. You don’t have to worry about that since you offer tons more stuff LOL. So yeah… you go girl! x3!

I never really started that HW I said I was gonna start. D:

Yes, take your time Georgina and get better XD
I like listening to you on twitter (Y) Haha x

Lol! Welcome! I really like to read your blogs so yeah. I don’t mind in a way and still, I like it! ^_^

Yeah. Though you’ve got the most off of it. Like a few 100 scribbles left aren’t much compared to how many you scanned and are currently on Meladori lmfao.

Lmfao. Yeah I know. That kinda stuff happens to everyone! :D Though, James going to work isn’t such a big deal, right? :3 But yeah I get your point. Same thing happens to me too nearly all the freakin’ time! D:

Yeah I know. Hahaha, sometimes it is easy to find something and hard the next time! It’s just a big, scary, confused roller coaster lmfao. I’d like to ride it sometime again and see what it would be like haha. Would you be interested? x3

You did the jazz and tap?! xDDD Look at Georgie doin’ that these days LMFAOOO. I’d like to see a vlog on it hahaha. Oh dear god! xD Lol, my parents are already spending a fortune for me to get a good education since I go to a private school… since I was 5! D: I’m sure you do; I miss my dance lessons that I used to take too, even though they were little! D: :’)

Welcome! ^_^

You might have seen my tweet, you might have not, but I logged in after you went off and I saw my credit in my account LOL. I didn’t know you can purchase it anytime you want! D: So that’s why people get a lot of domains and keep them and not waste them LOL. I will do the same then! :D I’M SAVED YIPEE! Ahem, now I know how domain stuff works… The most part? :)

Heyyyyyyyyyyy Affiee!!!!!!!
I’m finally open!!!!!!!!!!
Come check it out please :D

Ohh i’m going to check out your portfolio :D
Why Meladori? what does it mean?
ohh do this, take a day or two to yourself. Don’t think about website or comment.
Just think about you. Go out and enjoy yourself doing only
what you want. Just a care free day :)

It’s normal. Every couple has a fight once in a while
but if you are stronger enough they can get through it. No such thing
as a perfect couple.

I hope you feel better soon ♥

Yeah, thank you! :)

Oh, I hope you don’t feel too depressed about uni work and all that! Seriously, take your time with everything! :) I can fully understand how you feel! We all have those times, so I hope you feel cheered up! :D Everything will go smoothly, so you need not worry too much! (Y)

Oh, Meladori is such a cute name! You always come up with interesting names! :) What’s the real meaning behind it ? Sorry for the disturbance. LOL. >o<

It's nice to see how friends keep you going! That's what friends are for really! :D

That would make sense. Because you know, you’ve been with him so much.

I know! Like you think it wouldn’t hurt as much, since I fell on grass, and the pony was small, but it still hurt like heck.

Still, that’s more than some people can say! you got to experiance it, which is awesome! :)

Yes, and exercising is something I should more of and get my lazy butt off the computer :P But I haven’t done much of it yet.
Hopefully P.E. when school starts will motivate me XD

Man that sucks, there aren’t many Selena fans out there but personally I think I stalk her, no just kidding. But yeah, I’m a mega fan :P

Hey, did you hear about that new movie, the time travelers wife?

Georgina! :) Did you get my last comment? It was on your previous blog, replying to your one about the screenshot. Cause I don’t think you returned it. :( Or I didn’t receive it, blahh. Hopefully you haven’t started hating me. D: Haha.

Anyways, I shall comment on this blog. :) Yay congrats on opening the scribble portfolio. And omg nervous.. hopefully you didn’t delete me as an affiliate. xD *checks* YAY I’m still there.

Okay so after reading the blog, it may explain the comment returning. Sorry to hear that your stressed and you should definitely take your time with returning those comments as well as all the other site related duties.

University naturally get’s extremely stressful and busy so I wish you the best of luck catching up with that unfinished work and keeping up with everything. Don’t worry about the moody blogs, we all have these times haha. And that’s great that your friends have kept ya going. :D

Hope to talk to you soon! <3

Oh my god. Fuck. I think I actually forgot to return the comment you left me. I swear I fucking returned everyone’s and now I feel like shit because I MISSED YOURS. Oh shit I am a bitch. /poo

And I’m returning your comment this way, because guess what. You turned comments off! :O

Anyway… Haha. I had to show you the screenshot; at least you saw it yo. I think that is how my ex-best-guy-friend felt when I liked him. Like his sister loved him or something. See, he’s an ex-best friend because he is no longer my best friend simply because I liked him more than that. Fail.

Don’t be too disturbed though; he is your best friend after all! :)

I never wanted my brother to tell my parents but I figured they would find out about my crushes anyway. Heh.

Yep. Therapist! :O

Hahaha I used to think mascara was cool, but I had a shitty mascara so I kept rubbing my eyelashes with my fingers and rubbing it off. How stupid. And pointless. So I don’t think I’ll be into the makeup thing for a while.

I’m sure she doesn’t mind you saying her name; it must be an honour, even though you did butcher it. LOL.

Learn something! Guitar is easy – fairly easy – and Ryan can teach you. Woo! :D

I have NOT started hating you! I’m so sorry for not returning your comment. I feel so bad now. And also because I am returning it this way (though that is partially your fault because you closed comments ahaha eat that shit… just kidding. :D ).

Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope you don’t like… butcher my name or something, because I completely missed your comment. I feel like a real douche now. /ehh

Guess what Gillian? It’s me again! (Obviously.)

I figured I should comment on your blog here, because I am the most creative, stupid poophead! /poo

But well, I read your blog and had to comment so I am commenting with my awesome @ reply function. /cool

I had to comment because… well, I have been in that situation where I have needed to let one rip. Holding one in is just horrible. It’s like holding in shit, pretty much. It kills your intestines and hurts your butt cheeks. But when you’re with people you know it just gets bad.

Well, one of my friends farts all the time; around our group of friends. Not really in front of family or anything like that, so it’s a funny thing and we all just laugh hysterically.

I hate it when you can’t tell if it’s a silent fart. Sometimes it’s like… *success!* when you do a silent one, but then you realise that it starts stinking like shit, or that you just farted when someone was standing behind you.

Oh snap. There was this one time I was in class at high school many years ago, and I just let out a silent one. All of a sudden my friend was like, “Ew, what is that smell?!”

I was like… “Oh… eww! What?! Who was that?”

Cringe. She immediately blamed it on the guy sitting behind us. Hahahha.

Anyway, please forgive me for not replying to your comments. 😳 ♥

Hahaa yeah I hate it when grown-ups tell you off and make you upset. Lol.

Lol, that must be really weird.

Yeah, I really wasn’t sure which to choose. Guess just picked the first one that came into my head lol.

Ooh I really like Meladori. Looks like you’ve done a lot of drawing. They’re really interesting to look at. Well done! And can’t wait to see the rest.

I think if you have the time, you should go back and do ballet. Sounds like you were very good and if your teacher wants you to go back, then it’s definately a plus.

Whoa those scribbles are pretty awesome! I have loads of those too, but they’re not very interesting.

I think it’s perfectly fine to take things slow, there’s no need to overload yourself. There’s always time to reply to comments, and work on your website. But your personal life needs to be taken care of first, and then your website :D.

As to the ballet and the piano, you never know. It’s better to find out whether you have forgotten what you’ve learnt, rather than just wondering. If you’re not as good it’s okay, you can catch up, and at least you’ll be at peace. Whereas if you just don’t attempt, you’ll never know. You may surprise yourself :).

Ah, university work. I put it off forever as well. As long as you’re not behind. It takes a lot of will power, and persistence to beat procrastination. I for one can’t do it xD.

I don’t know if anything I said made much sense, but I hope that it helps :D.


First time I’ve returned comments since three days ago. The last two days I haven’t even been home long enough to return any. =/

Thank you. :) I’ve discovered that my hair looks pretty crappy in the humidity though. xP It curls a bit and my bangs get all funny. :P

Yes, you were there. xD

That reminds me of how last night Jimmy and I were on the phone and he called me stupid like three times. Well after the last time he was like “omg I called you stupid! D:” and then he decided that I should hit him if he does that again too. :P

Yeah I’ve heard that too about the three weeks thing. I hope it’s true. :)

Haha, that reminds me of how when my dad’s parents were over one time when my mom and brother were out of town, my grandma was making dinner and my cat got in the way so she called him a “dumb dog.” I was like O.O what?? xD

Actually in Safari I’m pretty sure if you go in preferences you can tell it to display the status bar. That’s something I like about Chrome… there’s no status bar when you’re not loading anything, but if you’re waiting for a page to load or hovering over a link or whatever it pops up to tell you what’s going on. :) And it doesn’t make the page you’re on move or anything when it does that.

Yeah I spend money on snacks too often. D: Especially during school… at the end of the week I’ll be like WTF where did my money go? 😒

Hahaha yeah piano is definitely epic. :) A lot of my friends play piano, and I’m like bahhhh. But then I’d rather play guitar anyways. :) MUST LEARN, RAWR.

You have my permission to take your time with comments and your site and such. ;) No really, you shouldn’t worry about pleasing others and fulfilling their expectation of you. If you’re stressed out, you should just try to get everything done that you need to and take a step back from your site for a bit. :)

I’m with your ballet teacher; I think you should go back to ballet and finish the last grade. That’s what I did with figure skating before I quit. I spent the summer testing through the last three levels of freestyle that I had left to pass. That way if I ever decide to coach I will be more qualified, and also I get the feeling of success that I actually tested all the way through and have my gold medal from the USFSA to prove it. :)

I procrastinate way too much as well. Maybe once I go back to school in a week we can help each other not to procrastinate!

Thanks. ^.^ Shopping was fun, though I managed to leave all my bags in Judy’s car. D: She’s going to bring them to me on the first day of school. I got the most amazing/extravagant short skirt. It’s black with tiers of black lace. Very poofy and fun. :D

I hope your bad mood lessens very very soon. =/

Ohhh I love your scribbles on Meldori! I’ve kinda done things like that before with All Time Low lyrics and such but I’ve only done like 10 whereas you’ve done hundreds lol :)

And sorry I’ve been out of touch lately. Windows Vista crashed on my computer and I had to renistall it. XP

i checked out your scribbles site and its cute, its like what i do at school with all my work, except i dont use up all the page like you do, only the edges and sidebars lol.

im sorry that you have been feeling so down lately! :( im sure if you went back to do ballet you would do well, but i know what you mean at being scared of going back…but i mean, you havent done ballet in a long time so of course you will need to practice but im sure you’ll get it again :) and that goes for the guitar too! i bet you’re a whole lot better than me!! lol :D

yeah i sometimes argue with my boyfriend over dumb things too. its really pointless but idk, arguments come and go, at least me and him always work them out :)

good luck with the whole getting another degree thing. :) i hope you feel better soon!

The work you’ve done on Meladori looks awesome! You’re so creative! :P

I sort of know how you feel with the whole talent thing, and quitting. When you mentioned ballet, it reminded me of the lessons I had back when I was little, and I simply gave up and quit. It sucks that you’ve stopped doing certain things but you don’t necessarily have to give up on them completely. You can always plan to go back to it in the future. Your talent will still be there. :)

hey georgina long time no talk!

Yay for Meladori !
HOLY CRAPP you got some awesome scribbles! I really like them! Compared to yours I cant doodle for my life xP

Awww I hope that we don’t make you feel pressured! I know how you feel though, cause I feel like that sometimes as well. After a hard days work at school, I come home to so many comments. But don’t worry, take your time ! I do that sometimes, I usually just return the comments when I feel like it. XD; dont worry, no ones rushing you (:

aww I dont know why but sometimes i get scared to go back to school too. For stupid reasons though. I like think of things like, what if I dont have enough time to go to my locker [LMAO] or what if I don’t have any friends in my class ! XD stupid things…i know (:

Well anyways, I hope you relax a bit! You deserve it ! Feel better :D

Haha that is weird! If I don’t return comments I don’t get any unless they are spam comments or comments where random people say “Hey great site!” :/

Yeah, I guess sometimes it’s nice to just play freely or whatever. Just do what you want not what someone makes you do. :)

Well, I think she is sort of special education. Well that’s what my friend told me.

Oh my gosh! Was she allergic?! If not, I have never heard of someone getting a rash all up there leg. D: That’s terrible!

Woohoo, a scribbles site !!
Awhh, well good luck with all your online/offline work. :P

So I guess you won’t start ballet again ? :|

Lol you didn’t answer the question, but I wasn’t going press you because you got to take a break! And it wasn’t on the actually site info, that’s why I did ask. It’s not really that unoriginal, it’s a very nice name. And I don’t know if most people would get that it is from the SPs. :)

haha you’re welcome ^_^. I’m glad you enjoyed the videos ^_^.

Dude, I just spent 22 minutes scrolling down through your comments on my lame slow phone! I hope you appreciate your comment. ;)

Anyway. I’m sending you a HUGE mental bowl of miso soup. *hugs* I definitely know how it is to feel overwhelmed, lonely, stressed, and just overall down. You definitely deserve a huge break.

Take it easy and do what is best for YOU. :)

I also understand your sadness is regards to ballet. I practiced it for years – LOVED IT – but then quit because of my health problems. I think that if your passionate about it, your talent will reflourish. :) Do what makes you happy.

Sorry I’ve been so mia! I swear, once I’m back from Seattle (week from my tomorrow) I’ll be back to normal. :P


GREAT IDEA GEORGIE! Like my hostee’s guestbook on xSparkieheart. Sooo organised. I used to have it like that but then again, I had a blog. Sooooo yeah… /hehe

Specialised in?
Web designnnnnnnn~
Definitely good for people like the Google team.
The horribly designed website called Google. /ehh

Compare yours with someone else’s… <–(did I spell that right?)
Spellcheck says 'no' while Google says 'yes'.

How is that!? D:<
I'd love to help! /bounce
I specialise in…

Have a Bathox bath. (Y)
I want to get paid for their commercials! Without being in a bath…
Speaking of money, should I put a donate button? My dad said "noooo nobody will even think of wasting money like that!!'
But I have a pet leprechaun. /bounce

BTW, 5 more days!
Do you know if your coming or not?
If yes, which friend are you bringing?
Bring cookies!!!! D:
Maybe not…

YAY, Meladori is open! I love scribbling; you inspired me to put some of mine in my tumblr portfolio. :P Good luck on the other 100 scribbles! I like the 5th one on the first page. I didn’t get to see the others because of the weird internet connection, but I’ll see those later. XD

Aww, you are too nice. The affiliate changes were pretty subtle.

Yeah, don’t push yourself. Stress normally slows you down and makes you not want to do things. Have a nice cup of tea. :D

Take care!

I love Melodori! Such an awesome name for an awesome site!

eh no worries! you’re a busy girl Georgie :)

yay! You got your affiliates cleaned out. You still have heaps though, but friends are always good :) And you did warnings, wow you’ve braver!

well I’ve come out to my mum, and half the family, on record about four times in a year and a half now lol. But they still love going on about my husband when I’m older. Even when I had a gf back in may and she’d b round at my house and stuff, it was treated like we were just really really close best friends (or BIFFLES). So really she shouow, but she doesn’t belive it. :( Oh well! I manage quite fine on my own. I think! lol!
But I think you’re right, she does want me to be more like a lady. I mean I already get away with wearing the guys uniform to school now!

ooh, good idea! I’ll try and find some pics to show her.

yay! questions!!!! Will answer them tomorrow if I have time. :)

Yay Georgina you opened your scribble portfolio! Yes, put a commenting system ;)
Yea Georgina, we are not expecting you to return comments or e-mails quickly take your time. And if you feel you need a break just take it and it’s okay for things to be slow. You don’t have to balance between offline and online life so naturally you will feel stressed and not good that’s why taking things slow is really good, who wants to be superwoman anyway? /hehe

Aw, you’ll get your talent back , just keep practicing and you’ll feel it coming back. Ballet for seven years! You almost finished! Don’t worry just try and I’m sure It’ll go back to you!

I’m glad your friends kept you going, it’s okay about your moody blogs i have those quite often sometimes you just have to let it off your chest and you’ll feel a lot better. /bounce

And don’t worry take your time and return back to those hobbies of yours ;)

Most people used to think I was crazy for loving coding. But from what I see, loads of people like it now. I love seeing that too haha, keeps me amused.

I want to meet them all too. :) Especially you and Sarah, would be amazing haha.

Haha that’s OK, I knew you were just going to leave the one liner anyway, so it’s all good. Yes we have been leaving each other massive comments lately. o_O

I’m usually mean as well, I never help my sister or owt haha, I love helping people when it comes to web-design though. :)

I know, I need to write a blog without a rant… I think people are getting annoyed. xD

My step dad does that too. He opened up my laptop on Saturday, and I was upstairs and heard this massive smash… I went downstairs and my step dad punched my laptop screen lmfao. He couldn’t fix it. :( I got a new laptop though. :D It’s amazing haha. My screen resolution is weird though, 1366×768 o_O haha.

Oh I use the theme tester thingy and everything too, but I like making sure everything is working etc. I need a new theme…

I actually got some decent comments for a change lol, I might just not leave questions anymore.

Yay for catching up with comments. I have 2 left after this one, I returned like 13 yesterday though. But that other laptop was so shit…and it broke that’s why I sort of disappeared haha.

Oh that’s cool. We have 2 cars, because my step dad is a cab driver so he needs his own car. xD And my mum has a car on her disability, because she’s messed up haha, she has so many things wrong with her. :|

Agreed. Internet Explorer fails. I like IE8…. NOT. It’s OK, better than IE6 and 7 though haha. I prefer FF. That was the first thing I done when I got my hands on my laptop (my step dad had to set it all up, back it up etc). No I didn’t, I installed Sims 3 muwhaha.

Oh wow, that’s so cool. I didn’t think it was possible to have both, but meh what do I know haha.

Awww, he’s quite short then really. Most guys I know are like 6ft haha… except Rob of course. xD

I gave you the plugin on Twitter but I don’t know if you saw it. So here it is again. xD I just installed it, it amuses me.

Yay for opening Meladori! Your scribbles are so adorable.

Good for you for being a bit slower! Georgie, you deserve a break, you’ve been non stop with this website and I can’t even remember you ever taking a break since I’ve known you. Take it easy and chill out. :)

We all know you aren’t superwoman, you’re just very determined and we all admire you for that. I don’t think anyone would mind if you were a bit slower with returning comments etc because we all know we will get a reply.

Awwww Georgie. You don’t just lose your talent like that, it may take a bit of practise to be as good as you were but I’m sure you’re still talented. xD

Its up to you if you do another degree, you gotta put your education first. You can put site things on hold, I’m sure people would understand.

*hugs* Felt like you needed a hug, hehe. ♥

It still sounds cute, though! :)
And, ofcourse, you’re welcome, Georgie! :)

Thanks for those questions..they’re interesting! I’ll answer them in the next blog!

C= It’s good, I have been twice now. Lucky for me there is ONE other girl XD
It’s fun. Really? All boys. Eurgh, I would HAVE to go again after paying that much even if it was all boys.

Yeah, I have learnt a few words such as ‘slovingly’ and ‘miser’ and ‘barren’ :L


WHOOOOOO, Meladori!!!! :D

I think everyone needs a break at this sort of time. I mean, everything is pretty hectic for a lot of people.
I still can’t believe how you can work so hard. :O You deserve a break. :) Being stressed is no fun. ¬.¬

You and James are so sweet. All your little arguements. ♥

Aw, Georgie! *hugs* With a bit of time and practice you’ll be back to playing piano well, as well as your guitar and doing ballet. Even though it’s not that much comfort school does have to come before things like that. :(
And you can’t ever really lose a talent, it just gets dusty and you neat to give it a bit of a clean. :)

When I cry I always feel rotten and find everyting wrong and nothing positive, it’s quite upsetting. :( I have been crying more and more recently. I’m scared to go back to school to be honest.

Aw, I missed you too! *hugs* Least we are… sort of… getting back into commenting. :) I’m sorry I’ve only just just got around to returning your comment, I’ve had a lot of crap to do, online and offline. And I am trying to make my website feel less like a chore nowadays. I love having my site but I’m not pushing myself with it.

Anyway. Yes, the eagle is rather amazing. Any ideas for names? ;)
Haha I was meant to put the photos in my current blog but I forgot. :@ I’ll do it next time. Not that they’re must to look at. XD

Herbert is a strange name.
Computer geeks! *high five* We need a clique for that too… *evil scheming*
Stupid goat. Eating your hair! I actually took a photo of the cannibal sheep but it wouldn’t upload. *rolls eyes*

I sucked using my phone for Twitter, I’m so slow at texting! XD
“Our” thing, yeah baby. :P
Say with me, stay with me tonight.

For all the times I missed. :)
Heart Shaped Box is a cool song. :D Nirv are just… cool. :P
Ben Jorg. Whoo. I better watch the video then. I’ve discovered I can watch videos if I paste the code onto a webpage and watch it on my site lol, on a hidden page. XD

I don’t really listen to Elvis. But I do know what you mean. Typing to the beat can be so slow sometimes though. XD
Exactly! The Floyd have rights if you like them. So there. :D

Confusing blogs are confusing… seriously confusing. I mean, you re-read it and it’s like “WTF? I still don’t get this”. I just give up.
Spellcheckers are cool… like being a teen. ;) I mean I have an… ex-friend I guess, she’s scared of bloody teenagers. And she’s one in a month. I mean, WTF?

Glad you’re okay. :) Hope things pick up! *hugs*

Whew. Sorry that took so long. :X

LOLLL, don’t worry about it. :) Don’t feel like a douche, or a bitch, or any of the other things you called yourself. xD I miss comments once in a while as well, and IT’S ALL GOOD. :)

Yeah sorry about turning my comments off.. that was pretty bitchy of me, I guess.. lmao. Just cause I’ve been busy lately and don’t want a whole bunch of comments to return. Although I think I’ll vlog or something tomorrow.

Thanks so much for showing me that screenshot. I would have never known that Ryan would ever speak that way about me. :O I still think it’s so disturbing lmao. Whoa I got pretty confused when you said that he’s not your best friend anymore cause you liked him more than that? How does that work? LOL. Cause if you liked him more than a friend then wouldn’t you try your best to maintain the friendship you already had with him?

Haha your parents must be real smart to figure out who all your crushes are. I’m glad that mine don’t seem to give a shit, but who knows they may be spying on me. DUN DUN DUN.

Aweh I use this mascara called COLOSSAL by Maybelline and I lurve it. :) It really holds up well throughout the day and doesn’t smudge very badly. Lmao yeah but if you’re always rubbing your eyelashes then there’s no point in wearing mascara. xD Maybe you were allergic to the mascara?! Oh snap.

PSH how I wish people would feel honored to hear me say their name. The poor girl was probably ashamed and embarrassed since I did completely murder her name.

Oh my bomb. You think guitar is easy?! Geez, I must be an idiot for sure cause when Ryan was trying to teach it to me I was struggling like MAD, and I never really stopped struggling. :( xD.
Although I guess with more practice I may be able to get the hang of it.. hopefully.

You’re welcome for the comment, and LMAO of course I’m not going to butcher you. Sheesh, you’re only human and I’ve made the same mistake of missing a comment before so DON’T WORRY. :) Oh and thanks for reading/commenting on my blog as well. :)

Thank goodness for your @reply function eh? Comes in pretty handy hehe. As for me, I’m stuck using the ‘old fashioned’ way od returning comments if the person’s site is down or something… I use email. LOL FAIL.

I know what you mean about the pain and utter embarrassment you go through while holding in a fart. xD It literally is like holding in shit. My intestines must have gone through hell.. I didn’t think about that till you mentioned it LOL. Poor intestines. As for my butt cheeks I think they were pretty okay. Lmao.

Haha you have a farting friend eh? xD COOL. Yeah Ryan doesn’t give a shit who he’s farting around.. in fact he tries to make the loudest sound as possible and all you see is a bunch of people screaming running away from him. Pretty jokes.

It’s always a relief when I’m able to keep my fart silent but then the smell hits and it’s like it has a mouth of it’s own that’s telling everyone “THIS BITCH HERE JUST RIPPED OUT A STINKY ASS FART. HAHAHAHAHAH.” Yeah, not cool. I always wonder if it’s better to rip out a loud or silent one?

LOL that poor guy who took the blame for the stink ass fart. I always say something like “Whoa what’s that smell?” when I’m the one who let out a fart because it’s like I have no idea what’s going on which takes the blame off me. xD Muahahaah.

And for the last time, I’VE FORGIVEN YOU. :)